Celebrities Pour Tribute Messages To Late Morgan Heritage Lead Singer Peetah

Many prominent Dancehall and Reggae musicians, political figures such as Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Mark Golding, and other well-wishers have expressed their condolences and tributes to Peetah Morgan, who passed away in the United States on February 25, 2024.

According to his family, lead singer Peter Anthony Morgan, often known as “Peetah,” passed away on Sunday at the age of 46. He created the well-known reggae band Morgan Heritage with his four brothers.

In expressing his sorrow, Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that the death was significant for both Jamaica and reggae.

“My heart is heavy to learn of the passing of Peetah Morgan of the world-renowned Morgan Heritage. I send deep condolences to the Morgan family as they grieve this tremendous loss which is also a colossal loss for Jamaica and for Reggae music,” he wrote.

Dancehall artist Buju Banton recalled initially meeting the band in New York and expressed shock at Morgan’s untimely passing, particularly since they were collaborating on a new project at the time.

“Over twenty five years ago, I was invited to listen to a new group on the horizon. I was in NYC. I went to a place called Bushwick, Brooklyn, to listen to this set of new musicians/artists. I was completely in love with the sound, the work ethic and the good vibe I felt. That day I immediately added them to my European Tour dates and would go on to bring that sound to the world with the help of Penthouse’s Donovan Germain,” the Hills and Valleys singer wrote on Instagram.

Kenyan artists who sent their condolence message include Khaligraph Jones, who penned on his Instagram;

”Rest Well Rasta 🕊️🕊️”


Morgan Heritage Lead Singer Peter Anthony Morgan Passes Away

The Morgan Heritage family announced the passing of Peter Anthony Morgan, their lead singer, on February 25th, 2024. Mr. Morgan, affectionately known as “Peetah,” was a pivotal figure in the band and left a lasting impact on the global reggae scene.

“It is out of sincere love that we share that our beloved husband, father, son, brother, and lead singer of Morgan Heritage, Peter Anthony Morgan, has ascended today, February 23, 2024. Jah come and save us from ourselves because love is the only way,” reads the statement.

Beyond his artistic contributions, the statement emphasized Morgan’s roles as a husband, father, son, and brother, highlighting the immense personal loss felt by his family.

News of his passing sparked an outpouring of support and condolences from fans, fellow musicians, and the broader community. The Morgan Heritage family expressed deep gratitude for this collective expression of love and respect.

Musical Legacy

Born into a musical family, Mr. Morgan and his siblings carried forward the legacy of their father, reggae artist Denroy Morgan. Morgan Heritage, known as the “Royal Family of Reggae,” rose to international acclaim with its signature sound, characterized by rich harmonies, conscious lyrics, and a deep connection to the roots of the genre.

Peter’s Enduring Influence

Peter’s powerful voice and charismatic stage presence were instrumental in delivering Morgan Heritage’s messages of love, unity, and social consciousness to audiences worldwide. His contributions to the band and the reggae genre will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.

The beloved musician has been mourned by family, fans, and the music industry.

How Wyre has maintained relevance to this day

Kenyan dancehall artist Kevin Waire, alias Wyre, is still a big deal in the country today, more than two decades after he wrote and recorded his first song but have you ever wondered how he has managed to stay relevant up to this very day?

Well, it’s pretty simple. First, he has always stayed true to himself. He has never bowed to pressure to venture into a genre that he’s not really feeling just to stay afloat. He has been churning out dancehall jams from the first day and that won’t change anytime soon.

He also doesn’t hurry to release new songs so as to remain relevant. The Nakupenda Pia hitmaker has a very long catalogue of hits that have kept him on people’s lips. Therefore, he takes all the time he needs with his projects on while performing his old jams.


Secondly, Wyre has been consistent since he made his debut in the music industry in the late 90s. In as much as he does not  release a new song after a month or two – like most local artists – he also does not go for so long without releasing new music.

He has also constantly expanded his fanbase by working with a number of local and international acts. Some of them are; Nazizi, Kidis, Prezzo, Khaligraph, JB Maina, Benjamin Kabaseke, Nonini, Vigeti, Alaine, Cecile and Morgan Heritage.

Lastly, Wyre has always been disciplined. To date, we’ve never heard a scandal about him neither does he engage in cheap publicity stunts, as is the case with most local artists, to market his music. He relies on the chema chajiuza philosophy and it always works for him.

Kenyan artists should learn a thing or two from him if they want to have careers spanning many years.

Watch his latest collabo with Young Courageous and Janvier dubbed Ruka below.

Diamond Platnumz should be very afraid of Harmonize

Diamond Platnumz has been the face of Tanzanian music for a long time and I feel that is about to change thanks to one Rajab Abdul Kahali, known to you and I as Harmonize.

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The two artists are cut from the same cloth and perhaps this explains why Diamond Platnumz devised all manner of tactics to frustrate Uno hitmaker’s efforts to exit WCB Records.

Harmonize enlists Morgan Heritage for 'Malaika'

They appeal to the same audience and it would have been much easier for Diamond Platnumz to have him under his nose where he can sort of control and monitor what he is putting out.

But now that Harmonize is a free man having paid a Tsh 600 million – approximately Ksh 26.2 million – fine that was imposed on him for exiting WCB Records, Diamond Platnumz should be very afraid.

The truth is that Harmonize is a hard worker just like Diamond Platnumz and the fact that he had been working with the latter for so many years even before we got to know about him means that he has learned the ropes.

Diamond Platnumz

He knows what it takes to be at the top and he’s going for it. This is evidenced by his recently released 18-track album titled Afro East which features the likes of; Morgan Heritage, Khaligraph Jones, Phyno, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy etc.

The album is doing very well and it’s what everyone is talking about, including Diamond Platnumz himself as he took to Instagram to congratulate Harmonize for the huge milestone.

If you ask me, this album would not have been delayed if Harmonize was still at WCB Records because you are sort of not allowed to outshine the boss.

There was a time when the likes of Mr Nice, Matonya and Ali Kiba were the faces of Tanzanian music and I feel that a similar coup is happening at the moment and before you know it, Diamond Platnumz will be long forgotten.


Harmonize enlists Morgan Heritage for ‘Malaika’ (Audio)

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul Kahali, popularly known as Harmonize, has released a new track with Jamaican reggae band Morgan Heritage and it’s a big tune.

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The jam dubbed Malaika, which is a Swahili word that means angel, has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Morgan Heritage

Basically, this song, which is off Harmonize’s Afro East album, is about a lady who is causing the musician sleepless nights. All he wants is to be with her and vows not to let anyone come between them.

Malaika is really infectious. I’ve listened to it a couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, it is like I’m hearing it for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good.

Harmonize is an amazing vocalist and he brought his A-game in this song. He has the kind of voice that drives ladies wild and you just want to keep listening to him.

Harmonize; he is back with a new tune Hujanikomoa

He’s also a dope lyricist and perhaps the best thing about this song is that it is easy to memorize so you will know the whole of it after listening twice, maybe thrice.

As expected, Morgan Heritage really came through in this song. Believe you me, nothing sounds better than a fusion of Bongo and Reggae, it just sounds pleasant to the ears.

Harmonize’s voice blends so well with that of the Morgan Heritage members so much so that I’m looking forward to hearing more collabos from them.

I also loved the beat and instrumentation on Malaika. Other than the fact that they are catchy, they also go well with the vocals and tempos of the artists.

Listen to Malaika below and tell us what you think.

“He doesn’t have a birth certificate” Bahati forced to explain why he took son to cheap school 

Gospel singer Bahati has finally addressed rumors that he doesn’t care much about his adopted son Morgan.

This comes after Kenyans attacked him for taking the son to a cheap school while he has the ability to pay for a nice one.

During an interview with NTV, the singer said all these were untrue and assured his fans that his decision was actually in Morgan’s best interest.

“I took Morgan in six years ago and he is my favourite child. I love him so much. Among all my kids he is my favourite,” Bahati said. 

Bahati and his son, Morgan

He added that Morgan also doesn’t have all the required documents a reason why he has been in that fixed position.

“Morgan does not have a birth certificate and for most schools such a paper is a requirement. So what am I to do if the school he is in is the one that agreed to take him without the papers?” Bahati said. 

“Tomorrow’s Leaders Festival” aiming to better youth leadership development programs in Africa and Jamaica

(Nairobi, Kenya) – Grammy-winning Reggae group Morgan Heritage have launched the “Tomorrow’s Leaders Festival” at Laurette Gardens at the Safaricom Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi, Kenya on June 8, featuring some of the biggest names in Jamaican music and the hottest artist from across Africa. 

The global initiative festival will raise funds and awareness for youth leadership development programs in Africa and Jamaica, with benefactors including Save The Children, UNICEF, UNESCO, UNODC, OXFAM International, Shofco, Joy Divine and others. The full festival line-up will be announced through Morgan Heritage and Official Festival social media and websites.

The “Tomorrow’s Leaders Festival” will be broadcasted live by festival media partner Trace Global Network, covering more than 160 countries in more than 200 million homes. It will also stream live on YouTube.

“We Morgan Heritage are doing this festival because we’ve identified the need for a conscious effort to be pushed forward to educate, empower and create opportunities that puts the youth on a path toward success for generations to come. So we’re asking the world to help us help the children across Africa and Jamaica where this movement to save a generation has started.” 

The group went on to say;

“Buju Banton and Sauti Sol has not been announced and despite a few people trying to spread news about the final line-up, we assure you that we will not promote any artist that will not appear at Kasarani Stadium on Saturday June 8th” 


Mike Sonko speaks

Governor Mike Sonko went on to say,

“As the Governor of Nairobi County we support you and congratulations on your Grammy. Welcome to Kenya and let’s make a good event”. 

The Morgan Heritage Foundation and its partners are committed to presenting world-class talent to generate awareness, inspiration and empowerment among individuals, families and corporations. Their goal is to help turn humanities dreams of a better tomorrow into a reality. Our children are tomorrow’s leaders and it is our mission to support them in order to secure the future of the world. If we lead, the youth will follow.

Morgan Heritage won their first Grammy in 2016 for “Best Reggae Album” for “Strictly Roots” as producer and artist. The band landed their second Grammy nomination for critically acclaimed album “Avrakedabra” in the “Best Reggae Album” category in 2017. Huffington Post said “It’s the reggae album that’s about to make history.”

Morgan Heritage will release a new album June 21 entitled “LOYALTY” this summer and their world tour starts this summer.

Jamaican musicians Morgan Heritage surprise Kenyans by asking them to get Huduma number

While some Kenyans have vowed they’ll not sign up for a Huduma number, it seems some foreigners are ready to go and registers.

Kenyans were recently surprised by an unexpected message from Grammy-winning reggae group Morgan Heritage, who urged Kenyans to go and register for controversial Huduma number.

The group, which moved to Kenya and even promised to buy land around Naivasha a few months ago, said the number has it’s own purpose.

The group has stayed in Kenya for several years now and many wanted to know whether they register for the number.

“If I will be allowed to register for I will definitely do it,” Mojo, one of the members, said during the launch of Tomorrow Leaders Festival.

“Back home, your name does not mean anything because we may find ten people in a city with the exact name living and was born in the same city as yours. A number called social security number is what identifies you as a citizen.”

Beautiful country

Peter asked Kenyans not to be afraid of the number saying the government is trying to make things better since Kenya is a very beautiful country.

“We consider Kenya as one of the warmest places in the world that we would want to live in. Mojo has not left ken ya since December last year and the fruit of what he has been doing here on behalf of the Morgan heritage foundation is the concert,” he said.

Morgan Heritage responds after they are informed that Murang’a senator named his son after the group

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata recently revealed that he is such a great fan of Morgan Heritage that he named his son after the popular Jamaican reggae group.

“I named my second child Euna Morgan. How Comes’ is one of Morgan Heritage’s songs that really inspire people because they are highlighting challenges people go through in life. Why the youth in the ghetto don’t get the education like those in urban areas,” said Kang’ata during an interview with Word Is.

The lawmaker also narrated how he loved reggae music so much, he revealed that his passion for music saw him become a DJ in campus.


Morgan Heritage member Una Morgan expressed her gratitude after a tweep informed her that Murang’a Senator had named his child after the group.

“I am sooo humbled by this. i’m grateful my family could have a positive impact on people’s live and families. I cannot wait to meet her,” Una Morgan tweeted.





Nobody can stop reggae! Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata names son after Morgan Heritage

What has reggae music made you do lately?

For Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata, his love for reggae made him name his son after legendary Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage.

Speaking to Word Is, the Senator shared that he grew up listening to reggae music and even became a DJ. That’s how many people came to know him.

“I named my second child Euna Morgan. While in university I was suspended after opposing the parallel degree programme. I became a DJ just to keep me going while out of school. I used to be called DJ Nyutu in Murang’a for two years,” he said in the interview. 

The senator added that he fell in love with reggae because of the teaching and real-life issues in the songs.

“How Comes’ is one of Morgan Heritage’s songs that really inspire people because they are highlighting challenges people go through in life. Why the youth in the ghetto don’t get the education like those in urban areas,” he says.

“I love most of their songs because they touch a lot about family. I sing it to my wife just to encourage her because I am busy with politics, I still have to create time for my family. I love reggae but I think I love Morgan Heritage’s songs more because of the message they have.”

The senator last year solemnised his marriage to Mary Wambui in a simple wedding that was graced by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Patoranking and Morgan Heritage jet into the country for video shoot (Photos)

Kenya is turning out to be the destination of choice for international artistes looking to shoot videos for their songs. Morgan Heritage and Nigerian heartthrob Patoranking are in Kenya for video shoot.

The reggae band has featured Patoranking in their first song of 2019 dubbed ‘Pay Attention’, they have already recorded the song.

Morgan Heritage has been working with several African music heavyweights over the past years, Diamond Platnumz and Ghanaian dancehall star Stonebwoy are among African artistes that the reggae band have already collaborated with.

Video shoot

Patoranking and Morgan Heritage have already shot their music video at 2 Rivers Mall. The shoot will take place at different locals across the country.

This weekend the musicians will shoot their video at Onyx and at Maasai Mara. The complete project will be out in a few weeks time, guess their fans can’t wait for the video.


Morgan Heritage takes on government ban on their song with Diamond Platnumz  

Diamond Platnumz featured reggae band Morgan Heritage to drop ‘Hallelujah’ sometimes in September 2017. The song was however banned by Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) five months later.

On February 28th 2018, TCRA published a list of songs banned from being played by all media stations. Diamond’s songs with Rick Ross and Morgan Heritage ‘Waka’ and ‘Hallelujah’ were among those blacklisted.

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TCRA banned ‘Hallelujah’ on grounds that it was blasphemous song, they claimed the song was praising indecent ladies using a religious term ‘hallelujah’.

We will never stop glorifying woman

Morgan Heritage, who performed with Diamond at new year jump off party in Nairobi, called out Tanzanian authorities for banning ‘Hallelujah’.

“The Bible say God created woman when He saw man lonely. So we will never stop, ever glorifying woman in a positive way. Because when we do it and we use the bit*h word, we get crucified. Now we say ‘Hallelujah’ we get in trouble. They say we blasphemy. Let the woman be praised Hallelujah,” said Morgan Heritage during an interview in Nairobi.


Naiboi lands collabo with Morgan Heritage after impressing during Diamond’s show

Singer Naiboi has enjoyed 2018 which has seen him grow in leaps and bounds and it seems his 2019 will be even better.

Formerly known as Rapdamu, Naiboi had some really good news for his fans in 2019, sharing that he’ll be working with Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage.


According to the ‘2 in 1’ hitmaker, Morgan Heritage reached out to him after being wowed by his December 31st performance at Diamond Platnumz’ final edition of Wasafi Festival that took place at Uhuru Gardens.

“Getting a call from my brothers and telling me I caught their attention at the show and that they had to meet me, they love what I do and believe in what I stand for is just way beyond my imagination given that am a huge fan! @grampsmorgan gave me so much insight and advice from a global perspective that really opened up my thinking ??.” Naiboi posted on Instagram. 

Also Gramps Morgan also took to his Instagram to big up Naiboi confirming that the two are working on a hit.



Jamaican reggae group Morgan Heritage wants collabos with Kenyan artistes including Sauti Sol, Elani

Morgan Heritage is planning major music collaborations with Kenyan musicians after successfully working with Diamond Platnumz in a number of projects.

The Jamaican reggae group first worked with Diamond to drop ”Hallelujah’ which was released in September 2017. They have also released a new song ‘Africa Jamaica’ featuring Diamond and Ghanaian dancehall star  Stonebwoy.

‘Africa Jamaica’ was only released on October 19th 2018. Morgan Heritage now wants to work with Kenyan artistes having worked with Wyre before.

Elani and Sauti Sol

Morgan Heritage revealed that they are eyeing collabo with Sauti Sol and Elani while speaking during a phone interview on Kiss FM.

“We have a collaboration with Wyre and we are also looking forward to working with Sauti Sol. We love what they are doing with their management and that is gonna be a big one, and when they have the time they will reach out to us. There is so much talent in Kenya, including Elani,” said Morgan Heritage.



Diamond reveals why other artistes have failed to match his success as his new song ‘Hallelujah’ gets 2 million views in one day

Diamond Platnumz is currently riding high on his new hit song ‘Hallelujah’ featuring Morgan Heritage. The song started trending just a few hours after it was released.

‘Hallelujah’ was uploaded on YouTube late Thursday September 28th, and 24 hours later it had already garnered 2 million views and was trending 1st in Tanzania, 4th in Kenya and 10th in Uganda (On YouTube trends).

“2 Million Views within a Day…. words can’t express how grateful i am….I appreciate so Much ? #Hallelujah” Diamond thanked his fans for the support.

The Tanzanian singer also revealed why other artistes have been unable to match his success in music. Diamond explained that East African music was experiencing stunted growth because artistes were hesitant to try new things in music.

Diamond stated that if artistes tried everything and anything then they are bound to succeed in penetrating the international music industry.

“Nyimbo hii ya #Hallelujah imenifunza kuwa uwoga wetu na kuto kujiamini ndio unatucheleweshea Mziki wetu Kuwa mkubwa Duniani… pia Umenifunza Ukithubutu kila kitu kinawezekana….Lakini pia Imenifunza kuwa wana Afrika Mashariki tuna nafasi nzuri ya kuweza kuvuma Duniani…. Imenifunza pia kuwa Hata Ukiimba Kingereza ila Nyimbo Ikiwa Nzuri Itapendwa na kuvuma kote Hadi Uswahilini……imenifunza pia kuwa Mwenyez Mungu hana Upendeleo ukijituma, Ukawa na nia nzuri na ukimuomba atakupa…. je wewe imekufunza nini?” Wrote Diamiond.

Diamond started the year 2017 on a high note, he dropped ‘Marry Me’ featuring American crooner Ne-Yo in February. In June Baba Tiffah dropped two songs ‘I Miss You’ and ‘Fire’ featuring Tiwa Savage. By July Diamond was riding high with ‘Eneka’. In August Diamond dropped a rap song ‘Fresh’ remix (audio). Same August Diamond and all Wasafi artistes dropped ‘Zilipendwa’. Diamond was featured in Patoranking’s ‘Love you Die’ in early September, and by late September Simba dropped ‘Hallelujah’.

As in Diamond is basically trying everything and anything, and he doing an incredibly job to make a mark on international scene.

Watch ‘Hallelujah’ in the video below: