You have used your duka to become rich and you’re asking us to close ours now? Radio presenter tears down Huddah for asking women to abstain 

Presenter Huddah Kamene Goro has shamed Socialite Huddah Monroe for her campaign urging women to abstaining from having sex with sponsors.

Dubbed Funga Duka, Huddah has been leading the campaign urging women to avoid sex in 2019 to punish men who are cheating.

The ‘Funga Duka’ sex boycott went viral under the #Fungaduka after Carol- the woman who texted Huddah complaining about men- said that she had closed her legs until Michael, her cheating boyfriend gets tested and starts behaving well.

Not you

According to Goro, Huddha is in no position to lead such a campaign having used her private parts to attain her riches.

“So while I was away, I hear there was something called “Funga Duka” that was began, so Huddah Monroe has decided to go on a nationwide campaign telling ladies to Funga their duka to the boy child. Huddah is going to tell you that, that is her business. This babe has bought a car, house, built an enterprise from her duka, now she is the one going to tell you that, ati the campaign is called what? Huddah? That’s who you guys are listening to?” Said Kamene Goro.


Kamene Goro and controversial blogger hated by women land radio show at top radio 

Just when Kenyans thought that former Ebru TV presenter Kamene Goro has had enough of controversial and explicit blogger Andrew Kibe and is stepping up to defend women, it seems she has now joined him.

The two took to social media recently to exchange some bitter words getting fans intertwined in their drama, only to find out later that they were indirectly hyping their new show on NRG radio.

Andrew Kibe

The two have become the latest online champions to join the station which has been using a rather different format in picking their presenters.

Kibe has always been pro-boychild while Kamene is a feminists.

They have landed the breakfast show on the radio though it’s not yet clear when they will start hosting.

On Instagram, they posted the show’s posters though some fans were let down after finding out it was a copy paste from Empire. Here’s the poster.

Rick Ross finally arrives in Nairobi, look at how he’s guarded(photos)

After a long wait, rapper RicK Ross has finally landed in Nairobi. The rapper is in the country for a performance at Carnivore Grounds tomorrow where hundreds of Kenyans are expected to flock.

Photos of the rapper arriving at JKIA have already started being shared around social media. Also photos of the rapper in a traffic jam on Mombasa Road have left Kenyans excited. He’s headed to NRG radio where he’s expected to do an interview.

Here are photos of the rapper:

Rick Ross to Kenyan: You are as stupid as those stupid a$$ demands 

NRG Radio, the organisers of the highly anticipated #NRGWave concert which will see American rapper Rick Ross perform at Carnivore on 28th of April, have denied the rapper is a diva and has made outrageous demands ahead of the concert.

Rick Ross has also backed this up by shooting down the false allegations that left Kenyans shocked. On Twitter, the rapper was forced to fire back at one Kenyan who insisted that he’s demands were too high. Also, he (the fan) wanted him to know we have the best rapper, Khaligraph Jones, who might win the crowd if he fails to impress.

A Tweet showing what the rumor said

Stupid demands

Rick Ross seemed also stunned with the demands and fired back with a savage reply saying the  demands were just stupid and unbelievable.

The rumor stated that Ross demanded a presidential suite reserved for the “Boss”, three entire floors of a five star hotel, 5 Star rooms, round the clock services of a butler and a personal chef, preferably Michelin starred. It also demanded for a helicopter, 30 air tickets with 10 of them first class, four vans that are tinted and driven by licensed chauffeurs, shutdown of two major roads, 1,500 fresh towels and 3,500 bottles of premium alcohol.  Stupid right?

Ugandans now organising road trips to Kenya to come and see Rick Ross perform live

Kenyans are super excited that rapper Rick Ross will be in the country on 28th April for a thrilling #NRGWAVE concert after new Radio station in town, NRG Radio managed to secure the rapper.

It seems the hype has also spread to Uganda now and they also desperately want a piece of the fun too.

Ugandans have now started organizing road trips that will see them visit the country and most of all, attended the anticipated concert that will be at Carnivore Grounds.

Cheap rates

It’s not a secret that Kenyans were surprised by the cheap entrance fee for the #NRGWAVE, a reason why Ugandans also have decided to come for the event. Kenyans will be paying just Sh3,000 per person, Sh10,000 for a group ticket of four people and Sh9,000 for VIP. Ugandans are parting away with Ksh 10,000 as total cost – entrance fee, transport, bed and breakfast – to get a chance to witness the boss live in action.



Hit or Miss? Timmy TDat releases first song after getting radio job 

Singer Timmy Tdat has released his first single since getting his first radio gig, which led to many concluding that he might be done with his music career.

The Kaka Empire artist has released “Kitambo”, another dance tune to add to his immense portfolio. The song is getting positive reviews and is already trending on YouTube. The song was produced by veteran producer Musyoka while the video was Enos Olik’s works.

Radio career

Timmy recently got a radio job and now is co-hosting alongside the popular Mwalimu Rachael at NRG Radio. The move was met with some criticism considering that Timmy has gone to radio when his music career is seen to be at it’s peak. It’s still early to gauge whether he’ll manage to balance the two careers but history has never favored artists who switched to radio.

Hit or miss? Watch the new video below:



Popular rapper Rick Ross to fly to Kenya for NRG Radio’s anticipated party 

It has been a rumor flying around for almost two years but now it has been confirmed: rapper Rick Ross will be in Kenya in a few weeks time.

The rumour started milling almost two years ago though the details were very sketchy. Rick Ross is expected to arrive in Kenya in April for the highly anticipated, second NRG Wave concert which will be on April 28, 2017 at the Carnivore Grounds.

NRG Radio has made a few posts already to officially confirming this and sources with inside information confirm that they have been having sleepless nights planning for the gig and flying in the mega star.

Rick Ross has with Diamond during Waka Waka’s shoot

Has worked with Diamond and Huddah

The first NRG Wave concert was a huge success and we hope also this upcoming one will make history. Locally, Rick Ross has worked with singer Diamond Platnumz for a collabo and indirectly with Huddah Monroe, who are all Luc Belaire brand ambassador.

Ross made to the headlines recently after a health scare which saw him rushed to the hospital in serious condition after a dangerous bout of pneumonia and was allegedly under life support for a few following days.  A number of local artists will also perform in the event.