Boondocks Gang and Shay Diva on a Party tune ‘Firifiri’

Party on ‘Firifiri’ by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang. It is a love song. Introduced so innocently, ‘ndege ndege zimeshika nadhani me ni pilot’. Many will think its more of a flight song.

Boondocks counterpart continues with the jam, which brings out the picture.

Nyege nyege nina rungu utadhani me ni psycho,‘ which is said to illustrate a sexual arousal due to bhang.

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Party on 'Firifiri' by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang

Shay Diva continues the next lead. She sings, ‘si wale wa kuletewa maua bila ndom si unajua utaniua tesa kitale mpaka maua nikikalia si utahema kifua.’

This brings out a picture defining two ladies those who romance means flowers to them. Happiness is a choice indeed, what one loves to do best.

What is the ‘Firifiri’ effect in this jam?

Firifiri brings out bhang’ as an easy drug that brings mad psychological fan. ‘karada kakinyonga meza maji ya limau kajaba kakinyonga gonga milango ya mbao .’ Kajaba is a kenyan slang which defines khat.

Shay diva narrates how she’d want to twerk to arouse one. She sings, ‘nataka uketi na isimame nidare mboko na ugurume nirombose iteme mate.’

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Boondocks Gang and Shay Diva decided to give a taste with their vulgar language. Firifiri is more of a club banger and I don’t expect it to be played on air.  Also, it narrates about the ‘supu ya ngwai‘ which is used as a Viagra, ‘sijui leo nipike mothokoi.’ It also sums it up by dismissing the dildos used too.

Party on 'Firifiri' by Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang

Firifiri is well done. Besides the lots of vulgar language with which majority of words have been done with the sheng’ slang, the lyrical flow was perfectly well done.

In addition, video of the song is also well done, the background set up is also perfect. The dance also brings out indeed a party moods.
In conclusion, Shay Diva and Boondocks Gang gets a rating of 5/10 in Firifiri.

Video below.