Oga Obinna has learnt men who lead with their wallets will never truly know love

Something happened to Oga Obinna and as a result, he is no longer the idiotic simp who goes around buying the women he impregnated cars.

Oga Obinna- 2 Ways Polygamy Can Work

Before we have a man born anew and I want to be the first to celebrate the changes we see in him. He is even trying to make himself a strong man for the sake of his kids.

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna dating?

We have seen a change in Oga Obinna and now he is a man. The fire that baptised him was doubtless that of his ex and the mother of his children with whom he was involved in a very public feud.

Oga Obinna Threatens To Leave Kiss 100 If Eric Shows Up For An Interview

He recently took to his IG account to share the following:

And he is 100% right! Men who lead with their wallets attracted gold diggers. And as soon as those women get what they want, for example, marriage. And once that’s achieved, they then refuse to give you as their husband, your conjugal rights. That’s because there was never any genuine desire to speak of to begin with.

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5 Kenyan celebrities who are great examples of masculinity

When you think of masculinity which celebrities come to mind? That is a question I had asked a couple of my friends as we sat down having some rather interesting conversations. The truth is a lot of Kenyan celebs are nothing more than simps. They are weak men who you can’t trust you have your back in a bind know would you even want them in your corner should you ever been pressed.

Jalang’o Explains Why Relationships Rarely Thrive In Nairobi (Video)

So you can imagine how difficult it was for us to come up with celebrities whose masculinity were respect but also whom we feel have shown themselves to be as steady as a rock when it comes to supporting their friends and families. No this isn’t about celebrities who haven’t had any scandals and are seen as upstanding members of society. That is because a lot of celebrities who your girlfriend who think are good men I am merely localised Will Smiths.

And by that I mean that they are too scared to rock the boat so they try and talk the line of what is considered acceptable by the Overton window and don’t say an opinion that is considered controversial even if it might truly be what they think or feel on a subject.

Andrew Kibe Is Right About Cheating Celebrities

We narrow the list down 2 about five celebrity we feel any Kenyan man would do well to emulate. That is because they are not only stoic but they are loyal and have the cojones to stun shows down on their opinions and thoughts and defend them and should they be proven wrong they have no problem apologizing and switching to adapt to the face of new evidence. These five Kenyan celebrities are:

Andrew Kibe

A lot has been said about him. He is an example of a man who tried and failed and tried again and though he has been met with a lot of failures in life he has also risen each time he has failed. Currently, he is a huge masculinity influencer who is teaching men to better themselves and while a lot of sensitive weak men and their families girlfriends find him to offensive to learn from he actually has a lot of germs there a lot of men who appreciate just how much he has taught them.


What can be said about him? He teaches men how to better themselves physically mentally healthy them financially. of the type of man you want around you in a fix in fact you probably would want your sons to grow up into a man that mirrors him.


Classical masculinity is known by certain traits. Described as stoicism, loyalty to one’s kith and kin and privacy. These are some of the qualities we see in literature from classical Greek stories such as the Iliad and the Odyssey on into more contemporary sources such as The Red Badge Of Courage. And your shinski has displayed these commendably. An example of his loyalty would be him bringing his former bandmates; Collo and Roba on stage with him for a Kleptomaniax reunion even though he doesn’t have to seeing as he is a bona fide star on his. He keeps his family respected by observing privacy.

Cyprian Nyakundi

This pic was influenced by my older mentor who said that even though his name isn’t necessarily as we now these days to young men, she was the first person to begin discussing the red pill and the manosphere in East and Central Africa. He has shown an abundance of conviction for his principles understood by them to the point of being harassed not only despite government’s past and he manage that all before use the age of 30.
He has built a business so he is a model of financial freedom and this is something every young man should aspire to. His opinions are sometimes divisive and polarizing but he stays ten toes down regardless of how badly he sometimes gets pilloried.

Oga Obinna

I am beginning to get an appreciation for the man because of just how loyal he is to his friends. Decided to check on his friend 2mbili’s crucifix and his champion in his case after he was abused by his babymama. The type of friend you really do want around you someone who will take all your battles as his own. That is loyalty. He has his own flaws as we all do as men and human beings but his redeeming qualities are of such immense value it is hard to argue that he isn’t a man was respecting.


This is a man who genuinely wants to see his friends succeed. he you can go to with a problem and he will try and help you solve it. In this time and time again and an example of his loyalty is when he was ironically caught cheating on his wife. Through the friends you was in a WhatsApp group with under the bus. That is an admirable quality because there are no virtues in the foxhole. He goes as far as to create opportunities for his friends to drive using his own platforms that is an admirable quality.

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Oga Obinna needs to stop making music

For some reason unbeknownst to anyone, Oga Obinna seems hell-bent when launching his music career even though no one seems eager for more musical content from the man.

For once Oga Obinna gives credible relationship advice

I mean I guess we could say it’s a testament of how resilient and persevering he is but we could also argue that it’s a waste of resources. She’s a radio presenter in one of Kenya’s leading radio stations and yet not even his employer plays his music.

Oga Obinna could literally game the system by having his son’s killed to play once every hour however not even his programs controller has faith in the content he puts out.

Oga Obinna Is An Epitome Of A Male Bimbo

Another byproduct of him constantly being on the airwaves as he gets massive hype and promotion. And still this too has done nothing to boost his music so why does he keep on making it with such dogged persistence?

Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna

Imports of new content which no one is checking for so you’d be forgiven for not knowing just how many songs he has under his belt. Oga Obinna cannot boast and claimed that his music is on heavy rotation within nightclubs no candy there to show his Spotify plays.

“Hawapitishangi five” Oga obinna on ladies real body count

So if we’re being realistic the best advice to give the man would be to tell him to focus on his comedy. He’s recently-released the which has about 1,000 views on YouTube and you’d be hard-pressed any fans of his who even knows the title of the song. So why doesn’t he just focus on making lifestyle content which seems to be very popular on his channel or going back to doing comedy?

Oga Obinna

But ultimately it’s his life and his resources that he is wasting all we can do is continue to ignore his mid music. And hopefully even if it takes a decade he’ll finally get the message and focus more on his lifestyle content. I, however, will not be holding my breath in anticipation because he will probably see this as a challenge and put out an entire album next week.

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For once Oga Obinna gives credible relationship advice

Oga Obinna isn’t the type of person I would normally recommend for relationship advice given just how much his personal history is littered with garbage relationship of which he is often the cause of the issues.

But he recently gave Kennedy Rapudo some phenomenal advice with regards to his engagement and relationship to Amber Ray advice that is so sound that I actually not only second it but endorse wholeheartedly.

But before we get into that let’s do a quick recap of just who Kennedy rapido is and the nature of his relationship with Faith Makau.

And right off the bat I can safely say it isn’t the type of relationship anyone would want their son or brother to get involved in because this is a man who has built himself from the Ground Up and is currently enjoying a successful career who has decided to wife up not only a single mother but one who has been rumoured to have engaged in sex work in the distant past and has been known to have some of the most important types of relationships in the recent past. Case in point? Jimal Roho Safi.

Indeed she isn’t the type of woman one would proudly take home to their mother and expect marital blessings from her.

And this is precisely why do Oga Obinna’s marital advice to the groom in waiting was sound.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

During his radio show on kiss FM breakfast he was having a conversation with his co-host Chito Ndlovu and he said Ken needs to stop investing more of himself into the relationship than Amber does.

The average vapid, rabid feminist was offended by this adviser weather upon closer scrutiny you can appreciate the advice for the genius it is. It’s not that Obinna is advising that the relationship should be neglected but rather he’s advising that Kennedy needs to focus on his own mission; continue to build himself up as a man of value and that is what we keep his bride to be around.

Amber with Bae, Rapudo

After all whoever is more invested in a relationship than their partner is often on the weaker footing. And we already know just how much of a man-eater the bride to be is.


In a nutshell what will Obinna is saying, is that Ken needs to continue focusing on himself trying to make himself the best possible version of himself and that is what will win him the continued admiration and love from his wife should he fall short of this we expect that she’s going to dump him and he’ll be just another memory she has.

Oga Obinna needs to take time away from the dating scene

Oga Obinna has been the eye of the storm for a number of days now. All this started when he was 1st accused of being a deadbeat father by his baby mama who said he was also a neglectful husband and father to their children. As a result, he got sucked into a problem that he had no idea how to handle even though he also fed the monster.

Oga Obinna’s ex serving tea on failed relationship

And what is of interest today is the fact that he mishandled both the situation and himself during and after his furore. I am on record time and again sharing my opinion on the matter and calling him out for all the cock-ups he committed while he was dealing with his baby mama but he also failed himself and his children afterwards everything was said and done.

And the reason I am in this position is that he has not sought professional help from a counsellor or therapist. That is something that shocks me about men like Oga Obinna. They will go to a spa like a bunch of pansies but will not go seek mental health help. And as a result, he will be a walking cesspit of trauma waiting to inflict itself upon the next woman.

Between a rock and a hard place: Oga Obinna and baby mama drama

Make no mistakes about it, any woman who decides to date him will be dealing with an even more traumatised and damaged Oga Obinna. They will be dealing with an even more flawed and wounded inner child who will lash out worse. He is a man who hasn’t unlearned a lot of the coping mechanisms from his younger days that make him one of the worst possible men for any woman to date.

Oga Obinna hasn’t done the work to identify and unlearn and then retrain from the aforementioned traits. As a result, he will continue in the same patterns that led him to his obviously toxic baby mama. So we will also see him continue to collect toxic women like the stripper Sherlyne Anyango like they are pokemon cards. And he will also continue to play the victim and through tantrums when bloggers like Presenter Ali try to hold him accountable.

It is Oga Obinna baby mamas fault for their drama

The only hope we can have is that he has the common sense not to get back to dating. Really, we do not need him to get back to dating anyone. Damaged vessels spread their damage like a virus. But we all know that this clown will then move on to the next girl and think that his damage is something to laugh about.

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Between a rock and a hard place: Oga Obinna and baby mama drama

Oga Obinna has been trashed by the media and Edgar Obare for his recent tiff with his baby mama. I too have weighed in and said I do believe that he handled the entire situation wrong.

Oga Obinna’s Baby Mama Reveals He Is Dating A Sugar Mummy (Video)

However, even though he was wrong for how he has been handling this situation, I have to also say that this is a complex situation. He is faced with an age-old problem most men have been through if they have children out of wedlock: toxic baby mamas.

You see, Oga Obinna is a damaged, broken man. We know this from his own description of his relationship with his father. He is a man who for the longest time yearned for his father’s validation. As a result, he is a man struggling with a war within himself to make himself whole. A task he doesn’t know how to go about doing. We can acknowledge that and also simultaneously acknowledge the fact that his baby mama is a toxic woman who is out to hurt him and is using his reputation, her willingness to play in the mud and ultimately, their children as weapons.

It is Oga Obinna baby mamas fault for their drama

You see, he is a public figure so it goes without saying that he would be pressed about how people at large perceive him. In a way, she knew what buttons to push to get him dancing along to her tune. This is manipulative behaviour that is also dumb because of how shortsighted it is.

Ogaobinna with one of his sons

Oga Obinna is in a business (media) where the decision of whether or not you’re successful isn’t dependent on your audience but on the politics you play. And the politicians are the ad agencies and their reps. And in Kenya, the ad agencies are largely controlled by women and male feminists. So his baby mama put him in the tough position of either “being the bigger man” and taking the L in silence or he can fight for what essentially is an existential fight because she is targeting his bread and butter.

Weak men make terrible fathers: The Oga Obinna saga

Let that stew for a bit… What I am saying is that the bay mama who he still sends money to from time to time is willing to jeopardise that because of “reasons”.

And that is what presents us with our dilemma, how do you negotiate with a terrorist? Once that bit is answered, the next issue becomes a question of how he can defend himself without coming off like a douche.

Oga Obinna is right about women with tattoos and piercings

At the end of the day, this is one of those situations in which prevention is the far superior option. Men need to learn to be selective about who they impregnate and settle down with. Oga Obinna has learnt this lesson and I am sure he rues the day he met his baby mama. His is the case of a weak man meeting with a bitter woman.

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It is Oga Obinna baby mamas fault for their drama

Oga Obinna is back in the headlines after his baby mama came out and accused him of more messiness and involving their children in the mix of his shenanigans.

Oga Obinna says he is done being the bigger person, plans to take back everything he ever bought his ex wife

I am ofcourse referencing their public feud that has seen him get accused of being a kept man. But while we all know the radio personality who apparently is also supposed to pass off for a comedian is an ain’t shite brother but I am here to argue that his baby mama is at fault for this mess.

You see, anyone with more than a room temperature iQ could see from a mile away that he is not a man to actually set up a family and lead it like a responsible man would. He is a damaged brother with multiple baby mamas. he is like a budget Future yet some woman still decided to lay down with him and start a family before he’d married her? Make it make sense.

Weak men make terrible fathers: The Oga Obinna saga

If Oga Obinna’s baby mama had any self-respect, she would have run a background check. She would have noticed that he is a male in desperate need of therapy. She wouldn’t have agreed to tie herself to him and the mess of a ship he runs. But she was desperate to be needed so she saw herself saving him from himself.

Sherlyne Anyango back she and Oga Obinna were dating

She is to blame because she didn’t really think about the future lives of her children and we know this because she chose to start a family with a rolling stone. A man who already had children from a previous relationship and still refused to marry her before she carried his scion.

‘Stop Poisoning The Kids’- Oga Obinna Roasted By Baby Mama For Allegedly Mistreating Her (Screenshot)

Why do women still, in this day and age, choose to settle down with men who have multiple baby mamas? Oga Obinna is one man with 3 baby mamas. The first woman can get a pass because she still hadn’t learnt his true nature but the other two knew who he was given his relationship with the first and yet they still chose to have children by him.

What did this particular one in question think he was going to teach their children? How to be wholesome human beings? How to be in control of their sexual desires? How? He has never exhibited that level of self control.

Oga Obinna is right about women with tattoos and piercings

When you think about it critically, this lady wouldn’t be here wailing like a banshee if she hadn’t agreed to bear Oga Obinna’s offspring. And now any man that deals with her who is foolish enough not to realise she is nothing but a funtime girl is going to have to deal with the mess she has made her life into and those of her children.

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Weak men make terrible fathers: The Oga Obinna saga

Oga Obinna is one of those men who is terrible at being a man. Read that statement again and internalise it. He is one of those men who suck at being men but he is a radio personality so he is clearly good at something.

‘Stop Poisoning The Kids’- Oga Obinna Roasted By Baby Mama For Allegedly Mistreating Her (Screenshot)

The problem with such men is that they often conflate money with substance as a man. And the result is often deleterious for the children they are involved in raising. As we have gotten to see.

Oga Obinna

I am ofcourse referring to the drama we were treated to between Oga Obinna and his baby mama. The two got embroiled in some nonsense drama that was laid out on social media with Oga Obinna having kicked off the drama with some utterances about women who have tattoos. His baby mama reacted and things took a left turn.

Oga Obinna is right about women with tattoos and piercings

She revealed something that retrospectively was clear for us to see; he is not exactly a good father. I say this having on previous occasions pointed out that he is not the best example of a man. What do I mean? Well, when you think of who a man is, not the person but rather the idea of masculinity, what comes to mind? I would think of stoicism and courage. In addition to those qualities, there is strength and leadership.

He is a man who has exhibited terrible decision-making skills and even worse impulse control. This is why he has so many different baby mamas and he even dated a stripper. Say what you will with your “progressive” woke drivel but who a man chooses as his partner says a lot about him. And even within his own family, we are being shown a man who cannot lead in Oga Obinna. That is why he is unable to give direction to his baby mama and their children.

Oga Obinna, Eric Omondi Beef Over Followers And Money (Video)

There is no reason why she should have made their affairs public unless ofcourse he offers no leadership and thus can’t foster a harmonious co-parenting atmosphere. And then he goes on to insult and deride his co-parent.

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna dating?

No. Am good man is not a weak one. He is not a pushover. A good man doesn’t do hollow virtue signalling. A good man knows how to put his foot down and instil discipline not just upon himself but also those around him. And on this front, he has failed.  Being beaten black and blue by your wife and just taking it doesn’t mean you’re a good man. Cheating on your wife and rubbing that fact in her face doesn’t make you a man. Pretending to refrain from speaking about “what you endured at the hands of your ex” and then doing exactly that doesn’t make you a strong man and crying like a sandy beach isn’t what being in touch with your emotions means.

Oga Obinna should seek therapy before dating again

My friend whom I consider my mentor is always ging on and on about how weak men make terrible fathers. Terrible fathers raise broken children. Broken children grow into damaged adults. And that is the cycle Oga Obinna is creating.

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna parade intimate moments

But all is not lost. Given how soon we have seen the damage his cluelessness is doing, he can actually start to attend counselling to heal his inner child. He had a flawed relationship with his father who by his own admission was a weak man. It’s now time to break that cycle.

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Oga Obinna is right about women with tattoos and piercings

Oga Obinna isn’t a man with whom I agree on a lot with. However, on this matter, I have to say my hat is on his side of the ring: women who have a lot of tattoos and piercings aren’t wife material and there is actually science that backs up that assumption a lot of men make.

Oga Obinna, Eric Omondi Beef Over Followers And Money (Video)

But before we get into that, we have to address some of the backlash he received for his sentiments. You see, while speaking on Kiss 100 during his breakfast show, he said what he said that is the reason for all this. And trust that feminists were triggered.

But the truth is, only weak men and feminists actually think that getting with a woman who has tattoos and piercings is okay. Oga Obinna was probably speaking from the visceral understanding that tattoos are a mark of rebellion and counterculture. And if it wasn’t visceral then it was ingrained in him given he is the product of a conservative society and the 8-4-4 school system.

Oga Obinna should seek therapy before dating again

Either way he knows that this mark of rebellion means that any woman who has tattoos probably will not get along well with any form of authority figure. And in a marriage and family setting, the man, the husband, the father is the captain of the ship. He is the one in charge of ensuring he directs the family unit towards its manifest destiny but how would he do this efficiently if his wife is always rebelling against him?

Though I can already hear feminists arguing that this reasoning I am using is way too deep. Perhaps the lady in question only likes tattoos because they are popular and hip. This is even more of a reason not to date or marry such a bimbo. Why? Because anyone who would commit to permanent body modification or ink simply because she thinks it’s what’s popular is exhibiting poor decision-making skills and a susceptibility to be swayed by peer pressure.

One day Oga Obinna will hate you for reminding him he wore a dress

Oga Obinna knows any lady who shows this trait is the type to walk out of her marriage or vows and either cheat on or leave her husband simply because being a divorcee or a cheat is cool or hip. Who wants to commit to someone like that?

Then there are the more cerebral reasons why a woman with a multitude of tattoos isn’t an ideal wife. We can start off with the history of tattoos. For eons past, tattoos were part of warrior culture. Since the dawn of time, men would get tattoos either to signify their participation in clandestine and secret fraternities. Think of freemasons in their earlier iterations, think thieves’ guilds and sailors. On the other hand, tattoos also came with stigma because they were used to brand criminals or slaves. Naturally, it was nearly exclusive to men and criminals. Within warrior culture, it denoted kills or feats and achievements. This was something noted by Chares Darwin in his 1871 book, The Descent of Man where he also noted that there was no nation of man that did not practice tattooing or some other form of permanent body decoration.

That was that about men but I am sure not even Oga Obinna realises that with women, tattooed ladies were once carnival freaks. But what has science found about women with tattoos? Well, a study found that compared to women without tattoos, women with tattoos showed significantly lower self-esteem and the same study claimed “Psychoanalysis schools also view tattooing behavior as hinting at deliberate self-harm motives due to the impaired self-esteem”. This study in question was carried out with sixty young women with tattoos and sixty young women without (all aged 18–35 years).

Another rather revealing study which had a sample of 150 people (50 tattooed adults, 50 tattooed drug-addicted adults, and 50 non-tattooed adults) had results of the study contributing to a deeper understanding of the new meaning of tattoos. Apparently, they no longer represent personality traits, they rather have the function of reinforcing beliefs about how to perceive oneself, this happens especially in drug addicts in which the presence of tattoos reinforces the illusory belief of self-esteem and internal locus of control.

So who wants an addictive personality with low self-esteem as a wife? That is how you end up with a woman who is promiscuous and trust me, you do not want the community bicycle for a wife and so on this one I am in full agreement with Oga Obinna. Know something else that comes with being such a woman? Promiscuity and studies show that the more lovers a woman has had, the less likely she is to have a happy married life.


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Why Eric Omondi needs to stop responding to Kamene Goro

Eric Omondi seems to have offended the entire entertainment industry. His recent statements complaining about the fact that Diamond Platnumz was invited to perform and endorse Azimio political candidate, Raila Odinga irked the same people he was trying to defend and motivate.

Oga Obinna, Eric Omondi Beef Over Followers And Money (Video)

And two people he managed to offend were Kamene Goro and her co-host, Oga Obinna. To be fair, the comedian is about of a ditzy moron so it should come as no surprise that he won himself no friends when he blundered through the entire debate.

And as a result, Kamene Goro decided to go after him. To be fair, so did Oga Obinna but seeing as he isn’t as big a star as she is, I don’t see the point of making the headline fit his name. This is about Eric Omondi and the one radio personality.

Eric Omondi In Bitter Beef With Kenyan Musicians After Sturdy Comparison With Tanzanians

But at this point, he needs to stop arguing with the radio personalities. For two main reasons, the first being that he gains nothing -unless he loves bad press. Afterall, they have an entire media team behind them but also because ultimately, he is arguing with a salaried person.

Eric Omondi

While being employed is a great thing, most employees do not understand what it means to run a business and Eric Omondi is a business. Every aspect of him is a business. And him arguing with people who do not have the same stress to make ends meet as he does is poor use of his time.

Kamene Goror-IG

Eric Omondi will not be able to change how Kamene Goro and Oga Obinna think and they will not be able to change his mind either. So why waste your time?

Eric Omondi and Dennis Karuri expose the homosexuality of Kenyan men

And all he is serving to do is alienate his own audience. And that is a problem because those are the people who truly get him paid, not pompous celebrities or his dimwitted and flatfooted approach to debating. And ultimately, a person whose only argument is “I have more money than you” is not the type of person you should waste your time on.

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Oga Obinna should seek therapy before dating again

Oga Obinna has opened up quite abit in the past few weeks and he has been talking about everything from his daddy issues to the fact that he is only keen on dating old, dated women. And the irony of everything he has been talking about is the fact that he cannot recognize that he is revealing that he needs to go for therapy.

Oga Obinna on why he would never date women in their 20’s

Let’s take a look at some of his utterances in the recent past ranging from what he has said about his father and what he has said about dating older women and you will understand why I am of the opinion he really shouldn’t date again until he has done major work on himself.

  I wish I had a more loving father and a friend.

Oga Obinna

This statement by Oga Oinna is an interesting one as it reveals to us that he not only has daddy issues but would probably be the type of man seeking for validation from any man he places in the capacity of a “father figure” and this isn’t necessarily a tight criteria so it would include his uncles, bosses and friends. In other words, he is the type of person to do things just so he gets a pat on the head -like a puppy. One can only hope that he only interacts with men who want to bring the best out of him because if he finds selfish role models, they will lead him astray and he run to do as they advise and to his demise.

“I wish my father loved me” cries Oga Obinna

If My father would have been present, maybe I would not have felt the urge to go out of my shell and probably I wouldn’t be me. Or maybe If I had that one loving dad, I would be a better, a better human being. I would be a better father, better friend maybe.

This is a man drowning in self-doubt. He is unsure of what being a good man is, so he probably also doesn’t understand how to be a good father and husband. And yet Oga Obinna is a father to an entire brood. This is a very worrying thing because regardless of his intent, there is a reason why it is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions…

Wacha ikae! Oga Obinna forced to cut off his dad after years of trying to fix their strained relationship

Think about it this way, in Obinna, we have a man who is still grappling with the idea of masculinity and manhood. He is still wrestling the phantom of his father. Yet, he has children to raise. Trauma is like a river getting sewage flow dumped into it and that shit always flows downhill and who do we have at the end of the river? His children. Broken men raise broken children into broken adults.

And then there is his very flawed understanding of the dating marketplace. This is a guy, we must note, was at some point dating the daughter of a bishop who was a stripper who would perform on social media at the height of the Corona lockdowns. So in a nutshell, he is a garbage judge of character who finds no fault in dating heaux.

Andrew Kibe Weighs In On Oga Obinna & Kamene’s Relationship After They Were Spotted Getting Cosy (Video)

Add to this, the fact that he shared his views on dating which amounted to some virtue signalling drivel about only finding older women more attractive and ready for dating and you will quickly understand why I am saying he needs therapy:

I do not want to define someone’s life, when they mirror me…. Okay this is what I mean, most girls how they end up in their 30s is the boyfriends they dated in their 20s.

He is on some level, aware that no woman should model herself after him because as a man, he isn’t a leader nor does he have substance worth sharing. He makes it seem like he is doing some greater good for the women he would date but the truth is, he understands he is hollow. Beyond his celebrity, he has nothing to offer in a relationship. So he prefers older women. Or to put it in a different way, Oga Obinna is a man grappling with yet another issue: Oedipus Complex.

One day Oga Obinna will hate you for reminding him he wore a dress

The attachment of the child to the parent of the opposite sex, accompanied by envious and aggressive feelings toward the parent of the same sex. These feelings are largely repressed (ie. made unconscious) because of the fear of displeasure or punishment by the parent of the same sex.

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna parade intimate moments

To put into context, Oga Obinna has gone on record to accuse his father of being abusive to him. Who do you think he ran to for comfort and protection? His mother. While it is normal for men to transfer their initial sexual attraction to their future partners (or women from whom they seek commitment), his was an over-attachment borne of a desperate need for love, affection and comfort from his mother.

‘Our Kids Are Watching’-Andrew Kibe Throws Shade At Oga Obinna For Cross-Dressing (Video)

But I think I have hit the very ceiling of the Overton Window so let me calm down. Anyway, Obinna needs to go to a therapist so he can unpack some of the trauma he is lagging over his shoulder from his childhood and youth. He needs to do so for the sake of making himself the best possible version of himself but also for his children and his future partners. Afterall, it is not natural for a man to be a rolling stone of which he is to some extent, having children by multiple baby mamas, none of whom are with him in a committed relationship.

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One day Oga Obinna will hate you for reminding him he wore a dress

Oga Obinna has decided to rock a dress in the name of comedy. The only problem is, that is all pretension; he has worn the dress inorder to generate some publicity to himself and it will one day come back to haunt him.

This is a topic of particular interest because we can take a look at it from foreign perspectives. And African American comedians and actors have for a long time had the conversation of whether or not it is degrading to have men rock dresses for entertainment.

Previously, when I last spoke about guys like Oga Obinna wearing dresses, I said, “the trend of black actors and entertainers wearing dresses is a thing that was made not only powerful but brought to the forefront of black collective awareness by guys like Tyler Perry with his Madea bit. But make no mistakes about it, this trend goes back to the minstrel shows.

Back in 2006, the first real celebrity to question this trend was Dave Chappelle who asked why black male entertainers find themselves performing in a dress at some point in their career while he was on the Oprah Winfrey show. You name them, they have had to don a dress, from Eddie Murphy to Jammie Foxx and Eddie Murphy.

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna

Maybe this is down to guys hustling and doing anything for shits and giggles but this also for the conscious educated minds reminds them of the systemic emasculation of black men. And perhaps Oga Obinna wasn’t aware of this but at the end of the day, he has stumbled into this very politically and socially charged arena.”

Oga Obinna Reminisces Good Times With Ex-Girlfriend Sherlyne Anyango

But today we aren’t going the cerebral route, we are going to look at things from a more Kenyan perspective; a simpler, more earthy take. And that means we are going to talk to Oga Obinna in a way he can understand why rocking dresses for a clown bit is a terrible idea.

For starters, it is a cheap source of laughs that we all disdain. It was funny in the 90s. What it communicates is that you’re looking for cheap jokes. That is the type of stuff people resort to when they have lost their ability to crack people up.

Oga Obinna Reminisces Suicide Attempt In Bold Inspirational Post After Buying A New Car

Secondly, he will not always be in the position he is currently in i.e looking for clout for his stint on Kiss 100’s breakfast show. He will one day get political ambition like Jalang’o or perhaps he will decide to go into business. Whatever the case may be, he will have made things easier for his opponents to mock him.

Finally, as Andrew Kibe asked, what will he tell his sons? No man should have to tolerate the fact that their father willingly emasculad themselves for entertainment.

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Oga Obinna is right not to pursue a long distance relationship

Oga obinna and his lady love have sadly parted company after she got an opportunity to relocate to America and she grabbed it as well she should.

‘I’m Okay, We’re Still Friends’ Oga Obinna Tells Worried Fans After Sherlyne Anyango’s Video With Her New Catch

Sherlyne Anyango posted one of those long winded emotional posts meant to tag at the heart string saying,

Sherlyne Anyango and Oga Obinna still dating?

” When we said nothing would come between us we didn’t consider VISA????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????. Long Distance Haiwesssss just like you said and I have decided to agree????????????…

And while this might be the type of stuff simps would be moved by, anyone who has dealt with women before knows that long distance relationships do not work becauseof way too many distractions chief of which is other men.

Oga Obinna Gifts His Friend With A New Car, Thanks Him For Helping When He Was Broke

“I’m a single boy again now????????!! Now with the standards you set who will fit in???????? who will fill your shoes??But Si Ni Life… But for now Kill Them with your AWESOMENESS and SECURE THE BAG!!! Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise. Plus there will always be space for you in my Heart and Kidney????????????????.”

Oga Obinna is a high value male and make no mistake about it, he has options. So why would he decide to tether himself to a woman who is far away from him? They cannot build anything of substance while she is an entire pond away from him because she isn’t a woman cut from the Old Testament garment.

Oga Obinna

While it would have worked for your mother and father, long distance relationships nolonger work because our modern day women do not deal in the old social contract. And we can already see that from Sherlyne Anyango who has already began her Jezebel ways.

‘People Are Jobless With No Food!’ Oga Obinna Furiously Explains How Government Has Frustrated Kenyans

Now what Oga Obinna needs to o is to enjoy his newfound singlehood to its entirety. he needs to go out and meet new women. he needs to keep pushing his mission but have fun along the way. And who can stop him? That is really the question that he needs to answer.
And for the love of God I hope he finds a mentor who teaches him how to vet his women better so he doesn’t end up in another relationship with an IG thot. Because once was enough and that was not a good look. Having a woman who would twerk on IG Live calling him baby like we couldn’t have hit if we had the stacks. He is too igh value to be messing with thot rockets.

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