Karen Nyamu Issues Apology to Gen Z and Women After Finance Bill Comments

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has recently faced significant backlash for her stance on the disputed Finance Bill 2024.

Nyamu revealed that a comment she made regarding the Eco Levy on the Finance Bill led to her losing over 10,000 Instagram followers. The senator came under fire after an Instagram user questioned why she supported the bill, which proposed taxing locally manufactured sanitary towels.


I Only Consult God! Karen Nyamu Responds After Kotex Backlash

In response, Nyamu attempted to clarify her position, explaining, “I responded to try and explain that it was not the case and that locally manufactured sanitary towels were not going to attract the Eco Levy.”

She further elaborated on her response during a parliamentary session, stating, “She asked me which local sanitary towel I use. I responded that I use tampons because, Mr. Speaker, I use tampons.”

Nyamu’s response was perceived as arrogant by a segment of the online community, resulting in widespread criticism and the moniker “Dem wa tampons” on social media.

The situation escalated when her comments were reported to President William Ruto during an engagement on X Space, where critics labeled her as arrogant. Nyamu, who insists this is the first time she has been called arrogant, expressed regret for any offense caused.


Don’t Be Chickens! Karen Nyamu Hits Back After Company Labels Her a Liar

“Those who know me and have interacted with me know my humility and down-to-earth nature,” she said.

While expressing remorse to those who felt offended, Nyamu stood by her use of tampons and affirmed her commitment to fighting for the young generation.

“If I was misunderstood, and I certainly was, I want to apologize to the youth and women of Kenya who were angered by my statement. I am sorry for any offense caused,” she said.

Nyamu emphasized her belief in President Ruto and her strong stance on the Finance Bill 2024, asserting her responsibility to convince young people of the President’s good intentions for the country.

“It is up to me, as an ambassador of this government, to show you and win you over by saying that you be patient, the President is working,” she said, pointing to the President’s move to appoint a task force to audit public debt as evidence of his commitment.

Despite the controversy, Nyamu maintained that the Finance Bill was designed to address critical issues such as public debt, though President Ruto ultimately declined to sign the controversial bill.

I Only Consult God! Karen Nyamu Responds After Kotex Backlash

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has emphasized her commitment to engaging with people on the ground despite the heavy backlash she received after Kotex denied any partnership with her.


Don’t Be Chickens! Karen Nyamu Hits Back After Company Labels Her a Liar

Nyamu had claimed that she and the brand were working together to provide tampons to marginalized girls. However, Kotex issued a statement labeling the information as false.

In response, Nyamu stated that she only seeks guidance from God. “Nothing excites me and lights my soul like engaging the ground to make a difference. If I had listened to my critics and trolls years ago, I wouldn’t be where I am. I only consult the word of God, period,” she said.

On Sunday, Nyamu’s social media post announcing the supposed partnership was flagged by Kotex as untrue. The company clarified that it does not engage in political affiliations or endorsements.

“Kotex hereby confirms that no discussions have taken place with Karen Nyamu. Any assertions regarding a prospective partnership involving Kotex are entirely false. We emphasize that Kotex does not engage in any political affiliations or endorsements,” Kotex Kenya stated.


Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

Nyamu apologized to Kotex, acknowledging the backlash the company faced due to her political alignment. “As for Kotex Kenya, I feel sorry for the backlash you had to endure yesterday due to my political stand at a time when political temperatures in the country are hot, forcing you to make the statement you made. Our aim is not to set you up, so we will let it rest there,” she said.

Despite the controversy, Nyamu highlighted the importance of her work and insisted that people do not have to agree with her political views to appreciate the positive impact of her initiatives.

“You’ve seen us take up causes that benefited society. You’ve seen me announce projects that have been successful. Sometimes companies forget political figures are people too, and what we do to impact the community is bigger than ourselves. My foundation and I will diligently work to make sure this project comes to fruition,” she added.

Nyamu remains committed to her cause and plans to continue working with her foundation to ensure the success of the project, regardless of the setbacks.

Don’t Be Chickens! Karen Nyamu Hits Back After Company Labels Her a Liar

Karen Nyamu announced a deal to supply free tampons to schools, but the company has denied any such agreement, calling it fake.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has found herself in the spotlight once again following her claim about securing a deal with a local tampon manufacturer. Nyamu, who has faced criticism for her support of the now-withdrawn Finance Bill and President William Ruto, appears unfazed by the latest controversy.


Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

On June 30, Nyamu posted on her Instagram account that she had secured a deal that would allow young girls in school to receive free tampons. She highlighted that her foundation had been in talks with Kotex Kenya to negotiate a deal for the supply of free tampons, particularly targeting schools in slum areas.

“Karenzo Nyamu, shawry of tu bullets. Na juu ya hiyo story, my foundation has had a series of meetings with Kotex Kenya to negotiate a good deal so that we supply free tampons in schools, particularly in our slums. I’m so excited,” she posted.

Nyamu further stated that she would be teaching girls in Nairobi how to use tampons, emphasizing the benefits of tampons in allowing girls to focus more on their studies.


Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

Nyamu’s post quickly drew the ire of many Kenyans, who flooded her comments section with promises to boycott Kotex products. Critics accused Nyamu of using the issue of menstrual health to divert attention from her controversial stance on the Finance Bill.

In response to the uproar, Kotex released a statement a few hours later, countering Nyamu’s claims. The company stated unequivocally that no discussions or agreements had taken place with Karen Nyamu or her foundation.

“Kotex hereby confirms that no discussions or conversations have taken place with Karen Nyamu. Any assertions regarding a prospective partnership involving Kotex are entirely false. Our commitment remains steadfast in championing women’s progress for all Kenyans. We emphasize that Kotex does not engage in any political affiliations or endorsements. We maintain our dedication to transparency and accuracy in all communications,” the statement read.

Nyamu was quick to respond to Kotex’s clarification. In an Instagram story, she accused the company of caving to threats and insisted that discussions had indeed taken place.


Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

“Kotex Kenya, don’t be chickens. A few threatening comments here and there and hours later you post this lol. So what exactly is fake? You had Enos and Cindy in your offices this week, and we’re just waiting for communication on the best discounts you will give us,” she wrote.

Nyamu further asserted that the comments on her post reflected misconceptions about tampons, viewing the situation as an opportunity to demystify tampons and expand Kotex’s market.


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President Ruto Urged to Take Action Against Unprofessional Officers Who Killed Protesters – Karen Nyamu

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has condemned the police officers who allegedly shot and killed protesters outside the Parliament buildings.

Nyamu, known for her outspoken views on national issues, called on the government to hold accountable the officers responsible for the deaths during the protests.


Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

“Why shoot to kill? Why fire live bullets at unarmed protesters? Explain! Is Parliament more important than the lives of our children? They just wanted to be heard,” Nyamu wrote on her Instagram page.

“President William Samoei Ruto, it’s time to take action against those unprofessional officers who killed protesters! They are tarnishing your administration in the worst manner! You’re just raising revenue; we are not at war!”

Nyamu emphasized that the misconduct and unprofessional behavior of certain police officers have severely damaged public trust and safety. She urged a thorough investigation into the allegations of police misconduct and called for strict measures to ensure accountability.


“You’re an Inciter” – Karen Nyamu Responds to Uhuru Kenyatta’s Statement

She highlighted the need to restore public confidence in the police force by addressing these issues transparently and effectively. Nyamu’s statements reflect a broader call for reforms within the security sector to enhance professionalism, integrity, and respect for human rights among law enforcement personnel.

Yesterday, police were seen firing live bullets at protesters, who were unarmed and only using their voices and phones to express their grievances. Several people are feared dead, while others are nursing their wounds in hospitals across the country.

Despite the violence, many vowed on social media to continue protesting until their voices are heard and action is taken against the Finance Bill. However, in his address to the nation, President Ruto did not acknowledge the protesters’ concerns, instead labeling them as criminals who would be dealt with appropriately.

“You’re an Inciter” – Karen Nyamu Responds to Uhuru Kenyatta’s Statement

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has reacted strongly to former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s recent statement regarding the ongoing protests against the 2024 Finance Bill.


Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

Nyamu accused Kenyatta of inciting the public with his remarks, suggesting that his public address only served to stir up further unrest. She argued that Kenyatta should have taken a more private approach by discussing his concerns directly with the current President, William Ruto.

“Uhuru Kenyatta, you’re an inciter. You should give H.E. Ruto a call and share your insights privately, not incite the public with a letter repeating the same two points four times. We mzee!” Nyamu wrote on her social media page.


Karen Nyamu faces online backlash after her KQ rant

Kenyatta’s statement urged the Kenya Kwanza Government to adhere to the constitution by listening to the people’s grievances and not turning a blind eye to their pleas. He emphasized the importance of respecting the democratic rights of Kenyans during this critical period.

Karen Nyamu donates 50,000 KSH to the family of the late Rex who died during anti-Finance Bill protests

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has donated 50,000 KSH to the family of Rex, who died while protesting against the 2024 Finance Bill.


Karen Nyamu Gets Her WhatsApp Account Back After Ban

Nyamu expressed her support for young people and felt compelled to help after the tragic and swift death of the young protester drew widespread attention. Speaking to a close family member of Rex, she explained why she couldn’t visit in person, citing security concerns due to her association with the government.

“I really wanted to come, but my security team advised against it because I am affiliated with the government. My presence could potentially trigger his friends,” Nyamu said.


Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

She assured the family that she would visit them soon and promised to help them further.

“I will come to see you later, and we can discuss your work situation and other matters,” Nyamu added.

Her call aimed to show solidarity with Rex’s family and confirm that they had received the financial support she sent.

Karen Nyamu Gets Her WhatsApp Account Back After Ban

Senator Karen Nyamu’s WhatsApp account has been reinstated following a brief ban. On Saturday, she shared a screenshot showing that her WhatsApp number had been flagged as spam.


Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

Nyamu explained that despite receiving numerous small amounts of money via M-Pesa from Kenyans, her account was banned due to constant messaging on WhatsApp.

“Mumefurahia sasa siwezi chat,” she asked, suggesting that her ability to chat had been disrupted.

The politician has now confirmed that her WhatsApp is back online.


Samidoh and Karen Nyamu offer advice to Diana Marua on how to manage her husband’s video vixens

“My WhatsApp is back. My enemies will never win. I am God’s last born, that’s why I am so stubborn. M-Pesa, keep sending those 5 bob and above.”

According to WhatsApp’s help center, accounts are banned if their activity violates the app’s Terms of Service, such as involving spam, scams, or actions that put users’ safety at risk. The app recommends reviewing the ‘Acceptable Use of Our Services’ section of their Terms of Service to understand the appropriate uses of WhatsApp and the activities that violate their guidelines.

Karen Nyamu’s Indifference to Taxing Sanitary Pads

Discussions on the potential increase in prices of sanitary towels and diapers due to proposed tax measures in the Finance Bill 2024 have sparked concerns among Kenyans.

The Bill includes provisions for an eco levy on imported finished products while exempting locally manufactured items.


KRG The Don Criticizes Pastors Using Religion For Clout

Ahead of planned protests, President Ruto convened a Kenya Kwanza Parliamentary Group meeting at State House Nairobi on Tuesday, where it was announced that the eco levy would be scrapped.

Karen Nyamu, a nominated Senator, was present at the meeting and shared updates from the event.

“Dissecting the finance bill at the ongoing Kenya Kwanza PG at State House.”

After the meeting, Karen posted additional photos with a caption that sparked controversy.

“Mr. President must enjoy seeing me 😄😄” she jokingly wrote alongside laughing photos.

This comment drew criticism from netizens who questioned her stance on the eco levy.


Karen Nyamu Spotted Hanging Out With Joho After Declaring Love For Married Men

“Does this mean you don’t care about the prices of pads because you use tampons? 🤔🤔🤔” one concerned Kenyan queried. Karen responded,

“….@wanjikustephens hehehe does it mean if u use pads u don’t care about tampons. I use tampons yes! And that trigger for some people.”

Wanjiku, not satisfied with Karen’s response, added,

[email protected] those pads and tampons are already highly taxed; they should be 100% free. Come on board to fight some of these things for our people is all I ask.”

Karen engaged with several others who expressed dissatisfaction with her comments.

i.am_nyamkamba wrote, “….You said you use tampons wow!!! Let me report this account immediately,” to which Karen responded.

karenzo.nyamu…[email protected]_nyamkamba Yes I use tampons lol or you think they’re exempted from the import tax 🤦🏽‍♀️😅😅”

dan_isuzu_truckske chimed in, “@karenzo.nyamu 😂😂 we should calm down.”

To which Karen replied, “@dan_isuzu_truckske calm your tires, yeah 😅”

winniemurigi commented, “It’s the audacity for me madam I use tampons.”

Karenzo.nyamu replied, “@winniemurigi but I do 😅 and they’re all taxed the same ama 🤭”

The exchange highlighted differing opinions on the taxation of sanitary products and Karen Nyamu’s response to criticism regarding her stance.


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Samidoh and Karen Nyamu offer advice to Diana Marua on how to manage her husband’s video vixens

Mugiithi artist Samuel Muchoki, known as Samidoh, and his second wife, nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, are among the celebrities who appear on Bahati’s reality show, “The Bahati Empire,” currently available on Netflix.


Samidoh: I like life and all the turmoil that accompanies relationships.

In one episode, Diana Marua expresses her frustration with her husband Bahati’s interactions with his video vixens, specifically mentioning instances where he touches their backsides.

During a conversation with Samidoh and Karen, Diana recounts an incident where she discovered Bahati surrounded by women with large backsides, with Bahati holding them as they twerked for him. She felt disrespected by what she saw.

“I found Bahati surrounded by women with huge backsides, and he was touching them as they twerked for him. The issue isn’t just their size, but the disrespect I witnessed. I wondered how it got to this point, even if it’s work?” Diana shared.

In response, Karen Nyamu interrupts Diana, advising her to stay calm since Bahati is working to provide for the family.


KRG The Don Criticizes Pastors Using Religion For Clout

“Your issue is women twerking for your husband while he’s working? Maybe they’re not interested in Bahati. That’s a trivial matter,” Karen remarked.

Karen then warns Diana not to bother her with minor issues.

“Don’t call me for such things. Call me when Bahati does something serious. I thought there was another woman involved, so I could teach you how to manage being in a polygamous relationship,” Karen said.

Diana responds firmly, stating she would never share her husband.

“A polygamous relationship is not for me. I can’t fathom allowing that, saying it’s part of his job,” Diana affirmed.

These candid exchanges in “The Bahati Empire” offer an unfiltered look at the complexities of celebrity relationships and the unique challenges they encounter.

Other well-known personalities featured on the reality show include Rev. Lucy Natasha, The Murayas, Jackie Matubia, and MP Jalang’o, among others.

Karen Nyamu faces online backlash after her KQ rant

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has clashed with Kenya Airways (KQ) officials following her recent trip to Mombasa.

She shared a photo on social media of herself seated next to former Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho on a commercial flight. Both smiled softly at the camera.


Enough is enough: Lilian Ng’ang’a savage response to fan who referred to her as ‘twerking KQ hostess’

In the caption, the controversial politician and businesswoman criticized Kenya Airways for allegedly discontinuing their in-flight meal service without clearly informing passengers.

Expressing her disappointment, Nyamu called the decision illogical. She questioned if Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua experienced the same issue during his flight from Nairobi to Mombasa a day earlier.

“So on flight KQ to Mombasa this afternoon, we were told in-flight service is no more due to safety concerns,” Nyamu began. She quipped, “I’d like to ask, yesterday did Riggy G also fly like this?”

Nyamu further questioned why Kenya Airways decided to address the safety of serving meals only now after years of operation, excluding the COVID-19 period.


Karen Nyamu Spotted Hanging Out With Joho After Declaring Love For Married Men

“After all those years, now is when someone remembered that serving snacks has a safety issue?” she concluded.

Kenyans, however, did not sympathize with Karenzo and her frustration. Some accused her of flaunting her privilege, while others suggested she just wanted to show off her company with Joho.

Here are a few comments from X users:

Dr. Kipkirui: Nothing to see but Joho and her. That was all the agenda.

Bella: Rich people problems. What will happen if you don’t take snacks for the 45 mins on board?

Nicky Mureithi: This whole paragraph just says you wanted us to see you on a plane with Joho.

Edwin Chepkindet: Is it just mandazi making you make noise like this?

Captain Dominic: If your leaders think of snacks on planes, you are doomed.

“My kids go to international schools,” Karen Nyamu reveals as she praises her husband, Samidoh

Karen Nyamu is known for being candid, and her recent comments about her children’s school choices have sparked online discussion.


Samidoh and Bernice’s recent actions raise doubts regarding their alleged familial connection

Speaking at Bahati’s Netflix event, Karen Nyamu praised the creative industry, countering the common belief that it doesn’t pay well. She highlighted her husband Samidoh, a Mugithii singer, as an example of the industry’s potential for financial success.

Nyamu revealed that Samidoh’s earnings not only keep her comfortable but also allow them to afford international schools for their two children together. As an MP, Nyamu could easily afford expensive schools, but witnessing the substantial income Samidoh generates through his music has reinforced her belief in the lucrative nature of the creative industry. She encouraged young people to explore this gold mine of opportunities.


Karen Nyamu Spotted Hanging Out With Joho After Declaring Love For Married Men

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh share two children, along with others from previous relationships. Rumor has it that Nyamu has moved in with Samidoh as his second wife, while his first wife, Edday, has relocated to the United States.

Karen Nyamu expressed her inability to empathize with individuals who claim that motherhood is challenging

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu recently shared a surprising revelation about her motherhood journey, stating that she never envisioned herself as a mother of three children. The outspoken politician initially thought she would have two kids. Nyamu made this revelation on Mother’s Day, posting a heartwarming video of herself with her children in bed.


Samidoh Advices Men Not To ‘Simp’ For Women Rejecting Them

In the caption, Nyamu described the video as one of her favorites, showcasing some of their relaxed Saturday mornings. She affectionately mentioned her youngest child, Wairimu, as the most spirited among her offspring. Reflecting on her unexpected path to motherhood, Nyamu expressed gratitude for having three children, even though she hadn’t anticipated it. She emphasized that motherhood, for her, is a beautiful journey, and she doesn’t resonate with those who describe it as challenging. Nyamu attributed much of the joy and fulfillment of motherhood to divine intervention, acknowledging the role of God in her parenting journey.


Karen Nyamu Spotted Hanging Out With Joho After Declaring Love For Married Men

Nyamu is a mother of three, with her eldest daughter fathered by DJ Saint Kevin. She shares her other two children, a daughter and a son, with Mugithi singer Samidoh. Despite co-parenting arrangements with both of her children’s fathers, Nyamu commended Samidoh for being a devoted father to their kids. She also revealed that her daughter from her previous relationship with DJ Saint has a close bond with Samidoh. Nyamu highlighted that her daughter affectionately refers to both fathers as “Dad,” considering herself fortunate to have two caring fathers in her life.

Karen Nyamu Explains Why Tik-Tok Might Be Banned In Kenya

Kenyan Senator Karen Nyamu was temporarily suspended from going live on TikTok for allegedly violating the platform’s community guidelines.

TikTok is a social media app popular for short videos, often featuring dance, comedy, or educational content.

Senator Nyamu shared a screenshot showing the restriction and explained that TikTok flagged her content as “sexually suggestive.” The platform indicated her account would be reinstated later that day.

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Reports suggest the violation stemmed from a hug shared with a friend during a livestream. Senator Nyamu expressed amusement at the situation, acknowledging TikTok’s efforts to moderate content.

“I like the controls and checks TikTok has put in place,” she stated on social media. “A lady just happened to hug me on my shoulder, and this happened.”

Senator Nyamu jokingly added,

“who knows, TikTok might start taking even the slightest things seriously from now on.”

The colloquy about Tik-Tok has been paramount globally; with US threatening to ban it. Even though there are tough restrictions, it remains to be among the apps that have been on the spotlight for spreading uncouth media. The debate on whether it should be banned in Kenya remains un-answered.

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Karen Nyamu Gives Response To Fans Asking Murkomen To Take Action Against Her Inappropriate Road Behaviour

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is back in the spotlight, this time facing public backlash for a traffic violation. The controversy centers around Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen’s pledge to address dangerous driving.

The saga began with a video showing two young men riding precariously on the window of a moving Mercedes. Murkomen responded swiftly on social media, vowing to hold the car owner accountable.

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However, Kenyans questioned Murkomen’s consistency. They pointed to a prior incident involving Senator Nyamu herself. In February, a video surfaced showing Nyamu’s driver navigating through traffic on the wrong side of the road, even passing a traffic officer. The Senator allegedly encouraged her driver with the phrase;

“Ukiiba lazima uibe na confidence” (loosely translating to “if you’re going to break the law, do it with confidence”).

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Nyamu’s Response

This blatant disregard for traffic rules sparked outrage on social media. Many Kenyans criticized Nyamu’s behavior and called for Murkomen to take action against her, mirroring his response to the Mercedes incident.

Facing mounting pressure, Senator Nyamu went ahead to give a cheeky reponse to fans via her Instagram stating;

“Mnanizoea sana. Na hapa nyuma mmenifanyia injustice,” she wrote.

From Murkomen’s side, he is yet to address whether he will take action on Karen Nyamu. But we all know how this will end up.

Samidoh: I like life and all the turmoil that accompanies relationships.

Mugithi sensation Samidoh embraces the entirety of his life’s journey, including the relationship dramas that have become intertwined with his public persona.

“If I didn’t find joy in the life I lead, I would have succumbed to despair long ago. Life presents challenges, but one must stay focused and keep moving forward,” Samidoh asserts.

The singer, known for his relationships with ex-wife Edday Nderitu and nominated senator Karen Nyamu, acknowledges that he frequently becomes a trending topic due to the women in his life. However, he views this phenomenon positively and notes that even his superiors in the disciplined forces have become accustomed to it.

“I honestly don’t understand how I consistently trend, which is why I refrain from defending or explaining myself to my superiors when it happens. It’s beyond my control,” he admits.

Samidoh, known for his proficiency with both a gun and a guitar, has grown accustomed to the accompanying drama, recognizing it as a consequence of his fame.

“There’s a price to pay for everything. When I was tending cattle in Ol Jorook, I never attracted attention because I was nobody. But now that I’m famous, some negativity is inevitable. The key is to maintain balance. Life is a series of ups and downs; the important thing is to stay focused,” he reflects.

While Samidoh does not attribute blame for his trending status, he acknowledges the role of the media in amplifying and distorting aspects of his life.

“I’m simply living my life as best as I can, but sometimes the media magnifies things out of proportion. I have no control over that, and thankfully, my superiors understand,” says Samidoh, who serves as a policeman at the National Police Service headquarters in Westlands.

“Music never interferes with my work. I maintain a disciplined schedule, working Monday to Thursday and dedicating weekends to performances,” he clarifies.

Karen Nyamu Spotted Hanging Out With Joho After Declaring Love For Married Men

There’s no doubt that Karen Nyamu and Samidoh’s relationship are a colliquoy that netizens are always interested in.

The recent development is that Karen has been spotted hanging out with former Mombasa governor Joho; which has roped in discussion on whether she’s looking to start a relationship with him.

Either way, Karen declared her love for married women in a post on Instagram while responding to a fan.

“What’s a red flag you’re secretly attracted to?” Irene asked.

Karen did not hesitate to give a response to the user; where she revealed that she’s attracted to young men who are married or are in a relationship.

“Married/in a relationship, younger,” Karen Nyamu replied via her InstaStory.

This has further fuelled the notion that the two might have something more than just a political relationship.

On the other hand, Samidoh has also been spotted at the Coast with another woman. Could there be trouble in paradise for the two lovebirds?

Karen Nyamu Reveals Her Ideal Type Of Man

Karen Nyamu has finally come clean on the type of man she is attracted to. The mother of three has been in a romantic relationship with renowned Mugithi singer for years-without minding that he’s married to Edday Nderitu.

In response to a post by a certain social media user monikered Irene asking about a red sign that one is secretly attracted to, Nyamu spoke out about the kinds of men that make her tick.

“What’s a red flag you’re secretly attracted to?” Irene asked.

Karen Nyamu did not hesitate to give a response to the user; where she revealed that she’s attracted to young men who are married or are in a relationship.

“Married/in a relationship, younger,” Karen Nyamu replied via her InstaStory.

Samidoh and Nyamu were secretly dating, but things went haywire after Edday Nderitu found out through social media that they were dating behind her back.

In late 2019, while he was performing at a political gathering, the two lovebirds got together and fell in love right away.

Nyamu wasted little time in becoming pregnant for him. In December 2020, she gave birth to Samidoh’s son.

Being drawn to married men is one of Karen Nyamu’s warning signs

UDA-nominated Senator Karen Nyamu recently shared insights into her ideal man during a Q&A session on her Instagram page.

Responding to a post asking about a red flag she’s secretly attracted to, Nyamu revealed her preference for married or committed men who are younger than her.

“A fan asked, ‘What’s a red flag you’re secretly attracted to?'” In response, the mother of three admitted, “Married/in a relationship, younger,” on her InstaStory.

Nyamu is currently in a relationship with Samidoh, who is younger than her. Their reconciliation was evident on February 23, 2023, when they joined Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s family to pay their respects to his sister-in-law.

The couple’s relationship began when they met at a political event in late 2019. Despite initial denials, Nyamu gave birth to Samidoh’s son in December 2020, leading to public acknowledgment from the Mugithi singer after Nyamu revealed the truth in January 2021.

Their relationship has had its ups and downs, including a public breakup in Dubai in December 2022 before reconciling once again.

‘Happy Birthday To My Boss’-Karen Nyamu Celebrates Riggy G On His Birthday

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua is celebrating his 59th birthday today, 28th February. Nominated senator Karen Nyamu wrote a heartfelt letter to her boss, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Nyamu posted a sentimental picture of herself and Gachagua dancing at the traditional wedding of Murang’a Woman Representative Betty Maina and Mathira Member of Parliament Eric Wamumbi on her Instagram page.

A heartfelt caption with Nyamu’s warmest birthday wishes for Gachagua was attached to the photo.

She praised Riggy G in her message, saying he’s a fearless & truthful man.

She wrote;

“Happy birthday to my boss, the fearless fighter and truthful man H.E. Rigathi Gachagua, EGH,” Nyamu wrote.

“You have outdone yourself in your role as Deputy President, and I can’t help but admire the natural that you are,” she added.

Last year, Riggy G admonished Nyamu’s baby daddy against his antics in dating two women at the same time.

Nyamu is known to be a die hard supporter of Rigathi and President William Ruto. The deputy president is also known for unfiltered sentiments to netizens. Happy Birthday to him.

“Samido is where?” Questions raised by Karen Nyamu’s missing photo.

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu is under scrutiny following her recent social media post sharing moments from her youngest daughter’s birthday celebration. Despite the apparent joyous occasion attended by family and close friends, the absence of her baby daddy, Samidoh, has sparked curiosity among fans.

The event, beautifully captured in snapshots, included notable attendees such as Kiambu Senator Karungo Wa Thang’wa. However, the absence of Samidoh has raised questions about his presence at the festivity.

Speculation has been circulating about the status of Karen Nyamu’s relationship with Samidoh after his visit to his wife and children in the United States, suggesting a potential rift between the couple.

In her online post, Karen Nyamu expressed gratitude to the attendees, acknowledging their contributions to making the celebration memorable. Despite the warmth in her message, the absence of Samidoh from the shared images has triggered inquiries from fans eager to determine whether he was present at the event.

On Monday, February 26, in a separate development, Samidoh took to social media to extend birthday wishes to his daughter with Karen Nyamu.

“Happy birthday to my little girl. Watching you grow brings so much happiness. Here’s to many more wonderful years ahead.”

Here are some of the reactions:

Sammy Ondimu Ngare: “Nascrallah down na sioni picha natafuta..aki Mungu badilisha mind yangu.. Happy birthday.”

Denza Denza: “Nime scroll mpaka chini sioni iyo picha anywahos let me laugh in a way that please s God.”

Shiku Raycious: “I have scrolled all photos ndio nione picha ya msikari.”

Veronica Kabatha: “Happy birthday babygirl, kila mtu anatafuta picha fulani aki Kenyans.”

Bridgette Lihavi Musalia: “I have scrolled, scrolled scrolled scrolled scrolledd and scrolled but sijapata kile natafuta. Should I continue scrolling? N I scroll out.”

Beth Muriuki: “Should I continue scrolling, I think there is a missing pic.”

Senator Nyamu has yet to address the queries regarding Samidoh’s absence from the event.

Karen Nyamu Celebrates 2nd Birthday Of Her Daughter With Samidoh

Karen Nyamu has taken to her social media to celebrate her daughter Nimu, whom they sired with Mugithi singer Samidoh.

Nimu is the daughter of Nyamu and Mugithi singer Samidoh, named after Samidoh’s late mother. The couple also share a son.

“Oh God you have gifted us with an exceptional daughter. She continues to amaze us with her humor, kindness and brilliance. Today i reflect on our 2 year journey full of love joy laughter and favour🙏🏽😇Happy 2nd birthday Nimu❤️ ”, Karen Nyamu wrote.

Social Media Reactions

Nyamu’s recent social media activity regarding her relationship with Samidoh has sparked discussions online. A Facebook post suggesting a desire for more children with Samidoh, despite his marital status, drew varied reactions from fans. While some expressed concern, Nyamu defended her decision.

Samidoh’s Return and Nyamu’s Status

Samidoh’s recent return from the United States has also generated public interest. Nyamu has opted not to share details about his arrival, further fueling speculation.

While describing her relationship status as “single,” Nyamu alluded to a complex situation that seemingly prevents her from pursuing other relationships.

Karen Nyamu Advices Zuchu Not To Be Jealous After Seeing Diamond With Zari

While envy could be a deal breaker for some, others, such as Senator Karen Nyamu, UDA nominee, doesn’t think it’s enough reason to end a relationship.

The mother of three said that Diamond Platnumz was overreacting in a message posted on her Instagram stories in response to Tanzanian musician Zuchu’s news of their split.

“Hello family, I had to post this to clear my conscience. Kuanzia leo hii mimi na nasibu (Diamond) hatuko pamoja. I know this has been our thing but as hard as it is kumuacha mtu unaempenda hii naomba mungu iwe ya mwisho na nianze maisha mapya. Mapenzi ni heshima kwa bahati mbaya sana hiko kimekosekana kwetu . .as for him bado tuna kazi za pamoja i wish him and his family the absolute best. Tumeishi vizuri lakini nadhani hii sio rizki. Mwaka huu nimejifunza kusema hapana kwa kila kitu kisichonipa furaha ama baada ya kusema haya naona kabisa naenda kuanza ukurasa mpya wenye maisha yaliyojaa furaha, uhuru na amani. As for now kazi iendelee and I am single🍻Yours truly Zuchu❤️,” Zuchu wrote.

After Diamond was seen with Zari, Zuchu announced their breakup, citing disrespect as the reason. She also included a video referencing the proverb “familiarity breeds contempt.”

“Zuchu and Zari’s hubby, what are you all overreacting? I see nothing wrong with the video making you end your relationships. It’s the most harmless video. A little jealousy is no grounds for a breakup,” Karen Nyamu stated.

Karen was alluding to Diamond’s video, which appears to be the cause of the breakup, showing Zari and him strolling hand in hand on Thursday, February 22, 2024.

The Wasafi chief called his Ugandan baby mama his sister in the caption.


Karen Nyamu Set To Sire Another Baby With Samidoh

If Karen Nyamu’s word is any indication, she plans to have more children by her beloved Samidoh, whom she shares with Edday Nderitu.

Presently, the UDA-nominated Senator is the mother of three children: two of which are attributed to Samidoh and one to DJ Saint Kevinz.
Karen Nyamu addressed the possibility of having a third child with Samidoh in response to criticism regarding women becoming pregnant for their husbands.

Syljayee Jumah, a Facebook user, questioned why Karen Nyamu, despite her beauty, was unable to find a husband.

In response to the question, Nyamu said she’s not done giving birth with Samidoh.

In late 2019, while he was performing at a political gathering, the two lovebirds got together and fell in love right away.

Nyamu wasted little time in becoming pregnant for him. In December 2020, she gave birth to Samidoh’s son.

For months, Samidoh flatly denied being Karen’s baby daddy, until Nyamu revealed the truth in January 2021.

The Mugithi singer came clean to his wife after Nyamu revealed that he was her biological father. But Nyamu didn’t stop there; on February 26, 2022, she gave birth to a baby girl after becoming pregnant once more for Samidoh.

The erratic connection between Nyamu and Samidoh occasionally backfired in public.

Karen Nyamu hints at baby fever

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has stirred controversy with a recent social media post hinting at plans to expand her family with Samidoh, the father of her two children.

In a Facebook post that raised eyebrows among her followers, Nyamu suggested the possibility of having more children with Samidoh, despite the ongoing scrutiny surrounding their relationship, particularly due to Samidoh’s marital status.

The post triggered a flurry of comments from concerned fans, with one user expressing disapproval over Nyamu’s decision to have children with a married man.

“Karenzo, you are beautiful, but with all that beauty and figure, why is it a problem to find your own husband? Where did you find the courage to have children with someone else’s husband… Two kids and you think you’re done?” the comment read.

In response, Nyamu defended her desire to expand her family, suggesting that two children were not sufficient for her.

“Having two kids doesn’t mean I’m done having children with him,” Nyamu said.

Meanwhile, Samidoh has silently returned to Kenya from a visit to his family in the United States, choosing to keep his arrival under wraps.

Nyamu’s refusal to share details of Samidoh’s return has fueled speculation among fans eagerly awaiting their reunion.

Despite mounting pressure, Nyamu has remained tight-lipped, opting instead to share an enigmatic Instagram reel and photos from a Sunday photoshoot.

Addressing her relationship status, Nyamu described herself as single but alluded to a significant presence in her life that prevents her from entertaining other suitors.

“I am single, but there is a man who is not mine but because of this man I don’t give chances to others,” Nyamu cryptically stated, dismissing any notions of delusion surrounding her situation.

Karen Nyamu’s relationship with Samidoh questioned by her re-post.

Mugithi artist Samidoh is rumored to have quietly returned to Kenya after a visit to the USA, where he spent time with his first family and also performed. Despite his return, his baby mama Karen Nyamu is facing numerous online inquiries about why she has not shared any updates on his return to Nairobi.

Many fans have eagerly anticipated the reunion of the couple, as Samidoh’s absence has been a topic of discussion. Karen has chosen not to comply with requests to share details about his rumored arrival. Instead, she reposted an Instagram reel that raises more questions than answers. The Nominated Senator spent her Sunday engaged in a photoshoot.

“I am single, but there is a man who is not mine but because of this man, I don’t give chances to others.”

She humorously described it as “Delusional much.”

Karen Nyamu In Hot Soup After Violating Traffic Rule As A Police Just Watches

In a video clip, Senator Karen Nyamu is seen driving on the wrong side of the road and disobeying traffic laws at a roundabout in the city.

The Senator is in hot water as a result of the aforementioned video, which has drawn strong criticism from Kenyans.

In the video posted on her Instagram stories, Nyamu could be seen facing traffic congestion on her way to the Parliament buildings.

Frustrated by the delay, she directed her driver to use the oncoming lane, bypassing other vehicles and even passing by a traffic officer without any objection.

“Ukiiba laima uibe na confidence,” she said.

Nyamu continued further advised her driver to put on ‘hazard’ while on the wrong side of the road.

She drives off past a traffic police officer; who just watched as they drove by. This has further fueled anger on Kenyans who have reacted to the video.