Jaguar Celebrates Stevo Simple Boy’s Success, Showcases His Luxurious House

Musician and politician Jaguar is basking in the success of Stevo Simple Boy’s recently released song “Shega.” Jaguar played a key role in relaunching Stevo’s career, offering financial backing alongside Moses Mwenda.

Stevo expressed his gratitude for Jaguar’s support.

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Meanwhile, Jaguar, also known as Waziri by his fans, shared photos of his impressive home, sparking celebration among his followers. The wide-shot photos showcased the modern design and luxurious feel of the property. Jaguar posed with a white Mercedes SUV, while a black Range Rover and another Mercedes were also seen in the video.

Jaguar accompanied the post with a motivational quote:

“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Fans flooded the comments with congratulations, praising the stunning design of the house.

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He became a household name in Kenya through hit songs like Kigeugeu before throwing his hat in the ring and winning the MP seat. However, Jaguar did not vie for a second term as a legislator but is close to United Democratic Party leaders and rolls with the high and mighty.

Politician Jaguar: There is no way Eric Omondi can transform Kenya!

Musician and former MP Charles ‘Jaguar’ Njagua has commented on comedian Eric Omondi’s relief efforts amidst the ongoing heavy rains in Kenya.

Through his ‘Sisi Kwa Sisi’ initiative, Eric Omondi has been actively visiting and assisting many affected people in various regions of the country. However, despite his commendable efforts, the government criticizes the authorities for what he perceives as inadequate support to the hundreds of Kenyans affected.


Jaguar: Despite the President’s invitation, Miracle Baby turned down entrance to KNH

In response to Eric’s actions, Jaguar has urged him to collaborate with the government to provide assistance to Kenyans. He emphasized that the disaster surpasses individual efforts and requires cooperation with the government to make a substantial impact.

“The magnitude of the disaster transcends Eric Omondi’s efforts. While I appreciate what he’s doing, it’s crucial for him to work alongside the government to truly make a difference. Despite any disagreements with the government, it’s essential to unite for the greater good,” Jaguar conveyed to reporters.


Eric Omondi Once Again Calls Out Sakaja Following The Ongoing Floods (Video)

Eric Omondi, on his part, announced plans to construct an ‘ark’ to address the current situation. Dubbed the ‘Noah’s Ark,’ the initiative aims to gather skilled carpenters to expedite the project’s completion within a week, given the lack of trust in government response.

In an Instagram update, Omondi detailed the purpose of the motorized ‘sisi kwa sisi’ ark, which will reach victims in the most remote parts of Kenya, providing lifesaving aid such as food, clothing, and medicine.

Last week, Omondi ventured to the Athi River area by boat, documenting his rescue efforts through videos as he aided individuals trapped in flooded homes.

“We’ve rescued 34 people today from 8:30 am to 11 am, and there are still hundreds in need, including children. Time is of the essence,” he shared on Instagram.

Expressing his commitment to humanitarian efforts, Omondi stated that he had temporarily stepped away from entertainment to prioritize aiding vulnerable Kenyans in need.

Jaguar: Despite the President’s invitation, Miracle Baby turned down entrance to KNH

Former Starehe MP Charles Jaguar has reacted to a viral video depicting ongoing fundraising efforts for Miracle Baby, also known as Peter Mwangi, despite an earlier assurance from President William Ruto to cover all his medical expenses.

President Ruto had pledged on 5th March to cater for Miracle Baby’s medical bills and arranged for his transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

However, an update from US music promoter Bernice Saroni revealed that financial support was still needed, citing a daily requirement of Sh135,000 for Miracle Baby’s nursing care at home.

Bernice explained in her video that despite assurances of financial aid from the President, Miracle Baby’s family faced challenges, prompting them to organize fundraising events to cover medical expenses.

This development raised questions about the status of Ruto’s assistance, leading Nairobi News to seek clarification from Jaguar.

In response, Jaguar disclosed that Miracle Baby had declined admission to Kenyatta National Hospital.

According to Jaguar, Miracle Baby felt uncomfortable after just two hours of admission and opted to return home to await a scheduled surgery four weeks later.

“I advocated for assistance for Miracle Baby and his family from President Ruto. They received Ksh300,000 for home care, and an ambulance arranged by the President transported him to the hospital,” Jaguar revealed.

“Despite being offered a private room with daily specialist checks and free care, Miracle Baby chose to leave after only an hour.”

Expressing frustration with the situation, Jaguar questioned the next steps and the President’s response, given his direct involvement in facilitating help for Miracle Baby.

“How can we progress when such opportunities are declined?” Jaguar wondered.

“I personally introduced Miracle Baby to the President, who agreed to help. The situation has been further complicated by the refusal to provide medical supplies.”

Miracle Baby has been hospitalized at a Kiambu hospital for the past two months and recently underwent his third surgery, indicating a challenging medical journey for the artist.

Efforts to reach Carol Katrue for comment by Nairobi News remained unsuccessful at the time of publishing this story.

President Ruto would pay Miracle Baby’s medical expenses from Mugiithi

President William Ruto has taken on the responsibility of covering the medical expenses for the ailing Mugiithi artist Peter, popularly known as Miracle Baby, and has instructed his transfer to Kenyatta National Hospital for further treatment.

Musician-turned-politician Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi expressed concerns about Miracle Baby’s deteriorating health despite his recent discharge from the hospital.

Jaguar revealed that President Ruto not only committed to covering the musician’s medical bills but also provided financial assistance of Sh 100,000 to his girlfriend, Carol Katrue, to manage additional expenses at home.

“I am headed to pick him up from Kiambu Level Five and transfer him to Kenyatta National Hospital. The President will take care of the bills as of now. We have been raising funds to support the family, but the bills continue to soar even after he was discharged,” said Jaguar.

Miracle Baby has been hospitalized in a Kiambu hospital for the past two months and recently underwent his third surgery.

Comedian Eric Omondi led fundraising efforts to facilitate his discharge.

Jaguar highlighted the financial strain faced by the artist, stating that he incurs over Sh 20,000 daily to meet basic needs and tend to post-surgery wounds at home.

Carol Katrue, Miracle Baby’s girlfriend, provided updates on his condition, revealing the complexity of his surgery due to ruptured intestines, which necessitates the use of a tube for restroom needs for the next six weeks.

Miracle Baby earlier urgently appealed for financial support to settle his hefty hospital bill, amounting to Sh 1.6 million.

In a heartwarming show of solidarity, politicians and online well-wishers raised over Sh 1 million in January.

During a live Facebook session hosted by Kikuyu artiste Karangu Wa Muraya from the hospital, over 12,000 viewers tuned in, expressing hopes for Miracle Baby’s swift recovery.

Miracle Baby’s health struggles date back to 2018 when he underwent a misdiagnosed appendectomy.

CS Moses Kuria, Dennis Itumbi, KRG The Don, Cassy Pool are among public figures who have publicly fundraised for the artiste.

Jaguar shows off Mike Sonko’s millionaire champagne collection

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko recently offered fans a glimpse into his extravagant alcohol collection during a hangout session with fellow politician Jaguar. Jaguar appeared visibly impressed by the extensive assortment displayed in Sonko’s glass cabinet.

Among the notable bottles showcased were Luc Belaire, a brand favored by numerous Kenyan celebrities and associated with Rick Ross.

In a caption accompanying the photos, Jaguar expressed admiration for Sonko, stating, “You inspire people who pretend not to even see you…..Trust me @mike.sonko.”

Sonko’s residence is renowned for its lavish decor and opulent furnishings, featuring an abundance of gold accents that reflect his penchant for luxury. His expansive home and sprawling compound are reminiscent of a mall, leaving visitors in awe of its grandeur.

From a walk-in wardrobe brimming with shoes from various high-end brands to an array of designer clothes and jewelry, Sonko’s affinity for the finer things in life is evident.

Beyond his lavish lifestyle, Sonko is also celebrated as a philanthropist by his online followers, who express gratitude for his numerous acts of kindness. Whether it’s covering school fees, facilitating rehabilitation for addicts, or supporting struggling entrepreneurs, Sonko remains a significant figure in the lives of many Kenyans.

Jaguar refuses to help failed and ailing Kenyan celebrities Magix Enga and Mwana Mtule

Charles Njagua, often known as Jaguar, gave an explanation of why he turned down Magix Enga’s and Mwana Mtule’s request for assistance in a recently popular video.

This occurred a few days after online users accused Mike Sonko of forsaking Conjestina Achieng on her rehabilitation journey, despite his pledge to fund her.

The affluent leader claimed that providing assistance wasn’t the issue, but rather the recipient—if they refuse assistance, there is nothing more you can do for them.

“Tuna saidia watu wengi lakini hatupost na nimeona kwa hii dunia kuna mtu unaeza saidia na kuna mtu huwezi”

The politician turned musician said that, although unsuccessful, he had attempted to assist Congestina prior to Mike Sonko’s efforts.

“Unachukua mtu kama mwnyewe hajaamua, unampeleka rehab nz bado anarudi kufanya zile vitendo.”

Jaguar stated he’s not willing to go through that with someone who doesn’t want to be genuinely helped, criticizing the practice of aiding individuals who don’t want help.

The politician continued by detailing his father’s addiction and how, despite their best efforts, they were unable to help him and he ultimately refused assistance since it was being pushed upon him.

“Ni akili ya mtu na nia inafanya mtu abadilike..” 

Jaguar discloses that he was asked by Tuva to assist Magix Enga, but he turned him down because the artist wasn’t ready for assistance and he would only assist him if the artist showed that he was sincere in wanting assistance.

“Juzi tuva ameniita twende kukamsaidie magix, lakini mimi hutaniona hapo siwezi….kwa hivyo mimi nilisema siwezi mopaka ile siku nitaona magic mwenyewe anataka kubadirika.”

The MP extended his gratitude to everyone who assisted Alpha Mteule, but he declared that he was unwilling to assist someone who lacked entitlement or the will to be assisted.

“Ukisaidia mtu ni kwanza aonyeshe nia ya kusaidika,”

‘I’ve Never Touched Alcohol Or Smoked A Cigarette’-Jaguar’s Abstinence Sparks Debate

Former Starehe MP Jaguar has stirred the proverbial pot with his recent interview revelation – he’s never touched alcohol or smoked a cigarette in his life. This admission has elicited mixed reactions, with some praising his self-control and others questioning its practicality in the entertainment industry.

Jaguar’s advice to fellow artists echoes his personal stance: plan ahead and don’t rely on handouts. He warns against succumbing to peer pressure and demanding extravagant treats like “10 Champagnes,” reminding them that such lavish days might not always last. “If you don’t plan yourself,” he states, “do not come asking us to contribute for you because personally, I won’t contribute.”

His confession adds him to a growing list of prominent Kenyans who abstain from alcohol, including President William Ruto and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. Others like Nana Gecaga and Jimmy Wanjigi also proudly identify as teetotalers.

Jaguar’s statement sparks several points of discussion:

  • Is total abstinence realistic in the often-party-fueled world of entertainment?
  • Does his advice on self-reliance resonate with younger artists facing financial pressures?
  • How does his stance on alcohol compare to other prominent figures, and could it influence public perceptions?

While Jaguar’s personal choices regarding alcohol and self-sufficiency may not apply to everyone, his voice undoubtedly adds another perspective to the conversation. Whether you agree with his approach or not, his message prompts introspection and invites dialogue about responsible life choices and financial planning in the sometimes-precarious world of entertainment.

iPhone Street Weathering the Storm: Jaguar Stands Firm Amidst Controversy

Despite recent accusations of selling refurbished iPhones and subpar customer service, singer-turned-politician Jaguar is adamant that his Nairobi-based phone store, iPhone Street Kenya, remains a thriving business.

The scandal erupted in October when disgruntled customers took to social media, alleging they had purchased non-original iPhones at full price. Many claimed the devices were aged and refurbished, packaged as brand new.

Facing backlash, iPhone Street Kenya acknowledged their shortcomings, admitting to a lack of dedicated customer service, causing delays in addressing queries. Furthermore, Jaguar, in a bold move, stepped forward as the director, taking responsibility for the store’s failings.

Undeterred by the negative publicity, Jaguar maintains that iPhone Street is faring well, attributing the controversy to competition. “We’ve sold over a million phones,” he says. “There will always be mishaps in any business. It was one trade-in mishap that our competitors exploited.”

He expresses gratitude for loyal customers, believing the business wouldn’t have survived if the accusations of subpar products were true. Regarding his initial reluctance to disclose ownership, Jaguar explains that he felt coming forward during the crisis was crucial. As a respected businessman, he wanted to reassure the public about the store’s integrity.

Despite the ongoing controversy, Jaguar remains confident that iPhone Street Kenya will navigate this storm and continue serving its Nairobi clientele seeking Apple products.

Key takeaways:

  • iPhone Street faced accusations of selling refurbished iPhones and poor customer service.
  • The store acknowledged shortcomings and Jaguar took responsibility as director.
  • Despite the controversy, Jaguar claims the business is thriving and attributes the backlash to competition.
  • He remains confident in iPhone Street’s future and expresses gratitude for loyal customers.

Jaguar Opens Up About Polygamy’s Impact on His Life

Former Starehe MP Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar, has revealed the profound impact that polygamy had on his life. In a moving interview with Muthoni wa Kirumba, Jaguar shared details about his parents’ separation and the subsequent challenges he faced.

His father’s decision to take on another wife created tension and led to his mother’s departure from the marriage. Eventually, his father also abandoned the family.

Despite the pain, Jaguar refrained from judging his father, acknowledging the complexities within their relationship. He stated, “You never know the issues going on between two people. I didn’t judge my father for his actions because I never knew their issues.”

Jaguar vividly described the difficult aftermath of his parents’ separation. He moved in with his grandmother while his mother’s health deteriorated. He took on odd jobs to support her, leaving school to get medicine. Sadly, his mother passed away shortly after.

The former MP described battling depression and struggling to support himself. He recalled frequently leaving school to find work, repeating classes due to lack of fees, and receiving inconsistent support from relatives.

Jaguar credits musician Kigia Wa Esther with playing a pivotal role in his life. After losing his mother at the age of 11, Kigia and his family welcomed Jaguar into their home, offering him education, support, and a sense of belonging during his darkest days.

Through his story, Jaguar shed light on the devastating consequences of polygamy and the crucial support system that helped him overcome adversity. He emerged from his struggles, finding success in music and politics while carrying the lessons learned from his difficult past.

Singer Jaguar Open to Polygamy, Claims His Wife Doesn’t Mind Having A Co-Wife

In a recent interview on Kameme FM, Kenyan singer and politician Charles Njagua, known as Jaguar, surprised many by openly discussing the possibility of expanding his family through polygamy.

While acknowledging that such a dynamic might not be accepted by most women, Jaguar expressed confidence that his wife would not object. “I’m married and my wife is very supportive,” he stated. “She is well taken care of and I’m certain she wouldn’t mind if I got another wife.”

Jaguar, who describes himself as a family man, currently has four children – two with his wife and two with his baby mama. He maintains a cordial relationship with his baby mama.

His willingness to consider polygamy stems from personal experience, as his father married a second wife after his mother’s passing. Additionally, several Kenyan celebrities, including musician Samidoh and gospel singer Muigai wa Njoroge, practice polygamy.

Recently, Muigai wa Njoroge paid dowry for his second wife, Queen Stacey, in a public ceremony. Samidoh’s baby mama, Senator Karen Nyamu, has also been vocal about her support for polygamy, arguing that some men are too much for one woman to handle.

“I support polygamy because there are men like Samidoh who are too much for one woman,” she stated. “Why should you keep such a strong man all to yourself? There are some men who are meant to be shared, just accept it.”

Jaguar’s openness regarding polygamy sparks conversation about societal norms and changing perspectives within Kenyan culture. While his views may not be universally embraced, they offer a glimpse into the evolving dynamics of family structure and relationships.

Jaguar Gives Credit To Raila For Endorsing His Rise To Fame

Musician and former Starehe MP Jaguar has credited his meteoric rise to fame to a single endorsement by prominent Kenyan politician Raila Odinga. During an interview on Kameme FM, Jaguar recounted how his hit song “Kigeugeu” caught the attention of Odinga, then a rising political leader.

Jaguar, still at the beginning of his musical career, released “Kigeugeu” in the early 2010s. The song quickly gained traction, but it was Raila’s endorsement that truly catapulted him to national fame.

“After releasing ‘Kigeugeu’, Raila called me to his office and told me he was a big fan,” recalled Jaguar. “Later, on his interview with Churchill Show, the host asked him to mention his favorite singer and song. Raila surprised me by saying I was his favorite artist and ‘Kigeugeu’ was his top truck at the time.”

This public praise from a respected figure like Odinga instantly boosted Jaguar’s popularity. “After the mention,” he said, “I went viral. My phone was ringing off the hook with people booking me for shows. ‘Kigeugeu’ became an instant hit.”

Despite the significant influence Odinga’s endorsement had on his career, Jaguar’s political loyalties shifted over time. He eventually joined forces with Odinga’s rival, Uhuru Kenyatta, during the 2013 general election. This new alliance led him to a successful campaign for the Starehe MP seat in 2017.

In 2022, Jaguar opted out of the political arena and was instead appointed to the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) position, a decision that faced legal challenges.

Jaguar’s story reflects the significant impact that endorsements from influential figures can have on aspiring artists. His journey from a budding musician to a household name highlights the power of recognition and support from established individuals.

Jaguar discusses why Kenyan record labels fail

Kenyan singer and politician Jaguar has warned gospel singer Guardian Angel that his newly launched music label, 7 Heaven Music, is likely to fail if the signed artist does not put in the work.

Jaguar pointed out that several music labels in Kenya have closed down after a short stint because the signed artists become lazy and expect too much from the labels. He cited examples of Bahati’s EMB Records, Otile Brown’s Just In Love Music label, and Nadia Mukami’s Sevens Creative Hub label, which all collapsed within a few years of being established.

Jaguar advised Guardian Angel and his signed artist to work hard and focus on their careers if they want 7 Heaven Music to succeed. He said that being signed to a label is only 40% of the battle, and the rest is up to the artist to put in the hard work.

‘Most Kenyan Artists Are Not Taking Their Craft Seriously- Jaguar

Singer-turned-politician Charles Njagua, better known by his stage name Jaguar, has weighed in on why most Kenyan artists are struggling in music and financially.

Speaking during a recent radio interview, Jaguar said that most artists do not take their craft seriously. He explained that artists should strive to be the best at what they do and treat music as a business.

“Most artists are not serious about their music,” Jaguar said. “They think that they can just wake up one day and become famous. But it doesn’t work like that. You have to be willing to put in the hard work and dedication if you want to be successful.”

Jaguar also said that artists need to be more business-minded. He said that artists need to learn how to market themselves and their music. They also need to learn how to manage their finances.

“If you want to be successful in music, you need to be more than just a talented artist,” Jaguar said. “You need to be a businessperson as well.”

Jaguar’s comments come at a time when the Kenyan music industry is facing a number of challenges. The industry is struggling to compete with foreign music, and artists are finding it difficult to make a living from their music.

Jaguar’s comments are a reminder that artists need to be serious about their craft if they want to be successful. They need to be willing to put in the hard work and dedication, and they need to be business-minded. If they can do these things, they will be well on their way to success.

Why Jaguar doesn’t have set performance fees

Jaguar claims that because to his adaptability, he has made $1 million in countries like Rwanda. He’s a businessman who thinks everyone should bargain for a better deal on wages.

“Nimesikia KRG amesema muziki haina pesa, but I am a witness it has alot of money ukijipanga na ukifanya muziki mzuri. Back like 7 years ago, Safaricom live as an ambassador used to pay me like sh 6 million. I am a witness that music has a lot of money, ukijipanga na ufanye muziki mzuri. Nikujipanga.”

Muziki ni biashara for instance if you call me to perform in a club with 200 revellers siwezi kukuambia unilipe one million.

I will ask kwa hivo hizo rate cards mimi sijawahi kuwa nazo. Nakuuliza sponsor ni nani kama ni kampuni before that tunanegotiate. I can even perform shows for as little as sh50k.”

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KRG savagely attacks Akothee

KRG has decided to wade into the beef currently raging between his friend CAS Jaguar and Akothee and he did not mince words as he went after the latter.

‘There’s No Tanzanian Artist Who Is Richer Than Me’- KRG the Don

The funny thing about this beef is that it is a group of adults arguing about who is wealthier and Akothee went for Jaguar’s masculinity when she asked him whether he had a uterus.

‘Kitakuramba’- Jaguar Finally Responds To Akothee

KRG 2 has made it about money claiming that the singer is only wealthy when she’s in the village: According to him a village tycoon cannot hold a candle to an urban tycoon.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Hon. Jaguar (@jaguarkenya)

This elicited a reaction from Jaguar who reposted the interview that featured KRG disparaging his nemesis and laughing about it. I for one am eager for Akothee’s response.

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‘Kitakuramba’- Jaguar Finally Responds To Akothee

As you may be aware Akothee is on a ranting mission exposing former Starehe member of parliament Charles Jaguar after he claimed he is richer than her.
“Mheshimiwa is someone who has achieved something, what did you attain for the past five years you were a member of parliament? The only time I heard about you was when Babu Owino was busy beating you up, I should call Babu Owino to place you where you belong,” she said.
In her latest rant, the mother of five has threw shade at the kigeugeu singer saying he achieved nothing during his time as a member of parliament and the only time she ever heard of him was when he was in a tiff with Embakasi Member of Parliament Babu Owino.

Jaguar Responds

Jaguar has now responded to the endless rants made by Akothee about the wealth question. He took to social media to throw shade back at Akothee.

“Unachokipigania hukujii kitakuramba. A***thee …”

Akothee has been roasting Jaguar for days now. And she claimed she’ll continue for the rest of the week.

Is Jaguar Crushing On Akothee Silently?

Akothee is not yet done with CAS Charles Njagua after he claimed that he’s wealthier than her and shouldn’t be compared to her. Turns out, it was a wrong move to go after the former President of single mothers.

After Jaguar’s sentiments, Akothee has been hurling unprintable insults at the CAS; without caring what anyone thinks about her/them.

Akothee started off by disapproving Jaguar’s sentiments of being wealthier than her. She spewed that he’s only rich because of his Government job-not from music. She added that Jaguar is only surviving with tax-payers money.

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Jaguar Vs Akothee

It’s quite intriguing that the two have had a surreptitious beef for years. Akothee recently unearthed news about her beef with Jaguar from 2016.

She claims Jaguar has been trying to use her name to remain relevant over the years;

From the latter, it’s evident that Jaguar has been following up on Akothee’s life. Is there more to this that we don’t know about?

Jaguar Harmonize beef sparks Kenya vs Tanzania war on social media

Former Starehe MP Jaguar has ignited beef with not just Akothee but Tanzanian artist harmonized after he boasted about being wealthier than them and threatened that he would quit making music if they were indeed able to prove otherwise.

The Tanzanian did not take kindly to his comments and went on his Instagram page to throw shade at the current CAS and true to form his English was disastrous with many complaining they could barely understand what he was trying to say.

Aside from the trolls mocking him for speaking garbage English on Jaguars post, he quickly ignited a Kenya vs Tanzania tiff on social media and the comments were just hilarious. Check them out below:

that Y You Said You Got Money Over Me Lol ???????????? I have already denied your title from our former president magufuli if i was at your age i would have retired from music LOVE YOU BRO KEEP BANK ON IT ✌️✌️???????? i love you big bro keep on cashing out keep banking on it 100%
From this post, these hilarious comments were made:
  • pmwema2030's profile picture
    harmonise has alot of money…but in tanzanian currency????????????????????????????


  • kotticyrus's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz toka hapa buana…..kajifunze kizungu kwanza…ama utype tu kiswahili ????????????????????


    See translation
  • kiddiejuddie's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz nyie mmemuelewa harmonize kweli…manake mm Issa no????????????sijakielewa kabisa kizungu cha huyu brazzah????????????


    See translation
  • beyoncemyles_2020's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz halafu Jaguar deliberately pinned your post ndio uchekelewe na hiki kizungu chako fake ????????????


    See translation
  • kellreety's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz twazungumzia pesa ya kenya ndugu…ya tz bila shaka umemzidi jaguar hata rais mstaafu uhuru…lakini ya 254 daah????


    See translation
  • trendingstates's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz for those who didn’t understand, @harmonize_tz is saying that he was given a CAS position by their late president magufuli, but he rejected. He means @jaguarkenya has really made it in life and should retire from music. @harmonize_tz please pay me for this translation. It took 2 hrs to understand your English ????


  • elishalyoba's profile picture
    @kellreety afu mnaish kweny mabanda ya mabati kibera wazungu weusi mnashida ninyi ????????


    See translation
  • fredmackfood's profile picture
    @kellreety question? uko nazo izo pesa uchumi wenu mbovu life kwenu ngumu come tz mzee yaani life ni poa kabisa


    See translation
  • fredmackfood's profile picture
    @ft.nanah Kwanza nkucheke kwa currency gani mlionayo mkitoa madeni ya wachina mnabaki na nini matako tu nyau nyie njoeni uku kwenye maisha bora sio mnalipokwa ata pesa ya unga auna


    See translation
  • kellreety's profile picture
    @elishalyoba maisha yako usijaribu kuyalinganisha na yangu hata kidogo kaka.. kwanza tafuta confidence ya kuji posti tuone ulivyo nawiri ????????


    See translation
  • abuujhay's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz surely is that even English ????. Huyu Sasa yeye na jaguar Ata tunaweza wacompare?


    See translation
  • kellreety's profile picture
    @fredmackfood nje ya mada kabisa sababu Huna la kusema… maisha ya sumuni yatakosaje kuwa bora???????? njoo ke huone huwezi nunua chumvi wewe mzee


    See translation
  • wambuibenson254's profile picture
    @harmonize_tz you have a lot of money in Tanzania currency but the point is jaguar has a lot of money in Kenya currency there is a big different with our money of Kenya and your money of Tanzania????????????????????????????


Harmonize Joins Akothee In Mocking Jaguar Over Richness Remarks

Akothee recently expressed her disappointment with CAS Charles Njagua over his remarks on who’s richer than who.

According to Jaguar, he was willing to quit music after realizing that he was ranked below Akothee and Tanzanian musical star Harmonize in the list of East Africa’s richest musicians.

Jaguar insisted that the wealth he has accumulated over the years is more than Harmonize’s & Akothee’s – and that he should not be compared to them.

Upon learning about the same, Akothee’s reaction was imminent. The mother of 5 took to her social media to hurl insults at Jaguar, stating that he had lost sense of identity as a man. She further insisted that Jaguar isn’t good enough in music; and he was only enriched after getting a role in the government.

Similarly, Tanzanian artist Konde Boy hasn’t shushed over the issue. He recently commented on Jaguar’s Instagram post; admonishing to leave music because of his age.

”That Y You Said You Got Money Over Me Lol ???????????? I have already denied your title from our former president magufuli if i was at your age i would have retired from music LOVE YOU BRO KEEP BANK ON IT ✌️✌️???????? i love you big bro keep on cashing out keep banking on it 100%,” he wrote.

And the three are yet to settle their predicaments.

Akothee attacks Jaguar again, says he’s not a real man

Akothee is still on the warpath against former Starehe MP and current CAS Jaguar. Last week he compared his wealth to Akothee’s and said that if you are ever richer than him he would quit making music and this did not sit well with the controversial and vociferous artist.

‘You’re Bragging With Tax-Payers Money’- Akothee Responds To Jaguar Claiming He’s Richer Than Her

He had previously taken to social media to say that key in essence is not a man because he is in competition with a woman. This shaming tactic seems to have worked as it got her fans as well as his in a frenzy.

And just when you thought she had said her peace she took to social media once again with more vitriol for Jaguar. This time she made her attack more pointed arch told him that before he ever they need to compare himself to a woman he needs to ensure he has a uterus. Jaguar is yet to reply.


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A post shared by AKOTHEE KENYA (@akotheekenya)

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Nimekuwa mdosi for a long time – Jaguar brags about being wealthier than Akothee

Jaguar was recently interviewed by SPM Buzz and among the things he wanted to discuss and dispel were the allegations he has been eating his huge CAS salary with a big spoon, balling and enjoying the company of a beauty whom he took on a mind-blowing date.

Colonel Mustafa receives 1 million Kshs from Jaguar

He was speaking in Defence of himself as Kenyans have been claiming he has been bowling and living life Lodge off of his salary as a CAS.

Hon Jaguar in hospital

And indeed it is true that Jaguar is one of the wealthiest celebrities in Kenya as he has a wide array of businesses that are the source of his vast wealth including garages and a record label.

Meet the model helping Jaguar eat his money

What is really interesting is that he said that if Akothee or Harmonize are wealthier than him, he’d quit making music and retire himself to a quiet life as a public servant.


”Ile kitu naeza sema ni kumshukuru Mungu mahali amenifikisha. Mimi naeza swear apa, kama mtu kama Akothee na Harmonize wamenishinda naeza wacha muziki.”

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If Akothee & Harmonize Are Wealthier Than Me, I’ll Quit Music’- Jaguar

Jaguar has recently been on the limelight after he showed off what his money is all about. After being appointed CAS Ministry of Youth and Sports, Jaguar is still making it big.

Despite getting criticism from netizens that he’s embezzling taxes, Jaguar claims he’s actually wealthy and has done a lot himself over the years.

We’re well aware that Jaguar started music several years ago; but he has been quite inactive over the years, especially after getting a role in the government, until recently, when he released a song featuring Tanzanian musician Lavalava.

Jaguar recruits Lava Lava in music comeback after long hiatus
Jaguar & Lava Lava-Google

There’s always the colloquy on which musician is richer than the other. You’d remember how Diamond was pissed after he wasn’t ranked in Forbe’s richest musicians in East Africa.

Anyway, Jaguar has also been disenchanted to be ranked below Akothee and Tanzanian musician Harmonize. He divulged in a recent interview that he’s ready to quit music if Akothee and Harmonize are richer than him.

”Ile kitu naeza sema ni kumshukuru Mungu mahali amenifikisha. Mimi naeza swear apa, kama mtu kama Akothee na Harmonize wamenishinda naeza wacha muziki.”

He further stated that he’s ready to quit his current CAS job if they’re indeed richer than him.

Colonel Mustafa receives 1 million Kshs from Jaguar

Colonel Mustafa was revealed to be struggling under the burdens of financial hardships after he fell off and could no longer make enough money from his projects to sustain himself. And to add on top of his woes was the fact his mother was suffering from cancer and he had to take care of her.

Kibe rubbishes Colonel Mustafa plea for help

He preferred to get work as a manual labourer at a mjengo rather than begging Kenyans for help and that is something a lot of Kwenyans appreciated and they themselves encouraged him to ask for help.

Colonel Mustafa took the initiative to request help and he told Kenyans to contribute some money to help him. And some of the people who have responded was a former Ogopa DJ artist and Starehe MP and current CAS, Jaguar.

Ezekiel Mutua reaches out to Colonel Mustafa, offers help

Jaguar and his friends have raised 1 million shillings that they intend to give Colonel Mustafa so he can get himself put together:


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Meet the model helping Jaguar eat his money

Jaguar was caught on camera on a date with an as yet previously unidentified woman and they were eating life with a big spoon. Netizens joked about him enjoying his hefty CAS salary and we decided to find out who the lady was… Ladies and gentlemen meet the model named Miss Barakeilla:

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Why Netizens Are Disenchanted With Jaguar Showing Off

During a period of high taxation and high cost of living, some members of Parliament are eating life with a big spoon; and they’re not tardy to show off that money ain’t a problem to them.

CAS Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar has elicited mixed reactions on social media after sharing a photo that has left people talking.

The photo shows Jaguar, reporedly holding the hand of Cate Waruguru, something that can confuse the two as people who are dating.

The two proceed to have a meal, with two lavish cars visible on the background.

The two vehicles were a Cadillac Escalade SUV and a Mercedes Benz sedan.

“Nobody can be you better than yourself,” he wrote.

Many Kenyans seemed unimpressed by his show of financial might and have reacted by saying it’s their tax money being enjoyed by the CAS. Some even went ahead to remind him about his song ‘Kigeugeu’ and claimed that he’s manifesting the meaning of it.

Jaguar spotted on a date with slay queen

Former Starehe Mp and current CAS jaguar was seen on a date with an unidentified slay Queen. The couple arrived in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class before taking a chopper ride and has netizens speculating about just how well he is eating life with a big spoon.

Jaguar appointed CAS by President Ruto

It should be noted that just a few weeks ago Kenyans were up in Arms about the Move by president ruto which many found controversial to not only add the number of CASs but also increase their salaries.

Check out photos of Jaguar and his date below:


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