‘Inaeza Kataa Kusimama’- Bahati Tells Diana As He Refuses To Do A Vasectomy

Seems like Diana Marua has had enough children and she’s already getting tired of adding any more. Diana recently welcomed a third child in tandem with her hubby Bahati.

Enough Is Enough

The content creator-turned-rapper further disclosed that the baby’s name is Malaika, and that she was born weighing 3.5kgs.

Diana Marua and Bahati Welcome 3rd Kid, Bouncing Baby Girl - Tuko.co.ke

Diana, in a previous post, had said this has been the toughest pregnancy journey she has had to go through, expressing all gratitude to the Almighty for seeing her through it.

For the latter reason, Diana has been contemplating on admonishing Bahati a vasectomy to avoid impregnating her again.

But the singer has been reluctant to accept Diana’s sentiments. According to Bahati, having a vasectomy has a lot of cons than pros and he’s therefore not willing to have it done. He divulged the same in a recent interview.

Watch their video here;

Diana Marua Promises Bahati Yet Another Child

Diana Marua and her heartthrob hubby Bahati have shown how they’re cosseting their children; and without a doubt, they’re having a field day siring children over & over. The two lovebirds recently welcomed their 3rd born child together. And they’re not stopping at any cost.

Recently, Diana was showered with love & sumptuous gifts by her hubby to show gratitude upon welcoming another baby. Diana recently took to her social media to reveal that she gave birth to the baby girl on Tuesday at 10:52am.

Diana Marua said that she gave birth to their daughter at 10:52 am weighing 3.5 Kgs.

Bahati posted a photo of himself holding the infant tightly close to his chest and captioned,

“Malaika Nyambura Bahati born November 1st 2022, glory to Jesus!!! @malaika_bahati.”

More To Come

Their daughter has already garnered over 20K followers on InstagramAnd she’s not stopping at that.

In Diana’s post, she promised to reward Bahati with more children.

“Issa delivery gift number one from the husband of the year Bahati. Hubby Surprised me with the latest phone, A GALAXY Z FOLD4 on my Birthday, huyu LAZIMA nitamzalia TENA NA TENA,” she wrote.

A few months ago, Diana asked her husband to undergo a vasectomy so she doesn’t get pregnant again. But it seems the YouTuber is contemplating on giving Bahati more children.

Diana Marua Sends Message To Bahati After Being Discharged From Hospital

Celebrity couple Diana Marua and musician Bahati are relieved after the discharge of Diana from hospital after several hours of admission. Bahati had a sleepless night while watching over his exquisite wife laying on her hospital bed.

Not much is known on what really got Marua to hospital; as they both remained surreptitious about it.

Bahati had urged their fans to remember Diana Marua in their prayers;

”Yesterday was a long night for our family. My wife fell sick and ended up being admitted ???? keep @diana_marua in your prayers ????,” shared Babati.

The prayers seemed to have worked perfectly as the duo woke up with great news.

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua Hospitalized [Photos]
Diana Marua hospitalized-Google
Bahati wrote;

Thank You all for your Quick Recovery Messeges and Prayers. Mama Watoto is Doing Better Now!

Thank You to the @Komarockmodern Doctors & Nurses for your Quick Intervention!

Thank You God for the Power of Healing… Isaiah 53: 5 ; Trully by His Stripes We are Healed ???? ”

Diana Marua reiterated her recovery progress as she wrote;

”Just got discharged with a big smile on my face because I have ashamed the devil ???? Thank you My Prayer Partner for standing tall with me during all the difficulties.

May God Love you, Increase You and Keep you For me Always. @BahatiKenya YOU ARE A RARE TREASURE ????❤️????

@KOMAROCKMODERN HEALTHCARE you have served us well. God Bless you Abundantly ”

She continued to thank her husband for standing by her side through the illness;

”Amen and Amen ???????????????? Thank you Baby for being my Pillar of Strength. I love you ❤️”

Diana might share the root cause of her illness on her YouTube channel soon enough.

Following into Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s footsteps? Bahati and wife forced to fake breakup to promote new song

Bahati and wife were clout chasing. Yes, even after trying to convince fans that the two issues; most of their followers were sure that Bahati is up to something new.

But you can only imagine how bad a person’s career is doing for them to fake a break up in order to release a new song. Well, ask Anerlisa and Ben Pol who still struggle with views despite convincing many that their union was over barely six months after huge wedding.

The Bahatis

Anyway, so it turns out that their was no break up but a strategy to promote their new song as seen on Bahati’s page. However we must admit that for a minute the two may have convinced us about parting ways – but when you look back at their reality show; well…you’re reminded of how fake the Bahati’s can be.

New music

Anyway, as seen on the post shared by Bahati – the new song dubbed Mtawachana tuu is special dedication to Ms Dee; and probably Bahati talks about how he would never leave or hurt the love of his life.

To caption this post; Bahati went on to write;

Bahati and wife, Dee


So does this mean that Weezdom and Staecy are still together? And why did Diana snub baby Mueni’s birthday? But oh well….truth is, we got played.

“Ebu tunyamazie!” Fans savagely tell off Weezdom after weighing in on the Bahati’s breakup

All we know is that Bahati was caught in the company of Weezdom’s girlfriend and another lady friend. And thanks to a screenshot shared by one of Obare’s followers we were able to confirm that it’s true.

So far we however cannot confirm how true the break up is; since in the past we have watched both Bahati and Diana Marua clout chase for the smallest reasons.

However having the likes of Mr Seed and Hope Kid mock these two; also shows that there could be some truth to this.

Weezdom finally speaks

After also unfollowing his girlfriend Mylee Staecy – controversial singer Weezdom has come forth to share his own opinion about the breakup. As usual Weezdom went on to drop a caption that left fans attacking not only him; but his best friends too. He wrote;

What God Has Put Together Let No One Put Asunder. It Shall Be Well????

With this, Weezdom appears to have added fuel to curious fans looking to find out whether the break up rumors are true.

Apart from a few countable fans who engaged like real fans; the rest went on to tell off Weezdom for clout chasing – yet he has nothing of value to add in the society. Ouch.

As mean as some of the comments were – we can assure you that Weezdom has so far grown some thick skin; and some of these comments don’t hurt like they used to before. They wrote;

But truth is, fans have every reason to believe this is another clout chasing move; especially after seeing how both Bahati and Diana Marua have been rolling for the past few years.

“I had a guy for everything” Diana Marua comes clean about her dark past with men (Video)

Diana Marua has managed to keep details about her past life on the low; especially now that she is involved with singer Bahati. However those who knew her from back then were ready to expose the young lass; but luckily she somehow survived this.

However right after celebrating her 5th anniversary with Bahati; Marua decided to share a new vblog where she narrated life before meeting the singer who changed her life for the better.

Diana Marua and Bahati set wedding date

Just like most light skinned petite and beautiful women living in Nairobi; Ms Marua had more than one boyfriend to support her lifestyle. Speaking about this, for the first time Diana Marua went on to admit living a wild life that she is not proud of.

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Dating men for money

According to Marua, having struggled during her childhood years – she made it her mission in life not to ever go through the same in life.

According to Ms Marua, she always fished out guys who were able to help her out with money; and this is how she ended up with a lot of guys.  Although this is a lifestyle lived by many young women; Ms Marua remains grateful that Bahati chose her when she didn’t even have an idea of dating for real love.

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Years later and she is now a mother of Bahati’s 2 kids and of course Morgan who is said to have been adopted by Bahati; but something about their striking resemblance makes them look like relatives.

Anyway, watch the video below for more information.

Diana Marua urinates on herself after near-death waterfall challenge with Bahati (Video)

Bahati has proven to be Mtoto wa Diana in a recent river challenge that almost cost them their lives.

The lovebirds were out on their LimaVest land project that challenged them to face their fears inclusive of getting thrown into the ravaging waters of a freezing river and thereafter a dive through a deep waterfall in Sagana.

The Bahati couple in Sagana

The journey kicked off in a team of more than 6 individuals inclusive of several guides just in the event things go wrong.

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They started at the shallow banks with Diana´s lack of knowledge on how to swim seeing her struggle to the end. Sadly, Bahati had to be begged to join the challenge for hours but after he eventually did, he was screaming top of his voice and begging his wife Diana to come and rescue him.

Diana Marua with Bahati

All this despite the fact that they had protective floaters on and a boat nearby for rescue. Then came challenge round two when they had to dive from atop a waterfall into the deep waters.

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The muddy rushing waterfall drew a fear in the couple, they first prayed ahead of the challenge. Then Diana´s friend, Shiko was the first to jump in and this saw Diana embarrassingly urinate on her pants before everyone. This saw Bahati openly laugh at his wife for such an ordeal.

Bahati and Weezdom

Meanwhile, the artist was busy praying for his dear life knowing very well he was not going to take up the challenge. At least not this one.

His psyched up wife, Diana, mark-timed for hours until the cameraman got tired of recording and they eventually had to leave without taking up the challenge. Have a look at the hilarious turn of events.


Diana Marua forced to get rid of contraceptive after developing major complications (Video)

Family planning is a culture that has been adopted by a good percentage of the masses, as a precautionary measure against child bearing that is if age doesn’t allow or a couple is fine with the family they have grown so far.

A practice that cuts across the board regardless of whatever capacities or positions one holds. The Bahati family is not an exception after bearing 2 children together and opting to put a pause to that first until they agree on a way forward.

The Bahatis full family

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However, the IUD (a T-shaped plastic placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy) that Diana uses to control her fertility has brought along setbacks for her well being and after going through so much pain and trouble for almost a week now, the couple decided to consult the doctors who eventually advised them to consider visiting a gynecologist instead.

The Bahati couple

Contraceptive withdrawal

Revealing more details through their channel Diana Bahati, the pair spared the day to get Diana’s contraceptive off until they know what would be the better option. The mother of two has been having a swollen leg for sometime now, an year plus since last giving birth and even though she has had a history of a swollen leg, this was a bit unusual.

I have a history of swelling my left foot since high school but it later disappeared completely. However, for the last 5 days or so, I have become very unsettled because my leg had so much pain all of a sudden and started swelling. I feel like I have needles piercing me.

The Bahatis

After consulting with doctors at Nairobi Hospital, they suggested she might need to get rid of any types of contraceptives or foreign materials in her body and so they headed to the gyna.

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However, Diana did not understand how they would live without a contraceptive but a blunt Bahati responded;

But I’m the King of withdrawal. Because I just don’t trust the contraceptives.

Celebrity couple, Diana Marua and Kevin Bahati

Diana eventually had her IUD removed and the pair have to deal with almost no intimacy until they find an option B and also get her issue sorted. Watch as the process goes down;

Bahati strongly warns Nick Mutuma against cheating with wife Diana Marua (Details)

It all starts with a glass of wine and a day out, before a man and woman realize there is more they share in common and before we know it, things blow up on our faces.

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After a colorful birthday event for their only biological son, Majesty Bahati, the artist decided to let his wife loose a bit as she paraded her day out with Kenya’s heartthrob of an actor, Nick Mutuma and netizens could not help but notice this was probably the ideal pair.

Looking glad to be by each other’s side, relaxing by the poolside and smiling ear to ear, a dear Nick adorably gushed over Marua;

Aunty @diana_marua has now added actor onto her resumé and I guarantee you that she is a natural.

Nick Mutuma with Diana Marua enjoying the warm weather by the poolside

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The tags ‘aunty’ and ‘bro’ by the actor, in reference to Diana and Bahati raised eyebrows despite Marua’s older age compared to the two gentlemen but it became salty when Bahati realized Nick was probably overstaying his welcome, threatening;

Kitu Tuu Usahau Nikuninyanganya Bibi Ulizia Utaambiwa Mimi sio Mrahisi ????????????

Bahati and Nick Mutuma flexing some muscles

The young gospel kid forewarned the light-skin hunk against overstepping his boundaries and secretly eyeing the mother to his children, because it was never going to end well. Even though the artist did not clearly explain what he meant but ‘mimi sio mrahisi’, I bet Nick Mutuma promptly got the message, one he is yet to respond to.

Diana and Nick Mutuma feature in Bahati’s new hit, Naanza Tena

Bahati’s Naanza Tena anthem

The Nick Mutuma-Diana Marua deal came about after the two featured in Bahati’s new track Naanza Tena with Nick being this city hunk who had spoilt Diana with the finer things in life – a life that Bahati who was a village boy living with his grandfather could not afford her.

Singer Bahati with his 98-year old grandfather

This hurt him so bad but he never gave up on hope, promising to start from zero again and lead the life of his dreams. Away from that Nick Mutuma, has been blessed with an adorable daughter Dua, from his wife and actress, Bridget Shighadi, whom he moved on with after partying ways with Tanasha Donna.

Bridget Shighadi with daughter, Dua

Bahati walks out on Diana Marua after demanding for baby number 3, blasts her for starving him in bed (Video)

All that glitters is not gold and in as much as Diana Marua and singer Bahati served couple goals the minute they walked into each other’s lives, the couple has been battling marital issues ever since.

Majority have been questioning why it has taken long for the singer to put a ring on his woman’s finger but probably the duo first needs to settle their small differences before then.

Bahati, being the home provider, has been spoiling Diana to the finer things in life, but this time, things took a 360 degree turn.


The yummy mummy spared the day to give her ‘baby’ a wardrobe makeover for a husband material look, before taking him out on a romantic brunch and the bill was on her.

Off we go, the late sunny morning started off well, romantic vibes, some snacks before the main dish – where the whole drama started.


Heated discussion

Live on her vlog, a hesitant Diana asked Bahati regards plans for baby number 3 – even though they had previously discussed it – because her views needed to be respected as well.

Shock to Bahati who immediately got uncomfortable, giving his wife that look and the entire moment became tense.

Singer Kevin Bahati

Diana insisted that she needed to get their last kid and get over and done with it but Bahati questioned when he was going to get his break from kids.

We have not given ourselves a break babe, si tutachizi!? I don’t see this discussion going anywhere, finish eating we leave. We had already agreed we have closed that chapter. Even the house we have is not currently enough for our kids.

Poor intimacy

Until tables turned on Diana, with Bahati confessing that his wife doesn’t satisfy him in bed so he did not understand where another baby would come from.

Kids come from a happy and satisfied relationship. If kids are full in the house even Heaven sleeps between us, when do we have our alone time?

Bahati with his wife

He soon after walked out on Diana, leaving her pissed and embarrassed.

Confirmed! Bahati officially ditches the gospel industry (Video)

Bahati has officially exited the world of gospel music after the gospel industry proved too toxic for him to bear.

Breaking the news during a recent interview, the father of 4 clarified he sings for God and not for man and he is therefore not here to meet anyone´s standards.

Up and close on Jessy Junction, Bahati stated that leaving gospel music did not mean his faith and belief in God had withered, actually the two have since bonded the more.

The Gospel is Christ, I have Christ in my heart and I believe in God and he is the reason I’m at the top. I cannot leave Christ but the gospel industry is rotten.

Celebrity couple, Diana Marua and Bahati

Articulating he saw it best to exit where he was not welcomed, but his faith remains.

I was fought a lot in the gospel industry so when I do a gospel song, I do it for God, not for the people. I just separated myself from the Gospel industry for a while, but I’m in Christ and the Lord is my personal savior.

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Music star, Kevin Bahati

According to the music star, his audience for his so-called secular music is just not people in the secular world but the very same church members who critic him for his kind of music.

I think right now Wanani is the most played song in the country, and it’s because ina-requestiwa both na watu wako secular na watu wako church because I’m still a son of Christ.

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Life with Diana Marua

Taking us back to their dating days, the two revealed they went out on several occasions but Diana, having this mentality of not dating men younger than her, took Bahati as her younger brother.

Diana Marua

At the time, Diana was a party girl while Bahati was a born again Christian so every time after their date, the singer would say a prayer for her.

When I met him, I was actually the girl of the world, I was making it happen, I was making it rain.

Eventually, Diana’s eyes were opened, she noticed Bahati was exceptional and just wanted someone who would lover her and show her off to the world.

After spending time together, it got to a point I felt he is different, he loves God and he doesn’t have life pressures.

The rest…was history.

Diana Marua opens up about her alleged husband and children

Diana Marua and Bahati have been trending for almost every wrong reason! And unlike before when many treated Bahati with a lot of respect and admiration; most have resulted to throwing insults at him and his wife, Marua.

Barely two weeks ago Marua was accused of having another family which she abandoned after meeting Bahati. According to posts shared on social media, Diana Marua was alleged to have a son, daughter and husband.

To prove this one Keyboard warrior went on to share the photo below as proof that Diana was already a mum.

Mtoto wa Diana

Knowing very well that the age difference between Bahati and Diana Marua is quite ‘huge’ most fans couldn’t help but believe the rumours circulating on social media. One confident fan however jumped in asking Diana Mrua whether she had a family before Bahati.

“Diana, were you ever married before? Family and kids?”

Diana finally responds

However turns out that this is not the first time Diana Marua is being asked about this. The lass revealed that she has had people asking about her alleged family; yet some of the photos circulating on social media were from a Nivea shoot she was featured in around  2015.

Diana with her alleged family

Before I met Bahati I used to be a model. I played the role of a mother in a family set up for Nivea. It was a project which ran for the whole year, which means it would appear on Fathers day or mothers day with the kids included. This translated to people thinking I was married before. I have never been married nor had kids but I don’t mind being called mummy.

Finally at least fans on social media will now stop trolling Marua for her alleged family. And  of course the mother of two is not old enough to be the singer’s mother! Isn’t that obvious?

Relationship goals! Diana Marua steps in to defend husband, Bahati after Khaligraph Jones’ new diss track

Okay okay we get it that Khaligraph Jones can spit fire and is already giving many a run for their money thanks to his music.

But, we cannot forget that there are those who came before him, took over the entertainment industry, killed it; but still disappeared into think air like smoke – and now, remain forgotten but still respected by many.


And for that reason probably it’s about time Khaligraph Jones drew boundaries when it comes to dissing people through his music. As much as fans have praised him for the new song which he went on to refer to Bahati as mtoto was Diana – we cannot overlook at the fact that he crossed the boundaries.


In the verse Khaligraph speaks about the controversial gospel singer saying;

“Kuwa celebrity ni garama juu wakishakujua ni lawama, Bahati akianza alikuwa mtoto wa mama sahii twitter amegeuziwa yeye ni mtoto wa Diana hakuna huruma siri ni kulenga tu,”

As much as Bahati appears soft, rude, selfish…you name it; we cannot also forget that he is a father and husband to someone! If that is not enough to give him even a little respect then I don’t know what is!

Mr and Mrs Bahati

The Bahati’s

Looking at the memes created by fans after Khaligraph’s song went viral; it’s obvious to see that many seek comfort in crowds and instead of condemning what is not wrong many continue to join hands in supporting crafty lyrics written to destroy yet another human’s self esteem.

However the Bahati seem to be handling this quite well and mature enough not to start a scandal or involve Khaligraph’s family! Through Diana’s Instagram page, she made it clear that she is proud to have Bahati as her baby.

She wrote;

Mtoto waaaaanggguuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I just love how we stop reggae. Love you baby @bahatikenya

Diana defends hubby

In yet another post Mrs Bahati went on to add;



“You are the Strongest Woman I’ve ever Met” Bahati serenades wife, Diana Marua amid ‘theft’ trolls

Diana Marua has become the punching bag of trolls after a recent expose alleging she is a ‘petty theft’ of handbags – something that apparently started way back while in highschool.

Mama Heaven Bahati has had it rough with her critics, as her ‘dark past’ came to haunt her in the present.

Masses believed the singer’s wife is not straight in her ways, after the expose went viral and her haters, came hitting back at her.

Bahati with wife, Diana Marua

However, the father to her 2 children, Bahati is not taking the recent issues lightly, cushioning his wife from all the stones thrown her way.

In a recent post, the gospel singer uploaded a photo of Diana before penning some sweet words acclaiming her as a ‘strong woman’.

You are the Strongest Woman I’ve ever Met, Thank You for always being by My Side and Taking all the Nonsense as it Comes.

Diana Marua

Further revealing that Diana had no intention of stepping into the limelight but bravely took it up after marrying the singer.

I know being a Public figure was not your plan but Sasa Juu Mungu alipanga Ukue na huyu Boy Wa Ghetto who has Big dreams you also had to be part of his big Fights????.

Sweetly wrapping up:

I promise to Love you always. I can’t wait to Celebrate all this Big Wins with you MY LOVE ❤️ What Next??? @Diana_Marua

Them Bahatis

Comment section

The couple’s online fans came out lauding:

jmokenya Focus …. keep going ….
milcahdee @djmokenya but is good to support her namna hiyo
chriskirwa ????????????????
akotheekenya I just want to wake up to such a lovely message, may God protect you my people , we love you ❤️❤️❤️????????????????????
skitakiki Yes she is , and haters look at this massage from from bahati to Diana, hahaha…let learn to focus on our lives tuache wiiiiiiiivu????????????????
p.u.r.i.t.y_m.u.t.h.e.e @skitakiki wow….well said,hii makasiriko ni ya ujinga????????
jaqwambu Yes… keep her shielded with love❤️❤️❤️
chri6_breezly ????????????????????
rita.mwachala Indeed she’s a strong woman. Love you Mama
kimberlydennise Pray and keep going

¨Babe, Everything You Say, I’ll Do…¨ Bahati to Diana Marua

When they say, find yourself someone you can do silly things with and still be in your romantic space, is exactly what Valentine´s was like, for Diana Marua and Bahati.

Chale Island was the couple´s choice of destination, all courtesy of Bonfire adventures, but they sure had a lovely time.

Judging from their online stream of photos, the sweethearts savored moments by the beach and in the raging waters of the ocean tides.

Diana Marua and Bahati flaunt their Valentine´s beach moments

Bright colors, shining sun rays, raging waters and romantic moments, headlined their Valentine´s romantic getaway.

What captured the eyes of many however, was Bahati´s question to a dear Diana Marua:

Tell Me what I’m Gonna do to Please You,
Babe, Everything You Say I’ll Do,
Coz I only Wanna Make You Happy,
From the Bottom of My Heart is True ❤️

One would think it is a love poem the gospel singer composed for his woman but honestly, that declaration has left may women fans praying for such husbands.

Diana Marua is yet to respond to the post but women are spending sleepless nights on the comment section.

Ntapata wapi kama bahati aniambie hayo maneno…


I pray i have such man to alwys sweets me with lovly words .men like you sijui wapatikana wapi .Diana is the luckiest woman


Best couple????????


????????????????anyway. I like ur spirit, keep it burning

Chale Island is located at the northern end of Msambweni Bay in Kwale County, southeastern Kenya.


Spoil yourself to some of the fun moments the celebrity couple savored while down at the coast.

“Your down fall is coming!” Fans bash Diana Marua for boasting about her husband’s wealth

Diana Marua’s comment on her husband’s post seems to have rubbed fans the wrong way especially since she came out strong bragging about her husband’s wealth.

It all started after Bahati went on to share a few details about his new endorsement deal on Instagram; probably to prove that despite people calling him a hypocrite on social media, Blessings we’re still flowing in his home.

Through his social media page, Bahati wrote saying;

WHO’S LIKE GOD??? GREATNESS ???????????? I am Just From Signing another BRAND AMBASSADOR DEAL ???? ???????? #AnnouncingSoon!!!

However things seem to have changed for Bahati and his family now that fans and social media users have realized that the ‘gospel singer’ was involved in the arrest of 20 year old Peter Blessing.

According to Peter, Bahati had been paying him 3k which could not sustain him – I mean with this economy?

Fans turn against Diana Marua

Anyway his wife’s comment however made things worse as fans came out of no where to tell her off for being such a brag!

Diana attacked by fans

They went on to remind Diana Marua together with her husband that their down fall was around the corner! Some also added that once all fans realize the type of people they are – then reality will come down knocking at their door!

Below are just a few screenshots from fans telling off Diana.

¨I was a new parent and we did not know how to handle things¨ Singer Bahati opens up

Popular Kenyan couple, Bahati and Diana Marua spoke about how first-time parenting as a couple, took a toll on them.

Speaking to ¨Parents Magazine¨, Diana revealed how tough it was for her when she got their first child, Heaven Bahati, while lacking a support system.

It was so hectic because I was extremely exhausted and Bahati was not there. And when he came home, he would go straight to bed yet I expected him to help me out with the baby. At that particular point, I did not understand that he was working to provide for us. I felt all alone. But I now realize that it was a learning point for both of us.


In his defense, Bahati attested:

I was doing a lot of things at the time because I know it is my responsibility to provide for my family and in my defense, I was a new parent.

For new parents as a couple, Bahati and Diana were in the dark on how to go about parenting.

When Diana went through post-partum depression, we did not know how to handle it because I thought since I was working, I was doing the right thing. But marriage being an institution where you learn on the way, I had to learn at that particular point and I believe I am becoming a better man every day.


Today, they solve their issues amicably, unlike back then, when they would seek a pastor´s counsel whenever they had misunderstandings.

Diana Marua lectures Bahati after saying he is too young and doesn´t want stress

Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua´s pregnancy brings in moods that Bahati cannot keep up with anymore.


Women seem to carry the heavy burden but so do men who have to deal with the pregnancy moods that take longer than expected.

Humility carries the day for a gentleman who desires to hold his baby in his arms by handling his expectant woman with the understanding it deserves.

Gospel star, Bahati is not an exception having generated negative energy from the public with wife, Diana Marua´s second pregnancy.


Up on social media, Bahati is forced to adhere to the mood and feel of wife, Diana Marua before bashing women for their outrageous demands.

Before Diana Marua lectures him about women.

The conversation kicks off:

Babe, one thing I don´t understand about women…

Diana then interjects:

About women?

Why do you need to understand women?

In a bid to explain himself, Bahati adds:

Mnaeka moods and then you blame it on pregnancy.

Unanunuliwa, ooh, kiatu you´re like, ooh, mimi sipendi hii color, ooh you don´t remember my favorite color, was it mine?

What´s up with women?

However, Diana questions it all before lecturing him on the same.

So you want to say that you´re blaming it on pregnancy?

And babe, stop generalizing people and saying women.

Say, Diana.

Bahati then jumps in and says he has had enough of the stress.

Mi sijui wanawake mnatakanga nini.

I´m still young, I don´t want stress.




You should be careful of the things you sit down and orchestrate to act and fool Kenyans about your marriage…wait until such issues start knocking at your door.


yeah too much acting…especially where now the sister is seen to be intrusive n talk to bahati like so casually on the sister’s behalf….does this even happen in real life?

The shoes we saw the dude buy the wife…n then she cries ati ni za dem mwingine ..would he leave evidence like that?


I like the statement “am still young staki stress” I kif u????????

Mwanamke hata ulale Kesha the whole night and you did not say beforehand. You will be in deep shit..
Unauliza mnaenda wapi and your the one driving
Imagine I cried vile ulikua unaongea na Michele kwa simu????
me also????????????????…na saa hii wako pamoja tena eeeey????????…nwei love will always win

Diana Marua pens emotional message remembering late mother

Diana Marua has penned down an emotional tribute to her late-mum who passed on 10 years ago. She penned the letter on April 8, which was her birthday and she would have been turning 50 years old.


Marua has always revealed how she misses her mum who passed while she was still a young woman. In the letter, she shared that she has always fought to make her proud even though she’s not around.

Read the letter below:

“Happy 50th Birthday Mama. I don’t have too many photos of us but the memories of you is what lingers on. It’s been 10 Solid years without you… Life has given me its share of its own kind and every day I go through it with my head up and a smile that never fades. Your presence is always felt and I have no doubt in my mind that you are very proud of us @glam_by_varl and @d_eimos of what we’ve turned out to become. How I wish that you were around to see your grandchildren (Morgan, Remy, Blake, Blair and Heaven), be physically in our lives and celebrate this big day with you… but regardless, God is good! Celebrate with the Heavens Mama, I know they’ve set a Grand Table for you…. Najua watu huko hawapumui. Today, I’m nothing but grateful that you brought me into this world. Keep praying for us, May you always smile upon us, keep being our guardian angel. We will strive to Always make you Proud! Enjoy your Big Day! Happy Birthday my Guardian Angel.

It’s not easy being Bahati’s wife– Diana Marua opens up

If you are thinking about marrying gospel singer Bahati, you better think again. And again.

Someone who has married him says it’s one of the toughest things you can do to yourself. According to Bahati’s wife, marrying the 25-year-old singer is a bit scaring because of the scrutiny he gets online.

“It is challenging for me because Bahati is a public figure. for him, I think he is used to bloggers and all these people and being scrutinized over small things. One thing that has helped me is that we are blind to haters , said the mother of one.


The two have been attacked numerous times online especially over their age difference. Diana Marua is older than Baba Heaven by a few years. Many have labelled her a cougar.

“Our age difference has been a huge factor out here but then again everyone has their own life. this is my life with him so live yours we know how we love each other so leave us and our age difference,”she added.

“Don’t dare write nonsense about my daughter!” Bahati warns after he was said to have carried a paternity test on his daughter

Singer Bahati has finally proven that he can be a strict man especially when it comes down his family. A few days ago he was said to have trouble back at home. This is after his wife allegedly came across an envelope carrying the results of a paternity test; he had secretly carried on his daughter.


The information was apparently leaked by one of his  nosy neighbor who reported the matter to one local tabloid. Being an interesting story, the news spread like wild fire; leaving people questioning whether Diana Marua was involved with other people while still with Bahati.

Bahati calls out tabloid spreading fake rumor!

Well, Bahati also came across the story and just like any family man he came out to address the issue.

According to his post, all that was written was nonsense and a baseless rumor. He however warned others from publishing trash articles aiming at his new born daughter, Heaven Bahati. He wrote saying;


“Tell Bahati to stop parading your baby on social media, she is barely a week!” Fans tell Diana Marua

Diana Marua is happy to have welcomed her baby girl on 14th February. Her daughter’s birth was however announced by Bahati who quickly revealed a few details about the new born baby.

Looking at the Bahati’s and Diana Marua’s Instagram pages; you will realize that the gospel singer has been sharing a few photos of the baby unlike Diana Marua.

Well, this could because the new mom is a bit tired especially after giving birth to the little human. Anyway, even after congratulating the couple fans are now complaining about the new born being exposed too much on social media.

Fans tell Diana Marua to protect her baby

It now seems that Bahati has been sharing a bit too much photos his new born baby irritating mum’s on social media.

From the comments, most women have been asking Diana Marua to stop exposing her baby since she is too young. Read the comments below and be the judge.

Amazing photos from Diana Marua’s baby bump photoshoot

Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua is the latest celebrity mum in town and she is excited about her new journey. The lady welcomed her baby girl Heaven Bahati at 10:14AM at the Karen hospital as revealed.

This pregnancy was however kept on the low until December when Diana Marua revealed that she will be welcoming her baby early this year.

Also read: Bahati’s wife welcomes a bouncing baby girl

During the whole pregnancy Diana Marua did not share any photos parading herb baby bump until yesterday after the baby arrived. Well, no one understands why the gospel singer and his wife chose to do this but it seems to be the latest craze in town.

Diana Marua’s shows off her baby bump

Though the couple has shared just 5 photos so far, you can check them out below. Didn’t she look lovely!

Bahati’s fiancé steps out with no makeup, fans claim she looks like a different person (Photos)

Diana Marua who is now known to be dating young gospel singer Bahati has always given fans to talk about. She is however one lady who does not care what people say about her and this is why she is still dating Bahati even after people trolled her for dating a man who is way younger than her.

Diana Marua with Bahati


When it comes down to her fashion sense, the lady definitely slays and so does her makeup. Just like most women she enjoys wearing perfect make up to cover up her blemishes – in order to feel beautiful and there is no harm in that.

However, there are new photos of the lady where she is seen with no makeup making her appear like a totally different person. Well, she still looks beautiful but without the makeup the lady looks totally different from the flawless Diana Marua we are used to seeing on Bahati’s page.

Below are a few photos of the ladies with no makeup.

Diana Marua without makeup

Diana Marua without makeup

Diana Marua