Vivian forced to publicly slam thirsty powerful govt official begging for her nunu in exchange for favors 

Singer Vivian is back again with yet another statement that has left her fans in shock.

Just days after the singer confessed that she was forced to edit some parts of her new song because of some intimate scenes that her fiance hated, she has now confessed that a senior government official is demanding for her cookie jar.

In a social media post, Vivian claimed that the government official wants to have sex with her in exchange for deals and other favors.

“I have decided to go public about something that is causing me discomfort. Some popular senior govt official has been relentlessly been on my case for the last one week,” she said. 

“I have continuously told him I can’t sleep with him as he demands. He doesn’t seem to stop despite all my attempts to stop him. Let him know this, I don’t sleep with married men. He should respect his wife.”


Female artists have always complained of such cases. According to Viv, sex is a holly thing only for those who are married.

“Second, Sex to me must have a meaning. It’s a gift for married couples only. Thirdly, He is twice my age. Please! Gosh! Wish the wife was able to tame her man. If he doesn’t stop stalking me, I will publicly expose him and tag his wife. Why do some men do this to their wives? What happened to faithfulness?” she said. 


Vivian rejected Hot-Air Balloon wedding I had planned- Sam West

One year after Sam West proposed to singer Vivian, the Hero Radio CEO cum comedian has shared that he had a spectacular wedding idea but Vivian rejected it.

Sam went down on his knee and popped the big question to Vivian in April 2017 while she was being interviewed on Citizen TV’s 10 Over 10.

According to Sam, Vivian is a very simple woman and even rejected an outrageous hot-air balloon wedding that he had in mind.

“I had planned we hold our wedding in a hot-air balloon, but when I shared that thought with Vivian, she dismissed it. Instead, she says she wants her wedding held in a garden, and in a simpler fashion,” Sam West told hosts Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi last Friday on 10 over 10. 

2019 plans

In the show, the two also said that they plan to wed come 2019 having already held a traditional wedding that took place on March 3, this year at Vivian’s parents’ home in Kiserian, Kajiado County.

Blogger Jane Mukami, Mwalimu Rachael and singer Vivian resemblance impresses Kenyans 

Three celebrities, blogger Jane Mukami, NRG’s Mwalimu Rachael and singer Vivian have left many Kenyans asking if they are related after posting photos together.

Many fans were quick to ask whether they are sisters after the two shared the photos in which they all look somehow alike.


Vivian and Mukami made an appearance on Mwalimu Rachael’s shows on NRG Radio and went on to poke fun that they are sisters.

“Yeah…my sistas @vivianne_ke and @fitkenyangirl I think I flexed the BEST. My people sindio???!!! Cheki vile nimekaza!!!No jokes! ?????? but that was an awesome session on,” said Mwalimu Racheal.

“Hilarious time on Transit @nrgradioke with #lookalikes@theemwalimurachel and @vivian_keBeing the eldest triplet I got to sit on the @nrgradioke throne for the pic #respectFun times as we discussed different topics and of course clean water + The Blue Carpet Gala @villarosakempinski Friday August 31 6pm.” Said Jane Mukami.

The three were talking about their fitness journey in the show.

Here is what fans had to say:


Singer Vivian forced to cancel show after deadly allergies 

Singer Vivian on Saturday was forced to cancel a show in Kitengela after waking up with a swollen face.

Taking to social media, the singer addressed her fans, explaining why she couldn’t make to the show saying that an allergy attack left her with the swollen face.

“My Kitengela people, I hope you will forgive me for not showing up tonight. I fell sick on my way. My allergies blew over. I am however optimistic I will get better as I am already on my antihistamines. I hope to come perform next week.” she said in the short clip.

Here’s the clip:


Vivian forced to defend her body as Kenyans come out claiming her behind is fake like Vera’s

Singer Vivian has come out to bash haters for allegedly claiming she has enhanced her body to look better for the camera. The singer, on Instagram, was forced to clarify that her behind is very real and not as fake as Vera Sidika’s who has used silicons.

The singer, who is married to Sam West, Hero Radio’s CEO, said that people claiming she has used silicons shocked her.

‘I love explaining who I really am coz half the time guys out here got some queer vibe like I got some implants on my back side haha acheni hizo bana,”she posted. 

She went on to explain to Nameless why she had to clarify things:

“Imagine jahmeni..did a radio maisha interview with shugaboy and mwashumbe na maswali yalikua ndio hayo loool I was shocked 🙂


Wedding bells! Sam West finally holds a colorful ruracio for his soon-to-be wife, Vivian (Photos)

It is now official that singer Vivian will soon be walking down the aisle with the love of her life and manager, Sam West.

Before releasing her latest song Chumchum; the lady released a couple of new photos from her lit ruracio that went down in Kiserian this past weekend.

Well, a ruracio ceremony is whereby the bridegroom  pays off his bride price after being granted permission to marry the woman of his choice.

Sam west meets Vivian’s family

From the video shared by Vivian, one can’t overlook the smiles being seen from her mother and aunts who were present at the ceremony.

The brides family also did not give the fella an easy time as they challenged him to prove that he knew the woman he was settling down with.

Their ruracio comes a few months after Sam West proposed on the singer while she was on an interview on Citizen TV.

Congratulations to the couple and check out their photos below.