Meet the hot woman Baba Diamond Platnumz dumped to date Mama Dangote back in the day (Photo)

Before Mama Dangote got married to Mzee Abdul Naseeb also known as Baba Diamond; she was one hot lady who turned heads everywhere. However judging from a recent photo shared by Queen Darleen; we also understand that Mzee Naseeb has always had good taste in women from way back.

This is because Mama Darleen was not any average lady judging from how hot she looks in the throw back photo making rounds on social media. well, to be honest the lady also looks nothing like her late mum who passed on a few years ago.

Although the WCB female singer shared the post mourning her late mum; fans in the comment section could not stop commenting on how hot the late mum was. She wrote;

Queen Darleen

 Mama Darleen mwanamke wa maisha yangu Mich u???? AsanteDaddy G ????❤⚘

Darleen and Mama Dangote

Darleen shares the photo just a week after she was allegedly thrown out of her home by her landlord following delayed payments. According to reports, Darleen and hubby had not paid for their house rent close to six months; which forced the landlord to kick them out.

Word making rounds on social media is that Mama Dangote and Esma did not bother to step in as they distanced themselves from the scandal. Diamond Platnumz on the other hand maintains his silence concerning the matter but it appears Darleen’s hubby and in laws stepped in to help.

Anyway below is the cute photo of Mama Darleen making rounds on social media.

Queen Darleen’s mum

Queen Darleen comes clean about beef with step sister, Esma Platnumz (Video)

Esma Platnumz and Queen Darleen share one thing in common and that is, Diamond Platnumz. Esma is the time eldest daughter of Mama Dangote while Queen is Baba Diamond Platnumz eldest daughter.

With such a blended family you find both sisters attached to their brother who is said to be a multimillionaire for now. However with a busy schedule the sisters get to see him once in a while; and so far Diamond Platnumz has proven that both are equal as he has done everything in his power to ensure they live the best life.

Mzee Abdul and Queen Darleen

Of course just like any other family, they too have issues and so far word making rounds on social media is that Esma and Darleen are currently beefing. This is after mutual friends went on to inform Darleen that Esma and mama Dangote have been bad mouthing her.

Darleen responds

However speaking during a recent interview with Dizzim Online, Ms Darleen for the first time set the record straight about her relationship with step sister Esma.

According to the new mum in town, Esma is not a friend or any random buddy she met on the streets; but a big sister! To her, the rumors making rounds on social media do not benefit her with anything; and as long as their family is fine – fans can say whatever they want.

Darleen said;

Wanatakiwa kujua kuwa Esma sio mashikaji wangu, Esma sio rafiki yangu – ni ndungu yangu! Kwa hiyo ni kama ndungu – sisi ndio tunabaki kuwa ndungu iweje iweje.

This confirmed that all might not be well, but this does not mean that they will hate each other since they are siblings! I mean it happens in most families, right?

Watch the interview (4:50) courtesy of Dizzim online.

Adorable! Checkout the striking resemblance between Wasafi’s Queen Darleen’s daughter and daddy (Photo)

Queen Darleen might have saved husband Isihack from the shame of having no children. But what we know is that his first wife has been dealing with a condition that has left her childless for years.

However to solve this Isihack opted to marry another wife, Queen Darleen who recently welcomed her first child with hubby; but her second since she already has a son. With Darleen already having kids for Isihack, this has brought nothing but trouble between the two wives.

As seen on social media, Queen Darleen has proven to have a sharp mouth as she often mocks first wife, Sabra for being barren. Just a few hours ago the two ladies engaged in yet another online beef but this around Darleen honestly crossed the boundaries.

Baby Balqis causing trouble

From the rumors making rounds on social media, word has it that the two women fell out while planning for baby Balqis unveiling party; which will go down on Saturday, 21 November.

Well, it appears that Mama Sabra also wishes to participate in her ‘daughter’s’ 40th day celebrations; however Darleen and her Dangote family keep blocking from accessing this little miracle.

Anyway while the two continue to strip each other naked on social media; we have finally come across a photo of the new born as seen on Darleen’s IG.

Judging from the photo it’s only fair to conclude that Balqis got her looks from her papa; and hopefully she will grow up into a polite woman unlike her dramatic mum. Looking at Balqis, we can however understand why Darleen’s ego is off the roof!

Baby Balqis with daddy, Isihack

Kwani wamerogwa? Diamond Platnumz other sister unapologetically insults and mocks husband’s 1st wife 

Barely a week after Esma Platnumz was accused of aborting five month old pregnancy; and her other sister Queen Darleen is already making headlines again for the wrong reasons.

Well, word has it that Queen Darleen and husband’s first wife have never gotten along nor are they planning on settling their differences. But in their case it’s understandable as they both don’t want to share husband Isihack who quite a catch.

After months of insulting each other via their social media pages; we all assumed this would end after the birth of Isihack’s daughter – but unfortunately things are getting worse!

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Darleen mocks first wife

As seen on the latest post shared by Queen Darleen, we understand that she is back to beefing with Sabra over an unknown issue; but as usual it definitely has to do something with their husband.

This time around, Darleen however pulled an affair move of sharing Sabra’s photo without filter or make up! Trust me, if this was a competition then Darleen would be have the upper hand thanks to the photo shared on her stories.

She went on to Sabra in the caption as she wrote;

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Sasa kabla ya kujaa mama Mkubwa B lekebisha upele na usisahau kuvaa na kigodoro chako. Mama B mwana mke ta yakoo

Diamond Platnumz sisters

Judging from how the Dangote family operates; it’s only right to say that they are the perfect example to describe a Swahili family.

They not only gossip amongst each other, throw shade and back stab; but they also have each other’s back with Lokole fighting their online battles!

With such sisters in the family; we can also understand why Diamond Platnumz is taking long to marry…. I mean which woman would put up with such?

But again, what would we do without their drama on social media?

Congratulations! Diamond Platnumz officially welcomes his niece (Photos)

It is all cheer and laughter after the Dangote’s officially welcomed a new addition into their family.

Queen Darleen who in early December 2019, tied the knot with her tycoon husband, Isihaka Mtoro finally welcomed a newborn baby girl.

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The Mtoro family, which is a polygamous marriage, flocked the hospital yesterday, to cheer up and show love to WCB’s first lady Queen Darleen, ahead of her delivery.

The Isihaka Mtoro family finally welcome newborn

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The Big Day

October 10, 2020 the cry of a newborn was heard at the hospital. A girl already named “Balqis Isihaka” now crowned the princess of Isihaka and Queen Darleen.

Humbly adoring: “Alhamdullilah???????? 10.10.2020. Baby Girl Balqis Isihaka. Thanks Allah.”

Queen Darleen and hubby welcome bouncing baby girl, Balqis

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The WCB King, Diamond Platnumz, Queen Darleens half-brother was pictured gladly holding his adorable niece few hours after birth.

For him, it is a blessing he can never take for granted. Sitting right beside the new mom, looking blown away while gladly staring at the newborn in his arms.

Diamond Platnumz officially welcomes niece

Mama Dangote, Darleens step-mum could not hide her joy. Asking her young husband, Rally Jones to have enough of the number of children born into the family because she is not about to bear him any children.

Esma Platnumz on the other hand, celebrated the new parents in town. Congratulating them for the beautiful milestone, wishing them nothing but Gods blessings.

Congratulations to them!

Queen Darleen’s husband addresses alleged beef between his two wives

Isihack who married his first wife Sabra a few years ago added one of Diamond Platnumz sister’s as his second wife; and things have not been as easy as many would think.

So far the guy is said to have favoursim when it comes to Darleen who is the youngest wife in the family. Apparently Isihack prefers Diamond’s sister since she was able to conceive for him after years of trying and failing with first wife, Sabra.

Speaking during an interview done during their late night baby shower; Darleen made it known that she has no beef with the first wife – however she cannot say that they are friends!

Queen Darleen’s husband with his first wife

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Isihack explains the situationship

Anyway Isihack who was present during the interview went on to add that most people know nothing about the private life surrounding his two wives.

According to the fella his two wives have no ongoing beef however what he can say is that they never get to meet or see each other. This is because they all live separately and unlike what know, he even has his first wife’s IG logins on his phone.

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This was to prove that despite the hostile between his two wives; he still remains in charge and is always aware of what is happening in his family.

Diamond Platnumz sister reveals unborn baby’s gender during lavish baby shower (Videos)

Diamond Platnumz family has all the money in the world to throw lavish parties every now and then. So far out of the many celebrities we have come to see; the Dangote remain as the top family to throw lavish celebrations as witnessed on social media.

Barely 3 months after Esma’s grand wedding; Queen Darleen (who is Diamond’s elder sister) has also gone ahead to celebrate her unborn baby in a cute baby shower party. Thanks to photos and videos circulating on social media; we now understand that Queen Darleen was joined by close friends and family during the ceremony.

Queen Darleen with hubby during their baby shower

Of course those who attended the baby shower came baring expensive baby gifts; and although not many were invited, at least fans got to see how the party went down courtesy of Wasafi TV.

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Baby’s Gender

As usual most ladies prefer announcing their unborn baby’s gender using color themes; with blue for boys while Pink for baby girls. Queen Darleen who has lately been showing off her girly side also seems to have used the same trick for her baby’s shower.

From the videos and photos making rounds on social media; it’s obvious to tell that Darleen and her husband Isihack will soon be welcoming a baby girl.


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The two clearly went all out for their baby girl; and this being Isihack’s first baby, you can imagine how excited he must be to finally be called ‘daddy.’  Anyway below are a few videos from the lit baby shower.

6 occasions Queen Darleen effortlessly rocked her grown baby bump like a Queen! (Photos)

Diamond Platnumz elder sister Queen Darleen tied the knot with her better half in a private event in December 2019 and since then, the two have been expectant.

The Bongo Flava singer and her tycoon husband, Isihaka Mtoro kept their pregnancy under wraps until she realized hawk-eyed fans had already blown their cover.

Since then, she has only been serving goals stylishly rocking her baby bump like her first!

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Mid-July she stepped out in a screaming yellow loose dress paired with some black gloves that complemented her bun but that look, kid you not! was good enough to put off her naysayers.

Queen Darleen

We move on to her daring bossy look that saw her don a figure-hugging exotic mermaid dress that perfectly curved out the protruding belly.

WCB´s first lady, Queen Darleen

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Deciding to play it low this time around, the singer went for a casual look, flat shoes, loose dress just enough to conceal whats important and the shades on.

Diamond Platnumz sister, Darleen

During the Islam holiday, Darleen let it all loose with her Abaya on, that if you were keen enough to see, perfectly brings out her baby bump and grown body because of the weight. Still, she killed the look!

Queen Darleen expectant

In the most recent, her hubby was in the building to walk her Queen around and stick by her side just in case she needed his help. Honestly, Gorgeous best describes her look!

Queen Darleen with hubby

No lie! We have witnessed massive transformation of the expectant mother ever since she walked down the isle. We wish her well!

Pregnant Queen Darleen laughs off at husband’s first wife, calls her barren!

WCB first lady Queen Darleen has been high on pregnancy hormones judging from her latest posts directed to her husband’s first wife, Sabra.

As seen on the screenshots shared by Bongo tabloids on social media; turns out that Darleen has been having issues with the first wife married to their husband, Isihack.

Apparently both ladies got pregnant for the guy but unfortunately Sabra lost her pregnancy at 2 months; leaving Darleen as the only one expecting Isihack’s child.

With the stories out, Darleen seems to have caught feelings after she was allegedly accused to be behind the miscarriage; however we cannot confirm this for now.

Queen Darleen’s husband with his first wife

Queen Darleen throwing shade

What is however obvious is the fact that the two are not at peace with each other; and now that Darleen is pregnant, she continues to make Sabra’s life miserable with her Instagram posts that have left many talking. In one of the posts, Darleen exposed Sabra’s inability to carry children as she wrote;

Jamani kuna tamthilia ina itwa Rubyring mna ijua? Acheni bana kumbe vipoo katika maisha aya aya tunayo ishi. Sasa itakusaidia nini kujizulia; wakati una jijua uwezo wa kubeba mii…hunaa weee tulia tu

This post has left many shocked to see the fact Darleen would laugh off at another lady; knowing very well that she is struggling to have children of her own.

To make things worse Darleen also added another post where she threw shade at Sabra’s knuckles saying:

Tafuta kwanza dawa ya UKURUTU na SUGUU kicha UCHEZI na watoto wezko na cmimi up KIMA


Well, pregnancy hormones have always proven to bring out the worst in women; but no one ever thought Darleen would stoop to such a level! The husband, Isihack has however been maintaining his silence as he watches his WCB wife attack his other wife; and the sad thing is, he has no say whatsover!

Queen Darleen issues stern warning to ladies preying after her tycoon husband (Details)

Tanzanian musician, Queen Darleen has declared that she will not allow any other woman to come in between her marriage and tycoon, Isihaka Mtoro.

The first lady at WCB wedded her longtime boyfriend in a private event in December 2019, making her the second wife of the businesswoman.

She laid to rest reports of her accepting to get married as a second wife after stating that the Islamic religion allows a man up to 4 wives, something her dad, Mzee Abdul Juma reiterated.

Tanzanian artist, Queen Darleen

Now, the 34-year old woman has warned any ladies eyeing her man that she will not entertain to share her man with anyone!

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She wrote:

My #Quarantine @isihack wa kwangu Mimi pekeangu Parking ya ISIHAKA MTORO Miii Mtagi #QuarantineMoves #QTChallenge wako ????

Queen Darleen with hubby Isihaka Mtoro

Her step-sister and blood sister to Diamond Platnumz, Esma Khan quickly asked what happened to her co-wife.

Weee chakufia hii nyie huyu peke yako hiyo kwioooo kwahiyo unamdelete mwenzio eeeeh!!!

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Something she never answered.

Darleen went ahead to admit than very few are able to maintain their marriages and happily so because for many, marriage and relationships were like a playing field.

WCB first lady, Queen Darleen

You go in and once you are done, you leave.

Ni wachache sana wenye mapenzi ya kweli wengi wao ni wasanii wa maigizo ya movie ya mapenzi. Inamaana ata movie iwe ndefu vipi lazima itakwisha tu na inaaina mbili za uishaji wake. Eiza uwe mwisho mzuri au mbaya. Iwe imekusikitisha au imekufurahusha iyo ndio Hali iliyo sasa kwenye maisha ya mapenzi.

Before declaring:

I LOVE YOU ISIHAKA MTORO wangu @isihack wa kwangu Mimi pekeangu ❤????❤ #PARKINGyaISIHAKAMTORO ????

Mr and Mrs Isihaka Mtoro

The already mother of one was reported to be expectant with her second child who is her first child with the Bongo tycoon and only time will tell.

Baby on board! Diamond Platnumz sister pregnant

Diamond Platnumz sister Queen Darleen is pregnant with her second child! The singer who is now married to one Isihack, a businessman from Bongo has been keeping the pregnancy on the low until recently. Darleen who is alleged to be carrying her second born appears to be having a hard time; unlike her first pregnancy.

Her sister Esma Platnumz (who is also pregnant with her 3rd child) publicly confirmed Darleen’s pregnancy through a comment shared on Darleen’s post.

According to Esma, the pregnancy has been draining Darleen’s weight which is not a good sign. She went on to post saying;

Diamond Platnumz sister, Queen Darleen

Halafu hii mimba inaanza kukukondesha ujue umepungua kidogo

It is not clear whether the comment was intentional; but all we know is that Darleen was not ready to announce her pregnancy on social media.

Most of the time they tend to wait until the unborn child is fully formed before they announce their pregnancy on social media.

Esma pregnant

Indeed the Dangote’s home is blessed considering that both sisters are pregnant for their husbands. Esma on the other hand is said to be partially involved with her baby daddy, Petitman.

The two have been having an on and off type of relationship; and so far we can’t tell whether they will be getting back together soon.

Esma Platnumz and Petit Man with their daughter

Petitman on the other hand has been rumoured to be a serial cheat; something Esma Platnumz cannot stomach. However for their daughter’s sake these two often try to solve their issues but they never get to last.

But now that another child is on the way, these two may decide to finally settle down; however the truth is – Esma’s pride might just drive her husband away for the 100th time!


Queen Darleen shows off new palatial home, still under construction [photos]

It clocks 2 months plus, since Diamond´s step-sister, Queen Darleen tied the knot and she now flaunts her new home that is still under construction.

The Tanzanian musician has consistently blocked trolls regarding her kind of marriage and the real intention behind the marriage.

Darleen has not given her haters a rest with constant affirmation that her marriage life is indeed one to envy.

Just yesterday, the 21st of January, the female artiste flaunted her new home on her Insta pages, a palatial mansion whose exterior is still under construction but one to admire.

Posing in front of the house, Darleen seemed pretty excited and savoring life like it was rich in goodness for her.


Queen Darleen excitedly poses in front of her new mansion

Basing from the comments lined up online, it is almost clear that the now-married singer, will soon be gracing her new home with billionaire hubby, Isihaka and build a family together.


Here are some of the reactions from fans and followers:

Dada Ushaolewa Shugurikia Garden hiyo .. Tutaongeza Mwenzako we jisahau tu … hautujui eeeh ..


@mbosso_ ni kweli tusije tukanyanganya ufunguo mwambie ????????


Sasa si mumtafutie Gardener jamani? Atengeneze mwenyewe tena?


“I am okay with my husband marrying 4 wives!” Queen Darleen

WCB female artist Queen Darleen is not happy  in her new marriage. Don’t get me wrong, the lady loves her husband and so does he but the problem comes in when women DM Darleen’s husband.

Queen Darleen delightedly weds the love of her life

Thanks do a video circulating on social media we understand the Queen Darleen already knows the ladies chasing her husband. Queen Darleen went on to reveal that if they did not stop, she would be forced to share screenshots on her Instagram page.

This comes barely two months after she walked down with Isihack Mtoro as his second wife. So far their relationship has been a bed of roses until these alleged women started sending him nudes too.

Queen Darleen’s husband with his first wife

 When I started posting my husband on social media, people started DMing him. So my advice is, if you have to inbox him, please stop sending nude photos.

Isihack marrying 4 wives

The singer went on to add that she would not have any issue with the women if Isihack decided to add 2 more legal wives.

Well according to Darleen this would be the right thing to do since Islam allows men to have 4 wives; therefore if he felt the urge to add to extra wives then it would be fine. However she will not be entertaining social media side chicks to come into her home and seduce her man. She concluded by adding;

I go through his DM and I reply them. They are so stubborn but if he wants he can marry even four wives.

¨Stop seducing my husband in his DMs!¨ Queen Darleen warns

WCB´s first lady, Queen Darleen has sent a word of caution to ladies hitting her husband´s DM to seduce him.

The Tanzanian musician who married her hubby, Isihaka Mtori in December 2019, said then, that she has no problem if her man marries up to four wives.

However, seems like ladies took this message literally and decided to hit her billionaire of a husband´s DM to try their luck.

Queen Darleen married the love of her life in December 2019.

Since she is one who has access to her husband´s DMs, Darleen warned ladies against inboxing him and especially sending him nudes.

When I started posting my husband on social media, people started DMing him. So my advice is, if you have to inbox him, please stop sending nude photos. I go through his DM and I reply them. They are so stubborn but if he wants he can marry even four wives.

WCB´s first lady, Queen Darleen

As previously stated by her father, Mzee Abdhul Juma, the Islam religion allows a man to marry up to four wives.

Mwenye nguvu mpishe! Is Queen Darleen having issues with her husband’s 1st wife?

After choosing settle as Isihack’s second wife, word has it that things have not been so good between Queen Darleen and Sabra who is the first wife.

Queen Darleen delightedly weds the love of her life,

This comes shortly after Sabra the first wife went on to share a new post on her Instagram page which is believed to be directed to Queen Darleen.

According to the stories making rounds on social media, word has it that Sabra has been throwing shade at Darleen who seems might to have taken over their husband – making Sabra feel out of place. She went on to write saying;

Mapenzi yanawenyewe si wengine tuache shobo tutazikwa wazima wazima????????????

Sabra and Queen Darleen

Darleen hits back

Being one who would never stay quiet about this matter – Diamond Platnumz sister has also decided to hit back without saying.

Darleen with hubby, Isihack

The WCB singer also went on ahead to share a photo from her wedding day with the man she is said to be controlling. Juma Lokole who is a close friend of the Dangote family also joined in to troll the lady; and from the look of things, this will not end well!


Meet the 1st wife married to Queen Darleen’s new husband

Queen Darleen who is popularly known for her songs and of course for being Diamond Platnumz sister recently good married at a low key wedding inviting friends and family.

Queen Darleen’s husband, Isihack

However she surprised many after confirming that she was getting married as a second wife to one Isihack.

Unlike most women who would never agree to such an agreement, Queen Darleen says that her heart now feels settled and will continue being loyal to her husband since Islam allows up to 4 wives.

Isihack’s first wife

Through his Instagram page the groom went on reveal that his first wife was in good terms with Queen Darleen since she was the one who agreed for her husband to marry the singer.

He introduced her with a new photo which he captioned;

Isihack’s first wife

Mke mkubwa wasichokijua kwamba ruksa ya uoa umetoa ww na umeridhia mke wangu kipenzi kama dini inavyosema…Nakupenda mke wangu???????????????? #DontGiveUp #NoRespectNoLove

Meet the Tanzanian millionaire who married Diamond Platnumz sister as his second wife

Singer Queen Darleen is said to have walked down the aisle with a certain Tanzanian millionaire who took her in as his second wife.

According to reports, Darleen’s husband who is known as Isihaka already has a wife and family. But since Islam allows polygamy, Darleen has now stepped in as the second wife of the millionaire.

Queen Darleen the bride

Although the wedding was kept on the low due to personal reasons, we also understand that Diamond Platnumz family were not among those who availed themselves for the ceremony.

Queen Darleen’s husband with his first wife

Esma Platnumz apology

Through her Instagram page Esma went on to congratulate her sister Queen Darleen as she also apologized for being absent at the party.

Queen Darleen

Sijui nilie jana nimekosa ila tunairudia hongera sana ndugu yangu dadaangu Mungu akubariki ktk ndoa yako akuepushe na husda za walimwengi yani daah Mungu ni mwema shem langu nakupenda sina cha kusema Wallah @queendarleen_ jishebedue wakuone ???? ridhiki mafungu saba

Mama Dangote on the other hand could not hold back from celebrating Darleen in a special message that left the newly weds feeling appreciated. She went on to write;

Naikumbuka Simu Yako Ya Jana Asubui Na Hakika Mungu Ametimiza Mlichokiamua Asubui Ile…. MASHAALLAH MASHAALLAH MASHAALLAH @queendarleen_ NDOA IWE NA AMANI INSHAALLAH ????

Kenyan musicians have so much to learn from their Tanzanian counterparts

I’m not a fan of Bongo music. I only listen to Tanzanian songs when I have to, for instance when I am doing a review or when they are randomly played at a club, party or in a matatu.

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On the flip side, I admire so many Tanzanian artists not for any other reason but because they really work their asses off. I could list them but their names would take up all this space. So, I’ll save you the agony.

WCB arists
WCB artists

Bongo music has always been big deal  not only in Tanzania but across the continent and it’s bout time we – or rather our artists – borrowed a leaf from them.

They should ask themselves questions like,”What can we learn from Tanzanian musicians?”, “What areas should we work on?” and “What are they doing differently?”

One of the Bongo artists that I really admire, just like most of you is Diamond Platnumz. Despite being accomplished and all, he has never been content with his success. He keeps pushing each and every day.

Since the year begun he has released more than 30 songs, perhaps more, including collabos. As a result, he is always at the top of people’s minds.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

It always seems like he is a pacesetter for the Tanzanian music industry since most people – including his stablemates – like Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Mbosso and Queen Darleen want to keep up with him.

The local music industry lacks a someone who keeps artists on their toes as is the case with Tanzania and this means that very few musicians, if any, give a hoot about consistency.

The truth is that people get bored very fast. I doubt if any of the people who are reading this article can have a jam in their playlists for more than a week and this means that artists need to release more music. There is no other way.

Many of you will be quick to point out that new age artists such as; Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Ochunglo Family, 34 GVNG, Gwaash, etc. are constantly releasing music but let’s be honest, that is not serious music.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In as much as we find the songs by these youngins catchy, they rarely transcend our borders. It’s what it is. To add to that, the quality is always wanting.

I’m talking about the likes of Nyashinski, Nadia Mukami, Octopizzo, Khaligraph, King Kaka, Redsan, Nameless, Jua Cali, Avril etc. Will they ever wake up from their deep slumber? If so, when? Enough said.

Diamond Platnumz sister reveals why her brother failed to wed Tanasha Donna as planned

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna Oketch’s wedding was set to go down on February 14th 2019 — but things did not happen as planned.

The wedding plans were announced by Diamond Platnumz in December 2018, while praising Tanasha Donna as the love of his life and for being a drama free lady unlike most of the ladies he had dated before.

“I have already planned my wedding to be on Valentine’s Day next year. Valentine will be on Thursday so the wedding will be on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If it happens that there is anything important I will change (wedding date) but I want it so much to be next year,”

Judging from how Diamond Platnumz ranked his new found love, fans were sure that the big wedding was definitely going to take place…but 2019 is now coming to an end but the Bongo star no continues to remain silent about his big day.

Queen Darleen sets the record straight

Speaking during an interview with Global Publishers just recently Queen Darleen for the first time revealed the real reason why her brother postponed his wedding to Tanasha.

According to Queen Darleen, Diamond is afraid that marriage tie him down if he settles down early. This is because he will have a hard time balancing his music career and family (wife).

Sisi hujadiliana sana kuhusu masuala ya ndoa, [Diamond] ni mtu anayehofia sana kujiingiza kwenye ndoa. Anataka ajiandae ipasavyo kabla ya kuamua kufunga pingu za maisha,

¨Let’s not talk about that person¨ Queen Darleen distances herself from Harmonize after his ´betrayal´ to WCB

Diamond Platnumz´ half elder sister, Queen Darleen is still not at peace with Harmonize´s exit from the WCB family.

The Tanzanian musician believes that Konde´s exit was a sure sign of betrayal after all that Platnumz invested in him as a brand.

WCB´s President, Diamond (left) and ex-signee, Harmonize (right)

Speaking to Tanzanian media, the lass however revealed that she no longer feels Harmonize´s absence from the Wasafi crew.

It´s over and done for her.

Life still goes on. Let’s not talk about that person. Let’s leave him. When someone disappoints you, you need to stay away from him. Right now, I don’t know anything about his life.


Diamond´s father, Mzee Abdhul set to stay away from any interviews

Ailing Mzee Abdhul is to avoid any further interviews after the media allegedly compel him to share false information about his life and family.

Diamond´s aging dad has created a circus in the airwaves after making shocking and brutal revelations about his lifestyle and his son.

Up and close with Global TV, Diamond´s dad reveals he no longer will feature in any interviews whatsoever, though thankful for the far he has come:

I do not want any type of interview.

Please forgive me, it is not like I do not want to be interviewed.

You have been with me, you have supported me, you have talked a lot.

But I will not do any interview with anyone.

Soon after he apparently saw his superstar son close to 20 years ago, the 2 reconciled during a radio interview at Wasafi FM.


According to the bongo star, the media compel his dad to take interviews, forcing him to turn against the singer and share false information with the public.

A move that has angered the WCB King who now urges the dad to stay away from any media interviews if he seeks to restore peace in his family.

Earlier on, Diamond´s sister, Queen Darlene expressed that their dad has been signed into WCB.

Additionally, the two children are toiling to ensure that his new management keeps him off the diminishing interviews.

Darlene adds that they actually do see their dad through his financial constrains and that news about his neglect are all stage-managed.

According to Diamond and Darlene, media houses seek to have these false interviews with their ailing dad, just for self gains.

¨That child is silly¨ Diamond´s dad responds after daughter, Queen Darleen, claims he is defrauding people of his illness

Bongo artist, Diamond Platinumz’ ailing dad, Abdul Juma has spoken publicly for the first time after reports emerged that he was using his false daughter, to seek sympathy.

The ailing old man´s condition has been worsening as his legs risk amputation due to a rare cancer condition that has affected his skin.

Pleas from the superstar´s father to have the Kwangaru singer chip in to his deteriorating status seem to have fallen on deaf ears as the Tanzanian artist seems not to be moved.

Diamond Platinumz and sister, Queen Darleen

Credit: Matooke Republic

Queen Darleen, Diamond´s sister, went on record alleging that the dad had actually lied about receiving help from another of his daughters, the London-based, Zubeda.

During an interview with Wasafi Media, Queen Darleen actually claimed that Diamond´s father told her he was lying so as to get the help he needs.

She is speaking lies.

If she (Darleen) has decided against helping me to join up with his brother (Diamond) then she should just leave me in peace.

Most of her help actually comes from her brother.

However, Mr Abdul seems to have taken it a notch higher, by declaring war on his blood children as he on the contrary, denied Queen Darleen´s claims that he was seeking attention.

He actually thoroughly maintained that Queen Darleen was busy rumor-mongering.

Diamond´s sister is allegedly simply having ill-motive in saying that the ailing old man, was trying to defraud people of his illness.

That child is silly, her mind must not be working very well.

I don´t usually talk to her because anytime we have a conversation it is always drama.

They have a vendetta with me and Queen and has never made effort to help me at any given time.

A visibly troubled Mr Abdul went on to name the daughter ludicrous, accusing her of trying to bring him down, the children having declared war on him despite his state.



All is not well! Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen explains why she deliberately missed Tanasha’s introduction ceremony

Tanasha Donna Oketch finally met her soon to be in-laws for the first time on January 13th 2019. She met Diamond’s mother, sister and other family members.

Diamond’s family treated the Kenyan beauty to a sumptuous lunch as they got to know each other. The singer’s mother Sanura Sandra, sister Esma Platnumz, family friend Juma Lokole were among those who were present.

Diamond’s other sister Queen Darleen deliberately missed the introduction ceremony. The singer rudely answered questions when Tanzanian daily approached her to find out why she missed the ceremony.

Tanasha with Diamond, Esma Platnumz and Sanura Sandra during the introduction ceremony
Tanasha with Diamond, Esma Platnumz and Sanura Sandra during the introduction ceremony

“Kwani Tanasha si mtu tu kama walivyo watu wengine? Kwa nini tungandanegandane? Si nilishamuona kule Kenya?” said Queen Darleen during an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda.

Am not Diamond’s sister

Queen Darleen also expressed anger with her brother during the interview, she said that she couldn’t attend the introduction ceremony since she wasn’t a family member. She further said she is only an artiste signed by Diamond.

“Niwepo wakiwa pamoja wanaenda kutambulishana kwani mimi mwanafamilia? Mimi si ndugu wa Diamond, mimi ni msanii wake tu,” said Queen Darleen before hanging up the phone.

Diamond and Queen Darleen share same father but were born by different mothers. A source told the daily that Darleen has no time for Tanasha because she has always rooted for her brother to marry Zari whom she believes is the right woman for Diamond.

“Yeye chaguo lake ni Zari na si mwanamke mwingine. Ndio maana unaona hana taimu na Tanasha, Esma na mama yake wao hawana shida, wanaunga mkono mwanamke yeyote ambaye Mondi atawatambulisha,” said the source.




“Sinanga historia ya kukaa na mwanaume wiki mbili” Diamond’s sister Queen Darleen asserts that infidelity runs deep through their veins

Diamond Platnumz is known for cheating on his girlfriends and baby mamas, he cheated on Zari Hassan multiple times. Zari dumped her in February 2018 because she could no longer stand his unfaithfulness.

Apparently infidelity runs deep through Diamond’s family. His own sister (same father different mothers) Queen Darleen has confessed that she is far worse off than her brother.

Speaking during an interview with Sam Misago, Queen Darleen stated that she can’t be with one man for more than two weeks.

“Mi nakuambia mimi mtamu, alafu nko romantic vinoma kwenye mapenzi. Sinanga historia ya kukaa na mwanaume wiki mbili wiki tatu. Alafu akiondoka lazima arudi, mi nko hivyo,” said Queen Darleen.

Adding that she can’t stand men who seduce her. Darleen stresses that she loves being in control and that she hits on men she wants to smash.

“Mahusiano yangu kwanza mimi mtu akinitongoza nachukia, sipendi kutogozwa. Mimi sisubiri mtu anitongoze, unanitongoza unataka nini? Wewe unanipenda nakupenda unanitamani? Unajua kuna kutamaniana na kupendana. Huanga ata mimi mwenyewe namtamani mtu kwanza. Yani ule lazima apite pale, lakini ukishapita, ukinogewa ndo yanakuja mapenzi,” said Queen Dareen.

Bedroom bully

Queen Darleen further boasted that she makes men scream her name during sex. She says that men truly know that she is Diamond’s sister when they chew her.

“Hakuna mtu atakayeweza kunikataa kwasababu mimi mzuri, alafu mimi star. Yani wakati tuko kitandani pale akili yake yote inamfikia kwamba ‘huyu ni quenii’, kwa hivyo pale anapofanya mambo yake anaona huyu quenii dadake Diamondi,” Queen Darleen boasted.

Watch the interview in the video below:

Diamond’s half-sister Queen Darleen sets record straight about claims her mother is imprisoned in China for drug trafficking

Diamond Platnumz and Queen Darleen share same father Abdul Juma but were born to different mothers. The songstress’ mother has been making headlines over the past few days.

Queen Darleen and Diamond Platnumz
Queen Darleen and Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian gossip pages on social media have been reporting that Darleen’s mother has been imprisoned in China after she was arrested for drug trafficking.

Am shocked

Queen Darleen has equally been shocked by the reports on social media. The ‘Kijuso’ hit maker has denied claims her mother is serving a prison term in China.

Speaking during an interview with Over Ze Weekend, Darleen said her mother was in Tanzania and that she was willing to take anyone to meet her to prove she is not in prison in China.

“Mama yangu kafungwa China? Niliposikia nilishangaa sana kwani mama yangu yupo na mtu akitaka anione nimpeleke nyumbani,” said Queen Darleen.






Diamond’s father reconciles with his daughter Queen Darleen five months after banning her from attending his funeral

Sometimes in February 2018 Abdul Juma declared that his daughter Mwajuma Abdul aka Queen Darleen should not step at his funeral when he dies.

Abdul Juma was furious after Queen Darleen said in an interview that her dad was already dead to her. She blamed Abdul Juma for abandoning Diamond and her when they were only kids.

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Mwajuma Abdul aka Queen Darleen with her brother Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz 
Mwajuma Abdul aka Queen Darleen with her brother Naseeb Abdul Juma aka Diamond Platnumz 
New dawn

On June 8th 2018 Queen Darleen indirectly sought forgiveness from her father. She took to Instagram and asked whether her father would accept her gifts on Ramadhan.

“Allah Cjui kama #MZEEE ABDUL ATAKUBALI zawadi Zangu ?? #Ramadhankareem,” wrote Queen Darleen.

Mzee Abdul has since forgiven his daughter. Diamond’s father told Ijumaa Wikienda that he will receive the gifts if Queen Darleen brings him.

“Yule mimi ni binti yangu, japo hapo awali tulikorofishana mpaka vyombo vya habari vikajua, lakini kama ataamua kuja kuomba msamaha nitampokea na mtoto akishaomba msamaha huwezi ukamkatalia kama kweli ataniletea zawadi nitazipokea na nitazitumia,” said Abdul Juma.