Boondocks Gang and Shay Diva on a Party tune ‘Firifiri’

Party on ‘Firifiri’ by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang. It is a love song. Introduced so innocently, ‘ndege ndege zimeshika nadhani me ni pilot’. Many will think its more of a flight song.

Boondocks counterpart continues with the jam, which brings out the picture.

Nyege nyege nina rungu utadhani me ni psycho,‘ which is said to illustrate a sexual arousal due to bhang.

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Party on 'Firifiri' by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang

Shay Diva continues the next lead. She sings, ‘si wale wa kuletewa maua bila ndom si unajua utaniua tesa kitale mpaka maua nikikalia si utahema kifua.’

This brings out a picture defining two ladies those who romance means flowers to them. Happiness is a choice indeed, what one loves to do best.

What is the ‘Firifiri’ effect in this jam?

Firifiri brings out bhang’ as an easy drug that brings mad psychological fan. ‘karada kakinyonga meza maji ya limau kajaba kakinyonga gonga milango ya mbao .’ Kajaba is a kenyan slang which defines khat.

Shay diva narrates how she’d want to twerk to arouse one. She sings, ‘nataka uketi na isimame nidare mboko na ugurume nirombose iteme mate.’

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Boondocks Gang and Shay Diva decided to give a taste with their vulgar language. Firifiri is more of a club banger and I don’t expect it to be played on air.  Also, it narrates about the ‘supu ya ngwai‘ which is used as a Viagra, ‘sijui leo nipike mothokoi.’ It also sums it up by dismissing the dildos used too.

Party on 'Firifiri' by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang

Firifiri is well done. Besides the lots of vulgar language with which majority of words have been done with the sheng’ slang, the lyrical flow was perfectly well done.

In addition, video of the song is also well done, the background set up is also perfect. The dance also brings out indeed a party moods.
In conclusion, Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang gets a rating of 5/10 in Firifiri.

Video below.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu’s ‘Mangwa’

Boondocks Gang are back, this time on Mangwa. They have featured by Wakuu. It is a great collaboration when Ghetto anthem groups come together. The groups are very talented and for sure their fans are always ready for them.

Boondocks Gang has been rocking the airwaves with their tunes. Coming in for Mangwa gives the Wakuu team a lot of views and a great fan base. One thing you are going to notice is that people love Boondocks Gang.

In the jam Mangwa, it is nothing different from the kind of content these groups give. Mangwa is a sheng word which is mostly used to describe sex. When these people come on board it is either they are talking about women, drugs and sex.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

What is the message?

To start with, lets get to understand what Mangwa is all about. The lyrics are very well outlined and very easy to grasp.

Vile amejibeba lazina ntaimanga. In this case the team is talking about a ladies behind. They are also talking about smoking bhang.

There is a dancehall aspect in this jam. Also E-xray has received lots of love from fans who feel that he has done something out of the ordinary. Also, there is a line where they say, napenda vile anaitinga na bado nitaimanga. Someone save this generation.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

Relevance of Mangwa

To start with, it always good to focus also on the target audience. First you notice that the song’s audience is that below 24 years. The word Mangwa is not one that most people from the rural village relate with but it is to those in the ghetto areas.

Boondocks Gang featured in Wakuu's 'Mangwa'

Into production, the song is well produced. From the audio, you can already feel the song. The mixing is well done. Also, the video does not disappoint.

In conclusion, Bondoocks Gang and Wakuu get a rating of 6/10 in Mangwa.

Video below.

Zzero Sufuri; Hakuna kitu fiti ka kuwa na ‘Manzi’

Zzero Sufuri the King of ghetto anthem is back with a new jam dubbed Manzi.  The jam comes in a few weeks after  his last release. Manzi is a sheng word to mean a female lover.  Zzero Sufuri has been doing so well in his music. Even though there are a lot of his kind of artists him being alone and still standing is a great deal.

Message in ‘Manzi’

This new jam talks about the importance of having a girl; ‘Hakuna kitu fiti ka kuwa na manzi  Manzi manzi  Alafu bahati nzuri uko na ganji  Ganji ganji‘. The theme is so simple. He goes on to say that you have a girl and by luck you have money. What has money got to do with a girl?

Zzero Sufuri on Manzi

‘Kam nicheze na hizo ndenge za kwako Nikuonyeshe we ni mrembo kuliko hadi sistako Siku hizi, mi ni morio hadi wa mathako Buda yako nitamhepa aki ndamsho mi ni kigosho’. This sounds like a typical Kenyan dude who is stealing honey. The guy seems to be doing something wrong. Most of the fear fathers.

Relevance of the ‘Manzi’

This song is only relevant to the boy child. It is at a time when most go through a lot because they have to fight for girls with sponsors. He says that if he had a girl and also if he had money. Also, the target audience is well outlined. Zzero Sufuri targets the youths in this jam Manzi.

Zzero Sufuri on Manzi. This new jam is dope


The song is Zzero Sufuri’s original writing. This guy is creative. Also, the audio is dope and the mixing well done. Everything is clear. The song Manzi has been produced by Brayo Wise.

Can’t wait to see the video. For once there is limited content on sex and twerking. In conclusion the song gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the audio.


Zzero Sufuri brings you ‘Chuki Na Doo’

Chuki Na Doo is Zzero Sufuri’s new jam. This guy is on a releasing spree. He has shaken the internet with three jams over the weekend. Zzero Sufuri is really working so hard to keep his fans entertained.

Doo is a sheng’ word that is used to mean money in the ghetto.  Chuki Na Doo simply means that he has some beef with money.  Anyway who has got any hatred for money?

Zzero Sufuri; Songwriter, Artist; chuki na doo

Zzero talks of how he struggles to get money but he does not get it at the end of the day; Cheki Niko na chuki na doh  Niko na chuki na doh  Niko na chuki na doh  Ju mi huzisakaga na sipati hizo doh.

Message in ‘Chuki Na Doo’

To start with, this song simply brings out what the normal youths go through in search of a livelihood. I approve this song and I feel that it has some sense.

Niko na chuki na doh, zilost nazipata kwa show Bila show siwezi pata hizo doh Kwani form hukuwa gani hizo doh zikilost. This line is kinda true to most artists. They have to get some shows for them to make money. Zzero Sufuri goes ahead to ask his fans a question.

Hatukutani ka ni ghost, tupatane kwa beta Nina was na kuzishika kuzitumia ni worse na Nalipagwa once in a month,  Once in a month ndo unafaa ulipe keja Once in a month ukiendea tenje ikue mteja Na madeni kwa duka ni kuongezeka Na hushibi kwa hoteli unadai nyongeza eeh. This one is so deep. Chuki Na Doo is just very real. Whoever advised Zzero to do this is a genius.


In addition to the great message there, the producer did a good job. Chuki Na Doo was produced by Brayo Wise  from Global Oak Media Solutions. The audio and the beats are excellent. On this one he gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the audio.