Butita addresses the poisoning of the Churchill Show

Renowned comedian Butita has opened up about the toxicity he encountered within the Churchill Show environment.

In a candid conversation with fellow comedian Oga Obinna, Butita disclosed his struggles with growth and acceptance within the comedy industry.

Expressing his belief that he could have achieved more given the opportunity to thrive, Butita lamented the barriers he faced from certain team leaders who, he alleges, hindered his progress.

“Although I was embraced in standup comedy, I found myself at odds with the system,” Butita shared.

“Churchill is my friend, but there were times when I sought his support at my gigs, only to find him unavailable due to his busy schedule.”

The comedian expressed forgiveness for past grievances but remained steadfast in his disapproval of the gatekeeping culture that pervaded the comedy space.

He spoke of feeling stifled and marginalized due to his talent and creativity, suggesting that some individuals within the industry felt threatened by his skillset.

“The stage became my only avenue for retaliation,” Butita stated.

“I was featured on Churchill Raw for a year, where I showcased my talent and gained recognition. However, I was denied the opportunity to join the main Churchill Show lineup, despite having quality content.”

Butita underscored the impact of the toxic environment on his professional growth, noting instances of belittlement.

He recounted an incident where his acquisition of a new car was met with unwarranted criticism, prompting him to distance himself from the Churchill Show space.

“There were some petty things happening there. I got a new car and brought it to Carnivore. It was actually on loan and someone said, ‘some of you have bought cars now you want to come here how you want.’ That was the last day I stepped into that space. It was not a safe space for me as I was growing, and some of them did not like it.”

Addressing the question of toxicity within the Churchill Show space, Butita acknowledged its existence, particularly for those deemed proficient in their field.

He cited examples such as YY’s involvement in Churchill Raw, implying that talent was often overlooked within the show’s hierarchy.

“Partially, it was toxic, especially if you were an expert in something. Do we have a reason why YY was doing Churchill Raw? He is a pro. At some point, I was given a job, but someone took it away from me,” he said.

Kumbe Kibe was right?! Butita wasn’t dating hot girl Sadia

Remember when Andrew Kibe told Butita to stick to his level of attraction (Mammito) and not try to fool us with Sadia? Well, we do. And now it seems even the people who were defending the comedian and entrepreneur can’t muster the words to admit they were wrong.


I get it, we all love the whole “Beauty and the Beast” narrative but come on, this is the real world and such stories involve beauties and fabulously wealthy men.


Anyway, Kibe’s doubt seems to have paid off after Sadia posted her real boyfriend and Butita who Andrew refers to as “Boot Eater” had to come clean and confess it was all a stunt. He did so during an interview with Ankil Ray he said he had never once said he was dating Sadia. They are merely friends.

I for one feel cheated. I thought us ugly men were up big time but it was just a scam. I guess Kibe was right about settling at your level.



Comedian YY has responded to Kibe saying he was cuckolded

Kibe is not the nicest of men when it comes to passing a message and he decided to warn the comedian, YY that his wife might have cuckolded him with his friend and fellow comedian, Eddie Butita.

Mammito takes shots at Butita saying she dated the wrong person

And though he was speaking on the rather uncanny similarity between Butita and YY’s newborn child, the way he went around it was rather jarring cos honestly, who openly blasts someone with such information on social media?

Andrew Kibe calls out feminists for missing Maandamano Monday

YY has finally responded to Kibe and he simply said no one should expect him to be triggered by what the latter said because he understands that it’s simply his way of generating content.


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His approach is rather enlightened. he clearly has a great sense of humour and we wish all our celebrities would be like this. Afterall,, It was YY who put out his information first when he posted this piece of content:


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A post shared by Comedian YY (@yycomedian)

Kibe however isn’t wrong when he tells YY to go for a paternity test because that is something we all need to do as men. In Kenya, 30 per cent of the men who do go for one find out that their children aren’t theirs biologically and they’ve been cuckolded into raising another man’s bastards.


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10 Kenyan online comedians who cracked our ribs in 2020

One of the things that kept Kenyans entertained during the self-isolation period were the skits that were made by online comedians.

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As such, we decided to make a list of Kenyan online comedians who cracked our ribs this year and left us asking for more.

Here they are:

1. Crazy Kennar – If you’re an avid social media user I am sure you know Kennedy Odhiambo, alias Crazy Kennar. He is so funny. I spoke to him some time back and he told me that he is the content cartel and to be honest, he is.


2. Flaqo Raz – I recently discovered this guy’s real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno because he looks like a Kevin or a Brian. Anyway, he also makes some dope skits that will definitely leave you on the floor.


3. Cartoon Comedian – Some of you might know this lass because she often appeared on Churchill Raw, some of you might have no clue who she is but you should definitely check out her content if you want to have a good laugh.


4. Mark Mwas – He does skits about high school or college experiences that I am sure many of you can relate with. You’ll even wonder if ever high school or college is exactly the same.


5. Seth Gor – This lad has been making comic skits for sometime alongside Sharon Mwangi and George Kimani and the truth is that they are absolutely hilarious.


6. Blessed Tugi – He is so funny. If you thought Njugush is bonkers then you should meet his son. You know that common saying that an apple does not fall far from the tree, I have never found a place to apply it better than here.


7. Mammito – She is without a doubt the funniest female comedian in Kenya. She is just naturally funny. I always on her Instagram page because I want to be among the first people to see her content.


8. YY – This guy who was once a regular on Churchill Show also makes some short skits which are so hilarious. You start watching one of his videos and you just can’t stop.


9. Brendah Jons – this lady is popularly known as Mama Kingston is also very funny. Her skits always put a smile on my face.


10. Eric Omondi – Of course this would not be complete without naming the president of comedy in Africa, would it? This guy has always been funny and will always be.



Honorable mentions: DJ Shiti, Njugush, Mulamwah, Alex Mathenge, Shiru Filliper, Victor Naman, Sammie Kioko, Shigwan Shiqo, Henry Desagu, Terrence Creative, Natalie Githinji, Alpha Mwana Mtule and Chebet Ronoh.

Never before seen photos of Eddie Butita cozying up with his Bae, Mammito!

Yes we love them and just for as a by the way…Mammito is proving to be one of the most hilarious female comedians we have come to see in the entertainment industry.

However these two have always opted to keep their relationship on the low; but being celebrities, it’s quite hard to keep bloggers away.

Butita with Mammito, his bae

Anyway, just recently I bumped into a short video shared by one of their friends; and for the first time we finally get to see the two getting cozy together! Well just by looking at the photos below it’s evident to see the chemistry between the two comedians.

Settling down

We can however not confirm how serious the relationship is; but having dated for years only means that they are thinking of settling down together in the near future as time is no longer on their side.

The Butita’s

Mammito on the other hand seems like one perfect wife material who knows how to keep chasing her own money; unlike most ladies who would prefer to enjoy the lime light without bringing anything to the table!

Butita has also been chasing his money through his several projects including Campus tours that have helped build his brand. He is no longer just the dark comedian from Kayole but also an artist who has released one project so far.

Butita with the love of his life, Mammito

Churchill not paying

As many comedians continue to complain about payments – the above couple has since said nothing concerning the matter.

This is probably because of their side hustles that have helped generate good  money which helps cover most of their bills; and still invest. However truth be told, many can’t wait to witness the two walking down the aisle soon…..that is if they finally feel the need to formalize their relationship!

Eddie Butita responds after fan calls him out for being a snob

This past weekend comedian Eddie Butita was forced to speak up after one of his fans came out claiming to have been ignored by Churchill show funny guy!

According to the fan, Eddie Butita walked in at an undisclosed hotel where he was dining; seeing one of his favorite comedians, the fan tried greeting Butita who apparently snubbed him — something that made people who were around laugh at him.

The fan narrated the story saying;


Butita responds

The Churchill comedian has however come out to defend himself saying that he would never pull such a move on a fan.

Butita went on to add that he is a man of the people and meets fans everywhere he goes and never has he ignored anyone.

However at times people tend to expect too much from a person forgetting that he is also human. In a statement shared on his social media pages Butita explained himself saying;

Unakaa Otile Mwitu! Kenyans troll comedian Eddie Butita after spotting new hairstyle(photos)

Celebs once in a while usually go for new hairstyles to change their look and sought of re-brand.

Fans in the end usually become the judges and tell the celebrities whether the new hairdo was all worth it or they should rip it off.

From Diamond, Ali Kiba, Otile Brown, Vera Sidika and many more, celebs usually get either negative or positive responses from fans after their re-brands some even being forced to change the new hairstyles.

Enemies of progress

Comedian Eddie Butita recently had his fair share of criticism after deciding to dye his hair brown and post it on social media.

Fan took to social media to troll the comedian for the hairstyle which comes just a few weeks after Omondi also dyed his hair.

Butita took to social media to acknowledge the trolls saying: Enemies of progress.. #EddieButitaCampusTour as Kenyans created memes mocking him.


Here’s what guys said:

landlord_wa_gachie Umeamua kumatch nywele na macho?

de_praizer Should I say blondita butita..?

vincentkogo  Unakaa posta ya dura coat

mis_maryah Umekaliwa brathe, kichwa inakaa hizo viti nyuma yako ?


“Mammito is not pregnant” Butita finally speaks out

A few weeks ago comedian MCA Tricky shared a photo hanging out with Mammito; but what caught many people’s attention is the bulging bump seen on Mammito’s top.

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For a minute we thought that Butita and Mammito had already started a family. How turns out that this was just another ordinary photo taken early last year after MCA Tricky, Mammito and other Churchill shows comedians travelled to Dubai.

Butita speak up

In a recent interview Headsup Butita denied impregnating his girlfriend. He brushed off the stories saying;

“Mammito is not pregnant. I don’t know how someone can start such a rumour. When we will be pregnant, we will tell the world.”

He however did not deny being in a relationship with the lady. The two comedians have been in a stable romantic relationship for about a year now and from the look of things they will not be partying anytime soon.