The Kansoul is irreplaceable!

As I was listening to The Kansoul’s latest release with Sudi Boy dubbed Mapigo, I realized that I still enjoy their music 5 years down the line. Perhaps, I enjoy their music even more now.

Truth be told, I’ve never come across a song by The Kansoul that I totally didn’t feel. Maybe I didn’t vibe to some songs when I first heard them but they grew in me with time.

I have been a fan of the group since 2014 and it has been a beautiful journey. From the days of Dabo Tap, to Utamu Wa Life to No Woman No Party to Nyongwa to Bablas to their latest release Pikoko Lithim, the party has never stopped.

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In my opinion, The Kansoul is here to stay because their style can’t be replicated. If you were thinking of copying Mejja, Madtraxx or Kid Kora don’t even try because you’ll fail terribly. Put simply, they are irreplaceable.

You see, all the three members of  this group are creative geniuses. Each of them has a unique approach to music, their voices are also unique and they just merge well in a track that you will find yourself hitting the replay button a couple of times.

The Kansoul
The Kansoul

To add to that, Madtraxx produces most of their songs so I don’t need to tell you that he puts his best foot forward when he’s in studio. The result is a beat that slaps really had and blends well with the lyrics. Like I said before, they are creative geniuses.

I might have some concerns about how Mejja has transformed from a storyteller to having ratchet lyrics like geuka nikubeng but we’ll forget about that for a moment because he’s the main reason why we even listen to The Kansoul.

The Kansoul
The Kansoul

Kid Kora is also a gifted musician. However, I have to admit that sometimes I forget that he’s part of The Kansoul but that’s just me.

Side note: Can someone please tell The Kansoul that we eagerly await their next solo release? We really love the collabos but we’ve honestly had enough!

Watch The Kansoul’s mega hit dubbed Bablas below.

Sudi Boy pours out his heart in new single ‘Kolola’ and we love it (Video)

Mombasa-based singer Sudi Mohammed, better known as Sudi Boy, has released a new jam and we can’t get enough of it.

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The song dubbed Kolola was inspired by a classic tune from the 1980s titled Embe Dodo by Them Mushrooms. If you have heard it before then there’s no doubt in my mind that you have good taste in music.

Sudi Boy
Sudi Boy

Anyway, Sudi Boy’s rendition, which I must say was beautifully done, is a love ballad of sorts. It about two lovers who are patch things up after falling out so basically, the guys asking the lady for forgiveness.

In the track, he says he went through a lot of trouble before he found her and that she helped him realize his dreams and changed him. As such, he is not ready to give up what they have, isn’t love a beautiful thing?

This jam is so infectious. If you are going to do a rendition of a classic tune you better nail it like Sudi Boy did or just find something simpler to sing.

I’ve had this song on replay since it was released a few days ago and every time I play it, it’s like I’m hearing it for the very first time because it sounds so pleasant to the ears. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating.

Sudi Boy

Sudi Boy’s melodious voice is perhaps the reason I keep listening to this jam. To add to that, the instrumentation and beat by Maro and Vicky Pon Dis are subtle but catchy.

The director also did an excellent job since the video paints a visual picture of what the song is about so much so that you can watch it on mute and still understand it.

Watch Kolola below and tell us what you think.

Sudi Boy has linked up with Shawboya and Arrif on ‘Nakupenda’ and it’s too dope (Video)

Super-talented singer Mohammed Sudi, better known as Sudi Boy, has released a new jam with Shawboya and Arrif and we really love it.

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The song titled Nakupenda, which is a Swahili word that simply means I love you, has been receiving massive airplay on local TV and radio stations.

This jam is very different from the kind of songs that Sudi Boy has released before and perhaps that’s why it slaps so hard.


For starters, I could not get enough of the hook by Shawboya. It’s so catchy. I just kept singing along to it. His pidgin also spiced up this jam. Although it was my first time listening to him, I was not disappointed.

Gengetone is such a big deal in Kenya at the moment and that is where Arrif steps in. He totally aced it. If you didn’t see the video, you would think he’s from Ethic, Boondocks Gang or Rico Gang.

Of course, Sudi Boy also came through on this jam. He brought the Coastal vibe and delivered it so perfectly with his melodic voice.

The beat is also on point. It’s the main reason I kept hitting the replay button. It blends really well with the lyrics and flow of the artists. Props to the producer!

Watch Nakupenda below and tell s what you think.

Sudi Boy latest jam dubbed ‘Kaba’ is too lit (Video)

Coast-based singer Sudi Mohammed, better known as Sudi Boy, has dropped a new joint and we really love it.

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The jam dubbed Kaba, which is a Swahili word that means ‘to restrain’ or ‘to choke’, talks about inhibiting feelings for that lass that you can’t get enough of.

Sudi Boy explains that in as much you are taken aback by her sexy body, you should not be tempted to bed her because she will make you waste so much money.

In the 2nd verse he sings, “Sipati picha kamili, nikiwa naye chumbani, najua atanipa honey, niharibu mali ya thamani.”

Sudi Boy
Sudi Boy

The line that many people will remember from this song is the part where Sudi Boy says, “Akikubali samaki ntamla pande zote.” I really don’t know what to make of it.

The video, which was directed by Royal State Pictures, was also on point. I loved the smooth scene transitions and the flawless editing.

The other thing that struck me is of course the beat on this jam which was done by a chap known as Beat Ya Mavo.

Although Sudi Boy’s lyrical prowess and voice is indisputable, the beat really spiced up this jam. As you listen to it, you can’t help but bust moves or nod your head.

Watch Kaba below and tell what you think.

Madini Classic is just a cheap attention seeker

I have been trying to follow the drama between Eric Omondi and one John Philip Ouma, alias Madini Classic, and I came to the realization that it’s just hogwash and a waste of everyone’s precious time.

In my opinion, Madini Classic is just a cheap seeker attention who using the Eric for clout but he is going about the wrong way because it’s working to his detriment.

You see, what this chap currently doing has been done by many artists before him. Every once in a while you’ll hear someone disparaging a more established figure in society just to get some attention.

Madini Classic

The way I see it, he acting from a point of desperation because let’s be honest, unlike most of his peers, the likes of Masauti, Otile Brown, Arrow Bwoy, Sudi Boy Madini Calassic barely gets any attention.

You’ll never hear someone saying that he/she thinks of the Nilivyo hitmaker as a great artist never mind the fact that has some really good songs out there.

He’s following the footsteps of Otile Brown, who used Vera to become a household name, but he is going about it the wrong way like I mentioned earlier.

Many people would not want to associate themselves with drama and once they see that you are full of that and are willing to go around tainting the image of others, they tend to avoid you.

Madini Classic
Madini Classic

I’d rather he gets to be known for dating a socialite rather than apparently exposing someone else or painting them in bad light, whether the allegations are true or not. It just doesn’t work that way.

If you are keen, I’m  sure you’ve noticed that he has been pushing his new collabo with Vivian dubbed Energy while using Eric’s name to land interviews in  media houses which tell you what his goal was from the very beginning .

Someone should tell him that he needs to re-evaluate his strategy before it’s too late.

Why Coastal music barely gets any nationwide attention

Very few people cared about Coastal music until recently when Masauti, Otile Brown, Dogo Richie, Sudi Boy, Susumila, Chikuzee and the likes emerged on the music scene.

Artists from the Coast operated in a cocoon for a long time so much so that very few people in the other parts of the country had a clue who they were but have you ever wondered why?

Have you ever asked yourself why the artists and their songs barely get any nationwide attention? Well, I have some pointers as to why.



Firstly, there’s the obvious fact that almost all top media houses are based in Nairobi. This means that if an artist from the Coast has a new song, then he or she has to travel to the capital city to promote it.

You could argue that artists don’t need the mainstream media because we are in the digital age but that’s a wrong perception. We live in a third world country, TV and radio will always be relevant.

Secondly, artists from the Coast are not as aggressive as their counterparts in Nairobi. I’m sure you have also heard that people from Mombasa take things slowly, the same applies to the artists.

They take so long to release a song and when they release it they don’t even bother to promote it because they are not  agile. That’s just it.

The last reason is claims of sorcery. This might sound funny but it is real in the Coast. Artists are always blaming their counterparts of bewitching them and curtailing their growth.

Sometime last year, Dogo Richie released a song dubbed Mziki Majanga in which he claimed that fellow musicians used juju on him so that he does not grow.

Dogo Richie
Dogo Richie

Among those mentioned in the song were; Fat S, Susumila, Nyota Ndogo, Chikuzee, Bizzy K, Ally B and Bawazir.

Interestingly, a few months later, during a radio interview, Dogo Richie revealed that his voice vanishes when he is in studio but he sounds heavenly when he’s at home.

According to him, the aforementioned artists had revenged on him for calling them out.

The bottom line is that Coastal music is a circus, I have no apologies for saying this. Knowing all this, I’m even surprised that some of the are making it big in the national stage.

Arrow Bwoy needs to be very careful

To date, I’m yet to come across a song by Arrow Bwoy that I didn’t think was a hit or that I didn’t vibe to at all. It almost as if everything he touches turns into gold. I’m sure you agree, don’t you?

The singer whose real name is Ali Yusuf this rare gift of infusing English, Swahili and Luganda lyrics and ends up with a very unique and beautiful sound. The beat justs complements his style.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Unlike what most people think, Arrow Bwoy is not a newbie. He has been in the game since 2012 when he was part of a group called QBIC. He ventured out on his on in 2015 and got his first hit Digi Digi in 2017.

Since then, his star has continued to shine so much so that he even landed collabos with Jamaican heavyweights Demarco and Cecile. This is not a small feat but I’m sure you already knew that.

Locally, he has worked with the likes of Gabu, Masauti, Otile Brown, Timmy Tdat, Nadia Mukami, Sudi Boy, King Kaka, Krg The Don, Voltage Music, Jovial just to name a few.

As you listen to all his songs, you can’t fail to appreciate his ingenuity. However, you’ll also notice that he sounds pretty much the same in all of them which to be honest, I feel like it’s something that might curtail his success.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

You see, in as much as all songs are done by the same person, hence they will have the same voice, music fans expect you to vary your songs so that you don’t bore them the way Jaguar did. It’s just what it is.

In my opinion, Arrow Bwoy needs to be careful or he will lose relevance in no time. He should look for ways of varying his sound so that his fans don’t feel like they are listening to the same song over and over

Listen to his latest release dubbed Ngeta below.

MP denies he was Ivy Wangechi’s sponsor: I personally never knew Ivy and it is immoral, immature and inhuman to share such malicious claims 

A popular MP has come out to shoot down flying rumors that he was having an affair with slain Moi University student Ivy Wangechi.

Taking to social media, Kapseret Member of Parliament Oscar Sudi denied ever knowing the young lady who was killed by Naftali Njahi and bashed those spreading fake news that they were sleeping together.

“Given that today is a Palm Sunday, I choose to forgive whoever did this. It is immoral, immature and inhuman to share such malicious claims on social media even as the family is grieved by the gruesome murder of Ivy.,” he said on Facebook. 


“Furthermore, it is cruel, callous and barbaric to wish someone some sickness because no sane human can do so to his/her fellow being. I personally never knew Ivy, but I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Ivy,” the MP said. 


Naftali on Wednesday, April 10, told the police his actions were motivated by the fact that he had spent a lot of resources on the deceased but in turn she kept turning him down.


Popular singer Sudi boy in trouble after he was caught in bed with another woman (Photos)

Singer Sudi Boy who is currently living with his baby mama has been in caught in bed with another woman who is not his wife.

The singer popularly known for his sultry Swahili songs has left many asking questions that he can only answer. We are not sure whether he has been issues at home that forced him to result to having another woman.

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Sudi boy having an affair?

Though the photos were taken by a professional photographer (judging from the quality) we can’t be too sure if it was done intentionally. Sources who shared the photos with Ghafla claim that Sudi Boy has been dreading having the photos shared online; so could this mean there is more to this?


Hit or miss? Timmy Tdat and Sudi drop another sizzling new jam

Timmy Tdat and Sudi Boy have teamed up again for a new song, Zile Mbili.

Zile Mbili
sees two friends try to outshine each other in describing the great qualities of their girlfriends.

” Zile Mbili ilikuja wakati tulikuwa kwa birthday ya jamaa flani ikaja tu kama chorus ndio tukaamua kuingia studio,” says Sudi Boy.

This is the second time Timmy Tdat and Sudi Boy are working together. The first project they both worked on was Iromo which was released last year and has been doing great on the airwaves.

“I have worked with Sudi Boy before and I liked his drive, creativity and energy so it was easy to work with him again on Zile Mbili,” says Timmy Tdat.

” Napenda sana kazi ya Timmy Tdat. Tunayo chemistry ambayo inaingiana poa,” says Sudi Boy.

The Song was produced by Bizzy B and the video directed by Enos Olik.

Watch video below:


Sudi Boy’s new found love welcomes a healthy bouncing baby boy (Photo)

About two years ago singer Sudi boy lost the love of his life and though this was the most trying moment of his life…he got the strength to move on with his life. His late wife left behind a baby girl called Kibibi.

Sudi's new bae
Sudi’s new bae

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With time he finally learnt to fall in love again and this is how he met the mother of his new born baby boy, Liam. The singer broke the good news through his social media page where he posted the new born’s feet and captioned the photo,

Welcome to the world #LIAM

Sudi Boy and his girlfriend Cashatter Glad welcomed the new born about three hours ago (judging from his post). Though the two have managed to stay under the radar, their is no doubt that Sudi Boy has finally moved on with his new found love now that they have started a family together.

Checkout the photo below:

Sudi Boy’s son, Baby Liam