Why the group approach has really favored Gengetone artists

Almost all the successful new-age artists are members of a group but have have you ever wondered why?

It’s pretty simple. You are probably thinking about it as you read this article. The reason Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Ochunglo Family, Rico Gang, and the likes are fast gaining traction is because of diversity. That’s it.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

You see, by belonging to a group, that is made of up between three to six people, they can offer their fans a mixutre of talent. Think of it like a mouth-watering burger combo, okay maybe not but I know you get my point.

Truth is, in a music group you’ll find someone whose style you relate to. At the same time, you will also feel like you don’t understand some of the members or perceive them as weaklings.

Interestingly, this varies from one person to the next. For instance, I hold the opinion that Benzema and Seska are the best lyricists in Ochunglo Family and Ethic respectively because I like their flow.

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However, a good majority say that Nelly The Goon and Rekless are the best songsmiths in the two groups.

This explains why the group approach is favouring the new-age musicians. At the end of the day, you’ll find someone who’s style you really appreciate and it varies from one person to the next.

While you might not neccesarily hate the other group members, you’ll just have this one person who’s verse you can’t wait to hear.

Sailors Gang
Sailors Gang

The difference between a group and a solo singer is that once you hate an individual’s approach, then it’s a done deal. However, in a group you are literally spoilt for choice.

Local music fans should brace themseleves for the emergence of more music groups because upcoming musicians have realized that this approach is working.

Is Kenyan music generally trashy?

There has been a long-running debate about the songs that are popular in Kenya at the moment, while some, like yours truly, find them enjoyable, others are quick to dismiss them as trashy.

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In most cases, those who are opposed to the new local sound argue that the artists often sing about sex and as a result they are misleading youngsters.

Boondocks Gang
Boondocks Gang

I agree that they need to tone down their songs a bit. However, we shouldn’t be to quick to dismiss the new crop of as trashy Kenyan artists simply because of this.

Truth is, Kenyan music has never been bigger than it is right now. Even the early 2000s does not come any close thank to platforms such as YouTube.

Instead of rubbishing the new sound entirely, the skeptics should point out areas that the artists should  work on.

Better still, they can identify a different genre that they resonate with and let those of us who enjoy the trashy Kenyan sound be.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

We have come really far as a country, musically speaking, and we have the new-age artists to thank for the strides that we’ve made.

Gone are the days when local clubs, radio and TV stations would play one Nigerian song after the other and in my opinion that’s a huge win.

Is Noti Flow using Benzema to advance her music career?

It’s not a secret that Noti Flow has really struggled with her music career. Despite releasing numerous songs, none of them has been a hit. I’m sure many of you can’t name one song by her even with a gun to your head.

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On several occasions, the rapper has been accused of buying YouTube views and these claims don’t seem far-fetched because how do you explain having over 300,000 views yet no Kenyan has ever heard that song?

Noti Flow

I am not saying that Noti Flow is a whack femcee. To be fair, I think she has a dope flow and the kind of attitude that you fall in love with the first time you listen to a jam.

It’s just that things have not been going well for her – at least musically – until she met David Benzema aka Alejandro from Ochunglo Family.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that he brings out the best in her. I’ve been listening to the song that they released dubbed Foto Moto on repeat since it was released and every time I play it, it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time.


Suddenly, people have began to notice what a dope rapper Noti Flow is and all it took was one collabo with Benzema – a song that has garnered almost 200,000 views since it was released a week ago.

Although I do not understand the nature of their relationship, I would say it is mutually beneficial. While Benzema is using her to warm his bed, Noti Flow is using him to advance her music career.

What this means is that you should expect more collabos between the two because each party is benefiting, especially Noti Flow, and as they say, the end justifies the means.

Watch Foto Moto below and tell us what you think.

Benzema is a creative genius but we don’t say it enough

Benzema, who’s one third of Ochunglo Family, is one of the finest minds in the Kenyan entertainment industry but I’m not sure many people even see it.

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If you ask me, I’ll tell you that he is such a dope lyricist, perhaps one of the finest that this country has ever seen. I am always impressed every time I listen to new song by him because he is really dope.

Benzema (Alejandro)

Unlike most artists, his rhymes are well-thought out and not so predictable. He also has a distinct voice that makes you want to keep listening to him and the best part is that it’s really seductive (no homo).

Benzema also has this swag that you can literally feel as he goes about his business, it just engulfs you. To add to that, he has a bad boy image that has made him a favourite among the ladies.

Benzema (Alejandro)

He has always been my favourite since I first knew of Ochunglo Family. Apart from his unique style, I just feel that he is in his own class as artist.

What you may not know is that, Benzema who is also known as Alejandro, is also a producer and that means that he really understands music.

I was listening to his latest track with Noti Flow dubbed Foto Moto and I was really impressed. If you ask me, it’s about time he went solo because went solo because why not?

Watch Foto Moto below and tell us; what you think.

Why are Gengetone in a hurry to release new music?

If you are keen, which I believe you are, I am sure you’ve noticed that there are some Kenyan artists who always have a new song every week or every fortnight.

Lately, I’ve been wondering whether this strategy really works vis-à-vis what we, the fans, want i.e. would they prefer to listen to one song and get bored with it before their favourite artist releases a new one?

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

Or would do they want their favourite artists to churn out as many tracks as possible so that they can select what they want to listen to? Sometimes I really wonder.

Truth be told, the habit of releasing many jams in a short span of time was almost non-existent before the emergence of new-age artists.

A few years back, an artist would release a song and let it marinate for some months before they drop another one. In a way, this worked to their advantage as it allowed them to study the industry and plan their releases accordingly.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga on Rewind it
Boondocks Gang

But times really have changed. These days a song is recorded, the video is shot and edited within two days or less. In simple terms, the whole process is hurried and this, in most cases, leads to poor output.

The emergence of Gengetone is to blame for this because it has made us compromise on quality. The truth is that we have gotten used to consuming mediocre content to a point that we don’t even care anymore but why?

I understand that there is a lot of competition among new-age artists for instance Boondocks Gang could be worried if Ethic has two new songs and they are yet to release any.

So what do they ordinarily do? They rush to studio and release two jams in a day without giving a hoot about quality, market trends and whatnot. Who is to blame when these songs don’t get traction? It’s entirely them.

If you ask me, the old way of doing this was better. As much as there’s so much demand for new music from new-age artists, rushing the whole process is just dangerous. Enough said.

Rico Gang
Rico Gang

Naiboi is ahead of his time

Michael Kennedy Claver, better known as Naiboi, is without a doubt one of the few music geniuses that we have in the country at the moment. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that he’s way ahead of his time.

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I have to admit that I was a little bit worried when I realized that the Pacho Records founder didn’t have a song whose success can be compared to 2018’s 2 in 1 then Sondeka All Stars Remix happened.


If you look at the artists who were featured on the song, from the new-age acts to those who have been in the game for longer, then you’ll appreciate Naiboi’s ingenuity.

Just like 2 in 1 – which was made up of short videos of celebrities singing along to the song – Sondeka All Stars Remix features artists who are constantly on the lips of Kenyans.

They are; Fena Gitu, Mordecai of H_art The Band, Visita, Benzema of Ochunglo Family, Kristoff, Ex Ray of Boondocks Gang, Femi One and Khaligraph Jones.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

Chances are, your favourite artist(s) is among the aforementioned names and this will make you listen to the song, and when you do you’ll realize that it’s actually a masterpiece.

To prove that the project was a brilliant idea, it has not only clocked 300,000 views, which is really good, but it has also been on the top 5 trending songs since it was released.

Naiboi just doesn’t release music like most local artists, every step is well-thought-out and the end result is always amazing.

I don’t know what he is planning next but I can tell you for free that it will be unique and you will be left asking for more. Established artists who are struggling to stay afloat should take a cue form him.

Listen to Sondeka All Stars Remix below and tell us what you think.

Kenyan artists need to think outside the box

The emergence of of the new crop of Kenyan musicians is good proof that all the players in the local entertainment industry should think outside the box. It is what it is.

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Every time you listen to a song by Zzero Sufuri, Ochunglo Family, Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Rico Gang and the likes you should remember that we would not be here today if Ethic didn’t look at music from a different perspective.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

For a long time, Kenya had a copy paste approach to music. Musicians would wait for the likes of Nonini, Jua Cali and Nameless to release a song then they would hit the studio and release a song that is similar to the ones by these artists.

Back then, Genge and Kapuka were the in-thing. Funny enough, nobody thought they should invent a new sound and own it until Ethic came along with Lamba Lolo in 2018 and changed the game.

Interestingly, the same thing is now happening with the Kenyan sound. Every artist, even the established ones, is now making music that you can tell borrows a lot from the sound that Ethic introduced us to.

Ethic Figa

This is a good sign that most Kenyan artists are afraid of thinking outside the box. Instead of copying a sound that already exists why don’t they come up with a distinct sound that they can own?

The Kenyan industry can only grow if we diversify i.e. have different approaches to music so that even the people who don’t feel the wamlambez and lamba lolo vibe can have something that they can listen to.

Ochunglo Family keeps setting the pace for Gengetone artists

Today, we are not going to talk about whether the Gengetone genre is still a big deal or not. Instead, I we will to focus on a group that has been making waves with every new jam and that is the Ochunglo Family.

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To be honest, to this very day, I’m yet to come across a song by Ochunglo Family that I didn’t like. Well, sometimes it takes a little bit of time before some of their song grow in me but I come to love them eventually.

Ochunglo Family treats fans to sizzling jam titled 'Make Up'
Ochunglo Family

The group which is made up of Benzema David alias Alejandro, Nelly The Goon and Dmore keeps setting the pace for other Gengetone artists because of their ingenuity.

The can turn almost anything into a track and you can rest assured that it will be a hit. The three musicians are some of the best lyricists that we have in Kenya at the moment so I’m sure it just child’s play to them.

I know people have varied opinions about their lyrics, with a vast majority saying that they are dirty. However, if you choose to focus on their rhymes and wordplay, you will realize that these guys are really talented.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

The other thing that I like about Ochunglo Family is that they are always trying out new ideas. For instance their new jam titled Make Up is a 2 in 1 concept that has not been seen locally and they pulled it off.

When all is said and done, we’ll remember Benzema, Nelly The Goon and Dmore for playing a crucial role in pushing Gengetone and getting us back to appreciating local music.

Watch Make Up below and tell us what you think and please get good earphones for this.

Benzema comes through on ‘Story Za Vanessa’ (Video)

Benzema David, who is one third of Kaa Na Mama Yako hitmakers Ochunglo Family, has dropped a new single and his fans can’t get enough of it.

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The jam titled Story Za Vanessa has been getting good airplay on local radio stations since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Benzema (Alejandro)

From my understanding, this song is about some girl he was dating. Apparently, he had to pretend that he had a job and was well-off so as to get her attention. Put simply, he was faking it.

Although I really like this track I must say that I was totally disappointed with Benzema. I mean, why the hell would he release a song that is only one minute and 12 seconds long? Is he even serious?

That aside, his wordplay on Story Za Vanessa is dope so much so that I can’t take my finger off the replay button. To add to that, Benzema – who happens to be my favorite Ochunglo Family member has a natural flow.

Benzema (Alejandro)

He’s also a good storyteller. I’ll give him that. As he sings, you can literally see what he’s saying unfolding right before your eyes and that trait is so commendable because many local artists don’t have it.

The beat on this track is impeccable. Alvin Brown, who is the chap behind most of Ochunglo Family’s hits, did a good job and as such, he deserves a pat on the back.

Watch Story Za Vanessa below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

Ochunglo Family treats fans to sizzling jam titled ‘Make Up’ (Video)

Ochunglo Family, the super-talented Gengetone group that brought us hits like; Na Iwake, Mbingijii, Aluta, Kaa Na Mama Yako, Kirimino etc., is back with a new song and it’s a big tune.

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The jam dubbed Make Up has been getting a lot of airplay on local TV and radio stations since it came out few hours ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Ochunglo Family

Basically, this track highlights the fact that most women aren’t as beautiful as they appear because a number of them hide behind their make up. Ouch!

If you’re a big fan of Ochunglo Family, like myself, then you already know that this sing is lit even before you listen to it. Seriously though, when have they ever disappointed us?

All the three members of the group Dmore, Benzema (Alejandro) and Nelly The Goon are known to have dope flows. However, in this jam I was really impressed by the latter, especially the part where he calls out Ezekiel Mutua.

Ochunglo Family

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Make Up is that when you think it’s over the beat suddenly changes and Nelly The Goon and Benzema drop verses. Put simply, there are two songs in one.

I totally love the beat and instrumentation on this jam. Other than the fact that they make the song catchy, they also blend well with the artists’ flow, vibe and tempos. Kudos to Eric Musyoka for a good job.

The video is also dope. I was totally impressed by most of its aspects. Some of the things that caught my attention are the props, locations, lighting, smooth scene transitioning, concept, models and the general editing.

Watch Make Up below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

Nelly The Goon treats fans to sizzling track ‘Gorokia’ (Video)

Nelly The Goon, who is one third of Na Iwake hitmakers Ochunglo Family, has released a new jam and we are really feeling it.

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The song dubbed Gorokia, which is a Kikuyu word that means ‘go crazy’, has been getting a lot of airplay since it was released a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Nelly The Goon

I totally love this jam. I have listened to it a couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, it’s like I am hearing it for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good.

Nelly The Goon – who happens to be my favourite Ochunglo Family member – really showcased his wordplay skills in Gorokia.

He has a unique ability to come up with random rhymes from words that don’t even have the same suffix and it does sound very pleasant to the ears though I am sure some will say that this is watered down version of Nelly The Goon.

Nelly The Goon

I must agree that when Nelly The Goon is with his group mates i.e. Benzema (Alejhandro) and Dmore, his wordplay skills seem way better and his delivery is more solid compared to when he is on a track alone.

That aside, the beat on this jam is on point. Other than the fact that it’s catchy, I am sure you will agree with me that it’s really danceable – not that I would know anything about that.

Listen to Gorokia below and tell us what you think.

Gengetone is still alive, kind of

When I thought of writing this article, I wanted to explain to you – the reader – that real talent comes from the ghetto  or what other people refer to as the poor neighborhoods. Think of it though, some of the biggest music entertainers -even those from abroad – are not from wealthy backgrounds.

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You see, my logic is that ghetto folks don’t have as many options as those who are filthy rich. So, what most of them want is that one thing that will get them out of there as soon as possible. For some it’s crime – which is the common choice but others don’t want to be gunned down so they study hard or play a game like football.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga on Rewind it
Boondocks Gang

The other common option is music. So these youngsters start singing, they get a few fans along the way as they hope and wait that they will find someone to believe in them any maybe pay for studio time or record a video for them so that they can get their names out there.

And it finally happens and one after the other they start getting noticed. Before you know it, they are celebs because of their music. Anyway, that what they wanted so it fine because some money is also going into their pockets. That is exactly what Gengetone is.

But music is not a drug. Sorry, maybe the person who said that it is was just high, drunk perhaps. People get tired of music, unless it’s a classic. People stopped listening to Gengetone sometime last year or was it early this year? Funny thing is that they even bashed the artists that they were dancing to and labelled them as ratchet.

But you see, these artists don’t want to go back to the ghetto where they are from because life is tough there, there is little or no food, the crime rate is high. My point is that they will keep making music, even if you don’t want to heat it. But remember, real talent is from the ghetto like I told you.

That means that there will still be a few probably many songs by Gengetone artists that are hits and that’s is what I mean when I say, Gengetone is still alive, kind of. If you are not sure, watch the video below and tell me.

Odi Wa Murang’a titled teams up with Benzema and Breeder LW ‘Nyege Nyege’ (Video)

There are days when Gengetone artists make me extremely happy and today is one of days. I have been listening to a new jam by Breeder LW, Odi Wa Murang’a and Benzema and to be honest, I am so amazed by their creativity.

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The track dubbed Nyege Nyege has been ruling the airwaves since it was released a few days ago and it is not hard to understand why. Ladies and gentlemen, this song is really dope. I’m not exaggerating.

Odi Wa Murang'a
Odi Wa Murang’a

Like I always say, if you chose to ignore the raunchiness of the lyrics and focus on the wordplay and rhymes, you will realize that some of these Gengetone artists are amazing lyricists.

I’ve been listening to this jam on repeat over the last few days and one things is for sure, it’s really infectious. I don’t know if it’s just me but this song will put you in a good mood as you listen to it.

The verses on Nyege Nyege are really sick. For instance, you have to admit that Breeder LW did a good job. This guy has a unique ability to play around with words and you just want to keep listening to him.

Breeder LW

As expected, Benzema also aced it. I know you’ll agree with me that he had the illest verse on this track and for him it is never really about rhyming but the things that he says. He has a way of getting his points across.

For instance, in this jam he says “Twende twende nina maradhi radhi ya ngono ngono*2, na leo naekelea si betslip ni rungu hongera, ntakugwara saa ya ngono na aloe vera, panga line kama Rono na Vera.” It’s so dope right?

Odi Wa Murang’a, who’s one third of Boondocks Gang, did not disappoint either. Apart from delivering a dope hook, he also had a lit verse and for him it has everything to do with his hoarse voice.

The beat on this song is also impeccable. It blends really well with the musicians’ styles and tempos. To add to that, it just gives off some good vibes

Listen to Nyege Nyege below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!


Ochunglo Family comes through on ‘Sambusa’ alongside Boondocks Gang and Addi Chokoch (Video)

If you’ve been wondering whether or not Gengetone is on its deathbed then perhaps you should listen to the new jam by Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang and Addi Chokoch.

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The song titled Sambusa proves that the sound which became popular circa 2018 is very much alive and we can’t just wish it away.

Addi Chokoch with Dmore, Dark C and Hitman Kaht

If you ask me, and I know you won’t, it is probably one of the best Gengetone tracks that have been released since the new decade began because it’s so infectious.

I’ve listened to this song a couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, it’s like I’m hearing it for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good ladies and gentlemen.

One of the things that I totally love about these youngins is their creativity. Their ability to match random words and make them rhyme is quite impressive.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga on Rewind it
Boondocks Gang

If you choose to ignore the dirty things that they are singing about, you will probably agree with me that they are the best thing that has ever happened to the Kenyan industry at large.

Addi Chokoch never ceases to amaze me. As I was listening to this jam, I began wondering where he has disappeared because it’s been a minute since I heard a song from him. He totally killed the hook for Sambusa.

Ochunglo Family members namely; Nelly The Goon and Ex Ray also did  good job. However, if I had to pick one who swept me off my feet with his lyricism then I would go for the latter nevermind the rique things that he was saying.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

Maddox and Ex Ray also brought their A-games on this jam but in this case I feel the former outshone the latter but I know some of you will disagree with me. Anyway, to each his own.

The beat on this track is impeccable. As you;re listening to it, you won’t resist the urge to dance. I don’t have much to say about the video since the format is the same with most Gengetone jams but I feel it works.

Watch Sambusa below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

2019 was such a great year for Kenyan musicians

I probably don’t need to tell you this because it’s something you already know but 2019 will go down in history as the year Kenyans really rallied behind local artists.

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To be honest, I’ve never seen our local acts getting as much support compared to this year and that’s definitely one of the reasons why many people will live to remember this year.


A lot has been said about the genre of music that is popular in Kenya at the moment i.e. Gengetone. However, one of the things that you can’t deny was how popular it is/has become. It’s really infectious.

This year reminded me of the early 2000s when the likes of Flexx, Nonini, Jua Cali, Pilipili, Jimwat, Nameless, Lady S, Deux Vultures, Pilipili literally ruled the airwaves. Their music was like a drug of sorts.

If you had already been born during that time then I am sure you know what I’m talking about. Kenyan music was so big and most of us, including yours truly, had books where we had written down lyrics just to memorize the songs.

The best part was that most artists sang in a language that we could all understand with the addition of a little bit of Sheng which is unlike Gengetone but that’s a story for another day.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In as much as Kenyan music was really big this year and got us back to appreciating and supporting our local artists, I fear that the phase that we are in won’t last for long.

It’s pretty obvious that the new wave of Kenyan artists need to look for ways of sustaining the sound because whether you like or not, people will soon get tired of it.

They say that to much of something is bad and after listening to songs about sex, weed, bedroom affairs all year long, I must say that I have kind of had enough.

Don’t call me a hater but I’m not sure if songs by the likes of Ethic, Gwaash, Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, Rico Gang, 34 GVNG will still slap as hard next year and that is why 2019 is more than exceptional. Enough said.

Benzema has linked up with Ssaru and Eque on ‘Nimetoka Ki Sos’ and it’s worth your time (Video)

Benzema David (Alejhandro) , who’s one third of Krimino hitmakers Ochunglo Family, has dropped a new track with Ssaru and Eque and we love it.

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The song titled Nimetoka Ki Sos has been getting massive airplay on local TV and radio stations since it was released a few days ago.

I really love this jam because it just flows. To add to that, the lasses on this song really brought their A-game so much so that they almost outshone Benzema.


Eque is the lady on the first verse and man she totally nailed it. After listening to this jam, I know you will agree with me that her wordplay is really on point. She just has a way with words.

However, if you ask me, I’ll tell you that Ssaru’s flow was way better. I know I should not compare the two but I could not help it. I really loved her verse and you can actually picture her dropping bars as you listen to her.

David Benzema (Alejhandro) also came through on this track. One of the reasons why many people – including yours truly – love him is because he just says what is on his mind and on most occasions it’s always dirty.

The beat for this jam was also dope. Although the tempo is a bit slow I would not be surprised if I saw people busting moves to it. Props to the producer.

Listen to Nimetokea Ki Sos below and tell us what you think.


Kenyan musicians have so much to learn from their Tanzanian counterparts

I’m not a fan of Bongo music. I only listen to Tanzanian songs when I have to, for instance when I am doing a review or when they are randomly played at a club, party or in a matatu.

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On the flip side, I admire so many Tanzanian artists not for any other reason but because they really work their asses off. I could list them but their names would take up all this space. So, I’ll save you the agony.

WCB arists
WCB artists

Bongo music has always been big deal  not only in Tanzania but across the continent and it’s bout time we – or rather our artists – borrowed a leaf from them.

They should ask themselves questions like,”What can we learn from Tanzanian musicians?”, “What areas should we work on?” and “What are they doing differently?”

One of the Bongo artists that I really admire, just like most of you is Diamond Platnumz. Despite being accomplished and all, he has never been content with his success. He keeps pushing each and every day.

Since the year begun he has released more than 30 songs, perhaps more, including collabos. As a result, he is always at the top of people’s minds.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

It always seems like he is a pacesetter for the Tanzanian music industry since most people – including his stablemates – like Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Mbosso and Queen Darleen want to keep up with him.

The local music industry lacks a someone who keeps artists on their toes as is the case with Tanzania and this means that very few musicians, if any, give a hoot about consistency.

The truth is that people get bored very fast. I doubt if any of the people who are reading this article can have a jam in their playlists for more than a week and this means that artists need to release more music. There is no other way.

Many of you will be quick to point out that new age artists such as; Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Ochunglo Family, 34 GVNG, Gwaash, etc. are constantly releasing music but let’s be honest, that is not serious music.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In as much as we find the songs by these youngins catchy, they rarely transcend our borders. It’s what it is. To add to that, the quality is always wanting.

I’m talking about the likes of Nyashinski, Nadia Mukami, Octopizzo, Khaligraph, King Kaka, Redsan, Nameless, Jua Cali, Avril etc. Will they ever wake up from their deep slumber? If so, when? Enough said.

‘Wabebe’ hitmakers 34 GVNG have teamed up with Ex Ray and Dmore on ‘Ka Ni Mtam’ and we love it (Video)

34 GVNG (Good Vibes No Guns), the group that treated us to the hit dubbed Wabebe alongside Gwaash, is back with a new jam featuring Ex Ray from Boondocks Gang and Dmore who is one third of Ochunglo Family.

The song dubbed Ka Ni Mtam simply talks about what you should do when she is too sweet. Actually, I feel ashamed writing about this but it is what it is.

I love this jam. If you chose to ignore the raunchiness and focus on the lyrics you’ll realize that it’s such a masterpiece – the creativity in it is unmatched.


I don’r really know who it is but I suspect that it must be Vuva on the first verse. This guy aced it. From the wordplay to the witty rhymes to the punchlines, everything was really on point.

Of course, Dmore also came through. For this lad, you can never really tell whether he is a dope lyricist or it’s how he expresses himself. Anyway, the bottom line is that he is good.

Notably, Ex Ray also did a good job. His verse was too lit. It goes like, ‘ka ni mtam nampatia za ma dumbolela, ka ni chura niko dianga ma zangalewa na zikishika zifike bana kamelewa, muchiri si unapenda masiri…”

The beat which was produced by the one and only Hitman Kaht was also impeccable. It keeps you hooked from the moment you hit the play button. Props to him.

Watch Ka Ni Mtam below and tell us what you think.

Ochunglo Family’s Benzema and Breeder LW have linked up on a new jam titled ‘Inde’ and it’s too lit (Video)

Do you guys remember Breeder LW? The chap who amazed Kenyans when he dropped a dope verse on Khaligraph’s Khali Cartel 3? If you do, then you would be pleased to know that he has a new jam.

Breeder LW has linked up with Ochunglo Family’s Benzema, also known as Alejandro, and some guy who goes by the name Jimito on a new song titled Inde and it slaps really hard.

Inde is a Sheng word that means. It’s a corruption of innadi which I sure most of you are familiar with. Basically, it is used to shrug off people who think you are missing out on something.

Benzema and Breeder LW
Benzema and Breeder LW

I really love this jam. I’ve been playing it since it was released a few days ago and I still like it. Every time I play it, it’s as if I am listening to it for the first time. I’m not even exaggerating but this is a masterpiece.

The lyricism on this jam is unmatched. I don’t know about you but it took me back to the early and mid 2000’s when the Genge wave was sweeping across the country.

Breeder LW’s verse was totally dope. Believe you me, his punchlines and rhymes will leave you scratching your head as you try trying to understand what he meant. To add to that he has this deep bass like Odi Wa Murang’a.

To be honest, this was my first time listening to a jam by Jimito but I was not disappointed. This chap has some good rhymes and killer flow. I kid you not.


As expected, Bezema really came through on this jam. His verse seemed so effortless. At some point, he said, “Class 5 science ilikua na njaro kutuonyesha vagina ndani ya daro,” and I could not believe my ears.

Notably, the beat on this jam is also on point. More than anything, this is what will make you miss the early and mid 2000s when Genge was gaining popularity. Props to the producer – Son of Ojuka.

Watch Inde below and tell us what you think.

Ochunglo Family’s Benzema has teamed up Breeder LW on ‘Do Re Mi’ and it’s a banger (Video)

Benzema, who is one third of popular Gengetone group Ochunglo Family, has dropped a new song with Breeder LW – who became a household name after dropping a lit verse in Khali Cartel 3.

The song dubbed Do Re Mi, has been receiving massive airplay on local TV and radio stations since it was released a few weeks ago.

This is one of the very few songs that you know is dope even before you listen to it because let’s be honest, when has Benzema, also known as Alejandro, ever disappointed us?

Benzema and Breeder LW
Breeder LW and Benzema David

This jam is so dope. Actually, I was pissed that it’s only two minutes and 51 seconds long. In my opinion it should be above six minutes because of it’s absolutely awesome.

Breeder LW really came through on this jam. His verse is on flames ladies and gentlemen, you just want to listen to him over and over. He also did justice to the hook.

As expected, Benzema’s verse was also tight. In my opinion, this chap is the prince of Gengetone punchlines and the way he does it, he makes it seem so effortless.

The  beat on this jam is also dope. I particularly loved how it fuses well with Benzema’s verse, I just kept nodding my head whole time. Props to the producer. I honestly can’t wait for the video!

Watch Do Re Mi below and tell us what you think.

Ochunglo Family’s Benzema has teamed up with Raj and Boutross on ‘Chorea’ and it’s a big tune (Video)

Benzema, who is one third of Ochunglo Family, has a new jam with Boutross and Raj and it slaps really hard. Like, really!

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The song dubbed Chorea is all about having a good time, whether you planned for it or not. If you didn’t know chorea is a Sheng’ word that means ‘to plan for.’

Although this is not the kind of jam that you would expect Boutross or Raj to jump on, I think they really outdid themselves.

Boutross Munene
Boutross Munene

I loved the hook by Bouti, as he’s popularly known, there’s something about his coarse and lazy voice (some would call it baritone) that made it outstanding.

Of course, I also loved Raj’s verse on Chorea. I mean, how can I not? This lad’s flow is totally out of this world. No kidding.

Raj Kenya
Raj Kenya

In his verse, Raj says, “Shawty wako sikimbizi, wiki mbili tusha jiggy jiggy, ndizi biggy, mimi sitishiki, sishikiki na nakula paka kama mishikaki, ka si pesa baby tena me sitaki nina taki ya akina Taty, Akina Keti me waliniseti.”

If this is not greatness then I  don’t know what is ladies and gentlemen. I really don’t!

Benzema, who in my opinion is the illest lyricist in Ochunglo Family, also did a good job on this jam. Put simply, they all delivered.

The beat, which was produced by DJ Nephas, was also on point. Ivan Odie – who was the videographer also did a commendable job.

Watch Chorea below and tell us what you think.

Benzema (Alejandro) Vs Nelly The Goon: Who is the best lyricist in Ochunglo Family?

I have always held the opinion that Benzema (Alejandro) is the best lyricist. However, most people don’t seem to agree with me.

In their opinion, Nelly The Goon is the illest songwriter in the group, in their opinion, Ochunglo Family would be nothing him – a notion that I don’t agree with.

Admittedly, all the group members, including Dmore, are talented. They have treated us since they thrust into the limelight with Krimino and we are grateful.

However, I’d like us to settle this once and for all. I would like to know who is the best best lyricist between Benzema (Alejandro) and Nelly The Goon.


There’s just something unique about how he sings, maybe it’s his tendency to kind of drag words. I think he totally killed it in Na Iwake (Remix).

Nelly The Goon

There’s no deny that he dope lyricist. If you check the comments section of their videos on YouTube, you’ll find many people showering him with praise. My favourite verse by him is from their latest release Kaa Na Mama Yako.

That said, who is the baddest lyricist in Ochunglo Family between Nelly The Goon and Benzema (Alejandro). Leave a comment below.



New-age musicians should not do collabos with established artists, here’s why

In my opinion, the new crop of Kenyan musicians should avoid working with artists who have been in the game for a longer period than they have. Instead, they should release more projects with their fellow new-age artists and push the new sound.

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I’m sure many established artists are dying to do collabos with the likes of Boondocks Gang, Ethic, Zzero Sufuri, Ochunglo Family, Sailors Gang, Gwaash etc., because they are hot on the streets at the moment.

Zzero Sufuri

I, however, feel that they should not work with them, at least not just yet because it’s too soon and they should first grow their names and fan bases before they consider doing collabos with people who have been in the industry for many years.

Secondly, the new Kenyan sound will be diluted if they start doing collabos with established artists left, right and center. Truth is that the two groups have different approaches to music and as soon as they start working together, the older folks are likely to influence the youngins.

As a result, new-age artists will lose their rawness, for lack of a better word and be drawn to sensible music. On the other hand, established artists might also be influenced by the youngins and maybe, just maybe they will also start releasing Wamlambez-like songs and we don’ t want that or do we?

Boondocks Gang Chura
Boondocks Gang

Granted, the new-age artists stand to gain a lot by working with their older peers but at what cost? Who bears the brunt? The way I see it, this is their time and they should maintain the unique identity of the new Kenyan sound by working with each other.

The new Kenyan sound might not last for so long

Sometimes, I’m worried that the new Kenyan sound is just a wave i.e. it will not last for a long time, say 5 or 10 years. I can bet on this.

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You see, Kenyans are very peculiar people. The might really be into something today but won’t want to hear about it tomorrow. Put simply, we live in the moment.

The way I see it, it’s only a matter of time before we outgrow the kind of music that’s popular in the country right now.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

Truth is, what the new crop of Kenyan musicians are singing about is not any different from what Nonini was doing in the early 2000s but is he relevant today?

Now that they have everyone’s attention, new-age musicians sit down and should look for ways of sustaining the hype because let’s be honest, it will eventually die.

Look at it like this, if someone shouts “Wamlambez” next year will you reply or stare at them as if they are crazy? I think the latter is right.

Better still, will you still be listening to the likes of Lamba Lolo, Pekejeng, Rieng etc.?

Established artists who were phased out by the new age musicians are also not sitting pretty, I’m sure they are also looking for ways of reclaiming their fan bases.

Boondocks Gang
Boondocks Gang

I’m not saying that new-age musicians should make more sensible music, far from it. All I know is that they need to act quick! Enough said.

Stop looking for content from new-age musicians!

Every so often, you’ll hear someone rubbishing the new crop of local musicians and explaining that they lack content.

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I always find this line of thought interesting because I’ve never seen or heard any of the new-age musicians asking people to listen to the songs that they churn out because they have content.

You and I know that these songs are purely for entertainment, they are meant to put you in a good mood.

As such, it would be wrong to claim that Kenyan music lacks content because most of the popular songs in the country are from new-age artists.

Ethic Figa

The truth is that there is no shortage of good music in Kenya. If you are the kind of person who looks for a message in a song, then you’ll be spoilt for choice.

If, for instance, the new Kenyan sound does not appeal to you then you can listen to the likes of Sarabi who make conscious music.

Better still, you can identify another genre that you easily resonate with and let those of us who enjoy the new Kenyan sound be.

We have come far as a country, musically speaking, and we have the new-age artists to thank for the strides that we’ve made.

Gone are the days when local clubs, radio and TV stations would play one Nigerian song after the other and in my opinion that’s a huge win.

Boondocks Gang
Boondocks Gang

The focus has really shifted to local musicians, especially the new-age artists so much so that you could say that they helped in killing Nigerian music.

So, instead of castigating them every chance you get, support them!

Kenya’s best new-age musicians have teamed up for ‘Nare Nare’ and it’s a massive hit (Video)

Some of the biggest and baddest new-age musicians in Kenya have dropped a new jam dubbed Nare Nare and even before you listen to it, you know it’s a massive hit.

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The song features Dmore (Ochunglo Family), Vuva (34 GVNG), The Boybleezy (G-Rock), Shagwah (Wanati), Jose and Mastar VK.

If this is not a perfect combination then I honestly don’t know what is ladies and gentlemen. I really don’t.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In as much all the artists really came through on this jam, I really felt like Vuva, who is known for the Wabebe hit, outshone the others.

There’s just something about his verse that makes you want to listen to it again and again.

It goes like, “Who dea, who dea, huita bae fat body, uite gute gute go down low mummy, cheza gude gude, mi ni guze guze mpaka ustuke tu ee,  niku kune kune, underwater chini ya maji nikukumbe kumbe, we mtamu supu tamu ka ya kunde kunde, kitandani mtihani twende shule shule, now you know,  ni mashash na kibenga.”

Can someone please call the fire department? No, like seriously!

The song was produced by Hitman Kaht and directed by Kuria. In my opinion, they both did a commendable job.

Watch Nare Nare below and tell us what you think.