Yemi Alade Opens Up On Pressure Of Getting Married

Popular singer Yemi Alade has opened up about the pressure she faces from family and friends to get married and have children. She said that while she respects and looks up to these people, she believes that it is more important to find the right partner than to just get married quickly.

Family pressure is a challenging thing to resist because it’s coming from the people I respect and look up to, insisting that I should get married.

“However, I believe that if they genuinely have my best interests at heart, they will be patient with me because finding the right partner is more crucial than just getting married.

“But beyond that, I don’t think anyone should rush into making the wrong decision of being with the wrong partner,” she added.

Alade urged others not to rush into making the wrong decisions in relationships, and emphasized the importance of finding a partner who is compatible and who will support them in their goals.

Nadia Mukami has potential to make it big outside Kenya

In most countries, the male artists dominate over their female counterparts. Even in Kenya the discussion is always about Khaligraph, King Kaka, Sauti Sol, Willy Paul, Bahati or the Gengetone artists – who are mostly male.

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But somehow, there’s a female artist who has managed to break that ‘curse’ and that’s none other than the gorgeous Nadia Mukami – the lass who is behind hits such as; Si Rahisi, Yule Yule, Radio Love, Jipe, just to name a few.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In three years or so, she has gone from an upcoming artist to one of the most of the sought-after artists in the region and if you ask me, that is a commendable feat because it takes most artists a long time to get their names out there.

The truth is that Nadia Mukami is a hard worker and this is evidenced by the number of tracks that she has released since most of us came to know her.

To add to that, I think she has a good team behind her, they are always doing their best to ensure that she’s not only the best artist in Kenya but in the continent like Angelique Kidjo, Lira or Yemi Alade.

Nadia Mukami

Also there is the fact that she is beautiful, has a bubbly personality and her angelic voice makes you want to listen to her songs over and over. She sounds very pleasant to the ears.

Although it’s tough being a female artist, bearing in mind all the challenges that come with it, I think Nadia Mukami has the potential. I she continues at the same pace, then maybe, just maybe, she might bag a Grammy someday.

Watch her latest track with Tanzania’s Marioo dubbed Jipe below.

Harmonize teams up with Yemi Alade on ‘Pain’ (Audio)

If you are a fan of both Harmonize and Yemi Alade – like myself – then you’ll be pleased to know that they have a new collabo.

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The song dubbed Pain has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.


I don’t know about you but this jam is really infectious. It is those kind of songs that will make your hand stick to the replay button. Trust me.

Pain is a club banger and as you can expect, Harmonize brought his A-game. If you listen to his music a lot then you know that he is one of the most gifted vocalists in the region. This guy can really sing.

He’s also a dope lyricist and perhaps the best thing about this song is that it is easy to memorize so you will know the whole of it after listening twice, maybe thrice.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

As expected, Yemi Alade, who is famed for her Johnny hit also did an amazing job on this song. She spiced it up with her amazing vocals and literally breathed life into it.

Her voice blends well with that of Harmonize so much so that I think they should quit their solo careers and become a duo. Okay, I am joking but you get my point, don’t you?

The beat and instrumentation on Pain are impeccable. Other than the fact that they blend really well with the vocals of the artists, it is also danceable and I honestly can’t wait to see people busting moves to it.

Listen to Pain below and tell us what you think.

Diamond Platnumz should be very afraid of Harmonize

Diamond Platnumz has been the face of Tanzanian music for a long time and I feel that is about to change thanks to one Rajab Abdul Kahali, known to you and I as Harmonize.

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The two artists are cut from the same cloth and perhaps this explains why Diamond Platnumz devised all manner of tactics to frustrate Uno hitmaker’s efforts to exit WCB Records.

Harmonize enlists Morgan Heritage for 'Malaika'

They appeal to the same audience and it would have been much easier for Diamond Platnumz to have him under his nose where he can sort of control and monitor what he is putting out.

But now that Harmonize is a free man having paid a Tsh 600 million – approximately Ksh 26.2 million – fine that was imposed on him for exiting WCB Records, Diamond Platnumz should be very afraid.

The truth is that Harmonize is a hard worker just like Diamond Platnumz and the fact that he had been working with the latter for so many years even before we got to know about him means that he has learned the ropes.

Diamond Platnumz

He knows what it takes to be at the top and he’s going for it. This is evidenced by his recently released 18-track album titled Afro East which features the likes of; Morgan Heritage, Khaligraph Jones, Phyno, Yemi Alade, Burna Boy etc.

The album is doing very well and it’s what everyone is talking about, including Diamond Platnumz himself as he took to Instagram to congratulate Harmonize for the huge milestone.

If you ask me, this album would not have been delayed if Harmonize was still at WCB Records because you are sort of not allowed to outshine the boss.

There was a time when the likes of Mr Nice, Matonya and Ali Kiba were the faces of Tanzanian music and I feel that a similar coup is happening at the moment and before you know it, Diamond Platnumz will be long forgotten.


Yemi Alade celebrates African culture in ‘Shekere’ featuring Angelique Kidjo (Video)

African culture is beautiful and what better way to portray it than through music? Well, that is exactly what Nigerian Afropop singer Yemi Alade has done in her new track with four-time Grammy Award winner singer Angelique Kidjo.

The jam dubbed Shekere, which is the African version of a tambourine, is the sixth single from Yemi Alade’s Woman Of  Steel album which features international stars including American rapper Rick Ross.

Angelique Kidjo

Interestingly, the track, which is currently topping continental charts, came about when Angelique Kidjo asked Yemi Alade to revamp her 1996 classic hit dubbed Wombo Lombo.

As expected, Shekere is a masterpiece. That is what happens when a certified legend and a pacesetter collaborate. All aspects of this jam are glorious and epic.

Yemi Alade and Angelique Kidjo

I have listened to this track a couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, it’s like I am hearing it for the very first time. I can’t say this enough but it’s really infectious.

I don’t need to tell you this but Yemi Alade and Angelique Kidjo have the most glorious voices that you will ever hear, I am not even exaggerating but the truth is that they sound very pleasant to the ears.

As Shekere begins, Yemi emotively sings in English and Yoruba before progressing into a stellar duet with the iconic Angelique who also sings in her native Benin dialect and it’s the most beautiful thing that you’ll ever hear.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

The instrumentation in this song is also impeccable. Perhaps its most amazing aspect is that it borrows a lot from the traditional West African sound.

I love everything about the video. From the Ankara attires and jewelry, the traditional dancers, Maasai warriors, the shoot location i.e. Massai Mara National Park, everything is just on point.

Watch Shekere below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

‘Remind You’ by Yemi Alade featuring American actor Djimon Hounsou is finally out (Video)

So, talented Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade has a new song and the reason I am super excited about it is because it’s  quite different from her previous releases.

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The jam dubbed Remind You has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago and it’s not really hard to understand why because it’s so infectious.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

Basically, this track, which if off Yemi Alade’s Woman Of Steel album, is about a lady who has a huge crush on a guy who turns out to be her boss. I honestly don’t know if that sentence makes any sense.

Remind You is such a beautiful composition. Apart from the fact that it is well-arranged, you have to agree that Yemi Alade’s glorious voice is the reason why many people, including yours truly, have this song on repeat.

Also, like I said earlier he style of singing is quite different from her previous songs in that she’s more subtle and you would even mistake her for a foreign artists were it not for the Yoruba and English pidgin lines in the song.

Djimon Hounsou

Notably, the instrumentation on this track is also perfect. I totally love how it blends with Yemi’s style and the tempo of her singing.

The video, which stars none other than celebrated Hollywood actor Djimon Hounsou, is also impeccable and I know the ladies will agree with me. Ahem!

Of course, the scene that caught my attention was when Djimon returned home and found his house maid, played by Yemi Alade, daydreaming about him. That was epic.

Watch Remind You below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Yemi Alade pours out her heart in new jam ‘Shake’ featuring Duncan Mighty (Video)

Award-winning Nigerian songstress Yemi Alade has dropped a new song alongside Duncan Mighty, who is famed for hits like; Obianuju and Port Harcourt Son, and we are really feeling it.

The song titled Shake, which is off Yemi Alade’s Woman Of Steel, talks about how people can not control themselves in the presence of people that they have feeling for.

In the song, the Johnny hitmaker says that her body is shaking and it surpasses an earthquake. Interestingly, she still wants him to “come and take the cake.” If yo are a prude then it’s obvious that you will not enjoy this song.

Duncan Mighty
Duncan Mighty

Anyway, I totally love this song. The firs reason is because of Yemi Alade’s voice, it is so melodious and you just want to keep listening to her, especially because she is talking bout seductive things.

Including Duncan Mighty on this track made a big difference. Although his verse is very short or is it the hook? You’ll agree with me that he helped in breaking the monotony and I’m not implying that we would get bored of Yemi.

I have mixed feelings about the beat and instrumentation on this ham. To be honest, a huge part of me felt like it did not have life. It was just flat.

However, I love the video particularly because we got to see Yemi’s sensual side. As it begins, you can see her posing on a bed in an elegant powder blue mesh gown that leaves very little to the imagination.

Watch Shake below and tell us what you think.

Yemi Alade’s new jam dubbed ‘Vibe’ is a whole mood (Video)

I’m such a huge fan Nigerian singer Yemi Alade. Every time I listen to any of her songs, I literally go crazy. You could actually say that she is the modern-day Mariam Makeba or Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

As such, you would understand my excitement when I learnt that she has a new song titled Vibe. That jam is a whole mood. I kid you not.

If you have been looking for a jam to put you in a good mood from the moment you hit the play button, look no more because Yemi Alade’s Vibe is exactly that.

Yemi Alade
Yemi Alade

There are several things that I love about this jam. Firstly, the beat is so on point. It slaps really hard so much so that I could not resist the urge to bust moves on my seat as I was writing this review.

The second thing is Yemi Alade’s presence and her voice. I don’t know but there is just something about this lass that makes you hit the replay button again and again.

Of course, the video for this jam is also great. From the coloration, choreography, styling down to the editing, I feel it is a masterpiece. Once again, props to Yemi Alade.

Watch Vibe below and tell us what you think.

Yemi Alade reveals why she launched her album in Kenya

Nigerian singer recently launcher her new album “Woman of Steel” at Blue Door in Westlands.

The launch was attended by different celebs including Nadia Mukami, Naiboi, Dogo Janja, Hart the Band, Victoria Kimani, Sauti Sol’s Chimano, Anyiko Owoko, Patricia Kihoro, Producer Eric Musyoka, Buddah Blaze and Blinky Bill.

Speaking on why she decided to launch the album in Kenya, Yemi said that Nairobi shows her support and that’s why she came her for the launch.


Yemi Alade and Nyashinski
Yemi Alade and Nyashinski

“My slogan is ‘go where there is love’ and Nairobi has given me too much love and so just to return the love, I had to do it here,” she said. 

‘Woman Of Steel’ has tracks such as “Remind You”, “Lai Lai”, “Somto” and “CIA (Criminal In Agbada)”. It’s her third album since she debuted with King of Queens in 2014.

Yemi Alade regrets: This by far is my worst trip to Nairobi… No devil! Not today!

Nigeria´s songbird, Yemi Alade speaks after being blasted for missing her performance in Nairobi just Saturday.

¨Tomorrow Leaders¨ Festival, organised by Morgan Heritage was an event anticipated by many in the Kenyan borders based on fact that the industry´s big shots would be present.

However, couple did disappoint with Yemi Alade topping the list.

Fortunate enough, she expresses her regrets for failing to turn up because of the weather changes in Nairobi city.

Up on her Insta stories, the Woman of Steel articulates:

This by far is my worst trip to Nairobi.

But I won´t let this one experience ruin the love I have for this beautiful place!

No devil! Not today!

I say not today!

Apparently, Yemi Alade had called in sickly due to bad weather after Morgan Heritage´s, Gramps Morgan broke the news to fans.

Sauti Sol members are singing in French in their new collabo and we love it (Video)

Sauti Sol members are belting their hearts out in French, Lingala and Kinyarwanda in the latest collabo and trust me, they have never sounded better than this.

The boy band teamed up with Rwandan Afro-beat star Mani Martin for the love ballad dubbed Mapenzi and I love it. You’ll probably love it too.

Mani Martin
Mani Martin

Listening to Bien, Mudigi and Chimano singing in foreign languages was quite something. It’s almost as if you are listening to a new person. Just like the first time we heard Yemi Alade singing in Swahili.

Interestingly, Sauti Sol didn’t even plan to sing in Kinyarwanda, French and Lingala.

They had been working on the song with Mani for a year or so. By the time they went to record it, Sauti Sol suggested that they switch parts with the 30-year-old Rwandan singer.

They did and it turned out to be a great idea.  The result was so good so much so that they decided to leave it like that. However, Mani admits that he struggled to sing in English and Swahili.

The song was produced Rwandan producer Jacques Kikene Mastola, Sauti Sol’s Fancy Fingers and Pastor P.

The video was filmed in Rwanda by music video director Meddy Saleh.

Watch Mapenzi below and tell us what you think.

Nyashinski totally killed it on this collabo with Yemi Alade and Harmonize

Tanzanian singer Harmonize has been on a roll! Since the year began, Konde Boy, as he fondly refers to himself, has released chart-topping hits such as Niteke, Kainama, Show Me What You Got and Tepete.

However, for one reason or the other, of his four recent releases by, only two songs stand out for many people and that is Show Me What You Got where he featured Yemi Alade and Kainama where he featured Diamond Platnumz and Burna Boy.


Today, we’ll talk about his collabo with Yemi Alade. The audio was released more than 6 weeks ago, while the video just came out a week ago.

It’s a beautiful song. No doubt. As such, it does not come as a surprise that it has been getting good reviews and getting featured on continental playlists.

A few days ago, Harmonize did us one better. He released the remix of Show Me What You Got featuring one of the best continental acts and one of our own – Nyashinki. It’s a good time to be alive, isn’t it?


If you are thought that the song could not get any better then think again. Nyashinki adds a beautiful vibe to this song that is so hard to describe. You will only feel the difference if you listen to the version of the song where he is not featured.

But then again, we weren’t expecting anything less seeing how talented Nyashinki is. He is one of the few local musicians and who can sing and rap. I digress.

In the song, Nyashinki delivers very
smooth vocals. His lyrics are well thought-out and flow with the instruments.

At some point he says “Uko too fine au ni three fine, you and your cheap wine you must be new I’m good for your, bad for your hair uko cute ukidance underwear.”

And there’s way much more, just listen to the song. You’ll agree with me that he totally killed it. Nyashinki is truly the greatest of all time.

Listen to Show Me What You Got (Remix) below and tell us what you think.