Why Jua Cali shields his children from the spotlight

Renowned hip hop artist and music producer Paul Julius Nunda, popularly known as Jua Cali, is sharing insights into why he keeps his family out of the public eye on social media and his aspirations for his children’s future.

The 44-year-old singer of ‘Bidii Yangu’ is happily married to Lily Asigo, and together they have three children. In an interview with YouTube content creator Trudy Kitui, Jua Cali explained that his decision stems from a desire to protect his kids from public scrutiny. He aims to allow them to develop their own identities independently, free from the influence of their father’s celebrity status.

Jua Cali emphasized the importance of providing his family with a sense of normalcy, considering that his children did not choose to be born into the spotlight – it was his choice to be in that position.

“As much as they are my kids, they are also human beings in their own right. They need to live their own private lives. I don’t need to force Jua Cali into them,” candidly expressed the veteran genge artist.

Jua Cali says music pirates were great for the Kenyan entertainment industry

Jua Cali has voiced his disagreeable viewpoint. The ‘Kiasi’ hitmaker claims that music piracy has made it easier for artists to reach a wider audience, particularly in rural areas.

The musician wrote in the Instagram caption:

“Kuna time bro wangu mbigi aliniambia “kama song yako haiPairetiwi(Piracy) we jua hio ngoma yako si kali” At first sikushika anasema nini but later nika understand coz No 1. Wasee wa kupirate walikua wanafikisha song zetu places sisi wenyewe hautungeweza, huko ndani mashinani.

No 2. Piracy ilimake songs zetu more popular yes wasee wakuPirate walikua wanamake chapa thru that but in the long run sisi ma artist ndio tulibenefit more coz doe zetu zilirudi ten fold thru performances and endorsements.

Morale of hii story ni Wasanii!! Ingia studio make songs dope which everyone can benefit from and thru that wewe ndio utamake doe mob kushinda everyone else. Piracy chini ya maji ilikua kitu fiti especially kwa artist anaanza. BigUp to all creatives out there tuendele na kazi.”


DNA comes out in support of Jua Cali, says Njugush not funny

Kenyan rapper DNA has joined the debate on comedian Njugush’s content, echoing the sentiments of fellow rapper Jua Cali that Njugush’s comedic prowess has diminished over the years.

DNA, whose real name is Dennis Kaggia, said in a video on Instagram that Njugush’s current style of comedy is more of theater as opposed to stand-up comedy. He also pointed out that Njugush’s collaboration with his wife, who is relatively new to the industry, had changed the dynamics of his performances.

“What Njugush is doing now is theater comedy, not stand-up comedy,” DNA said. “He and his wife come up with a skit on how to present it. That’s theater, not standup comedy.”

DNA also questioned how Njugush, with over a decade of experience in the industry, chose to partner with his wife for their comedic ventures.

“Australian fans were mad because they were ready for stand-up comedy, not theater,” the rapper said.

DNA said he has nothing personal against Njugush, but that he believes it is important to acknowledge the changes in his performances.

The debate on Njugush’s content started after he and his wife, Celestine Ndinda, performed in different cities in Australia last weekend. The couple thereafter expressed their gratitude to their fans in the diaspora for attending their sold-out shows.

However, a video clip that seemed to depict Njugush struggling to entertain the audience went viral, resulting in awkward silence. This sparked a heated debate within the entertainment industry, with many coming to Njugush’s defense while blasting Jua Cali for his remarks.

Under mounting pressure from Njugush’s fans, Jua Cali eventually apologized and withdrew his statement.

However, DNA’s comments have now reignited the debate, with some people agreeing with him while others defending Njugush.

It remains to be seen how Njugush will respond to the latest criticism. However, it is clear that his recent performances have not been well-received by everyone.

Njugush fires back at Jua Cali and Australian audience

Comedian Njugush has returned to Kenya after a tour in Australia to promote his stand-up comedy show TTNT 4. He has been criticized for his show by the public and Genge artist Jua Cali.

In response to the criticism, Njugush said that art is subjective and that everyone has their own opinion. He pointed out that his previous shows, The Real Housewives of Kawangware and his digital comedy, were also criticized before they became successful.

“We I have been told that even with family members, so what about people I don’t know (laughs). He said we are boy but we have met only once. But it’s his own sentiment s and that is what he thought and everyone has his opinion, but his opinion doesn’t prevent me from telling people to go and by Links from my Website and watch all  the TTNT’s.

“Art is very subjective and relative. Tulikuwa apa tukianza Real Housewives wakasema hakuna mahali tunaenda. Everyone has their own opinion but that doesn’t stop me,” 

Njugush said that he is not bothered by the criticism and that he will continue to produce his comedy shows. He challenged his critics to go and watch his shows and then form their own opinions.

“After we sold out all those shows from TTNT 1-4 mnataka kusema sai ndio mmerealise sio poa, do you know how hard it is kujaza nje?”

JuaCali Shares Story of Rejection That Led to Success

JuaCali, one of the pioneers of genge music in Kenya, has shared a story of rejection that ultimately led to his success.

In 2004, JuaCali was shortlisted for a Trust campaign along with other artists. However, before he could be considered for the job, he had to go through an interview.

JuaCali took a matatu to town and then walked to the interview venue, which was located on Chancery Valley Road. When he arrived, he was served refreshments before being interviewed by a panel of two ladies.

One of the ladies asked JuaCali what car he drove. JuaCali was taken aback by the question, as he had come to the interview on foot. He told the ladies that he did not own a car and that he had taken a matatu to the interview.

The ladies then continued with the interview, but JuaCali knew that he was not going to get the job. He was told not to contact them until they contacted him.

JuaCali was disappointed, but he did not give up on his dreams. He continued to make music, and two years later, he was approached by Motorola to be their brand ambassador.

JuaCali’s story is a reminder that no one should ever give up on their dreams, no matter how many times they are rejected. He is proof that hard work and perseverance can eventually lead to success.

In his parting shot, JuaCali said, “I want to tell everyone that if you have a dream, don’t give up on it. Keep working hard and eventually you will achieve your goals.”

Jua Cali Narrates How He Lost A Gig Because Of Not Owning A Car

Jua Cali, one of Kenya’s legendary genge artists, recently narrated how he was asked about his car during an interview for a Trust campaign in 2004.

Jua Cali said that he took a matatu to town and then walked to the interview venue, which was located in Chancery Lane. When he arrived, he was served refreshments before being interviewed by a panel of two ladies.

The ladies asked Jua Cali what car he drove. Jua Cali said that he was confused by the question because he had walked to the interview and he did not own a car. He thought that the ladies were joking, but they assured him that they were serious.

Jua Cali said that he was able to convince the ladies that he was a talented artist and that he would be a good fit for the Trust campaign. He was eventually awarded the contract and he went on to become one of the most successful artists in Kenya.

Jua Cali’s story is a reminder that it is important to never give up on your dreams, no matter how difficult things may seem. He was able to achieve success despite not having a car or any other material possessions. He simply had a talent for music and a passion for his craft.

Jua Cali’s story is also a reminder that first impressions can be deceiving. The ladies who interviewed him may have been initially skeptical of him because he did not own a car, but they were eventually won over by his talent and his passion.

Jua Cali is a true inspiration and his story is a reminder that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

Jua Cali celebrates his gorgeous mum’s 70th birthday with sweet tribute as he unveils her face for the 1st time (Photo)

Jua Cali is over the moon to have his turn 70 years and if you thought boys don’t get excited about birthdays; then wait till you see how the gengetone artist celebrated his mum.

Well since not many are making it past the ages of 50 or 55, it is indeed a blessing to have Jua Cali’s mum mark her 70th year around the sun. What’s more surprising is that she actually looks younger than her age; that is judging by the photo shared by Jua Cali to celebrate her.

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Anyway as seen on the gengetone IG page, he went on to mark this special milestone in a post where he wrote;

Jua Cali

Watuuuuuu!!!! Help me wish my Mum a happy 70th Birthday ???????????? Tunakupenda sana mum endelea kublow hizo ???? ???? kabisa!!!

Jua Cali’s mum

Judging from the photo shared above, it’s obvious to see that Jua Cali’s mum is a spiritual person; and is quite active in church as she’s part of the women’s group which can be picked from her outfit.

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Looking at the lady, it’s also evident that she has strong genes which were passed down to her son and now grandchildren who look everything like her.

Anyway, happy birthday to the grandma and many more!

Fools Day? Jua Cali Announces Retirement From Music After 20 Years

Kenyan Hip hop artist Paul Julius Nunda, better known as Jua Cali has now decided to hang the mic today, April 1st 2021. The 41 year old musician started off his career in 1998 and formed Calif records, where he has been through out. Jua Cali claims his decision to retire from music is due to too much pressure from the COVID-19 thing.

Most Kenyan celebrities have urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country since most people are suffering.

Jua Cali Hangs The Mic

Jua Cali wrote on his Instagram,

”Very sad today, I have decided to retire from music. Too much pressure from this Covid thing. On to new and better things.”

However, most people still don’t believe the artists words and think he’s just bluffing. Nameless reacted,

”????????????.. leta hizo songz umebakisha kwa studio nikuonyeshe vile naweza zitumia ????????.. uko na ufala wewe???? ”

”Haiwezi kuwa hii ????

”Bro ! usiwahi jaribu .USIWAHI !!!”

Jua Cali’s latest track dubbed ‘Wale Mang’aa’ featured Swat, Odi Wa Murang’a, VDJ Jones and was released in 2019.

What’s better than doing what you enjoy most? I think Jua Cali should just stick to music just like Nameless and Wahu. This should be the time to rekindle his talent and produce more music. Watch his latest collabo below;

Jua Cali and Wakadinali need to stop beefing and get into studio

Over the past few days, Kenyans have witnessed a war of words between Paul Julius Nunda, alias Jua Cali and Wakadinali – which is made up of Domani Munga, Sewersydaa and Scar Mkadinali – and from the look of things it’s not stopping anytime soon.

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It all started when Jua Cali put up a post saying that he had tried to reach out to one of Kenya’s legendary singers so that they could do a head to head but he got turned down by that person as he or she was worried that what Kiasi hitmaker was proposing could have a negative impact on their brand.

Is Wakadinali Kenya's most underrated rap group?

Kenyans on Twitter then suggested that Jua Cali should do the head to head with Wakadinali but he dismissed the proposal saying their catalogue didn’t match up to his. As expected, Wakadinali didn’t take kindly to his comments and it has been a war of words since then.

After analyzing the situation, I have decided to share my thoughts on the whole issue. One, although Jua Cali has been in the game for a longer period than Wakadinali, it was wrong for him to dismiss them the way he did. It almost seemed like he was mocking them.

I don’t know but I feel that he could have expressed himself in a better way instead of belittling them because they have acquired a massive following over the years thanks to their unique approach to hip hop.

Jua Cali

I also feel that it was wrong for Wakadinali to poke fun at Jua Cali and Genge in general. I mean, the man started a genre which gave birth to another genre, Gengetone, almost two decades later. That is very rare and he deserves all the respect.

To put an end to all this, Jua Cali and Wakadinali just need to get into studio and give Kenyans a track. It would be interesting to see how their styles blend together on one jam. Anyway, let’s wait and see.

Most Kenyan artists can’t grow because of their massive egos

If you ask me, I’ll tell you that in as much as most Kenyan musicians are super-talented, their careers can’t pick up or grow because of their massive egos.

The only reason the likes of Avril, Nameless, Sanaipei Tande and Jua Cali have survived in this industry for long is because of their down-to-earth attitudes.

Avril Kenya
Avril Nyambura

If you’ve interacted with any of the aforementioned artists then you’ll agree that it’s easy to strike a conversation or get along with them, even if they don’t know you.

Most new-age musicians lack this trait. In most cases, an artist will release a song which will get good reception. As a result, their social media numbers will grow, they’ll get shows here and there and some money.

Thereafter, they become new people so much so that they forget where they came from or the hard work that they had to put in before they were finally recognized.

Jua Cali
Jua Cali

In most cases, this happens because of their swollen egos, a superiority complex of sorts. It’s almost as if they can’t cope with the pitfalls of being famous which is a huge problem.

An artist who was known for his or her humility becomes arrogant or snobbish, they arrive late for shows and interviews and make diva demands. Basically, they let them fame get into their heads.

This is what leads to the downfall of most Kenyan artists because most music fans tend to ignore your music as soon as they realize that you are not approachable.

Event organizers also shy away from booking an artist when they realize that they can not keep up time or make time for rehearsals.

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At the end of the day, the artist stands to lose the most since fewer people are consuming their music or attending their shows.

Maybe, just maybe, one day our local musicians will wake up and see the damage their massive egos are doing to their careers!


Maddox drops new banger with Joefes and Kappy dubbed ‘Pose Za Kunguru’ (Video)

Edu Maddox, who is one third of Rieng hitmakers Boondocks Gang, has released a new jam alongside Joefes (Mbuzi Gang) and Kappy (Team Ganji) and it slaps so hard.

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The song dubbed Pose Za Kunguru, which means a reven’s pose, has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago and to be honest we also love it or we would not be reviewing it, would we?

Listening to this track made me appreciate the creativity of these youngsters as well as the evolution of Genge music because it takes you back to the early 2000s when the likes of Jua Cali and Nonini were a big deal.


I had a difficult time determining who is who on this jam since they kind of sound the same. Anyway, I must say that the guys first verse verse as well as the last did a good job.

I strongly believe that the two are Joefes and Maddox. Well, I could also be wrong but the truth is that I totally loved how they were playing around with words and making effortless rhymes.

The hook on this track is also very catchy and you are likely to master it after listening to it once. The beat is so dope so much so that you will retain this jam on your playlist for a very long time.

Listen to Pose Za Kunguru below and tell us what you think.

“Your game is dead!” Fan tells Jua Cali who hits back with a savage response

Jua Cali is among the pioneers of Genge Tone. Back in the early 2000’s together with Nonini and other artists managed to change and take Kenyan music to the next level and there is no debate about this.

Jua Cali with his wife

However since music changes with age – some of his fans feel that Jua Cali should retire; and create space for the young upcoming artists.

This is apparently after working with Ethic who took over the music industry back in 2019 with the new vibe.

So far we understand that he has a full album with these young musicians; but the problem comes in when fans demand something totally different but Jua Cali insists on doing otherwise.

Well, in a series of tweets seen by Ghafla one fan by the name of Phero254 told Jua Cali that he (the fan) stopped listening to his music the moment to started featuring kids in his music. He wrote;

Manze @juacaliGenge I respected you until you started doingine gengetone with kids…
Your game is dead Your legacy dead too#gengetone

Jua Cali’s post

Jua Cali responds

Turns out that Jua Cali is not ready to give up on his career as he went on to reveal about his upcoming album with these same young artists.

According to the Genge Tone veteran rapper both his fans and haters will be hearing more bangers from him this 2020!


Ex Ray, Magix Enga, Timmy, Kristoff, Jua Cali and Harry Craze drop highly-anticipated jam ‘Nyoka Ya Shaba’ (Video)

The much-awaited track by Andrew Kibe, Kamene Goro, Xtian Dela, Ex Ray, Magix Enga, Timmy Tdat, Kristoff, Jua Cali and Harry Craze titled Nyoka Ya Shaba is finally out and it is eliciting mixed reactions from their fans.

Although the song, which was released a few days ago, has been rocking the airwaves it has left Kenyans wondering if Gengetone is on its deathbed with some saying the sound has become too cliche and/or predictable.


Magix Enga, Kamene Goro, Ex Ray and Xtian Dela.
Magix Enga, Kamene Goro, Ex Ray and Xtian Dela.

I have listened to the jam a couple of times since it came out and to be honest, I so indifferent because part of me was wowed and at the same time I feel there is nothing to write home about it.

I must give it to the musicians who were featured in this jam. I really loved how they were playing around with words and their rhymes were also sick.

If I had to pick 3 artists whose flow totally jazzed me then I’d settle on Timmy Tdat, Harry Craze and of course Baba Yao himself Jua Cali.

I’m not saying that Kristoff, Ex Ray and Magix Enga didn’t come through on Nyoka Ya Shaba, they actually did. The hook by the latter is so infectious that you will fill yourself singing along in no time.

Kristoff, who is often referred to as the King of Collabos, also aced it. His verse is so catchy and I am pretty sure you won’t forget the part where he said, “Niaje Kamene (mambo), kam nikukiss hii si Kameme (eiii).”

The artists who were featured in this song were well-thought out because their styles complement each other. Think of it like having the best of different worlds. I only wish they had included Rekless or Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice.

Magix Enga, Harry Craze and Ex Ray
Magix Enga, Harry Craze and Ex Ray

The beat by Magix Enga was sick. As you listen to this song, you can picture people busting moves to it at a party or a club.

The video, which was directed by the one and only VJ One, was also impeccable. Other than the sexy vixens, you will also agree with me that it had some dope shots and the scene transitioning was flawless.

In as much as I love this jam, I have to say that as you listen to it you can feel that Gengetone is dead because it does not slap as hard as the songs which were released in 2019 but then again maybe it’s just me.

Watch Nyoka Ya Shaba below and tell us what you think. Enjoy!

2019 was such a great year for Kenyan musicians

I probably don’t need to tell you this because it’s something you already know but 2019 will go down in history as the year Kenyans really rallied behind local artists.

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To be honest, I’ve never seen our local acts getting as much support compared to this year and that’s definitely one of the reasons why many people will live to remember this year.


A lot has been said about the genre of music that is popular in Kenya at the moment i.e. Gengetone. However, one of the things that you can’t deny was how popular it is/has become. It’s really infectious.

This year reminded me of the early 2000s when the likes of Flexx, Nonini, Jua Cali, Pilipili, Jimwat, Nameless, Lady S, Deux Vultures, Pilipili literally ruled the airwaves. Their music was like a drug of sorts.

If you had already been born during that time then I am sure you know what I’m talking about. Kenyan music was so big and most of us, including yours truly, had books where we had written down lyrics just to memorize the songs.

The best part was that most artists sang in a language that we could all understand with the addition of a little bit of Sheng which is unlike Gengetone but that’s a story for another day.

Ochunglo Family
Ochunglo Family

In as much as Kenyan music was really big this year and got us back to appreciating and supporting our local artists, I fear that the phase that we are in won’t last for long.

It’s pretty obvious that the new wave of Kenyan artists need to look for ways of sustaining the sound because whether you like or not, people will soon get tired of it.

They say that to much of something is bad and after listening to songs about sex, weed, bedroom affairs all year long, I must say that I have kind of had enough.

Don’t call me a hater but I’m not sure if songs by the likes of Ethic, Gwaash, Ochunglo Family, Boondocks Gang, Rico Gang, 34 GVNG will still slap as hard next year and that is why 2019 is more than exceptional. Enough said.

Kenyan musicians have so much to learn from their Tanzanian counterparts

I’m not a fan of Bongo music. I only listen to Tanzanian songs when I have to, for instance when I am doing a review or when they are randomly played at a club, party or in a matatu.

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On the flip side, I admire so many Tanzanian artists not for any other reason but because they really work their asses off. I could list them but their names would take up all this space. So, I’ll save you the agony.

WCB arists
WCB artists

Bongo music has always been big deal  not only in Tanzania but across the continent and it’s bout time we – or rather our artists – borrowed a leaf from them.

They should ask themselves questions like,”What can we learn from Tanzanian musicians?”, “What areas should we work on?” and “What are they doing differently?”

One of the Bongo artists that I really admire, just like most of you is Diamond Platnumz. Despite being accomplished and all, he has never been content with his success. He keeps pushing each and every day.

Since the year begun he has released more than 30 songs, perhaps more, including collabos. As a result, he is always at the top of people’s minds.

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

It always seems like he is a pacesetter for the Tanzanian music industry since most people – including his stablemates – like Rayvanny, Lava Lava, Mbosso and Queen Darleen want to keep up with him.

The local music industry lacks a someone who keeps artists on their toes as is the case with Tanzania and this means that very few musicians, if any, give a hoot about consistency.

The truth is that people get bored very fast. I doubt if any of the people who are reading this article can have a jam in their playlists for more than a week and this means that artists need to release more music. There is no other way.

Many of you will be quick to point out that new age artists such as; Sailors Gang, Boondocks Gang, Ochunglo Family, 34 GVNG, Gwaash, etc. are constantly releasing music but let’s be honest, that is not serious music.

Nadia Mukami
Nadia Mukami

In as much as we find the songs by these youngins catchy, they rarely transcend our borders. It’s what it is. To add to that, the quality is always wanting.

I’m talking about the likes of Nyashinski, Nadia Mukami, Octopizzo, Khaligraph, King Kaka, Redsan, Nameless, Jua Cali, Avril etc. Will they ever wake up from their deep slumber? If so, when? Enough said.

Established Kenyan artists should not stoop too low

New-age artists have taken over so much so that established artists i.e. those who have been in the game for 5 years or longer are almost unheard of since they barely get airplay on TV and/or radio stations.

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In a bid to remain relevant in the local entertainment industry, some established artists have been doing collabos with the new crop of local artists. However, this has not sat well with many people.

A good example is Jua Cali who has been the talk of the town in the past one week after word went round that he was working on a song with Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice and Odi Wa Murang’a.

Odi Wa Murang'a
Odi Wa Murang’a

Whichever way you look at it, the legendary musician has stooped to low by working with the two. Those who have always held him in high regard, including yours truly, have lost respect for him.

Granted, the new Kenyan sound is hot on the streets and in clubs at the moment but I never though we’d see Jua Cali, of all people joining, the bandwagon.

Think of it though, what will you think of the Kiasi hit maker if you heard him singing things like Lamba Lolo, Wamlambez and Punyeto? Would you still admire him?

Jua Cali with Odi Wa Murang'a and Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice
Jua Cali with Odi Wa Murang’a and Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice

For someone who has had a career spanning two decades, you would expect that he has learnt the ropes and will stay afloat in the industry come what may but that seems not to be the case.

To be honest, I’m on of the people who is really waiting for his collabo with Odi Wa Murang’a and Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice to drop because I want to see how far he is willing to go to reclaim his fan base.

The argument that he is trying to ‘lift’ the two is invalid because anything that they touch turns into gold instantly. As such, Jua Cali might be the one who’s in need of ‘lifting’.

Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice
Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice

How Jua Cali’s 40th birthday went down! (Photos)

Veteran rapper Jua Cali is now on the 4th floor as he celebrated his 40th birthday on 12th September.

His big bash went down at Blend Lounge along Mombasa road. From the photos making rounds on social media it appears that most of the guests who availed themselves are those who have also been in the music industry for years now.


Among those invited were Wyre, Terence and Stivo simple boy among other many celebrities.


Jua Cali’s wife’s message

To mark this major milestone the rapper’s wife went on to write him a special message thanking him for everything he has done for her.  Through her Instagram she wrote saying;

It’s because of you I smile more this days, wear better wigs ????, drive , I don’t pay rent, gained more weight ????, I’m literally glowing. You give me everything I want and need and it gets better everyday. They say life begins at 40! Happy birthday my King @juacaligenge . Couldn’t wait until tomorrow ????.

Nameless Vs Jua Cali: Who made our childhood memorable?

If you are in your 20s or older then I’m sure you have nostalgia when you remember the kind of songs that rules the airwaves in the early 2000s.


Genge music had just emerged and almost every artist was releasing a song that was inclined towards the genre.

However, others decided to steer their own paths and their songs were received well by fans nevertheless.

Put simply, it was a beautiful time for Kenyan music. It’s almost similar to the music revolution that is being witnessed in the country at the moment.

Among the male artists that were such a big deal at the time were; Pilipili, Flexx, E-Sir, Jimwat, Nonini, Klepto, Czars, Longombas, Redsan, Deux Vultures, Historians, Prezzo, Wyre, Mr. Lenny, Jua Cali and Nameless.


Today, we will focus on the last two names i.e Nameless and Jua Cali simply because they are big deal up to this very day, aren’t they though?

We want to find out who between the two made your childhood memorable and the song that brings back the good old memories.

Admittedly, both artists are talented. They’ve both played a crucial role in shaping the Kenyan sound.

Jua Cali
Jua Cali

However, if you had to choose one of them, who would you settle on and why? Tell us below.

Jua Cali’s new jam ‘Maswali Kibao’ getting mad love (Video)

Genge music trailblazer Paul Julius Nunda, alias Jua Cali, is back with another jam and we are really feeling it.

Dubbed Maswali Kibao, which loosely translates to many questions, the new song is all about how people always want to know more about other people like it really matters.

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For instance, people want to know what car you drive, when you will get married, why you spell your name in a certain way, how you deal with stress, where you club, whether you comprehend English etc.

According to the veteran Kenyan musician, it’s all pointless since the information won’t really change the lives of the people who keep asking the questions. Face-palm!

Jua Cali
Jua Cali

I’m not saying that Maswali Kibao is flat. I, however, feel that you have to be an ardent fan of Jua Cali to see the ingenuity behind it. It’s just what it is.

In my opinion, it sounds pretty much like the hundreds of songs that he has released before and it would take someone with a good taste in music, like yours truly, to appreciate it.

I loved the simplicity of the video, it’s just a collection of short videos of his friends and fans jamming to the song.

The jam is the 6th official Single off his 4th upcoming album dubbed Mali Ya Umma and to be honest, after listening to this, I can’t wait to see what more Jua Cali has in store for his fans.

Listen to Maswali Kibao below and tell us what you think.

People stopped caring about Jua Cali’s music, but why?

These days, only a handful give a hoot about Paul Julius Nunda, alias Jua Cali. It’s almost as if he ceased to exist in local entertainment scene.

Gone are the days when he would garner hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube or get massive airplay on radio and TV stations. If his song clicks ten thousand views these days, then he’s very lucky.

Have you ever asked yourself where the rain started beating him? How come this man who was perceived as a music genius by many people is not as relevant in this day and age? What went wrong?

Jua Cali

The truth is that it has a lot to do with monotony just like many people who came before him. People eventually got tired of hearing the same sound over and over again.

No one is denying the fact that Jua Cali’s approach was very unique and enjoyable. He had this gift of telling stories perfectly using his music and you could easily follow.

One thing is for sure though, Kenyans get bored very easily. After almost two decades of listening to the same sound over and over, they finally got tired of it.

In as much as we respect Jua Cali for pioneering the Genge sound together with Clement Rapudo in 2000, the fact is that most of us found it monotonous after 20 years of the same damn thing.

I’ll give it to him though, very few people can perform on stage like Jua Cali. His ability to engage crowds is totally out of this world.

However, if you are keen you’ll notice that he perform his songs from the early 2000s which is when most people were still vibing to his songs because, let’s be honest, most of his songs from the last 5 years almost unknown.

Listen his latest jam Maswali Kibao below.



Timmy Tdat Vs Willy Paul Vs Khaligraph: Who is the best live performer?

When you attend a gig, you expect to be entertained and this largely depends on the performers and what they do on stage. Truth is, anyone can get on stage but very few people can own it. (I sound like a motivational speaker at this point).

I have attended a couple of gigs over the last few years and watched some on YouTube and in my honest opinion some of the best live Kenyan performers are; The Kansoul, Jua Cali, Juliani, Nameless, Sauti Sol, Avril, Timmy Tdat, Willy Paul and Khaligraph Jones.

Today, we’ll focus on the last three names because they are individuals who are current i.e. they don’t belong to any groups and they have been in the game for almost the same period of time and they are still relevant to date.

We would like to find out who among the three you consider the best live performer and why. What makes each of them stand out and why? We want to know how they manage to pull large crowds to their events.

Willy Paul

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Apart from having mad energy while performing, the Tam Tam hitmaker is known to pull stunts on stage. He always does something unexpected perhaps this is why his fans can’t get enough of him.

Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat

The Kipopo hitmaker is not only energetic, he also knows how to interact with the crowd. To add to that, he’s likely to dance seductively with a girl on stage during a gig.

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones
Khaligraph Jones

The O.G as he is popularly known is good at crowd control. He’s not jumpy like the other two but if you attend his gig, you’ll definitely get value for your money. He has a unique style of entertaining his fans and in my opinion, it works for him.

According to you, who among the three is the be best live performer? Tell us!

Kenyan musicians whose songs all sound the same and what they need to do

There are some Kenyan musicians who sound the same on almost every song they release. Sometimes it’s so hard to tell whether you’ve listened to the song before or if it’s new.

In most cases, this affects artists who sing. Other music genres, for instance Hip Hop, is all about the flow, rhymes and the beat. As such, it’s hard to find two songs that sound the same unless all the aforementioned things are the same.

Several local musicians have been on the spot before for sounding the same on almost all their songs. I’m sure some of them are not even aware of this because let’s be honest, an artist is not the best judge of their own music.

Before he ventured into politics and took a backseat in making music, Jaguar, was often accused of copy pasting his songs. There was a common joke in the entertainment circles that he kept releasing the same song with different titles.

In his defense, Jaguar explained that his songs sound the same because they were done by the same person. He missed the point but that’s a story for another day.

Other local musicians who sound the same in every subsequent release are Nadia Mukami, Arrow Bwoy, DNA, Dufla, just to name a few.

The only Kenyan musician who has managed to get away with sounding the same is Jua Cali. He has been sounding the same way since he debuted in the local entertainment industry but most music fans don’t seem to mind.

Jua Cali

There’s no denying that all these musicians are talented. However, I’m sure most music fans would appreciate if they can tell their songs apart.

And no, I didn’t say they should swap their voices with other artists. Far from it. Instead, they should look for ways of adding flavour to their songs so that there is a clear distinction with every subsequent release.

So the question is, what should these musicians do? In my opinion one of the solutions to this is working with different music producers. Every producer has a unique style. As such, if the artists will be able to incorporate different elements into their music with every subsequent release.

The other solution is doing more collabos. This often works. Working with another artist will definitely vary thier songs. For instance, the could do a collabo with a rapper which will help break the monotony.

Lastly, they could explore other music genres. I’m sure many music fans appreciate versatile artists. By trying out other genres, they will be proving that they can think outside the box.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below.


Jua Cali’s new Latino collabo ‘Baila Baila’ is really impressive (Video)

I never thought we’d see this day but we are here. Ladies and gentlemen, our very own Jua Cali has a collabo with a singer who has roots in Mexico. His name is Romantico. You might think he’s new in the local music industry but he has been around for a while.

It also features Kenyan swimmer-turned-rapper Jason Dunford whose alter ego is Samaki Mkuu. As in, as a swimmer he is known as Jason, but in the rap world, he refers to himself as Samaki Mkuu. This is a topic that we need a whole day to discuss. I’m also as confused.

If there’s any Kenyan artist who has been sounding the same way since we first knew him but his music still reasonates with music fans then it’s Jua Cali. He still opens his songs with the “Jua Caliiiii au sio” line. And I don’t mean this in a bad way. I really love it.

In this song, he sounds a bit different because of the he Latino-infused beat in the background, but I think it’s still awesome. It really does not come as a surprise that Jua Cali is still Baba Yao two decades after he debuted in the local music industry.

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I loved the Latino vibe that Romantico gave to the song. His part comes after Jua Cali and I feel that he totally killed it. Apart from spitting in Latino, he also throws in some words in Swahili and I couldn’t get enough of how he was pronouncing them.

Jua Cali, Romantico, Samaki Mkuu Baila Baila

Jason Dunford, alias Samaki Mkuu, is also proving to be a force to be reckoned with. I think Kenyans are about to start taking him seriously. He really delivered in Baila Baila. His lyrics were in English and Swahili. However, I don’t think he put so much thought into the words that he used.

Like there, a part that he says “Tunaenda kazi kujiskuma, wale wamelala watatekwa nyara” Anyway, we’ll let it slide because Swahili is not his first language.

Jason Dunford

The video was shot in Kilifi. I loved the locations and how the stylist blended the locations with the singers’ outfit. It almost feels like the video was shot in some Mexican coast. Okay, now I am pushing it.

Watch Baila Baila below and tell us what you think:

We can’t get enough of Arrow Bwoy’s new collabo with Jovial (Video)

When you talk about Kenyan female singers with beautiful vocals, Juliet Ayub Miriam, alias Jovial, can’t fail to feature in the list. She has a soothing voice that I wouldn’t mind listening to all day, even if it’s just a casual conversation.


Maybe you’ve not heard of this talented songstress who hails from Mombasa yet, maybe you’ve never listened to any of her songs but it’s about time you knew of her. Drumrolls, please.

Jovial is an Afro-fusion singer whose songs have a twist of zouk. She has several songs to her name and has worked with leading artists including Jua Cali, Ben Pol. Some of her hits include Mimi Ni Wako, Kila La Heri, Unakosa Raha, just to name a few.

A few days ago, she released a collabo dubbed Dekeza alongside Mr Digi Digi, Arrow Bwoy and it has been getting fair airplay on local radio stations.

Dekeza is a Swahili word that means ‘to persuade’. As you can already tell, maybe you can’t, this is a feel good song in which Jovial narrates how she loves to be cajoled, spoilt with good things and what not. Her delivery was top-notch and she has her smooth vocals to thank for that.

As expected, Arrow Bwoy did not disappoint either. He used Swahili, Sheng, English and a bit of Patios to drive the love song home. You know what to expect when you hear that Arrow Boy has a new song, in this case expect much more.

Arrow Bwoy

The song’s bridge is such a no brainer and it is easy to master, it goes like “Kwako sitoki nimezama sijiwezi *2“. That’s it.

The video was directed by Johnson Kyallo and produced by Ihaji. Watch Dekeza below and tell us what you think.

How Jua Cali has remained relevant to date

Paul Julius Nunda, alias Jua Cali, is still relevant to date, almost two decades after he made his debut in the local music industry.

His fanbase continues to grow every day. Event organizers are known to include him and in their line-ups so that he can pull huge crowds.

However, many people don’t understand how he has managed to stay afloat in the competitive music business for such a long time.

Most of the people that he started off with, save for Nameless, either quit music along the way or have been struggling to make a comeback.

His success over the years has left many wondering “What’s his secret?”, “How does he do it?”, “What sets him apart?”

Well, it’s simple. First, his unique style of music and ability to use sheng lyrically sets him apart from the rest. As the pioneer of Genge, Jua Cali shaped the Kenyan sound.

Jua Cali

There have been various adaptions of Genge since 2001 when we were first introduced to the sound. However, as you know, the master can never be outshone.

Secondly, Jua Cali is a hard worker. Unlike most artists, music is his only job. He spends most of his time in studio and has more than 100 unreleased songs.

If he releases a song and it’s doing well on the charts, you’ll find him in studio hours later working on the next hit. This is not the case with most modern day musicians who prefer to go on a break when their song is topping playlists.

Lastly, the King of Genge is humble and easy to work with. If you agree to meet up at certain time, he will arrive at the meeting venue ahead of you.

He also doesn’t have the “you must know people” syndrome as is the case with most local musicians. If you meet and you don’t know him, he will introduce himself and not ask you to Google him.

These are just some of the reasons why Jua Cali is still popular to this very day. As such, you should not be shocked when he is still receiving massive airplay 10 years down the line.

Listen to his latest single Woyoyo below.

Jua Cali’s son healed of eye condition ‘Ptosis’ after a successful surgery (Photos)

Jua Cali’s first born son Evans successful underwent surgery to treat an eye condition ‘Ptosis’. The kid went under the knife in December last year.

Ptosis is a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid. The drooping may be worse after being awake longer when the individual’s muscles are tired. This condition is sometimes called “lazy eye”, but that term normally refers to the condition amblyopia. [sic]

Evan was born with the condition, his mother Lilly Asigo last year took to social media to complain after a school worker pinched her son and told him to stop looking at him with bad eye.

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Completely healed

Evans went under the knife on 13th December 2018. In January 2019, doctors confirmed that the surgery was a success and that Evans could have normal vision.

Evans with his eye doctor. Jua Cali watches from a distance
Evans with his eye doctor. Jua Cali watches from a distance

Jua Cali’s wife took to social media to celebrate the good news, she wrote;

I remember fighting back tears everytime someone asked me about my son’s eye condition..you can imagine the countless times both the kids and adults asked him about it. When Doreen came, he asked why she has round eyes and not like his. The same happened when Abby came. That question seems easy to answer but it wasn’t. He Slowly started refusing to take pics and would shy off when you keep eye contact. He likes running and He used to fall down every now and then and I knew something was wrong! He had to lift his droopy eyelid or tilt his head to improve his vision BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! Thanks to the almighty God and the amazing medical team we got. On the 13th of December 2018 his life changed for the better.
His self esteem has improved so much since and he says God and his ophthalmologist are the best! Couldn’t be happier as parents.”