Willy Paul needs to stop blaming bloggers for the mess he created

Willy Paul is a crybaby and no one likes a crybaby. It’s rather hilarious to see him complain that plugs do not give Kenyan artists as much love as I give foreign celebrities knowing full well he is part and parcel of the culture that created a problem.

Why Kenyans prefer bashing Willy Paul to celebrating his wins

In truth, it’s not that blocks to not cover local celebrities, it’s that they do not cover him as much and there’s a reason for this. She is one of the celebrities who looks down on local media.

Trying to get Willy Paul in for an interview has always been a hellish affair. Open chooses to ignore invites, ignore phone calls from blogger and the few times he does get featured he often refuses to show any form of reciprocity by not cross-posting.

Why are we dogging on Willy Paul for hitting on women?

All of this sounds trivial unless you’re in the blogosphere. But just to give you some context it is like an artist refusing to collaborate with other local artists, then crying about them refusing to give him any features on his songs.

Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

The juvenile Willy Paul rant is akin to local artists snubbing local award shows and then crying about them not being nominated anymore. Always been about quid-pro-quo value located there’s absolutely no one on God’s green Earth who is going to keep promoting your content as you routinely snub them.

Willy Paul and Jovial: no one is buying their publicity stunt

And yet you have to hand it to him the fact that he is able to routinely play the victim, constantly cry about the consequences of his own actions.

Singer Willy Paul

It’s almost as if Willy Paul has some insane ability to delude himself into believing what he knows to be a lie. If you’re honest an example that should pop to his mind of local blogs showing him love was when he was accused by Diana marua of rape. Post local blogs that gave him the opportunity to clear the air and beyond that they went as far as to give Niccah the opportunity to give her side of things as a character witness in the matter.

My guess is that he’s looking for clout perhaps looking to be called for interviews because he has a new project about to be released. Because at the end of the day we all know just how much will Paul loves himself a good publicity stunt.

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Why Kenyans prefer bashing Willy Paul to celebrating his wins

Willy Paul is the architect of all his own sorrows and to see him now cry that Kenyans don’t seem to celebrate his wins as a rather hilarious take. Because you see Poze has always enjoyed playing the role of the heel.

Willy Paul threatening his girlfriend’s boyfriend doesn’t make sense

Think about it anytime his name comes up he’s always cast in the role of the villain sometimes erroneously other times deservedly but every time it happens he fully embraces that role.

He recently took to his social media to decry the fact that Kenyans don’t seem to celebrate his achievements accomplishments and wins but something willy Paul forgot is that most of the people who tune in to his social media or who tune into his music simply do so because they are more than happy to pay to watch him fail and perhaps his perspective is Askew because this is not a bad thing at all.

Why are we dogging on Willy Paul for hitting on women?

When I think of him on the international scale I draw parallels to people such as Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor. People who was Sophie while that a huge chunk of their fan base would pay top dollar simply either get knocked out or in the hopes that they would flop.

So instead of him bellyaching about this reality that he himself crafted willy Paul should be looking for a way to monetize it in a much better fashion.s for starters him being the bad boy of Kenyan entertainment is a great thing as he literally has a stranglehold on the female audience because let’s face it young women between the ages of teenhood till 24 a bad boy.

Andrew Kibe Is Right About Willy Paul Being A Philanderer

This has been his sleight-of-hand all along and it has allowed him to consistently chalk up wins no one expected them and also to remain relevant long after most of his contemporaries have seen the sunset on their careers. But ultimately he needs to come to terms with this role because there’s nothing more pathetic than seeing Willy Paul cry like he accuses his frenemy Bahati of doing.

Willy Paul looking dapper

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5 Kenyan celebrities who faked their relationships pathetically

For some reason, Kenyan celebrities seem to believe that being in a relationship is a badge of honour. Those that are in relationships flaunt them and those that aren’t fake the funk.

As a result, we have seen a lot of Kenyan celebrities pull pretend relationships as publicity stunts when they’re about to drop a project. The trick is old and the trick is worn out yet they still persist in trying to fool our intellect.

And some of the more egregious pretend relationships, you know, the celebs who form the unlikeliest of pairs; relationships that lasted all of two minutes, and lies that we saw right through, include the following bozos:

1. Jovial and Willy Paul

These two full absolutely no one. I mean right from when willy Paul started posting fake social media posts talking about wanting to get with her, right up to the poor pretended to have fallen for his wily ways, absolutely no one was buying those wolf tickets.
It was all a scam and a crappy one at that!


2. Stevo simple boy and his fake love

We all wanted for Stevo to have found oh so badly! The perfect story he had been dumped by his ex who was constantly harassing him on social media and he had rebounded with a certified hottie. Sadly it was all hype for a song.

3. Maxwell Mwamburi and his sugar daddy

Did anyone really fall for this LGBTQ fake love? Or more importantly other than Edgar Obare, did anyone care? He was making money from this content and to the rest of us it was an interesting peculiarity for all of three seconds.

4. Carol Sonnie and her fake mystery man

She had a fling or a situationship, and prayed to her gods that it would turn into something more. She wanted to hurt her ex, Mulamwah, claiming she had found better than he had, claiming she had upgraded get all it was was a pump and dump. Sad!

5. Maureen Waititu and her phantom lover

Tbt: Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

We decided to save the saddest for last. And truly has was the saddest. After she ended things with her baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It, she flew to the complete other end of the world and faked selfies. A lot of feminists bought into the hype and to this day refused to acknowledge that they were duped.


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Willy Paul and Jovial: no one is buying their publicity stunt

Willy Paul and Jovial expect us to believe that they are dating… Yeah, we need them to understand that no Kenyan buys that hot mess. We can see right through this played-out trope.

Jovial, Willy Paul Shut Down Critics As They Get Cozy (Video)

This isn’t the first time Mkunaji has been involved in this type of stunt. He was involved with an artist he was attempting to help breakout onto the scene that was signed to his record label, Saldido Records, Miss P and we all know how that ended.

And he isn’t even the only one who has been doing this type of publicity stunt by a long shot and Kenyans are already calling him and Jovial out for the rubbish. Willy Paul is clearly looking to publicize a new project he has.

‘Mtaachana Tu’- Fans React To Willy Paul- Jovial Relationship (Screenshot)

Think about how this entire thing has played out. First, he posts a comment thirsting after her. Then we see him make social media posts begging for the time of day and then they are together… And in love…

Willy Paul is clearly gearing up to release a song or perhaps the hype is meant to bring attention to the fact he has a matatu. Maybe he wants it to become the most popular matatu on the route he’ll choose to have it ply.

Bahati and Diana Marua really did Willy Paul dirty

And in the long run, this works to erode his brand. We will all begin to attach dumb stunts to his name and brand and this is something that his former mentors, DJ Mo and Size 8 are currently going through. Think of it as the tale of the boy that cried wolf… Eventually, no one will care to react to these stunts.

Willy Paul

Which will mean Willy Paul will have to dig deeper and deeper into his bag to make a splash and get attention. I really don’t understand why more Kenyan artists don’t follow the Nyashinski model of doing showbiz. He doesn’t stir unless he’s about to unleash something and even then, he lets his music do the talking.

Willy Paul Teases Bahati After He Lost Mathare MP Seat

Anyway, let’s all just ride out this short-lived romance that will be over before a month is.

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Bahati and Diana Marua really did Willy Paul dirty

Willy Paul is lucky to have survived the rape allegation that Diana Marua levelled against him and he knows it. There are a lot of ways to implode your career but by far, a sexual assault allegation is the most nuclear. And Bahati stood by and allowed that entire scam to unfold and play out for the sake of clout.

He’s A R*pist-Diana Marua Threatens To Take Willy Paul To Court Following R*pe Allegations

I get it, Bahati and Willy Paul are only really friends when the cameras are present and for as long as they are present. They both hailed from Mathare and both got their start from their mentor, J Blessing. Bother were gospel artists. So you’d be forgiven for thinking they should be the closest of friends.

Willy Paul

Perhaps it is the nature of the circumstances they grew up in but they started a rather fierce competition. And since they first blew up, they have fought like cats and dogs sewn up into a gunny bag (gunia). And any act that can give Bahati an edge over Willy Paul, he’ll do it, no questions asked and vice versa.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

That however cooled off once Willy Paul gave up being a gospel artists there was no real fight over the audience. That didn’t stop them from trading jabs once in a while but by and large, everything calmed down. Or so we thought.

One day, out of the blue, Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua came out and accused Willy Pozze of raping her. That was something no one had expected and though we were all blindsided, no one was as caught off-guard as Bwana Mkunaji.

Willy Paul on how false claims of sexual assault almost ruined his career

He has been the subject of other accusations that have never gone anywhere but in this instance, the allegations made no sense. It sounded a lot like an artist who met a fan and decided he wanted to sleep with the fan (Willy Paul has very little d-control) and after the fact that she was now married to his rival, she resented his treatment of her like a jump-off.

Diana Marua and Pozee

And the worst part of all this is the fact that there were witnesses one of whom came out to corroborate Pozze’s account of things. And she was none other than Niccah the Queen who was his neighbour at the time. According to her, Diana Marua was happy to be at Willy Paul’s side and even after they went off to do their thing, she was still eager like a beaver to hang out around him. She even said she’d invite some witnesses to back up her take on things.

Willy Paul Teases Bahati After He Lost Mathare MP Seat

This sounded more and more like the case of regret getting weaponised. And Bahati watched it all silently. He could have stepped in to either get to the bottom of things and take his wife to report her claims to the police but instead he remained silent, doubtlessly enjoying this new torment his wife had unleashed on his frienemy.

And life simply moved on. A false allegation that could have been career-ending was allowed to go unpunished. And as I sit down reflecting on just how messed up Diana Marua has to have been to be making up such serious allegations, I realised that though Willy Paul gets a lot of flack for being arrogant, he didn’t deserve to have his career crippled by such a crazy allegation.

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Kenyan celebs should stop cheapening the electoral process

If there is a complaint Kenyan youth have, it is that they are consistently treated as a joke by the political class and I would argue that Kenyan celebs should largely bear the blame for this. Why do I say this? Well, it is because Kenyan celebs -especially the Z-listers are always trying to do anything to grab onto fast slipping relevance so they have started announcing their dive into politics.

Comedian Professor Hamo Declares Interest In Politics, Vies For Nakuru Seat

The new political drive is not borne of civic responsibility or the innate urge to change or create policies that will make life better for Kenyan youth. Nah, your favourite Kenyan celebs have realised they are nomlonger relevant and every recent stunt they pulled have flopped. They have realised they are no longer doing the numbers they used to on YouTube nor do their comedic performances elicit as many laughs as they used to so now they want your support because they want to become your area MCA or MP.

It is actually insane just how myopic and clownish this mess is. Kenyan celebs think little of Kenya’s electoral process. And perhaps we should not blame them because we have been raised by our parents to accept bullshit political leaders who are little more than avaricious sociopaths and psychopaths hellbent on robbing our national coffers blind.

Willy Paul seeks help from the DCI following Diana Marua’s rape attempt accusations

However, we as a people should stop blaming the older generation of voters and the leaders they chose. We can literally make a change and though I know this rant is going to fall on deaf ears. However, we do need to have a serious conversation about why Kenyan celebs are announcing that they are trying to get into politics.

In the past, members of parliament such as Jaguar (Starehe constituency) have spoken just a handful of times in the years they have been in the August House. So what is he doing there? And now we have socialites and bimbos who have declared they have little else to offer than their sexuality declaring their political intent. Is it any wonder why airheaded female politicians are body shaming each other? they both know they cannot attack the other’s development track record nor their qualifications other than to attack the shape of each other’s body.

As a result, we are raising an entirely new generation of politically irresponsible voters. People who will vie something that affects the trajectory of our lives and the destiny of our nation as a joke. I would prefer it if the Kenyan celebs attempting to vie for office would actually talk about something other than their intent. They have the platforms. Some of them have over 1 million followers across social media platforms yet all they have done is show us how big a clown they are.

We have socialites (accused of prostitution), singers and comedians turning the electoral process into a circus. we do not need any more of this as we are already having a tough time rooting out the chaff from the wheat. And Kenyan youth are incredibly impressionable. Or maybe I am just a frustrated youthful Kenyan tired of being used as a prop for political playmakers who think development is giving us a wheelbarrow and we keep dancing about it. Or inciting us to “remove madoadoa” and then think we are too stupid to see through the dog-whitcle political rhetoric. I want more for Kenyans and some things are way too serious to allow jokers and clowns to trample and poke fun at.


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Why Bahati will always have to fight over Diana Marua

Bahati did not pay any men mind when he announced that he was going to make his “prayer partner” his wife. The lady in question was Diana Marua and when word of the fact was announced, I recall listening in as I headed out to high school and everyone was laughing about it.

Thee Pluto Weighs In On Willy Paul, Diana Marua Sc@ndal- ‘Wote Wasanitiziwe’

I have to admit that I had no idea who Diana Marua was but we all knew who Bahati was and I was listening in on a show that used to air on Kiss100 every Friday morning. And now that I have found out even more about who Diana Marua used to be, I am inclined to actually agree with a lot of the people who have raised their doubts.

Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

I say this because as my mentor (one of the guys who was on the Kiss show I mentioned) says, a man should be as concerned about his woman’s past as she is about his future. Bahati should have been warned or informed that given who his wife used to be, he will never truly be ever to hold his head high in a circle of men because she would always be the Achilles heel that they would attack.

He’s A R*pist-Diana Marua Threatens To Take Willy Paul To Court Following R*pe Allegations

Think about it, he married a woman who had a storied history of past lovers and this is always going to be something a man cares about. To make matters worse, his sworn frienemy came out to claim that he too was a name on the list of Diana Marua’s past lovers. And you wonder why he has been silent over the entire issue?! What is Mtoto wa Diana to do? And Willy Paul is such an asshat that he came out to chide him over having slept with her before she was with him… That is a low blow.

Diana Marua

And what option did Diana Marua have other than to allege assault? I mean, it is a dastardly evil to pull on a man but I get it. It is a despicable thing to do to anyone but I can understand that she had no alternative in her brain because she knew how Bahati feels about his “brother” and she knows this might actually be the point at which her marriage is shaken to its core. Thing is, Nicah the Queen came out to offer an alternative account of how things played out. According to her, when she saw Diana Marua with Willy Paul, she was happy to be in his presence and was dancing and bouncing along to his music.

Bahati is in a tight fix -between a rock and a hard place because as a man, his instincts to defend his wife have doubtless kicked in but he has also come to the realization that she is always going to put him in this same situation. Yup, his wife will always leave him with egg on his face and looking to knock a few teeth loose simply because she allowed certain men between her thighs nd some of these men are precisely who her husband has told her he finds distasteful.

But he made a choice. He chose to settle down with this woman and as a result, Bahati will forevermore be in this position especially given the fact that she is the mother of two of his children. Damn! You had doubtless not factored that in. He is literally tied to Diana Marua for the rest of his life (assuming he doesn’t outlive their children). But this is where he should show the world just exactly how ignorant he is. He needs to actually ignore all the whispers because the happiness of his home is at stake.

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Willy Paul Releases Diss Track Aimed At Diana, Bahati & Eric Omondi (Video)

Controversial musician Willy Paul has once again gone into a frenzy of rage with the Bahatis & Eric Omondi through a diss track. In the song dubbed ‘Mnikome/Gademit’, Pozze calls out artists and warns them against trash talking him. He goes ahead to insinuate that he already slept with Bahati’s wife Diana Marua and regrets it.

”Hawa wasee wamenizoea mbaya for a very long time… Ushai tupa kijiko kwa sufuria? Hivo ndio nili feel the first time alinipatia. Sipendi kubonga juu ya madem nimesosi. Lakini wewe umekuwa mjing,” part of Pozze’s track read.

The musician went ahead to mock Eric Omondi for not being mature enough to keep his ex-girlfriend Miss Chanty; adding that he posts 75% of ‘nonsense’ on his Instagram.

”Namwaga machozi nikiona Eric Omondi anaposti eti play 75% of Kenyan content, na kwa Instagram yake anapost 75% of Kenyan nonesense. The best decision yenye Miss Chanty ashai make kwa maisha yake ni kutoka kwa maisha yako yenye haina shape. Congratulations mamii, hii nyani haikuwa type yako.”

Eric Omondi Ex-Girlfriend Chanty Spotted Hanging With Flamboyant City  Politician (photo) - Jalango TV - Kenya No.1 Online TV
Eric Omondi & Ex-Girlfriend Chanty-Google

Eric Omondi retaliated over Pozze’s diss track on his Instagram; stating that getting Pozze to do a diss track was part of his orchestrated wake up call to musicians.

”Yaani a WHOLE INDUSTRY cannot OPERATE without ERIC OMONDI. Lazma munitaje ndio vitu zenyu zi work? Anyway am VERY HAPPY that my PLAN is working. The PLAN was to get you all WORKED UP/ ANNOYED and AGITATED and now that I have ALL of you in ONE BASKET…I WILL NOW UNLEASH the FINAL PHASE of the PLAN. Here you will EITHER GO HOME or GO BIIIIG…LAZIMAAAAA MTAAAMKA BY FORCE BY FIRE???????????????????????? PUGAAAAA”

Watch the full diss song video below;



Willy Paul Needs To Invest In Professional PR

Willy Paul Msafi’s name is currently being dragged through the mud as he has been mentioned in yet another scandal that features the words “He took advantage of me”. and yet another female celebrity talking about his improprieties.

Willy Paul responds to new sexual assault allegations made against him

And I cannot for the life of me understand why he is busy responding to this entire mess. Why did he allow his manager to go for an interview on Eve Mungai’s YouTube show?

Miss P accuses Willy Paul of forcing himself on her

I mean, come on, we need to start appreciating that when you’re as big a star as Willy Paul, he needs to actually be surrounded by a team that is permanently on their big brain time. This is just amateur hour and the worst kind I have seen in a long while.

Willy Paul makes U-turn after taking legal action against ex lover, Miss P

I get it, the types of accusations levelled against him are the type to induce panic. Why? Because he was finally able to land an endorsement deal for some alcoolic beverage but this isn’t the way they should have responded to their own panic.

The first thing the management team around Willy Paul should have done is to manage him. They need to actually start learning how to manage their client. From there, they should have invested in actually retaining the services of a professional PR (public relations) consultant or firm. After all, isn’t he the one who is constantly flaunting his money on social media? So he can afford to hire the best can’t he?

Willy Paul is cheapening his brand with all his stunts

I cannot believe that his manager went on an interview that will forever be online and available for people to download and keep sharing to minimise the allegations. That was a dumb move if ever I have seen one.

NRG’s Atieno Nyardhudha

I am of the opinion that they should have simply remained silent for now. They should not be discussing the allegations other than to direct all communications about the allegations to their lawyer.

‘It’s Disgusting’ Willy Paul Threatens To Expose Gay Artists Who Make Money Through $ex

The second thing I would have advised were I in his ear is for him to start having random female fans and women and girls he has helped in the past act as character witnesses, championing the fact that he has helped them.


Instead, we have this clown go for an interview to actually chronicle even allegations Kenyans had forgotten about. I am thinking he simply wanted clout and whether or not it was at his client’s, Willy Paul, expense is not a material factor he accounted for.

At the end of the day, Kenyans have a fleeting memory so this will doubtless blow over but instead, we have a clown who is claiming to represent Willy Paul and all he is doing is stoking the fire so they burn as brightly as they can while all our attention is on the matter. I have to wonder at why it is Willy Paul is also tolerating this.

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Willy Paul Is Wrong, Gengetone Isn’t Dead

Willy Paul came out to brutally murder Gengetone and he did so with zero sympathies. And this will doubtless earn him zero fans and friends from among the artists who create Gengetone music.

Willy Paul is cheapening his brand with all his stunts

You see, the genre was created almost by accident when Ethic Entertainment released their viral hit, Lamba Lolo which inspired an entire host of young artistes to start churning out music.


Since then, the genre was kept alive by the constant updates from some of the most popular artists of the day such as Sailors, Boondocks Gang, Magix Enga among others.

‘The Word Of God Says, Forgive’- Willy Paul Pleads Size 8 To Unblock Him

Interestingly, Willy Paul never did jump on the bandwagon and it is clear that he missed that train out of spite. He clearly is not a fan of the artform.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Perhaps it is down to the vulgar lyrics or perhaps it is down to the fact that alot of the beats were stripped down and seemed lazily produced. But whatever the case, he showed the genre no love.

‘Nawapatia 23 hours Mniombee Msamaha’ Willy Paul Reiterates Exposé On Gay Artists

Unlike most of his peers though, Willy Paul was not eclipsed by the meteoric rise of the genre. He managed to stay relevant through his constant publicity stunts and bullshit beefs.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul dishes out notes of cash under heavy security in Mathare (Video)

And while alot of people seem to be supporting his sentiment about the genre dying, I would argue that the lockdown really did a number on it.

Usiongelee Kitu Hukuanzisha- Rekles Shuts Down People Claiming Gengetone Is Dead

Willy Paul knows, just aswell as I, that Gengetone or any other fledgling genre needs to be nurtured at concerts and in bars and clubs.

Willy Paul looking dapper

That is where people get to interact with the music and give it legs. So the Corona lockdowns didn’t allow music to be truly enjoyed as it was intended.

That makes Willy Paul’s assertion a falsetious one. Add to this the fact that the artists who produce Gengetone music aren’t doing much as they try and wait out the lockdowns and you get my point.

Also the few songs that are put out are really celebrated. They receive wild reception whenever they are dropped in matatus and at the few clubs that dare to flout the Corona lockdown rules inorder to survive.

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Willy Paul is cheapening his brand with all his stunts

Willy Paul is one of the more successful artists in Kenya who actually makes money off his craft entirely, eliminating the need for a second job.

Peace At Last! Willy Paul And The Murayas Meet Up To Settle Their Differences

And to say that he has come from far is to state the obvious. The young man is the product of one of the hardest slums in Nairobi, Mathare, and he grew up without a father.

But Willy Paul consistently churned out hit after hit and even after radio stations began attempting to sideline him, he somehow managed to gain popularity and have his songs played entirely using digital avenues.

‘The Word Of God Says, Forgive’- Willy Paul Pleads Size 8 To Unblock Him

And after all that hard work and surviving industry cartels attempting to knock off his crown, the young man is now beginning to cut down the strong mugumo tree his legacy and brand have become.

Willy Paul

And he is going to do that through the cheap stunts and fights he is picking on social media. Poze seems to be more focused on attacking everyone online rather than simply continue with his winning formula.

‘Nawapatia 23 hours Mniombee Msamaha’ Willy Paul Reiterates Exposé On Gay Artists

From attacking Size 8 for blocking him to threatening to out gay gospel artists, Bwana Mkunaji is partaking in stunts that we only ever see his frenemy, Bahati, do.

Willy Paul

And people are beginning to notice. People are beginning to call him out for the rubbish he is doing and one such person is Jalang’o.

‘It’s Disgusting’ Willy Paul Threatens To Expose Gay Artists Who Make Money Through $ex

The radio personality who is currently enjoying his moment in the sun made a very simple but pointed statement about Mkunaji, “Kwani haujui Willy Paul?”

Willy Paul

And that should be the wake-up call for the former artist. Let him get back to focusing on his record label, his music and creating TikTok videos before Kenyans decide that he is irrelevant.

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DJ Mo is right to defend his wife from Willy Paul

DJ Mo has decided to step into the drama Willy Paul is bringing to his wife Size 8 and I am all here to see him react in this way. Why? Because a man must protect his wife and homestead and the way Pozze brought up the issues he had was wrong.

Kwani Hamjui Willy Paul?- Jalang’o Accuses Willy Paul Of Attention Seeking For His Upcoming Song

Just incase you missed it , allow me to recap what happened. Willy Paul found out he is still blocked by Size 8 on every platform and for whatever reason, he felt some type of way because they were apparently once close. So he decided to call her out and he did so in his signature abrasive way.

DJ Mo has sprung to his wife’s defence

And Size 8 decided to ignore the bullshit but her husband, DJ Mo, was having none of it and he shared a very simple but succinct message to Pozze, borrowing from a currently popular phrase in Kenyan lexicon saying, “Nitakufinya”.

‘Mambo Yangu Na Size 8 Wachana Nayo’ Pozee Tells DJ Mo After Calling Out Size 8 For Blocking Him

DJ Mo is doing what he is expected to do: he is protecting his woman from someone who is known to escalate situations from simple and calm to high-stress situations. While Willy Paul might have reasons for feeling something about the way he was discarded, he broached the topic poorly.

Size 8 and DJ Mo celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary

If he has been blocked, then he could get his manager to reach out to Size 8  to try and reconcile. Instead, he blasted her on social media and called her out for not behaving like a proper Christian… Let that sink in -and what’s crazy is that he is actually right about that.

Why Size 8 cannot stop gushing over hubby, DJ Mo

But DJ Mo, a man who has previously covered her in shame -when he was caught cheating on her with some below-average looking lady decided to engage him and make it clear Mkunaji’s antics are not going tolerated.

Willy Paul looking dapper

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Why we appreciate Willy Paul keeping it real on matters gospel

If there is a Kenyan celeb people seem to love to hate it would have to be Willy Paul. He can’t seem to catch a break. I get it, he used to be shiesty. He was a gospel singer who after a while would dabble in secular music and his stage performances became rather heavily sexualized.

And perhaps that is what drew most of the ire people had towards him and I can appreciate that it was well deserved, however, he eventually decided to stop skirting the lines and simply declared that he is a secular artist who has a deep relationship with God.

As with all else in life, there was a deeper story to what was informing his behaviour and decisions and he recently opened up about it saying,

I was tired of the hypocrisy in the so called Gospel industry. Plus I just wanted 2b real with myself and not lie to God! God cannot be fooled so I took a chill pill na sai niko hapa.
Same same people that didn’t want me there were the first to reach out !!!

Willy Paul

And whatever you might think about Willy Paul and his decision, I for one appreciate that he came out to keep it real. For far too long we had been treated to the theatrics and scandals of these so-called gospel artists. If it wasn’t a love child, it was sexually deviant behaviour and when that wasn’t the issue, it was abortions.

But once Mkunaji had called it quits from that world, he seemed to have freed up his former peers to also take the bold step. Bahati was quick to copy him and also quite gospel. And that means he is a trendsetter.

Willy Paul visit to Mathare slums, where he grew up

This is the age we live in: artists are now an open book to their fans and Willy Paul was not shy to inform his fans that he would still be giving them quality music but he would be doing so from the worldly section of music and content. Afterall, how could he remain a gospel artist yet he had fathered two children out of wedlock?

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At some point Willy Paul needs to take responsibility of his baby making

Willy Paul seems to be destined to become Kenya’s Future if he keeps up with his pace of getting children. I get it, we are African so we are going to delude ourselves that children are a blessing but in truth they are not a blanket blessing.

“I am not clout chasing” Willy Paul cries after management cancels project with Rekles

And someone really needs to pull Willy Paul aside and tell him to start wrapping up. Apart from the obvious risks of sexually transmitted infections, the biggest risk is the fact that it is an expensive endeavour. Yup, children are a blessing when they are properly planned for but when they aren’t, they become a chain and ball.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul’s Caucasian baby mama and daughter

Willy Paul got a son by his first baby mama about two years ago. From there, it would have been apparent to all that he needed to chill on that vibe. Why? Because he had just taken on an immense responsibility. Apart from financial responsibility, he also had to be a father. And that takes effort and time.

“Mtu asinijaribu kunipost nikikufa” Willy Paul tells off fellow artists in bitter message

Willy Paul, however, has just unleashed the shocker that he has a second child, a daughter, and I shuddered. I have a mentor who told me he has one regret: not being with the mother of his children because maintaining two households is an expensive undertaking. And at this point my mind wanders to Willy Paul who now would be taking care of three households.

willy paul

With the way entertainment is such a fickle mistress, it cannot be said that Willy Paul has a steady source of income that he can rely on. He should be using his premium years to save up the money he is making (because he is one of the most sought after artists in Kenya0 and then figure out a business he can invest in. Instead, he is going to be buying diapers and baby feed.  Then when this is over, he is going to have to figure out where school fees will be coming from.

No permanent enemies? Ringtone runs to Willy Paul’s defense in new music copyright battle with producer iLogos

And if Willy Paul doesn’t have a mentor, he just needs to look at what happened to Daddy Owen to understand where I am coming from. No, not because he is marrying a single mother but because he can get to understand what happens when the once hottest artist in Kenya starts being starved of shows and the money that translates from them.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

You see, like Pozzee, Daddy Owen was once the hottest commodity in Kenyan entertainment. He was a star who even got to work extensively with corporations like Safaricom. While this lasted, he was able to keep his family’s financial needs sated. Until he wasn’t able to. And if Willy Paul uses his buruwein, he needs to begin to plan for the possibility of this happening. But ultimately, time will tell.

Willy Pozee introduces months old daughter with catchy heartfelt message (Photo)

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Shakilla’s diss to Willy Paul will give you cancer as it drops your IQ

Shakilla has been having an ongoing one-sided beef with Willy Paul and she decided that rather than let things die while he is already miles ahead of her, she would continue to drill herself into a deeper hole. Gerrit?

Money moves! Shakilla reveals thousands she’s been minting from her OnlyFans account, savagely fires back at Willy Paul

Anyway, Shakilla decided to release a diss track aimed at Willy Paul who said the fact she slept around as a call girl means her lady bits are elephantine (her own admission led him to make that claim) and to her credit, rather than blow a vein, she instead decided to agree and amplify but the problem is, she just doesn’t have the talent for the response she chose to give.

Inorder for you to respond in a song to an opponent, the bare minimum of what you need is talent. Atleast be able to rap or sing better than the sound of two cats in heat doing the mating cry and dance. Also, it would help if your producer knew a sound engineer who could help the song sound like it wasn’t made in 2002 by one of the many Calif records clones that sprung up.

Maureen Waititu and Shakilla: How to spot women with daddy issues

The song for me was on par with having my pubes stuck on my ripper before I even get to pull out my wang to take a piss. It is a horrible song. The video too was probably shot on someone’s crappy cellphone and Shakilla decided to distract us from its piss poor quality by performing one of the worst twerks you have ever seen. Maybe I am being harsh to someone who is making her first song along with unknown collaborators or maybe I am just being honest about how crappy the song is.

Shakilla looking like a million bucks

This is not the type of thing Shakilla should want to be associated with because it is an unholy mess that can only be exorcised by the most potent anti-demon elixir that sadly doesn’t exist within our reality. If I am going overboard then you be;I’ve that simply because you have not heard it. There is no way for me to describe this song other than to say that it is as bad as abject poverty.

Shakilla vs Willy Paul: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

I for one hope that Willy Paul doesn’t respond to this unholy mess, I hope she simply disappears from the cognitive memory of kenya’s entertainment industry. But seeing as she is clearly hungry for attention, all I can hope is that she should either somehow grow some talent or maybe just give up and focus on making more stupid declarations of prostitution because we cannot be forced to endure more of this banshee’s nonsense “music”.

Socialite Shakilla

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Shakilla vs Willy Paul: Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

Shakilla and Willy Paul are caught up in a game of retards. And on this one, I cannot help but give my sympathies to Pozze because he seems to be the recipient of a targeted campaign to tarnish his name by the deluded socialite Shakilla. And at this point, allow me the tangential monologue to tell Kenyan men to actually stop pandering for women who are only really halfway descent simply because they show off their flesh on social media and OnlyFans. Like come on Kenyan men, let us grow a muscle called standards that perhaps we can also exercise when it comes to how we elect our officials come 2022.

Why self-confessed prostitute Shakilla will struggle to move on

Shakilla has been having a running feud with Willy Paul who took shots at her when she first came out to the limelight to announce that she is actually a prostitute. This occurred during one of Xtiandela’s Instagram Live interviews. In that interview, Shakilla alleged that she had slept with Willy Paul. The pair traded some spicy insults at each other before we were then treated to a circus bonanza of Shakilla getting arrested after she went to Willy Paul’s abode.

Popular socialite Shakilla

At this point, someone needs to grab Shakilla, bend her over and spank her because she is playing a dangerous game. You cannot go to someone’s house, unannounced, uninvited and at night because while we are not in America, everyone has the right to defend their home from intruders and things can easily get ugly.

“He coached Shakilla and even approached me with a lucrative offer” Ringtone exposes Xtian’s shady business deals in ugly comeback

You see, Willy Paul chose to call the police but he could just have easily claimed her to be a thief and let’s face the reality of Kenya and that would be the fact that mob justice would have finished this little knuckleheaded girl. The fact that Willy Paul instead chose to call the police shows him to have a level of cool-headedness that would make him a dangerous opponent for anyone in their right mind.

Shakilla arrested

There is no need for Shakilla to keep chasing attention and risking it all for fifteen minutes of fame. She needs to be reminded that there are more days ahead for her and these few morsels of fame and notoriety will hamper her pursuit for a good life. If indeed she was invited as she claims, then she is too stupid to have a war with Willy Paul because he is clearly playing chess while she’s playing checkers. And let her present the evidence.

“Juu yako ni toothpick” Willy Paul under fire after comparing Shakilla’s ‘privates’ to that of an elephant’s

She is busy playing stupid games unaware that the only thing she will win are stupid prizes.


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Otile Brown and Willy Paul: Planned Vs chaotic success

Otile Brown and Willy Paul are now fully-fledged A-list celebrities but they arrived at this position, this highly sought after place through different methods. You see, there are largely four ways guys find their way into becoming A-listers. The first is through accident. An artist becomes an A-lister after their song goes viral. From that position, they are able to leverage that instantenous fame and keep churning out jingles that go viral. Think Lil Pump on this one.

Otile Browns reveals why fellow artists are to blame for the corrupt MCSK

The second is through sheer force of talent. The artist has no real career plan and they are simply putting out music. They keep releasing songs that at first are sleepers but eventually, that artist begins to rise up song charts. These are the artists who always seem like they are shocked or surprised by their fame. Think of the Weeknd. Willy Paul fits this mould.

Otile Brown
Just In Love CEO, Otile Brown

The third is when an artist is an industry plant. What that basically means is that they appear out of nowhere and even before they can grow their organic fanbase, media houses and corporations rally behind and really push them. These are artists like Chance The Rapper or Lizzo who seem to have come up from nowhere and are the darling of companies or identity politicians pushing agendas. When they have public performances, they do not seem to have as strong a fanbase as their corporate backers make it appear. Locally, Victoria Kimani and Kagwe Mungai.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul looking snazzy

Otile Brown played himself with his recent social media outburst

Then there are artists who are not just a talented force but they have their own strategy and handlers who help push their brand. These are guys like Diamond Platnumz who carefully curate their brand and image. They carefully select artists to feature in their music and they can clearly be seen to have an ultimate goal for their careers and clearly defined parameters of success. Sauti Sol and Otile Brown come to mind aswell as Khaligraph Jones.

Otile Brown
RnB artist Otile Brown bron Jacob Obunga

Today we are going to be focusing on the main differences between Otile Brown and Willy Paul. You see, both are talented. Willy Paul more so because he had to leverage his talent to overcome gospel industry mafioso who had tried to shut down his career like they had done so many others. Otile Brown too, has had a long journey to superstardom. He started off without a plan and languished at the very bottom of the music industry totem pole until he finally had an epiphany that he has to be more proactive in how he manages his career.

Why Otile Brown is hitting back at his trolls with possible lawsuit

Right now, very few Kenyan artists can be said to be truly A-listers. Kenyans who can perform in not just Nairobi and Mombasa but Tanzania aswell or Rwanda and attract a crowd. Off the top of my mind there are the Nyashinksis, your Sauti Sols, your Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul and Otile Brown. There paths to stardom were ultimately different but they are now the superstars.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Otile Brown can be seen to have decided to become a lot more careful when you look at how he addresses his controversies. He doesn’t just allow them to run unchecked. He usually tries everything possible to shut them down, even going as far as to attempt to scare their purveyors with legal consequences. He takes care of his image and has began hitting the gym to ensure his body is the type women (his core audience) will swoon for. He is even meticulous in how he dresses. Even his mannerisms are carefully curated. Haven’t you ever asked yourself why someone from some back-water village in Mombasa is attempting to be debonair? Or you only associate that term with pizzas?

It just got ugly! Willy Paul and Shakilla go to battle in a nasty war of words

Willy Paul on the other hand has adopted a sprezzatura attitude. It is a carefully managed devil-may-care approach to life. He is actually a very snazzy dresser and you can tell he is mindful about his image. He usually bumbles through his insults though, whenever he is angry. His controversies are usually clearly just a case of him allowing his virility to drive him into unnecessary issues. He thinks with his small head and not his coconut. He is loud and abbrassive, he is unrefined, essentially, he is a bad boy and it works wonders for him because at the end of the day, all that is secondary to his talent.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul born Wilson Abubakar Radido

That is why I would argue that one, Otile Brown, is curated success while Willy Paul is chaotic success.

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Willy Paul is right, he has succeeded in the face of hostile industry gate keepers

Willy Paul is one of the few artists who can genuinely talk about there being cartels that exist within the music industry whose sole purpose for existence is to frustrate artists into either fitting their agenda or they blackball them into oblivion.

“It has not been easy” Willy Paul opens up about battle with unknown persons trying to kill his music career

These cartels involve music producers, older artists who were smart in the manner in which they networked so they landed cushy jobs at digital music platforms or radio personalities and producers.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul looking snazzy

That is why Willy Paul and his peers can tell you about their being harrased and harranged by these industry gatekeepers or being asked to pay up for their songs to get any airtime on certain radio stations.

Why Jalang’o is wrong for writing off Gengetone as dead

But this is where the similarities between Pozze and his peers end because he found a way to rise above the fray of crab in the bucket haters. You see, he realized that digital platforms that are outside the control of Kenyans or East Aricans, truly neutral platforms such as Youtube and Instagram, Facebook and TikTok are where they will beat this old heads.

Willy Paul by his sleek Mercedes

I could tell you for free about being in rooms with decision makers who would write-off working with Bwana Mkunaji because of stories that were told about his controversial ways, because they don’t like his brand or because they simply did not like his image. And Willy Paul suffered for the longest due to this nonsense. He literally would be frustrated even worse because he was a gospel artist and if you think Kenya has cartels, now multiply the complication of that by ten when churches are involved.

Kama mbaya, mbaya! Willy Paul pulls out knives, sends strong warning (Video)

Morning fam, hope you had a super charged sleep ???? ????.. growing up and becoming who I am today hasn’t been easy. I’ve faced a lot of panda shuka.. (still facing) people trying to pull you down, trying to kill ur career… trying to mess with your confidence!!

Willy Paul
Willy Paul chilling

One of the ways this played out was to pit Mkunaji against Bahati. And the idea was to have someone with a cleaner image, someone more willing to be malleable and pliable to have to contrast against Willy Paul instead of sticking to a mentorship program for the more talented but equally as problematic Pozze. This plan backfired because in his heart of hearts, the new prop, Bahati was envious of him and would lowkey ape what he saw from his competition complete with the departure from the gospel industry.

“Kuna ukabila na who knows who!” Willy Paul fed up with the corrupt music industry

Certain collaborations were closed off to Bwana Pozze simply because he was him. You would have upcoming artists think it funny to ingratiate themselves to the gatekeepers by taking shots at Willy Paul only for their careers to get derailed, some of them due to their own sexual exploits getting outed. Whatever the case may be, their careers tanked. The adversity forced Willy Paul to be versatile. It forced him to learn how to promote his music without radio assistance. It forced him to elevate his sound. It eventually forced him to go secular. He transcended the older heads who are still hating to this day.

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Willy Paul saga: Kenyan star needs to up his social media game

Willy Paul has been exposed once more for sliding the DMs of yet another Kenyan girl on social media. Actually, he was exposed by two women, one of whom is in Dubai.

Fisi ni fisi tu! Willy Paul exposed for sliding in the DMs again! (Screenshots)

And I use the term “exposed” with all the scorn I can muster because I believe that is all a load of bullshit. The ladies are clearly out looking for clout because they could have simply blocked him and kept it moving.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Anyway, away from Willy Pozze playing stupid games and winning stupid prizes, the focus of the day is on how he can improve his social media dating game. And what I mean by that is that I am going to school him on how he can use Ig to hit on women seeing as he has clearly not heard of Tinder and other online dating apps.

Willy Paul discloses main reason for quitting gospel music

And my advice to Willy Paul at this point is for him to ignore the detractors. He is probably hitting on women through IG because it works more than it fails and I understand why. You see, like most men, Willy Paul has learnt to repeat behaviour that he has been rewarded for doing in the past.

Willy Paul
Willy Paul and ‘wifey’

Now what he needs to learn to do better is to be more discerning of the women whom he actually reaches out to. However, you look at it, being seen constantly on blast because some random lady decided to hit out at the patriarchy and expose him.

Willy Paul does it again! Asks Bahati to get a wife of his standards (Video)

We are at the point where the young man needs to learn some finesse. He needs to learn how to broach sensitive questions and stop relying so heavily on his status. That is a guaranteed recipe for disaster. You see, when a man relies on his celebrity status to push through the need for intelligent seduction, he finds himself at the mercy of angry ladies.

Willy Paul

Willy Paul needs to learn yet another skill and that is how to speak diplomatically. No, not for him to be polite but for him to be able to speak in a manner that is so open-ended, the message is passed without you having to expose yourself to the risk of rejection. An example of this would be speaking with a lot of double entendres and subliminal hints.

Then again, as I pointed out earlier, this method has been working for him so he probably sees no reason to change his approach.


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Gloria Muliro’s refusal to do video with Willy Paul a telling sign of hypocrisy

Gloria Muliro and Willy Paul are currently dominating the airwaves as they receive immense radio play for their recently released collaborative effort, Wema.

Willy Paul has brilliant Instagram antics that actually work

The song which has been posted to different online platforms only exists as an audio because Gloria Muliro revealed her displeasure at the thought of shooting a music video with Willy Paul.

Thing is, Willy Paul and Gloria Muliro worked on the jam three years ago, back when Willy Paul was still battling to be left within the closet of gospel artists’ skeletons.
As a result, Gloria is unsure whether he can still put out a song praising God.

willy paul

The fact of the matter is that Gloria Muliro has a public image and brand to protect and Willy Pozze doesn’t do much in way of promoting it. And this, in essence, brings into focus the hypocrisy of gospel acts towards Willy Paul.

Fisi alert! An alleged married Willy Paul exposed after forcing female fan to meet him (Photos)

The same people who claim they make music that serves as a ministry of Jesus Christ’s message clearly do not put his words into practice because the truth is, Willy Paul is exactly the kind of man Jesus would be around. And I am not saying that to call him a heaux, I am saying this to point at the fact that acts like Gloria Muliro view Willy Paul as a sinner.

Gloria Muliro

It is almost as if they do not sin and Mkunaji is the only one doing so. Add to this the fact that the hypocrisy is not where the attitude ends. Remember where in the Bible God says he will raise up the stones to praise him if we as human being stopped? Well, how much more impactful would it be to get a popular singer to earnestly praise God? Can you imagine how many sinners they would reach if they worked together today in 2020?

Gloria Muliro

I mean, yeah, Willy Paul also is guilty of some boneheaded decisions and he does get involved in some dumb nonsense but come on, a man will definitely be able to praise God even in the most hellish of landscapes and situations.


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Why we are anticipating Willy Paul’s album Songs of Solomon

Willy Paul has announced the fact that he about to release his debut album years after he came onto the entertainment scene. This ofcourse bucks the norm of having a new artist showcase his talents through an album release.

Willy Paul has brilliant Instagram antics that actually work

It is actually more accurate to say that this follows the well-beaten path of Kenyan and indeed African artists career paths. You see, African artists like Willy Paul really only do make money from their performances.

willy paul

This is down to the way the entertainment business was structured that denied guys like Willy Pozze their dues out of corruption and blatant theft of royalties.

Celebrity geniuses: Lessons other artists should learn from Willy Paul and Bahati

As a result, artists began to maximize the only aspect they had any control over; their live performances. That is why you will find artists with careers that span decades have a handful of album releases and even then, those are solely targeted at getting international renown and a shot at academy awards.

willy paul

But enough about that, let us focus back on Willy Paul. The guy is finally set to release his first album and it will be a thing to experience because not only is this a coming of age of sorts for him, it will allow fans to finally have a segment to place him in.

How Willy Paul completely beat Bahati in their beef

You see, for the longest time Pozze has defined definition as his music has crossed genres and defied the confines of gospel or secular -a fact that he is embracing with the planned title of the album, Songs of Solomon which I guarantee you will be more than tongue in cheek.

willy paul

Willy Paul will also be releasing the album off his own record label which will allow him ownership over the royalties and complete artistic control which are usually big issues for artists because they touch on the monetary aspect as well as the expressive aspect respectively.

The tracklist is already out and the announcement of the album is simply awaiting Willy Paul to put a date on it but for all intents and purposes, we will finally get to see the range of his artistic chops.


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Willy Paul has brilliant Instagram antics that actually work

If you don’t follow Willy Paul on Instagram, you are using your social media app wrong! This young lad is the only person you should follow if you are ever limited to only one Kenyan celebrity.

And I say that because Willy Paul has mastered the art of keeping IG lit. Whether you like him or not, you will find yourself compelled to respond and emotionally invest in his videos, photos and captions.

willy paul

Whether it is his fashion posts or his posts of his posts about his many random girlfriends, Willy Paul has cultivated his status. And so it only makes sense that he would start using his IG as a dating app.

Fisi alert! An alleged married Willy Paul exposed after forcing female fan to meet him (Photos)

And we were treated to a “scandal” of sorts early in June when Willy Paul was accused of finessing women through Instagram with screenshots shared purporting to expose him for scoring some tail through sliding into attractive young lasses DMs.

willy paul

Lemme give you a quick rundown: Willy Paul saw a lass he liked on Instagram and he hit her DM up. The lass in question seemed to be receptive to his no-nonsense dry approach but her schedule wasn’t as flexible as he wanted. So she had to negotiate around the time he wanted to meet her. And Willy Paul for his part, perhaps buoyed by an awareness of his status, was having no one of her negotiations, insisting that they meet at his convenience.

How Willy Paul completely beat Bahati in their beef

The lass eventually leaked the conversations but I am not sure this action had the intended effect on Willy Paul. Simply put, he wasn’t pressed.

Mkunaji slides into girl's DMs

Mkunaji slides into girl's DMs

Mkunaji slides into girl's DMs

And while an entire section of fans and social media busybodies were quick to crucify Willy Paul, I am here to tell you that his approach is the right approach to take for any man but more so for a celebrity.

Willy Paul’s reckless driving stunt lands him in trouble!

For starters, women are often the first to claim they like honest men.
What is more honest than direct communication? Willy Paul was direct about wanting the lass’ number, calling her up immediately and wanting to meet her while his schedule allowed. That is the most romantic way of communicating if you read female writers’ dating tips.

‘Don’t mistake me for Weezdom!” Willy Paul slams Bahati

Secondly, Mkunaji knows the importance of his time.
Willy Paul isn’t the kind of guy who has time to waste. he is an award-winning artist, a record label founder and CEO and a performing artist. He is generally a busy man and when he gives you his time, he isn’t doing himself any favours as he is taking time off his money.

And finally, he knows his value.

Willy Pozze has everything to lose and nothing to gain. He is only a feature in a lot of people’s minds because he is at the top of the entertainment game. He is only a feature in the minds of a lot of women because his status at the top of the entertainment totem pole has made him not only famous but a lot of money too. So when he hollas at a lass, he is doing so as an A-list celebrity talking to a nobody who has achieved nothing of note as of yet. Why would he fit into such a person’s schedule? Seriously, because of why?!

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Celebrity geniuses: Lessons other artists should learn from Willy Paul and Bahati

The Kenyan celebrity has its pros and cons and to be one you need to have the skin for it. I mean for the longest time we have seen many celebrities who come up be loved and later disappear like passing wind.

However some celebrities have mastered a way of sticking around despite being thrown stones at.

For two artists Bahati and Willy Paul have proven that they are masters of this celebrity status.

You might ask how yet they are always “chomaing picha”.

Look at it this way they started out as gospel artists humble, modest and would be heavens gate keepers.

Well, these two chaps needed a leeway to get to the top and that worked out just fine. Why not grab opportunities as they come? Yes, they did or still do good music and that’s just about it.

So what’s the trick you may ask? I believe this 3 are the few takes that propelled the two to the top.


When they started out in the gospel scene, they had big hits that fans hoped they could have a collaboration together.

However they did the opposite they two singers would forever be at logger heads trying to prove who is better than the other. Clearly we are not sure yet but truth is they have stayed at the top of their games.

Willy Paul thought he is playing himself by sticking in the gospel scene then shifted to secular. Some fans were angry with his move but to him things see m to be working out just fine.

For Bahati, he thrives on being the trending topic negative or positive for as long as he has the numbers. Its all about the business ya’ll.

Also read: No one respects Bahati as a man and it’s Diana Marua’s fault

Social media craze

A little buzz on the internet could be the best move to make when working on your celebrity status. These two know how to play  the social media craze.

One day you see Willy Paul mock Bahati before the later answers with something else and well life goes on. Next thing you see they have a song out. Then what? We keep loving them or better yet troll them some more. But guess what? They smile to the bank.


Th tow have a consistent way of doing their music something not many artists have. Their music regardless of how what content it carries they give their fans what they think is good.

I mean look at Bahati’s new song “Wanani” its a beautiful love song but most of looked at his “gospel” label.

On the other hand, Pozze gave us a beautiful thanksgiving song “Wema”  with Gloria Muliro and he was praised for that.

In conclusion, these two chaps have mastered their arts. They do what pleases them and that makes them celebrity geniuses and will stick around for a long time.

How Willy Paul completely beat Bahati in their beef

Willy Paul and Bahati had beef. While the industry really pushed hard to help Bahati win their beef, Willy Paul slogged it out alone and has completely pummelled Bahati to the point any time the two come up, it is hard not to feel sorry for Bahati. Granted, that because their’s was a high stakes beef, even the loser, Bahati still came out on top.

‘Don’t mistake me for Weezdom!” Willy Paul slams Bahati

But Willy Paul, because he could stand on his own two feet against the industry got to gain the unintended benefit of being truly independent and also getting to know from early on just who his allies and more importantly, his enemies are. And Willy Paul learning to be independent showed him how to organize his resources and all the factors needed to get a song out especially when people are keen for you to fail.

Willy Paul

Bahati, on the other hand, knew he had allies. He didn’t have to try too hard to make music and he always had a friend who hated Willy Paul more than he disliked him so he was willing to help push his music. As a result, Bahati stuck to his continual feedback loop of having people tell him he was right ion the money.

Bahati discloses secret behind his longterm friendship with Willy Pozee

That is why when Willy Paul finally switched from making gospel music to secular music, he had been toying around with different sounds and he didn’t have to limit himself to any genre’s instrumentals or rely on collaborations. Bahati, on the other hand, cannot make a hit song on his open, having sacrificed that ability as he chased big-name collaborations and he had to also jump on trends like Gengeton which was alien to both him and his fanbase.

Why Bahati wearing his wife’s dress is a HUGE deal

Bahati had to rely heavily on publicity stunts and reality TV shows to remain relevant. Without the publicity stunts, it is almost guaranteed that Bahati would have vanished like your wife’s bad fart after you open the windows. Bahati also had to lean heavily on his wife’s star power. He was lucky in that he chose a bride who was as hungry for stardom as he is so she completely embraced the spotlight. She also has the acumen to build her brand once Bahati gave her a hand.

Willy Paul on his part relies on one thing alone; his music. That doesn’t mean controversies have not haunted his career like Diana Marua’s past sexual relationships haunts her. That just means that he doesn’t create publicity stunts nor dwell on controversies just to remain relevant.

Willy Paul is the new Kenyan sex symbol your girlfriend is drooling over

Pozze as he is, is a complete artist who can stand on his body of work. He can actually perform an entire 2 hour set on his own. Bahati would have to sing verses here and there of his collaborations. There really is no comparison at this point in time. Diana Marua’s husband needs artists who haven’t been on the scene for an entire year to sustain his career.


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“Willy Paul aheshimu watumwa wa mungu!” Ringtone claps back in fiery response!

Willy Paul and Ringtone are currently embroiled in a bitter beef that was sparked by Ringtone’s stiff rebuke of his younger counterpart’s new musical direction. For better or worse, Kenya’s Chris Brown decided to leave the gospel fraternity that for a long time had acted as a chain and ball for his creativity.

Willy Paul

“Bishana na Wamama wenzako kama akina Akothee!” Willy Paul to Ringtone

You see, Pozze is a man of the world and while he has a profound love for God, his music had increasingly begun to skirt the grey area between secular and gospel. His live performances, however, were anything but sacrosanct. And so after no small amount of introspection, Willy Pozze decided to leave the gospel arena to suffer Bahati’s charm.

Willy Paul

But even after bowing out, Kenyan gospel artists aren’t yet done with him. And Ringtone was the first to mention his name as he viciously critiqued his recent jam that features Nadia Mukami, Nikune.

What Willy Paul had to say after the President ‘read’ his letter

If you know anything about Ringtone, you know he holds nothing back so when I say he went in on Willy Paul, I mean it was quite the caustic critique of his new song -enough si for Willy Paul to not only take note, but to respond aswell.



And so we called Ringtone to try and understand what he made of Bwana Mkunaji’s scathing retort. Not to be undone, Ringtone launched into an unmitigated vexed response, and in no uncertain terms called him an idiot.

“Mjinga wewe Willy Paul. Heshimu watumwa wa Mungu!”

willy paul
Willy Paul proudly supports violence against women

You can listen to the audio of that phone call reply:

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Willy Paul is the new Kenyan sex symbol your girlfriend is drooling over

Willy Paul is currently Kenya’s most popular artist. And that blanket statement holds true whether or not you are discussing gospel or secular music, there isn’t a solo act that has achieved quite the same A-level, top tier status he has. Make no mistake about it, Willy Paul put in the work, rising from poverty and obscurity, he worked on his craft and rode controversy tsunamis that would have washed out any other celebrity to the point where he can now sit pretty knowing his brand alone will attract gigs even if he doesn’t release new music in three months.


At a glance, Bwana Mkunaji as he is also known as, has it all. He has status, he has the money (a bit of a grey area in a third world shithole like Kenya) and to tell the truth, Willy Paul isn’t exactly bad looking. Pause.
Proof of what I have highlighted is his comment section on social media. Whenever the young lad posts anything, be it a video or a photo, there are always Thotianas commenting, hoping for a chance to get seen and chosen by Kenya’s Chris Brown.


Willy Paul is the only artist we have seen consistently pull hot women. And he knows that he has what is called “pre-selection” afforded to him by that fact and he keeps rubbing it in his nemesis Bahati’s face. Young Pozze has also shown that he is more than capable and willing to defend himself and that is yet another factor that attracts women to him.

“Bishana na Wamama wenzako kama akina Akothee!” Willy Paul to Ringtone

I think at this point, for ease of processing this article, we shall compare similarities between Willy Paul and Chris Brown to establish the argument that Willy Paul indeed is Kenya’s Breezy.

Willy Paul pours his heart out in 'Magnetic'

For starters, they are both “toxic”

The kings of toxicity if you will. But to be fair, Chris Brown has been working on the issues that make him toxic and he hasn’t really had any controversies nor issues for quite a while but back in his day.
Willy Paul is still running his toxic plays like there is no tomorrow.

They both are only ever associated with dimes (their baby mamas)

willy paul
Willy Paul posing with his ‘wife’

Both these lads are only ever associated with hot women. Willy Paul’s name is never brought up in connection with unattractive lasses. He even has a hot baby mama. Chris Brown is the same. He is only ever associated with hot women.

They are both pinnacle high-value males

Both Chris Brown and Pozze are top tier males. They have the status of being famous, they are both successful artists in their own rights and they both have money and sky’s the limit for both.

willy paul with mzungu
Willy Paul’s new lover?

Both have been involved and accused of domestic altercations

Bwana Mkunaji has in the past been accused of getting into a physical altercation with women and Chris Brown has the spectre of the Rihanna incident looming over his head.

Both are certified hitmakers

I don’t think I need to explain this any further.

Your girlfriend would cream herself if she thought she had a chance with either


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