After Dela, could this be Timmy Tdat’s new catch? Checkout how he was digging his tongue in her mouth

Timmy Tdat is one artist who enjoys ridding on ‘kiki’ controversial stories before he drops a new song or just to make sure he stays relevant by keeping bloggers and social media talking.Anyway, enough of that.

So, I have reasons to believe that he is no longer ‘dating’ Dela or rather that his relationship did not last for long kama kawaida. I am saying this because yesterday (27th March) I got to see him lock lips with a certain air hostess, thanks to his Whatsapp status stories.

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Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess
Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess

Judging from how he was digging his tongue into her mouth, I can honestly say that he was caught in the moment. And as protocol I had to call him up to see whether he would spill some details about this air-hostess. However we did not talk much as he claimed to be in a noisy place moments after i mentioned why I had called him up.

Before hanging up the artist hit me up with “Uko sure ni mimi niko kwa hiyo video? Na ukona hiyo video? wacha nikupigie”  Well what did he expect? I mean this is Ghafla…anyway I just managed to get screenshots that confirm that he was indeed enjoying the moment with the air-hostess.

So I waited for his call for two hours  before I decided to call him again but unfortunately my call went unanswered. Anyway checkout the photos below:

Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess
Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess
Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess
Timmy Tdat and an unknown airhostess

Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill responds after he was reported dead by a local news outlet

Kenyan celebrities understand how it feels to be killed by the internet. Every now and then there is a new fake story about a dead media personality and this time around it’s Churchill aka Mwalimu King’ang’i who was killed by the internet.

The story about his death spread like wild fire as he was reported to have been involved in a tragic road accident that happened on the Mai Mahiu-Suswa road.

Mwalimu killed
Mwalimu killed

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The publishers of the story go on to say that his car slid off the highway hitting a pot hole which led to a head on collision that led to death.

However Churchill has come out to announce that this was a fake story and that he was well and alive. This is after he got multiple calls and texts by loved ones who were shocked by the details released about his death.

Through his social media pages, Churchill confirmed that he was doing okay. he wrote to say,

Churchill's response
Churchill’s response

Sigh but why? Avril Nyambura caught on camera grinding on Timmy Tdat

If I am not mistaken there must be something all these celebrity females seeing in Timmy Tdat. I mean it all started with Kush Tracey then kidogo kidogo Dela and now Avril.

Could it be in his looks? Or rather bad boy attitude? Sadly I cant put my finger on it since I guess I have gotten so used to how these celebrities attract attention to themselves.

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However, this time around both Timmy Tdat and Avril were not doing it for the attention. The two were actually out partying and one can see Timmy Tdat holding on the sheesha pipe when Avril stood to grind on the usinikazie hit maker.

Though it was a short dance…Timmy Tdat will always hold on to that memory of having such a hot lady like Avril dance on him for him.

Anyway, it is also good to see the artistes bonding and having fun among themselves…I mean this only happens once in a while right?

Below is a screenshot of the actual video of Avril bumping and grinding on Avril.

Avril grinding on Timmy Tdat
Avril grinding on Timmy Tdat (courtesy)

Diamond Platnumz reveals the big plans he has for his son’s 40th celebration

Nillan’s 40th day celebration is going to be lit according to Diamond Platinumz who has already revealed the date and venue of the party.

Diamond Platnumz is more excited than anyone else to unveil his second child’s face to the world. Through his gram the dad of two announced that Nillan Chibu’s party will be a day to remember as he plans to host it in Dar Es Salaam, just like Tiffah’s unveiling party.

The Kokoro hit maker also revealed that this party will go down on the 28th of January meaning that he will fly in his mother, baby mama and his in-laws who are currently in South Africa.

He wrote to say,

Talking to my Mini me, @princenillan about his 40 on the 28th Jan in Dar es Salaam…. Trust me! it’s gonna be a day to remember!(Niko na Muhuni wangu @princenillan tunapanga kuhusu Arobaini yake tareh 28 / 01 /2017 Bongo )

Diamond's son, Nillan
Diamond’s son, Nillan

Muslims often advise their women to stay indoors until 40 days are over to ensure their newborns are not exposed. They then celebrate their baby’s 40th day after birth allowing them to step out and even unveil them to other people.

Larry Madowo writes a beautiful message appreciating the beautiful fashionable lady in his life

It is not everyday we see Larry Madowo all lovey dovey, right? However the news anchor can do anything for his sister who he adores very much.

Just the other day he wrote down a special birthday message directing it to his sister who was turning a year older. Through his social media pages Larry Madowo described his sister as an amazing person and a lady many would want for sister.

He wrote to say,

Happy birthday to the amazing Liz Madowo, the best sister a guy could ever have

Liz Madowo is Larry Madowo’s younger sister and she has been driving many with her beauty. She is an upcoming fashion blogger who was pushed into the limelight by her journalist brother, Larry Madowo.

She is a simple fashionable lady with an amazing taste in fashion and judging from all her posts, any girl can pull her outfits and style.

Liz madowo is however very private and prefers to keep her life on the low. No one knows who is dating or where she even hangs out.

Anyway checkout the post shared by Larry Madowo:
Larry Madowo

“We are just friends” Timmy Tdat denies warming Dela’s bed as rumored

Timmy Tdat and Dela has been giving us mixed signals about their relationship. One hints that they are together and have even graduated to the arguing phrase, then the other one comes out to refute the stories saying they are together…Mapenzi kizungumti kweli.

After, their PDA pictures ‘leaked’, Timmy Tdat has come forth to reveal that he is not seeing Dela and that the two are just friends.


He revealed this during an interview with NairobiNews a couple of days after Dela hinted that she was facing some issues in her relationship.

Anyway, Timmy Tdat has set the record straight by friend-zoning Dela who he is said to be working on a new single with.

We are good friends, she is teaching me how to sing. Dela is talented and she knows stuff about keys and everything…

Well, this is a relief to all those who were eyeing the lovely Dela. At least we now know that their ‘romance’ was just to hype an upcoming song. It better be worth the hype!


Kameme FM finally responds after being accused of promoting toxic tribal jingoism

Our attention has been drawn to a clip that was uploaded on the website SOUNDCLOUD titled “Get Vote out Kikuyu Style” and allegedly said to have originated from our leading Kikuyu language station, Kameme FM. Without confirming the authenticity of the same, contributors on Social Media and some bloggers have picked up the clip and purported its origin was Kameme FM.

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Mediamax Networks, where Kameme FM is a member, would like to categorically state that this clip did not originate from our studios and has never been broadcast on our station.  As proof of the same, Mediamax Networks,  has submitted to the relevant authorities, recordings of all our programmes during the last week  and have asked them to also conduct their own investigations into the origins  of the clip and on which stations it was aired.

We would like to reiterate that we at Mediamax are committed to working towards peaceful elections and shun every form of negative tribalism, fear or incitement to violence.  We would like to also remind our esteemed listeners and advertisers that Mediamax Network upholds dearly the principles of media law and ethics which is an essential guide in the way we operate.