Beautiful! Meet singer Vivian’s adorable daughter

Singer Vivian has finally unveiled her adorable daughter’s face in a video shared on her YouTube channel!

Vivian with hubby, Sam West

The singer who has been doing quite tremendously with her new song Masharti, surprised many after unveiling her baby girl’s face!

Well this is because for years Vivian has always maintained a low profile when it comes to her personal life! However with the lovers season around the corner; Vivian went ahead to show off what she has been doing for her man and their 2 kids thanks to her 14 day love challenge.

Vivian’s lovely daughter

Vivian’s 14 days of love challenge

After releasing the song just a few days ago; the singer has gone ahead to challenge fans by asking them – to show their loved ones affection for 14 days; as Valentines Day continues to draw nearer.

Sam West who is her husband has definitely been enjoying this challenge judging from the videos shared by Vivian on her social media pages!

Anyway below is the video dedicated to Sam West and their daughter – although their son was not part of the video.

It can be depressing and stressing to introduce a step-parent to a child – Vivian and Sam West open up

Kenyan songbird, Vivian and her fiancé, Sam West have opened up that raising children from previous relationships is not a walk in the park.

The lovebirds who spoke with Dr Kingori on his NTV show, are both parents from their previous relationships.

Coming together therefore meant that they have to accommodate each other´s child, and be patient with them because this would greatly influence their lives.

Sam West stated that introducing another person in a family set-up can be depressing and stressing to the child because of the dramatic shift and new reality.

The comedian shared:

You´ve gotten into a new relationship; you´ve met a new person sasa you have to tell your kid this is your new step mum. Of course, it´s depressing to the child actually it´s very depressing because now you have to allow the child to mourn the death of the previous relationship and now you´re introducing the child to a new relationship.

Further adding:

Maybe huyo mtoto alikuwa first born in the old relationship na sasa ankua second or last born in this new relationship. It can be confusing.

For Vivian, introducing a new man to her 10-year old daughter needed time and dedication. The sultry singer added that she could only introduce a man she was sure was the one.

Finally, their worlds merged as well as that of their kids, having to treat them equally but with unconditional love.

The ´Marshati´ singer advised women to see pregnancy as a deviation and not a punishment, since one can still pursue their goals and careers.

In as much as we need to talk about waiting to be in a relationship in order to start getting children, it is important to understand that once you get a child, it is important to deal with it.

Sam West closed off:

It´s about the relationship with your partner. When you´re coming together, you were not in love with the kids, you were in love with your partner. Ukimpenda unabeba kila kitu amekuja nayo. Ni kama ng´ombe ukikula unakula mpaka mkia. You have to make sure the relationship between your wife and yourself is intact.

Sam West has a six-year old son and Vivian has a 10-year old daughter.

“Mapenzi bila masharti!” Singer Vivian showers her husband with praises

Singer Vivian counts herself among the lucky women to have bagged herself a hardworking and supportive husband like Sam West.

Singer Vivian

So far the two have been together for years and after their traditional wedding; many men were left heartbroken since Vivian had chosen Sam West to be her better half for life! Well, even after years of living as man and wife Vivian can’t stop praising her man for everything he is and will be in the future.

Just recently the singer went on to share a new post where she wrote saying;

Vivian and Sam West

It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work. Share the wealth. And if one falls down, the other helps. But if there’s no one to help, tough! Ecclesiastes 4:10  Swipe for Sweetness ???? #vibes #newmusicsoon #mapenzibilamasharti

Mapenzi bila masharti

This post was shared just a few days ago before the release of her new song dubbed Mapenzi bila masharti which talks about unconditional love.

Singer Vivian

Since it’s not everyone who has had the chance of experiencing what true love is; singer Vivian has painted it in her song which will not only speak to couples but singles dreaming of the same type of love.

Below is the new song;

Singer Vivian finally addresses rumors that she and Sam West have split [Interview]

Kenyan songbird, Vivian has come out to put to rest claims that she and Sam West are no more an item.

This is after the sultry singer supposedly postponed her scheduled wedding to long-time lover, Sam West. With media reports also citing that the two might not be in good terms.

However, in a bid to clear any speculations that fans might already be cooking, she said that this is just but a disagreement like any other among couples.

And for her:

I think in this era of social media, it is easier to get the information from the accounts of the people involved. I´m a very real person. I try to lead a real life. So it´s easy to go on my page, if there is anything like that, and get information from there. It´s a very very direct era.

Adding that problem with the Kenyan mass is lacking patience because according to their wedding date, the time will come.

We will put it out there, when the time is right. We will let you know on the exact date.

On the other hand, Vivian´s better half, Sam West confirmed that the wedding is still on and reason behind the delayed plans is that he lost his dad and therefore needs time to heal his wounds.

Additionally, just to settle this once and for all, Sam West revealed that he and Vivian will be having their nuptials go down in a white wedding ceremony, come 2020.

The two have however already had their traditional wedding that was graced by close family and allies last year.

In an exclusive interview with Mpasho, here is what the singer had to say:


¨It’s not yet time to throw in that towel. Mimi nilikuwa hawker¨ Vivian´s message to upcoming female acts

The lucrative music industry is almost a pass for the male gender but for a female to make it through, there are struggles to bear with.

Kenya´s top female artist, Vivian had to struggle her way to the top in the male-dominated music industry.

Up on social media, the beauty converged upcoming female acts reminding them that their win is just about.

And to make it more relatable, she cites her very own experience. Her past reminds her how she started off as a hawker and neither was she spared.

Vivian got sexually and physically harassed by influential men in the business. However, that did not crush her dreams, if anything, she came out stronger and bolder.

She then took up karaoke gigs at Ksh 4,000 monthly.

Here she is now. Topping the male-dominated music industry like a Queen, still pushing and staying grateful through it all.

Furthermore, her sincere gratitude goes to her hubby, Sam West for being her rock.

Many female acts give up before time! Please kujeni kwa hii kona I need to tell you it’s not yet time to throw in that towel.. Bado masaa… .

Everyone who told you you’re not good enough will watch you living your best life. Mimi nilikuwa hawker ; I have been physically and sexually taken advantage of by influential men in this business but here I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. Still pushing and staying greatful all the while! .

And thanking God for my special man @samwestke . He surely is my rock ????.

Kwa hivyo kila mtu ashikilie kabisa.. Your future is brighter than you could ever know! .


Her sentiments jell so well with her female fans who comment:

This is very true and I congratulate you for your strength… I gat you in mind in my next project..


????????????go gal and shine higher and shout even louder for more girls and women to understand that the only way to remain knocked down is when you give up because excuses ! a’m cheering you from the sides here !


Waaaah. You are clearly heaven sent. Be blessed ????????????

Vivian: Njagua is a very interesting mentor but we have never dated 

Singer Vivian has come out to speak on how important Starehe MP Charles Njagua aka Jaguar has been on her career.

Taking to social media, Vivian said that while many think the two actually dated five years ago, Jaguar was only her mentor and ensured that she makes her name in the entertainment industry.

“This is me alongside Mhesh Charles Njagua as many of you may know him. This picture was taken about 5 yrs ago on set for one of my best singles #womaninlove . He was more @jaguarkenya then. He had come to show his support on set and my long standing producer @philipmakanda took this picture of us. There were many rumors of us dating but nope that’s never happened hehehe,” read part of her post.

Be better

She went on to praise Jaguar saying that he is one the most interesting people she knows. Vivian, who is currently in the US, said that she spoke to Jaguar and would have preferred to he was there.

My point is he is one of the most interesting people I have ever known very hands on as a mentor. We spoke earlier today on WhatsApp about my US Tour and I told him I think he should come down here for us to perform #dream and #kioo together. He’s always checking on me and nudging me to always do better! I feel strongly I have tapped into some of his anointing which is pretty cool. I could be a mhesh in a couple of years too. He’s one of the people I’m giving thanks to for contributing immensely to my journey. Comment na makofi ya mhesh #appreciationpost #ViviInUSA,” she said.


Vivian´s hubby, Sam West gets jealous after intimate clip between wifey and Naiboi

Kenya´s Vivian, Naiboi and Savara Africa are set to release a jam dubbed ¨Cheza Chini¨ come Monday, but Sam is not happy about the intimate part between Vivian and Naiboi in the song.

It gets messy and Vivian shares screenshots of their Whats App group chat, where the 4 converge to give views about the song´s video before it´s release.

Whatsapp chat

The conversation kicks off and Sam questions:

Guys I like the video but there are some parts I am not comfortable about

He shares a screenshot on the same, where Naiboi and Vivian get close, Naiboi´s arms on Vivian´s lower back, body´s touching and all.

So Sam airs:

I don´t like this part where Naiboi is holding Vivian so closely.

Kindly delete it before you release.

He gets mixed reactions and Savara [of Sauti Sol] can´t wait but just burst into laughter.

From Naiboi´s end, he shares:

???????????????? Lakini Sam you should know this is what people want to see

Vivian adds:

People want to see chemistry between wasanii

Sam promptly questions:

What chemistry???????

Savara comes out laughing loud which might have prompted Sam West to exit the group.

Naiboi however doesn´t seem to understand what the big fuss is all about, commenting:

Vivian mbona umeadd Muhusband!!!

Hizi vitu mtu hucheza chini ????????????


Vivian is actually lost of words and feels the fire blazing.

Savara then urges Vivian to have a chat with Sam so that these 4 can get to a mutual understanding before the song´s release tomorrow.

According to Naiboi, this is part of being an artist but Savara jumps in:

Lakini kuongea ukweli Naiboi na Vivian hiyo clip yenyu ni intimate sana


Naiboi then reacts:

Juu Hii ????ni 2in1

Vivian however expresses:

Mu-husband amejam

Savara does feel that the chemistry between the two is just flamed up and Vivian is worried.

Naiboi won´t allow that particular part to get off the screen and urges Savara to lay low.

Savara therefore comments:

Vivian talk to mzee, calm him down.

Naiboi too adds:

Mbona ako insecure hivi?


Vivian then asks to share a screenshot of her DM with hubby, Sam West, where she questions Sam for overacting, who then responds:

Hii story yenu ya chemistry ni gani tena

What chemistry is this

Vivian however tells him that it is necessary in the song, which he is well aware off but Sam expresses:

That scene is too much. Kindly remove it. And why is Savara laughing

Vivian in response urges:

Aki Babe.

You need to chill kiasi.

Savara is a happy person. Yaani hutaki

In response, Savara is left in shock ad Naiboi asks that Vivian adds Sam back in, who exits as soon as he is added.

She is left in tandem and therefore seeks the audience´s view on the same before it gets released tomorrow at 10am.


so editing the video will make him untouch you or end the intimacy, kama iko iko


Hi, edit out the part that your husband does not want. It’s the best thing to do


????????????????Sam West left ????????


Ati what chemistry ????????????????


Isitolewe…this just music…go mamii go


Hahaaa this is hilarious!
So immature
Vivian, if Sam is not comfortable with that part, please do sthn about it, let it not be its like you are disrespecting him and usiende na majority rem he’s your hubby n has a right to feel insecure just like any other man would for his woman.

Vivian sympathies with rapper Cashy over domestic violence: Physical abuse was part of my welcoming party

Singer Vivian is in support of rapper Cashy who recently confessed that her ex-boyfriend Khaligraph Jones was physically and emotionally abusive to her.

Cashy has opened up about her relationship with Khaligraph saying it was marred by cheating, threats and being demeaned. Singer Vivian said she also relates to all this since her first relationship was the same.

“I watched Cashy speak about being abused physically and my heart goes out to her. I’m certain it has not happened to us in the same breath but I too have experienced physical abuse. Physical abuse was part of my welcoming party as a new female artiste from one influential and hurt male figure. I almost gave up pursuing music,” she posted. 


Vivian, who left with one kid from that relationship, warned girls to be very careful next time they are choosing a man.

“Girls be careful what and who you let in your life. Cashy I’m sorry for having to go through physical abuse. I would never want any girl to endure physical and emotional abuse. It’s a form of bondage and as women we must refuse to be victims. It’s enough.
Remind yourself that you are smart, gifted, confident and life is not done with you yet. Instead of retreating, keep soaring; keep evolving; keep growing; keep elevating!The world needs you!” she posted. 


Vivian responds to trolls, vows to walk from town to Karen to prove she’s hardy

Singer Vivian became a laughing stock during the weekend after sharing that she used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo to save bus fare which she later used to record her first songs.

The distance between Nairobi West and Nyayo, if there’s any, is actually not more than 500 meters.  Kenyans trolled the singer for her comments in an KTN interview after she shared her humble beginnings.

Vivian appeared in the just-launched KTN program “Behind the music” where she shared her story leaving many in stitches.

“I used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo to save fare,” she said.


“Even when I was working, I used to steal some hours to go to the studio.” 


It’s seems she has taken the Vivianchallange serious and now has promised that she will walk from the CBD to Karen. That’s about 20 km.

“Word on the street is that she can’t walk for long distances. Let me prove you otherwise. Who wants to walk with me from Nyayo House to Nairobi West then to @moran_house in Karen?” she said on social media. 

For those who don’t know, Vivian used to be a hawker. A Mali Mali guy. And these guys can walk up to 30kms in a day so she might actually successfully do it. Don’t let the pretty face fool you.

Are you trying to be funny? Singer Vivian trolled for claiming she used to walk around 500 meters to save bus fare

We have heard stories of some of the crazy things entertainers used to do before they became famous. Some used to collect garbage, others used to sleep in clubs while other went for days hungry in pursuit of their dreams.

For singer Vivian, she used to walk just a few meters to see her dream come true.

Bus fare

The singer was recently trolled by Kenyans after sharing she used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo, which is barely 500 meters, so as to save.

Vivian appeared in the just-launched KTN program “Behind the music” where she shared her story leaving many in stitches.

“I used to walk from Nairobi West to Nyayo to save fare,” she said.


“Even when I was working, I used to steal some hours to go to the studio.” 

It’s not the first time the singer is talking about her past though this one completely surprised everyone. The singer has always shared how she used to be a hawker before getting her big break.

“Why should I really boast. By then things were so tough on me. I hadn’t started singing. I was a mali mali seller. I sold cups, plates, thermos to make ends meet. The piece of watermelon was my lunch that day. Surely never despise humble beginnings. I look at my life and all I can say is God reigns over our lives. Your current situation is not your future. There is always a brighter day ahead,” she said.

Jamaican star Romain Virgo set to fulfill singer Vivian’s promise now that he’s in Kenyan

Jamaican singer Romain Virgo is in Kenya for an event courtesy of Guinness and he’s really excited since it’s his second time in the country.

The top Jamaican lovers rock singer made his first visit in 2016 as a brief stopover as he was headed to Zimbabwe for a concert. He then returned to Kenya for his much-anticipated concert at the KICC Grounds in Nairobi.


In his recent visit, Romain, who in 2016 wanted to work with singer Vivian but couldn’t because his record label barred him, said that he’s now interested since the deal has ended.

“I promised Vivian that we will work together in a song and now that I am here we can try something out. I might also work on the visuals of the song with King Kaka,” he said. 

King Kaka and Romain have released a song together which is in King Kaka’s new album. The two are hoping they’ll shoot the video before Romain departs.



Singer Vivian loses dad 

Singer Vivian has lost her father.

The singer informed her fans on social media message that her dad, Dr. Weston, passed on but didn’t give any further information.

“Dad has gone to be with the lord. I would have wished to have many more talks to learn and grow from you but I will keep in heart all you’ve left behind. #RIPDrWeston We will surely miss you” shared Vivian Kenya.

Her fiance Sam West also shared the news on social media saying: Rest Well Papa. You fought a good fight. I will dearly miss you”.

The death comes just a year after the singer lost her brother. According to Vivian, her brother was taken ill at Kenyatta National Hospital but passed away on the 22nd of April 2017 after succumbing to the illness.


Vivian also then blamed the hospital staff for neglecting her late brother and not cooperating with the family to help save his life.

“My dear brother Sammy rest with the angels. I love you so much and I will miss you dearly.
KNH sped up the death of Samuel through neglect and zero cooperation with us as his family. Never take even your worst enemy to KNH.” she said then.

Vivian rejected Hot-Air Balloon wedding I had planned- Sam West

One year after Sam West proposed to singer Vivian, the Hero Radio CEO cum comedian has shared that he had a spectacular wedding idea but Vivian rejected it.

Sam went down on his knee and popped the big question to Vivian in April 2017 while she was being interviewed on Citizen TV’s 10 Over 10.

According to Sam, Vivian is a very simple woman and even rejected an outrageous hot-air balloon wedding that he had in mind.

“I had planned we hold our wedding in a hot-air balloon, but when I shared that thought with Vivian, she dismissed it. Instead, she says she wants her wedding held in a garden, and in a simpler fashion,” Sam West told hosts Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi last Friday on 10 over 10. 

2019 plans

In the show, the two also said that they plan to wed come 2019 having already held a traditional wedding that took place on March 3, this year at Vivian’s parents’ home in Kiserian, Kajiado County.

Vivian pens emotional posts after working with Githuria Girl: Reminds me of when I was a hawker  

After singer Vivian worked with budding singer Amani G, she took to Facebook to pen a rather emotional post saying the song reminded her of her past.

Vivian, who used to be a Mali Mali vendor, opened up on her new collabo with Amani G saying that it took her back to when she was very broke and desperate to make a name in the industry.


The two have released a new song called “In Love” which is performing well both online and offline.

Here’s what she said.

“I came up with ‘in love’ just after I met Amani. I saw so much gifting in her and I wanted to write her a song that she would forever remember.  Just like Amani, I grew up in Eastlands and I have always been a very free, happy and expressive spirit. When I visited her home a few months ago I saw in her home the same life I lived at her age. Yet I was never downed by my environment just like @amanigracious . My dear @amanigracious I wish you love and light all your life! May nothing ever dampen your happy soul. God is on your side.” said Vivian. 


Vivian thanks employer who used to pay her 6k a month back when she was a hawker 

Singer Vivian has come a long way from being a hawker to a successful singer. The singer, who is married to Sam West, was on social media to remember back in the day when she used to be paid only 6,000 shillings a month.

She posted photos on Instagram showing her contract, thanking the people who gave her a chance to live her dream five years ago as an upcoming artist.


Five years ago, Vivian was a Mali Mali trader and she has never been embarrassed about it. In her post, she went ahead to show how she used to budget for the money.

Here is what she posted:

American singer Alicia Keys reacts to Githurai girl singing her song like a true champ 

Gracious Amani, a girl from Githurai who topped headlines worldwide from her singing talent, is still impressing many including the artist behind the song she was recorded singing.

American singer Alicia Keys finally watched the video of the Amani singing “Girl on Fire” and was really impressed, just like the rest of the world.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, June 27, Alicia showed nothing but love for Amani.

“Look at this beautiful soul,” the celebrated musician wrote as she shared the viral video of Amani singing her heart out. 

Hit the studio

Amani has been recruited by singer Vivian already and the two hit the studio after the video went viral. Vivian’s manager and hubby, Sam West said they’ll also manage her.

“They are recording a song together then they will shoot a video for the same. The girl has shown interest in music and Vivian is more than willing to mentor her through her musical career,” said Sam. 

Singer Vivian forced to cancel show after deadly allergies 

Singer Vivian on Saturday was forced to cancel a show in Kitengela after waking up with a swollen face.

Taking to social media, the singer addressed her fans, explaining why she couldn’t make to the show saying that an allergy attack left her with the swollen face.

“My Kitengela people, I hope you will forgive me for not showing up tonight. I fell sick on my way. My allergies blew over. I am however optimistic I will get better as I am already on my antihistamines. I hope to come perform next week.” she said in the short clip.

Here’s the clip:


Vivian forced to defend her body as Kenyans come out claiming her behind is fake like Vera’s

Singer Vivian has come out to bash haters for allegedly claiming she has enhanced her body to look better for the camera. The singer, on Instagram, was forced to clarify that her behind is very real and not as fake as Vera Sidika’s who has used silicons.

The singer, who is married to Sam West, Hero Radio’s CEO, said that people claiming she has used silicons shocked her.

‘I love explaining who I really am coz half the time guys out here got some queer vibe like I got some implants on my back side haha acheni hizo bana,”she posted. 

She went on to explain to Nameless why she had to clarify things:

“Imagine jahmeni..did a radio maisha interview with shugaboy and mwashumbe na maswali yalikua ndio hayo loool I was shocked 🙂


Wedding bells! Sam West finally holds a colorful ruracio for his soon-to-be wife, Vivian (Photos)

It is now official that singer Vivian will soon be walking down the aisle with the love of her life and manager, Sam West.

Before releasing her latest song Chumchum; the lady released a couple of new photos from her lit ruracio that went down in Kiserian this past weekend.

Well, a ruracio ceremony is whereby the bridegroom  pays off his bride price after being granted permission to marry the woman of his choice.

Sam west meets Vivian’s family

From the video shared by Vivian, one can’t overlook the smiles being seen from her mother and aunts who were present at the ceremony.

The brides family also did not give the fella an easy time as they challenged him to prove that he knew the woman he was settling down with.

Their ruracio comes a few months after Sam West proposed on the singer while she was on an interview on Citizen TV.

Congratulations to the couple and check out their photos below.

Talented or Not? Singer Vivian makes a return with Chum Chum after being told she’s not talented 

Singer Vivian has released her latest jam called “Chum Chum” just days after critics were up her neck claiming she’s not talented enough.

The singer was forced to fire back at a promoter and some fans who were on social media saying she has never impressed them.

“An influential booking agent from Kenya recently said to me that I seem to have lost direction musically.. well I think this guy has to release at least half a hit song then I can listen to his ‘expertise'” she said then while ranting. 

Not Mainswitch

Her new track Chum Chum, like most of her other songs, is about love and was ghostwritten by Boss MOG. The song, however, was not produced by Mainswitch Records where the singer is based but done by Moran production.

You can watch the video here


“I have worked hard to build my career!” Vivianne tells off those claiming her music is lacking

Vivianne has always been open about her humble beginning before she got into music. For those who don’t know, she was a hawker but she managed to rise to where she is now thanks to her voice.

So far she has managed to work with a few top artists and from the look of things, she is not about to stop. Vivianne has been flying high with her Chingi changa song and is expected to release a new song soon.

Anyway, in a new post shared on her Instagram page Vivianne has come out to defend herself from those saying that her music is not good enough. This comes after a certain influential booking agent apparently told her that her music needed some more work to make it better.

“Music is my gift and purpose”

Having faced music producers who tried taking advantage of her, Vivianne is confident that there is possibly no one who can kill her passion for music.

In her statement, the singer clearly challenges herself by taking these criticisms in the most positive way. She wrote saying;

Singer Vivian talks about her boyfriend, reveals wedding plans!

Singer Vivian is currently doing well with her new song dubbed Chingi changa. The song released a few days ago talks about her experience in a toxic relationship that saw her self esteem drop.

“Chingi changa is a mellow song, it’s a love triangle, it’s a bit of a love story, it reflects being in a relationship that might not work for you. I decided to tell my story because I’ve been hurt by people, they rode on my self-esteem. Its an experience that i had with a guy in my past before i met Sam West. I like telling my story and being real.”

The singer talks of her story in a way that has left many fans appreciating her for being strong. But after every storm comes sunshine and the lady is now dating a good man who knows her worth.

Also read: Vivian: The idiot beat me up after bringing in other girls into the house

For those who are not aware, Vivian got engaged on National Television after her boyfriend, Sam West proposed. The two of course have plans of getting married soon and she revealed this through a recent interview.

Wedding plans

Speaking to a popular news outlet, Vivian confirmed that she will be walking down the aisle sometime next year. However, the singer did not disclose more details since the wedding plans are still made.

“We are planning, details are coming through. Next year.”

Music career

Vivian is among the top female artistes from Kenya and has managed to work with other artists from East Africa like Jose Chameloene. Her biggest project was however aafter working with reggae artiste RedSan who helped market their single dubbed,Attention.