Andrew Kibe calls out feminists for missing Maandamano Monday

Andrew Kibe has decided to give us an overload of the truth and once again, he’s right on the money as he noted that there were 5 groups of people who were noticeably absent from the mass action called by Raila to protest the high cost of living.

Kibe: Even your mothers were gold diggers

Given how loud Kenya’s pseudo middle class are, one would expect that they’d jump at the chance to go and demonstrate in solidarity with their fellow Kenyans as they agitate for lower living costs which could be facilitated either by subsidies or lesser taxes but none were present to be counted.


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The 5 groups Kibe highlighted who were missing were: malayas (Huddah come collect your own), feminists, socialites and members of the LGBTQ were also absent. The thing about these 5 groups is that they are made up of the middle class and are loud and often brazen on social media but none stood to be counted.

Andrew Kibe’s Former Pastor Exposes What Led to Kibe Divorcing His Wife

There are two groups who I don’t think we’d ever see come out to fight the political system; malayas and LGBTQ. It’s not like we will see them hold up banners declaring their presence as the protesters would turn on at least one-half of the group so on that, Andrew Kibe is doubtless trolling.

But socialites have taken to pontificating about what we should or shouldn’t do and they are so condescending you’d be forgiven for thinking they are speaking to little children or people they somehow have decided are beneath them.

Andrew Kibe vs Amber Ray: Her simp husband doesn’t make her high value woman

And Kibe is especially right about feminists who would have you believe they are demanding true equality but all they ever truly want is superiority. They are an extremely lazy bunch; wait at the finish line of social justice and development and demand to be given something they hadn’t worked for.

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Kibe: Even your mothers were gold diggers

Kibe has come out with more caustic content, this time making it as personal as possible. He has come out with a video in which he is arguing hypergamy but what he said was, “All women are gold diggers, including your mother”.


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Kibe is known to be a controversial figure who delights in shock jock-style content but sadly, more often than not, the gems of his wisdom are lost to the more sensitive members of his audience.

He was most recently embroiled in a beef with his favourite punching bag, Amber Ray who is usually involved in some of the shadiest scandals making her low hanging fruit.

He happened to mention her son and though what he said was true, she didn’t take too kindly to Kibe doing so and she subsequently threatened to bewitch the man -this played on both her heritage as a Kamba and the fact there are photos circulating of her being at a witch’s premises.

Away from all that and back ton his message, who knows, he might be right about you being the scion of a gold-digging mother because women seldom settle down with a man with nothing to offer.

As for whether or not Kibe is right in saying this is wroong is another matter up for debate because let’s face it, that is how the world has has been since time imemorial and hypergamy is the name of the mating game.

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Andrew Kibe vs Amber Ray: Her simp husband doesn’t make her high value woman

Amber Ray is the closest thing we have in Kenya to Ciara. And Andrew Kibe seems to have noticed but even if he hasn’t, there, I said what needed to be said. The comparison is due to the fact that like Ciara, she has bounced around from the lap of one man to the next and she ended up a baby mama for the worst of the lot.


And just like the American singer, she has managed to find a high networth simp who has pedestalized her and is willing to give her the world. Essentially, they won the lottery of life! But rather than play their position, they both want to continue courting attention and validation on social media.

Andrew Kibe is also right in his assessment that a woman who is in love with a man won’t think twice to bear his children. And this explains why she never conceived for any of her previous men including Zaheer Jhanda. And Amber Ray knows its true. So why then is she protesting?


In her response, she chose to make this about her family as if Kifee has insulted it. No, she is the lightning rod for derision and unfortunately, that spills over to her children. That is why it is said that Caesar’s wife must be above reproach.

Amber Ray

The truth is, for a long time Amber Ray would court controversy and would post salacious content of herself with her different men online. Now that she is with a man from the corporate spare, she has realised she needs to switch up her image and become a “family woman” but it is now too little too late.


Kennedy Rapudo doesn’t lend his status to her elevating her because he is not the type of man men would aspire to be like outside of his career. He is a simp with money and if you want a parallel, just look to Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson. Absolutely no one respects him off the field.

Amber Ray

It was Amber Ray that exposed her eldest son, Gavin to the nonsense of having his mother’s nudes online. Kibe pointing out the fact that she is the worst type of woman for any man to select for the mother of his children isn’t wrong, and she needs to take accountability for that fact.


Her simp cannot make her a high value woman because he cannot re-write history and even though he would be butthurt to be reminded that his wife is a heaux, he cannot argue with the facts. And trust me, he wouldn’t want his uncles to get a hold of any of her photos. Surely, is that the type of woman any man with ambition would want by his side? Is this the type of wife who makes her husband look good in front of society?

Amber Ray

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We need to celebrate Andrew Kibe while he’s alive

We need to give Andrew Kibe his flowers while he still alive because let’s face it, he’s one of the few Kenyan celebrities who is trying to teach men how to be masculine in an age when masculinity is being attacked left right and centre.

Andrew Kibe is right about Terence Creative being a weak simp

He is also the only thought-provocateur who is not afraid to call out political shenanigans when he sees it on either side of the divide by 8 when he called out the deputy president Riggy G or when he called out Ababu Namwamba for giving as we add an official post yet her only true accomplishments at the fact that she became popular during the pandemic for whining her waist.

Tbt: Kamene Goro with Andrew Kibe

The thing about him is that most of his detractors claim that Andrew Kibe’s delivery is the problem and that is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Is a statement usually made by useless weak men and the feminist whom he routinely calls out.

Presenter Ali’s Sweet Revenge Has Hushed Andrew Kibe

It probably also bothers them that the man who by his own admission has gone through most of his life failing at most of his endeavors by their relationships or business or employment is currently the only man who is speaking openly and honestly and appealing to a large audience of Kenyans.

I was copy-pasting my story to both ladies – Andrew Kibe confesses

Because he is beholden to no one as there is no corporate entity that pays him for adverts he can speak freely and this has endeared him to a large base of rudderless Kenyan men who have been seeking out a father figure. And what is surprising is that he is increasingly beginning to appeal to a large audience of women who can see the truth in what Andrew Kibe says.

Andrew Kibe’s Fight Vs Influencers- Is It Worth It?

This is largely why I believe we need to be celebrating the man. and win while he is here and alive and able to smell the bouquet that we send his way. The effect of his efforts on the Kenyan Zeitgeist can already be seen as more and more men are standing up and attempting to teach younger men how to be successful men but unfortunately, this has come with an entire bunch of Charlatans and idiots who even went as far as to host a Men’s Conference at a popular restaurant yet these men and the type of man you would want your son or brothers looking up to.

Celebrated radio personality, Andrew Kibe

We need more men like Andrew Kibe and Amerix in Kenya but sadly we are getting more and more of these common type of rats who are trying to infiltrate the movement so we must remain vigilant.

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5 Kenyan celebrities who are great examples of masculinity

When you think of masculinity which celebrities come to mind? That is a question I had asked a couple of my friends as we sat down having some rather interesting conversations. The truth is a lot of Kenyan celebs are nothing more than simps. They are weak men who you can’t trust you have your back in a bind know would you even want them in your corner should you ever been pressed.

Jalang’o Explains Why Relationships Rarely Thrive In Nairobi (Video)

So you can imagine how difficult it was for us to come up with celebrities whose masculinity were respect but also whom we feel have shown themselves to be as steady as a rock when it comes to supporting their friends and families. No this isn’t about celebrities who haven’t had any scandals and are seen as upstanding members of society. That is because a lot of celebrities who your girlfriend who think are good men I am merely localised Will Smiths.

And by that I mean that they are too scared to rock the boat so they try and talk the line of what is considered acceptable by the Overton window and don’t say an opinion that is considered controversial even if it might truly be what they think or feel on a subject.

Andrew Kibe Is Right About Cheating Celebrities

We narrow the list down 2 about five celebrity we feel any Kenyan man would do well to emulate. That is because they are not only stoic but they are loyal and have the cojones to stun shows down on their opinions and thoughts and defend them and should they be proven wrong they have no problem apologizing and switching to adapt to the face of new evidence. These five Kenyan celebrities are:

Andrew Kibe

A lot has been said about him. He is an example of a man who tried and failed and tried again and though he has been met with a lot of failures in life he has also risen each time he has failed. Currently, he is a huge masculinity influencer who is teaching men to better themselves and while a lot of sensitive weak men and their families girlfriends find him to offensive to learn from he actually has a lot of germs there a lot of men who appreciate just how much he has taught them.


What can be said about him? He teaches men how to better themselves physically mentally healthy them financially. of the type of man you want around you in a fix in fact you probably would want your sons to grow up into a man that mirrors him.


Classical masculinity is known by certain traits. Described as stoicism, loyalty to one’s kith and kin and privacy. These are some of the qualities we see in literature from classical Greek stories such as the Iliad and the Odyssey on into more contemporary sources such as The Red Badge Of Courage. And your shinski has displayed these commendably. An example of his loyalty would be him bringing his former bandmates; Collo and Roba on stage with him for a Kleptomaniax reunion even though he doesn’t have to seeing as he is a bona fide star on his. He keeps his family respected by observing privacy.

Cyprian Nyakundi

This pic was influenced by my older mentor who said that even though his name isn’t necessarily as we now these days to young men, she was the first person to begin discussing the red pill and the manosphere in East and Central Africa. He has shown an abundance of conviction for his principles understood by them to the point of being harassed not only despite government’s past and he manage that all before use the age of 30.
He has built a business so he is a model of financial freedom and this is something every young man should aspire to. His opinions are sometimes divisive and polarizing but he stays ten toes down regardless of how badly he sometimes gets pilloried.

Oga Obinna

I am beginning to get an appreciation for the man because of just how loyal he is to his friends. Decided to check on his friend 2mbili’s crucifix and his champion in his case after he was abused by his babymama. The type of friend you really do want around you someone who will take all your battles as his own. That is loyalty. He has his own flaws as we all do as men and human beings but his redeeming qualities are of such immense value it is hard to argue that he isn’t a man was respecting.


This is a man who genuinely wants to see his friends succeed. he you can go to with a problem and he will try and help you solve it. In this time and time again and an example of his loyalty is when he was ironically caught cheating on his wife. Through the friends you was in a WhatsApp group with under the bus. That is an admirable quality because there are no virtues in the foxhole. He goes as far as to create opportunities for his friends to drive using his own platforms that is an admirable quality.

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Andrew Kibe being accused of being LGBTQ will backfire

The juiciest rumour of the day hell, the week is about an Andrew Kibe being a member of the lgbtq+ community. This allegation was made by a former friend turned enemy by the name of Susan Gacambi.

Andrew Kibe Defends Self Over Lustful Message He Sent To Shakilla (Video)

Miss Susan is a promoter in America who often flies out Kenyan artists for tours. They had a falling out after kiba called her and Kikuyu artist Samidoh in what was essentially high school drama.

However Miss Susan has come out all guns blazing and accused Andrew Kibe of not just being gay but also an abuser of the sexual variety, you know the one that rhymes with grape.

Shakilla makes come back by exposing thirsty DM from Andrew Kibe

She held an interview on her social media live and alleged that she was speaking to a victim of Andrew Kibe’s this attack is bound to backfire. The first reason for this assertion is the fact that it will not gain momentum among members of the LGBTQ community who are tired of being the butt of every joke or being used as some sort of filthy allegation against individuals.

Andrew Kibe’s new station ‘Rogue Radio’ officially goes Live on air

Secondly, Andrew Kibe’s known for being a Womanizer and though some of his attempts are akin to those of a bumbling idiot the question about his sexuality does not exist. So it’s clear to all that these allegations hold no water.

But why would Susan decide to level them against him? Well, to answer that one leads to harken back to the time when Diana B accused Willy Paul of grapping her in what many came to view as a false accusation.

Thee Pluto, Felicity Respond To Andrew Kibe’s DNA Test Suggestion

This accusation created a monster as now Kenyan women know that all they need to do is to accuse a man of grape and they could bring down his entire life. They seem to have learnt this tactic from watching the me-too movement play abroad. And what makes Diana B’s accusation that much more egregious is the fact that she didn’t need to provide evidence whether circumstantial or real and it cost willy Paul several endorsement deals.

Kibe’s potential bae?

Miss Susan has decided to create a warped accusation against Kibe based on the fact that Kenyans are a conservative society be they Christian or Muslim and most still have not accepted the LGBTQ community. So this was not only a calculated move to make Andrew before tall as what she hoped would be disparagingly but also as one of the vilest types of criminals our grapist.

Andrew Kibe is right about Kabi wa Jesus but…

What should he do in the face of this accusation? Andrew has the option of ignoring the accusation and keeping it pushing or he could seek legal redress. Sadly I wouldn’t say he has to hire standing in the eyes of many a Kenyan so he wouldn’t get much in the way of damages but all he has is his name, therefore, he needs to do whatever he can to protect it. And we need him as men to set an example of just how harshly such hateful and cruel allegations must be dealt with.

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Andrew Kibe is right about Kabi wa Jesus but…

Andrew Kibe has released a rather damning video in which he goes absolutely bananas on Kabi wa Jesus and while I agree with the premise of what he said, I do not agree with the entirety of his message. Let’s get right into it.

Andrew Kibe Weighs In On Kabi WaJesus Admitting To Fisting On His Cousins (Video)

Incase you missed it (although I cannot see how you’d miss it because it has been one of the biggest stories in entertainment news over the week but maybe you just landed from Somalia) allow me to recap what’s started so far:

Kabi wa Jesus

Kabi wa Jesus came out to confess that he did indeed used to sleep with his cousins but he went on to reveal that it was all down to the fact that they were taking advantage of him while he was a young boy. This in effect is an admission that he was being molested by his older relatives but his delivery was so messed up, that it led to a lot of confusion.

Why Kenyans reaction to Kabi wa Jesus molestation story is very disturbing

It was news that this guy had slept with his cousin and the reason for me before I got born again is it was not an issue. She is not the first one I had slept with so many others.
So unajua yaani nikilala na mtu flani inahappen. Imagine a young child. Some of the relatives are at the age of 30. And I grew up in that and I know that if not all most of you know what happened last year. There was an incident of a cousin of mine coming out and saying we slept together and so many of you were like, ‘Eh yaani amelala na cousin yake?’ This man is bad.
They would molest me taking turns. I would be left by my parents then hao wasee come and molest me. Something happened between my parents and I had to go back to ushago and when I went again some of my relatives took turns molesting me.

Andrew Kibe’s new station ‘Rogue Radio’ officially goes Live on air

However, what I do agree with Andrew Kibe about is that these aren’t the type of things Kabi wa Jesus should have come out to publicly address. Think about it, what purpose does such a confession serve other than to vilify him further or make him the butt of ridicule and jokes?

Andrew Kibe is right about Size 8 and her miracles

And even if he wanted to bring this topic up, he should have done so by first running it by people who could have helped him couch the message by wording it in a more appropriate way. Instead, we got treated to a buffoon’s interpretation of a sensitive topic.

It doesn’t matter whether or not he was talking about what happened to him, Kabi wa Jesus should have used a lot more tact. And why did he think this was a great topic to even tackle publicly? Was it supposed to make us view him as a victim of his circumstances and upbringing? In which clown world was this move anything but laughable?

Anyway, you win stupid prizes when you play stupid games and his prize is his continued ridicule online. Well, that and the fact that a lot of his own family members have probably ostracized him.

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Andrew Kibe is right about Size 8 and her miracles

Apparently, Andrew Kibe spoke sense (for the umpteenth time) and called out Size 8 for her miracle healings and whatever other nonsense Kenyan people of the cloth do to keep gullible Kenyan sheep supplying them with their hard-earned money in the form of tithes and offerings.

Size 8 Addresses Beef With Ringtone (Video)

The gospel singer cum pastor (or is it bishop) has responded to him, finally, and she says she forgives him yet she hasn’t answered the question I and a lot of logical and sane people have right at the tip of our tongues; where was she during Covid 19?

Preacher Size 8

Because let’s face it, Andrew Kibe is right in saying these miracles are convenient because when we as humanity were busy coming to grips with the pandemic, pastors, apostles and whatever else these charlatans call themselves were just as scared as we were and they too decided to lock themselves in their homes.

The Bible supports Andrew Kibe’s opinion of Pastor Size 8

Size 8 and her ilk should actually just walk into a hospital and start healing people if she wants us to buy her new spiritual power schpill. There, that’s the entirety of the article. Sio kutambia takataka ati about how she has forgiven us for doubting her or sijui Jesus will fight her battles for her. When the heroes were busy on the frontlines, we saw very clearly that these heroes were medical personnel. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical practitioners but not a single person of the cloth was to be seen.

And the last time we spoke about this, I also pointed out that the Bible itself is on Andrew Kibe’s side on the matter of not just false prophets and miracle workers but also on the matter of Size 8 not having any mandate to stand at the pulpit and preach to her congregation.

Don’t Address Men- Andrew Kibe Reacts To Size 8 Being Ordained As A Pastor

Andrew Kibe has shared what some feminists will doubtless call a hardline or even a fundamentalist stance on Size 8 being ordained as a minister in the church. He is not amused about the fact that she has been made a shepherd tasked with guiding souls to God and salvation and I have to say that regardless of what you feel, he is clearly on the right with regards to what the Bible itself says.

He has actually called out Size 8 because he knows she like all other female pastors will push the idea of prosperity gospel aside from pushing seriously flawed dogma. And the Bible itself backs up what he is asserting -I know, that sounds repetitive so let me simply push into specific Bible verses that state their support for Andrew Kibe’s stance:

1 Corinthians 14:34-35
1 Timothy 2:11-15

Size 8 when she was taken ill and needed a doctor to heal her

So perhaps before she responds to the claims she’s a charlatan miracle worker, she should first address what is in plain text for all to see in the good gospel.

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One day Oga Obinna will hate you for reminding him he wore a dress

Oga Obinna has decided to rock a dress in the name of comedy. The only problem is, that is all pretension; he has worn the dress inorder to generate some publicity to himself and it will one day come back to haunt him.

This is a topic of particular interest because we can take a look at it from foreign perspectives. And African American comedians and actors have for a long time had the conversation of whether or not it is degrading to have men rock dresses for entertainment.

Previously, when I last spoke about guys like Oga Obinna wearing dresses, I said, “the trend of black actors and entertainers wearing dresses is a thing that was made not only powerful but brought to the forefront of black collective awareness by guys like Tyler Perry with his Madea bit. But make no mistakes about it, this trend goes back to the minstrel shows.

Back in 2006, the first real celebrity to question this trend was Dave Chappelle who asked why black male entertainers find themselves performing in a dress at some point in their career while he was on the Oprah Winfrey show. You name them, they have had to don a dress, from Eddie Murphy to Jammie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna

Maybe this is down to guys hustling and doing anything for shits and giggles but this also for the conscious educated minds reminds them of the systemic emasculation of black men. And perhaps Oga Obinna wasn’t aware of this but at the end of the day, he has stumbled into this very politically and socially charged arena.”

Oga Obinna Reminisces Good Times With Ex-Girlfriend Sherlyne Anyango

But today we aren’t going the cerebral route, we are going to look at things from a more Kenyan perspective; a simpler, more earthy take. And that means we are going to talk to Oga Obinna in a way he can understand why rocking dresses for a clown bit is a terrible idea.

For starters, it is a cheap source of laughs that we all disdain. It was funny in the 90s. What it communicates is that you’re looking for cheap jokes. That is the type of stuff people resort to when they have lost their ability to crack people up.

Oga Obinna Reminisces Suicide Attempt In Bold Inspirational Post After Buying A New Car

Secondly, he will not always be in the position he is currently in i.e looking for clout for his stint on Kiss 100’s breakfast show. He will one day get political ambition like Jalang’o or perhaps he will decide to go into business. Whatever the case may be, he will have made things easier for his opponents to mock him.

Finally, as Andrew Kibe asked, what will he tell his sons? No man should have to tolerate the fact that their father willingly emasculad themselves for entertainment.

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Kamene Goro vs Andrew Kibe: We were right, Showbiz hainaurafiki

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe were an unlikely pair. The two of them first came onto the mainstream scene in a massive way when they were paired for the NRG Radio morning show. We had a woman who was clearly from the lap of luxury having to host a show with a man who was unapologetically masculine in the most crass of its display.

Xtiandela vs Kamene Goro and Jalang’o: Showbiz haina urafiki

None of us expected the duo to be as prolific as they were. If anything, we all thought they would be a dysfunctional team that would ultimately end in a failure. Afterall, he had made his name speaking men’s truth about intergender dynamics and she was a very vocal woman. Their ideas were bound to implode when they were exposed to each other. Instead, the opposite happened and they exploded onto our radio waves and Kenyans embraced them.

Tbt: Kamene Goro with Andrew Kibe

After this, the pair were poached by Radio Africa Group for their own Breakfast show along with their producer, Xtiandela. And when this happened, the trio were over the moon. They were ecstatic at the fact that they now had a bigger audience and platform and they would be challenging themselves in an attempt to stamp their presence in a time slot that had given Kenyans such big personalities as Caroline Mutoko, Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru.

Xtian and Andrew Kibe were never friends

But things didn’t go swimmingly for long. Perhaps it was the rigid structure they found at Radio Africa’s Kiss 100 or perhaps it was down to their personalities not being tailored for a more corporate setup but soon enough, Xtiandela was pushed out of the team and Andrew Kibe quickly followed. Only Kamene Goro was left by her lonesome and she struggled to keep her head above water.

No, really, her solo stint oversaw some of the most disastrous ratings the Kiss Breakfast Show had seen. But fortunately for her, she was quickly paired with jalang’o whom as fate would have it, was booted from Milele FM. Amor fati.

Kamene Goro explains why she ended friendship with Andrew Kibe

But just like their shortlived stint on Kiss100, the trio’s friendship went up in smoke -and it was all due to the fact that they were never really friends. Kamene Goro, Andrew Kibe and Xtiandela would never have naturally become friends had they met at random or in a friend’s group. They would have exchanged pleasantries and kept it pushing.

Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro with Andrew kibe

We had said this before. Back in 2020 and we at Ghafla are glad to revisit the topic and be vindicated. Remember when we said, “Xtiandela and Kamene Goro were or perhaps it is “are” great friends and collaborators. They worked on the same show at NRG Radio before they were part of a trio including Andrew Kibe that was poached by Radio Africa to boost their morning show following the exit of Adelle which necessitated Shaffie Weru to be forced off the show.”?

Andrew Kibe reminds us why Kamene Goro is still just a divorcee

Now Kamene Goro is claiming Kibe is toxic… It’s not like he ever really changed his tune. If anything, I would concede that he watered and muted it alitle but more importantly, she had several hundred thousand reasons to ignore who he was. And sadly, those several hundred thousand blinders are no longer a thing so she has to see her former friend for all his true A.Hole glory.

With showbiz, you get on the scene, make your money, exchange a few fake smiles then go home and call it a day.

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Why Mrs Guardian Angel (Esther Musila’s) love advice is pathetic

Guardian Angel has finally married his Ether Musila making her his Mrs officially and while we are all happy for the blushing bride and groom who indeed make a handsome couple, I have to point out that she has some horrible advice for women when it comes to relationships and love.

Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila explains what makes a woman happy, and it’s not money!

She took to her social media account to toast to her newfound marriage and love life as she boasted about her in-depth knowledge on what not only makes women more appealing to men but when you look at the nuance, how she managed to land a man as young as seemingly out of her reach as her husband.

Andrew Kibe has spoken about the matter and he too took issue with Guardian Angel and he pointed out that this is a dead-end deal for the young man who in all honesty should not be too excited for the prospects of starting a family with his wife. But today I am more interested in what Esther Musila had to say.

Ringtone Scolds Andrew Kibe For Criticizing Guardian Angel’s Marriage To Esther Musila-‘Shida Yako Iko Wapi?’

That said, I do understand where Mrs Guardian Angel is coming from. She is a very rare example of a 50 year old single mother of 4 who has not only found love but has also been remarried. What is a more compelling lovetale than this? Well, it isn’t exactly an inspiring love story when you account for the fact that she is clearly Guardian Angel’s retirement plan. The gospel singer was a midling celebrity who wasn’t really minting money from his talents. It is only natural for him to want to secure the bag and who can judge him?

So I have to ask, what do normal women who aren’t in jobs that pay exceptionally well have to learn about love from a 50 year old woman dating a 30 year old man who has only upsides for wanting to engage himself in a relationship that he views as a job?

Guardian Angel Weds 52 Year Old Esther Musila On His Birthday (Photos)

Anyway, allow me to refocus on Esther Musila’s words of romantic wisdom:

“The happiest women today are not the married ones. They’re not the single ones. They’re not the ones with stable careers and good incomes.”

This is an easily provable falsehood on two accounts: the first being that women are currently more liberated than they have ever been in the recorded history of the world and humanity but they score the lowest in terms of the self-reported happiness index and the percentage of women make up more than the percentage of men on antidepressants. In fact, this formed the basis of a very interesting research study done about the paradox of more female liberation coming hand in hand with more female depression.

Also, I should bring up the example of Google’s VP, Sarah Kennedy Ellis who is currently going through it when it comes to having failed at running IVF in order to start a family with her husband. This is a woman who has conquered the tech world, has a great career but not being able to get babies is giving her depression. So clearly Esther Musila is only speaking anecdotally which should be disregarded.

“The happiest women are the ones who made a choice to love themselves wholly and truly. Women who chose to leave the past behind, worked on their self-esteem and put a high price tag on their self-esteem.”

This is called solipsism and it makes women horrible partners. How do we know this? Well, Just to keep Esther Musila informed, the most self-loving women are the women in the western world and guess what? Their marriage rates are dropping to some very disturbing rates. Relationships aren’t about being self-centred. They are about sacrifice and realising that you and your spouse are together to actually start a family and generate wealth. Leaving the past behind as she puts it isn’t running away from the consequences of your decisions.

They stopped playing victims. They stopped whining in self-pity and dining in pity parties. They moved past their anger, tears and bitterness. They realized that happiness is a personal choice and responsibility. They chose to be defined by their present, but not their bitter pasts.

I agree with this. Even I can admit when a broken clock gets something right.

They are happy because they don’t need validation from anyone. They are happy because they know that they don’t need to throw shade on anyone for them to shine. They are happy because they chose to be Queens ????✌✌To the ladies in the house………..

Sweethearts, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Last I checked, queens marry kings or are born to nobility. Men should be advised to avoid women with delusions of grandeur. That, however, still leaves the question of what makes relationships successful? The truth is, there are no one-size-fits all. However, it takes a lot of hard-work and compromise. It takes a lot of humility. Add to this the fact that women need men who are actual men. So unless you want to be the breadwinner who pays all the significant bills for your family including giving your husband an allowance/ stipend, do not listen to Mrs Guardian Angel.

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Andrew Kibe reminds us why Kamene Goro is still just a divorcee

Andrew Kibe ameamuwa kuwa mtu bladi? And he has done so by reminding us precisely why his former coworker/ co-presenter/ friend(?) Kamene Goro is still just a divorcee.

The Bible supports Andrew Kibe’s opinion of Pastor Size 8

He reshared a video of his former co-presenter from back when she was still at NRG Radio and claimed she had slept with 27 men. That was nearly 3 years ago and as can be expected, she later came out to reveal that the confession had cost her alot of corporate sponsorship deals. So you can imagine just how badly she wouldn’t want this story to resurface.

Kibe Kamene

But here we find ourselves. And I have to say, that though a lot of women decry Andrew Kibe’s way of communicating and passing messages, he is genuinely passing a message that would do a lot of women such as his former co-host Kamene well to heed.

Uliskia Wapi?- Andrew Kibe Refutes Claims Of Being Housed By A ‘Mumama’ In The US

Think about it, and if you do not have a sound mind between your ears or if you know your head is merely a cabinet for storing your teeth, then you can ask other men whether they would be amenable to the idea of wedding a woman who has been bedded by multiple different men who only saw her as a fun time.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro’s 27 men are an issue for precisely this reason. Yes, she was indeed once married but that only accounts for one of those men. What about the other 26? Andrew Kibe is right on the money when he shared the video with his intent being left up to his audience to infer… And this is precisely the reason why no other man has stepped forward to make an honest woman of Kamene Goro and wife her up.

Kamene Goro sets the record straight on engagement rumors

Any woman who has had multiple men bed her has displayed very poor impulse control for starters. Alot of these men might have been worth a damn but, let us be honest, not all of them were. So she is akin to the fat kid in a candy store who just keeps eating sweets and cake in spite of all the harm that could come her way in future…

Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro with Andrew kibe

Add to this the fact that it shows some serious daddy issues. Look, we aren’t going to delve into this except to say two things; women with such issues tend to chase after their father’s affection in the embrace and beddings of random men which is a horrible omen for a monogamous marriage and that perhaps (and I am sure Andrew Kibe would agree with this), therapy/ counselling is a must.

Alaar! Kamene Goro openly blames parents for ruining her

Damaged pair bonding. This is what results from kamene Goro’s 27 men. She has lost the ability to be content with just one man and have her hypergamy under control. Think of this once more as a fat kid in a cake house. After tasting 27 treats and sweets, do you think they can actually be dedicated to one brand let alone one treat? Nah.

And I know, my analysis is shallow at best but I am not r=writing a 1000+ word essay because I doubt you have the attention span required to get through it. So allow me to simply issue this synopsis: Andrew Kibe said truth, Kamene Goro damaged, needs counselling and her past is the reason why no one is committing to her because no man worth his salt wants to be known as the modern day Hosea.

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The Bible supports Andrew Kibe’s opinion of Pastor Size 8

Andrew Kibe has shared what some feminists will doubtless call a hardline or even a fundamentalist stance on Size 8 being ordained as a minister in the church. He is not amused about te fact that she has been made a shepherd tasked with guiding souls to God and salvation and I have to say that regardless of what you feel, he is clearly on the right with regards to what the Bible itself says.

Don’t Address Men- Andrew Kibe Reacts To Size 8 Being Ordained As A Pastor

I get it, this is a sensitive issue because a lot of Christians do not really follow the teachings of the Bible and would rather seem hip and cool by bucking what it asks us to do.

I was copy-pasting my story to both ladies – Andrew Kibe confesses

I mean, sure, when you think of the PC (politically correct) narrative that has been popularized over the past three decades, then this is in keeping with the times but one thing I will say about Muslims that has stolen my heart and my mind is the fact that they do not debate the Quran. It is as it is and the rest is left for you to go and debate with your demon feminist friends and Iblis. They are very clear that the Quran is inspired by Allah who is the only for Al Mu’min therefore it does not need editing nor convenient interpretations.

Uliskia Wapi?- Andrew Kibe Refutes Claims Of Being Housed By A ‘Mumama’ In The US

And this is something Andrew Kibe might have honed in on -whether knowingly or unknowingly- and this is actually the same thing with the Bible. He has actually called out Size 8 because he knows she like all other female pastors will push the idea of prosperity gospel aside from pushing seriously flawed dogma. And the Bible itself backs up what he is asserting -I know, that sounds repetitive so let me simply push into specific Bible verses that state their support for Andrew Kibe’s stance:

1 Corinthians 14:34-35
1 Timothy 2:11-15

Former KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

I will let you look up what those verses say and then when you have read and comprehended the information found therein, go argue with your aunties. Because they are clear. And not only that, but they give a basis for Andrew Kibe to stand on.

Celebrities Who Graced Size 8’s Ordination As A Pastor(Photos)

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a troglodyte nor even a staunch Christian, but I am someone who believes in having honest discourse and the truth of the matter is that the Bible is pretty clear on the question of having female leadership in the church.

Andrew Kibe touched on one aspect of the flawed gospel: prosperity gospel and that is a gospel pushed to a female congregation and usually done by female pastors who teach rubbish such as “manifestation”. This is something I have seen hold sway over my mother and sisters. It is a reason why men usually do not form a huge chunk of the congregation.

Size 8 reborn to be ordained as a pastor

We have not seen Size 8 establish herself as the type of person to tackle tough topics that should be tackled within society. Jesus whipped money lenders in the synagogue, he rebuked hypocrites, all we have seen Size 8 spew is “manifestation gospel”. Then again, a society gets the leadership they deserve, same goes for within the clergy. With that realised, perhaps Kibe and I are wrong for basing our argument on the Bible.

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Xtian and Andrew Kibe were never friends

Andrew Kibe has been on a war footing for quite some time but it caught a lot of people off guard when he took a broadside swipe at his former colleague, Xtian Dela who most people thought was also his friend. And it was all because of his oversharing the pregnancy journey of his girlfriend, Fatma Banj.

Andrew Kibe is back to his old self and we love him

Earlier on, we had shared our opinion and had told you that in showbiz, there are no lasting friendships unless the celebs in question grew up together.

Andrew Kibe
Controversial radio show presenter and blogger, Andrew Kibe

This argument was made after we saw Xtiandela take a swipe at Kamene Goro after she falsely accused him of taking advantage of Shakilla and using her to boost his own digital profile.

Xtian Dela Responds To Andrew Kibe For Criticizing Him On Posting Girlfriend’s Pregnancy- Fans React Savagely

Ince then, we haven’t really seen the former colleagues and pretend BFFs hang out -which is a far cry from all the posts Kamene Goro used to dedicate to her former producer, Xtiandela, going as far as to refer to him as the general. Even less effort has been put into maintaining the appearance of being friends with Andrew Kibe.

Kamene Goro
Kiss 100’s Kamene Goro with Andrew kibe

This is not to fault the overweight lady because she is clearly onto something seeing as she is the one still employed at Radio Africa’s station, Kiss100, while the rest were let go. Also, we aren’t intimately familiar with what transpired between the three but I am an old school thinker who would rather not force a friendship rather than pretend that I am on great terms with someone I only consider a colleague.

Andrew Kibe Criticizes Xtian Dela, Girlfriend For Showing Off Pregnancy On Social Media-We Don’t Give A Sh*t

Now back to the matter at hand, Xtiandela has his reasons for sharing as much information as he does about Fatma’s pregnancy: that is what their audience is demanding. And this is how he pays his bills -views equal monetization.

Xtiandela, Fatma Banj
Xtian Dela with his girlfriend

So why would Andrew Kibe take a shot at his former colleague and “friend”? Because according to him, this is not a masculine thing to do. And whether or not you agree with Andrew Kibe or whether or not you see the sense in why Xtiandela is doing, one thing has come into focus: they were never friends.

Xtiandela LGBTQ platform will cost him his political ambition

After all, you cannot make me believe that one doesn’t have the phone number of the other. So why didn’t they simply jump on the horn and discuss these issues? Why are their domes playing out in the public gallery? It is because one doesn’t care for the other. Either of them could also simply send a text and put an end to the tomfoolery. In fact, I would argue that they could make more money working together rather than going at each other. But what do I know?

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Andrew Kibe is back to his old self and we love him

Andrew Kibe is finally back to speaking his mind and we love it! The straight talking former Kiss FM and NRG Radio personality is back on IG shooting straight from the hip.

Andrew Kibe Criticizes Xtian Dela, Girlfriend For Showing Off Pregnancy On Social Media-We Don’t Give A Sh*t

His topics too are back to being the type of stuff that gained him notoriety: man-talk. And he makes no apologies over the matter, instead doubling down much to the chagrin of alot of women.

Andrew Kibe

He discusses matters Kenyan women and how they manipulate men, he discusses male weakness and how to improve and he also discusses inter-gender dynamics after the advent of feminism and how it ruined things.

She’s Going To Age Like A Banana- Andrew Kibe Criticizes Guardian Angel-Esther Musila Relationship

And because he doesn’t have to balance corporate interests with content, he can be as savage as he wants and that is what we the audience are demanding: blood sport.

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe’s new station ‘Rogue Radio’ officially goes Live on air

To be fair, he is not doing anything new. This format of content is what has been used in America by Kevin Samuels to amass a crazy following.

Andrew Kibe is right about wife material qualities

However, this is the first time it has been adapted for the African and more specifically, the Kenyan audience.

Andrew Kibe
Controversial radio show presenter and blogger, Andrew Kibe

So what we are currently dealing with is a man who is helping men attempt to better their lot in life while simultaneously letting them know about the types of women to avoid.

Because really, Andrew Kibe has learnt from personal failure that the woman by your side could either make or break you and who better to give you advice than a man who has had it all and lost it?

Andrew Kibe
Xtian Dela, Andrew Kibe and Kamene

And there are even no sacred cows. Andrew Kibe recently took shots at his former co-worker and partner in crime, Xtiandela who used to produce the show that he and Kamene Goro were on at Kiss 100.

I am glad he is back to his old self and I for onw am looking forward to continuing to enjoy his content.

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Andrew Kibe is right about wife material qualities

Andrew Kibe is back like he never left and the former Kiss 100 and NRG personality had been keeping a low profile after he was caught up in a scandal involving a minor who had catfished him into believing she was an adult.

‘You Must Delete All Social Media Accounts’ Andrew Kibe Explains Qualities Of A Wife Material

He had wisely opted to keep a low profile as feminists and their mentally challenged male allies took shots at him but he has now resurfaced to guide young men into leading their relationships from a point of self-focus.

Andrew Kibe
Controversial radio show presenter and blogger, Andrew Kibe

This time, Andrew Kibe has decided to teach men what exactly “wife material” looks and feels like. What that basically speaks to is the fact that men are usually unsure what sort of qualities to look for in a woman they are dating or looking to settle down with.

‘Kwani Iyo Kitu Yenu Ni Special Sana Hamuezi Tulia?’ Rue Baby Blasts Andrew Kibe For Supporting Shaffie

You see, the age old question of what a woman brings to the table has become the focus for many men who feel their partners do not compliment their lives and dating women is akin to raising someone else’s entitled children.

Andrew Kibe
Andrew Kibe while he was at Kiss100

The pointers Andrew Kibe gave are merely the introduction to this poignant topic but I do agree with them. Let us look at what he said and why it makes sense so that you can avoid making silly mistakes and dating women who advise you to get a vasectomy to prove your love only to leave you because they want to explore a new facet of their life.

Nairobi! Kiss FM former radio presenter Andrew Kibe’s private photos leaked!

She must quit social media

Social media is essentially sexual attention bombarding women 24/7. There are simps singing about how they worship at your feet goddess. So if a high-value man or a man pursuing his goals is dating a woman, she has to quit social media. Why? It is the equivalent of a woman being in a committed relationship while still entertaining men who act as sexual distractions.
Usually a man with options will not stomach this as a relationship calls on him to sacrifice his options for monogamy. Then his woman too will have to quit social media.

Andrew Kibe
Former KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

Submission is key

The idea behind this ofcourse is that the man in question is a high-value man or is on his mission, trying to put a dent in the universe. That means that he is taking care of his woman. And as a result, she should be submissive. No man wants to fight the world then come home to fight his woman.

Be feminine

This means that you bring feminine energy to your man’s home. And yes, that includes cooking for your man. You see, a man worth his salt is out fighting with the world to create something for himself and his family. Feminine energy helps men relax and decompress.
Think of it like this, no, you cannot do anything about his stress but your feminine energy puts him in a state where he can chill and heal.

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Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe prove there are no real friendships in entertainment

First, because I know how guys can get, this is not an accusatory piece about either Kamene Goro or Andrew Kibe. This is simply a look at what type of friendships you should expect with your work colleagues or your peers within whichever industry you’re in but largely entertainment. Now that that’s out of the way, allow me to proceed.

Watch: Kamene Goro and Jalang’o tear each other apart over Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu’s broken relationship

A few months ago, I argued out my opinion that Kamene Goro and Jalang’o teaming up against Xtiandela was proof that the previously indomitable trio of Andrew Kibe, Kamene Goro and Xtiandela had unravelled as soon as the pair of gentlemen had been shown the door at Kiss 100 FM. And when the first opportunity presented itself, Jalang’o and Kamene Goro took a shot at Xtiandela.

Kamene Goro
Kamene Goro poses in underwear

At the time, Xtiandela was hosting his Covid show in IG and had just invited Shakilla on who had made some bombastic allegations, claiming she had slept with the likes of Victor Wanyama among other celebrities. It was later revealed that she had been lying through her teeth as she was just making up lies for hype and clout.

Xtiandela vs Kamene Goro and Jalang’o: Showbiz haina urafiki

From there, Jalang’o and Kamene Goro hosted the little girl on Jalang’o’s YouTube show and they just threw Xtiandela under the bus to pass themselves off as saints who are out to liberate young girls. This was the first sign that these so-called entertainment friends are not exactly friends.

Kamene Goro and Andrew kibe
Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro

Last year, I was talking to a friend of mine who said something rather insightful. We were talking about friendships and he pointed out that the best friends we make in life are those we make in childhood. After that, the next tier of best friends we make are those we make during times of sheer adversity -when we both face the same adversity and overcome it. But the friends we make in adulthood are largely acquaintances and the problem with us is that we confuse these for real friends. Take Kamene Goro and Andrew kibe as an example.

Edgar Obare gets the last laugh over Jalang’o and Kamene Goro

The pair were supposedly real down friends. they had come up together at NRG Radio and when they were moved over to Kiss100, they both faced legal action instituted against them by Kevin Mullei. They then were set to take over urban morning radio. Kamene Goro however, was forced to split from Andrew Kibe when he was let go by Radio Africa Group, the parent company of Kiss100. When that happened, there was nothing Kamene could do as the company isn’t hers nor her father’s. And most likely, Andrew kibe had done something that put him in the company’s crosshairs.

Xtian Dela
Xtiandela interveiwing Shakilla

But when Andrew Kibe revealed that he had survived a crazy 2020 that saw him suffer financially following his sacking and the Covid19 pandemic, I found myself wondering where his friends were. Where was Xtiandela and where was Kamene Goro? When he opened up about his struggles, Kibe did not mention any of them reaching out to him to offer something as impactful as a shoulder to lean on.

This if anything should tell you that entertainers are simply strange bedfellows whose loyalties are fleeting at best and merely to their bottom line more often than not. And plan accordingly. Knowing is doing and while knowledge isn’t power, the disparity of knowledge is. So now that you know, use this information wisely. What I will say however, is that it was a dope thing seeing Kamene Goro admit she and Andrew Kibe are no longer close.

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Andrew Kibe is right about not dating above your pay grade

Andrew Kibe is back to serving us the type of content that originally made him famous to begin with. You see, when he first started out, Kibe as his fans call him was making content for men.

What next for Andrew Kibe following his exit from Kiss100?

It was social commentary that sort to advise men on how to survive in a world that seems to only become increasingly difficult for everyone, men seem to bear the brunt of things.

andrew kibe doing his shenanigans

That includes but doesn’t exclusively limits itself to gender relations. And that is what made Andrew Kibe famous because a lot of men are struggling with this particular aspect of life.

Kamene Goro’s reaction to Andrew Kibe’s termination is surprisingly grounded

You see, from when that man was a little boy, to when that boy became a teenager then a young man, he was taught to work hard, get good grades, land a great job and make a great income for himself working either as a businessman or as an employee. But no one tells the man how to go about organizing his social life especially around the one aspect that dominates a lot of his thinking capacity -getting laid.

andrew kibe

And so Kibe now is going back to basics and a video that I saw get shared a lot on social media this past weekend was one in which he was telling men to date women within their income level.

Andrew Kibe breathes fire after Azziad’s brutal reply to his DM (Video)

And what Kibe meant by that was exemplified by the example of a man from Lang’ata dating a woman from Umoja -and even that is a stretch. This was his way of introducing the topic of hypergamy.

andrew kibe

This is women’s evolved propensity to date men either at their level (at worst) or at a higher financial level than they are at.

This is actually sound advice for men who are looking to date even as they build themselves. Kibe is trying to tell men that women will always be looking out for the next upgrade and while I agree with this idea he is putting forth, I am also going to argue that this should be the least of your focus, men should instead seek to be the best possible versions of themselves.

If you as a man focus on improving yourself, you will soon be able to demand the best. But at the heart of it, what Kibe is saying is what your uncle should have taught you. He should have told you that at the end of the day, women seek security from men and in our civilized world, that means financial security.

And in truth, there is nothing wrong with this dating strategy as women have to contend with the question of not only their survival but also that of their offspring.


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What next for Kamene Goro after Andrew Kibe exited Kiss100?

Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe came together from NRG Radio as a package deal that involved their show’s producer, Xtian Dela when they were poached by Kiss100. Unfortunately, that audacious play at market disruption did not pan out to be a longtime play with the team eventually exiting the Radio Africa Limited owned company.

Kamene Goro’s reaction to Andrew Kibe’s termination is surprisingly grounded

This has resulted in Kamene Goro being the only survivor left standing at Kiss100. On Monday morning, however, her solo run at the show told a very clear story to the world. And I for one sorely missed Kibe’s energy and the chemistry that was undeniable.

kamene goro and andrew kibe

Now, make no mistake about it, Kiss100 will definitely survive that minor speed-bump and inconvenience of having to let go of Kibe but they, along with Kamene Goro will have to dig deep to change the show’s format into something that works.

Kamene Goro finds love years after fiancée walked out on her!

Rumour has it that Jalang’o will be joining the show to inject some much-needed foil energy to Kamene Goro’s morning segment and that will definitely help set the pace. But outside of this, what happens to Kamene Goro outside of Kiss100 now that her partner in crime is gone from radio?

kamene goro and andrew kibe

Well, as with anyone else, Kamene Goro could set up a podcast. The challenge with this, however, is the fact that we haven’t really gotten to hear a lot of her thoughts as she hasn’t really created a brand and niche for herself. As a result, unlike with Andrew kibe, Kamene Goro would have to start laying the foundation for her podcast -essentially starting from the ground up.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro talk about their relationship after meeting on Tinder

Kamene Goro could always target getting on TV with a show. She has in the past had a show with Shaffie Weru and DJ Hypnotiq but that was a crowded show. Kamene Goro could always go the route of setting up a show that would be in the lifestyle mould that the likes of Tyra Banks or closer to home, Grace Msalame.

kamene goro

And the final option open to Kamene Goro would be for her to continue working with her former teammates off the Radio Africa Limited platforms such as Kiss100 and actually build a digital ecosystem for themselves. Xtian Dela, after all, is a Wizz at creating Digital videos and platforms, Andrew Kibe is already chemistry she had built up and can always tap into almost with no energy at all.
Kamene could commit to doing the work to build podcast/ video or any other platform with Andrew Kibe and Xtian Dela that would allow her to note only safeguard her radio platform but that comes with zero of the red tape she had to endure over at Kiss100.

“I love women, but not like that..” Kamene Goro clears the air on lesbianism reports


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What next for Andrew Kibe following his exit from Kiss100?

Andrew Kibe and his former co-host, Kamene Goro, aswell as their show’s producer, Xtian Dela were poached from NRG Radio by Kiss100. When that happened, the move resulted in a court case and they were welcomed to their new Lion Place offices with a lot of turmoil -perhaps marking the atmosphere of their stay at Kiss100.

Revealed! How bitter clash between Andrew Kibe and his boss forced his exit from Kiss FM

Xtian Dela was the first to leave and he has been followed by Andrew Kibe which leaves Kamene Goro all alone to deal with her new co-host, Jalang’o.

andrew kibe and kamene goro

And true to form, Twitter’s busy body rumour mongers have been scoffing at Andrew Kibe, chiding him to go back to talking shop about male issues from the rooftops. And the fools that have been chiding him have doubtless gotten their seven giggles in.

Kamene Goro’s reaction to Andrew Kibe’s termination is surprisingly grounded

But that is actually a brilliant suggestion. Think about it, with Covid-19, Kenyans have truly made the shift to and embraced digital media. From WhatsApp to Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Kenyans have been consuming Kenyan content with an insatiable appetite.

andrew kibe

All Andrew Kibe needs to do is for him to actually begin to make an impact is for him to focus and dedicate himself to actually producing content on a regular basis. He could very well become Kenya and Africa’s Joe Rogan. He, after all, has the charm and charisma.
And the best thing about the internet is that Andrew Kibe wouldn’t have to censor himself. He wouldn’t have to run things by any supervisor and he can refine his audience targeting and actually begin to make money even from advertising.

Andrew Kibe breathes fire after Azziad’s brutal reply to his DM (Video)

Another thing that is possible for Andrew Kibe to do is for him to shop his talents around. If you ask me, this is the less enticing possibility but it would assure him a steady income at the soonest possible opportunity. he could very easily get a gig on either radio or TV and perhaps get to craft a show around his content. And given that he would be alone, he could very well drive the show with his charisma but he would be required to tone down his content.

andrew kibe

Whatever the future holds for Kibe, he has become a household name so the only limiting factor in all this would be his imagination.

NTV´s Amina Abdi vows to get ‘female Andrew Kibe’ King Kalala on radio (Details)

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Kamene Goro’s reaction to Andrew Kibe’s termination is surprisingly grounded

Kamene Goro is the last man left standing when it comes to the radio personalities poached from NRG Radio by Kiss 100. The original cast had Xtian Dela and Andrew Kibe aswell but they are no longer with the Waiyaki Way based radio station.

Kamene Goro’s reaction after Kibe’s exit from Kiss FM

Xtian Dela was the first to be shown the door during a retrenchment drive done by the Radio Africa Limited owned radio station earlier this year and Kibe was the latest shown the door.

kamene goro

As you can imagine, this is a tough time for Kamene Goro who has been left alone from when she first set foot in the Kiss100 studio and this will definitely dampen her spirits.

Kamene Goro finds love years after fiancée walked out on her!

It also goes to show you just how professional Kamene Goro is because she has managed to keep her energy levels elevated in spite of the termination of her radio partner which probably happened in a manner that blind sighted her.

kamene goro

It also goes to show her as a woman with her priorities in order as she took stock of her life and realities and realized that she arrived in the world on her own and she would doubtless have to deal with her circumstances and responsibilities alone. So she has chosen to soldier on and knowing the Kenyan populace would want to know how she felt, she shared as much as she could without landing herself in trouble with her managers by simply saying

Si poa

And at the end of the day, who knows, she might just end up working with Andrew Kibe again. Perhaps on a podcast or some other level of production. And she has let her bosses know she can be relied upon to maintain sharrap when needed. So they will feel free to reach out to her when the time comes to rebuild the morning segment.

kamene goro

Kamene Goro reveals unknown details about her relationship with Avril’s baby daddy

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Azziad is playing her cards right and protecting her image

Azziad is the flavour of the week and many men are doubtless in her DMs trying to see whether she will allow them to take a dive in her garden of Eden but so far, it would seem she has done a great job of fending off the thirsty men.

The most recent man whom she has outed is none other than Andrew Kibe who was put on blast for trying to sleep with her by first sliding in her DMs and she steadfastly refused.

Andrew Kibe breathes fire after Azziad’s brutal reply to his DM (Video)

While to many this may seem like overkill, this is actually a smart move by Azziad that will preserve her image and even help to enhance it because the last thing she wants to do is to be known as the entertainment industry jump off. When it come s to any facet of entertainment, be it acting or singing, the worst thing for any woman is for her to gain or rather earn the reputation of being an easy lay. Why? Because these industries attract lecherous men who are opportunistic hunters.

Internet sensation, Azziad Nasenya

That is why many artists, music video directors and are known to ask for sexual favours in return for their being included in the scenes that have the most screen time.

Azziad Nasenya has proven many people wrong


Being aware of this, Azziad actually did a great thing to shut down all the men in her DMs. And when she finally does meet her prince charming, he will know that she actively chose to be with him because she could have had any man she damn well pleased even if it would have lasted all of a hot minute.

Sad! Azziad Nasenya speaks of tormenting nights few days after her debut on ´Selina´ drama series

azziad nasenya
Azziad Nasenya

Add to this the fact that women’s power isn’t in the actual act of coitus but rather in the allure and promise of what’s to come. And in rejecting all these men, Azziad actually maintains the power.

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Kibe’s exit from Kiss FM opens the door for Jalang’o to join

Jalang’o aka Jalas, aka Heavy J is an example of why people should invest heavily on building their brands -especially those in media. You see, he was fired from Mediamax owned Milele FM for refusing to accept a fifty per cent pay cut just a few short days ago.

Jalang’o and Betty Kyallo: new partnership loading

And already, it would seem like luck is on his side because following a reported meeting with the Radio Africa Limited CEO, Patrick Quarcoo, news just reaching us this morning intimates that the company which owns Kiss 100 has decided to part ways with Andrew Kibe.


The details for this decision is still not clear but what is clear is that if you’re a lazy bum, you think this is proof that Jalang’o has a guardian angel or luck on his side.

Jalang’o should now chase independent media pursuits

The truth of the matter, however, is less grandiose or based on destiny than you would like to think: he -Felix Odiwuor is simply reaping the rewards of all the hard work he put into his brand as Jalang’o which has amassed for him a following and that is why Radio Africa Limited has been flirting with the idea of bringing him on board.


Add to this the fact that he has also been building his digital presence with a YouTube account that has grown as if he had fed it steroids and you see why other media houses would want to get him. Most traditional media companies have a protected position due to the heavy capital investment required and the political connections one must have to start radio stations. As a result of the internet, however, the barriers to entry into the media and content creation field no longer exist and as a result, traditional media is struggling to get a foothold in the digital space outside of reporting news.

Why Kenyans defended Alex Mwakideu but persecuted Jalang’o

And Jalang’o had the sense to sit in that desired space -an organically grown and maintained content generation field with a massive following.

andrew kibe and kamene goro

So as we wait to see what unfolds, I would wager that Kiss 100 is waiting on the wings for an opportune time or perhaps they will create that time themselves and they will announce that Jalang’o has joined their staff and he will very likely be paired with Kamene Goro.

Ted Josiah and the dishonesty of men blaming Jalang’o

Still, that morning show has lacked stability since Caroline Mutoko left the scene and while Adelle and Shaffie brought some semblance of stability, it was short-lived. It will be interesting to see what unfolds from here on out.


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‘Tough’ Andrew Kibe confess of being beaten by a woman

Kiss 100 Fm Radio presenter Andrew KIbe has come out to reveal that men also get battered by their women and he’s a good example.

The radio presenter who speaks a lot on being tough in relationships revealed that he got into a fight with a lady and he was beaten up.

“There was a time I was with this chick and we were having a heated argument,” he said.  

“Please note at this time, we were just using our mouths. She says she wants to go sit in the car. I tell her to chill for the story to be over then we leave. She tries to grab the keys from my pocket and I tell her to chill, and now she tries to forcefully get the keys from my pocket, and I hold her hand, telling her to chill.

“This chick grabs a shoe and throws it at me. I go in for the grab again and tell her to relax. She took a bite at my chest. I have a mark till today and it happened years ago,” he said on Monday morning.


Kibe was speaking on radio when he shared the confession. He further added that men get battered by their wives a lot but not too many are speaking up.

“But the story is this, all that was not seen but my reaction to the bite. The man in this country is under siege and he cannot speak of himself being battered. It does not matter how much I complain and no one is going to listen to me. Nobody believed me because I sounded like a crazy person,” he said. 

“This is something that goes on because I know friends who go through the same. And to make it worse, there are worse stories but they cannot come out. It hurts more because if she screams, you are the one who is inflicting pain in the woman.”


Andrew Kibe: Burale and other pastors I was friends with blocked me after I left church 

Radio presenter Andrew Kibe was once a pastor. He, however, left the job because he eventually saw that people he was around were fake and nothing but pretenders.

“I was not good enough because I could not lie enough like most pastors do, and so I left the club of fakeness and started a new life,” he said.


Kibe went on to add that after backsliding all his fellow pastors including Robert Burale walked away.

“I was not good enough and so they never made me a pastor. I only prayed for myself. The club of friends I was with blocked me because they said I was too outspoken or something like that. In 2009, I discovered Christiandom and got saved. After that, I tried it a couple of years and later went to India to do the mobile application.”

“Religion should be very personal and no one should tell you what to be. I changed a couple of things in my life,” he added.

Andrew Kibe finally buys new shoes after Kenyans mocked him over ‘his only one pair’

Radio host and online verbal bully Andrew Kibe, according to Kenyans, has only one pair that he wears day and night, Summer and Winter, muddy or dusty times.

The shoe is all-weather which is okay with Kibe but Kenyans are apparently tired of it. Kenyans ganged up online to force the popular radio host to buy another pair saying they are tired of that one.


He did buy new shoes but Kenyans still didn’t stop. The NRG radio presenter bought a new shoe, but netizens were quick to claim that it cost him just Ksh 200 at Muthurwa late night.

The Radio station took to its Twitter account to announce the ‘big’ achievement of Kibe.

“That’s how you rock a new shoe at work. How much do you think @Kybeness‘ shoe cost? . Also, kindly note that #NRGIsPregnant and we are about to deliver.”