Ken Rapudo is trying to make a wife of Amber Ray

This is hilarious! Amber Ray will supposedly be saved by her new man Ken Rapudo. And by golly, he is truly putting in his best effort but I am here to tell you that things will not work out quite the way he hopes they will.

We recently saw a video of her trying to do what she usually does, marketing whatever her clients have asked her to sell on their behalf using her body. It’s nothing new if you’re familiar with her brand.

Amber Ray getting married?

And now we have Rapudo thinking he can swoop in and win where other men failed? Remember she was married to Zaheer Jhanda and then to Jimal Roho Safi (Jamal Marlow)? And they all failed in their attempts to make an honest woman of Amber Ray.

Amber Ray Sues Madollar Mapesa For Defamation

So now the couple is on holiday in Mombasa and that is a great thing BUT Mr Man is trying to tell his woman to stop posting videos that feature her thirst trapping. And we both know this is a tall order.

He is trying to change Amber Ray yet he found her behaving a certain way and this is probably what made him fall for her. That is like falling in love with a pylon pole for what you see in it and once you’re dating it, you demand to know why it isn’t a barrier fence.

We were right about Amber Ray and her newly minted ex, Kennedy Rapudo

And I too have to admit that I was wrong about their situation. I misread it because I ascribed wisdom and intelligence to both of them, assuming that theirs was a business situation that was meant to live ken clout and Amber money… Nope, they seem to be dating.

Long and short of it? They will fail. You cannot make a woman of a certain reputation and renown into a housewife. And when the chicken come home to roost, we’ll all just be left laughing.

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