Diamond dresses more than 140 Million- Babu Tale explains why Diamond has huge security

Diamond Platnumz’s manager Babu Tale has come out to reveal why the singer has been running around with a huge security detail lately.

According to Tale, Diamond isn’t just any artist and needs security because he usually walks around with a lot of money in terms of dressing. Tsh 140 million to be exact. That is like 6,323,165. Kenyans shillings.

“Diamond huwa anavaa vito vyenye thamani ya zaidi ya Sh140 milioni akiwa matembezini, akiwa jukwaani gharama inaongezeka kadri anavyovaa vingi, lakini pia ni mkakati wa kibiashara, yule ni staa na anapaswa anapopita ijulikane anapita nani?” said Babu.


Diamond Platnumz jewelry

Babu was speaking after being asked why Diamond has many staffed security team and he explained the WCB management’s reason for protecting their highest earner.



Diamond hints wedding to Tanasha is next month and will have an entrance fee of Ksh 200k 

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has finally dropped a solid hint that he’s planning to hold a wedding next month.

The popular singer, while speaking to the press during the launch of Wasafi Festival at Hyaat Regency hotel in Dar Es Salaam, hinted that he might walk down the aisle with Tanasha Donna on July 7.

A journalist wanted to know when Diamond is planning to marry Tanasha after they postponed their wedding early this year.

Diamond did not really say his wedding will be on July 7, but left strong hints that it might on that date.

“There will be only ten tables for reservation. Five will go for KSh 200,000 each and the remaining five will go for KSh 80,000 each. Guys should reserve those table because you all will remember on July 7,” he said. 


Now that Tanasha is heavy with a baby, Diamond it seems is willing to keep his promise of marrying her before the baby comes.

Kenyans angry after Diamond failed to perform because he was sick yet spotted ‘grinding on Tanasha’ at a club 

Tanzania’s Diamond and Nigeria’s Yemi Alade failed to appear at the Morgan Heritage Tomorrow’s Leaders Concert held at the Kasarani Stadium on Saturday.

Kenyans have been demanding answers after the two top artists failed to show up without any explanation.

Diamond, who had not updated anything about the show on his Instagram – after arriving in Nairobi on Friday – confirmed that he would not perform as he was “unwell” while Yemi pulled out because of unclear reasons.

According to Morgan Heritage, the two artists missed the show because of the weather which had a toll on them.

“Yes, the weather here is so funny and diamond has been on a very busy tour, his voice went out and Yemi got sick.” they said. 


Pregnant Tanasha

That is however hard to believe because Diamond was allover Kenyan clubs partying with his bae Tanasha that night. The show was also marred with organisational conflicts and was doomed to be a flop from the word go.

About 3,800 people, among them Permanent Secretaries, MPs and UN officials had each paid up to Sh12,000 for the VVIP ticket but couldn’t enjoy the event since the VVIP section wasn’t even set up and it was raining.

Diamond Platnumz’ father begs Tanasha and Diamond to let him attend anticipated wedding 

It’s not a secret Diamond Platnumz and his father Mzee Abdhul Naseeb don’t see eye to eye.

Diamond Platnumz has always left him in the dark on when handling his stuff and now, mzee Abdhul has come out to public beg the singer to invite him for his much anticipated wedding.

Speaking to Showbiz Xtra, mzee Abdhul confessed that he has been hearing about the wedding like any other normal person but has been totally excluded from the talks.


He pleaded with Diamond to invite him, saying that it would be very sad for his son to wed Tanasha Donna in front of the nation and he wouldn’t be present.

‘No one has told me anything about any wedding, I have heard it from people in the hood. Above all, I only want the wedding to be successful. But I just want him to invite me, if he fails to do that he will have disrespected me a lot, I will not be happy.” Mzee Abdhul said.


Why Diamond Platnumz wants Tanzanian government to make his wedding day a public holiday

Singer Diamond Platnumz wants the Tanzanian government to mark the day he will marry his Kenyan girlfriend Tanasha Donna because he wants it to be more than just another day.

Speaking to a local news paper, Diamond said that he wants the Tanzanian government to make it a national holiday so that all the family members can attend.

He also explained why the wedding had to be pushed from Valentines Day saying:

“The reason why we had to change the date is because Tanasha’s mother will be working on Valentine’s day. I do not want a small wedding, If it is possible I would like the government to consider it a public holiday,” he said. 

Met family

Diamond and Tanasha have already made things official after the beauty met the artistes mother in Tanzania. They have not shared the exact date when the wedding will happen.

Basata finally lifts ban on Diamond and Rayvanny, the two hit studio immediately to drop new hit

Singer Diamond Platnumz and his employee Rayvanny have been allowed by Baraza la Sanaa ya Taifa (Basata) to resume recording music.

Diamond and his Wasafi camp were suspended from recording music or doing any shows in and out of the country by the authority after they performed “Mwanza” which the body had already banned for explicit content.

In a letter, Basata said Wasafi label can return to recording music but will be closely monitored them after their recent ban.


Taking to social media, Diamond Platnumz thanked the authority for lifting the ban and giving them a chance to get back to making music. Minutes after the ban was lifted, Diamond called Rayvanny for a studio session at his home.

“Shukran sana sana Wizara yetu, Baraza letu la @basata.tanzania , Viongozi wote na Serikali kwa Ujumla….. Sanaa ni kazi, tuipende, tuilinde na Kuithamini….HAPPY INDEPENDECE VANNY BOY!!!!!!! @rayvanny….. IT’S TIME TO DROP OUR NEW 2019 HITS NOW!!….MY PEOPLE!!! IF YOU ARE READY PLEASE COMMENT “I AM READY”he said on instagram. 


Last year, Basata banned all Wasafi performance in December despite their highly anticipated tour. The authority, however, allowed the singer to perform in Kenya where he had three shows lined up.


Diamond gets new ‘simple’ hairstyle to officially kick off 2019 as he starts recording music(photos)

Singer Diamond Platnumz has a new hairstyle for the year 2019.

The singer, who hasn’t officially posted a photo yet on his social media pages, is now having a clean shave, ditching controversial hairstyles that he has been rocking in the past.

Last year, the singer was trolled after he switched to braids. The ‘Nibebe’ hit maker previously had dreadlocks.


When launching his braided hairstyle, Diamond complimented the new hairstyle with new large studs, and got homophobes talking. The singer has had to fight off claims of homosexuality multiple times.

In 2016 Diamond sparked public uproar when he pierced his nose and early this year he also caused a stir when he wore ankle bracelet.

Here’s the new simple style

I didn’t say Nick Mutuma has a toothpick and Diamond has a huge Cassava – Tanasha Donna clears the air after nasty tweets 

Diamond Platnumz’ wife to be Tanasha Donna Oketch has come out to deny that she posted several tweets claiming Kenyan men are poor in bed and can’t satisfy her, a reason why she’s dating a foreigner.

Kenyans were recently left speechless after tweets from an account purporting to be her’s claimed that her ex lover Nick Mutuma was poor in bed and had a very small mjulubeng.

Fake account

The NRG presenter explained that the Twitter account sharing details about her love life is fake and Kenyans on Twitter should stop entertaining it.

“My Only social media handles are @tanashadonna on Instagram and Twitter. Donna with a double N. All the other pages are FAKE. Kindly do not entertain any nonsense posted that is not from my authentic page, the two I have mentioned above. I shall be requesting verification for my Twitter handle as much as i’m not active on it to avoid further confusion. Do not entertain clout chasers” wrote Tanasha.

In the tweets, the account trashed Mutuma’s sex game and praised Diamond, a thing that angered many.

“Y’all talking about My Ex Nick Mutuma. He was A Fraud. He never fulfilled me. He had a Kijulubeng. Kama toothpick” reads a Tweet from the account.

Adding: “Diamond has big dick. He satisfies me more than whole Kenyans combined. Haters Calm Down. My Diamond Loves It When Am On Top . No Kenyan Men can do That, Thats why they are mad at me Lambeni lolo. Kenyan Men With Small Dicks Are Mad At Me. I stick with my man. You can come and kiss my ass. Diamond Will Marry Me. Am unique. Not like his other baby Mamas. I tamed him and he planned wedding in 3 Months. So y’all Kenyans with Small toothpicks STFU. Pambeneni na Otile.” Reads Tweets from the account.


I spend Ksh 40,000 a week on cloths- Diamond’s new catch Tanasha Donna 

Radio presenter Tanasha Donna has become a trending force ever since she became Diamond Platnumz’ girlfriend.

The NRG Radio presenter has been in numerous topic of discussions since the two announced their love. She even got a promotion at her work place whereby she’s now hosting two shows.

With that said, Tanasha’s life has changed a lot and she recently left many impressed, if not surprised, after announcing that she spends a clean Ksh 40,000 on cloths only in a week.

On social media, the young lady complained that different shopping stores have exposed her spending despite her plea not to.


The beauty said the fact she coughs up around KSh 160,000 per month on clothing, she deserves some privacy.

“Imagine buying clothes from a store and spending over KSh 30,000-KSh 40,000 weekly but you ask them not to post your picture without your permission. You are then told not to buy from them because they have dressed way more celebrities than you,” Tanasha ranted. 

Kenyans didn’t buy her comments, most asking where her cloths are because all they see is her recycling her cloths.

Diamond throws shade at President Magufuli and his government again days after banning him

Diamond Platnumz and his team are currently in crisis mode after they were officially banned by Basata from performing in and out of Tanzania. This is after the singer performed Mwanza which had been banned by the authority because of it’s explicit lyrics.

Diamond recently mocked President Magufuli’s government after meeting with former president Jakaya Kikwete hinting that Kikwete was a better president.


In an instagram post, Diamond addresses his ban saying that people are now calling him Tarzan.

“Please Caption this……. mie naanza na hizi mbili…1. “Basi mie na @rayvanny Tukatumbukia Pale Stejini” 2. “Eti @_esmaplatnumz anamwita TARZAN kwasababu ya Vitopu vyake”?
Earlier Today with our #FormerPresident#Daddy #KipenziChetu
#BongoflevaGodFather Hon: @jakayakikwete” he posted on Instagram. 

Diamond’s manager Babu Tale said that Diamond will still perform in Kenyan despite the ban sine they are working hard to ensure it’s lifted.

Hamisa Mobeto pens lovely letter to herself to celebrate her birthday

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has turned a year older and as expected, did it in style.

The socialite turned singer took to Instagram to share a series of photos while celebrating her birthday and capped it with a beautiful message of how she has grown and matured.

Through a lot

In the letter, Hamisa, who is a mother of two and has been through a lot, confessed that she has changed and she’s now more confident and focused.

She then went on to break down how her year has been including her famous visit to the US last month which saw her also host her first show there.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Hamisa Mobetto

Have you noticed lately how much you have changed? You are now more confident and focused.

I remember the days I used to cry for hours till the tears dried, the throat hurt and the nose blocked. But gone are those days! 
It’s my birthday today, and I want to count my blessings. I have met a lot of people this past year and only gratitude is what I can show. 

First I Want to thank @mama_mobetto for always standing by me. You have proved to be my best friend and my confidant. You believing in me made me start @mobettostyles. Thank you @beatricendungu my PR ?? for always believing that I can achieve anything in business. My dear fans, I don’t even know where to start. You have made me stronger; you have shown me that Strangers can be family.

And to you @the_ironlady1976 I love you so much my director and my second mum. & My dada @mangekimambi_ Nakupenda ??
This year my baby turned one, what a joy it is to be called mum by my 2 amazing kids. You are gems. Thank you for all the products that believed in me.

Charmed Cosmetics

Mzurii magazine

Bahari castle



An Nisa Tanzania Clothing line

GSM mall

Free Style Pads

Poa TV

Dimoda fashion Burundi

Zimbabwe big spenders’ night

Judge at Miss IFM

Winning Female stylish personality of the year at Swahili Fashion Week

My first time hosting such an honourable event, Miss Tanzania.

Hamisa you pulled it off. Congratulations.

Last but not least Madam Hero. I am still in awe because of how people support my music. It has made me realize that many people go through a lot of things, but have no platform to talk. I am so happy I was a pillar to all these people through Mobetto Foundation.

How can I forget COMING TO AMERICA, what an experience. This is where I say God is good. My first time in America and I travelled to almost all the states. I still find it hard to believe at times. Not forgetting that I was given the opportunity to walk the runway. Thank you Joe Malaika for believing in me.  And I got to meet (I’m screaming inside) @facet .

Thank you for not giving up Hamisa.

….. cheers ? to 2019? 

Diamond reveals how he cried after being dumped by a beautiful lady back when he was broke

Singer Diamond Platnuzm has been accused of being with several beautiful women this year after he broke up with Zari Hassan.

The singer recently revealed how he was once dumped by this beautiful lady he was dating because he was a broke ass.

Diamond, who recently revealed that he gets a cool Ksh 7 million for a show outside Tanzania and Ksh 2 million in the country, said that he cried after the lady dumped him.

“I had a girlfriend and we had dated for a year. She was beautiful and i had nothing at that time. She started changing and found another person who gave her more money. She came straight to me, to my face and told me, she couldn’t be with a person who couldn’t manage himself. i cried. she made me write my first song nenda kamwambie. after dropping that song, it became a hit.” he said. 

Came back

The singer, who broke out in 2009 after releasing “Kamwambie”, went on to add that the lady came back begging him to take her back after he started minting money.

“After that she started calling me telling me how she loved me, that it wasn’t her, it was just life.” he added. 


Diamond finally responds after Alikiba said he won’t perform in his festival but he’s willing to partner 

It all started out after singer Diamond Platnumz said that he wants fellow singer Alikiba to perform in the upcoming Wasafi Festival that kicks off on November 24.

Ali Kiba came with an unexpected reply after that telling Diamond that he won’t be able to perform because he won’t be in the country but he’s willing to partner with him and become a sponsor in the event.

Alikiba he said that he will be launching his energy drink Mofaya in other countries and would want Diamond to let the new drink sponsor his event.

Diamond, who is currently in Canada for a show, said that he got the message and his team is already working on it.

Limepita Hilo Ally K… @sallam_sk anamcheki Seven now #DiamondKaranga #MoFaya #WasafiFestival2018 #NewBongofleva #BongoflevaToTheWorld @WasafiFM @WasafiFestival,” wrote Diamond Platnumz.

Contract in place

Sallam SK, Diamond’s manager, also shared that they are working on drafting the papers and will soon make the deal official.

Baada ya kukubaliana baadhi ya terms na Seven Mosha kuweza kudhamini Wasafi Festival nasubiri tumalizane maandishi tu basi wote tuseme #MchezoUsiuchezeeWewe #Kaaaaabisa#KonkiKonkiKonkiMasta Tunaanzia Mtwara Tarehe 24 November,” said Sallam.

Singer Ommy Dimpoz back in hospital just weeks after surgery 

Tanzanian singer Ommy Dimpoz has been rushed back to hospital where he was admitted just two months ago.

Pictures of the singer in hospital looking weak have hit social media. Just two months ago, he underwent a major surgery in South Africa after he developed serious complications on his throat while attending Ali kiba’s wedding in Mombasa.

The singer thanked Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho who took him to his personal doctor after he noticed he had difficulties swallowing food or any drink at Ali kiba’s wedding.

“Governor Joho noticed that I was having problems swallowing food during Alikiba’s wedding in Mombasa. I could barely swallow anything. He offered to take me to his personal doctors for checkup,” said Ommy Dimpoz.


It’s not yet clear when he was taken back to hospital but judging from the photo, it doesn’t seem like he’s been there for a long time.

The singer went under the knife to have his esophagus rectified his all the way from his throat during his first time in the South African hospital.

The whole operation took 12 long hours and despite being successful Ommy Dimpoz was left into a coma. He spent spent close to two months recuperating.


Diamond Platnumz gifts hawker brand new car(photo)

Bongo Flava singer Diamond Platnumz has gifted Diamond Karanga winner Bakari Saidi with a brand new car.

The singer, gifted Saidi, a mitumba seller at Ubungo, Dar es salaam, with a brand new Toyota Note after he won the competition when he bought peanuts.

Bakari Saidi

“Kwasababu ilikuwa mshindi hatujampata bado. Gari lilikuwa limeekwa, karanga zinaenda mitaani. Atakayenunua akashinda ndio tutampa. So hatukutaka tupeane tu mara umpe Rafiki yako ama mjomba wako tukaona hio si haki. Mara nyingi tunaanzisha vitu zetu tofauti tofauti ikiwa ni kuona niaje kutengeneza myanya ya kutengeneza riziki pia kwa watu wengine pia.So tuliona tusubiri mpaka mtu apatikane ndio Mungu atubariki na akapatikana,” Diamond told the press. 


Diamond Karanga is a drop in the ocean among his investments which include, a perfume brand called Chibu, a recording label , a TV station and string of endorsements.


I just wish Diamond told me he was cheating- Zari 

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan has come out curse him for playing him like a fool. The socialite, who has two kids from Diamond, shared that Diamond should have at least hinted that he was having someone else instead of pretending he wasn’t touching another woman.

“I had rumours about this thing but I just ignored it untill the baby was born and he was still denying. He was going on radio stations saying the father of this child should come out and he knew this was his child. I was like this girl is bringing out receipts, not only that but in my bed, our home, how are you gonna explain this?” said the socialite in an interview with  South Africa’s Phat Joe.


She went on to confess that she wanted the relationship to work despite the distance between them. She lamented that Diamond should have mentioned it to her when he cheated instead of acting all clueless.

“He should have told me, you are South Africa, I’m in Tanzania, shit happens and I just happen to get my horniness off somewhere. He should have told me,”she said.

“After the betrayal, the connection was cut. The worst part was when I decide not to be with him anymore and I’d see all these stories about him trying to revenge. I understood where he was coming from.”


Lava Lava thanks Diamond with sweet message gifting him with a brand new car

Wasafi Records signee Lava Lava has thanked his boss Diamond Platnumz for gifting him a brand new Toyota Harrier.

A day ago, Diamond surprised Lava Lava and Mbosso Khan, another signee, with the cars.

Means something

Speaking to Wasafi TV, the Utatulia hit maker, said that such gifts from the boss means that he has value in the company.

“Namshukuru sana.Unajua sisi tumepitia Maisha magumu sana. Mtu anapokuchukua anakupeleka sehemu nyingine inamaanisha unachofanya sio kitu kidogo. Imaanisha anakujali anakuonyesha udhamani wako na anakupongeza kwa kufanya kazi mzuri. Ni jambo la kushukuru sana. Mimi nashukuru sana uongozi wetu kuanzia Diamond, Babu Tale Salam na watu waote wanaofanya kazi WCB nasimama kidete.”

“Nawashukuru sana. Sina maneno mengi sana lakini Mwenyezi Mungu ndio atawalipa. Tunawashukuru sana, tunawapenda sana muendelee kutusupport sio leo tu ata siku nyingine pia,” he said.

Wema Sepetu, Diamond Platnumz mourn Mzee Maji Moto with emotional posts 

Singer Diamond Platnumz and actress Wema Sepetu have mourned popular Tanzanian actor Amri Athuman aka Mzee Majuto who died on August 8 while undergoing treatment at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam.

Maji Moto, who started acting in 1958 while he was still nine-years old, was a respected actor in the country who has played a huge role in shaping up the Tanzanian movie industry.


On Instagram, Diamond mourned the actor by posting black photo while Wema wished she got a chance to act with him.

“Alipangalo Allah… I wished to work with you baba angu… Ila Allah hakupanga… Kapumzike baba angu… Mungu Mkali jamani….???… Ila kama kuteseka tu umeteseka jamani…. RIP King…” posted Wema Sepetu.

“May your Humble Soul Rest in Paradise KING?…Will always Miss and Love you??,” Diamond captioned the black image.

The veteran actor was suffering from a hernia and had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit due to his deteriorating condition.


Why Diamond Platnumz was temporarily blocked from leaving the country

Singer Diamond Platnumz had to spend more hours at the airport than he had anticipated after he was temporarily blocked by the government of Tanzania from leaving the country.

According to Tanzania’s Baraza la Sanaa Taifa (BASATA) the singer was barred from leaving the country to Mayotte Island where he was scheduled to perform because they are enforcing a law that requires all artists who want to travel to perform outside their country to get special permits from BASATA.

New law

BASATA Chief Executive Godfrey Mngereza,in a statement, said:

Utaratibu wa msanii kuwa na kibali anapoenda nje, yaani kutambua wapi anaelekea kikazi si mpya. Upo katika kanuni toka awali. Lengo ni kumhakikisha ulinzi wa haki na usalama wake pale kutakapotokea suala lisilo rafiki. Pia, kumuaga kwa kukabidhi bendera na mapokezi pindi anaporudi ikibidi,” said Godfrey.

Diamond Platnumz’ humble request to her mother during her birthday celebration 

WCB boss Diamond Platnumz had one simple and humble request for her mother during her birthday celebration on Saturday that left many nodding with agreement.

The Tanzanian singer begged her mother Bi. Sandrah to love all her grandchildren equally, because they are young innocent souls and they have no mistake.

Love them like a mother

We all know how Zari Hassan and Sandrah have been fighting over the years leaving Diamond in between. On Instagram, Diamond confessed that his mother can be pushy at times but he hopes she will just lover his kids regardless of what has happened.

I can’t Stop Wishing you Happy Birthday Mom… Coz i Love you So Much, na Najua kias gani pia Unanipenda Mwanao, Unanipenda kias kwamba hata Unachukia yoyote anaejaribu kufanya kitu cha kuniharibia Katika Maisha Yangu…Utanilinda na kunitetea Hata kama pengine mgomvi nilikuwa ni mimi Mwanao, ila you will always be on my side……

Diamond Platnumz mum

“Katika Kusheherekea siku yako hii kuu ya kuzaliwa, ningeomba Pia, kama Unipendavyo Mwanao pia Uwapende wajukuu zako wote, kwani ni wadogo na Hawana hatia wala hawajui chochote…Najua wakati mwingine wazazi wao wanakukwazaga sana, kutokana na Issue zetu Binafsi za mimi na wao kukuingiza wewe ama kukuletea lawama wewe ilhali maskini ya Mungu hata napowatoaga hujui,” read part of Chibu Dangote’s post.


Thirst! Shock as popular singer openly confesses she wants to bed Diamond Platnumz

Secretly, many women dream of bedding singer Diamond Platnumz. Diamond knows it, Zari Hassan knew it and even Hamisa Mobeto is always away of it.

But it’s rare to hear most of these women, especially fellow celebs, openly confessing how much they want to bed the Tanzanian super star.

Tanzanian Singer and actress Susan Michael aka Pretty Kind however, didn’t hold back in an interview with a local Tanzanian website and shared that she doesn’t mind having him for a night.

“Nitamng’oa tu Diamond kwa Mobeto kwa sababu nampenda sana, ananikosesha usingizi, huyo Mobeto asidhani amefika. Wakati f’lani niliona ni ngumu kumpata Diamond kwa kuwa mama yake alikuwa akimpenda sana Mobeto lakini sasa hivi naona njia nyeupe baada ya Mobeto kuchezea kichapo,” Said Pretty Kind.

He’s single

The singer went on to add that Diamond is now single and any one can approach him.

“Hata simuogopi huyo Mobeto, angekuwa ameolewa sawa lakini hajaolewa na wala Diamond hajawahi kutangaza mpenzi au mchumba wake kwa sasa. Mimi nasema, wasionijua watanijua,” she said. 



Zari Hassan arrives in Kenya (photos)

Zari Hassan will be in Nairobi in May 12 for a concert at the Uhuru Gardens.  The Colour Purple Concert will have free cancer screening for the ladies.

Screening increases the chances of detecting certain cancers early, when they are most likely to be curable and some cancers that affect women include but are not limited to breast cancer, cervical cancer which is screened when one does a pap smear and others like ovarian cancer and colon cancer.

“They say the colour purple is the colour of Royalty, and royalty is in my blood. So come join me at Uhuru Gardens Nairobi – Kenya 12 May, 2018 at the Color Purple Concert and to all my sexy ladies, there will be free Cancer Screening. Can’t imagine y’all in those purples,” wrote Zari on her Instagram page a while back when hyping the event. 

Zari arrived to find media waiting for her at the Airport. Other celebrities that are set to share stage with her include Gloria Muliro, Evelyn Wanjiru, Kush Tracey, Vivian, Wahu, Size 8, Nazizi among others.

Here are the photos:

Images: Courtesy 

Diamond sets record straight on long time beef with fellow singer AliKiba

Diamond Platnumz, a person who the world believes hates fellow Tanzanian singer Alikiba, shared that the two have never been enemies and it’s just people talking and trying to start something between them.

Fighting with Ali does not help me in any way and I don’t gain anything. It does not add or reduce anything so why would I do it,” said Diamond in a radio interview Times FM recently.

Media fueling hate

There might be no beef between the two but tension between their camps has always been crystal clear. Though the two have always tried downplaying it, the media has always followed the drama and capitalized on it fully.

Diamond said that the media has been trying to fuel hate between them which is wrong.

We need to show young artistes that we got the chance and we used it well and not to create hate,” he said.

Tanzanian singer Diamond moving to live in leafy suburbs in Nairobi? Here’s why this might be true

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has bought a house in Kenya, different sources have pointed out.

Rumours of the rich singer getting a house in the country have been flying around for sometime now but it seems it has finally happened after a new word emerged that he splashed some serious amount for a new house in Nairobi’s leafy suburbs recently.

Diamond’s new house in Nairobi adds to the list of his many apartments in Tanzania and South Africa, where his wife Zari and kids usually stay.

Sleeps at top hotels

Considering the number of times the artist is usually in the country, he chose to buy the house other than keep jumping around Five Stars hotels. At one point, Diamond was forced to sleep in a guest house below his standards after missing a room in the top five-stars hotel in Nairobi which were all fully booked.

Rumor also pointed out that Diamond, who is currently in Kenya with american singer Omarion to launch his album,  is a big player in the real estate industry in Tanzania and wanted to expand his portfolio to Kenya.


Diamond reveals how Hassan Joho advised him when he thought Zari was cheating on him

A few weeks ago, Diamond and his wife had friction because of a photo which showed Zari and Ivan’s cousin having a nice time in a spa.

Diamond was convinced Zari was cheating on him with the guy but he later on revealed the whole situation was a big misunderstanding after Zari explained to him they were in the pool with several other people including the guy’s wife.

Well, after Diamond took to instagram to rant about the photo, he received calls from several people including Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and Peter Okoye of P-Square.

In a recent interview on Clouds FM, Diamond revealed that both Joho and Peter Okoye urged him to resolve the conflict he had with Zari – they urged him not to end his relationship with Zari.

Following that drama, I received phone calls from different people; including Peter Okoye of P-Square duo, who advised me for nearly 10 minutes. He told me: ‘Diamond Platnumz, I have a wife and regardless the reason for fall out, I would not do such a thing. It is not good. Women too make mistakes since they are humans.’ Different people from Tanzania phoned me, even (Mombasa Governor) Ali Joho called to urge me not to end the relationship,” Diamond said.