The world pushed us to have a son—Nameless

Renowned musician David Mathenge, famously known as Nameless, has shared insights into how he and his wife, Wahu, navigated societal pressure regarding the gender of their youngest child, Shiro.

Speaking at an event where Sai Pharmaceuticals Kenya Limited unveiled the Mathenges as the official brand ambassadors for the upgraded NipNap Premium Baby Diapers, Nameless shed light on their family journey.

Before publicly revealing their pregnancy, Nameless disclosed that they had already undergone scans confirming they were expecting a baby girl. Despite widespread speculation favoring a baby boy, Nameless and Wahu remained steadfast in their knowledge.

“When we announced our pregnancy, we were certain it was a girl, even though everyone was convinced it would be a boy,” Nameless revealed.

For the Mathenges, Nameless emphasized that their priority has always been the health of their children, irrespective of gender.

“It’s not about gender; it’s about a healthy baby,” Nameless stressed.

The proud father of three expressed that raising daughters doesn’t diminish his role as a parent.

“A child you can nurture. We were thrilled that Shiro arrived healthy and radiant, just as she is. I am always elated to be a father to girls,” he added.

Discussing his decision to feature on the packaging of the NipNap Premium Baby Diapers, Nameless underscored the importance of shared parenting responsibilities.

“I chose to be part of the campaign to convey the message that raising a child is not solely the mother’s responsibility but a joint effort of both parents being actively involved in their children’s lives,” he stated.

Speaking about their collaboration with NipNap, Wahu expressed her joy, saying: “Partnering with NipNap has been an amazing journey. They supported our reality show, This Love, and we’ve built a strong relationship together. I’m excited to work with them.”

At the launch, Mr. Rajiv Joshi, the CEO of SPKL’s Hygiene Division, expressed excitement about partnering with Nameless and Wahu for the rebrand.

“We conduct rigorous testing to ensure the safety, performance, and quality of our products, surpassing industry standards. By incorporating customer feedback and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we have meticulously refined every aspect to exceed expectations. For this partnership, we sought the best in the industry.”

The colorful event at Movenpick Nairobi was attended by Nameless and Wahu’s close family members.

Wahu recalls an amusing experience in the labor ward

Singer Wahu Kagwi shared a comical yet memorable experience from the birth of her first child, Tumiso, during a radio phone call with Bill Miya. Wahu recalled being in labor and her husband, Nameless, finding himself caught between business negotiations and the pain of childbirth.

Wahu vividly remembered the moment, expressing her frustration as Nameless was on the phone negotiating a deal while she was in labor. Amid the chaos, she grabbed the phone and threw it down. Nameless quickly retrieved the phone from under the hospital bed, realizing the seriousness of the situation, and informed the person on the other end that his wife was in labor.

“He collected the phone under the bed inside the labor ward and told the person he was on the phone with, ‘excuse me, my wife is in labor.’ The other guy asked him, ‘What are you doing on the phone when your wife is in labor?’” Wahu shared, amused.

Reflecting on the incident, Wahu emphasized her need for support and comfort during childbirth. Despite the initial chaos, such a scenario never recurred, and both Wahu and Nameless navigated the challenges of parenthood and marriage together. The couple is raising three girls.

Wahu Responds To Fans Asking Her To Sire A Son After Welcoming A Third Daughter (Screenshot)

Legendary musicians Wahu Kagwi and Nameless recently welcomed their third born child; a baby girl- who happens to be a third girl in their family. The big question posed to them was whether they intended to sire a son considering their household is now filled with girls only.

To begin with, Nameless was on the receiving end after stereotypic fans flocked his comment section pressuring him to have a son. His response;

”Actually I really want my legacy to be a father of three beautiful gals filled with wisdom, humility and compassion. Who will live a responsible life that creates peace and joy for them and for others around them. For them, that is the vision I am working towards”

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Wahu To The Rescue

Well, nowadays women are also entitled to inheritance and whatnots, and it’s not peculiar to sire girls only in a family. In this case, Nameless sentiments would suffice. And his wife Wahu is also rooting for the same. One of her fans reiterated the latter question. And Wahu maintained she’s contented with having daughters only in her household.

Here’s what she had to say about it;


Heavily Pregnant Wahu Shares Body Change That Gave Her A Huge Scare In Her Third Trimester (Screenshot)

Legendary musician Wahu Kagwi is expectant with her third child. And the singer is not only exuberant about it, but also anxious to meet their cosseted bundle of joy. Wahu already has 2 daughters whom she sired with her hubby Nameless.

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Pregnancy Journey

The Kenyan singer is already experiencing the body changes that come with pregnancy. One of the common ones is a swollen nose. The gorgeous lady shared a funny photo as she showed her swollen nose due to the pregnancy.

“Hii ndio inaitwa breathing for two?? Wueh!!!! I still don’t understand why the nose does this ,” she captioned hilariously. ”

The other change that caught her unawares was swelling of her feet. She even had to go to hospital to inquire whether it’s normal- since she never experienced the same in her previous pregnancies. It was however, termed as normal. And Wahu shared through her Instagram stories how fans who have experienced the same expressed their concern.

”Thank you to all who’ve messaged me about their own body swelling experience. This is the 1st time it’s happened to me. And that’s why I was so tense. Also remember I’m not young. So concern ni kawaida.”

Wahu is currently on her third trimester- which is the last stage of pregnancy. It means she’ll be expecting her bundle of joy in the next few weeks.

I Was Molested By My Own Cousin When I Was A Kid-Wahu

Cases of young girls and women being sexually harrassed have been on the rise in the country. Seems like this has been something that has been going on for very many years; Most women decide to keep quiet about it and feel ashamed. This is partly because some of them have been molested by people they trusted; their own relatives. Many times we’ve heard a 3 year old girl raped by a 40 year old man; who is her uncle. It’s clear to say that most men are pedophiles and tend to take advantage of the young ones.

Wahu’s Ordeal

Wahu Kagwi Biography and Background Info - RALINGO

Kenyan singer Wahu Kagwi is one of those who have experienced this. She discloses the incident that led to her 19 year old cousin molesting her when she was just 9 years old. In an interview with Nana Owiti, she says,

”So what happened to me when I was 9 years old is, I was in shagz. We used to go to shagz every weekend to get the supplies for the week. Mboga, waru, all those things for the week. So, I have an older cousin. Of course kuna ma cousins wengi sana shagz and all… My mom had gone to the garden kupick sukuma wiki. I was 9. So, tulikuwa kwa compound. And this is her nephew. So it just makes sense to say, nichungie mtoi naenda apa nakam. He was 19… I don’t want to go into detail, but he molested me and I knew it was a bad thing.”

Wahu claims that many women have since inboxed her and opened up on having similar experiences.

Casual photo of Nameless and Wahu on simple date night at local restaurant elicits mixed reactions

Kenyan celebrity couple David Mathenge aka Nameless and Wahu Kagwi this year marked 15 years in marriage. A true definition of tears and joy, ups and downs served in one plate but still came out alive.

The two continue to soldier on as they juggle growth in their professional life as well as bringing up their 2 daughters in the best way they can.

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It is no lie they stand as one of the longest-standing married celebrity couples in the country.

15 years later, the two still step out looking like a young couple, trying their luck at dating. How they manage to maintain it at that, remains their long-kept secret.

The evening date

Anyway, so the two, fond of each others company and occasionally putting aside their parenting duties, to spend quality time together, were spotted out on a casual date.

Its not even the lunch date but the simplicity of it. When the expectation would be high-end dinner dates in warm-lit, luxurious spaces, the Mathenges kept it simple.

The Mathenges

The two walked into a popular local fast food restaurant, took their seats and ordered a packet of chips, a piece of chicken and two sausages and that was it.

None of them even dressed to the occasion, simply covered in hoodies.

A photo shared by the legendary pop star who cautioned youths against set standards of 5-star hotels and so on, as the true definition of dates with your significant other.

“Kama ni wako ni wako. Peleka mcfrys muenjoy kuku kwota na kachili, hizi presha za shosho media zitakumaliza????????, kwani iko Nini…????????‍♂️” Nameless questioned.

Some of his fellow celebrities however, believed he had booked the entire place for themselves, probably why no one else was in the room. Especially for a restaurant that is normally packed.

Others commenting that even though it was a local restaurant, high chances are they went to the ones around Nairobis posh suburbs and not just any other.

A section explaining that having been in marriage for 15 years, nothing like posh restaurants would pull them apart anyway.

Nameless and Wahu dinner date

Either way, the remarkable couple was praised for their simplicity and authenticity, living life by their own rules.

Whats your take?

8 female Kenyan celebrities who have stylishly rocked short, bold hair

Short hair has been largely embraced in the local market especially by female celebrities who have opted for a bold, more polished and different look that has only left them looking younger and hotter.

Be it young or older, married or single, in their different professions and daily hustles, several female celebrities have come out to prove short hair can still look sexxy. Lets dive right in;

1. Ciru Muriuki

The former NTV’s The Trend show host, currently working with BBC, recently decided to chop off her 6-years old dreadlocks for a bolder, younger, new look, that has been turning heads online.

BBC’s Ciru Muriuki

2. Femi One

The Utawezana rapper and hitmaker is one personality whose stylish, colorful hair dyes ranging from yellow, to pink, to red and even green has only made her stand out in the industry. No lie, this fine babe goes extra when she decides to!

Rapper Femi One

3. Wahu Kagwi

The mother of two who doubles up as a gospel artist has since time immemorial opted for a mohawk-look, maintaining it trimmed and at a certain length, that allows her to meddle with it, depending on the occasion.

Singer, Wahu Kagwi, commemorates late dad

4. Corazon Kwamboka

The first time mom, took the internet by storm after chopping off her beautiful, long, dark African hair soon as she welcomed her son Taiyari with Frankie Just Gym It. Matter of fact, Frankie was the one who brought in the idea and a dear Corazon did not even think twice about it.

Corazon Kwamboka serving hot body goals at 5 weeks postpartum

5. Azziad Nasenya

The celebrated TV show host and actress keeps her natural hair short, away from the screens, more often spotted with a blonde look, pimping it with braids and wigs once in a while.

Online sensation, Azziad Nasenya

6. Lilian Muli

The TV girl always seen in wigs, once ditched them for a hot look in short plumed hair. This was after getting rid of the short locs she had hidden beneath her wigs for a long time. And honestly, her age betrays the look.

Citizen TV journalist Lilian Muli

7. Huddah Monroe

Huddah loves her hair short and trimmed, recently letting off the wigs and signature bandanas, to step out looking like a 16-year old, after trimming it a bit more and she sure looks stunning.

City socialite Huddah Monroe

8. Jovial

The Coastal-based songbird, who was once signed under Otile BrownJust In Love record label, has time and again proven her look in short hair and even when she gets those wigs on, she opts for a classy boy cut.

Kenyan singer, Jovial born Juliet Miriam Ayub

Well, there you have it!

Wahu Kagwi tearfully narrates horrifying sexual assault ordeal

Wahu Kagwi has come out to reveal she was sexually abused at the tender age of 9 by a male cousin, whom her mom had entrusted her to.

In a tear-jerking post online, the mother of two narrated how her mom that day, had gone to tend the shamba, and left her in the care of her roughly 19-year old cousin, only for things to go wrong.

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Lovebirds Nameless and Wahu Kagwi

The unfortunate incident

So soon as her mom had left, the male adult started touching a 9-year old Wahu very inappropriately that left her irritated by his actions but could not defend herself then.

After he was done, the guy had the audacity to just say sorry to a young Wahu Kagwi before asking her; “Si you also touch me the same way.”

Wahu Kagwi talks sexual molestation

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Remember, Wahu was 9 years old and for her male cousin to ask her to just do what he had just done on her, was going to be an offence by Law. But either way, he still asked.

“It still hurts, it still upsets me when I think about it. My mum trusted her nephew to take care of her child, she had just gone to pick sukumawiki and she of course did not imagine her nephew could do something like that,” explained Wahu.

Singer, Wahu Kagwi, commemorates late dad

With eyes soaked in tears, the gospel singer who had never talked about the incident, clarified, she decided to open up, not that it was easy, but just to urge parents never to trust anyone to take care of their children. Never!

“We have to be so careful who we let into the space of our homes. And being a mother of girls, I can’t just let any guy into my house or just entrust them with anybody.

Her post since sparked mixed reactions online, with fans sending her lots of love and warm hugs, thanking her for the courage to let it all out.

Wahu Kagwi and employees dazzle fans in viral Jerusalema dance challenge (Video)

Gospel singer Wahu Kagwi must be one of the few employers who allow a bit of play at work after a video of her and her staff dancing to the viral Jerusalema challenge surfaced online.

It was a normal day at work, Covid-19 screening done at the front door, sanitizers on and masks to boot, staff got their gears ready, tending to customers before they all hit the dance floor.

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With blow-driers in hand and other equipment, clippers, combs name it! others still in their work aprons, to each their own style, masks on, sport wear in place, the energy was just to much.

From the spa, to the barber area, to the salon, the place was turned into a dance floor in a matter of seconds. Wahu Kagwi leading the crew in letting off the steam.

Her business

The singer, mother of two and wife to legendary pop artist, Nameless, has been running her salon business dubbed Afro Siri since 2013 and for her, the place is like home and her employees are like family.

Wahu Kagwi at her Afro Siri salon

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She deals with manicure, pedicure and even spa treatment of cos inclusive of the salon and barber areas. Affirming “you can trust us in spite of our craziness ????????????.”

Fans took to the comments section to gush over the energy, love and beauty Wahu savored with her employees, terming it “awesome team spirit.”

This is the best dance I have seen so far. Very uniquely done with an enjoyable dance not struggling to dance. ????????????

????????????????????????one of the best things I have seen today on these social media streets????????????????????????????

Nameless and family battling tough times as dad is suddenly hospitalized

As Nameless and Wahu marked their 15th wedding anniversary, his dad was spending nights on a hospital bed set to undergo head surgery after suffering blood clots in his head.

Opening up on the unfortunate incident, the celebrated artist revealed his dad was battling a condition Subdural Hematoma that causes collection of blood in an inner layer of the head, which caused him minor strokes.

Nameless’ dad undergoes head surgery

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Even as the Mathenge’s lit a candle to celebrate the couples milestones in their love life, the artist admitted it was nerve racking for them. Having too see their dad undergo such a sensitive surgery in his old age, was not easy for the family.

The Mathenge couple

Surgery turns out successful

Fortunately, after 10 days in hospital, Mathenge Sr., successfully underwent the head surgery in the hands of neuro-surgeon Dr D. Olunya and his team. The same doctor who treated Nameless 3 years ago for a threatening brain condition.

Today I give thanks to God because he got discharged and the doctor was happy with his recovery process. Now its just some home nursing care and mzee will be good . He is strong for 84 year, delicate but strong????????????????, penned Nameless on his Instagram page.

Nameless dad undergoes head surgery successfully

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The singer further disclosed that the hospital bill had ballooned into a crazy sum but fortunately enough, NHIF had come through for him and his loved ones to cater for part of the bill and he can never be more grateful for that.

Also the bill had gotten kidogo crazy but thank God NHIF came through as well to help us with part of the bill. Especially at a time like the Corona season????????‍♂️when things are tough ..all in all just want to give thanks???????????????? .Today I celebrate life???????? and second chances!! That’s why I was dancing like a mad man Jana????????

Here was his crazy dance yesterday:

To many more! Nameless and Wahu Kagwi stylishly mark their 15th wedding anniversary (Photos)

Kenyan power couple Nameless and Wahu Kagwi started their love story back in college and 22 years later, they celebrate a 15-year old marriage glued together by enduring love.

Taking to their Insta pages, the pair adored each other with kind, heartfelt words full of promises and gratitude that they never gave up even when it was darkest.

Celebrity couple, Wahu and Nameless throwback

For Wahu, the date remains forever ingrained in her mind, September 10, 2005, she puddled on a boat, across a lake, to say “I Do” to the love of her life, father to her children and her campus sweetheart.

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The journey was never easy, fights and makeups, wins and losses but still, 15 years later and counting, Nameless born David Mathenge remains “The One”.

“Happy 15th anniversary to us!!! Here’s to forever! ????????. I’m excited about the future ! I love you always @namelesskenya &
May God continue to bless our family” Wahu beautifully penned off.

Gospel singer and mother of two, Wahu Kagwi

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As for her beloved, he mischievously won her heart 22 years ago, been through so much together over the years but the journey continues because she is still “The One”.

“Happy anniversary babe! Cheers to us, cheers to our journey, cheers to the ups the downs , joys and sorrows, the wins and losses, yooo!! we definately grown ????????! The journey continues????????!! and I still got your back????,” Nameless laid bare his promises to his Queen.

Singer Nameless born David Mathenge

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The adorable and intelligent Mathenge couple, blessed with two now all-grown daughters marked the big date in a stunning, royal photoshoot that has since brought the internet to a standstill. Have a look:

Nameless and Wahu stun during 15th wedding anniversary
The Mathenge royal couple

Happy 15th to the lovebirds!

simple_pleasures0 Wow! 15years! This is definitely couple goals ????????????????


her_nyceness Marriage works ????
Happy 15th????


yvonnesigei Nyinyi ni couple admirable sana ????may God continue blessing your union ????

“I felt unworthy of love,” Wahu opens up about her battle with self esteem issues as a young woman

Singer Wahu switched from making secular music to gospel almost 10 years after dominating the industry with nothing but hit songs. She is however still in the music industry; but unlike before the singer is all about spreading gospel through her songs.

Back in the day things were however not as easy since she had a few demons to battle with. The singer revealed this through her instagram page, the mother of two has opened up revealing how she struggled with self esteem issues back in the day.

According to Wahu when she was teenager she felt ugly, unintelligent; and above all she did not feel worth to be loved. This being part of the adolescent she probably did not imagine the effect it would have on her; until the insecurities got worse in her early 20’s. Through her gram the gospel singer wrote;

Singer Wahu

As a teenager and into my early twenties, I had terrible self esteem issues. I felt ugly, unintelligent and unworthy of being loved. I never thought I’d amount to anything much in life. I wish I could go back in time and tell 17 year old wahu that everything’s gonna be more than ok. That God is on her side and she will overcome.


With this story, Wahu went on to mention that  she hopes it speaks massive to anyone struggling with anything that makes them feel less. She went on to add saying;

Singer Wahu on her wedding day

I dont know who needs to hear this but dont believe the lies the devil will throws your way. Gods got you young girl…Gods got you young man. And there’s nothing like being worthy of Gods love is knows no religion, no “I’m good or im bad”…no “I dont deserve good things to happen to me”…no. And the bigger your test the bigger your testimony.

Although we don’t get to hear much from Wahu like before; the lady continues to use her social media pages to spread positivity and encourage those at their lowest especially with the pandemic that has left many with money struggles!

Wahu Kagwi: I don’t regret having done secular music 

Wahu Kagwi publicly announced that she had given her life to Christ sometimes in November 2017. The mother of two has dropped at least three gospel songs ever since she got saved.

Wahu is currently promoting her new song ‘Nifanane Nawe’. She opened up about her journey so far in gospel industry in an interview with Word Is.

“I’m grateful for the reception and there has been a lot of positive comment since I made my announcement that I was changing to gospel. I received a lot of support from the church and the gospel circle so I’m overwhelmed because the non-gospel artistes are also really supporting me which speaks a lot,” said Wahu.

No regrets

Wahu also stated that she doesn’t regret her time as a secular musician, she explains that doing non religious songs was part of her journey.

“I was true to doing my singing, even as a secular artiste, and I don’t regret having done secular music because it was part of my journey. Even then, I did back-up music for gospel artistes although at the time, I felt there was a bit of a  authenticity because I could see some church leaders preaching wine and drinking water,” said Wahu.





Wahu offers president Uhuru tips to fight corruption

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s big four agenda is choked by the cancer of corruption. People are looting government coffers and Wahu thinks it’s time for Uhuru to put to an end the theft of public money.

The media is awash with stories of mega corruption scandals;  National Youth Service (NYS), Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF), National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) and Kenya Power scandals.

The economy is bleeding as runway corruption scandals cripple service delivery, a few looters are getting rich at the expense of millions of Kenyans.

The solution

Gospel singer Wahu wrote an open letter to president Uhuru to give him tips on how to stop corruption in Kenya. The singer wants Uhuru to follow the model used by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Bin Mohamad in fighting corruption in the Asian country.

“Dear Mr. President @ukenyatta. Here’s a note from me to you! on my behalf, and on behalf of generations coming behind us. Show no Mercy!” Wrote Wahu.





Wahu reveals how Nameless’ life-threatening brain condition was a major turning point in her life

Last year Nameless underwent surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain. The singer’s wife Wahu Kagwi says her husband’s life-threatening condition was a turning point in her life.

Sometimes in October 2017 Nameless was rushed to hospital after small blood vessels in his brain ruptured causing blood to leak in the brain. The ‘Inspire Me’ hit maker was hospitalized for about 3 weeks as doctors closely monitered his situation.

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How Wahu was affected

Wahu reveals that her husband’s condition brought her closer to God. She told Word Is that she resorted to praying and singing as she felt Nameless’ healing was in the hands of God.

“In the situation where my husband was unwell, I went on my knees because it is not about how popular or how much people love you. Those are not the things that matter. Sometimes God shows you ‘I Am God’ and you just have to come down and say yes You are God and You are everything.

“I resonated with the song because of that space and I guess I can say when my husband was unwell God says he is Jehovah-Rapha the healer. The beautiful thing about God is He doesn’t contradict himself and He doesn’t change. His word is his word,” said Wahu.




You just cheated on Nameless! Wahu Kisses a giraffe, Kenyans react online

Wahu was just trying to have fan, but it seems Kenyans couldn’t take it and thought she’s just too much.

An innocent giraffe is in the middle of a hot social media tussle after singer Wahu kissed him/her during a recent visit at Giraffe Center in Karen.

Mixed reactions

The viral kiss which happened during the weekend, left Kenyans with mixed reaction as some showed disgust while others hilariously claimed she just cheated on her husband nameless. Others warned her that she just invited a bunch of diseases to her body.

Here are some of the comments

38 has never looked this hot! Nameless celebrates his wife as she turns a year older

Wahu is drawing closer to the big 4-0. On 22nd March she celebrated her 38th birthday and judging from how she looks we can all agree that she is aging like fine wine!

Fellow celebrities joined in to celebrate the lady’s birthday including Diamond Platnumz manager who celebrated her through his gram.

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Her husband on the Nameless was also not left behind as he sent out a loving message to the love of his life, wife and mother of his children. The two have now been married for over 10 years and continue to prove that real love still exists!

Nameless celebrates his wife

Having come from so far, Nameless feels truly blessed to have a super woman in his life. Though we are not sure what he did to celebrate his wife’s 38th birthday, he shared the message below saying;

Wahu opens up about that awkward moment when her dad walked into her room in Chiromo campus and found Nameless

Nameless’ first meeting with Wahu’s parents is an encounter that most men dread of. Wahu’s father and mother busted Nameless at their daughter’s campus room when they walked in unannounced.

Both Nameless and Wahu were caught unawares by Kagwis impromptu visit. Wahu says the her parents had a habit of dropping in unannounced at her campus.

Wahu with her father and mother during her wedding
He couldn’t take off his marvin

Wahu says Nameless broke into a bit of a sweat when her parents found him at her room. She reveals that he couldn’t take off his marvin because he didn’t want his future father and mother-in-law to have a bad impression about him. (Nameless was hiding his dreadlocks).

Wahu and Nameless when her parents busted them at her room in Chiromo campus. The photo was taken by Wahu’s late father

Below is Wahu’s narration of that awkward meeting at her campus room:

Here are some fun facts about this particular throwback pic that I bet @namelesskenya
Does not remember ?
1) this was taken in my Chiromo campus room
2) by one Mr. Kagwi, otherwise known as my father, who had randomly come to visit me, accompanied by his lovely wife
3) this was the first time that my boyfriend was meeting my parents- (my boyfriend had also just randomly dropped in, so no prior thinking had gone into this)
4) my boyfriend broke into a bit of a sweat…..but couldn’t remove his marvin… because it would reveal the short on- setting dreadlocks that may not be what you want as a first impression on the father of your girlfriend (I guess)
5) my room was small, and seeing that we were running out of sitting space- I, in my infinite wisdom, suggested that I could sit on my boyfriend…. And he needless to say… thought I was nuts!!!! ?? So that idea just died like that ?
6) that’s his “this is awkward” pose….and that’s my “yeah…..this is totally awkward” half smile that looks like I’m chewing on something ??
7) at the end of it all….. My dad did walk me down the Isle…and did put my hand in his. Not with a warning, but with a hug…and so it did end well , despite the awkward beginning ?? . #justthoughtidshare #funnyfondmemory

“I have learnt so much from my mum” singer Wahu praises her mum in new post

Gospel singer Wahu is now joining the list of celebrities celebrating their parents on social media.

Though she has been in the entertainment for years now, Wahu has not been one who likes to parade her family on social media.

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However, a few hours she shared a new photo flaunting her mum to her social media fans. In the post, she praised her for raising her the right way and also for giving her good advice. She wrote saying;

Wahu Kagwi moves to gospel

After revealing that she was no longer going to sing secular, the lady has been venturing in the gospel industry where she is doing much better.

This is the moving heart to heart letter Wahu received from her 11 year old daughter

There is no greater joy than watching your children grow to become wiser in life. For this reason you will find parents flaunting their kids on social media  and the latest proud parent is Wahu Kagwi.

Through her Instagram page, the gospel singer shared an amazing heart to heart letter she received from her daughter, Tumiso. In the letter, Tumiso thanked her mum for being the best parent she could ask for; the 11 year old goes on to encourage her mum by telling her that even with 11 years of parenting, she has proven to be a pro at it.

The letter definitely took Wahu by surprise as she was not aware that her baby girl had been monitoring her efforts. This is something you rarely witness when it comes to other kids, but as for Wahu she seems to be raising a responsible soon to be teenager.

Wahu quits secular music

Having abandoned her secular music career, Wahu has now turned to singing and composing gospel songs.

Speaking to DJ Mo in an interview, Wahu Kagwi revealed that she has been saved for a couple of years now and had been waiting for the right moment to change her career.

Since joining the gospel industry Wahu has released one song that has put her at the top of the game and hopefully she will be dropping a new one soon.

“Stick to your young man and build with him” Wahu Kagwi schools young ladies

As a mother of 2 young girls, Wahu Kagwi recently shared a post telling the youths on the importance of focusing on people their age.

In her post the gospel singer talks about the importance of both young ladies and men coupling up and started from the bottom together. According to Wahu there is joy in knowing that you have worked on your own wealth; instead of interfering with older people who misled them.

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Having married the love of her life at a young age, Wahu has preserved and helped build her family. However in the generation we are living in, many Youths prefer finding sponsors to settle down with.

Treat your woman right

She goes on to urge young men to value their women and help them progress in life. This is important since the ones they decide to settle with may be ticket having a successful future. She wrote saying;

Do you agree?

Wahu Kagwi ditches secular for gospel music (Video)

Singer Wahu Kagwi has dropped a new song dubbed Sifa. Unlike her previous songs, Sifa is a gospel song giving praise to the Almighty – hence it’s name.

This comes as a surprise to many since the lady has been releasing secular music for years now. However, all we know is that she took her time while composing the praise song.

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We can not confirm whether this is a permanent step or the singer is just sampling gospel music for now. Looking at her social media posts, Wahu has lately been sharing spiritual quotes showing how committed she has been.

Music career

Wahu remains among the top female artists in the country. For years she has entertained East African’s through her music before she took some time off to raise her daughters.

Size 8 with Wahu’s daughter

She is however back with a bang and just like Size 8, seems like she is slowly moving to the gospel music industry.

Wahu Kagwi’s message after her husband was discharged from hospital

There is no grater joy than to have a healthy family. A few weeks ago Nameless was admitted to hospital following a blood clot in his brain.

He however underwent a successful procedure to remove the clot in his brain and from his Instagram page we have now learnt that he did not go under any surgery but he is doing much better.

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The singer was also discharged from hospital and is now slowly recovering from home. His wife also happened to share a post revealing how happy she was to have her husband out of hospital now that he is better.

Lovely visits from my galz would always lift my spirits… I have finally been discharged from hospital and now I am recovering well at home. I want to thank you all for your prayers and concern..It’s important to clarify some details of what took me to hospital in the first place. Three weeks ago towards the end of a PRISK board meeting I was overcome by an extremely painful headache and neck pains. I knew this was not just any kind of headache and knew something was wrong because the pain was escalating at a very high rate. Thank God for my fellow directors Daddy Owen and Nonini who quickly dashed me to nearest hospital.. I did a CT scan and was diagnosed with a life threatening situation called subarachnoid hemorrhage. This means some small blood vessels in the brain had ruptured and blood had leaked into the area between the brain and tissue and that was what was causing the intense headache. After afew more tests my doctor realized that fortunately my condition didn’t need surgery. What I needed was to be closely monitored in HDU and given the right medication to allow the leaked blood to dissolve , the raptured vessels to heal and the pain to be controlled . After about 2 weeks I was sent to the ward for afew more days of monitoring and pain management. I then did some MRI test that showed that there was no more leaked blood in the brain and that I could be discharge with some medication. Doc however advises me not to do any strainous works or air travel for some weeks until I am fully recovered. So that is why I have had to cancel all my October shows including Churchill in showground this passed weekend and a US mini tour that was going to happen from 20th October till November 4th. For me I am just thankful to be alive and well .This whole experience has made me see life in a whole new perspective. Thank you again for your prayers and best wishes. For now let me take it easy and follow doctors orders…#GodLovesMe

A post shared by Nameless™ (@namelesskenya) on Oct 9, 2017 at 11:41pm PDT

Wahu Kagwi went on to add that her youngest daughter Nyakio was too excited to an extent of telling everyone including the guards that she had come to take her dad home after 3 weeks of being in hospital.

She wrote saying:

Last Sunday my husband was discharged from hospital. Nyakio told everyone from the hospital security, to the nurses that she has come to take her daddy home ??. Joyful moment for all of us. Grateful for all your prayers and thanking God for his goodness. 1st peter 2:24- by His stripes we were healed.

We from the Ghafla team wish the singer a quick recovery and hopefully expect new projects from him since it has been a while since he released a new song.

Wahu Kagwi introduces her handsome brothers and reveals how they harassed Nameless for ‘hitting’ on her!

Singer Wahu Kagwi is not one to put her private life on social media. For year now she has ensured to keep her family off social media until just recently when she shared a photo hanging out with her two brothers.

The photo shared on her Instagram page has left many talking including Tanzanian singer Jay Dee who added a comment under the photo after Wahu’s funny caption.

Well, she wrote to reveal how much she adored her brothers and went on to say that they always harassed the boys hitting on her when she was young.

Meet my big brothers. When I was young, they harassed any boy I liked…or liked me. I love them to bits!

Jay Dee among other fans were quick to question how they treated Nameless after they discovered the two were in a serious relationship – and without holding back she responded  to say that Nameless was also not spared as they grilled him to find out his real intentions towards their baby sister (Wahu).

Anyway, meet the two guys below;

Wahu with her brothers