“Tumia veetox” Former socialite Vera Sidika trolled for drastic weight gain (Photos)

Vera Sidika this past weekend held a lit launch party as she moved her Beauty Parlor to Mombasa where she relocated a few months ago. As seen on her social media pages, the launch party was not only an invites only; but as usual she went all out to keep her guests entertained.

Among those who were invited is Jamal Gaddaffi who did not hold back from showing his followers how the launch party went down. However, after sharing photos and a video from the event seems like most of his fans were interested in discussing Vera’s weight gain.

Well, judging from the video it is evident to see that Vera Sidika has indeed put on some extra weight; which has now left her looking older.


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Although the weight gain seems to have hit the right places; her face also got some extra weight making many ask whether she was expectant!

Time to retire?

As usual most fans on social media never seem to have anything nice to say; and unluckily Vera Sidika she had to face the wrath after years of portraying what many saw as a perfect body.

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However since most of the beauty was actually bought; it appears that it also had an expiry date hence her current state. Below are a just a few photos and the video shared by Jamal Gaddaffi from Vera’s event.

Vera Sidika with Jamal
Vera Sidika drastic weight gain leaves tongues wagging

Rayvanny’s scorned baby mama threatens to expose crazy dirt involving Diamond Platnumz close friend

Fahyma and Rayvanny are said to have parted ways; but judging from the life Fahyma lives..most fans believe that the two still live together as they try to work out their marriage.

Since Rayvanny announced his break up with Fahyma; Juma Lokole who is a close friend to both Diamond and Vanny boy has been trolling Fahyma on social media.

Apart from referring to her as a lazy slay queen; Lokole who is rumoured to be gay man also enjoys throwing shade at the lass. The last time the two ‘ladies’ were involved in an online argument; Fahyma went on to warn Lokole against attacking her; but it appears that he did not learn.

Juma Lokole

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Back at it

However, after keeping her mouth shut for way too long; Fahyma this past weekend decided to confront her archenemy ‘Juma Lokole’ for spreading unnecessary stories about her.

Through Lokole’s Instagram page, he went on to share a screenshot showing the messages sent to him by Fahyma. For minute it all sounded like a joke until Fahyma mentioned that she was now ready; to hit back with deep secrets concerning Juma Lokole.

Fahyma and Juma Lokole

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If you follow up with this family, you will realize that they all fear exposing private information that would affect Diamond in one way or another!

Therefore after receiving the threat, the IG blogger was forced to ask for forgiveness…however, something about his apology makes it sound sarcastic. So was it a genuine apology?

Worry after Corazon Kwamboka runs out of breast milk (Video)

Being a first time mom, Corazon Kamboka is having her fair share of challenges but luckily, her baby daddy, Frankie might have seen it all with Maureen Waititu, therefore acts as an efficient support system.

A month after welcoming baby boy Taiyari, the couple has had it a bit taxing having to switch roles as Kwamboka juggles motherhood without a nanny.

Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It spend day out with their weeks-old son, Taiyari

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So recently, the yummy mummy had to go for formula to feed her little baby after her milk supply run pretty low. As seen on her gram, Frankie is spotted feeding their son as Corazon wonders aloud what might have gone wrong asking: “moms, any tips on how to improve the supply?”

Further giving us a glimpse of what it was like, struggling with milk production, Corazon showed a baby bottle that had been almost an eighth filled with breast milk, revealing that that is all she could get for the day.

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She giggled a bit, before admitting that her situation was getting pretty serious, not sure what to do.

The pair welcomed their baby boy on August 3, after Corazon’s blood pressure shot up, putting at risk their unborn boy, and the doctor felt she needed to deliver in order to save both their lives.

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Corazon underwent a Caesarean section (CS) and has since kept it indoors until their recent staycation to Nanyuki, Mayan Villas, that stands as the couple’s first vacay with their little one.

Corazon with baby Taiyari

Milly WaJesus introduces gorgeous sisters during sibling day-out (Video)

Internet couple, the WaJesus has been known for their public romance but very little has been said about their family backgrounds.

Both having to go through a childhood that was never all comfy but one that saw their parents work tirelessly to fend for their children and being the first born in her family, Milly finally introduced the other missing bit of her siblings.

Lovebirds, Kabi and Milly WaJesus

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The Internet sensation’s charming looks and curvy body have overtime left many drooling over a dear married Milly but if you thought she took away all the genes of beauty in her family, then I’m afraid you got fooled.

The meet

Milly has relatively younger siblings, quite young I mean but a greater percentage being the girls who are 3 and 2 boys. Born in a family of 5, the babe probably had to spend more time taking care of her younger siblings than any of them ever did.

YouTuber, Milly WaJesus

This might be why, she looks much older when sitted with the pack of youngins, having to find her way through life and taking the tougher route on behalf of her younger siblings.

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Over the chilly weekend, Milly decided to take her siblings out to popular joint, KFC for a snack that ended in a bucket each, with a bottle of soda to juice it up. Still in their young years, all reserved and seemingly introverted but with looks worth dying for, have a look at the breathtaking beauties:


Check out fans’ reactions:

ndunguann796 Awww amazing fam❤️


_.aus_ Kwani hawana family meal n kids meal package kama nchi zingine?


nduta.marie Lovely family


makena.kiruja Lazima ungesema uliwanunulia ..really now wajesus..


angelkiki4 Loving family ❤️❤️❤️

Betty Kyallo goes down on her knees for daughter Ivanna (Photo)

Betty Kyallo adores her daughter with Dennis Okari, Ivanna more than anything in this world.

The celebrated personality avowed to do anything and everything for her daughter’s comfort; be it patching things up with her dad, be it education, be it giving her the best in life, Betty vowed to do what it takes for her mini-her.

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Just recently, the Flair by Betty CEO revealed she has been working on all the official documents to her businesses, her properties, everything she owns to see them put under Ivanna’s name.

Betty Kyallo and daughter Ivanna

Just recently, Betty was spotted on her knees for her young, cute baby girl, starring into her eyes with a beautiful smile, with the words;

My whole heart ❤️ @ivannatheentertainer

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A dear Ivanna, whose hair had been perfectly redone, sweetly placed her arms on her mum’s chest and glanced back before looking away.

Betty Kyallo on her knees for daughter Ivanna

What a mother’s love!

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The love, beauty and adorability from the photo saw fans drool over the untamed, unconditional love from the two.

mercykyallo Love love love! ❤️❤️❤️????


_mayy_v Fff ???? ifb immediately ????????????


thesarahmwangi Awwwwww ❤️❤️❤️


ma.rvoh Gains????


brasotypain Cute ❤️❤️❤️????

I guess it’s true, there is nothing greater on earth, than a mother’s love!

King Kaka’s wife makes comeback in tight slim-fit dress days after getting trolled for looking like an old granny (Photo)

Ever since starting off at Switch TV as Chatspot co-host, Nana Owiti has only brought in her A-game.

It proved a little tough to keep up with on her first days at the station but soon enough, she caught up and is almost taking over especially if her fashion trend is anything to go by.

Nana Owiti

She’ll get her sweat pants on and still look hot, have her long dresses or short skirts or even the shorts themselves and still slay like the Queen she is.

Times she went in for bold colors, other times she kept it subtle, sometimes going the extra mile to have it sporty but either way, left fans thirsting.

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Unfortunately, the babe last week went a bit overboard and decided to have it baggy from top to bottom with a shirt dress that completely covered her up. This left fans lashing out at her fashion advisers and designers for duping her with ‘cool’ looks that were nothing but ‘outdated’.

Nana Owiti trolled

Well, the mother of two has made her comeback. In the bright sun, Nana had the rays hit her open chest in a leopard print dress stylishly cut out and tight fitting enough to curve out the edges and her look literally left fans dumbfound.

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Some begging her to go slow on them, a section asking her to keep up the fire, while others could hardly say much. Have a look:

Chatspot show host, Nana Owiti
kambuamaingey Ok now you need to staaapppp. ????????????????????


portia_meee Uwiiiiiiiiiiiii????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ body goals ????????????????


kisiibizzly ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️On fleeek….Your Poping❤️❤️


ms_nimoh You’re so gorgeous mama????????????


christianprinceofficial_ My all time❤️

Nani kama mama! Diamond Platnumz gifts mum brand new sleek ride estimated to cost KSh2.2 million (Photos)

Singer Diamond Platnumz has lately been keeping a low profile and for some reason; fans believe that he may be planning to join politics very soon – but when it comes to Simba, it’s quite hard to predict!

Away from his busy schedule, Diamond Platnumz has been making sure that his mummy love is well taken care of. After gifting her a V8 on her birthday back in 2019; Diamond Platnumz has once again proven to be loving son as he just added a new Harrier to the list of expensive rides his mum owns.

The excited mother shared the good news through her page informing fans about the new car. She went on to thank her loving son in a post where she wrote;

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Mama Dangote´s intent is to have her son marry in future

Shukran ???? Simba

Controlling mum

With the love Diamond Platnumz and his mum share, there has not been a single woman who could come between them.

So far Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha including ex lover, Wema Sepetu have accused Mama Dangote of getting involved with their relationship when dating Diamond Platnumz.

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But being the mother, it’s quite hard for the ladies to win arguments with a man who listens to his mum a bit too much. Anyway, now that he is a single man – his mum continues to get nothing but the best from her baby boy!

New ride alert! Mama Diamond’s Harrier
Diamond gifts mum a new ride
Singer Diamond buys mum new car


Jamal Gaddafi comes clean on Natalie Tewa and Joho’s rumored love triangle (Video)

Jamal Gaddafi and Mombasa Governor, Ali Hassan Joho have been known to have close family ties and be best of friends, going to the extent of gracing private events together.

The KTN TV presenter highly respects and appreciates Joho’s presence in his life, terming him his ‘Godfather’, currently working in his team, therefore ever around each other more often than not.

Jamal Gaddafi with Ali Hassan Joho

With a Natalie Tewa and Hassan Joho love scandal that brought the Internet to a standstill, before it was declared a no-go zone, Jamal shed light on the same during his recent interview with a local blog.

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Jamal sheds light

At first, the dashing male presenter denied even knowing who Natalie is or if at all she has any links to Joho, for reasons of public content.

Rumored lovers, Hassan Joho and Natalie Tewa

First came in the question of whether Natalie was aboard the controversial plane to Dubai that hosted Junet Mohamed among others.

“I’ve only seen Natalie Tewa on blogs. But on that day for Dubai, I remember I was with the speaker for County Assembly of Mombasa, Junet was there, Joho and one of his PAs. I never saw any lady apart from the cabin crew,” he denied before clarifying.

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Jamal completely distanced himself from the claims and the speculated love affair between Mombasa Governor and the curvy vlogger.

His relationship with Tanasha

On a different note, the father of two beautiful daughters denied any entanglement with Diamond Platnumz Kenyan baby mama. Clarifying that he has only been part of her donation and music production team since her separation.

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Jamal Gaddafi and Tanasha

However, despite being her manager for the music production, Jamal admitted it has a bit taxing for him, hoping he can eventually switch back to working in her donation team where things are a bit easier.

I still want to focus on the community side. The music has a lot of pressure people don’t know. From shooting, funding, execution, promotion, it’s not a joke. I’m still gonna be one of the managers but I want to move back to donation.

Further revealing that his seemingly broken relationship with Ali Kiba has no ties to his relationship with Donna rather, that he has been away for a while.

The late Kevin Oliech finally laid to rest (Photos)

Dennis Oliech’s family this past weekend gave their last born sibling, Kevin Oliech his last send off at their village in Seme, Kisumu county.

As reported Kevin Oliech had been battling with lung cancer; but unfortunately it got to a point of no return after the cancer came back more aggressive after years of treating it!

He however passed on about 2 weeks ago while receiving treatment at a certain hospital back in Germany. Thanks to a photo shared by  his best friend moments before his death, Kevin is seen trying to pull a smile; but his body still appeared to be weak.

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Kevin Oliech’s last moments before his death

Sonko at the funeral

Despite trying to keep the burial intimate, Mike Sonko’s presence seems to have ruined things for the Oliech’s family. Not that they complained but seeing how Dennis has been silent on the matter; means he wanted to keep this private but having Mike around made this impossible.

Through his social media pages, Mike Sonko went on to share more information on the burial saying;

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Rest easy, Kevin Oliech

In Seme Kisumu County attending the burial of the late Mathare United Stars and Tusker FC Club player Kevin Oliech who succumbed to cancer while receiving treatment in Germany. Kevin was a brother to former Harambee Stars Captain Dennis Oliech, He passed on in Germany last month. I shall continue supporting the Oliech family during this difficult moment. Rest my brother, one day even cancer shall die.

Rallying at a funeral

Although it is disrespectful for politicians to Rally at funerals; Mike Sonko says the people of Seme demanded for him to address them, and of course he did!

After attending the funeral of late footballer Kevin Oliech in Seme, Kisumu County, I made a stop over to address wananchi after they demanded for my address.

In conclusion Mike Sonko said;

I want to thank the people of Kisumu Dala for their warm reception today and I promise to come back again to meet with locals especially the youth. May Kevin’s soul rest in peace.

Kevin Oliech’s funeral
Family members at Kevin Oliech’s funeral
Babu Owino at Kevin’s last send off
Jalang’o attends Oliech’s funeral
Villagers at Kevin Oliech’s funeral

Edgar Obare’s close brush with death leaves him scared for his dear life!

Edgar Obare popular known as the tea master or rather his teaness this past weekend almost lost his life to what appears to be an allergy reaction.

As seen on his posts shared on Instagram, the blogger says he went to meet a friend at one of his favorite restaurants, Art Cafe; only to end up at the Nairobi hospital.

Well, it all started after Mr Obare ordered prawns tagliatelle which he by the way enjoyed; before everything started going south. Through his page, the journalist narrated his story saying;

Edgar Obare’s allergic reaction

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So yesterday on my day off I was catching up and having lunch with an old friend at @artcaffekenya Capital Centre, service was very slow there was like only one waiter servicing the upstairs tables. I ordered the prawns tagliatelle. The food came and first bite it was quite delicious, so we are laughing and exchanging stories over the next hour.

The death experience

However Edgar did not get a chance to enjoy his meal go down; and this is because as soon as he finished his meal, the the allergy reaction kicked in immediately! The blogger says at some point, he was unable to breathe and this being a bad sign, all he could think of is getting  some water to drink.

Obare’s order at Artcafe

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I finish my meal and suddenly I feel like I have a scratchy throat, then I am tearing up. Now I am struggling to breathe as my nose is blocked and throat is closing up, I have hives all over my neck and it’s itchy. I stand up to go downstairs to the counter to get some water,

Edgar went on to add that;

like I said service was horrible, no waiters in sight. The bar guy asked if I am okay, I said NO and I asked for a bottle of water then went outside on the balcony for some fresh air for like 2 min. It didn’t help, I go to the bathroom and see my face in the mirror is all swollen and my eyes are bloodshot red.

In need of medical attention

Obare hospitalized

After realizing the water he had taken from the ‘bar guy’ was not working; the journalist decided to look at himself on the mirror – but the image he saw left him rushing for some medical attention.

I immediately knew I need a hospital, I call my friend we go to the counter and I ask for my bill and pay. All this time the staff is just staring at me, we rush out the door trying to figure out the nearest hospital, we went to Aga khan at Capital Centre and found it was already closed at 4pm, why do hospitals honestly close. It was 4.30pm so we rushed into Naivas to a chemist. From our googling it seems I was having an extreme allergy reaction, they gave me two antihistamine tablets I put under my tongue and advised I should go to a hospital immediately.

If not for the Nairobi Hospital, bloggers from most tabloids would not be reporting a different story on Edgar; and trust me his following wouldn’t have had it easy.

They googled for us and found Nairobi hospital was close by in the same mall actually and still open. I got injections of chlorpheniramine, hydrocortisone and cotipred and spent the next two hours in a hospital bed. Doctor said I was having an anaphylactic shock and I came very close. Thank you to that Naivas chemist and Nairobi Hospital for saving me. Contd in comments….

Jalang’o splashes KSh15M on sleek luxury ride (Photos)

Jalang’o alias Felix Odiwuor loves his rides polished, a man of status and class and when he is into good money, the world will have to know.

The multi-talented personality’s YouTube channel has only been a blessing in disguise, being a risk enough to start his own show amidst a pandemic, but his goals were never going to get crushed.


In fact, ever since he started off with online content creation, soon as the pandemic sipped through our Kenyan borders, the guy has been into good money. Just the other day revealing he received his first KSh1.8M payment from YouTube. Instagram bags him almost double the amount.

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New kid on the block

Being a man well known to reward his successes, the kid recently made a handsome purchase of a posh luxury Range Rover Velar, which many would opt to refer as a black beast. An edition estimated to be upwards of KSh15M.

Information he let out during his recent road trip to Kisumu county ahead of the late Kevin Oliech’s burial on Saturday. Despite the diverse climatic changes on his way to and fro, we must admit this guy is playing in a different league.

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This comes barely weeks after pimping his Land Rover Discovery 4WD, just for a different feel. His fleet consists of a BMW X6, Toyota Land Cruiser V8 and a convertible Mercedes Benz, majority having an all-black exterior.

Radio personality, Jalang´o

His fleet of cars are if anything fuel guzzlers. I guess it would only be fair to admit that Jalang’o is the kind of guy who takes pride in his cars and shoes. No Lie! Check out his new all-black luxury British machine.

Couple goals? Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It take their month old baby for a vacation (Photos)

Corazon Kwamboka and baby daddy Frankie Just Gym It are currently on vacation one months after welcoming their son, Taiyari. Yes, despite the cold weather, the two decided to travel with their month old baby for a short vacation; however not many mums seem happy about this.

This is because the baby is still quite young to be moving from one place to another especially with how the weather has been. At his age, many expected Corazon to act like a responsible parent – meaning she should taken at least 3 months before taking a vacation with the toddler!

However, living as a celebrity often means giving fans a reason to talk and in this case, Mama Taiyari seems to be winning in this section! As seen on her IG stories, she appears to be in a swimming pool with baby daddy; while their baby stays cuddled up in his rocker seat.

Corazon and Frankie on vacation with their month old baby

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One step at a time

Well, everyone is different but in this case, it’s evident that Corazon seems to be in a hurry to bounce back and get back her old lifestyle! However the moment one becomes a mum, everything changes and this is a reality Corazon will have to embrace.

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Anyway, fans can only hope that she stays mindful of her child especially with this weather; and shouldn’t she be resting too? Anyway below are a few screenshots taken from a video shared by Corazon on her IG page.

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie
Yummy Mummy, Corazon Kwamboka
Baby daddy on phone while spending quality time with Corazon

Striking photo of DJ Krowbar’s now all-grown complete family turning heads online

There is nothing more adorable and envious of a couple that stuck together through the thick and thin, with the belief that one day, their partner’s dream would come to be.

Kenyan celebrated gospel DJ Krowbar born Karumba Ngatia met his beloved, Wanjiru Karumba more than a decade ago, fell in love and held each other through the little comfort they could afford.

Lovebirds, DJ Krowbar and wife

For the deejay, they had crazy highs and deep lows but never even once did his beautiful girlfriend at the time, doubt of their future. And it is in the support, belief, trust and love that a dear Wanjiru had for him, that saw them break through the ice and today, he remains to honor his wife and mother to his 3 adorable children.

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As they marked their 10th wedding anniversary this week, Krowbar penned;

I LOVE YOU for the person that you are, your love for humanity affirms to me of how perfect you are to be in my life to always remind me that. I speak no one will come into our space and leave the same they came.

The Karumbas

A smitten Wanjiru responded;

I love you so much my sweetheart, to many more great years together. Happy Anniversary to us????????????????????????????????????????

A decade it has been, travelled the world together, shared in the joys and tears and today, the pair has borne 3 striking children, in a home that is now filled with warmth, love and laughter.

Wanjiru Karumba with their 3 children

Check out photos of the two, before the money;

Krowbar and Wanjiru during their wedding

Happy 10th Anniversary to the couple from the Ghafla family!

8 times Joyce Omondi fashionably rocked her natural African hair (Photo)

Joyce Omondi recently bagged a huge ambassadorial deal with International US firm, Uhai Haircare but it was not without sweat.

The curvy gospel artist and TV host has time and again ditched the Western culture for a natural African look and most especially when it comes to her hairdo.

TV host and gospel singer, Joyce Omondi slaying in her natural African hair

No lie, the beauty knows how to style her hair, for whichever occasion. Be it an outdoor or indoor look, Saturday or Monday, the beauty has proven she can still slay in her look, with her dark African hair stylishly done.

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Her love for the African hair did not start yesterday, having been spotted on several occasions rocking that natural look and still wowing in it. Let’s get straight into it:

1. Early in the year, the beauty went for a floral, subtle wear, splitting her hair to once side and letting it hang on her shoulders.

2. Then came a time she opted for an updo, clearly allowing her face and neck some breathing space and light.

3. She once had it all indoor, with a simple makeup look, some red lippie, natural eyebrows and a portion of hair tied to the back, with some falling to the side and she looked adorable.

4. During one of her many episodes on Full Circle With Joyce, the dashing TV beauty blended a bit of color on her clothes, put on her glasses and let her natural hair loosely fall on her shoulders and back. The hanging earrings completed the look.

5. For an outdoor look, Joyce tied her curly hair to the back, brushing through the hair at the front for a seamless look before getting down to business.

6. The following was a recent event, with her mask on, eyelashes properly done, and her long straight natural hair wound up into a chunk and let loose to one side. Complementing the natural look with some locally made earrings.

7. And when she needs to get herself a complete formal look, then this is how she gets it done.

8. The most recent was this one that might have you mistake it for some African wig she decided to wear, but trust you me, this girl has some pretty good, long and chunky dark hair.

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Joyce Omondi now lives to celebrate the beauty of natural hair

Here is the bonus to how she gets her hair so short.


“It hurt me after Stacy Michuki got crowned Miss Universe,” Rue Baby opens up (Video)

Nothing comes easy but after putting in all the hard work, resources and sweat but just as you are about to cross the finish line, things go against you. It takes time before you can heal.

Akothee’s runway model of a daughter, Rue Baby’s modelling career came by mere chance, having grown up aspiring to be a lawyer, until after highschool when she got mentored into the fashion industry.

Akothee’s second daughter, Rue Baby

Kenya’s transgender fashion icon, Letoya Johnston was the mind behind the push on Rue Baby to become a model, her height, melanin and body size were a straight ticket for her to grace the runway.

“I tried Face of Nivea and to my surprise I won. I wasn’t even sure I would win but then I tried and I got it. So that’s when it struck me that fashion is my thing. I went for my first runwway, never tripped and that’s how I loved modelling,” the melanin beauty revealed during her interview on Chatspot.

Rue Baby on the runway

She eventually got to be a competitor on Miss Universe Kenya 2019 beauty pageant up against competitors who were as good in the game, that left Rue with cold feet.

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The competition

However, the D-day came for the winners to scoop their trophies but as the judges were calling out the names, Rue Baby could not hear her name so far and imagined she had been floored by her competitors.

When it got to top 3, to some point I was confident I would win it, but then I also started getting worried. But I held on.

Rue Baby at Miss Universe

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Eventually, Stacy Michuki and Rue Baby were the ones left. That might have sounded like a moment of fame to many, but for Rue, she felt like she would pee on herself. All eyes on her, the stage is quiet and there are only two of them left. So who was who?

I was like “please just get over and done with the announcement, fortunately we had already been prepared just in case we did not win,” narrated Rue Baby.

Miss Universe top winners, Stacy Michuki and Rue Baby

Stacy was then declared the winner and it totally broke down Rue Baby.

I felt really disappointed, it hurt me but I had to keep a brave face and not show my tears. I had to hug Stacy, wish her all the best and then parte after parte.

Have a listen:

Meet the curvy 50-year old mother of 3 who has bewitched Guardian Angel with love (Photos)

Kenya’s music doctor, Guardian Angel bagged himself a doctor to his heart whose love prescription has been driving him crazy for months now.

Barely in his early 20s, the gospel star opted to settle with an older woman but not with a small age difference, his babe is actually more than twice his age.

Celebrated Kenyan gospel star, Guardian Angel

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Many would ask why, but probably only he has the answer. Esther Musila is the lucky woman who won over the musician’s heart, a mother of 3 grown children almost Guardian Angel’s age mates but none of that stopped the artist from going after what his heart wants.

Am a mother of 3; ages 29, 26 and 22. I recently turned 50 and loving the journey. I’ve been a banker for 5 years and now an International civil servant working for the United Nations for the past 18 years in programme management running water and sanitation programmes in Nepal and Lagos.

Guardian Angel with his sweetheart

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Musila also doubles up as a gospel artist and the assumption would be, that their faith brought the two together. The gospel celebrity couple recently released a collabo dubbed Roho Yangu , and do I lie, she has a gorgeous voice.

I am God-fearing and have a passion for music and life, and love to sing and dance. To celebrate my 50th birthday, I recorded and released a hymn song: Roho Yangu to thank God for my life.

However, age is but a number because a dear Esther looks like a 30-year old. Not just her face but the curves and edges this woman has, are a sight to behold.


You would not be surprised to realize that for Ms Musila, the gym is almost her home, she does it the way you would wake up and brush you teeth. Please meet Guardian Angel’s apple of his eye who is not only beautiful but literally aging backwards, and tell me what you think:



Proof that Naseeb Junior has been warming Mama Dangote’s stone cold heart!

Mama Dangote’s family has lately been keeping a low profile for a while now but as seen on her page; it appears that she has been missing her grandson, Naseeb.

The grandmother of 7 went on to unveil never seen before photos bonding with Naseeb Junior a while back. Lately we understand that the lady has been favoring Naseeb as he is said to look everything like Diamond Platnumz.

Judging from the photos shared by Bi Sandra it’s evident to see that out of the 4 children Diamond Platnumz sired; only Naseeb Junior and Tiffah came out looking like exact copies of singer, Simba!

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Enjoying grandmother’s love

Apart from being nick named Tom Kaka, mama D also refers to the young boy as Kichwa kubwa which can clearly be seen on baby NJ.

Mama Diamond Platnumz

Howver just like his daddy, the young boy will soon grow into his head just like Diamond did! Luckily for him, at least he has some Caucasian blood running in his blood and in a few years many will get to see how handsome he gets!

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Anyway as for now, Tanasha Donna should probably allow her son’s people to visit or just see their grandchild; because it clearly seems that Mama Dangote misses her favorite man dearly!

Naseeb Junior with grandma

Phil Karanja responds after Kate actress exposed him for terrible genes

It has been roughly 9 months since Kate actress born Catherine Kamau and her husband, Phil Karanja welcomed their first child together, baby K.

Named Karla Njeri Karanja, stands as the second child of the filmstar after bearing a son while she was still in college in Uganda, that forced her to make drastic changes in her life to accommodate her newborn, without the care of a father.

Catherine Kamau with husband Phil and her son

However, since the birth of their daughter, the two have been turning heads online with numerous photos and videos of their new bundle of joy and the various home transformations made to allow a little baby K a comfortable childhood.

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Despite the flair, the couple has its fair share of challenges among them being family genes that are now costing their young one.

Kate actress and baby K

The exchange

Taking to the gram, the curvy babe urged fans to be careful who they bring into their life to stay because once it’s done, they might have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

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Her issue was, yes Baby K was doing well and healthy but there was just one thing that was not working out, her hair did not show any signs of growth. Crying out “choose your baby daddy wisely, do your research.”

Kate actress complains over Phil Karanja’s terrible genes

It so happens that while dating Phil, he told her that his mom has good hair so that obviously meant that if they were to have a daughter, then that would be a plus for her. Only for it to turn out as one of those many ‘lies’ told during the easily years of dating, that easily pass.

But now, she is the one to bear the consequences. Trying to defend himself, Phil clarified that at the time, he was not quite serious or even sure of his statement and unfortunately, it was now costing them big!

@kate_actress was I wearing a flowered shirt and did I start the conversation as ‘my fellow Kenyan?…’ my memory fails me????

The Karanja’s

This left ribs cracking online before Kate actress responded;

@phil_director if Jayden was a person????

Message delivered. Check out savage reactions from fans:

“My heart belongs to one man only!” Lilian Muli denies chasing men on social media

Lilian Muli was reported to be an Alpha female, meaning she is the one who chases after her men and not vice versa like what we are used to!

With such stories going round, one can imagine how excited most men following her were. As seen on a new post shared on her page; Lilian says her DM has over flowing messages from people looking to be chased.

Yes, no man wanted to miss out on an opportunity where Lilian Muli can chase them! According to the lady, she has since been receiving messages from single men but truth is the rumor was untrue.

Celebrated TV personality, Lilian Muli

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Im taken

According to Lilian Muli, she is taken and her heart only belongs to one man! Through her Instagram page, she went on to post saying;

Ati I chase men??? Lol wait for me to chase you. I’m here chasing my vision and these stories just crack me up

Lilian Muli

On another post, the lass went on to say;

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Now see what you have done lol…the amount of DM’s I am getting now one would imagine this is a dating app. Honestly don’t believe everything you hear. I am taken my heart belongs to one man only. I am not chasing or looking. Only man I’m chasing is Jesus. Happy Friday my loves!

Ms Muli

Diana Marua forced to get rid of contraceptive after developing major complications (Video)

Family planning is a culture that has been adopted by a good percentage of the masses, as a precautionary measure against child bearing that is if age doesn’t allow or a couple is fine with the family they have grown so far.

A practice that cuts across the board regardless of whatever capacities or positions one holds. The Bahati family is not an exception after bearing 2 children together and opting to put a pause to that first until they agree on a way forward.

The Bahatis full family

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However, the IUD (a T-shaped plastic placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy) that Diana uses to control her fertility has brought along setbacks for her well being and after going through so much pain and trouble for almost a week now, the couple decided to consult the doctors who eventually advised them to consider visiting a gynecologist instead.

The Bahati couple

Contraceptive withdrawal

Revealing more details through their channel Diana Bahati, the pair spared the day to get Diana’s contraceptive off until they know what would be the better option. The mother of two has been having a swollen leg for sometime now, an year plus since last giving birth and even though she has had a history of a swollen leg, this was a bit unusual.

I have a history of swelling my left foot since high school but it later disappeared completely. However, for the last 5 days or so, I have become very unsettled because my leg had so much pain all of a sudden and started swelling. I feel like I have needles piercing me.

The Bahatis

After consulting with doctors at Nairobi Hospital, they suggested she might need to get rid of any types of contraceptives or foreign materials in her body and so they headed to the gyna.

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However, Diana did not understand how they would live without a contraceptive but a blunt Bahati responded;

But I’m the King of withdrawal. Because I just don’t trust the contraceptives.

Celebrity couple, Diana Marua and Kevin Bahati

Diana eventually had her IUD removed and the pair have to deal with almost no intimacy until they find an option B and also get her issue sorted. Watch as the process goes down;

Avril unable to contain herself, reveals why she ‘son zoned’ Willy Pozee after his ‘heart felt love confession’

Willy Paul recently confessed about his undying love for Avril Nyambura. For a minute it all seemed like a joke until Pozee started addresssing her as his queen.

From the posts shared on his page, Pozee went on to reveal that Avril’s voice changed his life forever back in the day. According to the fella, her banging body or flawless skin is not what pulled her towards him but of course her sultry voice!

Well with the number of followers he has, many took it upon themselves to tag Avril who finally decided to drop a short comment!

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Family zoned

Thinking that Willy Paul was done praising his high school crush; the young man decided to drop yet another post dedicated to Avril.

This time he however did not hold back from revealing his real intentions to the pretty little Miss. Pozee write;

aaai hapana this lady is hot.. hot vibaya!! God surely?? Why so much beauty kwa lady mmoja tu?? Guys yaani this once is killing aki! Nimetulia siku mob but leo wacha imfikie….saidieni your man kufikisha ujumbe home!

Pozee’s confession

Avril on the other hand replied, but to our surprise she actually indirectly revealed that the two were working on a song! This is after she wrote;

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heh okay. So this is what was happening last night? Are you okay this morning #concernedparent hehehe. But for real I respect you and your craft as well sana. Looking forward to working with you sooooon.

Well of course this did not impress Pozee that much as he in return went on to share a video; asking fans whether he was old enough to be Avril’s son, but sadly the cat was already out of the bag.

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For some reason many felt this was a strategy being used to promote an upcoming project! And indeed, these two played us just when we thought there would some interesting drama from the two!

“I’m ready to date but my past keeps haunting me,” Betty Kyallo opens up (Video)

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari enjoyed marriage only for 6 months before we witnessed an ugly breakup.

Getting married at the young age of 25 remains one of Betty’s major regrets in life. According to her, that was still a time she did not understand the essence of marriage or even what the vocation really meant.

Ex-couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Sharing intimate details on Betty Kyallo Lately, the bubbly journalist stated that she respected their marriage and their past together with baby daddy, Dennis Okari but if she were given a second chance, she would have waited a little longer.

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Betty had never experienced the single life or even discovered who she is and what personalities of men she prefers, she just walked right in. But if her wedding were to go down today, then she would not think twice about walking down the isle.

I really respect Dennis, I respect our past. That was a good time but I rushed into it. I wished I had waited just a little bit to enjoy life and understand who I am. Right now, I know so much about life that I would appreciate if getting married now, more than I did back in the day. This marriage thing keeps haunting me. It is now possible to love someone else because I understand myself.

Businesswoman, Betty Kyallo

Speaking of dating and marriage, the content creator admitted she was now doing the interviews of which man best suites her taste and which ones don’t, for those that would end up slipping off the bus, then she expressed her sincere apologies.

Single and searching

However, Betty refused to disclose how many men she is currently seeing but from her statements, they are quite a variety, because one lesson an old lady once taught her is; drink as many coffees as you can. Simply meaning she needs to go on as many dates before she settles because once that ring is on her finger, there is no looking back.

I’m in a place where I want to be sure about who I’m gonna be with because I feel like I am ready to start dating and everything. I’m putting myself first this time round. I want to know what kind of guy I want. I’m waiting, I’m talking and I’m listening.

9 Kenyan celebrities who have embraced single motherhood with a big spoon

A number of female personalities in the Kenyan public space, have taken up the role of parenting by themselves for a better part of their lives, some their biological children, others adopted.

Well-known public figures who either got divorced, gave up on marriage life or just had what many would term ‘deadbeat’ baby daddies. That is my list.

Regardless of the spaces they work in, their professions, their choice of industry or even their age. Let’s dive right in.

1. DJ Pierra

The curvy disc jockey realized she was expectant in 2016, soon after partying ways with the father to her daughter who had already started dating someone else. As her daughter recently turned 4, Pierra Makena clarified that she doesn’t regret becoming a single mother.

DJ Pierra Makena with daughter Ricca

2. Anne Kiguta

The celebrated K24 journalist is a mother of twins whom she bore with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew, Jomo Gecaga, before he moved on with sassy TV girl, Lola Hannigan in 2017, who recently welcomed their first child together. As we speak, Ms Kiguta is all about bringing up her 3 boys.

Anne Kiguta with baby daddy, Jomo Gecaga

3. Brenda Wairimu

The adorable light-skinned actress bore a child with popular artist, Juliani before partying ways and getting linked to actor Ephy Saint. Named Amor Njeri, recently turned 5 years of age but Juliani has since moved on.

Brenda Wairimu with her daughter

4. Tanasha Donna

A lot has been said around this barely 25-year old singer and single mother who recently exposed Tanzanian baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz for neglecting their son but either way, she clarified she was not going to force him to support their son.

Tanasha with baby Naseeb Junior

5. Caroline Mutoko

The seasoned Kenyan media personality has a 3-year old son and opted to adopt a daughter, Theodora Nduku in 2011 when she was 8 months old, who is as good a complete replica of her, now all grown and beautiful. Caroline has taken up the journey of single motherhood, and judging from her age, she might keep on with the trend.

Caroline Mutoko and daughter
Caroline Mutoko and daughter, Nduku

6. Victoria Rubadiri

A 34-year old Vicky bore her daughter at the tender age of 19 while studying abroad, with a man she parted ways with but through the support of her parents, guides and cares for her now teenage daughter.

TV Queen, Victoria Rubadiri (right) and her father with her daughter (left)

7. Akothee

Madam Boss is proudly a mother to three daughters and two fairly young sons and as she clocks 43, the beauty has been all the way financially independent after going through rough relationships with men.

Akothee with her family in France

8. Avril Nyambura

The sweetly-voiced songbird is rumored to have borne her son with veteran producer, J Blessing and so far, she is all in when it comes to taking care of her growing adorable 2-year old baby boy.

Avril Nyambura with her baby boy

9. Nana Gecaga

Nana, best known as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s niece, is proudly a mother to three grown boys whom she bore while still unmarried, admitting she will comfortably take care of her boys, during her recent interview with MC Jessy. Nana currently stands as the CEO of KICC.

The Gecaga boys

“I questioned God a lot, but now I understand why,” Ruth Matete opens up 5 months after husband’s death

It has been almost 5 months since gospel artist Ruth Matete’s husband Belovedjohn Apewajoye breathed his last.

April 6 remains a date imprinted on the singer’s mind and life, as the fateful day her husband was caught in the middle of a fire accident in their house at Great Wall Gardens, Athi River.

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An incident that did not spare her husband of a second life, succumbing to sustained injuries on April 11. Since then, it has been nothing rosy for an expectant Ruth Matete.

Ruth Matete with Belovedjohn Apewajoye

She finally laid the father to her unborn child to rest on July 23 in a private sorrowful event but even so, her eyes have been filled with tears. Telling more on her recently revived Instagram page, the pastor and singer recalled how she would persistently ask God why her.

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The ‘why’

But as time went by, she has found the answers she was looking for, because nothing catches God by surprise.

“That’s when I stopped asking why me and instead asked God to show me the reason why He allowed me to face it… And all things work together for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose,” penned Ruth Matete.

Singer Ruh Matete slowly healing

As she looks forward to holding her little one in her arms, the single mom revealed she was no longer going to hold onto the pain, the heartbreak and the tearful last few months that saw her world turn dark.

“It’s a few months since my late husband went to be with his maker, and I can candidly tell you, that I now understand why God allowed me to go through it. Do I still cry? Yes. But it gets better with time. I have made up my mind not to waste my pain. God must and will be glorified through my pain,” she wrapped up.

Her post, new life and light was received with love by fans, who adored her courage and bravery, wishing her nothing but God’s blessings.

“I love myself thick!” Betty Kyallo fiercely claps back at bikini trolls (Video)

Betty Kyallo has been all about vacays lately, in a series of videos and photos from her recent girls’ trip to the coast, before flaunting her day out at the pool in Watamu that got Kenyans talking.

The short, chunky lass, paraded her thick thighs and curves in a tiny two-piece bikini right by the pool, with the sun rays hitting the right places on the chocolate-skinned Kamba doll.

Betty Kyallo and the girls enjoying the Kenyan coast in Watamu

But a section of fans were not going to spare her the backlash, covering her up with a leso around her waist, other going further to put on a mask on her, with all sorts of crazy religious outfits.

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Shocked about just how far individuals could go, instead of appreciating her natural curves and thickness, Betty is not about to spare any of her trolls the comeback.

Betty Kyallo’s bikini photos emerge online

During her most recent Betty Kyallo Lately episode, the young mom had been confronted with a question about what crazy stuff she would do, if she only had 7 days to live. What struck her mind first, was she needed to dress in a very skimpy bikini, before she recalled her recent ugly bikini saga.

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She addressed;

It was such a decent bikini thing and I mean, follow the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kourtney, they wear worse things to the beach but they walk around and no one cloths them in T-shirts. But me, you even gave me a handbag at the pool, seriously?

Betty Kyallo fully clothed after parading bikini body in tiny swimsuit

Before clapping back;

I am so proud of my body! I never even bothered to pull down the picture cause you know what, that’s your problem, not mine! I’ll wear whatever I want, I cannot go to the swimming pool in a leso or dera. I love my body thicccc!

And for those that called her out for lacking that ‘bikini body’, she was like;

Show me yours! And if you’re a guy, I’m sure you have a big belly! For the chicks, I now you have love hurdles and are here bodyshaming me. For now, I love my body the way it is, thick!

Nadia Mukami stylishly furnishes new living room with cosy brand new dining set (Video)

Queen of pop, Nadia Mukami has decided to go big in furnishing her new house with a good taste of polish, class and vibrancy.

Recently having her wall covered up in trendy 3D wallpapers, thereafter having her floor redone with warm, classic wood tiles before filling the room with a completely brand new set of dining furniture.

Angelic-voiced popstar, Nadia Mukami

The beauty queen had spent several days running around the city, trying to find a taste of decor that suits her best and she could only proudly announce the end result after parading her now filled up dinning space that is not only covered up in bright color but speaks of elegance as well.

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Nadia Mukami looking stunning

Taking to the gram, Nadia was all over her dining table, surrounded with a set of 6 comfy dining chairs still covered up in polythene just to confirm they are brand new.

“I have worked with @dollar_furniture_ke as their brand influencer for quite sometime now and they are my favorite bosses.When I told them I was getting a new place they told me we will surprise you! This dining set is the best!!!!! Asante sana! This is what it means to have a good work relationship with your bosses!!” jotted Nadia.


Slowly, the songbird’s new home is transforming into a beautiful space and it is only a matter of time before she gets her entire house redone to her taste.

A quick glance at the price range of what Nadia was blessed to bag herself, the entire set goes for not less than KSh 75,000 according to Dollar Furniture.

Nadia Mukami’s speculated cost of her new cosy dining set

Mixed reactions

Excited fans appreciated the young celebrity for her boss moves, others still drooling over her big gorgeous eyes, while a section asked her to take them out for lunch, now that she was not doing badly financially.

deejaynutt Sasa tuitwe lunch????????


yourhealth_ke The dinning set is so beautiful ????????????????????


_ythera_ivy Wueh????????????????


mr_fever_merlin Love the furniture plus your big gorgeous circle eys????????????