Eric Omondi: “I do not fear death.”

Comedian Eric Omondi has come out to share that he doesn’t bother about death anymore because it has already punished him in all kind of ways.

Speaking in an interview, the comedian revealed that death has taken away almost all his family members and these days he’s not afraid of it any more.

“I do not fear death. I have lost both parents, my grandparents and recently my brother. No one should fear death, it happens to all of us.” he said. 


The comedian also went ahead and shared that losing Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore was a big hit to him because of how he supported him.

“I feel like an orphan. He has stood with me through my career and pointed me where to walk. He supported creativity and he is one of the best CEOs when it comes to understanding Kenyan youth.” he added. 


Eric Omondi’s fiancee’s reply after his emotional goodbye post that some think is a stunt

Comedian Eric Omondi has been communicating different messages regarding his love life confusing fans in the process.

First, the comedian claimed that he’s desperately looking for Ksh 80 million to wed his fiance Chantal Gerzioli. He then changed tune and posted an emotional post on social media showing that the two have parted ways.


Gerzioli has responded to the post, hinting that the two might not be together anymore. She however, confused fans by sharing how she loves the comedian.

“I love eric and I will always love him and we are okay; we created the best of moments together, we shared our dreams and visions but most importantly we shared our lives. And I will always cherish every single moment,” she posted. 

“As I write this post I want to ask god to always protect you and your dreams until our paths meet again. I hate goodbyes so it’s not a goodbye its more like a see you later. I will always be here for you anytime, any day @ericomondi ????”

Eric and Fred Omondi mourning after losing step mum and cousin

Comedian Fred and Eric Omondi are morning following the death of their step mom and their first cousin identified as Sikuku who passed away on Wednesday.

On social media, Eric posted a sad post alerting his fans that he lost the two. He didn’t share what happened.

“Death is so cruel. So we have lost our only surviving step mum at home and at the same time my 1st cousin, Skuku, who is more of a brother. Still can’t believe you are gone mama n Skuku, Only God knows why this soon but forever you will always be in our hearts. Rest in peace. Safari salama.  Strong till the end,” read Omondi’s post.


“Still can’t believe you are gone.” his brother added in a separate post.

In June last year, the Omondi’s lost their elder brother Joseph Onyango Omondi who was a drug addict for almost 19 years.

You better hide your girlfriends. Eric Omondi screams after getting new hairdo

Comedian Eric Omondi has some of the wildest hairstyle in the entertainment industry next to Willy Paul and maybe Otile Brown.

We have seen Akothee’s recent transformation which has left Kenyans wowed. Akothee, who got a human hair weave that costed Ksh 74, 000, took to social media later to say that women should watch out because she’s gonna steal their men.

Omondi also believes the same will happen after getting his new hairdo thanks to superstar saloonist Eric OneWash, who gave him a blonde and black just in the middle hairdo.

Steal your woman

Omondi took to social media to floss the new job saying it might take away your wife to be so men better be careful when around him with their women.

“Please urgently Hide your Girlfriends ????????????????????????????????????????????” he posted. 

Here’s the photo:


‘Eric Omondi I want my money’ Woman claims a ‘broke’ Omondi hired her car and is now unable to pay 

Comedian Eric Omondi has found himself in yet another scandal following money he owes a car hire agent.

According to a post shared on Group Kenya, Eric Omondi is being accused of ditching a car he had hired from a lady by the name of Wambui.

Apparently Omondi ditched the car at Moi international airport 3 days after his show and headed to Nairobi without alerting the owner of the car.

The police who towed the car claim it was  parked on a yellow line and the car keys had been thrown under the car.

Since the car had been left at the airport parking lot for a few days, the police kept an eye on it hoping the owner would should up.

However, no one did and this is why the car was towed. With this there is now a bill to be settled inorder for the car to be released.

Eric Omondi dodging the bill

The comedian is however said to be dodging the bill and judging from the screenshots shared by the lady; you one can see that Eric Omondi giving her blue ticks.

Now the story is out, we are waiting to hear what Eric Omondi has to say.

Like Willy Paul, Eric Omondi also cheated death at Dusit: I was to be the third person to be shot, I don’t know how I escaped

Comedian Eric Omondi is among many Kenyans who narrowly escaped death following the terror attack at DusitD2 in 14 Riverside.

The comedian said that he cheated death by a whisker after bullets aimed at him missed. He has God to thank for that. According to Omondi who spoke to the Star, he had just picked a parcel at Red House office at Hanover building when the shootout started.

Two students shots

He says he witnessed to students being shot, one on the shoulder while the other was shot on the leg, before bullets aimed at him missed.

“I was to be the third person to be shot, I don’t know how I escaped the bullet. It is just God. I just started hearing gunshots, and then started seeing people running away raising their hands up and some were entering the bank to hide for their lives.” said Eric. 

The attack, which started at 3 PM, saw four Somali terrorist attack the luxurious hotel and shoot indiscriminately. At around 4.30 pm, Recce squad security officers advanced into the hotel to try and neutralised the attackers.


Eric Omondi sends tough advice to Kenyan artistes: Do not wait for Radio and TV to play your songs

The heated argument between Kenyan artists and presenters has been going on for the better part of this week as local entertainers try to figure out why their music is not getting any air play.

Presenters and artists have been exchanging words since Monday as artists have accused presenters of picking Bongo and Nigerian over them. Presenters on the contrary, say that Kenyan music is trash and that’s why it’s not getting on radio.

Comedian Eric Omondi has offered his take saying that artists shouldn’t be concerned that TVs and radio ignoring them.

Do not wait for Radio to play your song!! Do not rely on TV to push your Video. Start to create your own network. Build your platforms. My top two songs last year were 1. Dundaing by KingKaka 2. Katika by Navy Kenzo ft Diamond I did not hear them on radio, I did not watch them on TV. I actually honestly do not remember the last time I listened to radio or watched TV. My best TV program is Churchill Show and guess what? I watch it on YouTube,” read his post.

Build yourself

He further added that once entertainers focus on building their platforms, they’ll realize TV and radio don’t matter so much.

I respect traditional media (TV, RADIO and PRINT) I mean that is where I was born. But TIMES ARE CHANGING and they are changing FAST. Social media is slowly but surely becoming MAIN STREAM. People want information quick, they want it NOW!!! The phone is the new TV set, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and WHATSAP Will be the New TV Stations, SOON. I personally run a “TV Station” on Instagram called @ericomondi and I am today assured of reaching at least 3.1 million people on my Instagram, YOUTUBE and Facebook, and this can only get better. This Way I do not have to totally rely on Radio and TV. My TV station runs exactly the same way traditional TV and Radio Run, if you visit my page you will find both Entertaining programs AKA ma Ujinga as well as Adverts. Let’s start to focus on building this Social Networks as well because they are the only medium that crosses borders beyond, AND THATS WHERE WE NEED TO GO, BEYOND!!!!. MY TWO CENTS,” said Eric Omondi.




Comedian Eric Omondi re-launches flopped show that aired on KTN just for days before he returned to Churchill 

Comedian Eric Omondi has a new show dubbed “Hawayuni” set to be steamed via Google app Afri pods.

Omondi, who several years ago left Churchill Show on NTV and moved to KTN to start his own show which flopped badly, took to social media to announce the new partnership that will see him have a weekly show.

“Hey guys…Welcome to AfriPod…The Newest way to Communicate, Educate and of course ENTERTAIN…I will be Podcasting weekly…STAY TUNED,” he said.

First job

The comedian has been using social media as a platform for his jokes but now will use Afri pods to further that. On instagram Afripods applauded his work and were happy to have him on board.

“We are honoured to welcome a man who has been voted ‘One of the 10 funniest men in Africa’! As the leading comedian in Kenya and pioneer in social media, it is no surprise that Eric Omondi @ericomondi with his very first Afripods podcast ‘Hawayuni’ want to be an early adopter and test a new digital channel like podcasting or ‘radio on demand’ as some like call it. On Afripods and through his first test into podcasting Eric plan to explore, develop, be topical, funny and entertaining at the same time so subscribe to this channel not to miss any episodes.” they said. 

I wasn’t around when Jacque Maribe held her baby shower at Dennis Itumbi’s house – Eric Omondi

Comedian Eric Omondi has said that he’s still in good terms with Jackie Maribe despite what many Kenyans have been claiming online.

The comedian has been getting a lot of heat since Maribe’s case as Kenyans claim he was the reason behind her woes after he dumped her.

In an interview with Radio Jambo, Omondi opened up of how the two met.

“I met Jacque Maribe when we were both employees at Radio Africa Group, and our friendship grew from there. We even went for a date at Sarit Centre and had some tea. Since then our friendship has been so tight,” he said.

Omondi said that they have always been friends ever since and even shared that he supported her while she was in jail.

“Till now we are still friends and every time we tell ourselves that whatever happens, we will still remain friends. I chat her on messages but I will not say if I visited her when she was incarcerated,”he said. 

Baby Shower

Omondi also added that he never attended Maribe’s baby show’s after party that was hosted by none other than Itumbi, at his house, because he was not in the country then.

Asked why he posted Maribe’s son on social media recently, Omondi said:

“When I posted the picture, I was in Dubai and when I came back, everyone wanted to know about it, but hilo ni swala nyeti sana,” he said. “Hio swali ni ngumu (That question is tough).”


Eric Omondi: I’m not having a wedding anytime soon. That story was fake 

Eric Omondi has denied that he’s planning to marry his longtime girlfriend Chantal anytime soon.

The comedian accused bloggers of spreading rumors and said that he has never issued such a statement.

He also denied that he has paid dowry or made any other major move to ensure that Chantal becomes his wife.

I am not aware of any September wedding. I also read about my September wedding with Chantal and how I went to Italy and paid dowry. I keep asking myself where they get the stories from, not one person has called to ask me about this but I see stories out there just like you,” said Eric Omondi in an inteview with Pulselive.

Fake news

The comedian made the confession during a radio show. The news then spread everywhere and now he’s wondering how it all started.

He also denied that things are rocky between him and Chantal, who has been away since March and the two are no longer posting each other on social media.

Bro, Monday I read from blogs that I am wedding in September, today I hear that I have broken up with my fiancée where do these bloggers get the stories from because no one has called me. We are good and bloggers should get their facts right,” he said.


Forget Eric Omondi and Chantel! Meet the new Kenyan-Italian couple spreading love through music

We all know how comedian Eric Omondi and his Italian girlfriend Chantal have been hitting headlines hard because of their union. Omondi has always used his lover in his comedy clips whenever necessary.

But this couple, Becky and Antonio are the new guys in the entertainment space. Becky is very much Kenyan while Antonio is Italian.

The two form the band Juu, which spreads love and  Kenyan culture all over the world. Juu also fuses the rich cultures of two countries into Afro-pop and RnB music.


Something funny about Becky and Antonio is that the two met in Italy a few years ago and discovered they both loved music so much. They decided to start Juu after falling madly in love.

The two lovers have already worked with singer Wyre for “If this is Love” and have now dropped their new song dubbed “Azuntha”, the 3rd single off the Album “Beloved”. It is the first single release that they showcase their strengths, both vocally and production.



Watch their video below:



Thick or baby on board? New photos of Comedian Eric Omondi’s fiancé spark pregnancy rumors

I bet we are wondering when Eric and his fiancé will be walking down the aisle, right? The two have been engaged for quite long now but there are no signs of a wedding.

There relationship is however solid as proven by their Instagram photos. Just recently the comedian flew all the way to NewYork where he was seen spending some quality time with Chantel, his fiancé.

With plenty of photos to share online, their followers were keen to observe the new changes in Chantel.

Comfortable life

Dressed in a yellow mini dress that could not conceal her tummy, fans have now resulted to assuming that she is heavy with child.

Though the couple has said nothing about this matter; it’s evident to see that she has put on a few pounds meaning life is just fine! Checkout her photo below;

Lulu Hassan finally reacts to Eric Omondi’s viral clip imitating her and hubby

Comedian Eric Omondi had a perfect parody for the new and revamped “Nipashe” on Citizen TV which has couple Lulu Hassan and hubby Rashid Abdalla presenting the 7 pm news every Saturday and Sunday.

The clip went viral as many then anticipated how the two will work together. After the hype died down, the two lovers have taken time to respond to the video which has been watched hundreds of times by Kenyans.

Rashid and Lulu


Hassan, jokingly told Omondi that they are no longer friends, while her hubby Rashid didn’t want to say much.



Here’s the clip in case you missed it

Girlfriend miaka ngapi? Eric Omondi slammed by fans for not marrying Italian lover Chantal 

Fans think comedian Eric Omondi is confused regarding his relationship status. According to many, the comedian doesn’t know what he’s currently in and should announce his stand.

This comes after he shared a video of his lover Chantal who he has dated for years now, said the two were married but went on to call her girlfriend. Social media wanted him to refer to her as his wife.

Make it official

Instagram fans attacked him insisting that it’s time he marries the beautiful lady and make everything official.

“But marriage is hard. My girlfriend adopted this chick and now that she is away I am supposed to take care of it,” the comedian wrote. 

  • sherri_the_ladyCha muhimu maji na unga.. Girlfriend n marriage aint same in one sentence its a paradoxy…
  • lucasoqirenoOmondi omondi omondi omondi omondi omondi… nimekuja mara ngapi almost nisahau nikuite detergents juu ya #omo
  • allano_goonBut but why call her your girlfriend if you are married ?? Call her wife wacha hizo erico
  • credible_platnumzBut marriage is hard….so my girlfriend adopted??? something is wrong with that statement @ericomondi ?? or am i tripping

Eric Omondi: We would get calls from places as far as Mombasa to go pick our brother 

Kenyans are still in shock after Eric Omondi’s elder brother passed away just hours after being introduced to Kenyans. Eric’s brother, Joseph Omondi, a drug addict, had just been traced by Eric and he was hoping will be taken back to the rehab only to pass away later.

Omondi has now come out to share the incident, saying the family is suspecting a cousin might have introduced him to the drugs. In an interview published on SDE, the Eric opened up saying that he’s brother died because of the drugs.

Didn’t have the will

Eric and Joseph

“Have you seen him?” he asked Omondi after he was asked if something else might have killed him. “There is no doubt that the drugs killed him.”

“We had a cousin who was dating a white man. She is the one who we knew was using drugs. When Joseph started hanging out with her she must have introduced him to the vice.”

Omondi added that rehab didn’t help his bother because he didn’t have a strong will.

“He would come out clean and then, out of the blues, slip out of our sight and go missing,” he says. “We would only get calls from places as far as Mombasa: “Come pick your brother. He is in Mombasa. He is very high.”


“If an addict is not mentally prepared to stop they will still relapse because drugs always have a certain appeal for addicts.”

Eric Omondi’s girlfriend stunts in a beautiful white wedding dress(photos)

We don’t know when Eric Omondi and his longtime girlfriend Chantal Juliet Grazioli will exchange vows or have kids but the two have always been sending hints once and then that it might be soon.

During Grazioli’s birthday, the two celebrated in style which had her wear a white wedding dress and Omondi as a prince to mimic the just concluded Royal Wedding.

 “The other Day I watched a fairy tale and I almost wished I was a Prince but I remembered God already gave me a Princess?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE.” Omondi said. 

Here are the beautiful photos:


Lamba LOLO! Eric Omondi teams up with Kidum for new song ‘LOLO’

Comedian Eric Omondi and popular singer Kidum have united to shoot a new video called LOLO. We all know Omondi’s music videos are just funny clips on beats.

The two have worked on their new song which has Kidum on the guitar while Omondi reminding us his Congolese roots that we have always doubted since he left Kisumu for Nairobi.

Anyway, it’s a funny song that you will totally enjoy especially from how Omondi narrates how women left him hanging after spoiling them in clubs with his hard earned cash.

Watch the video below:


Photos of Lupita’s ‘secret’ meeting in Kisumu emerge

Lupita was recently in Kenya for an investment meeting but managed to keep it on the low and avoid media attention. Little information about the meeting was shared to the public but it’s now known that several celebs including Jalango and Eric Omondi attended the closed meeting.

Photos of the meeting have also emerged proving that the popular actress was in the country.  According to different sources, the Oscar-award winning star landed in Kisumu at 10 am on Saturday where she was received by high security and county officials who had no idea who they were meeting.

She then visited a few places with investors before holding a private meeting with artists and entertainers.

Here are some of the photos:

Family goals! Eric Omondi treats his In-laws to an adventurous vacation

Comedian Eric Omondi is the son in law many parents dream of having. Apart from treating his fiancé the best way possible, the comedian recently took his In-laws to the Masai Mara where they spent      a few days admiring the wild life.

From the photos shared on his social media, seems that this trip was aimed at giving his parents in law a memorable vacation.

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Things between the comedian and the mixed race seem to be getting serious between the two especially now her parents are also getting involved.

Wedding plans

The couple has been engaged for about a year now and the two are set to walk down the aisle soon; however things seem to be moving very slowly between the two.

Other fans have also been asking questions about Chantal who rarely parades her love like Eric Omondi does. Anyway below are photos from the trip.

Eric Omondi’s girlfriend gives ladies a reason to talk after her wig almost slipped off

Chantal Grazioli, Eric Omondi’s girlfriend is every guys (probably) dream lady. I mean she has the perfect figure, caramel skin tone and her silky hair that most women wish they had.

After arriving from Italy, we all couldn’t help but notice how grown her hair was. Well, she looked like a video vixen but little did we know that she is also a fan of fake hair just like most ladies.

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During her trip to coast with Eric, the lady forgot to adjust her wig leaving her cornrows peeping out. For a minute it seemed unreal since most thought that she an all natural beauty!

Beware of Muggers in town

With such expensive hair, it would be best for the lady to avoid town now that muggers are after wigs too.

Word has it that they are stolen and sold for cheaper  prices especially now that things are way thick in January.

Anyway as for Chantal, it’s good to know that she also has some struggles like most women.

Eric Omondi’s fiancé’s reaction after seeing what her man did to welcome her back home

Comedian Eric Omondi is one romantic man. Over the years or months we have seen him spoil his lady with surprise gifts making many women jealous.

Well, we can’t blame these women because it’s actually hard coming across such a generous man. Anyway Chantal hopefully counts herself lucky deep down inside since she doesn’t look like the touchy feeling type.

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After seeing the big billboard with her name and picture at the airport, she did not really publicize it like many would. She was all cool and calm until a few hours when she shared the post below. She captioned it;

Wedding plans?

It has been about a year now since the two got engaged and there are still no signs of holding a wedding.

Anyway we wish them all the best.

Fans react to Eric Omondi’s romantic billboard welcoming his girlfriend back home

Eric Omondi has set the bar abit too high for the boy child. While other men cannot treat their women right, the comedian is already playing on a different level judging from his latest move.

To welcome his girlfriend back home, the comedian partnered with Startimes coming up with a huge billboard at the airport with Chantal’s photo. This stunt left many impressed by his affection towards the lady while others questioned whether men like him still exist.

Fans react to the billboard

This was also a good opportunity for fans to leave creative comments under the Instagram photo. While others preached the ‘Nyakundi said No’ slogan others claimed that this was a sign of weakness for a man to go on such level.

Comedian Eddie Butita also joined in with his funny post that has left many in tears. From his photo seems that Butita was comparing his love for KDF to  that of Eric Omondi and Chantal.

Read the comments left by fans below.

Eric Omondi and fiancé give fans quite a show as they plan to reunite 4 months after being apart

Long distance can be quite stressful. No amount of social media can change the fact that your spouse is miles away. And I bet this is why Eric Omondi is excited at the thought of seeing his fiancé who has been away for months.

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The two love birds earlier today shared photos expressing their excitement now that they are remaining with just a few days before Chantal jets in the country. From the look of things, they both cannot wait to be together and their fans seem to be following the thread as they watch the two long for each other. Eric posted;

His fiancé on the other hand shared the post below

Chantal’s trip to Italy

Chantal’s family happens to live in Italy and this could be the reason she travelled. However, 4 months seem to be long time especially now that she is engaged to be married. So was she working or schooling? We can’t tell!