KRG the Don Spotted Throwing Money At A Lady In Public After Slight Accident (Video)

KRG the Don is one rich guy that has proved to us that money can’t buy talent. He has been running investments worth millions since his early youth stage. The singer and entrepreneur has a couple of luxurious cars he flaunts on his social media. Without a doubt, KRG is among the richest artists in the country.

Nevertheless, KRG has recently been spotted embarrassing a lady in public. He goes ahead and throws money at her after a slight accident. In the video recorded by one of the passers-by, KRG is heard saying;

” Sasa madharau imefika wapi wewe madam? Gari kadogo kama hii unakuja kugonga garo kubwa kama hii. Kwani corona imewa affect aje mpaka ata hamwoni? Sasa hii ni mambo gani unataka kunipatia katikati ya bara bara? Gari kidogo kama hii, bado unataka kusumbua watu town.

He later throws bundles of notes to the woman; and leaves in his Toyota Landcruiser V8. Pedestrians formed a crowd to witness the drama he caused.

People reacted on the issue, with some saying this was just a scripted move;

”Yaani kenya msaani anajaribu kila kitu ndio aomoke kimziki????. Embarambamba alijiangusha kwa matope kwa music video tano hadi akarukia ng’ombe. Ringtone amejaribu mpaka kutishia watu vile atawacha music if his video won’t hit a million views in 48hours. Na bado it didnt happen.????????Sasa KRG ana pea mtu wa nduthi simu a record as he is acting????????. Ah Wasaniii jamani”

Watch the video below;

Krg The Don is back with a new hit ‘Nyandus’

Krg The Don doing what he does best in his new tune Nyandus. The Kenyan ghetto artiste features some of the best in the category.

What is interesting about this jam is how free style it is. It is all about the local things that happen in Kenya.

You are going to notice that the jam has the religion aspect in it where Krg has performed like the popular Akurino sect in Kenya.

Krg has brought on board Sailors, and Dj Lyta and all that this song has is the beats which can even awaken the dead.

Krg The Don is back with a new hit 'Nyandus'

Nyandus by Krg The Don is all about having fun

Even without looking at the lyrics, the title is enough to tell you that whatever the content is in there is not very serious and is only appealing to the few who understand the meaning.

Nyandus is a slang that is mostly used in the streets of Nairobi thus limiting the target audience.

The main thing in this jam is how the dance has been delivered and how entertaining it is.

Krg and his team as usual are into matters of women and how they are sex objects. More so known for twerking.

In addition, we all know how Sailors do it, Shalkido has won the hearts of many. Although the song is in Sheng’ there are more Kikuyu words.

Krg The Don is back with a new hit 'Nyandus'

Am left laughing when the Sailors dude delivers a certain line like a Mukurino. This is just hilarious. Am sure by the end of the week most people will be left dancing to the tune.

Nyandus is just all about having fun. Also, some collaborations like this one help to promote one another musically.

Last but not least, Nyandus by Krg The Don is well done from the audio to the video. Dj Lyta has also added taste to the jam making it a hit.

In conclusion, Krg The Don gets a rating of 6/10 in Nyandus.

Video below.

Mathogothanio is out, check out what KRG THE DON,Boondocks Gang and Dj Lyta are doing

Mathogothanio by KRG The Don , Boondocks Gang and Dj Lyta is the newest jam in town. The word Mathogothanio is a Kikuyu word which is simply used to imply disturbance. The way it gets to be a song is just funny. The Kenya Dancehall King teams up with the Gengetone group Boondocks Gang. The trio performs so well in this song.

Although the song feels like a kikuyu jam, it gets better as you listen to it. You all know how Boondocks Gang team does it. It is just nice. Guthigithigi mathogothanio guthigitha…. If you understand this, it somehow feels like a tongue twister. I am almost biting my tongue.

Mathogothanio by KRG THE DON,Boondocks Gang and Dj Lyta

When listening to this song it makes me feel like Boondocks Gang is the only group that will survive this journey.

Of late Dj Lyta has been collaborating so much. Could this be a way of selling himself ? Anyway find out. It is not a wonder that he easily fits in this kind of this. It is good to be a jack of all trades. He should also give us a single.

What is the relevance of ‘Mathogothanio’?

KRG The Don is known for his good work as well as the Boondocks Gand and Dj Lyta. Although they are good, it is sad that they can only target a small group of the country’s population. Why do I say so? This kind of music is only felt in Nairobi and the surroundings. Going upcountry people do not even recognize them.

It is then right to say that this jam is relevant to the young generation aged between 22 and below. This is the high school and campus generation.

Mathogothanio by KRG THE DON,Boondocks Gang and Dj Lyta

Introduction and Production in general

Mathogothanio is introduced by Jaymo Ule Msee on Homeboyz radio. First this is very creative of them. He talks of a lady who is messing up his head and goes ahead to ask Dj Demakufu to play Mathogothanio. This is dope.

Also, there is a great crew behind this jam who include; Sadafa as the producer, Deska Torres as the director and  Dj Vans, Dj Lyta & Fastcash music group as the executive producers.

In conclusion, we need to support their talent and encourage them to give inspiring music. Last but not least, Mathogothanio gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.

Redsan also conned me millions. I paid for all his video expenses in Dubai – KRG

More drama is unraveling after Redsan beat up his producer Sappy after he refused with the masters.

Dancehall singer KRG the Don has come out to claim that he spent millions on the singer but he has never bothered to repay back.

According to KRG, he paid for Redsan’s song “Get With It” and all other expenses in Dubai but has never been refunded.

“Am so sorry my brother Sappy you don’t deserve such treatment after putting in work tirelessly without getting paid for the work you have been doing! This is so sad that this artist can be using other people over and over again then think they don’t have brains!

“This fellow has been using Kenyan producers then in the end he takes credit to Sony Africa. It happened to me too after I paid for his video expenses in Dubai then I saw the credits go to sony yet I used my personal cash to fund all the expenses including his accommodation, food, drinks, and clothes he is so shameless.” he said.

I wish it was me

He went on to accuse the singer of using people. He also claimed that if Redsan had attacked him like he did to Sappy, he would have turned the case into a man hunt.

“I posted about Tiwa being stranded some people said am a hater but the truth is he likes using people and run. His time for using people for the wrong reasons are done. now he better start looking for other activities to do in life coz in the music business such people don’t survive. My blood is boiling right now I wish I was in Sappy’s shoe this guy could be running for his dear life instead. #JusticeForSappy hii ndio album launch kumbe.”