Jimal Roho Safi is doing the most for clout

Jimal Roho Safi is on the headlines once more but I want to admit that perhaps I had misunderstood the situation. I honestly believed that he was doing what he was simply because he was unaccustomed to female attention having grown up as the ugly duckling but I want to admit that I might have been wrong.

Amber Ray displays more wisdom than Jimal Roho Safi

He is clearly a simple case of a male bimbo. That’s right, Jimal is a male bimbo doing the most for clout and damned be the victims of his misadventures. That is why he has so many of his so-called “loved ones” litter the path to his achieving clout.


What do I mean? Well, Jimal Roho Safi has been the type of man who has shown that he wants to get famous on the internet by any means necessary. Case in point? Him constantly humiliates his wife Amira and their sons by flaunting his relationship with Amber Ray publicly. He didn’t really have to live his best life that publicly. We didn’t have to know what was going on under his own roof but he chose to make us privy.

Someone tell Jimal Roho Safi money doesn’t make you a man!

And our heart broke for Amira because we saw her being humiliated for a trollop. We saw her being humiliated by her man who was chasing after a woman who was nothing more than a celebrated heaux but for some reason he wanted to involve us in his attempt to make an honest woman out of him. And it all backfired. So then what did he end up doing? Did he turn back and start celebrating her after that ill-advised relationship sunk into the sceptic tank it was always destined to plunge into?

No. He doubled down. He chased after Faith Makau and begged her to let him have just one more chance with her. And by that time she had already moved on and was seeing the next man. Hell, it was her who was recently advising him to restore his broken home. He was being advised by the daughter of Jezebel who destroyed his marriage to put it back together and focus on his wife.

Jimal Roho Safi Endorses Amber Ray And Amira To Act In Upcoming Reality Show (Screenshot)

But by then he had already gotten a taste of clout and that is one hell of a drug! He was back to chasing women and making his pursuit public for all to witness. His sons have had to watch him cavort with a trollop and hurt their mother and now he is repeating the process eagerly as he pursues Wangari Thiongo. The patterns were there for us to see and he flirted with the idea that we were tantalised by the prospect that maybe they were an item or maybe they weren’t. But we knew. We knew because he isn’t too smart at playing the game and we could see through his behavioural pattern.

And now he is back online, weeks after apologising to Amira and begging her to take him back, this time trying to say his women should be included on the upcoming show Real Housewives of Nairobi. He just doesn’t stop. Either that is because he is truly dense to social cues or because as a male bimbo he craves the limelight above all. Jimal already has money but he is still chasing after clout and status and he isn’t doing it like the rest of his peers who eered into politics, no, he is doing it like a 22 year old TikToker and lifestyle blogger.

We were right about Jimal Roho Safi

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