Otile Brown discloses 8 reasons why he only has eyes for Nabbi

Otile Brown is a man deeply in love with his girlfriend, Nabayet popularly known as Nabbi. For months now the singer has made it known he adores his lady and is planning to settle down with her in future.

With his new song dubbed dusuma it appears fans have now turned the song into an anthem; and pretty soon it might just hit the number top spot! Well, his girlfriend Nabbi has also joined in the current dusuma challenge that left her parading her moves on Instagram.

Since the post was shared by Otile Brown, the singer decided to go a little extra revealing 8 qualities that attracted towards Nabbi. On the post, Otile asked fans to put aside the beauty as he went on to praise his lady for other things most fans knew nothing about.

Otile Brown with lover, Nabayet

He went on to say;

Forget the beauty – she is a sign of 1.peace 2.humility 3.happiness 4.love 5.smart 6.unproblematic 7.caring 8.understanding and her smile and laughter can even cure cancer – so therapeutic .That’s what i ride for .. I promise , soon putting you in a mansion with your favorite car parked outside #inshallah ???? @nabbi__ ❤️ #dusuma ft @meddyonly

Nabbi responds to Otile’s interview

After coming across Otile Brown’s interview where he confessed to mastubating; Nabbi promised to jet back to Kenya as soon as flights are back to operating. She went on to say;

Otile Brown’s girlfriend, Nabbi

 Yeah I saw that; I saw a lot of messages the next day. It was hilarious, but definitely I’m gonna come. Ones the borders are open, that would be my first destination. I do check on that every day, so there was nothing new and that’s good it should be appreciated. In fact, it should be something that should be looked up to, I think.”

“ I have never worn a bra nor do I own one” Otile Brown’s girlfriend reveals

Otile Brown’s girlfriend Nabayet popularly known as Nabbi has come out to answer a question that many have been asking about her.

Otile Brown’s girlfriend, Nabbi

Turns out that fans noticed that in all her Instagram photos she has never been spotted wearing a bra! Well, this is true and Nabbi is not shy to admit this either since she doesn’t own even one bra!

Nabayet cuddles Otile Brown with charming words

In her post, went on to reveal that bra’s leave her feeling suffocated and are also painful! Nabbi added that this is the main reason she avoids wearing or even buying them!

Just to put this question to rest once and for all… no I have never worn a bra nor do I own one. It’s way too suffocating and painful. Suffocate for what?

Nabayet tames Otile Brown

Since Otile Brown got back with Nabbi, the singer has lately been keeping a low profile and is no longer dragged into scandals like before.


His music also seems to be changing for the better as seen on his latest project. On one of his Instagram posts the fella confessed that Nabayet had tamed him in a way he couldn’t explain. Singer Otile wrote;

  Yani wewe na uhuni na ujanja wako wote lazima utakutana na kiboko yako atakaye kutuliza.. Wifi yenu @nabbi__wewe kiboko.. tell e’m am done done , Nimewala sana, sai nimetulia staki mbwembwe #BadMan #wegotnothingbutlove.”


“Y’all been on your relationships but thinking about me!” Otile Brown shades Vera Sidika and his other exes!

It sure feels good to be Otile Brown who claims that his exes never get over him because he is a sweet and caring man.

In his recent posts shared on his Instagram stories…the singer says that his exes have been on his case for long despite breaking up with them.

The ‘bitter’ ladies have gone to an extent of ruining his relationship with Ethiopian beauty Nabbi who dumped him after an unknown lady on social media told her  that she was pregnant with Otile Brown’s baby.

Otile Brown targeting Vera Sidika?

Anyway, seems like Mr Brown has decided to call out his exes saying that they still think about him. He goes on to claim that these ladies often wait for their men to fall asleep so that they can stalk him in piece.

Otile Brown wrote;

Have you ever wondered why my exes never get over me coz I’m sweet, caring. loveling and very smart – they’ve been hiding behind fake accounts – and have been solving petty issues all the time coz my girl kinder cant stay away from this DMs and comment and I don’t blame her – too much pressure for a good quiet girl like her- And so my exes y’all haven’t moved on, y’all been on your relationships but thinking about me – hiding on your bathrooms tryn to geopardise my relationship when y’all men are in bed a sleep.

Otile Brown

Well could the post be directed to Vera Sidika since she is the only one we know of and is currently in a serious relationship with her Tanzanian bae?

Otile Brown continues to desperately beg his ex girlfriend to get back with him

Singer Otile Brown is regretting having lost the only woman that made him feel the need of settling down!

Apparently he has not yet given up on asking her to forgive him despite her telling him no and wishing him all the best in a post shared on her Instagram page.

Dear in-laws y’all are the sweetest and I have seen your kind words and unwavering support since day one and I have no idea what I did to deserve such love. However, love is not a game, heartbreak is no joke. It’s going to take a lot more than a song to heal and rekindle. My heart will always beat for him but unfortunately life has brought us here. I appreciate the effort, I really do. It takes one hell of a man to put aside pride and apologise. Maybe one day we will cross paths again. OB I am forever grateful for you. I will always be praying for your success and wishing you all the best in life????

Otile Brown’s new message to Nabbi

Judging from the comments left by Otile Brown and his fans, we can confirm that has been seeking for forgiveness from the Ethiopian lady and until now Otile Brown refuses to take ‘No’ for an answer!


Did Otile Brown cheat on his Ethiopian ex girlfriend?

It is official that Otile Brown and his girlfriend Nabbi are no longer an item. This comes a few weeks after the lady went on to share a photo of a black rose on her Instagram page hinting she had broken up with the Kenyan singer.

For weeks now the two have not been spotted together meaning that this was their final break up.

Just like any normal couple, the two had already started having issues just three months after they had started dating.

However, unlike the first break up…this time around the two seem not to have any plans of getting back together and Nabbi might have just revealed why.

Did Otile cheat?

Thanks to a question and answer session on Nabbi’s Instagram page, the lady reveals what she would do if she got cheated on. She wrote saying;


Well, isn’t this the same strategy she used on Otile Brown?