Jimal Roho Safi did what? Amira’s admission is a powerful one

Jimal Roho Safi has been accused by his ex-wife Amira of having caused her to miscarry a child she was exopecting by beating her savagely. This is a very powerful admission that shouldn’t be taken lightly. She must have to substantuiate it but at the same time he must defend himself.

Amira Narrates How Jimal Killed Their Unborn Baby In 2021 (Photo)

And to do so he might have to engage her in a court of law. The reason I am saying this is because that is essentially an accusation of manslaughter and he hasn’t been given the chance to speak his side of things. And that is unfair and dastardly. This is why I am playing devil’s advocate.

Is Jimal Rohosafi okay?

Such an allegation could damage his career in future should he harbour political ambitions. Or… The police could decide to take him to task over the allegations and investgate the matter dragging him out in oublic in handcuffs.

Hey Jimal Roho Safi, lose weight, being obese is a sign of weakness in men

Additionally, Jimal Roho Saf could see the allegations harm his new relationshp with his new woman who I can imagine is beginning to side eye him because he has been accused of being a dangerous man -to women and unborn children.


He shouldn’t take the allegations lying down because he is also going to have to answer to his sons by Amira who think he killed their siblings in a fit of rage. Jimal Roho Safi neds to speak with some intent and try to explain the situation then handle it if these are baseless accusations.

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Amber Ray revealed how much Jimal Roho Safi lost

Oh man, Jimal Roho Safi is down bad. No, really, whenever his name comes up you need to take a minute of silence so you can remember this pathetic brother who is genuinely down bad at the basement level.’

Amira reacting to Amber Ray’s confession about getting pregnant for Jimal? Says lesson learnt

Amber Ray recently revealed that their short-lived relationship was blessed with a bun in the oven. However, we have not been told what transpired other than the fact that the baby never came to be.

And that is something that must be weighing heavily on Jimal Roho Safi’s mind. He took a massive leap of faith to try and make a wife out of Faith Makau but ultimately it was just a terrible gambit because the pay-off was not quite as mega as he thought it would be compared to the risk.

Jimal Roho Safi is doing the most for clout

He put his already established family on the line for him to get a second wife. Amira was having none of it. She decided to walk away from the marriage after her man, Jimal Roho Safi had made a mockery of it and now where is he? He is left with a broken family and broken dreams he harboured with regards to Amber Ray.

Put yourself in that position. You have a wife with whom you were with when you had nothing. The wife of your youth. Granted, she has put on a lot of weight given she gave birth to your scion. Now you have lost all physical attraction for her. You decide to step out on your marriage and think you have found the one.

Amber Ray displays more wisdom than Jimal Roho Safi

Then, as happened with Jimal Roho Safi, you start being mocked and warned by everyone around you but you’re in love so you ignore all the warning signs and red flags. You double down. And your wife starts making your household hell on earth because she feels you went about things the wrong way.

Tbt: Amira becomes a mum

She gets fed up and decides to walk away. Your sons have watched you disrespect their mother. Your family is hurt and bruised. Meanwhile, your new wife, Amber Ray ends things with you and even goes as far as to advise you to mend fences with your wife as she continues to run around these streets. You risked it all and not even a month goes by before you find out she is in a next man’s bed.

Someone tell Jimal Roho Safi money doesn’t make you a man!

And then she decides to tell the world that she was pregnant by you but you lost the baby and your family. Damn. If I were him I’d be punching the air and crying. How can Jimal have been so foolish? This reminds me the parable of the greedy hyena who got split down the middle chasing after trying to follow two different paths at the crossroads.

Jimal’s wife, Amira

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Jimal Roho Safi is doing the most for clout

Jimal Roho Safi is on the headlines once more but I want to admit that perhaps I had misunderstood the situation. I honestly believed that he was doing what he was simply because he was unaccustomed to female attention having grown up as the ugly duckling but I want to admit that I might have been wrong.

Amber Ray displays more wisdom than Jimal Roho Safi

He is clearly a simple case of a male bimbo. That’s right, Jimal is a male bimbo doing the most for clout and damned be the victims of his misadventures. That is why he has so many of his so-called “loved ones” litter the path to his achieving clout.


What do I mean? Well, Jimal Roho Safi has been the type of man who has shown that he wants to get famous on the internet by any means necessary. Case in point? Him constantly humiliates his wife Amira and their sons by flaunting his relationship with Amber Ray publicly. He didn’t really have to live his best life that publicly. We didn’t have to know what was going on under his own roof but he chose to make us privy.

Someone tell Jimal Roho Safi money doesn’t make you a man!

And our heart broke for Amira because we saw her being humiliated for a trollop. We saw her being humiliated by her man who was chasing after a woman who was nothing more than a celebrated heaux but for some reason he wanted to involve us in his attempt to make an honest woman out of him. And it all backfired. So then what did he end up doing? Did he turn back and start celebrating her after that ill-advised relationship sunk into the sceptic tank it was always destined to plunge into?

No. He doubled down. He chased after Faith Makau and begged her to let him have just one more chance with her. And by that time she had already moved on and was seeing the next man. Hell, it was her who was recently advising him to restore his broken home. He was being advised by the daughter of Jezebel who destroyed his marriage to put it back together and focus on his wife.

Jimal Roho Safi Endorses Amber Ray And Amira To Act In Upcoming Reality Show (Screenshot)

But by then he had already gotten a taste of clout and that is one hell of a drug! He was back to chasing women and making his pursuit public for all to witness. His sons have had to watch him cavort with a trollop and hurt their mother and now he is repeating the process eagerly as he pursues Wangari Thiongo. The patterns were there for us to see and he flirted with the idea that we were tantalised by the prospect that maybe they were an item or maybe they weren’t. But we knew. We knew because he isn’t too smart at playing the game and we could see through his behavioural pattern.

And now he is back online, weeks after apologising to Amira and begging her to take him back, this time trying to say his women should be included on the upcoming show Real Housewives of Nairobi. He just doesn’t stop. Either that is because he is truly dense to social cues or because as a male bimbo he craves the limelight above all. Jimal already has money but he is still chasing after clout and status and he isn’t doing it like the rest of his peers who eered into politics, no, he is doing it like a 22 year old TikToker and lifestyle blogger.

We were right about Jimal Roho Safi

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Amber Ray displays more wisdom than Jimal Roho Safi

Amber Ray has come out to tell Jimal Roho Safi that he needs to actually start fixing the broken family he left in the wake of his ill-advised pursuit of Jezebel and her garden of Eden.

Amber Ray Advices Jimal To Fix His Family

Let that sink in. The other woman is literally giving great advice to the man who was willing to risk it all in the name of love and he did his day 1 love dirty.

Amber Ray celebrates herself

That should tell you just how dense Jimal Roho Safi is. And the worst part about it is that he was expecting his estranged wife, Amira, a woman who had to endure all the humiliation that came with people attaching her husband to an illicit affair with a trollop to just accept his apology. He expected to barrel through and win her heart.

“I forgive myself” Jimal Rohosafi makes peace with himself despite wife refusing to accept his public apology

And the funniest thing about all this is the fact that Jimal Roho Safi doesn’t know what to do. He will probably reach out to Amber Ray to get some ideas on how to win back his wife. And for aslong as they are chatting, he will keep widening the chasm between himself and his wife.


You have to pity Amira at this point. She has married a man who though he’s allowed by religion and culture to have multiple wives, he opted to instead run around the streets of Mlolongo with trollops. And her sons had to endure their mother’s humiliation. And now she is being looked at as the impediment to her familial success and happiness.

“F**k your standards” Jimal Rohosafi leaves eyebrows raised with cryptic post after wife declined apology

And when her husband, Jimal Roho Safi decides he wants his family back, she is expected to accept his blundering and idiotic apology that read more like a bully demanding forgiveness than anything else. And she knows now that he puts way more effort into cavorting with random Nairobi women than into trying to win her back.

Jimal’s new babe

That would utterly devastate me were I in her shoes. Hopefully Amber Ray will shoot Jimal a quick text explaining to him what to do to win back his wife.

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Someone tell Jimal Roho Safi money doesn’t make you a man!

Jimal Roho Safi has made my afternoon today after he posted an emotional post that was truly so filled with feminine energy, it was not just cringe inducing but also confirmed to me that he is not any good at being a man!

We were right about Jimal Roho Safi

I want you to picture if you will, hearing your father utter the words that he did and you tell me if you would have respect for him:

Jimal’s new babe

I forgive myself for not being perfect!

Amber Ray vs Amira: Jimal Roho Safi is evidence of what happens when weak men try polygamy

And that is a real quote taken of some emotional rant that he went on after his wife refused to accept his apology that came months after he not only humiliated her in the manner in which he went about marrying a trollop called Amber Ray but then later allegedly carrying on with his subordinate (his employee) although the two have since denied anything went down between Jimal Roho Safi and her.

First of all, no. That is one of the most arrogant apologies I have ever come across. And he is forgiving himself for the wrong thing. He needs to forgive himself for being weak. And the only way to do that would be for him to shut up and do the work required for him to become better at being a man.

Jimal Roho Safi Flaunts His Luxurious Fleet Of Cars (Video)

You see, given that we are a third-world shitehole, we tend to get carried away with wealth and we created a culture that absolves the worst of the worst for their crimes and sins along as they are wealthy. That is why Jimal Roho Safi can still attract some useless slags and weak-minded men: he is a wealthy man. And we conflate that as a sign that he is a man. Nah mama, he is a male, not a man.

And we could see this months ago when we warned him that he needs to become the kind of man he would be proud of his sons becoming. And that included him realising that he shouldn’t have humiliated their mother so publicly. Instead, he was busy immersing himself in hedonism and lust as he ran the town with a lady who we all knew was going to turn his life into hell.

In Amber Ray’s shadow: Jimal Roho Safi is a fool if he thinks we will pity him

I mean, sure he has money but you cannot buy masculinity. And he is terrible at that aspect of being. Jimal Roho Safi is literally an example of men who realise their money can buy them transactional attention and then they fall head over heels for those same Jezebel spirits while humiliating their day ones. And now he is weeping and begging her to come back to him as he posts gabarge about forgiving himself.

Amira Jimal embarks on weight loss journey

A grown man has resorted to taking plays from female guidebooks and he expects us to sympathize with him? Oh well, if he knew how to be stoic I wouldn’t have a story to tell and an opinion to inform.

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We were right about Jimal Roho Safi

Jimal Roho Safi is now begging his estranged wife, Amira to take him back and we had called it a while back when we spoke about how foolish a man he was to throw away his marriage for Amber ray and then with all the other shenanigans he has been up to.

Jimal Publicly Begs Amira For Forgiveness, Pleads Her To Go Back To Him

In truth, this is a man realizing a truth that was bare for all to see; mentally weak men do not know how to deal with all the attention they are lavished with from women and will almost always do irrevocable damage to their marriages in the pursuit of lust with their paramours.

You see, not every man is built to handle multiple women. However, a lot of them find themselves in the position to when they finally make money and a name for themselves. Jimal Roho Safi found himself in this very enviable situation when his efforts had finally started paying off and it was at this point that he realised he could have the pick of the litter in as far as women are concerned.

Jimal Roho Safi is right to keep quiet about new relationship

And given the fact that Jimal is not exactly a captivating personality, it was obvious for all to see that they were attraction by his bank account rather than his non-existent charisma. Add to this the fact that this world of female attraction was new to him and you can almost understand why he faltered.

Amber Ray was clearly a transactional relationship yet this clown went and married her. To make matters worse, he tolerated and to some point even encouraged the disrespect that his wife, Amira had to endure. She was often online and from reports, once offline and in real life fighting with her “co-wife” and this man was too weak and spineless to put an end to the drama because he was scared he’d lose the hottest woman he’d ever been with.

‘Hakuna kesi iko kotini’ Jimal Rohosafi claims wife was bluffing about filing for divorce

And now he has awoken to the reality that he messed up a great thing. And it is a pitiful sight to behold. If anything, it makes him look pathetic and his begging online is also very telling. This is the man he truly is. This pathetic display is truly who Jimal Roho Safi is. But unfortunately, it might be a case of too little, too late.

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Amber Ray vs Amira: Jimal Roho Safi is evidence of what happens when weak men try polygamy

A couple of months back, I argued m,y case that not all men can handle polygamy and I used the example of Jimal Roho Safi and his short-lived marriage to Amber Ray, a femme fatale whom he allowed to destroy his foundational marriage to Amira. And boy has his relationships been an entire train wreck.

At the time what I said was “Amber Ray was the talk of the town after she managed to get herself a husband in the form of Jamal Marlow who is by any interpretation of the words a high net worth individual. What really pushed the narrative into the realm of juicy gossip is the fact that he is a married man prior to his taking her own.

What is interesting is that as soon as he made the declaration in an attempt to give his new wife legitimacy, his other family began to experience cracks as his wife started closing ranks with Amber Ray’s former co-wife (yes, this is the second time this lady has been involved in a polygamous setting) and even he had to accept that indeed, he was experiencing some turmoil pursuant to his decision.

And at this point, the focus shifts entirely onto Jamal and the fact that he is clearly failing at maintaining a polygamous marriage. This is hilarious to witness because his faith actually empowers him to take on two more wives.

Amberay financial times: stop taking advice from socialites

So why does he suck so bad at this whole polygamy thing given it is what a lot of men dream of. Let us dive into a few factors that are both his failure and the reason why he might eventually oversee the failure of his household:

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

#1. He publicly humiliated his wife

You never ever humiliate the mother of your children unnecessarily and that is precisely what he did. You see, Jamal does not know the edicts of what makes marriages work and one of those edicts is the fact that even as you pursue an affair you never humiliate your wife.
And in order to protect his new wife’s public image, he has done precisely that, completely forgetting about his family (at least from what we see on social media) and focusing solely on Amber Ray.

Why no one should take Amberay’s opinion on colourism seriously

His wife has doubtless had to endure DMS and even whispers as she goes about her business. Some of which are laden with pity while most are laden with vitriol. Trust me when I say that at his weakest, Jamal will have to contend with his first wife’s ire because as the adage goes, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned.

#2. He has taken on a wife who belongs to the streets

Amber Ray is a single mother who got involved with a multimillionaire failed politician in the person of Zaheer Jhanda who found out he couldn’t wife her and stay with his homestead intact. He too was a Muslim.
It is the height of hubris to simply assume you will succeed where your predecessor failed. To top that off, this is a woman who was happy to be a video vixen for the celebrities she dated.

Jamal Marlow Jimal Roho Safi

Not only does this socialite not have a great relationship track record, but she was also once shown to have visited a witch doctor -a claim she refused, saying she was acting in an ad that was never released. Add to this the fact that she lacks the common sense to know she shouldn’t be stirring the waters of the family she is now joining and you see why there is a huge cause for concern.

Gotta love her guts: Why you can’t help but love Amberay

#3. The relationship started out as an affair

As my mentor put it, “If she cheated for you, she will cheat on you”

According to Jamal’s wife, when the two started dating, she had no idea what was going on. This goes contrary to Islamic teachings but more importantly, it is only a fool who thinks that a woman who was willing to be his partner as he partook in infidelity is going to be loyal to him.

Perhaps for now Jamal is safe because they have new relationship energy going for them. Perhaps it is because he is the best possible option available to Amberay or perhaps she simply wants to prove the haters wrong. But the day will come when other options will avail themselves to her. What then?

And today I am doing my victory lap because I have been proven correct on every front. He is a failure of a husband and father. Why do I make these bold assertions? Because he has failed his wives by undertaking a serious commitment like polygamy in such a piss-poor manner that he has completely humiliated his wife, Amira and he did so for a trollop.
And what can we say about his fathering? He is a father who has subjected his sons to having to watch their mother get humiliated in a way that just keeps giving.

Men like Jimal Roho Safi are men who lacked game and therefore options; before the money started streaming in. And now, he has his pick of women and he is splurging. Imagine having such a man as your father figure. As a result, the two women are still fighting online because he failed to provide leadership and direction.

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What Amira and Michelle Ntalami have in common

Long and short of it? Amira (Jimal Roho Safi’s wife) and Michelle Ntalami need therapy before they go on to start looking for a new relationship/ attempt to torture any prospective partners because of the sins of their predecessors.

‘Mlisema Nioge Nirudi Soko’- Amira Announces Readiness To Mingle

You see, they have both announced their emancipation following some rather nasty breakups from their partners that were fuelled by infidelity.

Rich aunty vibe, Amira

While conventional thinking would assume that whether or not they contributed to making their relationships toxic is immaterial, I am of the opinion that this is a convenient lie told to placate lazy partners. Amira and Michelle Ntalami are guilty of the type of relationship sins that would make anyone decide to forage outside the relationship.

Machoos! Amira reacts to new video of hubby Jimal in the company of side chick, Amber Ray

In Amira’s case, we have to talk about her weight gain. Yes, we know she is a mother of two but the truth is, she loves cooking and subsequently, eating and as a result, her weight has ballooned. You know how people say men are visual creatures right? Well, that is a huge factor in why Jimal Roho Safi chose to stray.

What about Michelle Ntalami you ask? Well, she is not exactly a stable person. From what we have seen and heard from both her and her partners, we can probably be forgiven for thinking her a narcissist. Seriously, the way she conducts her social media page and the long, self-indulgent post she shared with the public who were not party to her private love affair with Makena Njeri yet she chose to play the part of the betrayed damsel for an unwilling audience.

‘Mlisema Nioge Nirudi Market?’- Michelle Ntalami Announces ‘Return To The Streets’ After Break-Up With Makena Njeri

Therapy will be needed for both so that they do not punish their next partners for the sins of their exes. What I mean is, for starters, that they need to seek counselling so they do not become prison wardens in said relationships.

They also need to unlearn toxic coping mechanisms that they might have been forced to learn while with their exes. In Amira’s case, she chose to pick a fight with Amber Ray. Violence is never the solution to such a problem. Also, uncontrolled weight gain is often a symptom of underlying psychological issues. And in her case, things will not get any better in the dating field unless she loses weight. Ask Anerlisa Muigai, she knows a thing or two about how weight loss opens up a whole new dating world.

Makena Njeri Speaks After Michelle Ntalami Accused Her Of Infidelity

Michelle Ntalami has to learn that relationships are not merely engines to live out solipsism. She needs to be shown that her perspective on life can be stifling because it’s not all just about her and how she feels.


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Amber Ray Is Not Over Amira And Jamal

Amber Ray is clearly not done with her troubles with Amira and Jamal Roho Safi and it shows. We can tell because every time Amira shares something about her situation with her husband and the nice things they do for each other, she has something to say.

Don’t Judge My Life On What I Post- Amber Ray

And it is never anything worth the effort it took to log onto her IG account and comment about it.

When it’s done, she then gaslights all her fans who are smart enough to question why she is busy sending missives at Amira. Because at the end of the day, Amira is Jamal’s lawfully wedded wife. Amber Ray, therefore, has no reason to be jealous.

Bitterness galore? Socialite Amber Ray back to trolling Amira over Jimal Rohosafi

Well, there is that and the fact that she claimed that she was over their relationship. Yup, remember how she was busy letting us all in on the fact that her life had moved on and she was back on these streets looking for the next man.

We have now arrived at the point where I advise people to get therapy. She clearly has attachment issues. There is no real reason why she would still be reacting almost in tandem to whatever Amira or Jamal Roho Safi posts -well unless she is still involved with their family.

Eric Omondi Weighs In On Marrying Amber Ray, Reveals Bride Price He Would Pay For Her (Video)

And if that is the case, then she does indeed need to try and fix their relationship offline. If that is not what she needs, then she needs to start intensive therapy. Because this is not a good look for Amber Ray.

Wait, what am I saying, she is a problematic personality so this is in tune with her brand. This is really who she is simply extended to her digital platform.

It’s still not a good look for anyone. Being the stalker type of ex -constantly watching what your ex does. Constantly involving yourself with their lives from the fringes. And this is why I say people should keep their relationships off the internet. Because it makes seeing the flaws in our stars that much simpler.

At the end of the day though, the day ends and Amber Ray will doubtless continue being a crazy ex with attachment issues who seems to have decided to keep up with the Jonses -sorry, I meant Amira.

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We Were Right, Amira Has Left Jimal Roho Safi

Amira has checked out and so has Amber Ray. A few months back, we told you that Jimal Roho Safi or as the government knows him, Jamal Marlow was playing with fire and he was going to lose his wife.

“Hana kakitu, ni maloans tu” Amira exposes husband, Jimal

The basis of that assertion was the fact that I had a mentor who had taught me that while women can tolerate a lot of bullshit, the one thing they do not play with is public humiliation.

Jimal Roho Safi, Amira
Jimal and wife, Amira

And if you have been keeping up with Jimal’s very public affair and romance soap opera, then you know that Amira left and went on a trip to Dubai. Following this, Bwana Marlow took Amber Ray on a holiday to Malindi and since they came back, things have not been as rosy.

“Jimal threatened to have me killed” Amira opens up to blogger, Edgar Obare (screenshots)

But what is really of note is the fact that Amira announced that she had checked out of their marriage -and only a piece of paper validates what they have. And then we watched and saw Jimal crush back down to earth when he got back to his house and it was no longer a home.

Amira, Amber Ray, Jimal Roho Safi

And since then, he has largely remained silent except for two instances when he let his feelings be known on the matter with captions such as:

Alaaar! Jimal lures his baby mama to Amira’s house for ‘good time’ despite public affair with Amber Ray (Video)

“When it hurts,observe life is trying to teach you something…..”

And we are gathered here today for me to announce to the world that we were right. I do not think anyone other than Jimal Roho Safi did not see this outcome coming. And we all warned him in our own way. Some of you did so by jumping on his comment section and I was here dispensing wisdom.

Amira, Amber Ray

And now he is clearly beginning to rue the situation he is in after he created the circumstances that led him down this road. And to think of just how much Amira pushed to try and fight for him.

Why Jimal Roho Safi is begging Amber Ray to return

And in Jimal Roho Safi’s story, there is a warning for men. While I understand that men with options often exercise them, we have to be mindful about how we choose to do so. Because one of the worst things you could do, what he did to Amira, to publicly humiliate her because when a woman decides not to forgive you, it’s done.

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Amberay should do everything possible to keep Jimal

Amberay is in a catch 22: damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. What do I mean and what am I referring to? Well, She needs her “marriage” to Jimal Roho Safi to work at all costs.

Amberay: Moving away from Syokimau won’t save her public image

And if she is a smart woman, that realization must have already dawned on her. But I am beginning to doubt whether she is indeed working with a full toolbox between her ears.

You see, Amberay and Jimal Roho Safi showboated their relationship for us all to see. This was done regardless of the fact he has a wife, Amira, at home with him raising their sons.

We were right, Amberay is ruining Jimal Roho Safi’s family

Faith Makau wanted to get married and she was going to achieve it by any means necessary and so she essentially forced Amira off her perch as Jimal’s wife and the two began gallivanting all along the intergalactic highway.

Jimal and wife, Amira

If you have been consuming my opinion pieces, then I have doubtless informed you that a mentor of mine who founded and used to run a gossip blog had informed me that Amberay was infact married as a second wife to an aspiring politician by the name of Zaheer Jhanda.

Why men are offering Amberay money for her sister

That marriage too was shortlived and nearly cost him his family as his wife too was publicly humiliated and disrespected and that is the one thing women do not forgive: public shame.

Jimal Rohosafi

So with that background, Amberay finds herself in the undesirable position of having publicly fought to be recognized as Jimal Roho Safi’s wife only for him to seemingly move away abruptly.

Bwana Mangoes doesn’t seem to have thick enough skin to deal with all the scrutiny nor does he have the mettle to deal with a polygamous family. And everything seems to be taking a toll on him. Edgar Obare revealed that Amira has alleged he is abusive. At the same time, one of his business partners has come out to second those allegations.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

And all this, coupled with how useless he has been at managing his household seems to have taken a toll on his mental frame and he has buckled under pressure and run away from social media.

And Amberay has been forced to start taking steps to distance herself from him and these are telling signs all is not well between them.

Amber Ray

But she needs to make the relationship work. Otherwise, she has ruined her son’s life by making him party to her buffoonery for no reason at all.

Amberay must make this relationship work because we will not take her seriously otherwise and this bullshit has made her radioactive to any high-value man or common man with common sense.

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Jimal Roho Safi is learning no man is a hero to his wife

Jimal Roho Safi reminded me of an old West African proverb my mentor keeps repeating: No man is a hero to his wife and it really does capture his situation.

Can Jimal Roho Safi salvage his homestead from ruin?

Why? Well, to answer that, you have to understand what this proverb speak to. A man might be a hero to sociaety but he will never have that allure over his wife.

Jimal Roho Safi
Jimal Rohosafi

Basically, Jimal Roho Safi is realizing that regardless of what youth in his area call him due to his business success; kiongozi, bingwa, bazu, he will always be Jimal wa Madeni to Amira.

Where Jimal Roho Safi went wrong in managing a polygamous family

Why? Well, because whenever he was sick and he happened to spoil his pants, she was there to clean them, not Amberay. Amberay is simply the Jezebel spirit that gets to enjoy him after his wins and successes.

Jimal Roho Safi
Jimal and wife, Amira

Jamal Marlow (as he is also known) has been with Amira through his struggles and insecurities. He has been with her as he spent countless nights trying to get his businesses off the ground. She has seen him at his most insecure and troubled aswell as at his best. What does he have to show her?

We were right, Amberay is ruining Jimal Roho Safi’s family

And perhaps that is the issue. In Amberay he sees an opportunity to reinvent himself and he wants that chance. Or perhaps in Amberay he sees the universe paying him dividends for all his sacrifices and hard work.

Jimal/ Jamal Roho Safi

Whatever the case may be, I can only hope that this shows Bwana Safi that he cannot scare his wife. She has seen him at his sickest and had to wash his soiled boxers and when he vomited on himself, she was right there to help him.

Jimal Rohosafi speaks after wife exposes his alleged fake lifestyle

Simply put, he needs to wisen up and become smart about how he deals with her.

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Can Jimal Roho Safi salvage his homestead from ruin?

Now that Jimal Roho Safi has come to a divided house -a situation we had already forewarned him about, with his wife, Amira publicly feuding with his new wife, Amberay, can he salvage the situation in his house?

Where Jimal Roho Safi went wrong in managing a polygamous family

You see, the way he started his polygamous family has been erroneous and flawed. As a result, he has had to endure both his women, his wives, going onto social media to air the drama and between them and his failings.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

And because Jimal Roho Safi who is also known as Jamal Marlow is a clown of a man, he has been unable to keep his head above the fray and he has sunk deep into the drama, seemingly taking sides and uniting with his socialite wife to humiliate Amira.

We were right, Amberay is ruining Jimal Roho Safi’s family

And now, as his homestead lays smouldering, I find myself wondering whether he can successfully salvage his family from ruin. Why? Because his children, his legacy sprung forth from Amira and not Amberay.

Jimal Roho Safi, Amberay
Jamal Marlow with his new squeeze

And they are sitting and watching their father, Jimal Roho Safi, humiliating their mother and trust me when I say that they have more reason to take Amira’s side than they do their father’s side.

“Amira is facing oppression and violence from Jimal” Friend speaks up after late night drama

And I spoke to a mentor of mine on whether he can see a situation in which this great businessman actually fixes his family and both he and I are of the opinion that there is none for along as Amberay remains in his house and for along as he refuses to reign both women in.

Amber Ray and Amira

What do I mean by that? Well, Jimal Roho Safi needs to tell his wives to stay off social media for atleast a year. But he lacks the authority to actually see through such a demand. And they do not respect him enough to honour such a demand.

“Mie ndo mke mwenzio” Amber Ray openly mocks co-wife Amira weeks after fighting over hunk, Jimal

And seeing as he cannot actually back such a demand, we cannot say he is in control. We cannot say that Jamal Marlow would actually be in a position to save his household. The collapse has begun and it will not stop.

On the one hand, this is a strong example of why you must never accept a Jezebel spirit into your home. And secondly, why you should honour your main wife. And keep her above the din and clash of drama.

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Where Jimal Roho Safi went wrong in managing a polygamous family

Jimal Roho Safi, for those of you who might not be familiar with him, is a socialite and successful trollop Amberay’s new husband. The couple has been trying to segue from being clandestine lovers into becoming a successful polygamous family without success.

A house divided: Amberay will destroy Jamal’s household

You see, Jimal Roho Safi, also known as Jamal Marlow, was already married when he began having a dalliance with Amberay. His wife is a lady called Amira and she is not amused about the open disrespect her husband has showered her in.

Jimal Roho Safi
Jimal Rohosafi is what you get when a simp attempts polygamy

So understandably, Jimal’s family is crumbling and he and his new femme fatale, Amberay, are oblivious to the fact. A reason for this as one of my mentors pointed out is like the story of Solomon and the two mothers who fought over the baby, only the real mother was unwilling to have her baby torn asunder.

Why men are offering Amberay money for her sister

What that essentially means is that Jimal Roho Safi needs to realise that the fact Amberay is perfectly at peace with tearing his world asunder to have a piece of him tells him she is not the Stepford wife he believes her to be but rather a succubus…

“Amira is facing oppression and violence from Jimal” Friend speaks up after late night drama

Anyway, right from the get-go, he did a terrible job of setting himself up for a polygamous marriage and we are going to delve into why I have made that assertion and will be sticking to it -other than the fact that I am right:

Jimal Roho Safi
Jimal Roho Safi, Amberay and Amira

#1. He was not honest and upfront

No woman would agree to you changing the terms of your engaging with her midway through your marriage. Jimal Roho Safi is an example of why men who know they would eventually like to pursue polygamous marriages or relationships need to be upfront about that fact. If the lady you’re pursuing decides to leave when you tell her your intention, let her go. It is her prerogative.
Far too often we see men who have zero cojones and have a scarcity mindset instead opt to lie and cheat on their partner rather than be direct, preferring this approach so they do not lose the girl. And this always ends badly. As we can tell from Amira’s reaction.

“Mie ndo mke mwenzio” Amber Ray openly mocks co-wife Amira weeks after fighting over hunk, Jimal

#2. He vetted poorly

Why would any man decide to marry a well-known trollop who was formerly married in a similar polygamous union but nearly burnt that household down to the ground with her pettiness? Jimal Roho Safi is a clown for accepting to pursue a marriage with Amberay rather than keep their affair secret.
For starters, she is not the type of woman you can pull up with where other high-value men are and expect to be respected for your choice of a partner. Secondly, she is a known agent of entropy. She already failed spectacularly at being a wife, why give her a second go?

#3. Jimal has a scarcity mindset

Jimal has never known abundance when it comes to women. That is why when the first hot woman (let’s be honest here, Amberay is still attractive despite having hit the wall and her attractiveness having diminished somewhat due to her weight gain) he could seduce who agreed to be with him is who he is currently destroying his marriage for. He doesn’t believe there will be others and he is too scared of rejection to keep exploring. He has no idea that he could get a younger, hotter more submissive and cooperative wife who would come sans bastards and baggage from previous relationships.

#4. Jimal Roho Safi lacks game

You see, when you’re poor, game gets you the girls. When you’re wealthy, game protects you from damage from women. My mentor pointed out that when you have nothing to offer a woman’s hypergamy, game is what gets you the wet crevices. When you have wealth, all the women you deal with are out to sate their hypergamous instinct. Game is what keeps them in line and in check to avoid you getting ripped off by gold diggers or even divorce and alimony.

#5. Jamal Marlow has no mentors

How else can we explain away the fact that no one was around to guide this man through the pitfalls that the rest of us onlookers can see so clearly in his failed attempt at establishing a polygamous marriage? Where are those same uncles of his who came to sanction this union? Either Jimal chooses to surround himself with clowns as all clowns do or he only wants yes men around him who can fondle his ego. What he really needs are men who have successfully established polygamous unions to guide him but instead, he has Instagram fans.

#6. Jimal Roho Safi is not seeking to improve as a man

If our boy were really seeking to improve as a man, his women would realize he is above their petty drama and actually try to give him peace because at any one point he would tire of the banalities of their fights and chase both women away and start again. Can you imagine a Jimal Roho Safi who is working to improve his mind, his body and his business? he would be the captain of his ship and his first mate and first officer would be trying to make things easy for him to steer the ship. Instead, we have a Jamal Marlow who…

#7. Involves himself in female fights

I do not understand why Jimal Roho Safi keeps involving himself in his women’s fights. He should be above the pettiness. Instead, he is on Instagram like a petty socialite showing the world how he lacks control over his domain.

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We were right, Amberay is ruining Jimal Roho Safi’s family

Amberay and Amira had a fight recently that was captured on candid camera and while I hate to be one of those people, I have to do it nonetheless and let you know that we were right about the type of venom the clown of a man, Jimal Roho Safi is for inviting this type of venom into his household.

Why men are offering Amberay money for her sister

You see, while what a man needs to establish a polygamous marriage is financial means -he has to be wealthy- not all men are capable of maintaining a polygamous household and we are seeing that now.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

To be much, much more clear about things, what we are seeing is that Jamal Roho Safi is not the type of man who can sustain a polygamous marriage. And that also stems from the fact that he chose to wife up a trollop like Amberay.

Why is the realisation Amberay borrows cars and her lifestyle from men shocking?

One has to wonder where his friends and mentors were when he started having delusions of grandeur regarding this socialite. Why didn’t they advise him to keep their affair strictly a secret?

Amberay in her natural habitat…

Could it be as I had earlier postulated that the man is hard of hearing because of his financial clout? Or could it be that Amberay is just that good a siren and she lured him despite all the advice he was given? Or has he simply surrounded himself with “yes men”?

What we should learn from Jamal Roho Safi, Amberay and Amira

It is really fascinating to see how everything that can go wrong in a polygamous family is unfolding right in front of our eyes and we get the benefit of learning from a lesser man’s mistakes.

Amberay posting her usual thirst traps

Amberay, on her part, as I had pointed out much earlier, is on her second polygamous union and even in the previous one, she was a very big part of why it did not last. She was married to a failed politician cum business tycoon, Zaheer Jhanda and while with him, she nearly razed his marriage to the ground.

Amberay and Jamal Marlow are a picture-perfect couple… For now

Why Jamal Marlow aka Jimal Roho Safi decided to pursue her for marriage is beyond me. It is even more interesting to note that he has decided that defending this union against his former wife is the hill he is going to die on even though she has borne him heirs to the kingdom he is building while Amberay comes with her own son whom he shared little else in common other than her lady bits… He came out of them, and he, Jamal is ensnared by them.

A house divided: Amberay will destroy Jamal’s household

Things will only get worse because while Amberay is lying to low IQ women that she is the victim of Amira’s hostility, we evolved species can see that she is the literal cause of all the issues and drama in Jimal Roho Safi’s homestead and will continue to be a sore wound.

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What we should learn from Jamal Roho Safi, Amberay and Amira

Jamal Roho Safi, Amira and Amberay are playing out a very destructive scene. The trio is playing out their drama in such a toxic fashion, you cannot help but feel bad for all the children involved.

A house divided: Amberay will destroy Jamal’s household

But we aren’t here to commiserate with all the hurt hearts, we are here to see what we can learn from the matter. And the first thing we are going to look into is the fact that Jamal’s family ain’t shit if they haven’t yet stepped in to set him straight.

Jamal Roho Safi
Jamal Roho Safi with Amberay

Where are these clowns families? Where are those uncles that Jamal Roho Safi introduced to his second wife? Where are his aunties? Or perhaps they are scared to say anything because he is the most financially successful member of the Marlow family.

Jamal Roho Safi shows us how not to start a polygamous marriage

But then we must also ask where his friends and mentors are. Does he have any or does he simply surround himself with yes-men? People who are mere cheerleaders and chorus dancers and it troubles me that this man has immersed himself in an echo chamber.

And then there is the manner in which he is handling the fights going on between Amberay and Amira. There is the fact that he has not built with Amberay. She came with what she had, she came as the socialite trollop she was. However, he has built with Amira. And his scarcity mentality does not allow him to simply put his foot down.

Mimi Sikuambiwa!- Jamal Roho Safi’s 1st Wife Tells Him Off For Marrying 2nd Wife Without Her Knowledge

This shows that he has no control over his household. he is not the man in his family. He might be high networth but he is not high value. that is why these two women are not under his control and guidance. they are busy destroying each other and him online and all he has the power to do is to hold his cojones and watch their drama unfold. He is limp.

As for Amira, we get it, she is fighting for her family. But sometimes it is easier to just remain silent and focus on the children than engage with a woman who knows what it means to be nasty. She needs to sober up and temper how she is responding to the provocation. She basically has to learn to shut up.

Jamal Roho Safi Opens Up On Why He Prefers Having Two Wives, Advices Rich Men To Do The Same

What Amira thinks she is accomplishing by fighting for her family is actually counter to what she wants. let Jamal Marlow do his thing and you focus on building up a business. We have seen that he was the one who pursued Amberay which means she is a symptom of the problem and she needs to focus on the actual problem and keep their fights offline and in the confines of their bedroom.

Amber Ray and Amira

As for Amberay, I have nothing to say to a trollop. Yes, you might have money but you can’t buy class. This is the second time you have been married as a second wife and you will eventually have to answer for the chaos you kick up. And trust me when I say your son will also introduce chaos to your life because all you have taught him is entropy.

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A house divided: Amberay will destroy Jamal’s household

Amberay and Jamal Marlow or Jimal Roho Safi would be well advised to open their Bible’s and learn from the wisdom of Moses/ Musa because in his wisdom, he said in Exodus 21:10 If he marries another woman, he must not deprive the first one of her food, clothing and marital rights.”

Amberay is right, she is not your role model

I am ofcourse referring to the fact that Jimal Roho Safi is actually a man who was previously married to a lady by the name of Amira. According to their faith, Islam, he is allowed up to four wives but he has to get his first wife onboard for that to happen. And she claims he didn’t.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

But Ozymandias, I hear you asking, doesn’t he still provide financially for his first wife and their children together? Well, that he most certainly does but the truth of the matter is that men do two things for a family and their wives: they provide and protect and he has failed in the latter function.

Amberay exemplifies why dating single mothers is frowned upon

Amberay has made that abundantly clear as she has gone out of her way to attack Amira and be both immature and catty. She is acting like she doesn’t understand why a married woman would react with hostility when her husband introduces a new wife to social media before he introduces the two of them to each other.

Amber Ray and Amira

Add to this a more important fact: Amberay is the type of femme fatal to ruin marriages. She has done so before when her former husband, Zaheer Jhanda attempted to introduce her to his family as a second wife and she kept attacking his first wife. She has formed something of a habit of doing so.

DM Police: Amberay is fooling herself to think she has no competition for Jamal

Jamal doesn’t seem to understand why it is important for him to actually have studied his new wife’s past. And that is why I say he has turned his castle into a house of cards when he invited her into his family.And it is she who will huff and puff and blow it all down.

Amberay is the type of woman many a man is warned about. She just needed to approach her new position as a co-wife with humility and some sense but she didn’t. She chose violence. And the truth is that Jamal seems to have backed the wrong horse. And unless he wakes up and smells the coffee, when his chips are finally down (and make no mistake, they will be sooner or later with Amberay being the cause), we would all forgive Amira for taking her pound of flesh and repeating this dreaded phrase,

Talaka. Talaka. Talaka.

Amberay’s hubby Jamal Roho Safi is proof not all men can handle polygamy

If this businessman has any mentors or friends he heeds, they need to tell him to step away from his social media and actually mend fences with his first wife who has been with him before he was anything or anyone of renown.

Zaheer jhanda
Amberay’s first husband, Zaheer Jhanda

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