Tiffany Muikamba Shares First Photo of Bensoul with Their Daughter

Tiffany Muikamba, the baby mama of musician Bensoul, has shared the first-ever photo of him with their daughter on her Instagram page. The photo shows Bensoul holding their daughter in his arms, and they both look very happy.

Muikamba also shared a birthday message for their daughter, who turned one year old on September 3rd. In the message, she thanked God for her daughter and for always taking care of them. She also said that she hopes their little family will live long and prosper.

The photo and message are significant because they mark a thawing of the relationship between Muikamba and Bensoul. The two had a strained relationship in the past, but it appears that they are now on better terms.

Muikamba disabled the comment section on the post, which is understandable considering the sensitive nature of the situation. However, the photo and message have still been met with positive reactions from fans. Many people are happy to see Bensoul and Muikamba putting their differences aside for the sake of their daughter.


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Bensoul’s baby mama Tiffany Muikamba opens up about financial struggles

Tiffany Muikamba, the baby mama of singer Bensoul, has opened up about her financial struggles in August last year, when she was preparing to welcome her daughter.

Muikamba took to Instagram to share her story, saying that she was “struggling” and “didn’t know how she was going to pay for her hospital bill or baby stuff.” However, she said that she was “grateful to God” that everything worked out.

Muikamba welcomed her daughter with Bensoul in September last year. She has since shared photos of her daughter on social media, calling her “really pretty” and saying that she is “really in love with her.”

The two met at the 2021 Oktobafest. Muikamba said that they had been dating for a while before she got pregnant. She denied that the pregnancy was a result of a one-night stand, saying that “our baby is not a product of a one-time thing.”

Muikamba’s story is a reminder of the financial challenges that many single mothers face. She is one of many women who have to go through pregnancy and childbirth without the financial support of a partner. Her story is also a testament to her strength and resilience. She is a role model for other single mothers, showing them that it is possible to overcome financial challenges and raise a child.

Tiffany Muikamba Advises Mothers on the Importance of Having a Mum Group

Singer Bensoul’s baby mama Tiffany Muikamba has advised fellow mothers, especially new mothers, on the importance of having a mum group.

In a post on her Instagram stories, Muikamba said that her mum’s friends have been a great source of support and advice.

“They have been so good in helping me learn stuff that I would probably fuss over when it came to my baby,” she wrote.

Muikamba also said that being part of a mum group has given her the opportunity to connect with other mothers who are going through the same experiences as her.

“You’re always able to seek advise when your baby is going through something,” she said.

Muikamba concluded by thanking her mum’s friends for keeping her sane.

Muikamba’s advice is echoed by many experts, who say that having a mum group can be incredibly beneficial for new mothers.

Mum groups can provide emotional support, practical advice, and a sense of community. They can also help mothers to feel less isolated and overwhelmed.

If you are a new mother, or are thinking about becoming a mother, I encourage you to find a mum group that is right for you. It could be a lifesaver.

Bensoul and baby mama celebrate daughter’s first year

Bensoul, a singer, and Tiffany Wanjiru Muikamba, his baby mama, will commemorate their daughter’s first birthday.

Muikamba declared “My baby angel is soon to turn one. God is awesome. I’m one content mother.

September of last year saw the birth of their first child.

“Today I also celebrate the birth of my really pretty daughter. Guys I’m really in love with her.

And the miracle of having another person growing inside you is the best feeling in the world. I can’t wait to meet you, my baby girl.”

Bensoul and Muikamba met at the 2021 Oktobafest.

Bensoul’s baby mama brags about being the reason he broke up with his ex-girlfriend

Tiffany Muikamba, the baby mama of Sol Generation singer Bensoul, has sparked controversy with a cryptic Instagram story. In the story, she seemed to express her belief that there’s nothing wrong with being involved with someone in a relationship. She said, “Never feel bad for taking someone’s partner. You deserve to be happy too.”

Tiffany’s story has led to speculation about her relationship with Bensoul. In 2022, she became pregnant with Bensoul’s child while he was still dating Noni Gathoni. This led to accusations of Tiffany being a “homewrecker.” However, Tiffany has denied these accusations, saying that she only had a “civil relationship” with Bensoul at the time.


Bensoul has also recently opened up about the end of his long-term relationship with Noni. He said that the relationship simply ended and that he is now enjoying being single. He is focusing on his music career and fatherhood responsibilities.

Bensoul clarified that he initiated the end of their relationship and that it has not negatively affected him. Instead, it has served as motivation to achieve more in his career.

Tiffany’s cryptic Instagram story and Bensoul’s recent comments about his relationship status have reignited the controversy surrounding their relationship. It is unclear what the meaning of Tiffany’s story is, but it is clear that she and Bensoul have a complicated past.

Bensoul reveals he did a paternity test on his daughter

Kibe would be so proud of Bensoul after he revealed he is not like most of the simp schmucks that make up Kenyan male celebrities. And this revelation was made on the podcast MicCheque in which he spoke a lot about his daughter and what parenting and fatherhood mean to him.


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It has long been a running joke for Kibe to say that he is willing to pay for a paternity test for most of Kenyan celebs kids if they cannot afford it and I’m glad to see that message reach home.

Bensoul’s baby mama spills secrets of what co-parenting with him is like

Bensoul boss baby trapped by his side piece by the name of Tiffany Muikamba while he was still dating Noni Gathoni and together they have a daughter called Trinity.

Bensoul baby mama hints at getting back with him after his break up

After procuring the paternity test he has been a very involved father in his daughter’s life and we all wish him more life and more success so that he can provide well for the young one.

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Bensoul’s baby mama spills secrets of what co-parenting with him is like

Bensoul’s baby mama, Tiffany Muikamba Wanjiru has decided to tell the entire world what co-parenting with him is truly like. This follows another commute is pregnancy in which she had previously accused him of not being available for their child or for her.

Bensoul baby mama hints at getting back with him after his break up

This time however she has painted a rather flattering picture of Bensoul saying that he is truly an involved parent and that leaves us wondering whether you will simply waiting for a paternity test to provide him with evidence that the child was his.

Bensoul Confirms Break-Up With Long-Term Girlfriend Noni Gathoni

It should be noted that she had baby trapped the singer while he was still in a relationship with his immediate ex, Noni Gathoni, and though the couple tried to make it work they eventually went their separate ways.

So what did she have to say about co-parenting with Bensoul? Find out below:

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Bensoul baby mama hints at getting back with him after his break up

Bensoul’s baby mama, Tiffany Muikamba seems to be aware that he and his longtime girlfriend, Noni Gathoni have called it quits but she doesn’t seem to care that he is now with a new bae.

Bensoul’s Baby Mama Tiffany Muikamba Says She Misses Him

She recently shared her other cheeky post about going back to the man everyone has warned her to stay away from and then getting very upset at her.

Perhaps this is a hint that Tiffany Muikamba has designs on Bensoul and if that is the case it would be a repetition of their previous dalliance as even then he was cheating on his girlfriend with his eventual baby mama.


So this is familiar territory and nothing is as big an advantage as playing on home ground. Tiffany Muikamba should have ever be smart this time round so she does not end up with another baby.

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Reality of single motherhood dawns on young Tiffany Muikamba, she calls out deadbeat baby daddy – Bensoul

It’s been a few weeks since Tiffany Muikamba welcomed her first child – a baby that was conceived during a fling with Bensoul, who allegedly is playing hide and seek when it comes to helping out with the newborn.

Well at this point i am not sure who to blame between the two since it appears Bensoul wanst ready for the father duties; and judging from how these modern men carry themselves – i am pretty sure Bensoul had a solution in mind to which Tiffany may have refused and now – shes handling the baby alone.

Every year it’s always the same story but just with different characters, time and date – no wonder Kenyans have mastered the art of character development. Anyway throwing shade at her absent baby daddy, Muikamba recently shared a post that read;


Bitterness building up

I can only imagine life for Muikamba now that she is dealing with the sleepless nights, breastfeeding, financial stress and still catch her baby daddy enjoying life on social media. Believe me, its tough and more than ever – i bet she understands what it means to be called a mother.

Tiffany Muikamba’s baby daddy, Bensoul

However lucky for her – she appears to have a strong support system around her…and maybe very soon (give it 2 years) she will quit attacking her baby daddy.