MIB Management Company Explain Why They Ended Contract with Stevo Simple Boy

Men in Business Management Company (MIB) has ended its contract with singer Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stevo Simple Boy. The termination of the contract comes after a two-day meeting by the members of MIB.

MIB said that the decision to terminate the contract was made following “unrightful and unlawful allegations” made against the company by Stevo Simple Boy. The company also said that Stevo Simple Boy had made “a lot of lies” that had “destroyed the company’s reputation.”

MIB said that it will follow “lawful processes” during the 35-day transition period with Stevo Simple Boy. The company said that it will take all necessary steps to protect its interests during this time.

Stevo Simple Boy has not yet commented on the termination of his contract with MIB. However, he has previously accused the company of mismanagement and exploitation.

The termination of the contract between Stevo Simple Boy and MIB is a significant development in the singer’s career. Stevo Simple Boy is one of Kenya’s most popular musicians, and his music has been streamed millions of times on streaming platforms. The termination of his contract with MIB could have a significant impact on his career.

It remains to be seen what will happen to Stevo Simple Boy’s career after the termination of his contract with MIB. However, the singer has said that he is “not worried” about the future and that he is “looking forward to new challenges.”

We Saw It Coming- Kennedy Rapudo & Amber Ray Hint On Break-Up

By now, we won’t be flabbergasted if Amber Ray breaks up with flashy businessman Kennedy Rapudo. We’re used to the fact that Amber just can’t settle with one man for long. And this has manifested itself over & over.

Socialite Amber Ray and her boyfriend Kennedy Rapudo might no longer be together. On social media, the two lovebirds have recently unfollowed each other;  hinting trouble in paradise.

A cross-check on Amber Ray’s social media shows that she has gone ahead to delete photos of her in tandem with Rapudo.

The two lovebirds are already expecting a baby together as Amber is heavily pregnant. Adding salt to injury, the two were already engaged late last year; and were ready to do their wedding.

In a video shared by Amber Ray on Instagram, the proposal took place at a beachfront and had a simple yet elegant presentation.

There was a red carpet and lit lamps and candles on the sides leading to an intimate set up where Rapudo could be seen going down on one knee and talking to her fiancée, seemingly asking her to be his wife.

Amber Ray, Kennedy Rapudo officially engaged - The Standard Entertainment

Dazzled in a red dress, Amber Ray looked surprised by Rapudo’s gesture before agreeing to marry the businessman.

Amber Ray and Rapudo have very different personalities. While Rapudo tends to fancy a private & low-key love life, Amber does the opposite. These are among their differences that were imminent to cause their break-up. Amber should have probably opted for a celebrity just like her.

The reason for their break-up is yet to be confirmed.

Karen Nyamu reacting to rumors linking  husband to another woman? (Video)

Its never a dull day in Nairobi especially on social media, where most of our celebrities continue to entertain fans. So rumor has it that Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh might be entangled with yet another woman, meaning theres potential for a 3rd wife.

The rumor sparked by vernacular Kikuyu radio station claims the said lady, Bernice has been the one taking care of Samidoh’s trips to the USA and for evidence – they shared photos showing her present at all his US shows which she never misses.

Well, being media outlet, one would have assumed they’d maybe say she is a promoter – which would explain why she is always around him….but no, they the bull by the horns and announced the two are lovers.

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu post to baby daddy rumors or random post at wrong time?

Okay, sounds far fetched….but again – the rumor is already spreading across social media I believe his second baby mama happened to get wind of the rumor hence her post.

As seen on the IG story, Karen Nyamu shared a video diving into a pool to which she captioned;

Vile mnaingianga kwa relationship za wenyewe hapa kanairo????????mungu anawaona.

Mmh not quite sure whether she should be complaining especially since husband is a polygamist….but then again Samidoh just denied the rumor, meaning Karenzo can now calm down. No?

Mbosso from Wasafi proves he is the king of Swahili ballad in new jam “Tamba”

Tanzanian superstar Mbosso has dropped another love ballad dubbed “Tamba”. A song that is clearly a hit already considering the number of views for the audio on YouTube that stands at 230k just a day after release.

For a guy that had given up on music after the dissolution of the 2015 to 2017 Yamoto Band. Mbosso has proven that his talent is impeccable.

Since he joined the Diamond Platinumz own  Wasafi records Mbosso has done well so far and has even been rumored to be the latest favorite of his boss Simba.


Tamba is Swahili that loosely translates to being proud of who you are and have fun. Basically letting the world know who you are.

In the song Mbosso is singing too the woman he loves. He promises her all that life could offer. Trust Mbosso when it comes to using metaphors in his expressions of love.

The “Ate” hitmaker gives you reason to always hope in love in every situation rich or poor. How?He starts of by what seems like a call to his love asking her to prepare hot water for his shower as he is on his way home with a surprise.

He even goes ahead to tell her that she should also be ready to receive him in a special way.This that he even asks her to where her best clothes.


He gets all poetics in the second verse saying,“…Nguru usimtoe chumvi ndio ladha yake, muunge tu nipe na chuzi na nyama yake, eeeh kula ya mbuzi ni kamba yake, ye kingamuzi ni dishi lake….”

Yes I am also trying to get the deeper meaning of that but whatever it means I’d fall in love with him too. Furthermore “Tamba” is descriptive that I hope many men chose for a wedding reception for their brides.

As we wait for the video I believe this going to top the charts for a while. The Lizer Classic mixed track also has a tune of few sampled beats of previous songs and that just shows how he is the genius of music.

Listen and tell us what you think.

Gospel singer Nicah the Queen leaves no room for imagination with her bikini photos

Gospel singer and mother of two Nicah the Queen has definitely been giving team mafisi a reason to hit her DM thanks to her lustful photos.

Of late, the lady has been parading her body on Instagram and this time around she is seen wearing swimsuits – which only cover her privates leaving everything else out in the open.


Well, her latest photos and videos have now left her fans questioning whether she is indeed a gospel artist or an attention seeker.

Thirstful photos

Well, this is not the first time the lady is parading her curves on social media however this time around Nicah did not pull down her posts despite being bashed by fans.

Below are just a few photos shared by the gospel artist on her Instagram page.


H_art the band suffers poor treatment at Choma na Ngoma event

Popular boy band H_art the band this past weekend found themselves at an awkward position thanks to the Choma na Ngoma event organizers.

Word making rounds on social media is that the well known boy band was forced to perform last during the much hyped second edition Choma na Ngoma festival at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre.

Apparently songstress Alicios started off the performance then was followed by Nandy and Willy Paul who swept many off their feet. Sauti Sol then came later to take H_art the Bands place since one of them had an early morning flight.

Mistreated at home

However one would expect that H_art the Band to perform next – but seems that the event organizers had someone else in mind.

Well, Nigeria’s Patoranking got to perform next which put H_art the band last. This is however not the first time the boy band is facing poor treatment at an event.

H_art the band

In 2017 during the BBQ Live headlined by Wizkid; H_art the band was mistreated by the organizers of the event after being hurriedly informed to step on the stage despite having had part of their team frozen at the enterance.

Through their Instagram page, H_art the band shared the post below hinting about the lesson learnt during the Choma na Ngoma festival.