Milly Chebby Shows Off the Final Transformation of Her New Mansion

Milly Chebby and Terrence Creative recently moved to a big mansion from their apartment 4 months ago. So far it wasn’t fully furnished. As usual the furniture from the previous house doesn’t quite fit with the new house, so you need to do some upgrades. But finally Milly Chebby has shown off how the house looks with all the new furniture and finishings installed. Enjoy the video of the final product:

Why Milly Chebby thinks Terence will enter paradise

Kenya’s beloved comedian, Terence Creative, celebrated his birthday last weekend in a memorable manner.

Radiating joy, Terence Creative embraced another year in the journey of life with gratitude.


Why Milly Chebby avoided giving Terence Creative a kiss for five years

Reflecting on the past year, the comedian expressed his appreciation for the many accomplishments and blessings bestowed upon him by God.

“I THANK GOD FOR ANOTHER YEAR 🙏🎂🎂 God, if you don’t do anything else, you’ve done more than enough. Let me not forget that. I am grateful for all you’ve given me. Thank you for your grace, mercy, and health, among other countless blessings,” Terence expressed.


Comedian Terence Creative’s Humble Dowry Payment Revealed

“Lord, grant me the wisdom to cherish what I have every time I yearn for what I don’t. Remind me always to share the blessings I’ve received because I once lacked them. Never let me grow accustomed to your miracles, both past and present. I thank you, God, for this new year and the blessings to come, may they be used to serve your purpose, glorify you, and positively impact others. May you always be glorified in all circumstances,” he concluded.

In response, his wife Milly Chebby celebrated him, affirming his goodness and expressing her belief in his virtuous character.

“Happy Birthday Babe @terencecreative. You are a good person and you will go to heaven ❤️❤️❤️ Send birthday wishes to my Partner,” Milly Chebby wrote affectionately.

Milly Chebby Blasts Terence Creative For Flaunting A G-Wagon That’s Not His

Milly Chebby, wife of comedian Terence Creative, recently addressed a misunderstanding regarding a black Mercedes G-Wagon Terence had featured on social media.

While speaking to vloggers, Chebby aimed to advise viewers about cautious online consumption. “Social media can be misleading,” she said.

“Sometimes things appear a certain way, like people congratulating Terence on buying a new car, but that wasn’t the case.”

“Social media is for all of us, to every single follower and fan wetu don’t follow everything sometimes vitu zina happen tu… kama nimeona watu wanakucongratuldate ulibuy gari na ulienda kuu… si yake,” she said.

Realizing her unintentional revelation, Chebby acknowledged her mistake. Terence responded jokingly, highlighting the situation’s lighthearted nature.

“Noo unaaribu mchezo,” Terence told his wife after she revealed the G-Wagon was not his.

“Naaribu! Hehehehe hii ndo shida yangu,” Milly Chebby said as she laughed.

Milly Chebby and her husband Terence have been known for their bubbly nature that depicts their unwavering love for each other for the period that they’ve been together. The two have grown to be epitomes of nothing to something over the years that they’ve been in a relationship.

Why Milly Chebby avoided giving Terence Creative a kiss for five years

Terence Creative is currently celebrating his triumph over smoking and gambling addiction, topics he frequently addresses due to their negative impact on his life. During a recent interview on the Lyn Ngugi show on YouTube, Terence shared insights into how smoking affected his relationship with Milly Chebby.

Terence disclosed that Milly had candidly expressed the difficulty she faced in kissing him due to his heavy smoking habit. Consequently, she refrained from kissing him for five years, citing concerns about his bad breath. This served as a profound lesson for Terence.

Reflecting on his journey to overcome addiction, Terence emphasized the importance of realizing the underlying reasons behind each addiction. He recognized the need for responsibility, especially considering his family and the people who look up to him.

Describing the severity of his smoking habit, Terence admitted to consuming 60 cigarettes daily, equivalent to three packets. Despite the common belief that smoking enhances creativity, he eventually acknowledged the harm it was causing, leading to issues such as bad breath, bleeding gums, headaches, and breathing problems.

Terence revealed that Milly’s decision not to kiss him until he quit smoking served as a powerful motivator. It took five years before they could share a proper kiss, marking a significant milestone in his journey toward overcoming addiction.

In reflecting on the sacrifices made during his addiction, Terence acknowledged the financial toll and the lack of responsibility associated with such habits, emphasizing the positive outcomes that result from personal sacrifice and change.

Terence Creative & Milly Chebby Unfollow Each Other On Social Media

Is it trouble in paradise for Milly Chebby and entertainer Terence Creative? Well, the latter might be manifesting itself after the two have ignited the rumours.

Fans have made the conclusion after the two unfollowed each other on Instagram; with none of them coming out to speak on the issue.

Last year, Milly Chebby got emotional at her dowry payment ceremony and fought tears as she walked with her bridesmaids to where her man was. The YouTuber, who at first was jovial and sang as she danced to a popular Kalenjin song, burst into tears Later, after joining her husband, Terence Creative, they danced joyously and, at some point, were serenaded by singer Bahati .

The glamorous traditional wedding was attended by several guests among them celebrities, who shared photos and videos from the flashy ceremony online.

On October 22, Jackie Matubia was forced to respond to why she missed her best friend Chebby’s wedding. Fans took to social media to question Matubia about why she did not attend her best wedding.

“Unajitetea ukiwa kipande gani?” a fan saked.

Responding to the fan, the actress revealed why she did not attend Chebby’s wedding, leaving fans shocked. She said:

“Najitetea nini na washasema niko na roho mbaya na pia sina bwana (Why should I defend myself when they have already said I have a bad heart, and I also don’t have a husband).”

Milly Chebby refuses to reconcile with Jackie Matubia

Milly Chebby, the wife of comedian Terence Creative, has ended rumors and crushed fans’ expectations of her and actress Jackie Matubia, her former closest friend, getting back together.

The two friends’ falling out became apparent in October 2023 when Matubia failed to show up for Chebby’s traditional wedding. Although the couple decided to make it public later in the year, the separation apparently happened in July 2023, leaving fans perplexed as to why the once-inseparable pair would suddenly break up.

Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby were well-known for their support of one another at important events and occasions as well as for frequently showcasing one another in their social media posts.

Fans were curious about the condition of their relationship when they stopped interacting and associating with each other on the internet a few months ago, signaling a turning point in their friendship.

The fact that Matubia did not attend Chebby and Terence’s traditional October wedding further served to heighten rumors about the extent of their discord.

In response to a worried fan’s appeal for a fresh start in the upcoming year, Chebby addressed the matter at a recent Instagram Q&A session. The fan stated that they wanted to make amends.

“I hope you can find a solution to whatever it is in the new year.”

But in her reply, Chebby made it clear that she had no plans to sever their connection by saying, “This prayer should remain in 2023.”

Despite the widely reported disagreement, Milly Chebby and Terence Creative both stated in a previous interview that they have no bad sentiments against Jackie Matubia. Terence stressed that they don’t always become enemies because of familial matters.

Blessing Lungaho Re-Union With Milly Chebby Sparks Debate

The ever-shifting landscape of Kenyan celebrity relationships has taken another unexpected turn, leaving fans bewildered and curious. This time, the drama unfolds around Milly Chebby, Blessing Lung’aho, and the enigmatic Jackie, formerly known as inseparable friends.

Once a picture of close-knit families and inseparable besties, Milly and Jackie’s friendship has seemingly hit a rocky patch. The first clue came subtly when eagle-eyed fans noticed they no longer followed each other on social media. The warmth and camaraderie that once defined their connection appeared to be fading.

Adding another layer of intrigue to the saga, Milly was recently spotted hanging out with Blessing Lung’aho, Jackie’s ex-partner and father of her child. This unexpected alliance raised eyebrows, considering Jackie’s public statements criticizing Blessing throughout 2023. Their co-parenting relationship has been far from smooth, with hints of discord playing out in the public eye.

When Jackie and Blessing split, Milly, still close to Jackie then, unfollowed Blessing on Instagram. This was seen as a gesture of loyalty to her friend. However, the recent turn of events, with Milly and Blessing seemingly on friendly terms, throws a curveball into the narrative.

While the reasons behind the friendship shifts remain shrouded in mystery, one thing is clear: the Kenyan entertainment scene has just become a lot more intriguing. Fans are left speculating about the motives and tensions brewing beneath the surface. Will Milly and Jackie reconcile? How will Blessing navigate this new dynamic? These questions remain unanswered, leaving the public eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this unfolding drama.

Speaking on Jackie Matubia Rift, Milly Chebet promises secrecy in spite of betrayal.

Once close friends, content creator Milly Chebet and actress Jackie Matubia have navigated a public falling out, leaving fans speculating about the reason behind the rift. While Chebet expresses lingering sisterly love, she remains committed to a “gentleman’s pact” of silence, refusing to dish the dirt despite the evident betrayal.

Their friendship’s demise unfolded publicly in early 2023, marked by unfollowing each other on Instagram and Matubia’s absence at Chebet’s wedding. While rumors swirl, Chebet dismisses them as “barking dogs,” emphasizing she won’t air their “dirty linen” out of respect for their past bond and shared secrets.

Disappointed by Matubia’s social media actions, Chebet clarifies she never mocked her friend for not having a husband, as some speculate. However, she remains tight-lipped on the role of Matubia’s ex-boyfriend, Blessing Lungáho, in their rift.

Another theory points to Chebet reprimanding Matubia for her post-breakup behavior with Lungáho, possibly causing friction. Still, Chebet refrained from directly addressing these rumors.

According to a different story, Matubia did not like that Milly Chebet was criticizing her for how she handled her separation with Lungáho.
Matubia has been making jokes about her ex-partner since their breakup, but Lungáho has chosen to say nothing.

As former best friends Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby appear live on Massawe’s show

In a call broadcast on Radio Jambo, former friends Milly Chebby and Jackie Matubia spoke in public for the first time.
Fans have conjectured as to why the erstwhile best friends haven’t been spotted together in several months.
On Thursday, December 7, Jackie Matubia spoke on Radio Jambo with Terence Creative and Milly Chebby to discuss the remarks made by the Mwangi family about her being roho mbaya and hana bwana, which led to their split.
“Is it really cleared? Massawe was asked, “Hakuna mahali tulisema mulisema sina bwana,” by Terence.
Jackie stated in November that the three of them had lost contact with each other because The Mwangis had made fun of her for being bitter and without a husband.

After a fan questioned Jackie about why she didn’t attend Milly and Terence’s traditional wedding ceremony, Jackie made these accusations.
Jackie and Milly were unable to communicate and express their longing for one another while attempting to work out their differences on the Kiswahili radio station.
“Ati patanisho, tumefika hapo kweli, una nichekesha, aie wasee ai, hehe,” Massawe cracked up as soon as she realized what kind of call it was.
Jackie said, “Aha mnanifurahisha,” to Terence, and Milly Chebby laughed.

“Yeah I do,” Milly responded to Massawe when she said she missed her former best friend Jackie.

“Are you anasema? simskii poa,” Milly remarked in reference to the topic of Jackie’s laughter. Jackie even asked, “Ati?”

Terence reassured Milly, “Ongea na dada yako,” over their poor on-air performance.

“They want to know if you miss me,” Milly said to Jackie, who chuckled and said, “Yes, venye tuu wamesema.” My hata is that it is kuongezea without kutoa.”
All they could do was laugh. After stating that friends often get along poorly, Jackie departed without responding to Terence’s question, “Unakubali iishe?”

Comedian Terence Addresses Rift Between Wife Milly Chebby and Actress Jackie Matubia

Comedian Terence Creative has opened up about the recent rift between his wife, Milly Chebby, and her former best friend, actress Jackie Matubia.

The two women were once inseparable but had a falling out in July 2023. The rift became public knowledge in October 2023 when Matubia was noticeably absent from Chebby’s traditional wedding.

Despite the public nature of their separation, Terence and Chebby have maintained that they have no ill will towards Matubia.

In a recent interview with Commentator 254, Terence emphasized that family issues do not necessarily mean that people are enemies.

“In general, let me say this: there are issues that are present as a family. Today, when me and my wife disagree, she is still my wife. It cannot change. So if someone is your sister and you have a disagreement, you are still sisters. Maybe the difference is that you can take a break while you decide what made you have issues in the first place and how you go about the issue and solve it.”

Chebby echoed her husband’s sentiments, stating that she still considers Matubia to be a friend.

“I still love Jackie, and I wish her all the best,” Chebby said.

While the reasons for the rift between Chebby and Matubia have not been publicly disclosed, it is clear that both women are committed to maintaining a positive relationship.

“We are both adults, and we will deal with this in a mature way.”

Terence and Chebby’s willingness to address the situation publicly is a testament to their commitment to transparency and open communication.

Jackie Matubia had previously said this about their beef:

“Why should I defend myself when they have already said I have a bad heart, and I also don’t have a husband?”

Terence Creative reveals he paid 23,000 Kenyan shillings at Milly Chebby’s bride price ceremony

Kenyan content creator Terence Creative has shared a heartwarming story about how he and his wife Milly Chebby arrived for their dowry ceremony with only 23,000 Kenyan shillings.

In a post on Instagram, Terence said that they were embarrassed and ashamed of the meager amount, but Milly’s family accepted them nonetheless.

“Six years ago we came to Rift Valley for Koito (dowry ceremony), we left here embarrassed, we had only come with 23 thousand for dowry,” Terence wrote. “God bless my wife’s family for accepting our offer then, despite everything they accepted me as I was.”

Terence went on to thank God for their journey and for blessing them with success. He said that all of their achievements are to the glory of God.

“To my wife you are a gem, God bless for forever standing with me,” Terence concluded.

The post has sparked a debate on social media, with some people applauding the couple’s story and others criticizing the dowry amount.

Some people have praised the couple for their humility and for showing that love is more important than money. Others have criticized Terence and Milly’s family for accepting such a small dowry, saying that it devalues the woman.

Regardless of the different opinions, Terence Creative’s story is a reminder that love conquers all. It is also a reminder that we should be grateful for the people who love and accept us, no matter what.

Jackie Matubia reveals her friends accused her of being “roho chafu”

Actress Jackie Matubia has spoken out about her lack of attendance at Milly Chebby’s recent traditional wedding and given an explanation for her absence. Former close friends Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby had a tight relationship and were frequently spotted acknowledging each other’s achievements and special events.

But in July, their friendship’s dynamics appeared to change, attracting the attention of their devoted fan base. They stopped celebrating each other’s birthdays, hanging out together, and sharing their little victories, which was a sign of their slow but steady separation.

Soon after, fans started to conjecture about the widening gap between the two well-known figures. The absence of joint appearances and public interaction was one noteworthy instance that attracted the attention of fans.

The fact that Milly Chebby did not post anything to commemorate Jackie Matubia’s firstborn daughter’s birthday added credence to this notion. As the birthday celebration of Matubia’s younger daughter took place in Mombasa, astute internet users saw that the two families had obviously drifted apart.

Following the birthday celebration, Jackie Matubia seemed to spend more time with Izareeh and Kate Actress, two other actresses. The elegant traditional wedding between Terence Creative and Milly Chebby in Eldoret took place on October 21st, and it was seen by the creative community.

Jackie Matubia was noticeably missing from the happy celebration, which surprised a lot of people. Matubia shared her viewpoint as fans bombarded her social media with questions.

“Why should I defend myself when they have already said I have a bad heart, and I also don’t have a husband?”

Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby feud brewing

There have been rumors of a falling out between the families of Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby, which has caused tension in the entertainment industry.

After fans observed a dearth of combined appearances and social contacts between the two well-known figures, the rumors grew more intense.

Jackie just remembered the journey they had taken together as she joyfully and gratefully celebrated her firstborn daughter’s birthday. In contrast to prior years, Milly made no posts about it.

Netizens with keen eyes noticed that the two families appeared to be drifting apart during the birthday celebration for Matubia’s youngest daughter in Mombasa.

Netizens sparked the conversation saying

“Lakini kwani hawa walienda Mombasa wakakosania huko ama Kulienda aje hata kina Milly hawaja wish Mtoi wa wa Matudia birthday? Also, noticed pia hawakualikwa kwa birthday ya The Kabus.”

Notably, Jackie has been spotted socializing with actresses Izareeh and Kate Actress, piqueing the interest of fans who have noticed a change in the dynamic of her social circles.

Like other relationships, friendships in the entertainment industry might have arguments and difficulties.

Friendships can drift apart for a number of reasons, including miscommunication, changing beliefs or interests, envy, betrayal, or unresolved difficulties.

Fans who enjoy Jackie and Milly’s joint output are feeling the effects of the alleged rupture between their families as rumors about it persist.

However, other fans have hypothesized that the circumstance might be a calculated attempt to keep people discussing. Others understood the possibilities of friendships developing organically or running into unexpected obstacles.

Tanzanian singer Zuchu’s snub of Terrence Creative sparks controversy

Tanzanian singer Zuchu has found herself at the center of controversy after she re-shared a video of Kenyan comedian Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby dancing to her song, but neglected to tag them in the caption.

The video, which was originally posted by Terence Creative on his Instagram account, shows him and Milly dancing to Zuchu’s song “Cheche”. The video quickly went viral, and was eventually re-shared by Zuchu on her own social media account.

However, in the caption accompanying the video, Zuchu only tagged Nameless and Wahu, the other two people who appear in the video. This omission sparked outrage among Kenyans, who felt that Zuchu was being disrespectful to Terence and Milly.

Many people took to Twitter to express their disappointment, with some even calling on Zuchu to delete the video.

“It’s so disrespectful to ignore the people who actually made the video go viral,” one Twitter user wrote. “Zuchu needs to do better.”

“This is just plain rude,” another user wrote. “Terence and Milly put in the work, and they deserve to be recognized.”

As of this writing, Zuchu has not yet responded to the controversy. However, her actions have left a sour taste in the mouths of many Kenyans, who are now questioning her respect for local content creators.

Terence Creative forbids wife Milly Chebby from undergoing weightloss surgery, here’s why

Milly Chebby recently revealed she wanted to lose weight the easy way and just like her friends, Jackie Matubia and Catherine Kamau – she too wanted to get the gastric balloon procedure.

Well, we cant blame her looking at how fast Catherine Kamau has been shedding off the baby fat. Well, as for Jackie Matubia she continues to make progress and being less than 3 months since she had the procedure – she too will soon start seeing the changes.

However sadly for Milly Chebby – we understand that husband Terence Creative has refused to have her undergo the knife; and instead insists on losing the unwanted fat – the hard way by working it all out. Terence revealed this during a conversation they were having with their close friends, Wajesus Family where he said;

No knife in my house we will workout

To which Milly Chebby responded by saying;

Umekataa sawa

Submissive wife huh….

Celebrities Pressured to losing weight fast?

Well, with everyone trying to look their best on social media – it’s understandable to see many females opting for an easy weight loss program – because who wants to look basic when they can afford to buy looks right?

Milly Chebby slays in Bikini photos

But then again, others may be doing it for health issues, I mean you never know – with the many diseases caused by our current lifestyles…sometimes its better to use the money you have to save yourself. No?

“You should be ashamed!” Milly Chebby reacts to video of Kasolo threatening to choke toddler to death

Milky Chebby is a mother of a 3 year old girl, Milla who is the same age as Kasolo’s daughter, Shine. Being a mum, Milly will tell you that terrible three is real but at the same time – fun.

This is when toddlers discover the world around them and with such curiosity they not only turn the house inside out; but are ready to explore anything and everything. They break, tear, insert objects (into very funny places) and above all will terrorize you and invade your space – but all these things are done with love.

Kasolo demonstrates how he would strangle 3 year old daughter

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I guess this is why Milly Chebby and other mums on social media; have been bashing Kasolo for putting his hand across his daughter’s neck, demonstrating how he would choke her for breaking an expensive water bottle. And I’ll say it…..TF!

Milly Chebby to Kasolo

With the video circulating on social media…wait, wait…did I mention the video was shared by Kasolo himself? sadistic sociopath???

Having seen how the singer put fear in his daughter and even ‘choked’ her for while as someone else recorded (crossing my fingers it’s not the mum) Milly Chebby reacted to the video with a post that read;

One involves a grown ass man threatening a child with murder. A man who is actually the little girls father. He even had time to record the madness and post it. You should be ashamed of yourself Kasolo. There are things you shouldn’t joke about. You are a parent, you should know better. I truly hope that appropriate action will be taken. Don’t traumatize an innocent baby in the name of disciplining her.

Again, I’ll remind you that there is scarcity of water in some parts of Kamba land….but damn, threatening a baby with murder over a broken bottle shows something is clearly wrong with Kasolo. Or better yet – he must have some toxic traits and chances are that he is also abusive towards the child.

I know taking sides sounds biased – but after watching the clip more than ten times…all I have to say is that I’m disgusted!

Aliniita Kimama Kinono- Milly Chebby Exposes Woman For Body-Shaming Her

Terence Creative and his wife Milly Chebby are in rage after finding out about a woman who has been insulting Chebby about her body. Milly explains how the woman in question, by the name Mercy, has been following her on almost all social media platforms, including YouTube; just to troll her.

Terence Creative's message to those cyber-bullying his wife Milly Chebby |  Pulselive Kenya
Terence and Milly-Google

On the other side of the coin, Terence Creative claims the same woman has been texting her. He shared screenshots over the same; and claims the woman is up to destroy their marriage.

”Last year Mercy Kioko went to one of my wife’s post on YouTube and claimed I had unprotected sex with her, nikanyamazia. She went ahead and texted me bullshit, nikanyamaza tu.”

Slap On The Wrist

Milly has now revealed that the woman has been trolling her for the longest time with body-shaming messages such as asking her how she has sex with such a body.

”Anytime I post a video on YouTube, ananitukana. Kitu ananitukana ni about my body. Kama jana aliniandikia.. Ati wewe kimama kinono unad*nyangwa aje? ”

Terence had already shut down such bullies on his page and gushing over his gorgeous wife Milly;

You can call her whatever you want and see whatever you wanna see in her but nothing shall ever blind me from seeing her beautiful soul,a kind and loving woman to me and anyone around her.”

It’s high time we realize that body-shaming and social media bullying is old school. No one is perfect.

Comedian Terence creative and wife, Milly Chebby expecting baby number 2!

Terence Creative and his wife, Milly Chebby have announced their latest blessing; and judging from a post shared by Terence, we now believe that the two are expecting their second child together.

This is after Terence went on to share a throwback photo of Milly pregnant with their adorable baby girl, Millan ; but this time around he used a different caption to announce their second pregnancy.

Through his IG page the comedian went on to share the good news saying;

Milly Chebby and Terence Creative

The year of results???? @millychebby

4th child for Terence Creative

This comes barely a year after word had it that Terence has 2 other daughters with his first wife; but judging from how he kept them a secret  – only means that all was not well.

Speaking about his relationship with his daughter, Terence went on to open up saying;

  “I am in good terms with my other baby mama, and that is why I decided to post them on social media.”

Celebrity couple, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

When asked whether he is co-parenting, Terence shut down the rumors by saying that he has been raising his kids just fine. He said,

“I believe there is nothing like co-parenting. They are okay and I love them but for now, I don’t want to talk more about them.”

And now, there is a 4th baby on the way and hopefully the fella together with his wife will be able to handle the blended family as he has no choice.


“We did it!” a daring Terence Creative and Milly Chebby take up viral couples challenge and don’t disappoint (Video)

Celebrity couples are now taking advantage of the lessened social distancing restrictions to enjoy the sunny weather and the cool beaches for as long as it lasts.

Terence Creative and his beauty, Milly Chebby have been out on vacation for a better part of the last couple of days, courtesy of a premier safari airline that treated them to the richness of the coastal hub.

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Getting hosted at a private spa and resort where they clearly made good memories.

Challenge accepted?

However, the gist of it is when the couple decides to take up the viral Couples Dive Challenge that might scare many to death but they were out to prove the doubting Thomases wrong.

The Terences

Basically, a daring pool challenge where the couple held hand in hand, facing each other and standing just at the edge of the pool, have to fall into the water at an angle, until they get their feet off the ground.

No diving and no separation between the two for you to ace the challenge.

Kid you not, Milly and Terence went all in for it. “Yes, it’s us. WE DID IT!” the confirmed. Have a look:

“…we play too much,” read Milly’s caption while Terence, dared fans to also take up the challenge then decide who is to carry the crown home.

Hii challenge Fanyeni pia muskie ???? nisiskie mtu amesema “salamalekuum hapa”????,” he dared.

Terence Creative and Milly Chebby challenge

Fellow celebrities remained disbelieving that the couple actually did it, with Wahu trying to inquire how many takes these two had to make to eventually arrive at this particular click.

It was all laughter and admiration from their fans. What is your take? Challenge accepted?

Terence Creative raises eyebrows after beautifully rocking wife’s free ‘maternity’ dress (Video)

Terence Creative aka Kamami probably just deserves the name after getting caught on camera walking around the house in his wifes free maternity dress.

Exactly behaving like a shy woman, the comedian walked up to his wife in the dining area, wearing her free short dress, to the extent you could easily mistake him for a woman.

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The scene

Hands covering his mouth while consistently looking away like someone without confidence, Terence stylishly walked out of their bedroom, leaving his wife shocked at his guts.

Terence Creative and wife Milly Chebby

Milly who was filming the scene, questioned her husbands mental stability, before sprawling to the ground with laughter at what was before her.

Terence then quickly waved before walking away, youd think it was a runway, imitating his wife and I kid you not, the guy slayed in that dress.

Short enough to show the funny man’s lower thighs and long legs, he could not help but gush over how accurate his legs befitted that of a woman. “Weeeeee????????????????????????????. Hizo miguu si zinaweza ????????????????????” Terence lightly remarked.

Fortunately, known to be the comedian he is, fans could only laugh their lungs out. While labeling him all sorts of local women names and warning him to desist from such behaviors, before masses start mistaking his sexuality preference.

sylvia_mukasa Kamami came out the closet


lulu.sabrina1 ????????????????????????????????rudisha dera kamami,,,amà tuite Mike!!????????????????

This is not the first we have seen the family man stage stunts acting like a woman, most especially for his numerous kamami videos.

Milly Chebby splashes thousands on luxury surprise gift for husband weeks after gifting her a washing machine (Video)

Milly and Terence Creative have proven that despite the many controversies surrounding their marriage, love still lives and binds them together.

Something the pair has been confirming, thanks to their social media pages, with Milly Chebby spending thousands to surprise her husband with something he had longed for, for ages.

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It so happened that in May, on Mother’s Day, Terence blessed his wife with a washing machine, leaving her speechless after years of wishing she had one and it eventually came to pass courtesy of her loving husband.

YouTubers Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

It was time to return the favor, and for Terence, watching movies and listening to loud music spoke to his heart so Milly decided to spend thousands of shillings on a brand new sound system, just to appease her hubby.

Milly made a sum KSh 77,760 online purchase just for a dear Terence, after he self-possessed the wireless portable speaker they had bought for the car, which he had converted into his own home theatre.

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Milly Chebby and husband Terence

The content creator had the gift well wrapped from her choice of suppliers and delivered early morning before Terence had woken up, so that it acts as a surprise and after unwrapping it, a full grown Terence took to the dance floor to shake his behinds and call out trolls who thought they had a troubled marriage.

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“People call you names and will probably never stop” Terence Creative encourages wife after ruthless bikini trolls

Terence Creative has experienced online bullying and trust me; this has never been an easy experience especially now that he sees his wife going through such rough criticism.

For a while now fans have been throwing shade at Milly Chebby for having a big body but; what most don’t understand that most of their comments go unnoticed. This is after Terence revealed that his wife already grew thick skin when it comes to such comments.

The father of 3 went on to reveal this in a detailed post shared on his Instagram page where he wrote;

Terence Creatives wife, Milly Chebby

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Morning my beautiful,curvy precious thing,thanks for your kindness you have such a big heart too,I have a space in it so I can attest to it,people call you names and probably they will never stop coz people got issues,thanks for changing my life and making me love myself more,I learnt it from you.

Showers wife with love

Having seen how strong Milly Chebby is, Terence went on to thank her for influencing him in the best possible way. If not for Chebby, probably Terence would have ended up being depressed but luckily for him; he married a best friend that can stand for their family.

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Thanks for making me master peace and the art of not giving a fudge of what our tormentors say,well this is to remind you “I love you just the way you are,you don’t have to change a thing” I love you more mi amor ???????????????????????????????? #justthe2ofus #MunguMbele #mwangis4rever @millychebby

Milly Chebby slays in two piece bikini leaving many with lustful thoughts! (Photos)

Terence Creative is a lucky man and he knows it! Having a hardworking woman like Milly Chebby brought out the best in him; and thanks to an interview done on Jalango’s YouTube show we managed to get the full information.

Just like any other couple the two have had their ups and downs but mostly; what matters is that they have been helping each other grow throughout the many years they have been together.

Life at the top has also not been so good as they both receive a lot of criticism from fans who barely know them personally! So far they have both been laughed at for having big bodies; but the good thing is that they barely care about unnecessary noise made on social media.

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For this reason, Milly Chebby this weekend decided to bless out timelines with never seen before bikini photos on her page. If you thought big women cannot slay in swimsuits; then allow Milly Chebby to refresh your memory.

Milly Chebby’s Yummy mummy side

For someone who welcomed a baby about a year ago, clearly Milly Chebby knows how to maintain her body! Yes, she may not be petite but looking at her photos before pregnancy and post pregnancy she appears to have added no weight!

In fact she actually looks way hotter and now that he has learnt to embrace her body!  This past weekend she spent some quality time by the pool enjoying some swim sessions; however looking at the photos on her page seems like fans were only interested in her bikini and curves!

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Anyway below are the thirst trap photos giving many sleepless nights on social media.

Milly Chebby slays in Bikini photos
Chebby slaying in new swimsuit photos

Milly Chebby’s thoughtful message to hubby as he turns a year older!

Milly Chebby and husband Terence Creatives are among the most celebrated celebrity couples we have in Kenya. Just like most couples we know on instagram; these two work as a team and aim at achieving the same goal for the sake of their daughter.

Apart from that we also understand that these two have also had their ups and downs; and rumor has it that they almost fell apart after Terence tried tasting outside waters about a year ago. Terence however issued a public apology to his wife where he confessed that after everything being said about him and Anita was true. As much as this came at a time when they just had their daughter, Milly Chebby was kind enough to forgive her man and move on with their lives.

Celebrity couple, Terence Creative and Milly Chebby

Birthday message

Well, just to prove that their love is stronger than most of these social media love; Milly Chebby joined the many online fans sending her man a happy birthday as he celebrated yet a new year in his life.Through her instagram page, the mother of one not only showered Terence with love and affection; but went on to promise him a beautiful long life together.

Comedian, Terence Creative with daughter, Milla Netai

Milly went on to also add that she still has plans to have many more kids with her hubby, and looking at how cute Mila turned out, then i guess the rest will also be as cute!

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend ,My Partner, My Room mate, Father of My kids ,I am Really Happy to do this Life with you ,I have seen your growth in all the areas ,I am proud of the Man and Brand you have Become, I would still choose you at 100years my love
Happy Birthday Baba @millanetai we love and cherish you so much ,To health, wealth, happiness, wisdom,growth and prosperity ????????????????
Have the best today

Terence and Anita Soina

Although things between comedian Terence and his wife are back to normal; we are pretty sure that having an affair with a 20 year old was one of the greatest mistakes Terence ever made. Not to speak on his behalf, but for all married men chasing Slay queen on social media; to be honest the grass is never greener on the other side!

And if you doubt this, then ask yourself why they got back together!

Terence Creative’s wife steps out in a bikini leaving many congratulating her husband for a job well done!

Milly Chebby who is married to comedian Terence Creative has given very many a reason to talk on social media thanks to her husband’s pool photo.

Milly Chebby with husband Terence and baby Milla

Lately, the comedian has been ‘romancing’ his wife on social media by sharing her photos and videos to prove his love.

This comes weeks after airing their dirty laundry on the internet; and from the look of things they are now working towards making their relationship better.

To prove this, Terence went on to share a photo chilling with his wife at the swimming pool and his caption couldn’t explain this better. He wrote;

Terence with his wife

God won’t give you something you can’t handle ???????????????????? @millychebby

Milly Chebby steps out in bikini

Also, a few day ago Milly showed off her BBW figure during a retreat at the Rift Valley where she was – with a few members of their team.

Milly Chebby with her friend

The mother of one stepped out in a see through navy blue swimsuit cover up which left her bikini visible from a far. Indeed Milly Chebby is a definition of true beauty the screenshots below can confirm this.

Milly Chebby emotional post to her husband, Terence Creative

Media personality Milly Chebby has every reason to celebrate her husband Terence Creative for being there for her all through.

As their daughter Milla turned one this past weekend, Milly Chebby decided to also appreciate her husband for being the best dad and husband she could have asked for!

In her long post shared on Instagram, Ms Chebby described Terence Creative as the perfect dad despite having grown up without a father figure in his life. She went on to post saying;

Baba Milla

To my partner, father of my kids @terencecreative meeennn you’ve been there for me and our baby @millanetai , today i wanna focus on the good man you have been , i wouldn’t have done it alone,in this photo its him and Milla at Gertrudes after surgery as she recovered.

Baba Milla the perfect dad

Mama Milla went on to shower her man with praises adding that she has been able to pull through thanks to the support system in her life. She concluded by adding;

Terence Creative

During delivery we checked in together, you slept on the couch for a whole week we were in hospital. You never even left to buy credit as in ulikuwa na mimi hossy through out you dnt leave my sight; you helped find solutions to my postpaturm, did everything you could to make me feel better. Then, same thing happened during millas surgery for two weeks we stayed in that small ward waiting on God to heal milla fully.  You’ve been a present father despite the fact that you grew up in a children home as in you ddnt have a father hence ddnt really have script on fatherhood. You change diaper , bath her, feed her in the wee hours of the night without questioning, thank you being a present dad to Mwihaki, i celebrate you as #Millaturns1it would be selfish if i said i did it alone