“Co-parenting is hard” Single mother Jovial whines

Singer Jovial recently shared her thoughts on the challenges of co-parenting, emphasizing that when parents fight, it’s the child who suffers the most.

She expressed her views on social media, saying, “Co-parenting has got to be one of the most draining things on this earth.”


Jovial Sides With Otile Brown On Comments About Lack Of International Stars In East Africa

Jovial pointed out that in many cases, one parent is often still harboring bitterness, “thinking they are getting back at you when the real victim is the child.”

She added, “When you tell your close people you are having a baby, they warn you about body changes, but in reality, you need to prepare yourself mentally and psychologically!”


Jovial Introduces Her New Boyfriend (Photo)

Jovial concluded with some advice: “Have that child when you are ready to have that child.”

Despite her public presence, Jovial has kept details about her daughter and her past relationship with the child’s father private.

As an entertainer, vocalist, recording, and performing artist, Jovial is making significant strides in the music industry. Her music style is a blend of Afro-Fusion and R&B, and she primarily sings in Swahili, which she says helps her express herself authentically and defines her identity as a Kenyan.


Jovial Speaks Out On Challenges Of Co-Parenting

Singer Jovial recently weighed in on the struggles of co-parenting via social media. Jovial, a single mom, emphasizes that children are the most impacted when parents fight during co-parenting.

“Co-parenting has got to be one of the most draining things,” she shared. Jovial suggests that lingering bitterness can lead parents to use co-parenting as a weapon, hurting the child in the process.

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She highlights the importance of emotional preparedness alongside physical readiness when considering parenthood.

“Prepare yourself mentally and psychologically!” she advises. Jovial concludes by recommending having children only when fully prepared for the challenges, including co-parenting.

Jovial has shielded her daughter from the spotlight and remains private about her child’s father. This focus on her daughter’s privacy extends to her own musical career.

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While achieving success in the Kenyan music industry, Jovial sings primarily in Swahili, stating this language best expresses her identity and allows her to connect with her audience.

Jovial Sides With Otile Brown On Comments About Lack Of International Stars In East Africa

Kenyan musician Jovial has weighed in on Otile Brown’s recent comments about the lack of international superstars in East Africa.

Otile, during an interview, sparked debate by claiming, “There is no international artist in East Africa!” When asked about Diamond Platnumz’s success, Otile argued, “We need to keep it real… We have a job to do!”

Jovial, previously signed to Otile’s label, took a diplomatic approach. She acknowledged the debate but urged fans to “understand the point he is making.”

Jovial agrees with the core message. “He’s right,” she stated. “As long as he’s not mentioned any artist…that should be a challenge to us.” She emphasized moving past arguments and focusing on improvement: “We need to see things in a different picture.”

Both Otile and Jovial acknowledge the need for East African artists to push boundaries. Otile suggests that “a lot of unnecessary noise” currently exists within the industry. Jovial encourages embracing “other music” to break through the current limitations.

Their comments have ignited discussions about the future of East African music on the global stage.

Singer Jovial opens up about her decision to stop being a good person

Singer Jovial has used her Instagram account to explain that she is done trying to be a good person. She said that she has come to realize that being a good person can often feel like a curse.

Jovial explained that she has always been a people-pleaser, and that she has always put the needs of others before her own. However, she has come to realize that this has led to her being taken advantage of.

She said that people often expect her to be available to them at all times, and that they don’t appreciate her kindness. She also said that people often don’t appreciate her boundaries, and that they will try to guilt her into doing things that she doesn’t want to do.

Jovial said that she is tired of being taken advantage of, and that she is no longer willing to be a people-pleaser. She said that she is going to start putting her own needs first, and that she is not going to be afraid to say no to people.

“Hawakupendi, wanapenda unachotoa! Wahitaji tu kidogo, hawapatikani kamwe!

Wahitaji tu kidogo hawapatikani, kuwa na roho nzuri ni kama laana unahumia tu kufurahisha watu alafu unakufa maskini wanabaki kusema alikuwa mtu mzuri.”


She said that she knows that some people will not understand her decision, but she doesn’t care. She said that she is finally putting herself first, and that she is going to be happier for it.

Jovial’s decision to stop being a good person is a bold one, but it is one that many people can relate to. There is a lot of pressure to be a good person, and it can be difficult to set boundaries and say no. However, it is important to remember that you are not obligated to be a people-pleaser. You have the right to put your own needs first, and you should not feel guilty about doing so.

If you are feeling like Jovial, and you are tired of being taken advantage of, then it is time to start putting yourself first. You have the right to be happy, and you should not let anyone make you feel otherwise.

Jovial Regrets Introducing Her Boyfriend To The Public


Kenyan musician Juliet Miriam Ayub, popularly known as Jovial, has introduced her new boyfriend, Mike. The couple shared photos and videos of themselves on social media, and Jovial captioned the post “Romeo & Juliet.”

In the photos, Jovial and Mike are seen looking very happy together. They are smiling and laughing, and they look very much in love. In one photo, Mike is seen giving Jovial a kiss on the cheek.

Jovial’s fans were quick to react to the post, and they were all very happy for her. They congratulated her on finding love, and they wished her all the best.

Jovial’s new relationship comes after she split up with her baby daddy a few years ago. In a previous interview, Jovial said that she felt like her ex-boyfriend wanted her to stay at home and be a housewife. She said that she did not want to be a housewife to a guy who did not have a future, so she decided to split up with him and focus on her music career.

Jovial’s new boyfriend Mike, has, however, been criticized by fans who claim to know him as a ‘Gold digger’ and that he might be there just because of Jovial’s money.

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Jovial recently rubbished the allegations and claims he’s a good man- adding that she wouldn’t have put him in such a place where public scrutiny was imminent.

It is clear that Jovial is however, happy with her new boyfriend, and they’re all looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

Jovial’s Boyfriend Termed A Gold-Digger By Netizens

Kenyan musician Jovial has introduced her new boyfriend to the public. The singer, who is known for keeping her love life private, shared videos of herself and her new man on social media on Monday.

The videos show Jovial and her new man enjoying quality time together while on vacation. They can be seen laughing, smiling, and holding hands. Jovial has not yet revealed the identity of her new man, but she has said that she is happy and in love.

Jovial’s fans have been supportive of her new relationship. They have taken to social media to congratulate her and wish her well. Jovial’s new boyfriend seems to be a great addition to her life. He makes her happy and she seems to be very much in love with him.

Jovial expressed her gratitude for the love and happiness she has found with Mike.

In one post, she wrote, “Whatever good that is happening in your life you DESERVE IT! That is the Lord’s doing…” Accompanying her words were a love emoji and a blushing face, reflecting her joy and contentment.

However, sharp-eyed netizens were quick to recognize Mike as someone they had seen before. They have since had their say on his character; claiming that he goes after women who have money. Jovial is yet to respond to the allegations.


Jovial Introduces Her New Boyfriend (Photo)

For a very long time now, musician Jovial (real name Juliet Miriam Ayub) has been keeping her relationships under wraps and out of social media.

For this reason, she has roped in the big question on whether she’s single or not from her fans.

Off The Market

Jovial recently took to her social media to share photos of her new man identified as Mike; as well as a video of them getting cosy;

Well the video showed Jovial and the love of her life were sharing a beautiful moment, and he was seen giving her a peck on the cheek as they both smiled facing the camera.

The songbird further accompanied the video with a caption saying Romeo & Juliet.

Before blowing up in the music industry, she was in a long-term relationship with her baby daddy who was to become her future husband.

In a previous interview, the songbird revealed that She felt like the guy wanted her to stay at home and she did not want to be a housewife to a guy who did not have a future. So she chose to split up with him and decided to push her brand in the music industry

Jovial Is Wise Enough To Hide Her Man From Social Media

Jovial has been hiding her men from social media for a long time. It’s a shrewd move for the singer, considering how online relationships fail terribly.
It’s not peculiar to hear about celebrities breaking up over & over.

No face no Case

The intriguing thing is that most people who thrive in their relationships have always kept their relationships off social media. It’s a debate that most people don’t take seriously.
Some epitomes include Esther Akoth (Akothee) & Amber Ray.
Akothee’s relationships haven’t been successful over the years. The fact that she has dated both locally & Internationally has given her an impeccable experience in relationships.
Either way, she’s a sucker for online relationships: and 100% of them haven’t been successful.
She’s currently dating a white guy.
On the flipside, Amber Ray has been flaunting her relationships online: and they haven’t been successful too.

Bearing that in mind, Jovial seems to agree with the latter. She recently claimed that she won’t be posting her man online anytime soon. But she confirmed that she’s in a romantic relationship.
For now, that’s all we know. But the guy’s identity remains surreptitious.

Jovial Explains Why She Prefers Having Male Friends Than Female (Screenshot)

They say a woman’s worst enemy is a woman. And the latter has been proved by musician Jovial, who has strongly reprimanded women for being jealous for their fellow women. The ‘Such Kinda Love’ hitmaker recently took to her socials to calibrate why she’d rather opt to have male friends rather than female, adding that her circle of friends is limited to men, especially her production team.

”Someone asked me why I don’t have friends… I do have friends… But male friends and that’s my team! Hakuna watu hukuwa chilled kama maboys! Anytime anyday!,” she wrote in part.

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She continued to justify her sentiments on why she prefers a team filled with men.

”Depends on how you carry yourself! Wanawake hatupendani. Sijui shida hukuwa gani.

One of the reasons why I’m choosy when it comes to female collaborations, I hate negative vibes man. Those who know me know me…. That’s why I prefer a male team! Focused!”

Jovial continued to state that one of the reasons there were fewer female artists in the industry than male is because of less love by them;

”Kwanza ogopa wale hukuita ‘babe’ Those are the worst. Hata pressure za IG zinatokana na madem. That’s why female artists are less in the industry. No love!”

Jovial’s sentiments makes sense. And the number of her collaborations with male artists prove it all

“Tafta size yako” Jovial dismisses Willy Paul after singer confessed undying love for her

Singer Willy Paul recently left a thirsty comment under Jovial’s post talking about nikikushika nitaku…. message only a teenager on social media would find cute.

At first we couldn’t really tell whether this was geneuine or a way of creating hype for a project they’re set to drop; but having seen Jovial’s response after Pozee’s comment – mmmh chances are that this is not a clout chasing stunt.

Anyway responding to Pozee’s offer on how good he can love her, Jovial on the other hand said;

Mi sio size yako! Tafta Size Yako!

And to respond to the shade thrown his way – Willy Paul not not only brought his douchebag character onboard but made it seem like he promised to have Jovial whether she liked it or not.

Again, let’s keep in mind about upcoming projects cause come on who publicly writes

Boss wacha kiburi hio kitu sio Sabuni….anyway let’s we kama sitakufinya soon.

Pozee accused of taking advantage of ladies

Judging from his response after Jovial told him off, we can clearly see that Pozee is the kind of person who doesn’t like his ego getting bruised especially in public.

I mean how do you promise to force yourself on a woman? Isn’t no enough? Anyway looking at the likes of Diana Bahati, Lady P among others who have accused Pozee of forcing himself on them – they all say he always gets his way even if it means by force.

Lulu Hassan showers Jovial with praise for captivating performance during Rashid Abdalla’s party


Singer Jovial has not been having it easy for the past few weeks. Well, she’s been dealing with an obsessive fan stalking her every move, and before this could even settle – she’s back to dealing with trolls from Netizens.

The said trolls were a result of a viral video of her performing for birthday boy, Rashid Abdalla, who appeared captivated by her vocals and dancing moves – before wifey, Lulu Hassan stepped in to dance with her man.

Unfortunately this stunt resulted to mixed feelings. There are fans who feel Lulu Hassan may have felt ‘jealous’ watching her man get entertained by another woman, while others feel that they were all having fun. Really nothing serious. 

Jovial emotional

With the many insults and mean comments Jovial who had maintained her silence since the incident decided to respond.

From how she handled the situation proves that she’s yet to grow some thick skin to help ignore what netizens say. Anyway with a lot of emotions, she told off the haters urging them to fix their homes – cause clearly they all had insecurity issues with their husbands.

Jovial hits back at fans

Lulu Hassan neutralizes situation

Well, like I said Jovial took the insults to heart for no reason, that is judging from how Lulu Hassan neutralized the unnecessary tension with a post directed to the singer .

As seen on the post shared by the Swahili news anchor, she praised Jovial for her amazing talent adding that she’s destined for greatness.

Lulu Hassan to Jovial: You’re destined for greatness


I can’t thank you enough @jovial_ke …You are destined for greatness, apart from being your bosses we are your number one fans ????????????????…. Keep on flying our flag high ….We love you dadaa….Keep on keeping on….❤❤❤❤❤❤ Vocals???? Performance???? Presence ???? For bookings follow @jovial_ke hautajutia ????????????????????


8 female Kenyan celebrities who have stylishly rocked short, bold hair

Short hair has been largely embraced in the local market especially by female celebrities who have opted for a bold, more polished and different look that has only left them looking younger and hotter.

Be it young or older, married or single, in their different professions and daily hustles, several female celebrities have come out to prove short hair can still look sexxy. Lets dive right in;

1. Ciru Muriuki

The former NTV’s The Trend show host, currently working with BBC, recently decided to chop off her 6-years old dreadlocks for a bolder, younger, new look, that has been turning heads online.

BBC’s Ciru Muriuki

2. Femi One

The Utawezana rapper and hitmaker is one personality whose stylish, colorful hair dyes ranging from yellow, to pink, to red and even green has only made her stand out in the industry. No lie, this fine babe goes extra when she decides to!

Rapper Femi One

3. Wahu Kagwi

The mother of two who doubles up as a gospel artist has since time immemorial opted for a mohawk-look, maintaining it trimmed and at a certain length, that allows her to meddle with it, depending on the occasion.

Singer, Wahu Kagwi, commemorates late dad

4. Corazon Kwamboka

The first time mom, took the internet by storm after chopping off her beautiful, long, dark African hair soon as she welcomed her son Taiyari with Frankie Just Gym It. Matter of fact, Frankie was the one who brought in the idea and a dear Corazon did not even think twice about it.

Corazon Kwamboka serving hot body goals at 5 weeks postpartum

5. Azziad Nasenya

The celebrated TV show host and actress keeps her natural hair short, away from the screens, more often spotted with a blonde look, pimping it with braids and wigs once in a while.

Online sensation, Azziad Nasenya

6. Lilian Muli

The TV girl always seen in wigs, once ditched them for a hot look in short plumed hair. This was after getting rid of the short locs she had hidden beneath her wigs for a long time. And honestly, her age betrays the look.

Citizen TV journalist Lilian Muli

7. Huddah Monroe

Huddah loves her hair short and trimmed, recently letting off the wigs and signature bandanas, to step out looking like a 16-year old, after trimming it a bit more and she sure looks stunning.

City socialite Huddah Monroe

8. Jovial

The Coastal-based songbird, who was once signed under Otile BrownJust In Love record label, has time and again proven her look in short hair and even when she gets those wigs on, she opts for a classy boy cut.

Kenyan singer, Jovial born Juliet Miriam Ayub

Well, there you have it!

Brown Mauzo brings Jovial on board for classic love ballad ‘Tujenge’ (Video)

Coast-based singer Fredrick Mtinda, alias Brown Mauzo and famed for mega hits like; Nitulize, Natamani, Mawazo, Aniote and Hakuna Kulala has released a new song with Jovial, real name Juliet Ayub Miriam, and it’s a big tune.

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The song titled Tujenge, which is Swahili for ‘let’s build’, has ruling the airwaves since it came out a few days ago and to be honest, we are also feeling it.

Check out Jovial has a new tune 'Gubu'

Tujenge is a love song. It talks about a man who is trying to have a stable relationship with a certain lass but it she is not keen on settling down as keeps aborting his children.

The man assures her that all will be well and that he should give him a child because many people think that he has a problem.

I don’t know about you but Tujenge is such a beautiful composition. I’ve listened to it a couple of times since it came out and I’m still in love with it.

Brown Mauzo is such a talented singer. He has an amazing voice and the way he expresses himself in his songs, you get to connect with him on a personal level and tap into his emotions or state of mind when he was writing it.

Brown Mauzo

Jovial also came through on this track. If you are her fan I am sure you know that she is a talented vocalist and has a wide vocal range and she put these skills to good use in Tujenge.

The beat and instrumentation on this jam is perfect. Other than the fact that they make it catchy, I’m sure that after listening to it you will agree with me that they blend well with both Brown Mauzo and Jovial’s voices.

The video is also dope because it aligns well with the themes of the song which are love, pain and misery. I also love the locations and smooth scene transitioning.

Watch Tujenge below and tell us what you think.


Jovial brings Wyse on board for ‘Harusi’ (Video)

Kenyan songstress Juliet Ayub Miriam, better known as Jovial, has released a new track with Tanzania’s Wyse and it is getting so much love from their fans.

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The track titled Harusi, which is a Swahili word that means wedding, tells the story of a man and a woman who have decided to settle down because of the love that they have for one another.


In the song, Wyse says that he has no problem bidding farewell to bachelorhood because he has met a very beautiful lady who respects him and is well-behaved.

On the other hand, Jovial says she is really excited because he has decided to forsake others for her. She says that she is lucky that they will get to spend the rest of their lives together because he is not a proud man and listens to her.

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I really love this jam though I must admit that it took me some time for me to understand it. At first I was astounded because the sound is different from the Jovial that we all know but it grew on me with time.


If you are a huge fan of the Deejay hitmaker like myself then I am sure you know that she has amazing vocals. To add to that, she knows how to control her voice, she can go from low to high and vice versa with so much ease.

Wyse is also a talented singer, there’s no doubt about that. I particularly love how he expressing himself in in Harusi, one might even think that he and Jovial are really settling down.

The beat and instrumentation are the reason why this song stands out. There’s no doubt in my mind that it was done by a Tanzanian producer and that’s why most Kenyans will find it unique.

I really love the video for this jam. It was brilliantly executed and everything was on point, from the location, styling, lighting, props, models, concept down to to the editing of the video itself.

Watch Harusi below and tell us what you think.

Kenyan female musicians should put in more work in 2020

In as much as 2019 was a great year for many local musicians reason being Gengetone literally blew up, I kind of felt like female musicians were left behind.

Think of it though, if someone asked you to name Kenyan female singers who shone this year I’m sure they would be a handful and I’m not kidding.

Noti Flow
Noti Flow

The list would probably have the likes of; Nadia Mukami, Fena Gitu, Noti Flow, Jovial, Femi One and that’s it but I’m sure many people can’t even name one song that was released by some of the aforementioned artists in 2019.

I understand that female artists face more challenges in the industry because many of the key players like producers, videographers, promoters, marketers don’t take them seriously but we need them to pull up their socks.

I don’t know why but something tells me that 2020 will be a great year for female musicians. I just have a feeling that we’ll see more releases from them compared to 2019.

I remember those days when many female artists were a big deal and the whole country was literally paying attention to them and waiting for their next release.

Femi One
Femi One

For instance, I am sure you all remember the beef between Noti Flow, Njeri, Femi One and Kyki. That is what I want to see more of next year and I am not saying they have to insult each other to get us talking.

All I am saying is that we need female musicians to take center stage in 2020 because as things are at the moment, it seems like Kenya only has male musicians.

Arrow Bwoy has linked up with Jovial on ‘Wrong Number’ and it’s getting mad love (Audio)

Kenyan singer Ali Yusuf, better known as Arrow Bwoy and famed for his Digi Digi hit, has released the audio for his collabo with sassy songstress Juliet Ayub Miriam who is known to you and I as Jovial.

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The song titled Wrong Number, which is off his recently released album dubbed Hatua, talks about a lad who’s very interested in a certain lass but she’s not just feeling his vibe.


As such, she keeps dodging him. However, she keeps asking for money from him and he’s forced to borrow so that he can impress her. Surprisingly, he is still not ready to give up even after being made to wait for 10 years.

As you can tell, the title of the song was inspired by the fact that the lass in question is not in interested in the guy at all. Perhaps you can relate it to what happens when a person you don’t know calls you.

Wrong Number is a beautiful composition. Actually, it’s my second most favourite song from Hatua after his collabo with Fena Gitu dubbed Ride.

Arrow Bwoy really came through on this jam. I was not expecting anything less anyway. We can argue until the cows come home but the fact is that he is the most melodious of our time.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Jovial’s delivery was also good. She has this sweet voice that I know many men, including yours truly, wouldn’t mind listening to all day. She sounds heavenly in this jam, you’ll have no choice but to hit the replay button.

The beat for this jam is also dope. Although some people may say it’s subtle, I feel it works for this song. You will not resist the urge to bust a move. Trust me!

Listen to Wrong Number below and tell us what you think.

After ditching Otile Brown, Jovial drops new jam ‘Deejay’ and it’s a massive hit (Video)

Sultry singer Juliet Ayub Miriam, alias Jovial, has dropped a new jam days after ditching Otile Brown’s new record label Just In Love Music for David Guoro’s Hailemind Entertainment.

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The song dubbed Deejay is a dedication to her boyfriend Sammi Flinch, who works as a mixx master at Switch TV, and all other disc jockeys.

Jovial and Sammi Flinch
Jovial and Sammi Flinch

Jovial really came through on this jam with her soothing voice that I wouldn’t mind listening to the whole day, even if it’s just a casual conversation.

To add to that, she has this unique ability to vary her voice from melodic to almost coarse and believe you me it’s the best thing that could ever happen to a musician.

The lyrics of the song are simple and you’ll probably master the whole song after listening to it twice, okay maybe thrice.

Of course, you won’t fail to notice that she dropped lamba lolo a couple of times on this jam.

In the chorus she says, “Nicheze kama lamba lolo, uweke kwa mutima wange kisha tudigi digi nicheze*3”

Apart from the sexy video vixens, the other thing that struck me is how seductive Jovial is, especially when she was on the bar counter. I honestly could not get enough of her!


The video, which was shot by the one and only Johnson Kyallo, was brilliantly executed. I, however, felt that it was a bit monotonous because it was only shot in the club but then again it’s a song about DJs.

The audio was produced by Vicky Pon Dis and he also did an impressive job. The beat gives you a feeling that you need to hit the club and have a good time.

If you asked me to rate this song, I would give it a 9/10. Good job jovial!

Watch Deejay below and tell us what you think.

Jovial is far better off without Otile Brown

I honestly feel like sassy singer Juliet Ayub Miriam, alias Jovial, will really go far without being backed by Otile Brown.

Over the last few weeks, there has been some drama after she revealed that she had ditched Otile Brown’s record label Just In Love music.

To be honest, I feel that it’s completely unecessary because truth be told, she’s a very talented singer. She really is.

Most people think that she started singing while she has been in the game for quite sometime.

In as much as Otile Brown played a big part in pushing her career, I believe that she will land on her feet.

In a few years, Jovial will be the biggest female singer in this country and you can take this to the bank.

The truth is, the journey of any creative is never smooth. Once in a while, they will come across some bumps but when they figure out to maneuver then, they are  set up for life.

The same thing is happening with Jovial, she just suffered a small, depending on how you look at it, career setback.

When she finally figures it ot then she is set for this industry.

Like I said, she’s really talented, she’s someone I’d definitly listen to the whole day and not get bored. Keep and eye out for her!

Watch her latest single dubbed Deejay below.

Arrow Bwoy needs to be very careful

To date, I’m yet to come across a song by Arrow Bwoy that I didn’t think was a hit or that I didn’t vibe to at all. It almost as if everything he touches turns into gold. I’m sure you agree, don’t you?

The singer whose real name is Ali Yusuf this rare gift of infusing English, Swahili and Luganda lyrics and ends up with a very unique and beautiful sound. The beat justs complements his style.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

Unlike what most people think, Arrow Bwoy is not a newbie. He has been in the game since 2012 when he was part of a group called QBIC. He ventured out on his on in 2015 and got his first hit Digi Digi in 2017.

Since then, his star has continued to shine so much so that he even landed collabos with Jamaican heavyweights Demarco and Cecile. This is not a small feat but I’m sure you already knew that.

Locally, he has worked with the likes of Gabu, Masauti, Otile Brown, Timmy Tdat, Nadia Mukami, Sudi Boy, King Kaka, Krg The Don, Voltage Music, Jovial just to name a few.

As you listen to all his songs, you can’t fail to appreciate his ingenuity. However, you’ll also notice that he sounds pretty much the same in all of them which to be honest, I feel like it’s something that might curtail his success.

Arrow Bwoy
Arrow Bwoy

You see, in as much as all songs are done by the same person, hence they will have the same voice, music fans expect you to vary your songs so that you don’t bore them the way Jaguar did. It’s just what it is.

In my opinion, Arrow Bwoy needs to be careful or he will lose relevance in no time. He should look for ways of varying his sound so that his fans don’t feel like they are listening to the same song over and over

Listen to his latest release dubbed Ngeta below.

Otile Brown ventures into Lingala in new collabo with Jovial dubbed ‘Amor’ (Video)

Kenyan singer Jacob Obunga, alias Otile Brown, has dropped another jam with Afro-fusion singer Jovial.

Dubbed Amor, their new collabo was released barely a month after the two talented debuted their mega hit dubbed Zichune.

As the title suggests, their new song is a love ballad. Amor is a Spanish word that means love.

As expected, both Otile Brown and Jovial really came through in this jam. Their vocal delivery was really on point.

One of the many things that I love about Jovial is that she can change her voice from sweet-sounding to this rough but sexy voice.

Of course, we can’t fail to appreciate the Lingala vibe in the song. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the reason why this jam is an instant hit.

Jovial and Otile Brown
Jovial and Otile Brown

I love the simple shoot locations that they picked for this song. It really gives it context. In of the scenes, Jovial is seen feeding Otile Brown at a construction site. Does it get any better than that, honestly?.

Amor was directed by X Antonio and I think he did a great job, especially with the scene transitioning.

The beat, which was produced by the one and only Vicky Pon Dis, is also pretty decent. A few seconds before  the song ends, from 3:02, you’ll hear this sweet Lingala instrumental. It’s just lovely!

Jovial has been putting in a lot of work lately and believe you me, it won’t take long before she becomes  a household name.

Watch Amor below and tell us what you think.

Otile Brown didn’t come to play! Check out his new collabo with Jovial dubbed ‘Zichune’ (Video)

Kenyan singer Jacob Obunga, better known as Otile Brown, is back with a new banger barely two months after he released Japo Kidogo alongside Khaligraph Jones.

Otile’s new song titled Zichune is a collabo with Afro-fusion singer Jovial who has been topping charts with a collabo that she released with Arrow Bwoy about a month ago dubbed Dekeza.

Zichune is a Swahili word that loosely translates to “pluck them” but in the context of this song it probably means “take it all”.

The song is about a man and a woman who are in love. The lad can’t get enough of her smile and curves. From the look of things, he is ready to risk it all for her.

However, the woman is really worldly pleasures. She wants an iPhone XS, a trip to Paris, a Channel bag, money and what have you. Seemingly, the chap does not mind and says “take it all.”

I was really impressed by the lyrical prowess of both Otile Brown and Jovial. On top of that, their voices were also pleasant to the ear. I kept replaying the song and you can’t even blame me.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

My favourite line with is when Otile Brown says, “Sema we ni poko(poko), poko, (poko), nyoko kama mzigo uko soko(soko), soko, soko (soko), soko Sema acha longo longo nisije regret (nyoo), nisije regret, acha fuka fuko, foko, foko, foko, lazima atoboke mitoboko, boko, boko, boko, mwenyewe umejaa kwenye mboko, mboko, mboko, mboko (aah…sawa pole mama)..

I couldn’t understand that line, I just loved the rhymes.

The song was produced by the one and only Vicky Pon Dis. After mentioning that name, I don’t really need to tell you that the beat really slaps really hard. Point is, he did a decent job.

The video, which was directed by Hanscana, was also on point. I not only loved the scene transitions, the colour co-ordination was also good.

Watch Zichune below and tell us what you think. You might need some good earphones for this!

We can’t get enough of Arrow Bwoy’s new collabo with Jovial (Video)

When you talk about Kenyan female singers with beautiful vocals, Juliet Ayub Miriam, alias Jovial, can’t fail to feature in the list. She has a soothing voice that I wouldn’t mind listening to all day, even if it’s just a casual conversation.


Maybe you’ve not heard of this talented songstress who hails from Mombasa yet, maybe you’ve never listened to any of her songs but it’s about time you knew of her. Drumrolls, please.

Jovial is an Afro-fusion singer whose songs have a twist of zouk. She has several songs to her name and has worked with leading artists including Jua Cali, Ben Pol. Some of her hits include Mimi Ni Wako, Kila La Heri, Unakosa Raha, just to name a few.

A few days ago, she released a collabo dubbed Dekeza alongside Mr Digi Digi, Arrow Bwoy and it has been getting fair airplay on local radio stations.

Dekeza is a Swahili word that means ‘to persuade’. As you can already tell, maybe you can’t, this is a feel good song in which Jovial narrates how she loves to be cajoled, spoilt with good things and what not. Her delivery was top-notch and she has her smooth vocals to thank for that.

As expected, Arrow Bwoy did not disappoint either. He used Swahili, Sheng, English and a bit of Patios to drive the love song home. You know what to expect when you hear that Arrow Boy has a new song, in this case expect much more.

Arrow Bwoy

The song’s bridge is such a no brainer and it is easy to master, it goes like “Kwako sitoki nimezama sijiwezi *2“. That’s it.

The video was directed by Johnson Kyallo and produced by Ihaji. Watch Dekeza below and tell us what you think.