Mwalimu Racheal forced to deny that she’s exploiting Wamlambez singers

NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Racheal has been accused of exploiting new music group Sailors Gang.

The concerns have come about because the musicians have been uploading their music on Mwalimu Rachel’s channel and not their own YouTube Channel for a long time now and a certain man going by the name Its Bravin claims they were threatened not to leave and start their own.

“Waangwana, Niko na File Ya Sailors and I will be dropping it Hot. Hao vijana wanaumia sana. They are being exploited and it’s not even funny anymore.

To begin with, the group can’t open their own YouTube channel because they have been threatened. That’s per my source which at the moment, I will go by anonymous.

Sailors Have no binding Contract with LE MWALIMU and she swore to Sabotage them if at all they started their own YouTube Channel. So now you understand what #Sailors don’t have a YouTube Channel. Whatever excuse is given, it’s a cover-up. Tell them to show you a contract. Hakuna!

#Sailors are always booked every weekend but the problem here is that they can’t even afford Clothes for a photoshoot. They do so much but they are exploited heavily,” reads a number of tweets from @ItsBravin.” he claimed.


In response, Mwalimu said that they’ll stay focused despite what people are saying.

“We sail on…@sailors254 our focus is razor-sharp and they can’t understand nor stand it.”


Mwalimu Rachael finally finishes building her flats: This is are studio apartments, usiseme bedsitter 

Mwalimu Rachael, the NRG presenter, has finally completed her houses and tenants will be moving in at the end of this month.

Last year, the presenter shared on social media why she has been driving a modest Toyota RunX saying it’s because she’s been injecting all her money to her mjengo.

Taking to instagram, the popular presenter shared a long post on why she has posted the posts online after her the houses were completed.

“Never thought I would ever hold the title: landlady. But life has a way of surprising you! This is one of the 3 units I have. All already booked and tenants moving in end of the month. This is a studio apartment(usiseme bedsitter! Sema studio apartment are we together??????????) and I have another 2 one bedrooms. Why am I sharing this with you at the risk of being labeled a show off? So as to show the STEADY, TEDIOUS journey of LEGIT growth through sacrifice. I have had to learn about investing. And with that comes driving the same Toyota RunX for about 7 years now.

Flashy lifestyle

She went on to add that people should watch their expenditure and shouldn’t rush for flashy things.

“That comes with getting more money but maintaining my lifestyle and expenditure. To anyone who is a dreamer and sometimes gets discouraged by what you see around you, friends balling out of control and having flashy things(and that’s their life! Usimind!) just stay focused. Start saving mdogo mdogo, create that discipline within you and work hard. And one day, doors will open and opportunities will come. I pray for you to stay grinding and for God to give you the grace to handle the blessings that come your way. ???????? . Starts off with 3 units, now let’s aim for the whole damn complex????????”

Mwalimu Rachael fights Kenyans hating on NRG, forced to explain steamy photo with Timmy 

NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael yesterday went on a Twitter rant after the radio station was marked as one which lacks content and creativity.

Under the hashtag #MuteDarkEnergy, KOT said that whatever is being done on NRG is just a collection of things that happened online that the station jumps on and swim in the wave.

Bitter guys

Mwalimuch Racheal didn’t take this kindly and went on a rant saying that Twitter bigwig and influencer Brian Mbunde, who is among the first to start the trend, was just bitter because he couldn’t make it on radio.

“#KeepTheSameEnergy on and off these fake twitter streets. Some of you are here throwing stones yet tukipull footage from our studio we shall see you dancing inside our studios and drinking. Hata haya hamna? Man. You really are the S.I unit of fake and two-faced. Aunty will pray4u,” read one tweet.

In another tweet she said:

“Let’s face it. Some so-called big wigs here have trieeeeed to join radio but failed. Terribly. And that’s why they are so bitter here towards radio stations/ personalities. There is an opinion you can raise in a decent manner and you will be heard. #MuteDarkEnergy.”

Things then got heated and people started re-posting the viral picture she took with Timmy Tdat. Mwalimu was forced to explain about the picture saying that she took it for fun but ended up regretting later on.

“To those posting the pic with Timmy… ah. Predictable. But you see, once u mess up admit it & move on with ur life my people, no one can hurt u. What you don’t know is that the whole time we took the pictures, we were laughing at how silly we felt. Impatience from one end + adrenaline from my end = Bad decisions,” she said. 


“I have learnt that. Before I knew it the pictures were out there making rounds. Then you know that feeling of ‘I done messed up?’ It started creeping in. It starts off slowly, you try to suppress it, distract yourself, tell yourself you have nothing to worry about, but it’s still there. Lingering.’s immense pressure about being a wife, a mother and an entertainer at the same damn time. Things you wanna do but can’t, things you wanna say but shouldn’t. I keep praying that I know how to navigate those waters…This is to my audience, my admirers, even my haters who have been waitiiing for me to mess up. What I did was wrong. I can admit that. That is how I know I’m in a good space,” read her post in part.

Brian urged her to stop complaining after being criticized.

Kenyan artists should be more creative. Stop proposing on stage- Mwalimu Rachael 

It seems like every Kenyan artist thinking of marrying his girlfriend will just wait when she’s on stage or during a show and then go down on one knee to pop the question.

It happened to singer Vivian, King Kaka did it during his album launch, Bahati did it to wife Diana Marua on the first day of 2019 and a bunch of many other artists have pulled this move.


While this is a nice stunt, NRG Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael believes Kenyan artists should ditch it and be more creative.

She believes that anyone who is doing it now will just look like a copy cat.

“Please do not propose to her on stage. Everyone is now going to say you know what? aii sasa unacopy king kaka vile alifanya.achana nayo get creative there are so many ways to propose to a woman. i hope i don’t sound bitter.” she said. 


Blogger Jane Mukami, Mwalimu Rachael and singer Vivian resemblance impresses Kenyans 

Three celebrities, blogger Jane Mukami, NRG’s Mwalimu Rachael and singer Vivian have left many Kenyans asking if they are related after posting photos together.

Many fans were quick to ask whether they are sisters after the two shared the photos in which they all look somehow alike.


Vivian and Mukami made an appearance on Mwalimu Rachael’s shows on NRG Radio and went on to poke fun that they are sisters.

“Yeah…my sistas @vivianne_ke and @fitkenyangirl I think I flexed the BEST. My people sindio???!!! Cheki vile nimekaza!!!No jokes! ?????? but that was an awesome session on,” said Mwalimu Racheal.

“Hilarious time on Transit @nrgradioke with #lookalikes@theemwalimurachel and @vivian_keBeing the eldest triplet I got to sit on the @nrgradioke throne for the pic #respectFun times as we discussed different topics and of course clean water + The Blue Carpet Gala @villarosakempinski Friday August 31 6pm.” Said Jane Mukami.

The three were talking about their fitness journey in the show.

Here is what fans had to say:


Mwalimu Rachael building multi million shilling apartments (photos)

While other presenters are buying huge cars and living like they have been signed by Juventus like Christiano, NRG presenter Mwalimu Racheal is scarifying looks for a better future.

The radio presenter took to social media to share that the reason why she’s not balling like other guys is because she’s actually building a house.

“Why I still drive my modest Toyota RunX, Mjengo umeanza and soon by God’s grace, nitafika where the others are. Swipe left. I pray that you ignore the outside voices that tell you to look at how far others are and you are just beginning. I pray you keep your head down and concentrate on your path and stay true. I pray that you appreciate what you have in your life as you work towards more. Nothing wrong with wanting more, but everything has it’s time. Kua patient but stay hungry,” shared Mwalimu.

Here are the photos of the mansion

Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael recounts running away from home after playing with boys

Radio presenter Mwalimu Rachael has mentioned once in a while that she started out as a tomboy. The NRG presenter, in her blog, recently confessed how hanging out with boys got her in trouble.

Had to run away

In her blog, the presenter shared that playing basketball with her male friends got her in a lot of trouble and she even had to run away from home.

Here is a post:

“Living in Embu where nothing much happens, and being mostly in doors because being a girl at that age is both a blessing and a curse (fear of getting preggers etc). For some reason, maybe it was hormones, maybe laws of nature, my mother and I just did not get along. Shouting matches were a norm. Poor woman thought I was possessed. I had become this girl who was constantly angry,” she said in the post.

She continued:

“I think I was just upset at the system. That I had to wait so long before attaining the “freedom” I longed for.  I had studied hard for one sole reason- to go to Nairobi. I did not really care which Uni. I just wanted out. Being under lock and key was weighing me down and upsetting me. They didn’t understand me. I was bored out of my BRAIN! I just wanted to change routine and mingle with peers.

So what became my pattern? Going to bed at 3AM, waking up at 2PM doing nothing productive and the cycle continued for some months. At this point maybe my parents had put me on suicide watch I dunno… I was just weird.

I did make an effort to break the cycle though, occasionally playing basketball with some of the guys around our village at the church court but before long, tongues started wagging about this girl who was playing with boys and how inappropriate it was since it is a relatively contact sport.  In trying to defend myself, pastor akaitwa in my honor. Apparently I was being rebellious. Prayers were held to ‘correct me’ and as I result, I hated my parents more and became even more angry.

One day I just snapped. I hatched a plan to “escape” I needed to feel something, anything that wasn’t the kawaida. I needed to feel alive. My lil sis would have to be the decoy. I packed a bag and got the money I had been saving (ok more like been pinching from the change after shopping) and told my sis to distract my mum who was in the backyard. My dad was away somewhere so I had a chance. I called my cousin who lived in Embakasi and told him I needed a place to stay for couple of days till I figured things out. Lol…Sounds so “white” …figure things out. Hahahah!  Things went according to plan and I arrived at my cuzo’s. He didn’t pressure me into going back (bless his soul!) He let me rest, have something to eat and later on asked me if he could call my folks and he would speak to them, re-assure them that I was safe and sound.


I stayed at his place for almost a month if I remember correctly. Man, he really came through for me. When I returned home, my parents handled me a bit differently and listened more. Took time to rebuild our relationship and specially with my mom but in the end, we worked things out. Thank God I went to Uni soon after though! Lol.”