Mr Seed’s Baby Mama Needs to Be Silent

Mr Seed really did choose the one! I do not understand why she feels like she has anything to say that would be interesting to us but it would seem Swabrina Queen as she is known on social media is still insisting on telling us that he is a deadbeat dad.

“He is a father three and a deadbeat”’Mr Seed’s baby mama opens up

I mean, we get it, she is angry and feels cheated. She feels like he has lied to her about who he is and he did so simply to get into her pants. We get it, it hurts her to see him move on like there is no effect of all of this on his life. And it hurts her to see him completely ignore their shared son.

Swabrina, Mr Seed’s baby mama

But the thing about all this is that she is ignoring her accountability in the matter. She is not taking into consideration the fact that she played a major role in being in this situation with Mr Seed. After all, she knew who he was and more importantly, who his wife was.

Mr Seed finally addresses separation rumors with wife, Nimo

Nimo Gachuiri has never been hidden. She has stood by her man throughout his career and even throughout his very public falling out with Bahati. We all know who she is but more importantly, who she is to Mr Seed.

So for Swabrina to expect us to suspend disbelief and act like we are just as shocked as she is that a married man chose to remain with his wife is mind-blowing. What sort of nonsense are we supposed to be buying? She knew the risks and still chose to lay down with and get a child by the gospel singer.

Mr Seed and ‘side chick’ welcome bouncing baby boy! (Photos)

And that is before we start to really look into the question of whether or not he had a say in whether they were going to grow her family together. The thing about this is that as an argument, it is a double-edged sword. Mr Seed should not have left family planning entirely in the hands of his paramour but at the same time, she should not have forced him into the family way with her.

Happy times between Mr Seed and wife, Nimo Gachuiri

Why would you attempt to baby trap a married man? What sort of strategy is this? Have you ever known it to work? It never does. In fact, it is more common to see or even hear about a man leaving his wife for a mistress who cannot have children than the inverse. She overestimated her ability to pull the wool over him.

“Sitoi hii mimba” Mr Seed’s ex side chick reveals why she will not abort months old pregnancy

And again, this is not to say that Mr Seed is entirely blameless because, at the end of the day, his questionable actions are what led us here but the truth of the matter is that it is Swabrina still getting us involved in her life -and her babies lives because she has multiple children with no husband nor father in sight yet she is solely focused on Mr Seed. My heart fails to bleed for her. She made her bed, now she must lie in it and keep it moving. We cannot keep being treated to missives fired about how her baby daddy is a deadbeat father.

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Mr Seed Has Some Tough Choices to Make

Mr Seed needs to put on his thinking cap because he has some tough decisions to make and the faster he gets done with this nonsense, the better.

Trouble in paradise? Nimoh Gachuiri hints possible breakup with baby daddy, Mr Seed

You see, Mr Seed stepped out on his marriage. It is really something simple when you think about it, he is a high-status man and while to the majority of older women he might not seem like the type of man they would consider high value but he has his market. And a sizeable one at that.

Somali lady ‘dating’ Mr Seed

His biggest flaw was stepping out on Nimo Gachuiri and not using protection or having the subsequent sense to practice coitus interruptus. And now he has just welcomed a baby he did not want to get involved with.

Mr Seed, Nimo Gachuiri
Happy times between Mr Seed and wife, Nimo before side chick

Nimo Gachuiri was humiliated because it seemed like the paramour in question, Swabrina, was looking forward to having Mr Seed in hers and the baby’s life and she was not going to be shy about it. So she took the entire saga to Edgar Obare. Her aim was clear, shame Mr Seed into acquiescing and Nimo was the collateral damage.

Mr Seed and ‘side chick’ welcome bouncing baby boy! (Photos)

But I am here to argue that Mr Seed should not be forced into standing in that baby’s life. Why? Because I am going to use the same logic feminists use: “my body my choice”. Therefore, we can extrapolate that to be, “my money/ time my choice”.

Mr Seed
Mr Seed drops new jam ´Kwa Hao´

Mr Seed did not agree to be given a child but he had no say over how his emissions were used once they left his body. If he is in a powerless position such as that then he should equally be able to walk away and forgive himself and Swabrina of her baby trap. But in today’s world, doing so would demand a level of courage I doubt he has. Because it could very well damage his career.

Iko shida: Mr Seed’s alleged pregnant side chick puts huge baby bump on display (Photo)

My argument here is very simple; had he wanted the child but Swabrina opted for termination, he would have had no say over what happened as it is her body. So why does Swabrina have a say over whether or not he is invested in the child’s life if it is his money and time?

Mr Seed
Mr Seed

The second thing he needs to decide on is whether or not he is willing to do whatever it takes for Nimo Gachuiri to forgive him. Will Mr Seed prioritise fighting back to save the relationship he was stupid enough to damage?

Mr Seed breaks silence days after mistress announced to be pregnant with his baby

Has he any idea what fighting for the relationship really looks like? And these two decisions are the things that will determine his life -atleast in the short run of things.

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Mr Seed lessons: Why do women date celebs and expect them to be faithful?

Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri are going to serve as a lesson to all the women who believe they can date a celebrity and bet the house on their being faithful because that is a fool’s bet and it’s about time we all admit this truth.

Meet hot Somali pregnant girl Mr Seed has been cheating on his baby mama with (Photos)

You see, he wanted to do everything right by her and she too seemed to be in the relationship for the win but they refused to acknowledge reality they faced and stuck their heads deep in the sand.

Mr Seed
Mr Seed

That is why Mr Seed failed. Had he chosen to face the reality of the high possibility he would cheat, he would have mitigated any fallout because as one of my mentors pointed out, the only thing a woman cannot forgive is her humiliation. he would have done his dirt much smarter.

Mr Seed saga: Baby trapping a man does not work

And Nimo Gachuiri is not the first nor is she the last to refuse to acknowledge that reality she faced. you see, when you’re with a high value man, a man with status (her husband is a celebrity), money and a good physique, then he will doubtless attract a lot of women willing to usurp your position in his life. She would have helped her man navigate this issue.

Nimo,Gold and Mr.Seed
Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri and their baby

You see, Bwana Mbegu is a celebrity and a lot of women would be more than happy to sleep with him. We already covered this. But the reason the deck was stacked against him staying faithful is because of how we evolved as human beings. Only 39% of men in all of the Earth’s history of having human beings walk it’s surface were able to reproduce.

Source: PSMag

As such, those of us who are able to have women want to spread our seed. men want to sleep with as many women as possible. And as a result, we evolved to not put emotional attachment to the act of sex.

Sabrina, the Somali lady Mr Seed impregnated

What that translates to is that Nimo Gachuiri needs to understand that her husband Mr Seed could actually step out of the house, have sex with a random fan and still come back home to be a great husband and father.

Aki Nairobi! Gospel singer Nimo Gachuiri walks out on cheating husband, Mr Seed (Video)

And why wouldn’t he if he had that option? Afterall, men are only as faithful as their options and celebrities have a lot of options. If this is a reality Kenyan women cannot live with, then why date and marry a celebrity? Why marry the one person who has an abundance of options?

Mr Seed with wife, Nimo

And yet if Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri had found mentors who helped them navigate this rare circumstance they find themselves in, then they would have known to handle indiscretions. Bwana Mbegu would have been taught to keep things discrete. he would have been taught not to offend his wife by humiliating her with stupid scandals. Hell, he would have been taught to use condoms. And the lady of their house would have learnt to understand that men cannot emote like women. She would have learnt to understand how men show love and concern. And that is by actually investing their time and resources in starting and maintaining a family with them.

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