Vivian: Njagua is a very interesting mentor but we have never dated 

Singer Vivian has come out to speak on how important Starehe MP Charles Njagua aka Jaguar has been on her career.

Taking to social media, Vivian said that while many think the two actually dated five years ago, Jaguar was only her mentor and ensured that she makes her name in the entertainment industry.

“This is me alongside Mhesh Charles Njagua as many of you may know him. This picture was taken about 5 yrs ago on set for one of my best singles #womaninlove . He was more @jaguarkenya then. He had come to show his support on set and my long standing producer @philipmakanda took this picture of us. There were many rumors of us dating but nope that’s never happened hehehe,” read part of her post.

Be better

She went on to praise Jaguar saying that he is one the most interesting people she knows. Vivian, who is currently in the US, said that she spoke to Jaguar and would have preferred to he was there.

My point is he is one of the most interesting people I have ever known very hands on as a mentor. We spoke earlier today on WhatsApp about my US Tour and I told him I think he should come down here for us to perform #dream and #kioo together. He’s always checking on me and nudging me to always do better! I feel strongly I have tapped into some of his anointing which is pretty cool. I could be a mhesh in a couple of years too. He’s one of the people I’m giving thanks to for contributing immensely to my journey. Comment na makofi ya mhesh #appreciationpost #ViviInUSA,” she said.


Awww! Vivian shares the real reason she’s with fiancee Sam West

Singer Vivian has been with her fiance for almost four years now and the two still look in love more than ever.

Taking to social media, the singer shared why she fell so hard for Sam West and why she sees their love life as almost perfect.

Through her Instagram account, sharing a photo of her and Sam, she said;

“This is how a picture perfect couple would look like. As for us, picture perfect could only be an illusion. We’ve been through so much. I’m a passionate creative. He’s a passionate businessman,” she said. 


Vivian, who got engaged in April 2017 on live TV to Hero Radio’s Sam West, went on to say that relationships that last long are hard to come by these days and that’s why she values hers so much.

“Hizo vitu mbili hazipatani.We think so differently. But here we are. Day after the next. On some days we are super happy together on other days I think we are too different to even coexist together!

“Then I hear of couples who’ve been together 20yrs and I’m in shock!! Utter disbelief! They should share their experiences in the comments. And by the way, I will always share anything personal about my life if it will help someone else feel more normal about their life.” she posted. 

Vivian’s new collabo with Savara and Naiboi dubbed ‘Cheza Chini’ is so disappointing (Video)

I don’t know what’s worse between Vivian’s new collabo with Savara and Naiboi dubbed Cheza Chini or the terrible publicity stunt that she pulled on her fans days before she released the song.

Give me a chance to explain myself before you brand me a hater. You see, I am a huge fan of Vivian just like you. Without a doubt, she’s one of the most gifted female singers in Kenya. Her gift is her golden voice. She has this rare voice that is so sweet to the ears.

Perhaps this explains why she has a huge following. Well, she is also very beautiful. However, I feel like she is more known for her voice. Anyway, this is a story for another day. Isn’t it?


The point is, Vivian is known for her vocal prowess. She also has a loyal legion of fans who are always looking forward to listing to her latest music. I occasionally see her songs on music TV shows which means she’s getting good airplay.

As such, I don’t understand why she had to do a publicity stunt days before releasing her collabo with Naiboi and Savara dubbed Cheza Chini. To make matters worse, the publicity stunt was so terrible.

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On Friday last week, Vivian shared some screenshots of a WhatsApp group chat on her Facebook page and I believe that they were just stage managed just to hype the new song before it was released.

Apparently, Vivian’s husband, Sam West, was unhappy with how Naiboi was holding his partner in the video so much so that he asked them to re-edit the video before releasing it on April 29.

Sam West and Vivian

After all that drama, you would think that the song would be worth writing home about when it was finally released. It’s really not. It’s so lacklustre. Naiboi and Vivian’s parts just seem off. I was so disappointed when I first heard it.

However, Savara really did a good job on the hook. He almost saved this song. The hook, goes like “Cheza za chini usichome picha…kamejipa, cheza za chini usichome picha…kameshika.


Be that as it may, the song has a decent beat. It was produced by the one and only Cedric Njega, alias Rixx, The video, which was directed by Sammy Dee, is also good. The transitioning from one scene to another is also good.

Incase you are wondering, Naiboi and Vivian are still seen getting close in the video. The 2 in 1 hitmaker occasionally holds her around the waist.

Watch Cheza Chini here and tell us what you think.