Do you have side hustle ideas and need a car? Here’s an easy to acquire one – brand new!

It’s a new era.

There’s an immediate need to re-examine traditional life tenets, basics and principles.

A century ago, what was used as the yardstick in society norma and expectations have taken a complete paradigm shift.

For instance, owning a car is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Modern day issues have forced people living in urban areas to rethink that bias in favour of the countryside or further off suburbs.

While one may still work in the city, the family can be based in the village. This means a lot of commuter hours.

A random weekend drive to the village means enough supplies on the return trip to last the family an entire week – fruits, vegetables or even live chicken!

The typical family car has become a means to provide for the family – what with job layoffs and salary cuts.

Perceptive family men are comfortably earning a decent income from boot sales, either in groceries, second-hand clothes or even parcel deliveries.

The list of possible side hustles owning a car affords is endless. The major problem for most entrepreneurs is acquiring one.

There’s a way one can easily get a brand new vehicle with a customised, flexible financial plan with Co-op Bank.

Wait, lest we forget, one doesn’t need to be a client, even non Co-op Bank customers can benefit from the deal.

The bank has partnered with World Navi to assist their clients import vehicles safely, with upto 80% asset financing, in a drive dubbed Shika Dinga na Co-op!

What do you get when you Shika Dinga na Co-op?

  • 80% asset financing.
  • Access to high-end vehicles.
  • 100% safe & reliable vehicle importation to your doorstep.
  • 3 months warranty on engine & transmission.
  • A privilege of choosing from a wide choice of cars from various source countries.
  • All cars come with accident-free and genuine mileage certificates.
  • No risk of stolen parts or non-performance.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Its time to get a brand new car for your family, and get another way to make extra money from a side hustle!

To learn more of this deal and options available, click here.

One can alternatively visit the nearest Co-op Bank branch and speak to customer care agents.

The five major ‘Not To Do’ things when hitching a lift in someone’s car!

There’s an unofficial creed to follow when riding in someone’s private car. It’s a little like crashing in someone’s crib. In Kenya, it goes a notch higher….

Here’s a few pointers to follow.

Agree to the owner’s views on contentious matters in the duration of the drive. Topical matters that demand loyalty or some societal bias, say politics or sports, the car owner enjoys a monopoly of ideas.

Just pray that he commands some decent acumen.

The trick is to steer the conversation from sports if his team is hanging by a thread from possible relegation.

It’s your duty to curse errant drivers you meet on the road. It doesn’t matter how incompetent he is, remember which team you rooting for.

A special bonus is earned if you roll down the window and scream at a clueless boda boda guy.

You hail from an angry republic – it’s time to vent that anger.

Thou shall not touch the stereo. I repeat, for all austerity. Aside, it makes sense: it is HIS stereo. Make a prayer that the tape cassette playing rhumba on loop gets jammed.

Sometimes, providence may smile in your direction and your host has an ear for good music.

Enjoy the ride, but do not sing along if the host is not – hitching a lift doesn’t give you an arena to showcase hour vocal prowess.

Asking for a lift in the village comes with additional tags. Cars get scratched by overgrown hedges. Cars get stuck in mud, or hit undersides on big rocks.

Follow the driver’s cue: if he wants to check out the car, get out too. Make a scene. Get sprawling on the ground to check the car’s innards. Is there a scratch?

This is the perfect time to remember high fuel taxes, county funds and how that doesn’t reflect in decent roads.

Be aware of your standing in society. Are you important? Or is there someone else more important’er?

Enroute, the host may be inclined to offer someone else a lift.

In Kenya, the front seat is sovereign. Be sure to offer your seat if you deem the other passenger as of higher social standing. Chances are they’ll turn it down, but, woe unto you if the host has to ask you to vacate the seat.

If you’ve been this embarrassed, then you’ll jump at the slightest opportunity to own your own ride.

Perhaps, it’s time to make your own playlist and enjoy it on a long drive.

There is a simple way – by taking advantage of an awesome, pocket-friendly financing deal thanks to Co-op Bank in partnership with World Navi – heavyweights in automobile acquisition.

Co-op Bank has partnered with World Navi to enable their clients to import vehicles safely, with upto 80% asset financing!

The importation process takes no more than 60 days. The car is delivered to your doorstep, like pizza!

This is a chance to make your opinions count on the long drive.

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