In Amber Ray’s shadow: Jimal Roho Safi is a fool if he thinks we will pity him

Jinal Roho Safi is busy whining and complaining about the lessons he learnt after his ill-fated dalliance with “Nairobi girls” left him devastated and even brought an end to his marriage to Amira.

Somehow, we are supposed to grow a sympathy bone that is sensitive to him getting his just deserts after everyone warned him about how this ill-advised love affair went once it had run its course.

And that right there is the reason why the only thing he deserves from us is our mocking him. Jimal Roho Safi is a man who grew up in harsh conditions. He is a businessman who was able to build his empire by being shrewd so how is it he knows nothing about the nature of women and how men relate with them? How is it he was played like a fiddle?

Nicah the Queen hits back hard at Amber Ray, reminds her why Jimal chose his family over her

To find answers to that question, he has to start by looking within. He needs to do a lot of introspection to find out why he is the type of man who willingly left a happy home and chased after a heaux. He needs to ask himself why he is the type of man who attracted a heaux, to begin with. A succubus will not go for a wholesome man. And I am not referring to his penchant for polygamy but rather the nature of the woman who chases after him.

From there, the next question he needs to ask himself is why he was so easy to manipulate. You see, the lower an individual’s iQ, the easier it is for them to be manipulated. And Jimal Roho Safi was played like a fiddle by Amber Ray. Nah, I don’t think you understand just how much of a fool he seemed to anyone with more than just two brain cells to rub together. He was played till he left his wife and children and was staying at her house while Amber Ray would routinely insult Amira. And this fool was comfortable all as this played out. How?!

Why Kenyans Enjoy Seeing Jimal Roho Safi Stumble

Finally, Jimal Roho Safi needs to look at his friends and inner circle. None of them thought to step in and warn him against actually getting involved with heaux? That is hilarious. Or it could mean his friends aren’t yes-men, he just doesn’t respect them enough to actually listen and pay attention to their advice.

Jimal’s estranged wife, Amira

Now, do you understand why Jimal only deserves to be mocked? How does a 30-year-old man get toyed in such a ruinous fashion? He needs to stop bitching about what he caused on his family on social media and seek proper mentors.

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Amber Ray is Hilarious! She Is A True Clown

Amber Ray is upset that some haters keep trying to prove she is a heaux yet she claims she is outchea hustling.

I’m Tired Of You Airing Nonsense About Me- Amber Ray Angry At A Fan For Secretly Video-Recording Her

Her most recent tirade was caused by a video that surfaced of her at a popular Nairobi club called Mialle that featured her meeting some people including her shared manager with Eric Omondi, Anthonio MC.

According to the person who recorded the video, Amber Ray was hugging the men in the video for far too long… Whatever the H.E double hockey sticks that is supposed to mean.

Amber Ray Is Not Over Amira And Jamal

While I feel her funk on that particular vibe, I have to say that she is suffering from the success of the image she created: she created a brand and this is what comes with it.

Amber Ray wants you to respect her authoritah!

I am sure there is a simpmangina somewhere trying to argue with me about respecting women -respect everyone- but what about the fact that she branded herself as a homewrecker? She branded herself as a terrible mother (walking around the house in various stages of being unclothed on social media while her son is at home with her), she created the idea in people’s heads that she is a trollop.

Don’t Judge My Life On What I Post- Amber Ray

And now, Amber Ray is unhappy she was so successful at what she put her mind towards… Make it make sense. Why is she complaining when she is simply suffering from her success?

Woman of substance

She did so much flagrant bull for the sake of social media attention and yet she now wants nothing to do with her image; but only when it is not convenient. When it works to her advantage, she is back to being a Grade-A trollop.

When she thinks it works for her, it is seksay but when it doesn’t work for her then she is being cyberbullied. This doublespeak is cruel on the average man’s mind but even worse on the average woman’s psyche because they are asked to fight against cognitive dissonance. Madness!

Amber Ray has selected her struggle and she needs to soldier on or drop the act entirely. It is only going to wear her out because people like me only care enough to churn out content about her antics -that is the only facet of her being that matters to me but the people who will suffer the side effects of her actions are those that care for Faith Mutuku like her son.

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Amber Ray Is Not Over Amira And Jamal

Amber Ray is clearly not done with her troubles with Amira and Jamal Roho Safi and it shows. We can tell because every time Amira shares something about her situation with her husband and the nice things they do for each other, she has something to say.

Don’t Judge My Life On What I Post- Amber Ray

And it is never anything worth the effort it took to log onto her IG account and comment about it.

When it’s done, she then gaslights all her fans who are smart enough to question why she is busy sending missives at Amira. Because at the end of the day, Amira is Jamal’s lawfully wedded wife. Amber Ray, therefore, has no reason to be jealous.

Bitterness galore? Socialite Amber Ray back to trolling Amira over Jimal Rohosafi

Well, there is that and the fact that she claimed that she was over their relationship. Yup, remember how she was busy letting us all in on the fact that her life had moved on and she was back on these streets looking for the next man.

We have now arrived at the point where I advise people to get therapy. She clearly has attachment issues. There is no real reason why she would still be reacting almost in tandem to whatever Amira or Jamal Roho Safi posts -well unless she is still involved with their family.

Eric Omondi Weighs In On Marrying Amber Ray, Reveals Bride Price He Would Pay For Her (Video)

And if that is the case, then she does indeed need to try and fix their relationship offline. If that is not what she needs, then she needs to start intensive therapy. Because this is not a good look for Amber Ray.

Wait, what am I saying, she is a problematic personality so this is in tune with her brand. This is really who she is simply extended to her digital platform.

It’s still not a good look for anyone. Being the stalker type of ex -constantly watching what your ex does. Constantly involving yourself with their lives from the fringes. And this is why I say people should keep their relationships off the internet. Because it makes seeing the flaws in our stars that much simpler.

At the end of the day though, the day ends and Amber Ray will doubtless continue being a crazy ex with attachment issues who seems to have decided to keep up with the Jonses -sorry, I meant Amira.

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Is Nick Odhiambo Saying The Truth About Amber Ray?

The jury is out on whether or not it was merited but one thing that is certain is the fact that Nick Odhiambo has taken a swipe at Amber Ray and it was a hilarious take on what so many people think -hell, what many people say about the socialite.

The go-to statement most people make about Amber Ray is that she is a homewrecker. This is a deserved attack given how her “relationship” with Jimal Roho Safi played out. The next best thing for most people to claim is that like most of her predecessors, Amber Ray has made her money by sleeping with men -trolloping.

Amber Ray Explains Why She Can Never Hold On To Toxic Relationships

She herself has referenced and even directly spoken about these allegations but not to tear up and cry about them but rather, to actually tackle them and rubbish them -albeit with a sense of humour. But as you can see, people like Nick Odhiambo aren’t buying it.

Amber Ray

To understand where the allegations stem from, you have to know her background; Amber Ray whose government names are Faith Makau, first came onto the scene when she was “dating” aspiring politician, Zaheer Jhanda. Even in that relationship, she played the role of homewrecker because he is a married man and though he is a Muslim and allowed up 4 wives, they would be subject to his first wife’s approval which he clearly did not have.

Nick Odhiambo: I shaved my 7-year-old dreadlocks after I almost contracted HIV/AIDS

Nick Odhiambo also spoke to the fact that Amber Ray acts like the only agency she has as a woman is over her body and sexuality. Because this woman is a mother to a pre-teen who insists on posting “sexy” content on social media because she has realised that her audience only really follows her for sexual content.

Amber Ray

And while this is not necessarily a bad thing, it is the immutable truth. That is her brand. That is who she is. But trust me that there are some feminists who will take the misguided position that Nick Odhiambo is disrespecting women. Sigh… Yes, we have to tolerate people who are either too dishonest to tell the Emporer that he is naked or too bereft of enough brain cells to rub together and spark a thought.

Nairobi Business Community Challenge attracts celebrities like Juliani, Ciru Muriuki, Nick Odhiambo

At the end of the day, Amber Ray is a socialite. She is not a noble prize winning scientist nor a brave and stunning political activist. She is a trollop who posts thirst traps on social media. Let us stop the cap. Stop acting like Nick Odhiambo has said anything shocking. Let us also learn to be honest with ourselves. Embrace the truth.

Ha! It is interesting that Jimal Roho Safi was too dense to realize what all other men could see from a mile away; he would fail at his attempt to wife up Amber Ray.

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We Were Right, Amira Has Left Jimal Roho Safi

Amira has checked out and so has Amber Ray. A few months back, we told you that Jimal Roho Safi or as the government knows him, Jamal Marlow was playing with fire and he was going to lose his wife.

“Hana kakitu, ni maloans tu” Amira exposes husband, Jimal

The basis of that assertion was the fact that I had a mentor who had taught me that while women can tolerate a lot of bullshit, the one thing they do not play with is public humiliation.

Jimal Roho Safi, Amira
Jimal and wife, Amira

And if you have been keeping up with Jimal’s very public affair and romance soap opera, then you know that Amira left and went on a trip to Dubai. Following this, Bwana Marlow took Amber Ray on a holiday to Malindi and since they came back, things have not been as rosy.

“Jimal threatened to have me killed” Amira opens up to blogger, Edgar Obare (screenshots)

But what is really of note is the fact that Amira announced that she had checked out of their marriage -and only a piece of paper validates what they have. And then we watched and saw Jimal crush back down to earth when he got back to his house and it was no longer a home.

Amira, Amber Ray, Jimal Roho Safi

And since then, he has largely remained silent except for two instances when he let his feelings be known on the matter with captions such as:

Alaaar! Jimal lures his baby mama to Amira’s house for ‘good time’ despite public affair with Amber Ray (Video)

“When it hurts,observe life is trying to teach you something…..”

And we are gathered here today for me to announce to the world that we were right. I do not think anyone other than Jimal Roho Safi did not see this outcome coming. And we all warned him in our own way. Some of you did so by jumping on his comment section and I was here dispensing wisdom.

Amira, Amber Ray

And now he is clearly beginning to rue the situation he is in after he created the circumstances that led him down this road. And to think of just how much Amira pushed to try and fight for him.

Why Jimal Roho Safi is begging Amber Ray to return

And in Jimal Roho Safi’s story, there is a warning for men. While I understand that men with options often exercise them, we have to be mindful about how we choose to do so. Because one of the worst things you could do, what he did to Amira, to publicly humiliate her because when a woman decides not to forgive you, it’s done.

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Amber Ray’s former best friend, Masika comes clean on why she insulted Jimal’s wife, Amira

Okay so finally Masika who is the former best friend of Amber Ray has been getting so much attention of late; and for some reason – it feel like she is keeping bloggers and fans on a leash since we all want to know what led to her breakup with demakuku.

Amber Ray and alleged former bestie, Masika

Of course Masika has both the tea and juice which has been us on the look out; hoping that one fine day she will open up about Amber Ray…I mean isn’t it obvious she has enough dirt to bury the socialite.

Anyway, judging from a new post shared by the lady – I can assure you that we aren’t getting anything from Masika. Okay it’s a good thing knowing that she is loyal; but heeey…why lead us on all this time?

Speaks up about Amira issue

Well, just to confirm that Masika won’t be serving any tea – the lass recently responded to  questions regarding the Syokimau incident; where we saw or rather heard her insult Jimal’s first wife Amira during the estate fight.

This is after a fan went on to ask;

Do you regret the things you said in Syokimau?

To which Masika responded by saying;

So majority of you had asked if I regret being involved in the infamous Syokimau drama, this is what I have to say

Masika and Amber


Mmmh, from what Masika wrote – I’m starting to feel like the friendship breakup might have been a setup to help the lady’s social media pages grow; but again – women are just too unpredictable.

Anyway addressing the issue, Masika wrote;

Masika on insulting Amira

Why Jimal Roho Safi is begging Amber Ray to return

Jimal Roho Safi is begging Amber Ray to return to him. Actually, I think he is pretty successful at this because they are currently in Malindi together.

Jimal Roho Safi is left with no one

But he really doesn’t have a choice, he has to run back to her and beg at her feet for her to get back with him.

Jimal Roho Safi

And it is really a simple thing to have foreseen: he has never been with a woman of her calibre in his mind.’

Amberay should do everything possible to keep Jimal

Amber Ray is the prize and he has never had a dame like her look at him twice. And this, gentlemen, is what happens when low self esteem individuals get money and finally become “the shit“.

Jimal Roho Safi
Jimal Rohosafi

Jimal Roho Safi was never a good looking man, he clearly has no game so he resorts to using money. And it finally landed him a whale of a catch like a celebrated trollop and socialite like Faith Makau.

Jimal Roho Safi is learning no man is a hero to his wife

What would you expect a man like this to do? To stand by with some dignity and self respect once the relationship had gone belly up?

Jimal Roho Safi
Jimal and wife, Amira

How dare you expect Jimal Roho Safi to show a backbone and some self respect? He has none. Sure, he knows how to make money but self respect is something you cannot be taught. And he is running on empty in that department.

Can you imagine what his wife, Amira, is going through mentally? Can you imagine what his son is going through in school? That little boy is the recipient of some of the worst torment bullies can throw his way and it is all Jimal Roho Safi’s fault!

His wife had reconciled with him and he still chose to leave her at home and fly to Malindi with the very woman who had threatened the stability of his household… It is clear for all to see that Jimal Roho Safi is on big brain time.

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Amberay should do everything possible to keep Jimal

Amberay is in a catch 22: damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. What do I mean and what am I referring to? Well, She needs her “marriage” to Jimal Roho Safi to work at all costs.

Amberay: Moving away from Syokimau won’t save her public image

And if she is a smart woman, that realization must have already dawned on her. But I am beginning to doubt whether she is indeed working with a full toolbox between her ears.

You see, Amberay and Jimal Roho Safi showboated their relationship for us all to see. This was done regardless of the fact he has a wife, Amira, at home with him raising their sons.

We were right, Amberay is ruining Jimal Roho Safi’s family

Faith Makau wanted to get married and she was going to achieve it by any means necessary and so she essentially forced Amira off her perch as Jimal’s wife and the two began gallivanting all along the intergalactic highway.

Jimal and wife, Amira

If you have been consuming my opinion pieces, then I have doubtless informed you that a mentor of mine who founded and used to run a gossip blog had informed me that Amberay was infact married as a second wife to an aspiring politician by the name of Zaheer Jhanda.

Why men are offering Amberay money for her sister

That marriage too was shortlived and nearly cost him his family as his wife too was publicly humiliated and disrespected and that is the one thing women do not forgive: public shame.

Jimal Rohosafi

So with that background, Amberay finds herself in the undesirable position of having publicly fought to be recognized as Jimal Roho Safi’s wife only for him to seemingly move away abruptly.

Bwana Mangoes doesn’t seem to have thick enough skin to deal with all the scrutiny nor does he have the mettle to deal with a polygamous family. And everything seems to be taking a toll on him. Edgar Obare revealed that Amira has alleged he is abusive. At the same time, one of his business partners has come out to second those allegations.

Jamal introduces Amberay to his people

And all this, coupled with how useless he has been at managing his household seems to have taken a toll on his mental frame and he has buckled under pressure and run away from social media.

And Amberay has been forced to start taking steps to distance herself from him and these are telling signs all is not well between them.

Amber Ray

But she needs to make the relationship work. Otherwise, she has ruined her son’s life by making him party to her buffoonery for no reason at all.

Amberay must make this relationship work because we will not take her seriously otherwise and this bullshit has made her radioactive to any high-value man or common man with common sense.

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Jimal Roho Safi is learning no man is a hero to his wife

Jimal Roho Safi reminded me of an old West African proverb my mentor keeps repeating: No man is a hero to his wife and it really does capture his situation.

Can Jimal Roho Safi salvage his homestead from ruin?

Why? Well, to answer that, you have to understand what this proverb speak to. A man might be a hero to sociaety but he will never have that allure over his wife.

Jimal Roho Safi
Jimal Rohosafi

Basically, Jimal Roho Safi is realizing that regardless of what youth in his area call him due to his business success; kiongozi, bingwa, bazu, he will always be Jimal wa Madeni to Amira.

Where Jimal Roho Safi went wrong in managing a polygamous family

Why? Well, because whenever he was sick and he happened to spoil his pants, she was there to clean them, not Amberay. Amberay is simply the Jezebel spirit that gets to enjoy him after his wins and successes.

Jimal Roho Safi
Jimal and wife, Amira

Jamal Marlow (as he is also known) has been with Amira through his struggles and insecurities. He has been with her as he spent countless nights trying to get his businesses off the ground. She has seen him at his most insecure and troubled aswell as at his best. What does he have to show her?

We were right, Amberay is ruining Jimal Roho Safi’s family

And perhaps that is the issue. In Amberay he sees an opportunity to reinvent himself and he wants that chance. Or perhaps in Amberay he sees the universe paying him dividends for all his sacrifices and hard work.

Jimal/ Jamal Roho Safi

Whatever the case may be, I can only hope that this shows Bwana Safi that he cannot scare his wife. She has seen him at his sickest and had to wash his soiled boxers and when he vomited on himself, she was right there to help him.

Jimal Rohosafi speaks after wife exposes his alleged fake lifestyle

Simply put, he needs to wisen up and become smart about how he deals with her.

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‘Sijui Mbona Mnanifollow Na Mimi Sio Msanii’ Amber Ray Elated After Hitting 1 Million Followers On Instagram

Socialite and entrepreneur Amber Ray has been the talk of town in the last couple of days. In an interview done days ago, her hubby Jamal disclosed a couple of things that most never knew about Amber.

Most people never expected him to talk about Amber Ray being the most God-fearing person he knew. Amber Ray’s conspicuous and savage answers to her fans makes us to think otherwise.

We also learnt that Amber is a 2nd wife to Jamal, even though there has been rumours that there’s still another woman in between. If the latter is true, Amber will now be the 3rd wife.

Anyway, the fact that Jamal officially made Amber his 2nd wife still stands. The mother of one has now been nick named ‘The President of 2nd Wives’ and she’s proud of it.

The number of her Instagram followers has been on the rise. In less than a week, she gained over 10K followers.

Amber celebrated the achievement with her online fans;

”Manze ata sijui mbona mnanifollow but whatever the reason, I just want to say thank you…. 1 million followers na mimi Si Msanii is not a joke. Thank you once again ????????

I bet most people will be flocking her page to know how her relationship with Jamal is fairing on. Congratulations are in order!


Why socialite Amber Ray is smart with the way she picks her men

Amber Ray is the one socialite who doesn’t play around with the procedures she employs to choose her men. The socialite who often works as a video vixen, even teases the fact that she is dating certain celebrities before it is revealed who she is actually dating. A case in point would be when she teased the fact that she is dating Otile Brown.

¨Thanks for not giving up on me¨ Socialite, Amber Ray pens remorseful love letter to lover, Brown Mauzo

That stint was for a song but it was a good decision because it gave her some clout for a hot minute. Before all that, she was dating a mister moneybag failed politician who called Zaheer Jhanda. Her decision to date Zaheer even though he was already legally married was a great call because he provided for her and their son.
But as relationships with politicians and high-value men often go, it soon came to an end and she took to social media to bellyache about the fact that she was oppressed in her relationship.

Amber Ray and bae

After that, Amber Ray has now introduced her new man and he is a proper beta. For those of you not up to speed with current internet parlance, what I am referring to is the fact that she, a single mother, has managed to get herself a man who is willing to not only date and provide for her but to help support a child not of his making.
Essentially, he has postponed his own reproductive need and the lust for offspring of his own for the sake of being -not a stepdad, but the dad that stepped up for Amber ray’s son.

Stripped down, nearly nude! Socialite Amber Ray leaves many salivating over her body with new revealing photo

And that is where Amber Ray’s genius is truly seen. She knew to stop chasing after the exciting politicians and the wealthy businessmen and instead settle for a man who is still building himself and is willing to date a single mother with all the baggage that comes along with.

Amber Ray

The unemployed mother of one who was given the financing to start a cosmetic company by her ex even invites her new man, Brian Mwangi to the house her ex gave her where he interacts with her and her son. This is brilliant. She is still getting upkeep from the ex as she also gets the emotional and at time financial support from Brian.
This is not to say she has her own money but you will be hard-pressed to convince me that a lass who has shown a great affinity for men with money and a thirst for stardom is dating a broke man.

Socialite Amber Ray – I used to love the idea of marriage and having 5 kids but that isn´t an option anymore

Amber Ray is clearly miles ahead of the rest of Kenyan socialites who go from being the talk of the town to being entirely forgotten and broke when they fail to get a mzungu meal ticket. Amber Ray has managed to find a nice man. And she is happy. And we are happy for her. And perhaps if Vera Sidika decides to listen to her, she can learn a thing or two about preparing for her retirement from the trollop game.
How can we tell Brian Mwangi is a nice guy? He is more than willing to let his lass cuckold him by acting like she is in a romantic relationship with entertainers like Syd and Otile Brown. He is the type of dependable guy who will smile and take it because he supports Amber Ray and whatever whim she decides is guaranteed to give her some giggles.

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Otile Brown finally releases video that he’s in bed with socialite Amber Ray 

Socialite Amber Ray and singer Otile Brown were recently trending topics after they surprised fans with a sensual video while in bed.

Everyone knew it’s a video coming soon but the two didn’t share when it will drop.

Otile has now dropped the video dubbed Siku Yetu. And yes, Amber Ray is the video vixen.  The song has been produced by Teddy B while the video was done by Platnumz Videos.


Otile, as expected, sings about falling in love and there’s a lot of romantic scenes in the video that shows him enjoy date nights with Amber Ray.

It has several steamy scenes also that fans should absolutely not miss.

Watch the video below:

Why Amber Ray will not be deleting her nude photo despite her young following her on Instagram

Socialite Amber Ray who is currently venturing into business thanks to her new lipstick line has been making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Well, this is however not the first time her name is being mentioned for the wrong reasons.

A while back she had been accused of seeking black magic to help her secure her future…but sadly one of her friends ended up leaking the photo on social media.


This time around she has left many mums on social media disturbed by a nude photo she shared on Instagram.

The photo was apparently aimed at promoting her lipstick business but women who follow her couldn’t agree with her way of promoting her products.

According to most, the young mum shouldn’t have shared a photo of that nature especially since her teenage son follows her on Instagram.  She however did not care what they had to say since not even her own parents can handle her. Responding to the criticisms Amber replied saying;

Amber Ray’s ex returns to first wife and takes her to trip abroad, meanwhile Amber Ray goes for another married man 

Days after parting ways, socialite Amber Ray and business man Zaheer Jhanda have made different moves in their lives.

For Amber Ray it’s not really different since she’s allegedly now dating yet another married man, singer Syd. Jhanda on the other hand has returned to his first wife Aaliyah and even took her to a trip abroad now that the “devil” is out of their lives.

Jhanda and Aaliyah

The couple shared a lovely clip enjoying life and looking all happy in a baecation abroad now that their marriage is back on track after Amber Ray dumped the moneyed politician.

Aaliyah and Amber never used to see eye to eye and she even accused her of using Juju to steal her husband.


After breaking up, Amber Ray allegedly ran to another family and snatched their daddy.

She’s with Syd now and juju conversations are still flying around as many try to understand why Syd allegedly ditched her family for her. The two were even in a vacation abroad which became a trending topic as Kenyans tried to figure out who the man Amber Ray was with.

Watch the video of Aaliyah and Jhanda enjoying their vacation:


‘Married’ man who allegedly took Amber Ray to Greece invites Kenyans for lunch to answer their burning questions 

Socialite Amber Ray has been on the spot for a couple of weeks know for allegedly running to another man’s warmth just weeks after dumping her husband.

That man, is none other than singer Syd who many have also speculated is married and with two kids.

Amber Ray took to social media to share how she has fallen for him, a thing that angered Kenyans especially after she censored his face.

“It’s kinda cool how someone can just pop up in your life all of a sudden and just become so important to you within such a small amount of time. I think that’s what makes life so interesting though. There’s always a reason to be hopeful for the future because you never know what good things will come your way next,” wrote the socialite on her Instagram page.

Lunch date

Syd, who is back in town, felt that he needed to catch up with his fans.

He promised to buy lunch to whoever was around Galleria Shopping mall at Bomas and give them a chance to ask any question.

“I Love and adore my lovely fans❤ and today i feel the need to appreciate you. Who is around Galleria Shopping mall? Come I treat you for Lunch and have an opportunity to chat with me and ask me whatever you would love to know about me. Bless up!!” he said.

That’s my husband! Kenyans uncover the ‘married’ man Amber Ray has been posting on social media

Hawk eyed Kenyans have managed to solve yet another itchy puzzle that has been “eating” many for days now.

Socialite Amber Ray a month ago dumped her husband, businessman Zaheer Merlahi Jhanda, and just like many other socialites, moved on to another man immediately.

Kenyans however, have been trying to ID this man since Amber Ray has been hiding her face as they enjoyed each other in their Greece trip. The answer is finally out and the man is a singer called Syd who started his career way back in the early 2000s.


According to Kenyans on social media, Syd is a married man but eloped with the socialite to Santorini Greece, a place considered a must-visit by Nairobi socialites.

On Instagram, Amber Ray shared how the two are in love and clicked.

“It’s kinda cool how someone can just pop up in your life all of a sudden and just become so important to you within such a small amount of time. I think that’s what makes life so interesting though. There’s always a reason to be hopeful for the future because you never know what good things will come your way next…. #mine. There’s no better feeling like having butterflies in your stomach again…#amberthebrand Shared Amber Ray.

Here are the photos: