Nandy & Billnass Announce They’re Expecting A 2nd Born

Singer Nandy and her husband Billnass are thrilled to announce that they will be expecting yet another baby in their family.

Taking to Instagram stories, Billnass posted a short video showcasing Nandy’s protruding belly, which insinuated that she’s pregnant.

The two lovebirds already have a daughter together monikered Naya Bill. Naya will be celebrating her second birthday this August.

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Nandy has chosen to keep her children’s lives private. In a 2022 interview, she explained that both she and Billnass decided against sharing photos of their children on social media. Nandy believes children deserve a childhood outside the online spotlight and doesn’t want them exposed to potential negativity.

She prioritizes their privacy over potential brand deals, stating,

“If any brand wants to work with my baby, I am enough with the branding. My child doesn’t have to be online.”

Nandy acknowledges the positive and negative aspects of social media, but ultimately chooses to protect her daughter’s right to a normal childhood.

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The two lovebirds have had a tumultuous relationship over the years, having a brief break-up in 2021. But their re-union came with blessings as they welcomed a child the following year.

Nandy on why she can’t stand any of her husband’s friends

Singer Nandy recently opened up about her pregnancy journey while on an interview with Millard Ayo and boy it hasn’t been easy for the first time mum.

Singer Nandy

According to Nandy she has had to deal with mood swings, change of appetite and above all – her dislike towards all of her husbands friends. The lass says that for some reason – she now can’t stand the same friends her husband used to hang out with before her pregnancy.

Nandy went on to give an example of how she’d tell most of them off and at some point texts them not to have her man out late. Uhhh not fancy but then again it’s the pregnancy talking right?


Idris Sultan confirms Nandy’s change of attitude

If you think Nandy is joking – then maybe you should have a look at Idris Sultan’s posts. The actor has been complaining about not getting an invite to his best friend’s wedding and now says Nandy blocked him from communicating with other Billnass.

Although I don’t think his case is that serious…what we know is that the comedian was no where to be seen during Nandy’s wedding; but again – we have reason to believe he relocated and is currently living abroad.

“The mum disappeared on me” Man claiming to be Nandy’s biological dad emerges 30 years later

Singer Nandy has a lot on her plate at the moment with the all the wedding hype, pregnancy, beef with Zuchu and now – a man claiming to be her biological dad just surfaced.

Believe it must really be hard for her but I guess this is the price she has to pay for being a celebrity. Anyway with the wedding already done and sealed – a man claiming to be the singers dad has come out to claim his daughter especially after he was not invited to the wedding.

Speaking to popular Tz media outlet the fella explained that he believes Nandy is his child since he never got see her since the mum eloped while still pregnant for him.

Mimi naitwa Charles Godfrey Mfinanga, mama yake(Nandy) tulipotezana akiwa mjamzito. Nilikuwa mtu wa madini, sikuweza kumtafuta na wakati huo mwaka 1992 hakukuwa na simu kwa ajili ya mawasiliano.

Nandy’s sister with her husband

He went on to add that Nandy’s aunt (sister to her mum) is the reason why he lost his wife and never got to meet his daughter.

Mimi na mama yake Nandy hatukuwa na tatizo lolote isipokuwa dada yake alimuonea wivu wakati nipo na yule mama. Akamtorosha/kumpoteza kama mfanyakazi akampeleka sehemu ambayo sijui

Nandy’s Roots

Well, having seen the likes of Baba Diamond Platnumz emerge to claim rites over their grown kids – years after they had walked away; Nandy’s dad says he is not looking for money or acceptance but wants his daughter to know his side of the story.

Nimeona nijitambulishe anikubali au anikatae lakini ajue kwamba mimi ndio baba yake wa kumzaa kama ana mwingine ni wa kumlea


Nachotamani kumwambia Nandy ni kitu kimoja, mimi sijawahi kumuona, kama ametambua kuna Charles Mfinanga zaidi ya mimi awe huru nampa baraka zote lakini ajue ni damu yangu.

To conclude his interview Mr Charles Mfinanga said;

Nandy ni mtoto wangu kwa sababu aliondoka na ujauzito.

Beef brewing between Pregnant singer Nandy & Zuchu over multimillion deal? (Voice note)

Ooh its been a minute since we saw some drama from bongo land and thanks to Esma Platnumz netizens are back to snooping around Tz entertainment news.

Well, having come across her (Esma) voice note this morning – honestly my day hasn’t been the same…like people out here are wilding and problem is – everyone is acting like its normal…ama niko Dunia ingine?

Anyway enough on Esma Platnumz –  I’m sure she’s still cuddling the wild man that recently gave her a taste of heaven. That is from what she said on the audio currently circulating online.

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Esma Platnumz wilding out here

So back to Nandy and Zuchu. Well word making rounds in social media is that Nandy and Zuchu are currently beefing over a certain deal from Guinness TZ. However not quite sure why since we all know Zuchu apparently turned it down because of her religious believes hence leaving room for another top female artist to step in.

Jealously or pettiness?

Well since word has it that Zuchu was Guinness Tz first choice and not Nandy – there’s now an audio of the pregnant singer seeking help from Influencer/ gossip monger Mwijaku asking him to help kill the rumors.


Judging from Bongo 5’s reporter – apparently Nandy wanted wachafue tarnish Zuchu image and brand her a liar…which is kinda weird since we all thought they’re friends. Wait…wasn’t Zuchu among those who celebrated Nandy on her wedding day not forgetting the friendly messages? Who saw it coming?

Anyway…good thing is that at least with all that bad blood…these two ladies are clearly running showbiz business in Tz with their music.

Singer Nandy hints about possible breakup with fiancé weeks after fancy engagement party

Rumor has it that Nandy and fiance, Billnass May not be in good terms, following a post she recently shared on her page talking about the pain that comes loving someone way too much.

Nandy’s ring

From how she put her thoughts together, it’s easy to tell that Nandy is going through a tough time; or may be speaking about a person  whose suffering in love – but as for now fans are convinced that all is not well between her and Billnass.

Billnass proposes to Nandy Live

The alarming post implying there’s trouble in paradise wrote;

Tatizo tunapenda kupitiliza, tunafanya kila kitu ili tu mtu wako afurahi, ndio mana inakua ngumu kuzuia haya maumivu, we do alot and expect alot. Kwanini lakini tunashindwa kuControl hisia zetu, mbona tunaona viashiria vyote lakini kwanini tunashindwa kukubali matokeo, Kweli haya ni mapenzi, hili ni fumbo.

Fans react

This indeed comes a big surprise especially since we just saw the two hold a fancy engagement that saw Billnass and his people pay bride price about a month ago.

And just when it’s wedding is a few weeks ago, Nandy says;

This is the game, lazima mmoja tu atashinda acha nikapambane huko kwingine. Kubembeleza huku basi, Maumivu tena Basi #MapenziShikamooSirudiiTena

Having posted this, the likes of Wema Sepetu among other celebrities quickly rushed to leave comments; pleading with the singer not to call off her wedding first – before trying to resolve their issues.

She wrote;

Nandy Nandy…usituvuruge tunajiandaa na shughuli yenu…please…acha tumalize kwanza la Tivu akee. By the time linaisha na imani wewe na mwenzako mtakuwa mshayamaliza.

Singer Nandy explains why she no longer wears her expensive engagement ring

Singer Nandy is currently in a very serious relationship with rapper Billnas; and so far, we understand that the couple is planning to walk down the aisle soon.

However sometime back rumors had it that Nandy and her bae had a fall out; that saw them part ways for a while. They however fixed this quickly by releasing a song where Billnas played the part of the vixen.

Just when we almost thought this had fixed the ‘break up’ problem; fans once again found another crack in Nandy and Billnas’ relationship. This is after spotting Nandy without her engagement ring a couple of times; when we all witnessed Billnas propose with a huge stone sometime back during Nandy’s live event.

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Nandy’s ring

Where Nandy’s ring disappeared to

Anyway speaking recently during an interview with CloudsFM, singer Nandy for the first time went on to reveal why she has not been wearing her engagement ring.

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According to the singer, one of her fans allegedly pulled out her ring while she was performing at a campaign rally sometime back. The singer went on to add that the fan not only managed to get away with the ring; but almost broke her finger as they also disappeared with one of her nails. She said;

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 Sijavaa kwasababu tulipokuwa Tanga kwenye kampeni, kwenye vuta nikuvute na mashabiki nikachomolewa na mashabaki na hata kung’olewa kucha.

Whether true or not, I guess Nandy is now used to the on and off relationship she has been having with Billnas for the past few years.

But will they manage to walk down the aisle or are they waiting for the relationship to end in premium tears?

Nandy responds to romantic rumors linking her to community boyfriend, Brown Mauzo

Tanzanian song bird Nandy does not wish to be linked to Vera Sidika’s new fiancé in anyway. This past weekend the singer was forced to respond to rumors claiming she is among the celebrity women; the coastal based singer has been seeing on the side.

As seen in a photo collage shared by original East, the blogger went on to suggest that Brown Mauzo had also been dating Nandy. As in the caption, the gossip writer went on to caption the post saying;

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Meet Kenyan Diamond Platnumz @Brownmauzo254????????????

Brown Mauzo was dating @OfficialNandy @Akotheekenya @iamamberay now @queenveebosset!!!


However responding to this before it got out of hand; Nandy on the other hand went on to drop a small comment where she wrote;

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Khali!!!!!!!!

Brown Mauzo neglects wife and daughter for Vera Sidika

Well, this comes just a few day’s after it was revealed that Brown walked out on his wife and daughter!

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Apparently this is not the first time he has pulled such a stunt; and everytime he always finds his way back home.

However, this time around getting engaged to Vera Sidika seems to have satisfied his hunger for fame; and if I am not wrong, Brown is not ready to give this life up!


As for now the two continue to tour Mombasa together and hopefully they will also be walking down the aisle before the year ends.


Nandy accused of using Devil worship money to purchase new multi million mansion that has left tongues wagging online (Photo)

Tanzanian singer Nandy may be a small girl (not petite) but the lady has proven to be hardworking and this can be seen in most of the properties she owns!

At her young age Nandy already owns a Range Rover among other cars and now; the lady has a multi million mansion that has left many on social media pointing fingers at her.

Well, most claim that the money used to purchase this mansion is not legit as most believe she earned it through the use of black magic.

Willy Paul hanging out with Nandy

This comes a few weeks after a weird photo of Nandy at a ritual den emerged online leaving many with questions. For a minute we thought she was using the photo to hype an upcoming song; but we are yet to see any new projects from her! So does it mean it was leaked with other intentions?

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Multi Million mansion

Judging from the size of the mansion seen on the photo shared by Nandy; it’s evident to see that this is no small house nor is it cheap!

If we were to estimate the money spent to purchase and furnish the house; lets say Miss Nandy definitely coughed some millions to make this happen.

Nandy’s mansion

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Anyway, whether she purchased the house with the alleged ritual money or not truth is Nandy has been working extra hard to get where she is today!

After Vanessa Mdee called it quits, Nandy now remains as the top female artist in the East African region; and her music videos can prove this! As for now Nandy has no one to compete with;

Singer Nandy caught on camera practicing Devil Worship rituals (Photo)

Kivuruge hitmaker singer Nandy has left many  of her fans asking questions on social media.

This is after a photo showing the stunning singer wearing a red scarf on her head; another scarf tied on her upper body and lastly a black wrapper on her lower body!

She also appears to be carrying 3 quads with both hands, but truth is the photo screams ‘witchcraft’ from all angles which leaves us wondering what could have been going on.

Is it a movie? Song? Or just the reality of things for most artists looking for quick successful?

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Nandy accused of practicing black magic

Fans on the other hand continue to express the shock they went through after coming across the shocking photo showing the singer at the Shrine.

Judging from how serious and committed she appears to be; one would easily conclude that Nandy’s success and wealth have been highly contributed by dark powers of black magic.


We also can’t confirm anything for now since she also happens to be an actress; meaning the photo could have been taken on set – but common!

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Nandy on the other hand has not addressed anything concerning the photo. But I’m pretty sure her team will definitely come up with a good explanation to back the singer up; before her career is washed down the drain!

Unveiling Michael Bundi’s incredible talent that proves his supremacy as the de facto King of Covers

Dear Diary,

Today feels like 10, 464, 598th day of the curfew and subsequent semi-lockdown, thanks to the ravaging Covid-19 virus. I have learnt a few lessons, but the major one?

Well, life is fleeting. Grab every chance that comes along. Do new things. Watch new movies. Listen to new music.

Find a soul mate. Or, make one. Make a hell of a wedding, budgets be damned. A wedding full of dance and colorful dress – chuck the traditional black on white. Make it a party, with an awesome musician.

It’s a world full of erratic, half-baked musicians with jumpy lyrics, Dear Diary. We need better.

We don’t have a budget to hire a celebrity musician – most of which thrill with a mere half of their releases – and suck with the rest. Ok, a band? Hell, no. A band in a wedding has become cliché.

Then, a single genre would bore. Not everyone digs slow gospel. A significant section of the crowd are reggae freaks, but what do we do with the vibrant Bongo fans? The dancers will be found here, remember.

Ok, let’s get a versatile performer, with an adaptability to perform across genres – and with a commanding stage presence.

Meet Michael Bundi.

Michael alongside Jamaican artist Etana in 2019
Michael alongside Jamaican artist Etana in 2019

In the world of covers, Michael Bundi is one of Kenya’s best kept secrets. It’s a hard task describing the immense enigma.

This guy can sing, rap, croon, chant and wail across the most difficult productions in the world of music – and in some cases – do a solo medley while at it! If that’s not incredible, I don’t know what is.

Michael Bundi cannot be tamed into a regular voice category. You want to hear your favorite cover in baritone? Mezo-soprano? Tenor? Countertenor? Contralto? He’s game. (Oh, you didn’t even know there’s a Contralto? Ha!)

A casual perusal into his YouTube channel will enslave you. There’s no exiting. There’s a butt-load of talent buried in cyberspace waiting to be discovered. It’s not hyperbole.

A random pick of my three favorite covers? His ‘For the Love of Reggae’ series is superb.

Baby Love (Otile Brown).

Njiwa Njiwa (Willy Paul & Nandy).

Moyo Mashine (Ben Pol).

His musical buffet ain’t singly filled with covers. He’s excellent own productions.

The greatest thing with Michael is his flawless, almost tangible vocals. Videos are simply self-shot, with a smart phone. The only other star in the videos is a little, adorable 2yr-old kiddo, so sweet it makes me choke with emotion!

This is one of the artist’s best covers, Baby Love originally done by Otile Brown, over Heart & Soul Riddim instrumental:

Nandy’s boyfriend beaten black and blue by unknown persons (Photo)

Nandy’s boyfriend Billnass is currently nursing wounds after he was terribly beaten by unknown people as revealed on his social media pages.

Billnass with Nandy

The Tanzanian artist went on to share a selfie showing the bruises he suffered after the attack leaving him with patches on his face.

According to Billnas, the person that attacked him and the one that gave out the orders are both fools! He goes on to add that such people need education to understand how others live in this cold world.



Billnass calls out his attacker!

In a long post shared on his page, it’s evident to see that Billnass is quite bitter about this incident but all in all he couldn’t waste an opportunity to school ‘fools’ who basically have nothing going on in their heads.


Billnass went on to write saying;

Mjinga ni Mtu Maskini wa Fikra ambae Hajui Kama Tatizo lake ni Kubwa Kuliko Umaskini ama Ufukara wa Kipato !! Mjinga ni Mtu ambae Hawezi Juwa thamani ya Umri , Utu hata Jinsia Yake…anaweza kiuka Mipaka Ya Utu na Yuko radhi kutumikishwa, kuwa Mpambe, Kuadi , Hasidi na Mmbea Hata Kama ni Mwanaume , Mshahara wa Mjinga wewe Msifie, Mpe Mshahara wa Kumuweka Karibu kama Kivuli !! Tusiwatenge watu wajinga, Uzuri Sikuhizi wajinga pia wanaoa na wanaweza kuoana na Wajinga Wenzao !! Heri ya Mwaka 2020 kwa Wajinga na Wapambe Wote Duniani !! Eee Mungu niongoze nisiwatenge ndugu na Marafiki zangu Wajinga maana Hakuna Jeraha kubwa kama Kuzungukwa na Watu Wajinga ambao hawawezi kuuficha Ujinga wao

Nandy’s lookalike sister weds the love of her life at colorful wedding

Singer Nandy and her family this past weekend celebrated their sister Celine Mfinanga as she walked down the aisle with her longtime boyfriend Dundas Mfuru.

Nandy’s sister Celine

Just like most celebrities Nandy has always kept her family on the low; and at some point fans started assuming she was the one who got married — not knowing that it was her sister who doubles up as her and official stylist.

Judging from the photos and stories making rounds, word has it that the event was only graced by close friends, relatives and a few Tanzanian celebrities.

Wedding photos

The ceremony was not only just a celebration but a great entertainment event which was emceed by popular funny comedian MC Pilipili who left everybody cracking up at his jokes.

Anyway, Celine ( the bride ) also went on to praise her husband in a moving message shared on her Instagram page where she wrote saying;

Nandy’s sister with her husband

“Even though I have been there before but I call this “fall in love” we meant to be together forever, just me and you, you are above all. love you my husband”.

Nandy with her other sister
Celine with Hubby

Who is the lucky man? Singer Nandy stirs engagement rumor after she is spotted wearing a huge expensive rock!

African princess Nandy is currently giving many sleepless nights after she was spotted wearing what many claim to be an engagement ring.

The singer whose life completely changed after venturing into music a few years ago is now ranked among the top artists in East Africa and if I am not wrong, also the hottest.

Nandy and the late Ruge

Anyway, just a few months ago the singer lost the love of her life Tanzanian media mogul, Ruge Mutahaba to an unknown illness leaving her all on her own.

Moving on

However, it now seems that she is moving on with a new man and judging from the rock on her finger, we can definitely confirm that things are quite serious – that is if the ring is just for decoration and not engagement.

Not quite sure who the lucky man is but judging from Nandy’s smile….it’s obvious to tell that this young lady is indeed happy! Check the ring below.

Campaign it Is! Nandy says “Magufuli Tena” in the remake of her once famed “Ninogeshe”

It easily strikes as a campaign slogan especially in the ears of Kenyans who have heard Tano tena. Regardless of whether it is a campaign slogan or not, it’s the title of Nandy’s latest song” Magufuli Tena”released just days ago.

The Ninogeshe hit maker made a rendition in celebration of her president’s works so far.

His excellency Dr John Pombe Magufuli elected in  November 2015 has dutifully served Tanzanians sparking so much admiration and appreciation from his people. The No-nonsense president has done lots of impeccable projects as expressed in the song.



The song sang entirely in praise of President J.P. Magufuli  praises the things he has done for Tanzania. The list of improvements and changes he has made in Tanzania is endless.

Nandi mentions how he has boosted the medical field by increasing the budgetary allocation; he released a good number of petty offenders.

On the other hand, he has found markets for their local agricultural produce hence boosting the farmers in the country.

Furthermore, he has ensured that a Tanzania has state of the art road and rail transport, free basic education and affordable student loans for those after Higher Education.

The simple fact that he has ensured Tanzanians have access to basic social amenities is enough for Tanzanians.Indeed Magufuli Tena!


The video directed by Jooweezy is simple and precise to the point.  The Ninogeshe queen stands  out as she takes time on the various sites of development such as a highway and hospital.

There is clear display of the works of the president.

The pictures are enough to make anyone who’s not Tanzanian feel envious and question what their president has done for them.

Standing out in the video is Nandy’s Ankara headwrap; quite the needed African touch.

Wahenga walisema “mcheza kwao hutuzwa” and the joy of Tanzanians has been expressed in this tune. It gives a million reasons why the people of Tanzania will not think twice about voting for Magufuli Tena!

Gracious enough the president tweeted  through the governments spokesperson and thanked Nandy for her song.


Your thoughts?For rating I will go with 7/10.

Love gone sour;Nandy brings in Sauti Sol in “Kiza Kinene”

Love is supposed to be a beautiful thing that thrives on endless trying to make each other happy. However for many people that is not the case.

Anyway, award winning boy band Sauti Sol have featured in Nandy’s new jam titled ‘Kiza Kinene”.  These artists are among the most  celebrated East African Musicians on the continent and beyond. Well this is  good for us. Proud moments huh!

Kiza Kinene

This is a song that talks of the pain of a heartbreak between two lovers.  Nandy starts off the song in a somber mood depicting the hurt that love has brought her.


In all expectations no one ever expects to get that kind of pain. Nandy did a good job in the song as she starts with “Kiherehere kimeniisha Eeh nimekuwa simulizi kwa penzi lako Waninanga wee Zaidi yanisikitisha Eti nimekuwa chuma cha kafuro Nipo juu ya mawe…….”

In that, she describes  how her joy just vanished at once and she now feels the emptiness.She even compares it to the steel on padlock.Clearly, parables are still a thing.

Further on, she goes to tell us of  her anguish when it comes to love. Love left her shattered and unprepared for the harsh reality of loneliness, and ‘Kiza kinene”-darkness.

And of course the Sol Generation boys on their part did not disappoint with their vocals. Bringing too life the response of the male lover that is also broken by the break up.

Bien did it all when he says,“I’ve been trying not to diss you Mwenzako mimi nilikuwa sina issue mpenzi Hope uko sawa, my darling And I’ve been trying not to miss you Ila unapoenda kutwa yangu maumivu We yangu dawa, ooooh ooh….”


Basically at the end of the day, love is worth fighting for by overlooking one’s mistakes, if not talk about them. The message in this song is that we don’t have to wallow in pain when we can still love if we let go of our ego.

The song was Directed by Justin Campos Music  and Produced by Kimambo Beats.

For rating will go for 8/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Nandy back on the scene with “Bugana” and features New by Kidd Billnass and he doesn’t disappoint

The self proclaimed African Princess Nandy, is clearly not going anywhere  when it comes to doing music.This  time she teams up with East Africa’s most promising Rap Kidd BillNass to bring us new  jam “bugana”.

For a long time Tanzanian Rap artists are  not that influential except for a few known around  East Africa.


Bugana is a song that has brought songstress Nandy and Kid together to keep him at the top of his game.

From all sorts of searches i am not sure i know the meaning of the word ‘Bugana”. However from the comments below the video on youtube, Bugana means “Love”.


Basically in the song the two are trying to bring out the essence of being genuine when it comes to two people in love.

The two have the energy that goes so well with the lyrics.

However as the song goes on, you realize that Billnass struggles to put out a good game in his rap. Well, in my opinion he is one to watch out for. He might just dethrone Mwanafa.

In this the two singers are talking about plans for their marriage with the involvement of their family and friends.

In all this they try to bring out the essence of love between a couple


The lyrical breakdown of this songs Lyrics has been well down as it is sequential form that lacks in many songs around the region.

In essence  the duo are telling society that it is okay to dream of a perfect kind of love that leads to a happy ever after.

Nandi in her part she clearly showers her man with the love and respect he deserves. Well everyone deserves to be loved.


As we ponder on the deeper meaning of the word “Bugana” we give credit where its due Nandy and Billnas did a god job on the lyrics.

The song was  produced and directed by S2kizzy and the sound mixing by the super producer Lizer Classic.

For rating I will go for 6/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

6 collabos between Kenyan and Tanzanian artists that we’d totally love to see

Kenyan artists have been working with their Tanzanian counterparts a lot more lately so much so that people who don’t like Bongo music, like yours truly, are starting to feel like it’s worth their time.

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We’ve seen some impressive collabos between Tanzanian and Kenyan artists in the recent past. Some of the include; Timmy Tdat & Rosa Ree, Willy Paul and Nandy, Bahati and Rayvanny, Juma Jux and Nyashisnki and so on.

In my opinion, we need to see more of these and that’s why I came up with a list of artists who I think should work together because why not? Also there’s the fact that it well grow East African music.

That being said, here’s our wish list of collabos:

1. Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux – After watching their mash up of African Lover on Coke Studio, I think these two should get into studio like yesterday.

Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux
Nadia Mukami and Juma Jux

2. Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones – This collabo should have happened a long time ago. I mean why not? Both artists are bad-ass rappers and they would really kill it on one track.

Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones
Rosa Ree and Khaligraph Jones

3. Otile Brown & Vanessa Mdee – I’m not quite sure about this but something tells me that a collabo between them would be totally fire. I’m looking forward to the day they will give us a treat.

Otile Brown and Vanessa Mdee
Otile Brown and Vanessa Mdee

4. Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny –  I live for the day these two musicians will release a song together. Thinking about it just gives me goosebumps. If a collabo between them comes to pass, it will be the biggest song of the year.

Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny
Arrow Bwoy and Rayvanny

5. Nyashisnki and Nandy – I feel like a collabo between these two would be pure bliss. Nandy’s smooth vocals would really blend in well Nyashisnki’s rap. Get into studio guys!

Nyashisnki and Nandy
Nyashisnki and Nandy

6. Vivian and Darassa – This is another one that I’m not quite sure about. However, I feel like a rap-infused song with Vivian’s vocals would be totally fire.

Vivian and Darassa
Vivian and Darassa

Which collabo are you looking forward to? Tell us below.

Small girl with big toys! Nandy buys herself new ride worth Ksh 5 million!

Tanzanian singer Nandy has been making big moves of late and for this reason she recently decided to gift herself with a new Land Rover Discovery 4.

Nandy flaunts her new ride

The lady shared a couple of photos and a video flaunting her new baby on social media leaving some fans envious of her new achievement!

Nandy has undeniably been working harder than most females in the music industry and is now reaping the benefits of her labor.

Musically the lady seems to have overtaken the likes of Ruby, Mimi Mars and many other ladies doing Bongo music.

Gifts photographer with new car!

About a week ago Nandy went on to surprise her official photographer, Alley with a new Toyota Crown Athlete as his birthday gift.

According to Nandy this was just a token of appreciation for the amazing work he has been  doing as her photographer for the last three years.

“I’ve worked with Alley for the last three years. In the last three years, there are a lot of things that Alley has done for me. He has been trustworthy and has been there since the beginning of my career. He would photograph me for free at the beginning and now I pay him. He is very respectful and listens to me,”

Nandy denies ever being in a romantic relationship with Willy Pozze

Thanks to their steamy photos taken during their Nairobi show, many believe that Willy Paul and Bongo singer Nandy were/are an item.

The two have been photographed getting a bit too close than normal friends would or rather than two artists doing business together.

However, this showbiz business demands all efforts if an artist wants to sell his or her own projects to fans; and I guess this is what Pozze and Nandy were up to and yes…their fans bought it too!

Not my lover

With fans both in Kenya and Bongo embracing this new ‘relationship’ Willy’s pozze’s biogeography on Wikipedia has been edited adding Nandy as his spouse.

When tagged on the screenshot making rounds on most Bongo Instagram tabloids, Nandy went on to deny saying that the love of her life is not in this world (passed on).


Incase you also thought the two had something going on, then her response to the post below will help you understand better.

Willy Paul

Willy Paul bashed over his explicit photos with Nandy

Controversial singer Willy Paul seems to have quit releasing gospel music and is now focused on doing what he thinks is best for his career.

This past weekend during the Choma na Ngoma festival Willy Paul left many shocked after his performance with Nandy; and truth be told the singer didn’t seem to care much.

Willy Paul and Nandy

From the photos shared on his Instagram it’s evident that Willy Paul is all about giving his fans nothing but full entertainment.

Fans call out Willy Paul

However his gospel fans could not come into terms with the fact that Willy Paul has opted to venture into secular music.

Judging from some of the comments left under his ‘raunchy’ Photos one can see how aggressive some fans got while others went on to warn him against going the calling of God.

Well… I guess it’s all about entertainment and where the money is therefore there is no sign of Pozee will be turning back to his old music. Read the comments below;

Bus ferrying Nandy and Willy Paul among other bongo artistes, overturns in Tanzania

Monday night, Kenya´s Willy Paul and Tanzania´s Nandy among other artists were involved in a nasty road accident in Morogoro, Tanzania.

The group was headed for Nandy´s show ¨Nandy Festival¨ set to go down in Sumbawanga come Saturday.

According to Tanzania media sources, the 2 were travelling in a branded bus alongside other bongo artistes before the driver lost control.


The bus overturned in Morogoro´s Mikumi area.

Present is Nandy´s ex, rapper Billnass, also set to perform at Nandy´s Festival.

Additionally are: Juma Nature, Whozu, Stamina, Roma, Barnaba and Ice Boy.

Nandy, Willy Paul and the group have since been rushed to neighboring hospitals with no reports of fatality.

This comes barely 4 days after raunchy performance between the 2, during the ¨Choma na Ngoma¨ festival just Friday, in Nairobi.


Nandy´s skimpy performance scoops her an ´In-Law´ title from Kenya and a ´Machupi´ title from Tanzania

African Princess, Nandy set foot on the Kenyan soil on Friday during the ´Choma na Ngoma´ event in a costume a bit too skimpy but here to KILL!

´Choma na Ngoma´ event hosted International artistes, the likes of Patoranking, and Nandy was present.

Nandy storms the stage in a skimpy costume leaving men drooling over her sexy thighs and chest.

Down at KICC, Nandy´s performance might have seen her scoop the ´top trending female artist in East Africa´ title.

´Ninogeshe´ was definitely top on her list of the evening´s performances before sweeping off the audience with a performance alongside Willy Paul.


However, it was definitely a fun-filled affair but there will always be ´home´ to go back to.

So, fine, it was breathtaking for her male audience, but her Tanzanian family has religion and culture to maintain.

Back at home, it is expected that a woman respects herself enough to cover herself up, a tradition that Nandy´s costume defies.

The Tanzanian beauty has not known peace after her performance in Kenya with trolls about her dressing.

Even getting nicknamed:

Nandy machupiiiiii


The Kenyan land however took in the beauty without her consent, many referring to her as Kenya´s in-law.

KENYA ???????? Sisi Kama In-laws ???????? Mahari tupeleke ngombe ngapi pale Moshi ????

Binti wa Kipare hajui yeye ni wetu hapa kenya ????????

Siku moja atamka ajikute harusi Jana kisha tendeka… hapa Nairobi
Sisi kama in-laws


Siuhamie tu Kenya ???????? haki.. Jana was amazing


Wewe tutakuoa wakenya mana si kwa dance ile unatuharibia willy paul wetu????


Hamia huku [Kenya] permanently

Mixed comeback

Additionally, funny thing is how much more love she received from the 2 lands.

Many actually applauding her, urging her to ignore all the critics and slay her way to the top.

Hizi sasa ndo Nguo Za Show???????????????? Jana Uliauaa????????????

Tunakusubiri Sumbawanga Eid Mosi????????????????????????


Yaani kumpenda nandy raaha buana yaani nandy ni kazi twende no drama no kuiga wengine,

Nandy mambo yake ni unique.

Yaani ni kazi kazi kazi, kuwa Team nandy raaha buana huku hatuna uswahili ni kazi twende????????


She has the Tanzanian darling’s blessings(Ruge)


The band was live…hiyo sauti Sasa….uuuwwwwiii mi nikafikri hua Ni computerized…

Kumbe kweli sauti ya kwake…..achana watu wengine sauti ziko computerized na Bado zinakwaruza….go girl ????


Ilikua balaaa ❤️ ulitisha mama


Mamaaaaa????????????????????????????????????????.Jesus???????????? eh eh eh????????????????????


Hajawaiii kutuangushaaa kumpenda ndo kitu najuagaaa


The best girl ever in the world ????????????


Once a star always a star


Binti wa kipare you looking pretty❤❤❤❤ I love youuuuiuuuu…..keep it up????


Baby doll nandy, napenda venye nandy ywajiamini, nandy ywajiamini hadi raahaa.

Alafu uzuri wake hana tatizo na yeyote yule kwake ni kazi tuu,

Tuko nyuma yako nandy tuwakilishe vema East Africa????????????????????????????????


Picha ya kuombea mkopo tala unapewa pesa bila kitambulisho cha taifaaa PAAMBEEEE tuuuuuuu❤️


Hizo nguo asiziache Kenya…

Afunge kwenye bahasha atuletee wafipa tuje tudamshi nazo Nelson Mandela na hili baridi tutakoma????????


I love her kwasababau she appreciates positive criticism !!!

The outfit this time ni Konki hatari!!!! Uuuuuiiii Nandy!!!

Go sexy Mama!! Wakilisha all East Africa.. not only Tanzanian

@officialnandy Mungu akuongoze na kukutunza mdogo wangu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,

Heshima kwa wazazi wako na busara kwa watu vinakufanya unazidi kubarikiwa

Haka ka baby girl ni???????????????? go Nandy
nimekupenda bure nandy ywapendwa na watu wenye akili????????????
Oooh my God what a voice….???? Such a blessed ???? woman She’s truly born with a real talent ????????????????


We love you too African princess.

The Lord bless you and keep you from harm ????????

Dis gurl is blessed ????????????????????????


A tear-filled yet fiery performance by the Tanzanian beauty best defines the evening performance.

Tanzania´s Nandy reveals more about the tycoon who picked her up at the airport during her album launch

¨African Princess¨ album launch in Nairobi saw Nandy get picked up at the airport in a high-end machine by a tycoon whom she now claims she doesn´t know.

This stunt had her Kenyan´boyfriend´ Willy Paul, fill with jealousy after being driven to a battle against a giant he would ultimately lose to.

However, Nandy now speaks about the tycoon up and close with Lil Ommy:

Believe it or not, I met that man in the album launch.

He came in as a fan and since that day, I still do not know who that man is.

Funny enough, during her actual launch at Golden Ice club, the tycoon blew dollars on the petite beauty in a leaked video.

Word on the street was that this mogul is her sponsor, who sees her walk in luxurious shoes, dress in high-end attire and live the life of her dreams.

Well, the shoes she wore to her album launch alone, were $200, Ksh 200,000 to be precise.

That was reason enough to believe the tycoon was her man because last time I checked, nothing is free in this world, let alone living large for free.

However, let´s stick to her word that that guy is actually just a random fan who beat Willy Paul at his own game.


Revealed: Nandy´s love affair with media mogul was top secret for fear of public disapproval

Tanzanian songstress, Nandy has previously graced the dating scene with the late, Ruge Mutahaba whose details were kept secret for fear of disapproval.

Up and Close with Millard Ayo, the youthful talent expressed:

Nilikataa kwa sababu hatukupenda mahusiano yetu kwa sababu I know ingekua iko open ingekuwa ni more worse than hata hivo walivyokuwa wamejua kidogo.

Kuna watu ambao wangeona ni sawa lakini wengi hawangeona ni sawa.

So tulikuwa tunajaribu sisi wote wawili kutengeneza njia ya maisha yetu binafsi ili kufikia lengo letu.

The late media mogul had been in previous relationships whose publicity might have torn them all apart and Nandy was trying to avoid that.

Sio hofu ya mziki ama kazi katika maisha yetu.

Tulikuwa tayari tumeshapanga maisha tunavyoyaendesha kuanzia mziki wangu na position yake na hata familia ya clouds na familia zetu.

Lakini kikubwa tumeona madhara, especially yeye ndiye aliweka mahusiano yake wazi ilikuwa ina maneno drama kipindi hata siko naye nilikuwa naona.

Kwa hivo hatukutaka hio lifestyle iendelee tena kwenye maisha yetu.


Ruge Mutahaba remains to be remembered having been the co-founder and Programs Director at Clouds Media Group.

He battled Kidney failure for close to 6 months before passing on while undergoing treatment in South Africa early in the year, aged 49.

Nandy notes that the wealthy founder was a backbone to her dreams and massive growth who gave her a heart to fight.

For her, the late Ruge was a blessing in her life, her bossom friend and everything meaningful in her life.

It was until his demise that the world came into terms with her undisclosed relationship to the media mogul.

Ruge Junior makes impeccable revelations about Tanzania´s Nandy

Tanzania´s Nandy, just last week, mourned the love of her life and best friend, the late Ruge Mutahaba, whom they dated for 3 years and Ruge´s first son praises the young talented singer.

Apparently, Nandy is not what many might seem to refer to her as, because according to Ruge´s 1st son, Nandy is an impeccable soul and very disciplined.

The African Princess enjoyed 3 years of her dating life with Ruge who unfortunately passed on, a week before their nuptials.

Nandy is close to the late Ruge´s family having even been invited over as they commemorated his life and they totally respect the beauty.

Ruge Junior shares:

Nandy is here but we don´t see her as a celeb she z part of our family.

Hey days

The first son reveals that it was through his dad that he got to know Nandy who formally introduced her to him.

Speaking to Ayo TV, Ruge Junior reveals:

Nandy was dating my father, respect my father and she z the true hustler.

I got to know Nandy through my Dady.

It´s my Dady who introduced me to her.

She was going to Marry my Dady and a week before, my Dady passed away.

Spilling the beans, Ruge´s first son shared how uniquely and disciplined Nandy has always presented herself unlike previous baby mamas:

So now you understand the bitterness in those baby mamas.

They were so quick to have babies but non of them was officially introduced to the family.

Having dated for 3 years:

Nandy never rushed to have a baby even tho the whole family knew her.

Her sister inlaw from U.K. Her brother in law from US.

Sadly, Ruge Junior recalls the day His father shared:

Even the late Ruge said on his death bed please I know I won´t survive.

Please look after Nandy and my kids.

However, it was time to bounce back on her feet and the Tanzanian artist never let her past down:

Nandy lost her happiness.

But look how committed she z to her work.

She z working deadly day and night.

And she got Ruge´s brain too.

Watch this space.

Tanzania´s Nandy savagely attacked of hypocrisy as she commemorates her late lover´s birthday

Tanzanian songbird, Nandy has been slammed by fans and followers as a hypocrite for celebrating her late lover, Ruge Mutahaba whereas while still alive, no love was shown to him.

On social media, the African Princess has been termed a hypocrite due to failure of introducing Ruge to the world as the owner of her heart, while still alive.

According to followers, she never disclosed their affair nor proudly shared their public moments with the world.

The petite bongo artist shared posts and captions:


This raises brows among fans and followers who believe it is way too late to show the deceased love, now that he has left us.

Instead, fans think it would be justice served if they let his soul rest in eternal peace.


As family celebrates the late Ruge Mutahaba´s birthday, fans believe it is not proper to do so, rather should just commemorate his life on earth.

A part of her followers on her page share the family´s grief as well as happy moment as they celebrate the soul on his birthday:

Nandy kidogo aweee WiFi yetu wa kagera jamaniiiii???????????? so sad


????????????daaah mlipendeza sana


???????? Happy birthday boss ruge???????????????? pumzika kwa Aman


Duuuh Jamaa kumbe ameanza kitambo na mtoto mzr R.I.P boss Mutahaba ????????


Happy birthday ????????????


Pole najua inaumwa ila endelea kumuombea apumzike kwaaman


Hbd Ruge….Jmn Kama Ungerudi Mara 1 Daaaah ????????????????????????




Siku ya wafanyakaz Duniani, tutakukumbuka daima Boss Ruge.. RIP bro


RG the greatest,We loved you but God loved you most..

African Princess am sure RG is smiling from above…

Love you Princess…

Keep celebrating the King the best way you know how.. Happy Birthday RG


However, a couple of fans troll the young beauty for living a lie about her love life only to unearth their relationship affairs once Ruge passed on:

Umekubali nn shoga usitupe Umbea nusunusu malizia tuelewe


Wangapi wanasubiri wapenzi wao wafe ndo wawapost ????????????


Hizi Ulikuaga Unazifichia Wap Lkn Dada


Si ungekuw una post toka kitamb au alikuwa anakuzuia I’ll apate michepuko mingine


Leo tutaona ata tusivoviona


Kumbe hao wote walikuwa wanajua kila kitu kuhusu nandy na ruge


Kweli kufa usifiwe…kua hai ufichwe ndo hii
Hlo vaz utazan mnataka kupaaa kwenda kufanya nae bthday alipo.
mjifunz kumpa.mtu yote awapo hai.uli myuda sikiiz wajitia honey.honey ya mznga wa nyuki au
Dunia imebadilika sana aise. Mtu aliekwisha kufa happybirthday?????
Na Mimi meshangaaaaaa mweeeeh
Hiv n halal kuxherehkea cku ya kuzaliwa kwa mtu ambaye hayupo hai!!!!?..
M nadhan n makoxa itx bettr kuxherehkea cku alyofarik na brthday itbak km kumbkmb tu but not lyk dat ????
@neyliiibabydaima mapenzi huonyeshwa akishaondoka kiumbe duniani ????

That´s not all, followers too bash her for indecent dressing:

Na kweli umekubali maana hata wiki haijaisha kutoka kufiwa na mchumba ukaanza kuvaa vinguo vya kubana matako…

But those on her side, plead:

@zarinahnationmuache pls jamani


@zarinahnation ulikuwa unataka aingie studio na juba au kanzu,kumbuka nandy ni msanii

A word of advice in Nandy´s direction:

Uwe unamuombea basi siyo Ukikumbuka sarakasi zake ndo unapost

Ruge Mutahaba was the CEO and Founder of Clouds Media Group, who according to Nandy is the reason she has grown this far.