You better hide your girlfriends. Eric Omondi screams after getting new hairdo

Comedian Eric Omondi has some of the wildest hairstyle in the entertainment industry next to Willy Paul and maybe Otile Brown.

We have seen Akothee’s recent transformation which has left Kenyans wowed. Akothee, who got a human hair weave that costed Ksh 74, 000, took to social media later to say that women should watch out because she’s gonna steal their men.

Omondi also believes the same will happen after getting his new hairdo thanks to superstar saloonist Eric OneWash, who gave him a blonde and black just in the middle hairdo.

Steal your woman

Omondi took to social media to floss the new job saying it might take away your wife to be so men better be careful when around him with their women.

“Please urgently Hide your Girlfriends ????????????????????????????????????????????” he posted. 

Here’s the photo:


Lulu Hassan finally reacts to Eric Omondi’s viral clip imitating her and hubby

Comedian Eric Omondi had a perfect parody for the new and revamped “Nipashe” on Citizen TV which has couple Lulu Hassan and hubby Rashid Abdalla presenting the 7 pm news every Saturday and Sunday.

The clip went viral as many then anticipated how the two will work together. After the hype died down, the two lovers have taken time to respond to the video which has been watched hundreds of times by Kenyans.

Rashid and Lulu


Hassan, jokingly told Omondi that they are no longer friends, while her hubby Rashid didn’t want to say much.



Here’s the clip in case you missed it

So sad! Eric Omondi introduces his blood brother who has been destroyed by drugs

Comedian Eric Omondi recently put jokes aside and decided to address a serious issue that has been affecting not only his family but the society at large.

The comedian took to Instagram to address the drug menace that has been destroying the youths, sharing a clip of his blood bother who has been crippled by the substances.

Joseph Omondi, Eric’s little-known older brother is worryingly hooked on substance abuse to the point it is affecting his functionality. He has been in and out rehabs with little help.

“If you are a young person and you follow this account.. This is for you!!! This is my blood brother Joseph Omondi(Same father same mother)… He is the First born, I am the second born… Our third born is Irene Omondi and the last born is Fred Omondi. Joseph has struggled with drug addiction since high school,” Eric captioned the sad video.

Eric and his brother Joseph Omondi

Nacada comes on board

He went on:

“He has been in and out of rehabilitation. We have tried our best as a family. Because of his addiction he has a tendency to run away from us to avoid Rehabilitation. I tracked him yesterday through a taxi guy who spotted him in Nairobi downtown along Nyandarua Road. @chipukeezy and Nacada have promised to help him. If you are reading this na uko High school ama colle na ushaanza kuonja hizo vitu jua tu kuna time hautaweza kulala bila hizo vitu.”

Heavy weekend as Eric Omondi is photographed drunk with bloodshot eyes (Photos)

This past weekend had a lot of events which saw many Kenyans step out to have fun including celebrities who could not be left behind.

Well, Eric Omondi happens to be among those who graced the Tekno concert that went down at the Ngong racecourse on 9th September. He was accompanied by Joe Muchiri among others who were ready to turn up a good one!

Eric Omondi getting drunk

However seems that Eric Omondi had a bit too much to drink judging from a video shared by Joe Muchiri on his Instagram story a few hours ago. Eric Omondi is seen drinking straight from the bottle and just when he was about to swallow the dry liquor, he ended up throwing up!

Not quite sure what the plan was, but this is the first time we are seeing the fella too drunk – but didn’t Chantal (his fiancé) reveal that the first time they met he was tipsy? So, I bet it’s something that happens a lot?

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi