“They called him ugly” Nimo Gachuiri shares the pain of seeing her son trolled online by close friends

Nimo Gachuiri had her son in her early 20s and, as a young mother, she never anticipated having to deal with adults being abusive towards her toddler.

In an interview with Parents online Magazine, Nimo shared the harrowing experience of watching close friends use fake Instagram accounts to relentlessly troll her baby boy.


Nimo Gachuiri Angered By Mr. Seed’s Comment On Relationships

She explained that this occurred when she and Mr. Seed had a falling out with these so-called friends. They used private accounts to insult the boy, even calling him ugly, seemingly forgetting that he was innocent in the issues they had with his parents.

“My child was being seriously bullied. It reached a point where I told Seed I wanted to make our page private and remove everyone, leaving it as just an album,” Nimo recounted.


Mr Seed has a ride or die wife in Nimu Gachuiri

Faced with worsening comments, Nimo revealed that she had to arrange a meeting with the individuals behind the hateful comments, hoping to end the harassment.

“We had a sit-down with the people involved. They were like, ‘we are sorry…'” she shared about the experience.

Nimo Gachuiri Regrets Introducing Son To Social Media

Nimo Gachuiri, the wife of renowned gospel singer Mr Seed, has expressed regret about introducing her young son, Gold, to the world of social media.

In an interview with local media houses, Nimo said that she had not anticipated the negative consequences of exposing her son to social media. She said that she is worried about the toll it has taken on his mental health, as he has been exposed to potential bullies and hateful comments.

“I have personally regretted my son’s exposure to social media, and I am considering protecting my next child from it,” Nimo said.

Nimo said that she does not want her child’s life to be defined by social media or his status as a celebrity’s offspring. She wants him to be treated based on who he truly is, rather than being judged solely based on his online presence or his famous parents.

Nimo is a singer who gained recognition with her hit single “Sina Ujanja.” She said that she is thrilled that the song continues to gain traction and that she hopes to collaborate with her husband, Mr Seed, in the future.

Nimo’s decision to speak out about her regrets is a reminder of the dangers of social media, especially for young children. It is important for parents to be mindful of the risks before exposing their children to social media.

Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri’s Marriage Put to the Test After Grisly Road Accident

For better and for worse. These are words uttered by a couple when taking their wedding vows. But this is a promise that most couples do not hope to live through in the early stages of their marriage, especially the latter.

For celebrity couple Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri, this has been the situation for the past few months after the gospel singer was involved in a grisly road accident in February. The accident happened when Mr Seed was on his way to Nanyuki.

Mr Seed was seriously injured in the accident and was bedridden for several weeks. He also suffered from depression. Nimo, who was not in the car at the time of the accident, was devastated by the news. She rushed to the hospital to be with her husband.

In a recent interview, Mr Seed thanked his wife for standing by him during his difficult time. “Dear Nimo, God gave me another chance to live with you and for that; I will always love and treasure every moment with you,” he said.

Nimo also spoke about the accident, saying that she was still in shock. “I still can’t believe that Mr Seed is alive,” she said. “The ordeal left me scared after experiencing everything firsthand.”

The accident has put Mr Seed and Nimo’s marriage to the test. However, it has also shown the strength of their love for each other. They are determined to come out of this stronger than ever.

The Power of Love

The story of Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri is a reminder of the power of love. Even in the face of tragedy, love can help us to overcome anything. Mr Seed and Nimo are an inspiration to us all. They show us that love can conquer all.

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Aki Nairobi! Gospel singer Nimo Gachuiri walks out on cheating husband, Mr Seed (Video)

Mr Seed must be a serial cheater because this is not the first time he is being exposed of cheating.

However this time around things are different as he impregnated his side chick; who exposed him with the help of blogger Edgar Obare.

Of course fans love Obare’s tea – and thanks to his exposè – we now understand why; Nimo Gachuiri has been spending most of her time at her parents home.

Swabrina, the side chick

Is it over or to continued?

Shortly after side chick ‘Swabrina’ accused Mr Seed of impregnating her and asking for an abortion; gospel singer Nimo who is Seed’s wife maintained her silence until later on when she shared a video hanging out with her siblings back at home.

Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

Well, it wouldn’t take a genius to see that this was her way of showing that; she is no longer living with Mr Seed especially now that another baby is involved in the mix.

But – love being one of the most unpredictable feeling in the world; we can’t really say that she will not be running back into seeds arms soon. And come to think of it, cheating has now become a norm in most Nairobi relationships!

Anyway below are the few videos shared by Nimo shortly after Mr Seed is exposed.


Family business? Mr Seed features his wife on his latest project

Mr Seed has finally featured his wife on his latest project dubbed superstar which is dedicated to Nimo Gachuiri who is the mother of his child and life partner.


Through his Instagram page Mr Seed a short clip from the official song and went on to reveal that the song was a special dedication to his lady – for standing by him through out.

The song has so far received positive comments from fans who have been following up closely with the couple over the years. In the video shared on Seed’s Instagram page, he wrote saying;

Mr Seed and wife

OUR GIFT TO YOU GUYS….I dedicate this song to my beautiful wife @nimogachuiri and all lovers out there…

Nimo joins the gospel industry?

For those who were not aware that Nimo can sing, then the lass will definitely surprise you as she shows off her vocals in this new song.

The lady also pours out her heart to her man in the new tune which drops a few weeks after Mr Seed was linked to cheating allegations by one of his female fans.

Anyway check out the here

Mr Seed’s star is still shining even after ditching Bahati and we’re not surprised

When Moses Tarus Omondi, alias Mr. Seed, announced that he was leaving Eastlands Most Beloved (EMB) Records on January 29 this year, many thought it was a suicidal career move.

His future looked bleak because award-winning Bahati, who owns the record label, had managed to bring him back from oblivion.

Mr Seed and Bahati

You see, the relationship between Mr. Seed and Bahati is very interesting so much so that someone should write a book about it.

Maybe you are aware of this, maybe you aren’t but perhaps you should know that Mr. Seed introduced Bahati to the local music industry.

As fate would have it, Bahati became so big that he had to help Mr. Seed rebuild his music career through EMB Records.

After two years at the stable, Mr. Seed announced that he had decided to go independent so as to to pave way for upcoming artists who needed the platform to grow.


His departure from EMB Records seemed like a rushed decision particularly because there were rumors that he got upset after Bahati kicked out his girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri during an event in Thika.

Also read: Diana Marua forced Bahati to call police on Mr Seed’s pregnant wife, that’s why they are splitting up – Ringtone claims

Most music fans thought that he was done for good since he had fallen out with Bahati who had played a big role in bringing him back to the music scene.

Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri
Mr Seed and Nimo Gachuiri

Truth is, Mr Seed has been more successful after leaving EMB Records. His star is still shining, some people would say that it’s even brighter. Perhaps it was not a terrible decision after all.

Apart form opening a new record label, Mr Seed has released three new songs since he left EMB Records, including a collabo with the one and only Solomon Mkubwa. That’s no mean feat!

He seems to be doing well unlike most Kenyan artists who disappear from the music scene after leaving their stables.

It’s almost as if he has a new song every month. Just recently, he  had a concert dubbed Made in Huruma which did exceptionally well.

You should definitely watch out for Mr. Seed! Watch his new single Simama and tell us what you think.

Mr Seed´s wife pens heartwarming congratulatory message to bae after his successful ´Made in Huruma Concert´

Rejuvenated Gospel artist, Mr Seed is back to the limelight after ditching Bahati´s EMB record label especially with his much celebrated ´Made In Huruma Concert´ that his wife cordially appreciates.


Just this weekend, the youthful artist hosted the concert that saw many turn up in mass numbers, that was too much for him to handle.

It got so emotional that he broke to tears in his mother´s arms:


The wife was humbled by God´s graces upon her husband´s music career that she posted on her Instagram page:


Additionally, the recent mother of one celebrates her hardworking husband whose music career early in the year might have been going South but God never let them crash:


Other celebrated gospel artists were also in attendance including: Willy Paul, David Wonder, Moji Short Baba and Timeless Noel.


In response, the husband commented:


Fellow gospel artist, David Wonder, just re-tagged:


Further on, fans, followers and fellow personalities shared:

God’s own child. ????????
He is a God who listens and he will continue blessing you????????????????
???????????????????? God only @nimo_gachuiri
More blessings still coming your way dearies


@nimo_gachuiri God has been seeing whatever you’ve been doing and he’s happy with you guys first @mrseedofficial has remembered his estate where he got raised their and even helping them. I @elvoh_10 i really appreciate for whatever you have done and keep on having faith and trust him and shall be well @mrseedofficial please start a football academy am ready to play for your team @nimo_gachuiri Blessings are now falling like rain to you guys????????@davidwonderke May Allah protect you @starbornempirestudios The best studio in East Africa ????????


????????God will continue to bless u,,, a humble family @nimo_gachuiri mob love from me

May God lift Mr seed up hadi maadui washangae ????
Behind every successful man is a great woman… Your that woman beside Seed and your doing a splendid Job… We thank God for the testimony in Seed
…and much more blessings keep coming their way.

“Stop lying! Do you even know how we paid our maternity bill?” Mr Seed’s fiancé attacks Bahati

Bahati this last weekend shared quite a long story talking about how he helped his former EMB signed artists.

According to his posts, Bahati confessed to have always helped the likes of David Wonder and Mr Seed. Bahati says that they never made any profits but he only suffered loses since the artists he had signed did not bring in cash.

The gospel artist went on to “shame” his former buddies in a way not many would expect.

Mr Seed’s fiancé steps in

However turns out that Mr Seed’s girlfriend had been following up on the story through her Instagram page.

Having seen what Bahati wrote about her man, Nimo Gachuiri left several detailed comments correcting Bahati.

Nimo Gachuiri denied everything Bahati had been saying about her baby’s father and David Wonder since she witnessed it all. In fact according to the new Mum in town; Bahati was the only one who benefited from the hard work Seed and the others put into EMB records.

She went on to add,


Mr Seed and fiancé Nimo Gachuiri welcome a healthy bouncing baby boy!

Gospel artist Mr Seed is now officially a father to one adorable baby boy, Gold Christen. He revealed this through his Instagram page where he shared a photo partly showing his handsome new born.

Having waited for so many months, indeed Mr Seed and his son to be wife could not hold back the joy of meeting their baby boy. Mr Seed wrote saying;

Long labor

Nimo Gachuiri also took sometime to talk about her birth experience. Just like most women who have given birth naturally….it was not an easy experience.

She talked about the long painful labor however could not complain much since her baby arrived safely to the world.

Through her Instagram page Nimo wrote;

Congratulations to the new couple!

Mr Seed’s girlfriend reveals why she has different skin tones on her face and hands, is she bleaching?

Mr Seed and his long term girlfriend Nimo Gachuiru got engaged on Valentine’s days and it seems that this did not impress many.

From the look of things (comments) fans have lately been picking on the lady probably because it’s official she will be the one the singer settles with for life.

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Even in 2018 Kenyans seem not to have found the chills button and this is how one fan came out questioning why Nimo has different skin shades. This comes afternoon the lady shared a new photo on her Instagram attracting lots of comments from fans.

Looking all dolled up with makeup, Nimo’s face would definitely appear lighter than her hands but I guess not everyone knew this.


Nimo responds

Anyway most people would throw tantrums when accused of bleaching their skin but Nimo’s response was that of a lady who is not affected by people’s opinion.

Responding o the post, Nimo said;


“I sought the counsel from DJ Mo” Mr Seed has DJ Mo to thank for his meticulous proposal to his girlfriend

Mr Seed went down on his knee and proposed to his girlfriend Nimo Gachuiri at a Valentine’s dinner. The dinner was at Azure Resort in Westlands.

DJ Mo and his wife Size 8 were present as Mr Seed popped the big question. Several other celebrities including Betty Kyallo, Njugush, Abel Mutua were also in attendance.

Mr Seed proposes to his girlfriend
He showed me how to do it

Mr Seed says he sought DJ Mo’s advice before he went on and proposed to Nimo Gachuiri. The gospel singer further reveals Mo also assisted him in planning for the proposal.

“Before proposing, I sought the counsel of my friends who are already married. DJ Mo was one of them, and even on the day before I went on one knee, he showed me what to do. This is a big step I have made, and with God, everything is possible,” Mr Seed told the Star.

Mr Seed with his fiancee Nimo Gachuiri


20 hottest photos of Nimo Gachuiri – the girlfriend of gospel singer Mr Seed

Gospel whiz kid Mr Seed is dating a yellow skin babe called Nimo Gachuiri. The two lovebirds have been in a relationship for over a year.

Mr Seed had kept his private life under the wraps until on Monday February 5th. The ‘Kumbe Kumbe’ hit maker announced he was seeing someone on Monday as he celebrated his relationship anniversary.

“Another year still strong ☺ ☺ wanauliza harusi lini?? ? niwajibu ama?? @nimo_gachuiri HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ? ? God bless you forever for always holding me down..” Wrote Mr Seed.

Bahati’s best friend

Mr Seed and Bahati have become very close friend ever since he was signed to EMB records. Even the women the two singers are dating are also close friends.

Mr Seed’s sweetheart Nimo Gachuiri also send her boyfriend a sweet message on their anniversary. She thanked the gospel star for loving him.

“To my love and my best friend ???????? Shikilia @mrseedofficial thank u for loving me in good and in bad !! It’s another year !!HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,” wrote Nimo Gachuiri.

See photos of Nimo Gachuiri below: