Krg The Don Vs Sailors: Where mentorship fails

KRG da Don and Sailors have a running beef that involves a rather peculiar genesis. You see, the two of them have some issues stemming from the fact that KRG attempted to mentor Sailors gang at the behest of the latter’s management’s behest. Shout out to Mwalimu Rachel for yet another intriguing clusterphuck involving Sailors.

Teen socialite Shakilla faces Kenyans’ wrath after siding with KRG the Don and insulting Sailors as streets rats 

You see, according to the legends told on these streets, Sailors management decided to approach KRG for some mentorship for their surprisingly difficult young talent in the form of Sailors. And so a wonderful relationship was meant to have been struck. unfortunately, that is not what the fates had determined for these friends. Amor fati.


And when KRG determined that the only thing he was expected to bring to his mentorship was his resources, he flipped. And who can blame him, this was indicative of the fact that Kenyans do not quite understand what mentorship is all about.

Asante ya punda ni mateke! KRG the Don reveals reason behind nasty fall out with Gengetone artists, Sailors (Video)

You see, if we are looking at what KRG claims to be bringing to the table, then we first have to take a keen ook at the Mwalimu Rachel led management team. It is rumoured that they approached him for mentorship. What does that exactly mean? Mentorship isn’t about the mentor. He/ she doesn’t need you. They are already established. Your mentor is meant to simply share their experience with you.

Krg The Don

It is only when you understand what mentors are meant to bring to the table that you realize that indeed, if the story is true, then KRG was justified in his anger. He probably thought he was bringing his acumen as an entrepreneur and as an established artist only to find out he was meant to finance the careers of your artists not signed to his label.

“Mnataka meli na mnaishi kwa vumbi?” Krg The Don fires shots at Sailors Gang after they mentioned him in their new jam (Video)

Also, whomever is advising Sailors did them a disservice. They need to be looking for artists who have made it huge not only in Kenya but in East Africa because let’s face it, they are a big brand within the East African entertainment scene. Sailors needs to be linked up with Diamond or Ali Kiba or Nonini or Sauti Sol and Nyashinski to mentor them if they are serious about breaking out continentally. hell, even Nameless would have a thing or two to teach the rough lads.

KRG the Don

But then again, it really is telling as to why the split occurred. In Kenya, mentorship isn’t about taking a young person under your wings and teaching them the ropes. Mentorship has nothing to do with instilling value. It is about showing them how to steal. So young Kenyans have no value for mentorship. They hear about a mentor and think of a meal ticket.


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It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Kenyan music has for a long time been neglected in the African music table.  First Kenyan artistes are producing good music better than what their competitors are doing in Africa continent.

With the likes of Sauti Sol, Khaligraph Jones, Nyashinski and the Gengetone groups, Kenya is far much better. It is sad that Kenyan music is not respected on the continent.

Failed Event Organisers

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

To start with, even Kenyan event organisers have helped the world in trashing our own talents. I do not understand how a Kenyan born event organiser shamelessly goes to the neighbouring country to source for artistes to perform in Kenya. This is pure BS.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

I know that most of these people will walk on into national TV interviews claiming how Kenyan music is underdeveloped. Do you wanna know why? You are the reason why there is less of music growth in Kenya. How on earth will you explain inviting Mbosso to come and perform in Kenya in a coastal cultural event? Does he even understand that culture? Are there no local artistes in that culture?

It is high time this nonsense stopped. Start promoting what is ours. How many times have you heard those Tanzanians invite Kenyan artistes in their mega-events? If there is any proof table it.

Mean African artistes who only think of their Growth

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Recently, Diamond whose music is played in Kenya shamelessly organised a mega event and had no guts to invite even Akothee a close friend.

The Bongo star took his legs and fame all the way to Nigeria to please them whereas here they are saying let’s support East Africa.

I fail to understand who this East Africa is. To add on, these Tanzanian artistes are very mean and only want to succeed alone. If the Tetema had good intentions, it would not have hurt with Sauti Sol being part of the Wasafi Festival.

Failed media in Kenya who want fame globally but not at home

In addition, there are big media houses in Kenya who will go miles and miles to pay tickets for foreign artistes to fly in Kenya. Common dummies, how many local artistes would you have paid to grace your events? Who said imported content is better? Just know you are ones who have signed a death sentence for Kenyan Music.

The other day Khaligraph Jones was nominated for an award, I am sure none of the so-called event organisers have taken their time to vote.

It is time for Kenyan music to get more respect in Africa

Actually, 2019 should have served as an eye-opener to the majority of Kenyans and see that stand all alone in the game. They need to know that Kenya has good music than even Nigeria and Tanzania.

Also, imagine the rate at which Sailors Gang and Ethic Entertainment have received recognition abroad. Why don’t we do the same for other local artistes?

We will only rise if we market our music. Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda have done it. Why not us? We are better than they are.

In conclusion, if you have stones to throw, then this is the right time to do because I will use them to build better grounds in the fight for KENYAN MUSIC.

Sailors taking the stage with new jam ‘Katanisha’

Sailors your favourite ghetto anthem artistes are back with a very lit club banger Katanisha. This is a super lit jam and well-sieved lyrics.

The kind of language Sailors use is what makes it fun. The most interesting thing is that the group is still singing about women and their behinds.

Sailors as a group have been doing well in the industry.  Collaborating with Joefes was a good thing for the group and the outcome is the best.

Katanisha, in this case, has been used as a sheng’ word and the meaning is all about having fun. There is a place they talk about Dondosa which simply mean shaking ones behind.

Sailors taking the stage with new jam 'Katanisha'

Sailors know for their ghetto lyrical nature are taking the music scene far here in Kenya. The video has some great coordination. To add on, we cannot forget the costume and the colours used.

We now seek to understand the meaning of this jam Katanisha. To start with, the theme is still the same on women and twerking.

Katanisha is all about having fun

There are lines that are totally different from that and they give the song a lead. Sailors being together for an year is proof that they are destined to go far as a team.

Interestingly, during the introduction of the video, you realise that Sailors and Joefes are talking about weed and miraa.

Sailors taking the stage with new jam 'Katanisha'

The leaves of the miraa are displayed by one of the singers as he delivers his lines. Also, I do not know who told these kids they need to scream when introducing a song.

Sailors are a great team and now that Katanishi is almost getting to 200k it is clear that their music is accepted here in Kenya.

In conclusion, the duo did well from the audio to the video and that is a plus. Lastly, Katanisha gets a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Mwalimu Rachael says she’s monitoring Sailors song to avoid angering Ezekiel Mutua 

Radio host Mwalimu Racheal of NRG Radio has revealed that she’s closely monitoring songs from her team Sailors Gang to avoid trouble from moral parties.

Ezekiel Mutua and other moral parties have been working hard in controlling the music industry and have been pushing for songs that are dirty to be pulled down and artists to get punished.


Mwalimu Racheal at NRG

In a tweet, Mwalimu revealed she actually stops some of the lyrics and also ensures raunchy parts of the music videos are edited out.

“I too have had to stop certain lyrics from appearing on Sailors tracks and even why a part of a video has to be edited out. I go a step forward to explain to Sailors why that has to be done,” Mwalimu Rachael wrote.

Her statement comes after Ethics released Tarimbo which Kenyans claimed advocated for rape.

Krg The Don is back with a new hit ‘Nyandus’

Krg The Don doing what he does best in his new tune Nyandus. The Kenyan ghetto artiste features some of the best in the category.

What is interesting about this jam is how free style it is. It is all about the local things that happen in Kenya.

You are going to notice that the jam has the religion aspect in it where Krg has performed like the popular Akurino sect in Kenya.

Krg has brought on board Sailors, and Dj Lyta and all that this song has is the beats which can even awaken the dead.

Krg The Don is back with a new hit 'Nyandus'

Nyandus by Krg The Don is all about having fun

Even without looking at the lyrics, the title is enough to tell you that whatever the content is in there is not very serious and is only appealing to the few who understand the meaning.

Nyandus is a slang that is mostly used in the streets of Nairobi thus limiting the target audience.

The main thing in this jam is how the dance has been delivered and how entertaining it is.

Krg and his team as usual are into matters of women and how they are sex objects. More so known for twerking.

In addition, we all know how Sailors do it, Shalkido has won the hearts of many. Although the song is in Sheng’ there are more Kikuyu words.

Krg The Don is back with a new hit 'Nyandus'

Am left laughing when the Sailors dude delivers a certain line like a Mukurino. This is just hilarious. Am sure by the end of the week most people will be left dancing to the tune.

Nyandus is just all about having fun. Also, some collaborations like this one help to promote one another musically.

Last but not least, Nyandus by Krg The Don is well done from the audio to the video. Dj Lyta has also added taste to the jam making it a hit.

In conclusion, Krg The Don gets a rating of 6/10 in Nyandus.

Video below.

Mwalimu Racheal forced to deny that she’s exploiting Wamlambez singers

NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Racheal has been accused of exploiting new music group Sailors Gang.

The concerns have come about because the musicians have been uploading their music on Mwalimu Rachel’s channel and not their own YouTube Channel for a long time now and a certain man going by the name Its Bravin claims they were threatened not to leave and start their own.

“Waangwana, Niko na File Ya Sailors and I will be dropping it Hot. Hao vijana wanaumia sana. They are being exploited and it’s not even funny anymore.

To begin with, the group can’t open their own YouTube channel because they have been threatened. That’s per my source which at the moment, I will go by anonymous.

Sailors Have no binding Contract with LE MWALIMU and she swore to Sabotage them if at all they started their own YouTube Channel. So now you understand what #Sailors don’t have a YouTube Channel. Whatever excuse is given, it’s a cover-up. Tell them to show you a contract. Hakuna!

#Sailors are always booked every weekend but the problem here is that they can’t even afford Clothes for a photoshoot. They do so much but they are exploited heavily,” reads a number of tweets from @ItsBravin.” he claimed.


In response, Mwalimu said that they’ll stay focused despite what people are saying.

“We sail on…@sailors254 our focus is razor-sharp and they can’t understand nor stand it.”


You cannot take Wamlambez from us

You cannot take Wamlambez from us. To start with, the pretense in this nation is annoying. Music has been made and been out for the longest time and then boom someone wakes up and burns it. Do you know how this hurts? Recently Ezekiel Mutua went ahead to burn some songs that have been in the market for sometime.

First these people need to understand there are no jobs out here. They should know that they are lucky to be sitting in an office and being paid for dictating what we are going to listen to. Wamlambez has been out here for 4 months now. The song has become an anthem to us and we even know the lyrics. Am sure even this guy knows the lyrics.

You cannot take Wamlambez from us

We are at a point where we as Kenyans are not looking for content but something that is super exciting for us.

Why we will keep singing Wamlambez

Firstly, this people need to know the energy this kids put in their work. You want to tell me his kids can come up with such? Also, we as Kenyans do not feel offended with what Sailors are saying.

For the longest time now Kenya has been ranked sixth in countries that are most depressed. Wamlambez came at a time when people were killing themselves. In this case the song served as a destruction.

The government frustrations to its people has left no choice but to lead us to the Wamlambez nation. You will not miss to hear this word in your day to day operation.

You cannot take Wamlambez from us

It has also become a way to great people. The most funny thing is that even the elderly are responding to it well.

In addition to that, we as Kenyans are okay with our Wamlambez. Our own composition that people are trying to mimic internationally. It is high time this people need to let us be and let this young kids keep making music.

Explicit content has been there for long. If one has been sleeping on their job should not bring us ‘Makasiriko’ when it is too late.

In conclusion Wamlambezz is here to stay. I just wish he knew how cool it at a social function when someone says Wamlambez and the Wamnyonyez response comes through..