Tanasha confessed she had been lying about Diamond Platnumz being a deadbeat dad

Tanasha donna and Diamond Platnumz had a love story that captivated the greater East African region and all the hearts of its female denizens. The love story began like most of his other relationships. It was a whirlwind romance. Tanasha Donna was warned by all of Diamond Platnumz exes and she even had the internet to use to tell what lay in store for her. She thought she was different.

Tanasha Donna opens up about son’s new found relationship with daddy, Diamond Platnumz

The Tanasha story was literally like any other Diamond Platnumz love story as it also featured a hilariously quick pregnancy announcement. From there, we were treated to images and videos of the couple acting the role of a happy, healthy couple. It was so similar to his previous relationships that you could literally replace any one of his women to the role in different dates and the relationship would play out in a similar fashion.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna posing

Tanasha was deaf to the warning being sent her way even by Zari Hassan, the only one of Diamond’s exes who bothered to try and prepare the Nairobi beauty for the premium tears (I find that Nairobi phrase hilarious) she was going to shed. And true to form, once the baby was born, the relationship crumbled like a dry military biscuit.

Photos: How Tanasha Donna ‘All white party’ went down

Tanasha was not only humiliated but she was left nursing a grudge that she quickly weaponized as soon as she landed back on her backside, in Nairobi. She went on several rants decrying the fact that Diamond Platnumz was a quote-unquote deadbeat dad. The thing about this is that it was a juicy story for bloggers (tabloid gossip rags) and women who were living vicariously through Tanasha. Everyone else had the bare minimum brain cells needed to rub together causing a spark that flamed into the common sense needed to question this narrative.

Tanasha Donna
Musician Tanasha Donna

You see, Diamond Platnumz has only once ever been taken to court over child support and it was done by Hamisa Mobetto. The other lady who accused Diamond of being a dead beat dad was proven to have been lying through her teeth and that was Zari. You see, Tanasha’s predecessor was caught in her lie when it was revealed she had been attacking Diamond Platnumz and spewing bullshit about him all while living under his roof in South Africa.

Tanasha Donna needs to rehabilitate her public image and Diamond Platnumz can help her with that

And like Zari, Tanasha was talking about how Diamond Platnumz is a useless father while cashing his child support. Makes you wonder because we also have to ask the question about just how it is that she, an “up and coming” lazy artist was able to afford her mansion. It doesn’t take a genius to tell that she has been dishonest about some details in her stories. And slowly but surely, the truth shall emerge and it won’t surprise any intelligent individual.

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Hamisa Mobetto has outdone even Diamond’s expectations

Hamisa Mobetto has shocked the entire world, not just Tanzanians and East Africans after she surfaced abroad American superstar rapper Rick Ross’ yacht where she was just cooling and living life large.

Shemeji Wetu! Fans React As Rick Ross Continues To Show Interest In Hamisa Mobetto

Just to recap a bit on what this Tanzanian beauty has been through; allow us to start from the point that made her relevant -dating Diamond Platnumz, the biggest East and Central African star of the day.

Former socialite Hamisa Mobetto

She started off as Mondi’s clande while he was still with Zari Hassan, the mother of two of his children, Tiffah and Nilan. And while the cat was away, Hamisa Mobetto left her earing in his bed and also stepped out wearing his clothes.

Hamisa Mobetto finally addresses haters praying and fasting for her downfall

That was then followed up with her getting pregnant by him in an attempt to baby trap the artist but that did not work as her family literally made her life hell in an attempt to be avenged who they saw to be a trifflin’ tramp.

From there, she has since put out a song detailing what she endured at the hands of Diamond’s mother. But Hamisa Mobetto moved on and dated different men only that none of them really could hold a candle to Diamond’s dazzling sun.

“Home wrecker” Mama Diamond Platnumz husband takes a swipe at Hamisa Mobetto

Hypergamy was never sated with any of them and a lot of those dalliances were short-lived. And now she has managed to get into Rick Ross’ vision long enough to be on his yacht and then be responded to on Instagram to give her validation.

But we would have to be fools to think this spells anything long term with the rapper who is known to have dated a bevvy of beauties. However, this is quite the upgrade still. And this time in the sun should be used by Hamisa Mobetto and leveraged to get more for herself.

Hamisa Mobetto’s baby daddies caught on camera bonding like never before! (Photos)

I am not saying she should run to the tabloids to sell her stories but perhaps while she is the flavour of the week but she could ask her manager to first and foremost increase her rate card costs and then start pushing for more business with Tanzanian brands while the media of the world is focused on her.

Baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto

At the end of the day, Hamisa Mobetto has managed to surpass everyone’s expectations of the men she will be able to attract and no man was more shocked than Diamond Platnumz. But she needs to be realistic in her evaluation of things and realize that her youth and beauty will not last forever and gravity and father time will win and her looks will fade. She should do everything in her attempt to lock down Rick Ross but without siring yet another bastard and also make arrangements to leverage the media attention she is currently garnering while she is the apple of his eye.

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With all these single mother socialites, Kenya will see a sharp decline in marital rates in years to come

Kenya has seen a sharp spike in the number of single mothers and interestingly, a spike in the number of girls and women who identify as divas and socialites. Why this is interesting lays in the definition of these terms in our country.

Gigi Money
Single mother Gigi Money was on the cancelled season of Wife Material

You see, to begin with, Kenya is already one of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa that reported the highest percentages of single motherhood and the trend seems to only be on the rise. And the number of socialites who are not only getting fame but societal acceptance is only going to serve to increase this figure.

And that is what shows like Eric Omondi’s Wife Material is promoting. That is what little girls see when they see society get excited at more prospective vera Sidikas and Huddah Monroes. When I was doing some reading for this piece, it hit me that alot of the women on Bwana Omondi’s show are actually single mothers. Infact, you would be hard-pressed to see women from our generation or the Millenials who aren’t single mothers.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

That is a big problem because we do not have female role models who preach the honest truth that you should marry before you carry. Women who tell others the truth that being a single mother is so hard, it is rarely ever worth the decision to date a deadbeat man or attempt to baby trap any man.

Single mothers unite: Saumu Mbuvi is perpetuating a dangerous myth

And then there are those who attempt to counter this argument by saying that alot of the socialites and divas who have babies are the good ones who didn’t abort and you have to wonder about the decision-making skills of such people. And in the next decade or two, we will reap the rewards of giving these -as Miguna Miguna refers to the- social bimbos.

Tanasha Donna
Even though she knew the type of man Diamond is, she still chose to sire a child for him.

And it is not only men who will suffer as I hear some feminist whisper. It is the society that will suffer. No country can lift itself to greatness unless the smallest fundamental unit, the family, is intact. We need to start empowering actual role models by giving them our attention. I know you’ve heard that before and laughed at the statement but here is the alternative: societal degeneracy.

Kate Actress, this is the reason why men dating single mothers show them fire

You will get a generation in which most of the men see no point in staying with the family because they were raised by “strong independent women who didn’t need no man”™, therefore, were taught men have no role to play in the upbringing of children. Women will have grown up from being girls who were taught they don’t need no man. And yet they are both equally broken and mentally damaged.

And then the cycle will perpetuate itself even stronger. And yet we can right the ship. You do not want society to fall to the level of degeneracy in American ghetto families or Kenyan slum families. If a socialite is a single mother, that is on her but stop portraying her as strong or independent. Question her decision-making skills.

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Hamisa Mobetto is proof we need to accept polygamy

Hamisa Mobetto has just been linked to a new man. Again. For the tenth time in two years. Hooray for her and the fact she can clearly still attract high value, high networth men despite being the single mother of two children.

Hamisa Mobetto unveils the new potential boyfriend she hopes to settle down with (Photos)

Hamisa Mobetto has been spotted all around Tanzania’s party haven, Dar es Salaam having fun with her new beau and this exciting development in her love-life almost overshadowed the fact that his wife came out to declare her existence. And it got me wondering why we as a people do not just openly embrace polygamy.

Hamisa Mobetto
Otile Brown and Hamisa Mobetto get cosy

Polygyny was a firm staple in traditional African societies. Infact it was an institution that was governed by tribal law and there were expectations of the men who wanted to take on more than one wife. The men would have to be wealthy enough to support multiple families. There was no excuse for a man of lean means trying to take on a second wife. The community wouldn’t let him.

Machoos! Hamisa Mobetto spends day in police custody while baby daddy weds long term girlfriend (Photos)

The institution also existed in some communities to take care of widows and single mothers. Hamisa Mobetto falls into the latter category so she is taken care of. And this formed some rudimentary social security in pre-colonial Africa as the women and their offspring now had a legacy and inheritance apportioned to them and their bastards.

Hamisa Mobetto
Tanzanian socialite and vixen, Hamisa Mobetto

These days, however, talking to any woman will let you believe that she would rather her husband stays monogamous (a social construct that goes against evolved human instinct) and should that fail, then for him to secretly take on a lover and keep things discrete.

Machoos! Hamisa Mobetto spends day in police custody while baby daddy weds long term girlfriend (Photos)
Diamond Platnumz’ baby mama, Hamisa Mobetto

Women like Hamisa Mobetto however show that this is not a sensible stance to take because when she gets a man, he is more often than not already married and they always lose their heads to the NRE (new relationship energy). What happens if she conceives her third child? Why would you as a woman wish the agony of contesting a will on yourself and all your husband’s children?

Hamisa Mobetto allegedly bags herself wealthy married man (Photo)

Rather than take things along this destructive path, why not just agree to allow polygyny to return and we as a society begin to ensure the protection of everyone involved in a less adversarial manner? We can even insist on the members of parliament to legislate laws that govern how such matters are to be conducted. Rather than women having to face-off with their own proverbial Hamisa Mobetto?


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Diamond Platnumz stays winning after revealing his sexy new babe

Diamond Platnumz isn’t making things easier for his exes and one just can’t help but to feel for them because honestly, how do you come to terms with the fact that your ex has moved on from one hot lady to another and just when you thought he wouldn’t be able to get one over on his most recent ex, Tanasha Donna who is truly beautiful, he goes and announces that he is dating an even hotter babe?!

Diamond Platnumz bags himself a ‘Tanasha Donna’ lookalike months after breakup (Photos)

If I were she, I would be utterly gutted. If I were Hamisa Monetto, I would be crashed. Hell, Zari even made peace with the fact that she will not be getting back with the African superstar but still, you can’t help but feel some kind of way about this new development.

You see, the height of success for a man is his ability to attract super hot babes. And before you call up your father for me, understand that babes do not go after men simply for their looks. I mean, they will try and sleep with Tyrone and Chad but they only do so for a quick shag. Men who look like Diamond Platnumz however, do not attract women because of their looks. They do so because of their success. I should give a caveat though that Diamond is a rarity, an outlier, he has mastered his LMS scale (looks, money, status).

Diamond Platnumz alleged girlfriend, Miss Patricia Aika,

So when Tanasha Donna said that Diamond would struggle to find a woman who loved him like she did, I chuckled. I knew she was speaking out of a place of hurt but she should have known better. Diamond is not the type of man to go wanting for female companionship. If anything, when he is single, it is probably out of a desire to get himself a flaming ten out of ten sexual marketplace value babe.

Lanes: How Diamond Platnumz surprise birthday party went down (Video)

Don’t get me wrong, the chances of this situation going out the same way all of Diamond’s old relationships did, with the fine babe hating the very thought and memory of him are high but until then, he will have fun being the envy of well over eighty million East African men. I just hope this fine babe has some brains in her coconut and she doesn’t get pregnant in three months of dating like Tanasha, hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz effortlessly flaunts his shiny jewels

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The stone the builder rejected: Hamisa Mobetto is a blessing to Diamond

Hamisa Mobetto is clearly the proverbial cornerstone the builder had originally rejected and it comes as no surprise as the builder, in this case, is Diamond Platnumz, the man with the forethought of a bullfrog.

“I want for us to be united as we’ve all sired Diamonds children” Hamisa Mobetto to Zari and Tanasha Donna

Diamond Platnumz has four baby mamas. Zari was the second and is the eldest, followed by Hamisa Mobetto and subsequently Tanasha Donna. The first is a woman who has not only shunned the limelight but also Diamond. She has maintained her strict privacy.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto and Diamond’s son

All the women we know of whom Diamond set in the family way (with the exception of Tanasha, the rest were already mothers), one thing was clear -peculiar, but clear- they all had children within three months of dating Diamond Platnumz.

Tanasha Donna, cut the BS, Diamond Platnumz made you as big as you are

But unlike the rest of the women, one particular woman has actually been steadfast in trying to ensure Mondi has a continuous relationship with their shared offspring. That woman is Hamisa. She hasn’t had a tiff with Diamond quite to the extent Zari has where she banned Mondi from seeing their shared children, she hasn’t aired out his dirty linen, infact, she only took him to court to sue for child support because let’s face it, Mondi is a veritable deadbeat. Beyond that, she puts herself aside and strives to push Mondi to spend time with their son. On the other hand, Tanasha is busy trying to air out his dirty linen as if she too wasn’t warned that she was dating a deadbeat. She chose to persevere and pursue the relationship and now she is trying to play the victim.

Hamisa Mobetto
Mompreneur and singer, Hamisa Mobetto

And this is where you actually begin to see how much of a gem Hamisa Mobetto is. She is now trying to get her co-baby mamas to act like they are aware their children are connected for better or for worse.

Tanasha Donna and Hamisa Mobetto take their friendship to the next level (Video)

Zari who is older and should know better is not the one showing this level of maturity. Tanasha who is the youngest isn’t showing this level of introspection. It has been Hamisa who was the one woman Diamond’s family treated like complete trash who is showing just how mature she is. And wouldn’t you believe it, Diamond Platnumz hasn’t gone out of his way to actually elevate and celebrate her.

Hamisa Mobetto
Hamisa Mobetto

Mondi is yet to see the value of what she is attempting to do but I do not expect anyone with body temperature level IQ to appreciate brilliance when they are in the presence of it.

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From Zari to Tanasha, all of Diamond Platnumz’ exes are competing for his mother

Zari, Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha are the three women who have sired Diamond’s children. And they all ended up getting left in his past, with their current connection being more of a parenting arrangement. And that is a very loose interpretation of parenting.

Diamond Platnumz’ relationship problems are all his mother’s fault

Zari, Hamisa and Tanasha have one huge looming presence in their lives who they are well aware is the real power in Diamond Platnumz’ life and that is his mother, Sandra Sanura, Sandra Michaels, Sandra Kassim or whatever she decides to go by on whichever particular day you choose to address her.

diamond, tanasha and his mother and sister
(from left) Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz, Mama Dangote, Esma Khan

Diamond Platnumz is a man who is high value but he never fully let go of his mother’s apron strings. She is a very influential opinion when it comes to his social and love life. If she likes you, you have a huge possibility of lasting long by Diamond Platnumz side but if she is not into you or your mess, you already know you’ll only last along as the novelty of your garden of Eden.

From Diamond Platnumz to Atwoli: Polygamy the natural state of African marriage

That is why you see Zari sending photos and videos of her children by Mondi to Mama Diamond. That is why Tanasha sent a video of her son by Mondi to Mama Diamond. And the one woman who bears testimony to this fact is none other than Hamisa.

zari hassa, tanasha donna, hamisa mobetto
Diamond’s baby mamas: Zari Hassan (left), Hamisa Mobetto (center) and Tanasha Donna (right)

The Tanzanian sweetheart bore the brunt of Mama Diamond’s disdain even while she was heavily pregnant with Chibu Dee’s son Dylan. One of the reasons why is probably because Mama Diamond saw her as the reason Diamond had lost his focus on Zari but whatever the case may be, she even did a song about the experience she had to endure.

Mama Diamond Platnumz explains why she refers to Tanasha Donna’s son as “Kichwa Kubwa”

And while at this point in time this isn’t an important factor, it will once Diamond’s money begins to slow down. Why? Because that is when he will begin to have to prioritize things in his life. He won’t just be able to throw money at a problem.

diamond platnumz henched

When his will and testament becomes a focus after he has slowed down and began to focus on running his various businesses, the affection his mother has towards any of his baby mamas or their children will matter. And when Diamond does decide to settle down, you have got to be crazy to believe his mother’s opinion will not weigh heavily on the decision.

“Mwanaume atulizwi na mtoto!” Mama Diamond Platnumz claps back after Tanasha’s interview

Take for instance the fact that diamond Platnumz helped Zari Hassan buy the latest Bentley. Meanwhile, when he was taken to court by Hamisa Mobetto, he bought her a Rav 4… This is rather telling especially when you realize Zari is reportedly (by her own admission) a multimillionaire. She is currently running her dead ex-husband Ivan Ssemwanga’s empire in South Africa so she didn’t need the assist.
And on the flipside, Hamisa Mobetto doesn’t really have a steady source of income.

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Of all his exes, Diamond Platnumz should strive to honour Hamisa Mobetto and here’s why

Diamond Platnumz has several baby mamas and exes whom he treats like they don’t exist. I can’t blame him for taking that approach and save for Zari Hassan, the rest knew who they were getting involved with given his track record.

Hamisa Mobetto spotted getting cosy with Nigerian tycoon, raises speculations

Hamisa Mobetto took him from Zari at a time when he had lost his patience with her and to be honest, Diamond Platnumz had moved on long before he was dumped through Instagram. But I digress.

Tanasha actually is the most culpable for the situation she finds herself in as a single mother because on top of being warned by everyone that this would happen, she had the benefit of watching to see how Zari and Hamisa had been treated. So she has no excuse.

Hamisa Mobetto opens up about motherhood like never before!

Yet, when everything is said and done, if there is a lady who has held down Diamond Platnumz, it is his compatriot Hamisa Mobetto. She nary has a bad word to say about Diamond instead, uplifting him at every opportunity she gets. Nothing exemplifies this better than how Diamond Platnumz’exes handled Father’s Day.

hamisa mobetto
Tanzanian socialite and vixen, Hamisa Mobetto

None of them has a reason to celebrate the man who gave them their children. Diamond Platnumz, after all, isn’t exactly daddy material. He is largely an absentee father, chiefly due to the nature of his career but even now as the world deals with the Coronavirus quarantine, he couldn’t be arsed to visit the one child he has closest to him, Hamisa Mobetto’s son.
That is why for a man who lives his entire life out in public for the world to see, we have seen no photos or videos of him spending time with Dylan.

Hamisa Mobetto claps back after being branded a home wrecker

But given this truth, Hamisa Mobetto is the only one of Diamond’s former women who make an effort to celebrate the role he played at least in their getting children. Hamisa Mobetto took to her Instagram account to celebrate Dylan’s father. And this is actually a testament to Hamisa Mobetto’s pedigree. Zari Hassan too shared a post on her Instagram stories but that is so that it is transitory and will disappear after 24 hours.


She didn’t only celebrate Diamond Platnumz but also celebrated her other child’s father too. And this is proof of the fact that she understands that for the sake of her children, she needs to maintain a good relationship with her children’s fathers even if it means covering him in public and handling business privately.

hamisa mobetto

Because make no mistake about it, Hamisa Mobetto handles business. She even took Diamond Platnumz to court for child support. She is clearly no pushover.

And that is why Diamond Platnumz should break his mould and actually treat Hamisa Mobetto well. She is the only woman who he gave seed who is actually trying to raise balanced children -because by now, we know that children with fathers in their lives perform better than those without.

Add to this the fact that even though he can be argued to be a man ill-fitted to be a father, Hamisa Mobetto is the only one of his former women who doesn’t run to the media with that ammo trying to tarnish his image for public sympathy and other unknown benefits.
So if Mondi has any sense in his coconut, this is the one woman he will honour above all else.


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Why Hamisa Mobetto cosying up to Naija businessman is a big deal

Hamisa Mobetto is said to be dating a Naija tycoon and it has caused quite the stir south of the Kenyan border. You see, ever since she and Diamond Platnumz decided to go their separate ways, she has had a string of useless relationships.

Hamisa Mobetto spotted getting cosy with Nigerian tycoon, raises speculations

And the reason that is the adjective I have elected to use is that if a relationship doesn’t lead to anything serious, then it was useless. And Hamisa Mobetto has had more than her fair share.

hamisa mobetto

At some point, she even pulled a Zari Hassan: She alleged she was engaged to be married and her fans celebrated her, waiting for her impending nuptials but she just went cold on the whole affair. According to Tanzanian tabloids, she was involved in an affair with a married man whom she was attempting to pressure into making an honest woman of her.

Alikiba comes cleans about his alleged affair with Hamisa Mobetto

Whatever the case may be, she was completely convincing but she has since moved on and found herself in the arms of a Naija tycoon. And Tanzanians are going crazy because they recognize that this might just be the guy to make her move on from Diamond Platnumz. You see, he has been an everlasting stench on her psyche. He was the ultimate alpha in her life. He has the money, status and the bad boy appeal. But now, she might just have a Mr Moneybags and we all know how alpha Naija men are.

Hamisa Mobetto

And if this relationship doesn’t fizzle out, we are going to be treated to quite the tabloid legend. can you imagine Hamisa Mobetto inviting Diamond Platnumz for their son’s birthday and him having to chill next to a man who is now both Hamisa and their son’s daddy? That would be quite the interesting blended family don’t you think? The child calling out for his daddy and both of them responding. Or worse still, Hamisa calling out for daddy to come and help her bring the cake to the living room and they both stand up…

Hamisa Mobetto is a definition of what co-parenting should look like

This would be a remarkable step up for her given she is a single mother who would have managed to land herself a high-networth man. And this would even see Hamisa Mobetto having won in her long-running feud with Zari.

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Alikiba releases new single titled ‘Dodo” (Video)

Alikiba surprises fans with a good come back ‘Dodo.’ Dodo is a Swahili term a number of us know which refers to a good ripe mango.

In this new love hit , Alikiba compares ‘Dodo’ to a beautiful girl. As ‘dodo’ means a well ripen mango, the love songs describe the girl too. A girl whose been brought up well and thus very ripe for marriage.

Alikiba releases new single titled 'Dodo" (Video)

Dodo is a love song

Dodo love song promises the beautiful woman all that she desires in life.

Alikiba introduces ‘dodo’ by explaining how love should be. “Kupenda ni vitendo, si maneno maneno ndio nakupa kitengo kwa kufika malengo…” A beautiful narration on which many don’t know actions speak louder in love, than words.

Alikiba releases new single titled 'Dodo" (Video)

Also, goes ahead to tell the girl how her beautiful actions really won his heart. Through all this, he thus thinks it’s better to make her his wife. He promises to take good care of her for she’s passed through all the tests.

To add on, in the chorus part of ‘dodo’ praises the beautiful lady for winning his heart. Alikiba thus appreciates the love.

Simply, ‘Dodo’s being a short narration of a love story. The videography has been well captured with a wedding background of it.

In addition, the video, it shows the royal life he would give his ‘dodo’ in the wedding theme. There’s also a traditional theme of culture of good upbringing. The video as well has captured Hamisa Mobetto who’s playing the beautiful girl ‘dodo’ role.

In conclusion, this hit was well served to us by the legend. It should be a lesson to many who want or have fallen in love. The lyrical flow is what you’d love to sing and listen all time for it was perfectly captured. Salute! To our fans, we appreciate your views below as well.

Last but not least, The song gets a rating of 8/10.

Hamisa Mobetto at it again with ‘Sensema’

Hamisa Mobetto does it aain with a new tune Sensema. The Tanzanian singer and model has not disappointed. In her new jam, Hamisa features Whozu. Hamisa is Diamonds ex-lover and like a norm she also has followed the roas to music just like the others.

Hamisa Mobetto is a perfect definition of beauty with brains. She is also musically talented. In Sensema she has brought her perfect music side and the Swahili is just amazing.

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Hamisa Mobetto at it again with 'Sensema'

Sensema is all about love

Sensema is a love song and the message is so clear. To start with, there is a symbolism style used in this jam and for sure it is giving the song a great feel.

Also, Hamisa collaborating with Whozu brings two talents together and they delivered the lines just as expected.

Although the song is good, there is the aspect of women and sex which everyone is trying to bring out. In this case, Hmaisa Mobetto and Whozu are talking of how they are going to take it inside their bedroom once the children are asleep.

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Whozu talsk of what he is going to do the lady while in bed as Hamisa Mobetto responds. Honestly it seems like Diamond is giving them the vibe to do sexual music rather than good music.

To add on, Hamissa Mobetto and Whozu just have the lyrics well done and well delivered. Also, the audio is in sync with the video. It is a good song for one to listen to as they explore each other as it carries them into the moment and back.

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Hamisa Mobetto at it again with 'Sensema'

Relevance of the song

To add on, Sensema is only fine when played in secrecy as it has a selected target audience. Also, Sensema is more of a club banger where people always let loose.

In conclusion, Sensema was well done and this only warrants Hamisa Mobetto and Whozu to get a rating of 6/10.

Video below.

Christian Bella and Hamisa Mobetto Partner in New jam Dubbed Boss

When Hamisa Mobetto featured in Diamond  and Rayvanny’s  jam Salome, I believe most of us would not have known much about her.

I mean Hamisa clearly has clinched her place in the entertainment industry in East Africa. Hamisa now does music!

Her music seems to be picking up despite the little backlash she received when she started off in music.

Now she joins Tanzania’s celebrated Musician Christian Bella in their new Jam titled  “Boss”.


The song revolves around two lovers.A man that is working on impressing his woman by all luxuries that life can offer.

He tell her that he is the boss and she should not live in fear because he is the boss.

Hupaswi kukaa kinyonge ,ukiwa na mi Jiachie,

jihisi upo peponi, Ita rafiki zako,

kina nani Waambie, mbuzi iko jikoni

Ng’ang’ana na mimi nyota usafirie……………….

In the first Stanza he just professes the kind of love he feels for his woman.He tell her he is willing to spend on her and her friends on whatever they want. Ladies, do you see what I see?mmmh!!

Sema unataka nini?

Gari, pesa, manyumba madini

Bella further goes on to flaunt his riches to his woman. Praising her cooking and he even asks her what she wants during a party.

…...Kwenye party leo, Sema champaigne wanataka wapi? Gucci, unataka LV Ama unataka kuvaa D&G……Wueeeh!!!Where do this kind of men reside?Eishh!

When you thought you had seen it all Christian Bella goes on to ask her what kind of vehicle she will use when going for the shopping.

…..Utatoka na Ferrari  Ama unataka Lamboghini……..Aheeeemm!!!

Dear guys don’t cringe its just a car.


After the long stanzas comes in the Chorus telling us who the boss is.It is very repetitive that you’d think that was the guiding factor for the song’s beats.

……Wanasema Boss, boss boss Boss, me ndio boss Wanasema Boss, boss boss Boss, me ndio boss…...Clearly!

Hamissa comes in towards the end of the song, expressing her confidence in her man.We hope she get’s one soon!Too soon?

She says she will not leave him for anything because that kind of love is not, local.Ouch!

…..Baby wangu wewe, hii level si  Local local(local local) Ndio maana vyako vitendo si Local local(local local)….

Then comes some Congolese shenanigans that I too didn’t understand but I believe was good for the song.

In a nutshell,Christian Bella and Hamisa Mobetto outdid themselves in this song.


The song was produced by BMM music group and directed by Sasha Vybz. The song was Shot in Dubai.

The simplistic use of Swahili in the song gives it a unique vibe.The beat of the song too gives the urge to dance to it.

For rating we give 6/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Njanuary sangapi! Hamisa Mobetto pays full year rent after baby daddies snub her

Tanzania video vixen-turned singer Hamisa Mobeto will be sleeping in peace the whole of 2019 having cleared all her rent.

The socialite, who has two baby daddies, Diamond Platnumz and Majizzo, has opted to do things her own way after Diamond refused to contribute for her rent.

A while back, a Tanzanian court had ordered Diamond to be paying rent for her as part of his parental responsibility but reports indicated that he was unwilling. This fueled speculation that the socialite might be kicked off her lavish apartment end of January if she doesn’t settle the rent.

Building her career

It seems the socialite, who spent the better part of December last years touring the U.S., had a plan and wasn’t too concerned.

Hamisa Mobeto’s mother Shufaa Rutigunga, confirmed that her daughter has indeed already settled full year rent for her home. In an interview with Global Publisher, she said that it’s time people leave her daughter alone because she busy building her career.

“She has paid a full year rent for her home and more surprises are coming from her. Let’s leave her alone as she needs to go about her businesses,” she told Global Publishers.


Hamisa Mobeto pens lovely letter to herself to celebrate her birthday

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has turned a year older and as expected, did it in style.

The socialite turned singer took to Instagram to share a series of photos while celebrating her birthday and capped it with a beautiful message of how she has grown and matured.

Through a lot

In the letter, Hamisa, who is a mother of two and has been through a lot, confessed that she has changed and she’s now more confident and focused.

She then went on to break down how her year has been including her famous visit to the US last month which saw her also host her first show there.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Hamisa Mobetto

Have you noticed lately how much you have changed? You are now more confident and focused.

I remember the days I used to cry for hours till the tears dried, the throat hurt and the nose blocked. But gone are those days! 
It’s my birthday today, and I want to count my blessings. I have met a lot of people this past year and only gratitude is what I can show. 

First I Want to thank @mama_mobetto for always standing by me. You have proved to be my best friend and my confidant. You believing in me made me start @mobettostyles. Thank you @beatricendungu my PR ?? for always believing that I can achieve anything in business. My dear fans, I don’t even know where to start. You have made me stronger; you have shown me that Strangers can be family.

And to you @the_ironlady1976 I love you so much my director and my second mum. & My dada @mangekimambi_ Nakupenda ??
This year my baby turned one, what a joy it is to be called mum by my 2 amazing kids. You are gems. Thank you for all the products that believed in me.

Charmed Cosmetics

Mzurii magazine

Bahari castle



An Nisa Tanzania Clothing line

GSM mall

Free Style Pads

Poa TV

Dimoda fashion Burundi

Zimbabwe big spenders’ night

Judge at Miss IFM

Winning Female stylish personality of the year at Swahili Fashion Week

My first time hosting such an honourable event, Miss Tanzania.

Hamisa you pulled it off. Congratulations.

Last but not least Madam Hero. I am still in awe because of how people support my music. It has made me realize that many people go through a lot of things, but have no platform to talk. I am so happy I was a pillar to all these people through Mobetto Foundation.

How can I forget COMING TO AMERICA, what an experience. This is where I say God is good. My first time in America and I travelled to almost all the states. I still find it hard to believe at times. Not forgetting that I was given the opportunity to walk the runway. Thank you Joe Malaika for believing in me.  And I got to meet (I’m screaming inside) @facet .

Thank you for not giving up Hamisa.

….. cheers ? to 2019? 

Hamisa Mobetto to release song featuring American boyfriend?

Just like Vera Sidika Managed to win the attention of Kenyans with several stunts before releasing her new song, Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto might planning the same thing.

The socialite, who is currently in the US, has been sharing a lot of pictures with her new black American lover and firing social media in the process.

She has flooded social media with a bunch of videos giving a glimpse of how their love is now flaming hot days after confessing it’s better than dating Diamond Platnumz.


Fans, however, believe the two are just pulling another stunt and they are working on a new song which might be released pretty soon.

Vera and Otile Brown managed to fool Kenyans a couple of times with such stunts to push their music and it worked.

It seems Hamisa, who already has one song out, is taking a similar route to hype her upcoming music.


‘I once dated a Kenyan businessman and we nearly got married’ – Hamisa Mobbeto

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has finally revealed more about the Kenyan guy she once dated. Speaking to Mzazi Willy M Tuva of Citizen TV, the socialite said she was really in love and even thought about marrying him.

Thing however didn’t just work out but the guy was really dedicated.

“I once dated a Kenyan businessman, we nearly got married. He lived in Kenya and I would visit him after a few weeks and he would visit me in Dar es Salaam. It was beautiful. But we broke up. I dated him after I broke up with Baba Fantasy…I liked everything about him,” Hamisa disclosed on Mambo Mseto.

Moved on

She went to explain why she has never bothered with the man after the two broke up.

“I think it’s because it’s a Sagittarius thing, it is very easy for me to move on,” she explained.

Hamisa Mobetto tells Chipukeezy why having a sponsor is not such a bad thing

Socialite Hamisa Mobetto during her appearance on Chipukeezy Show on Ebru TV addressed the controversial topic of girls having sponsors.

After Sharon Otieno was murdered by Governor Obado, Kenyans have come out to strongly warn younger women from dating older guys. Mobetto said that women who are dating sponsors should have their priorities right and know why they are with them.


She said she doesn’t have a problem with dating older men but ladies should know that such type of men only use and dump ladies so they should be ready.

“Having a sponsor is not a bad thing, but having your own money is the best thing. Sponsors will just use and dump you,” she explained. 

In a previous interview, Hamisa said that since she has two kids already, she’s now focusing on getting an older man.

“Right now I have two children, therefore I want a white or old man who has been in a marriage and is from 45 years or older,” she said in the interview. 


Photos: Chipukeezy receives Hamisa Mobetto at the airport, explains her witchcraft saga

Tanzanian singer Hamisa Mobetto landed in the country yesterday for various reasons, including, an interview with Chipukeezy on his show on Ebru TV.

Hamisa, who recently released a new song dubbed “Madam Hero”, opened about several things in the show yesterday including her witchcraft saga with Diamond Platnumz. Diamond had accused the socialite of using witchcraft on him and forcing him to buy her a house but according to the socialite, his family are the once who went to a witch doctor.

“When you get a child with a person, you wish you can get a long with his family. So this is the part whereby maybe the family or the father of your child doesn’t want to be there and they do thinks to keep you away. So they go to the witch doctor to try and keep on separating you guys.” she told Chipukeezy in the show. 



The socialite also went on to add that she knew Diamond way back then when he had nothing and that’s why she wanted to be with him.

Watch the full interview below:


Hamisa Mobetto lands lucrative government job 

Socialite Hamisa Mobetto has landed a major deal with the Tanzanian Government.

Mobetto has been appointed musician Barnaba Classic and comedian Dullvani as the ambassadors of a government initiative dubbed “Be Smart” started by the Tanzanian Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA).

The initiative aims at educating the youth on how to use social media in the right way.

“Mwanamitindo Hamisa Mobetto, msanii Barnaba, mchekeshaji @dullavan611 pamoja muimbaji Shilole wamekula shavu la kuteuliwa na Baraza la Ushauri la Watumiaji wa Huduma za Mawasiliano (TCRA CCC) kuwa mabalozi wa kampeni ya Be Smart inayojihusisha na kuelimisha vijana kuondokana na matumizi mabaya ya mitandao ya kijamii mashuleni.” reads a statement from TCRA.


On social media Hamisa made the announcement saying:

“Dunia ipo kiganjani mwako kupitia mitandao ya kijamii sasa unaiambia nini dunia?
Umepata nafasi na kilichobaki ni kutumia nafasi hiyo kufanya mambo makubwa! Be Smart Campaign. Its cool to be smart.


This TBT photo dug out by fans prove that Hamisa Mobeto really bleached despite argument 

Bleaching in Africa is at an all time high as women move to change their skin tone to look “prettier”. Many celebrities have bleached their skin but have been constantly denying.

Hamisa Mobeto is one of those who has been shooting down allegations that she lightened her skin despite photos of her filling up the internet when she was dark skinned.



However, a recent TBT photo showing Hamisa in the company of Tanzania’s top presenter B Dozen in what seemed like a club left tongues wagging and probably sealed the argument once and for all.

It seems Hamisa Mobetto has been transitioning from her dark skin days and slowly to a light skin.


Diamond Platnumz latest fling takes shots at Hamisa Mobetto while at a wedding

Word has it that Diamond Platnumz is still having fun with his various Tanzanian women. His latest fling being Tunda.

The young lady who is probably 22 years is said to have changed her lifestyle shortly after hooking up with the singer. Unlike before, she now dines and enjoys the good life knowing that she is the other woman in the singer’s life.

Following Diamond Platnumz only

Anyway, she might have confirmed the rumors after sharing a new post which has left many talking. Apparently she attended the same wedding as Hamisa Mobetto but was not quite pleased to see her. Through her gram she posted a photo captioning;

Tunda attacks Hamisa Mobetto

Well, dating a man who is constantly running back to his baby mamas this could have triggered Tunda to post this.

Diamond Platnumz women attend the same wedding

This is however the first time Tunda is coming out to attack Misa. But all in all on New Years Hamisa Mobetto revealed that she was done with the singer for good….but who knows!


Diamond Platnumz sister expecting baby number 2 like her best friend, Hamisa Mobetto? (Photo)

It might be that season where every woman is craving to have a baby and from the number of baby bump photos making rounds on social media, seems that 2018 will be a year of new borns.

Well, with Hamisa Mobetto expecting her second born…her good friend and probably her unborn baby’s aunty is also on the same route as revealed through her Instagram page.

_Esmaplatnumz for the first time shared a photo that could not hide the rumored bulging baby bump to confirm that was indeed pregnant.

The lass has been married to Wema Sepetu’s best friend for quite sometime now and has one daughter together – however if indeed she is expecting another baby…then she will now have two beautiful kids. Checkout the photo below;