Bahati reveals why he struggles with Self-esteem issues

Singer Bahati has always been trolled and picked on by former gospel singer Willy Paul; and I’m guessing this is because Pozee could smell Baha’s low self esteem from miles away.

Singer Bahati TBT

Actually, not just Pozee but even ruthless fans looking to feed their egos by giving the young singer a hard time. However over the years, Bahati has managed to fix this self esteem issue slowly by slowly; and if you ask me – his humility may also be the reason why he triumphed – making him one of the richest local artists we have in the country.

Bahati with Harmonize

So far he has a lovely stable family, home and a couple of businesses bringing him good money; his wife on the other hand is beauty that compliments him wherever he goes.

How the self esteem issues started

In a detailed prayer post shared on his Instagram page; singer Bahati thanked the almighty for his family saying;

Bahati’s family

Dear God; if I have Ever Been Ungrateful… Forgive Me. In My Life I Never Dreamed of Having Such a Complete Family.????

Gospel star, Bahati

And for those wondering why Bahati has always been soft ‘mtoto wa mama like’ and for the luck of a better word – a wussy. He explained by adding;

I grew Up in an environment that filled me with so Much Low Self Esteem and at times I Never Saw Myself as anything in this World.???? The Same Ghetto Kid is Before Your Presence this Morning Just to Say Thank You Jesus for Everything ????????????


Why Kamene Goro is not willing to become a mum

Kamene Goro is not willing to have kids; or rather has no plans of becoming a mum. Yes, she said this herself through a QnA post where she admitted that motherhood is not something she has ever thought of.

As much as this sounds untrue or rather just not fine – Kamene Goro openly admitted to it; almost 2 years after revealing that she is not planning on having kids.

This being the second she has said the same leaves many wondering why she would want to miss out on such an experience.

Kamene Goro opens up about her body size

Responding to one of her fans who asked;

You don’t wanna give birth in the future?

Kamene explains

Well, it’s not that Kamene has given up on having 100% – but says this is not something she has given full priority to. According to her, things may change in future but as for now, having children is not compulsory.

Ms Kamene Goro

True…it could change…but kids is not top of my list at all.

This comes as a big surprise considering how most women admire or rather look forward to having their first kids.

Kamene on the other hand seems to be the career type hence her choice of not having kids while still young.

Nadia Mukami’s collabo with Khaligraph Jones and Fena Gitu deleted from YouTube

Tesa was a track by Nadia Mukami featuring the OG, Khaligraph Jones and Queen of rap, Fena Gitu released barely 4 weeks ago but now no longer available on YouTube.

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A club banger that premiered on July 15, 2020 hitting close to one million views on YouTube just a week after its release.

The pop star had teamed up with the music sensations for a feel good jam that revolved around having a good time around friends and loved ones.

Tesa jam artists

From its props, to the beats, to the choreography, this was an all-time tune no wonder its kind of massive reception.

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Unfortunately, as fate would have it, fans are no longer privy to listen to and jam to the beats at the comfort of their homes because we can’t trace it.

This comes barely hours after the anthem bagged 100k streams on Boomplay, leaving the 23-year old over the moon.

Nadia Mukami’s Tesa jam rocking the airwaves

Nothing about it is yet to be communicated by either of the three artists, we can only wait.

Quick glance at Nadia’s Instagram page and you notice unlike previously, the YouTube link on her bio takes you to her Jipe jam featuring Marioo, a track that premiered on March 17.

Fena Gitu on the other hand, is all about her talks and advocacy around the rape culture.

Meanwhile, Khaligraph has kept his page busy with his most recent track Tuma Kitu, released on July 23.

Watch: The moment President Magufuli phoned Diamond Platnumz LIVE during his end-of-year celebrations

There is a difference between being an Internationally acclaimed music star and being respected by your very own including your motherland´s President.

Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli has never shied away from displaying his public love for bongo flava especially in regard to the Wasafi team.

Harmonize has come close enough to President Magufuli to the extent of performing a song praising the leader for the country´s developments.

Bongo star, Harmonize shakes hands with President Magufuli

Well, that might have seemed close enough but Diamond Platnumz seems to be on a mission to outdo his now rival, Konde Boy.

Amidst his much hyped 10 year anniversary train ride, President Magufuli decided to surprise Chibu live, during his end of year performance.

Phone Call

In a video that has since gone viral, the Tanzanian president phoned Chama Cha Mapinduzi’s Ideology and Publicity Secretary Humphrey Polepole who attended the event.

Polepole then handed over the handset to a drained Diamond Platnumz following an electrifying performance of his Tetema hit.

With an effective sound system on set, President Magufuli´s voice boomed all over the place as the crowd cheered on, confirming that this was indeed reality.

In a bid to calm down the exhilarated crowd, Platnumz insisted:

Tumsikize sasa.

Speaking to the head of state, Platnumz expressed:

Tunakupenda sana.

As Magufuli responded:

Ata mimi ninakupenda sana.

Nawapenda watu wa Kigoma. Ningetamani sana niwe hapo.

At one point, Magufuli could be heard praising Naseeb affirming:

Diamond, wewe ni mwanaume.

This was in the midst of his managers, Babu Tale and Mkubwa Fella who vociferously cheered on the crowd.

As he concluded, Platnumz sang along:

Wataweza kweli? Kushindana nasi? Ata wakiungana? …kututukana?

These moments were indeed priceless yet one that none, had preempted.


“My new man is enjoying this buffet!” Zari attacks bongo fans after criticizing her bikini photos

Zari the boss lady is not having it with her bongo fans.  After breaking up with Diamond Platnumz these fans seem to have abandoned her now that she is no longer their ‘In-law.’

Most comments left under Zari’s photos are often those of insults and criticism but seems that Zari is now done with that.

In her latest bikini photos shared on Instagram; for the very first time Zari the boss lady declared she now cares less about what people say!  She went on to add that no one will tell what she should wear nor how to carry her life.

Deal with it

This comes after fans called her out for her swim suit which they claim to be too promiscuous for a mother of 5 kids. In response Zari said;

“Ata Bi Snura haogelei na dera, je mimi?Mniache na ushamba wangu wakiganda nanyinyi mbaki na wa ki bongo Shenzi types. Nabado tu. If you can’t stand seeing me in my swim wear kila weekend hama tu insta. Am enjoying the last weeks of SA summer before winter sets in . My life My rules. Mjipange mxiu!”

In another post, Zari is heard saying that her new man is now feasting on her gorgeous body and if anything; she knows he likes it!

Zari Hassan’s Instagram account on sale after hackers gain access!

Boss lady Zari Hassan’s Instagram account has once again been hacked by unknown persons and this time around they put it on sale.

Well, this comes a few weeks after the same account was hacked; and the person behind the operation went on to demanded $4000. However, things did not go so well for him as he was discovered and surprisingly it was the same person she had hired to help verify her IG.

Today there were no demands as the unknown hacker went on to put the account on sale. It is not quite clear who was behind it but luckily Zari managed to recover it back.

Bongo hackers terrorizing Zari

After splitting with Diamond Platnumz a few months ago, most Tanzanian hackers seem to have found a new hobby in making the lady miserable.

Anyway the boss lady joins the likes of Wema Sepetu and many others who have suffered in the hands of hackers.

Gospel singer Nexxie exposes illuminati group trying to recruit him into devil worshipping

Gospel singer Nexxie first made headlines after accusing DJ Mo of refusing to give his song sufficient air play despite paying Ksh 20,000. This left many talking and pointing out fingers at the corrupt gospel industry milking upcoming singers.

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For sometime now, Nexxie has gained fame to a point where he is now receiving offers from an illuminati group looking to recruit him. According to a post shared on his Instagram page, Nexxie says that he received the DM’s immediately after releasing his latest song.


The singer goes on to add that the group kingsilluminaty offered him his dream car, a mansion and VIP treatment at every airport in the world. He wrote saying;

Screenshots of the messages

Being one that fears God, Nexxie went on to expose the group saying that his faith would not be compromised for anything!

Below are a few of the screenshots he shared exposing the group.


Discussion: Kenyan women can’t just stay silent after giving a man a few shillings 

Can you support your man financial? That was a wild topic on Twitter yesterday after a woman called  during his show to confess how she has supported her man and even gives her money now and them.

The caller initiated a flurry of calls from women who some confessed that they do give their spouse some money, ignoring that they should be the bread winners of the house.

Even after the show ended, the discussion continued on social media as many tried to justify why it shouldn’t happen — or should — whenever two people are in a relationship. Many women argued that a man should be independent financial and never ask any financial support from his woman unless it’s very necessary, while others insisted that you should help your man because he also helps you.


Some many also claimed that women can never shut their mouths once they assist their man and always tell it to whoever’s ready to listen.

“I can’t help a man financially, I will tell him to go get a job, even for mjengo,” said Purity.

Another one said “If it were not for me bwanangu hangekuwa popote saa hii. Mimi namsaidia kila siku Everyday I wake up in the morning namwmbea, Mamabo yote namshugulikia, ile siku nitawacha itakuwa mwisho wake.”

Some men also didn’t want to be helped by their women and would rather suffer before they ask for money from her.

Listen to the full conversation HERE

Singer Cece Sagini speaks of the challenges of being a christian: It’s not shady 

Singer Cece Sagini is a dedicated christian and it has been like that for some time now. But it wasn’t easy when starting out.

The popular singer, who is married to photographer Victor Peace, recently opened up on her journey as as a staunch christian saying it was hard starting out but eventually managed to leave the earthly things to follow Christ.

“When often asked ‘when did you get saved?’ I can’t point out a particular date but it was somewhere in 2006, I was probably in form 2 and I wanted to know Christ for myself but I didn’t know what exactly it meant …years down after doing things my way and still being ‘Christian’ I faced a couple of down falls some so salty that the scars were/are printed deep. It reached a point I felt so lost I yearned for a way out and god was it (always is) around 2014 I rededicated my life and this time with a deeper yearning,” she said.


Challenging to be a christian

She also said that even up to now, she still faces a few challenges but she’s stronger and her faith can not easily be shaken like before.

She asked people not see Christianity as a shady thing and encouraged other Christians to be proud and bold.

“Daily I live for Christ and try to shift from being of the world but it’s a challenge, especially if being of the world is what has and still is being trained and pressed everyday through our surroundings

“This is an encouragement to someone, being Christian is not shady, it’s not something to be ashamed of or it’s not something to dumb down around friends. Speak and talk with pride as a child of god.

CityBet weekend Jackpot winners walk away with huge bonuses!

Having been in the market for a couple of weeks now; Citybet seems to be the new betting company in town attracting many people.

After giving their a ridiculously generous offer whereby people who register on the site place their first jackpot prediction for free; Citybet has it’s bonus winners to the Weekend Jack pot!

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About 20 winners from across the country have won the 10 & 11 predictions walking away with Ksh 2105 and Ksh 16,334. One of the lucky winners said to come from Kakamega, a winner of 11 bets placed only 3 bets enabling him to walk away with some good money.

Details of the winners are yet to be revealed soon. However this is a clear indication that people are out to win the KShs 2,000,000 mid week jackpot for this week.

Grandpa Record’s boss loses close family member, posts sad photos on social media

Grandpa Records CEO Yussuf Noah, known by many as Refigah, has lost his father-in-law.

Refigah, who has been married to Yasmin Yussuf for less than six months after divorcing his first wife, took to Facebook to morn the death of Dr Yussuf Mohammed saying that he lost “the best father-in-law any man could ever dream of having.”

Silent wedding

Refigah silently married Yasmin late last year after marriage to first wife Mahadia failed. Refigah had one kid, a boy, with his ex-wife.

In his latest wedding, only family and friends were invited as it was kept on the low.



Vera Sidika finally purchases a new set of teeth, check out her smile

Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika is currently living the life in Beverly Hills, USA. She has been vacationing there for a couple of weeks now. However she also revealed that this is where her plastic surgeons are.

After revealing that she was planning on getting rid of her breast implants, the lady also had plans to fix her teeth. She now owns a new smile thanks to cosmetic dentistry.

She paraded the new set of teeth on her social media pages not forgetting to mention that they were just temporary. However, since she still considers her smile ‘ugly’ the lady is yet to under go more surgeries in the near future.

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Vera Sidika’s

Apart from her teeth, Vera Sidika will also be getting a nose job to ‘fix’ her African nose. With the new skin and implants…the socialite seems to be changing herself to a totally different person.

Risper Faith reveals the amount of money Brian paid for her bride price, we are talking about millions!

Nairobi Diaries actors and real life couples Risper Faith and Brian Muiruri are set to hold their wedding pretty soon.

Just a few weeks back the couple traveled to meet Risper’s parents and elders to seek her hand in marriage. The meeting was also aimed at paying for the bride price before the two officially become man and wife. Though the meeting was done in private Risper Faith has disclosed the amount of money her fiancé and his family coughed to get her.

Speaking to a popular news outlet, Risper apparently said;

Risper weds Brian
Risper weds Brian

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“I wasn’t there for the negotiations so I wouldn’t know but he (Brian) told me 2.5 Million Kshs.”

She went on to add that it has taken some great amount of work to get their relationship where it is right now. Risper went on to add that her relationship is not based on ‘goals’ but sacrifices.

“This love is not GOALS…this love is WORK. It takes time, moulding, shifting and growing up. It takes communication. This love requires standing together not falling apart…#love wins”

Is their love staged?

Well, many claim that Nairobi Diaries is staged but seems that the only real thing on the show is Risper Faith and Brian’s relationship.

“They should let their bodies get eaten by dogs” Huddah Monroe gets insensitive as she mentions what should happen to those young men dying during demonstrations!

We can all agree that we are not happy with how young men and women have been demonstrating on the streets since the IEBC officials have refused to step down. The demonstrations are not only slowing down the economy but are a sneaky way of these youths looting businesses within the CBD.

Sadly, the police have been engaging with the protestors and the results have not been pretty. So many young men have been left lying dead after being hit by a stray bullet and since the government is not ready to get involved in the Nasa-police issue…their families are left with no one to compensate for their loses.

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Anyway…one Huddah has left many shocked after sharing some insensitive comments on her snapchat talking about how these dead bodies should be left out in the streets for dogs to feast on them and goes on to add that their families should not even bother to mourn for them.

Huddah’s post

She however forgets that as much as the protests are now ‘illegal’ these young people lack the knowledge of understanding that even after engaging with the police…things wouldn’t change unless their own leader decides to battle with the opposition come 26th October.

Anyway below are a few screenshots from her snapchat!

Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post

Adorable: Proof that comedian Sleepy David will make a good dad in the future, this will leave you speechless!

Comedian Sleepy David who is popularly known for his rib cracking jokes might have taken some time off TV but he continues to be active on his social media pages where his fans can’t keep off as he always something new to entertain his audience with.

However, just like most celebrities he prefers to keep his private life off social media for reasons best known to him. But just a few hours ago he left many speechless and ‘awwwing’ after posting a beautiful photo of a baby girl which he accompanied with a message that clearly shows the type of dad he will be in the near future.

Well, from what we know is that the comedian is not yet a father – meaning he could have gotten the cute baby girl’s photo online since he might be craving to have a daughter like most parents in the entertainment industry. He wrote saying;

A father is the noblest title a man can be given. It is more than a biological role! It signifies a leader, an exemplar, a confidant, a teacher, a hero, a friend and ultimately a being – something I can’t wait to be in the future to my own children.

This is a side of the comedian we have never seen before but one can’t help but admire his ambition and love towards children. I bet he will make a good dad someday, right?