Mali safi iende chain chain! Vera Sidika bags herself popular male Mombasa socialite (Photo)

Vera Sidika has found love in Mombasa. The popular socialite who is believed to have quite a body count bagged the herself the new man moments after relocating to Mombasa; her hometown.

The lass went on to parade the young man through her social media pages; and just like with her exes, Vera Sidika went on to reveal how in love she was with this particular fella as seen on her post.

Indeed Vera falls easily and barely a year after parting ways with Tanzanian doctor; the lady now says that she is in love with one Brown Mauzo. She went on to flaunt him through her instagram page days after Amber Ray went on to reveal that she was done with the guy!

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

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Vera’s type

Looking at some of the boyfriends Vera Sidika has introduced to fans on social media; we can confirm that the lady likes skinny, light skinned men from the coast region or rather just Swahili men.

So far we have Otile Brown, Tanzanian doctor Jimmy Chansa and now Brown Mauzo! With her clock ticking so far at 31 years, Vera Sidika might be on a mission to have a child; but word making rounds on social media is that she wants a light skinned baby.

Vera Sidika with bae, Jimmy

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Judging from how her bleached skin has been acting up; it’s only fair to assume that her genes are quite strong and may over those of her black but light skinned man. Well fans keep advising her to get a caucasian man but I guess…. once you go black, you never go back!

Vera showing off new bae
Jalango with Veras bae

How Vera Sidika sacrificed Otile Brown´s relationship with Nabayet (Video)

Otile Brown knows how to treat his women, probably why he always bags himself the finest in the African continent.

Many would argue that he comes from the Western part of this country and probably why his romantic side runs in his veins. Well… that is discussion for another day.

Unfortunately though, in as much as he invested in his Ethiopian girl, it turns out that Vera Sidika is standing in his way to walking Nabayet down the isle.

Something he revealed to Milele FM presenter, Jalang´o, admitting that his past with the Kenyan socialite is now costing him his undying love for Nabbi.

Vera Sidika and her Kenyan ex, Otile Brown

The RnB sensation confessed that Nabayet is the love of his life but she does not believe that he genuinely loves her.

According to the Ethiopian beauty and brains, the Kenyan singer is making a fool out of her, following his dark past of being nothing but a crooner – someone who can not settle with one woman.

Ethiopian queen, Nabayet

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To this he decided to dedicate her the song Nabayet  just to prove to her and the world how much he adores her, in the hope that they can fix things and that Nabbi can learn to trust him.

The thing is, kuna vile in my last relationship vitu vilitokea. Kuna vile wanawake wakanielewa kwamba I´m ruthless, ikija kwa madame sijatulia. So when we first got into the relationship, she wasn´t sure about me. It doesn´t matter how much I tell her ´I love you´ and that´s why I sang Nabayet because everything on that song is true.

Otile Brown with lover, Nabayet

Nabayet´s characteristics are what worn the brown-skin lad´s heart and attention. Unlike Vera Sidika, the Ethiopian lass is humble, minds her own business and is pretty genuine about her feelings.

Something that bewitched the coastal artist who believes no one will ever replace Nabbi in his life.

I don´t think I ever loved a woman the way I loved that chq. Ni mwanamke ambaye hana story mingi, she´s that type of a woman, ukimkosea, atalia. And as a coastal man when a woman cries, you feel bad mehn. It was always a struggle. So many times we were having the same discusion like: I don´t think you do [love me].  Every time I tell her I really love you and care about you she´s like: No, you´re just playing with me.

Otile Brown´s lover, Nabayet

Despite the rocky situation between him and the damsel, he still keeps his hopes high that someday they will officially become an item for the rest of their lives.

Sijui ya kesho. Kwangu mi najua ni yeye but I´m just saying – God forbid – but if anything happens, I don´t think I´ll ever find a woman like her. Ni mwanamke ambaye ananielewa ni mwanamke ambaye hana mambo mengi, she supports me. She´s my best friend.

Otile Brown

Regarding who is keeping his bed warm during these chilly times, Otile humorously expressed:

Nanyonga tu nikimsubiri. At least anajua boy wake amatulia and all.

For sure, Otile has been bewitched by his Ethiopian girl´s love who he treats like a Queen if his recent confessions are anything to go.

Ethiopian-Kenyan couple, Nabayet and Otile Brown

A romantic stunt that was never forced on him, rather he did it genuinely, out of his love for his Ethiopian girl.

It´s because I chose to do so. Let me even surprise you. Do you know, hajawai ata shika chakula na mkono, do you know I feed her? It´s not that I am being forced to, I do it willingly because I really love my woman.

Otile Brown exposes Vera Sidika for using and dumping him (Video)

Kenyan RnB sensation, Otile Brown is sure still pretty hurting from his ugly split with Vera Sidika.

For him, she was his dream come true. He believed he had bagged himself a woman he could lawfully settle with and build a home with but none of that ever came to pass.

Instead, it was a love filled with heartbreaks, disappointments every dawn and despite the multiple sacrifices he made, none of it was ever acknowledged or even appreciated.

Ex-lovers, Otile Brown and Vera Sidika

The Kenyan artist has now hit back at the popular socialite for wasting his time and energy and taking advantage of him only to end up walking away and into the arms of another man.

This might have caused him depression and pain and he is no longer in the business of looking for true love because his past sings a different tune.

Otile was left wounded and for the streets, trying to get the pieces back together but it has proven tough to do so.

Usinone nimetulia, nimeshapitia mengi. Nilimpenda yule dame, nikainvest vicenti. Akaniacha mataani. Kaondoka na flani, aki ya Mungu niliumia.

Jacob Obunga popularly known as, Otile Brown


And for that, he now hits and run every lass that comes his way. Why? Becomes he no longer believes in sincere and unconditional love.

For him, every girl is typical. No one is different before his eyes. The wound is too deep to heal and a pain too severe to overcome.

Now I hit and run, yule dame kanifanya nikalia. Kwanza sipendi mapenzi, now I hit and run. Hawa madem wanaushenzi.

Singer Otile Brown

Born Jacob Obunga, the Kenyan artist bragged of his flashy lifestyle now, his raised standards when it comes to his taste of women because he is moneyed anyway.

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The light-skin lad reminded Vera that he would be balling with her right now but she took it all for granted, making him believe that this was true love.

Vile ninaball sai. Vile ninatesa sai. Crib ninakaa sai. Madem ninakata sai. Oh Baby this could be us but you took it all way. Baby you threw all that away. Nilidhani unanipenda. Now I hit and run.

Kenyan R&B artist, Otile Brown

All this he revealed through his new hit dubbed Hit and Run that features Khaligraph Jones and basically talks of exes and the uncouth habit prevalent among girls.


Vera and Otile´s relationship was declared redundant around August 2018, which each side giving a different story.

Vera was later on rumored to be seeing a new guy before coming clean about her ties to Tanzanian medic, Jimmy Chansa whose love flame went off even soon as it started.

Ex-lovers, Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa

Meanwhile, Otile was busy warming Ethiopian babe, Nabayet´s bed for a couple of months before their relationship got burned down by all sorts of controversies.

Former sweethearts., Otile Brown and Nabayet

Currently, it seems like neither Otile nor Vera is dating.


“You are sick” Otile Brown reveals the main reason his ex Vera Sidika aborted their unborn baby

Word making rounds is that Otile Brown is still mad at his ex, Vera Sidika who he has apparently fallen in love with to a point where he was ready to settle down with the lady.

During the festive season or rather just a few days ago the singer went on to share a new post on his Instagram page talking about Vera Sidika’s obsession with having a light skinned child.

In the post Otile Brown goes on to claim that Vera Sidika got pregnant with their baby but with time opted to abort it since she was not sure whether Otile Brown’s genes were strong enough to fight the melanin still running in her DNA despite having spent millions to lighten her skin.

Otile Brown

Otile Brown still angry at Vera Sidika

Judging from the post shared above, one can easily tell that Otile Brown is still worried about his ex – who he says would rather date the wrong person just to make sure she gets a light skinned baby.

Well, not quite sure what triggered Otile Brown to share the posts despite having Nabbi in his life – but let’s see how things will work out or if Vera will respond.

Otile Brown

“Y’all been on your relationships but thinking about me!” Otile Brown shades Vera Sidika and his other exes!

It sure feels good to be Otile Brown who claims that his exes never get over him because he is a sweet and caring man.

In his recent posts shared on his Instagram stories…the singer says that his exes have been on his case for long despite breaking up with them.

The ‘bitter’ ladies have gone to an extent of ruining his relationship with Ethiopian beauty Nabbi who dumped him after an unknown lady on social media told her  that she was pregnant with Otile Brown’s baby.

Otile Brown targeting Vera Sidika?

Anyway, seems like Mr Brown has decided to call out his exes saying that they still think about him. He goes on to claim that these ladies often wait for their men to fall asleep so that they can stalk him in piece.

Otile Brown wrote;

Have you ever wondered why my exes never get over me coz I’m sweet, caring. loveling and very smart – they’ve been hiding behind fake accounts – and have been solving petty issues all the time coz my girl kinder cant stay away from this DMs and comment and I don’t blame her – too much pressure for a good quiet girl like her- And so my exes y’all haven’t moved on, y’all been on your relationships but thinking about me – hiding on your bathrooms tryn to geopardise my relationship when y’all men are in bed a sleep.

Otile Brown

Well could the post be directed to Vera Sidika since she is the only one we know of and is currently in a serious relationship with her Tanzanian bae?

Otile Brown and Vera now in talking terms: I was at her beauty parlor and had my legs done

Kenyan R&B artist, Otile Brown speaks his first since his nasty breakup with Vera, assuring fans that the two are now in good terms.



Speaking during Citizen TV´s ¨10 over 10¨, the music sensation articulates that the two have settled their differences over time.

Vera has a beautiful heart, she is caring.

But when it comes to love, there are people who don´t know how to deal with heartbreaks.

I have got nothing but love for her.

Actually we are talking, we started talking recently.

I was at her beauty parlor and had my legs done.

However, Otile reiterated fact that the curvy beauty does not know how to deal with breakups.

This comes as the first since the two part ways with a war of words witnessed between the two ex-lovers.