Aki wewe filter! Rayvanny trolled over new photos that have left him looking like homeless bum

Rayvanny has given Kenyans another reason to talk about him and trust me; fans are talking on social media thanks to his new photos taken during his arrival at JKIA earlier this morning.

Okay wait…the only reason Kenyans are discussing this fine young man is not because of his new found love; or his superhot baby mama but because of his looks minus the filter Wasafi photographers often use on him.

Fine Rayvanny

From the photos shared online, I can promise you that either the photographer has a personal issue with Vanny boy; or Rayvanny is diva who has adopted the art of using filters on all his photos hence the trolls on social media.

Photo credits

Stress, overweight issues or drugs?

Well, I am not one to judge but looking at the photo shared by Nairobi it’s evident that ‘the Rayvanny’ on the photo above looks like leo budget one.

Wait, or could it be that WCB sent his look alike to perform at Governor Alfred Mutua’s birthday this week not really; but hey – something about Vanny boy is just off and since it’s not love giving him issues (now that he has a new girlfriend) we can’t help but wonder what could be the issue.

Anyway below are few comments from his Kenyan fans who can’t help but troll the WCB artist.

Dogo Aslay could soon dethrone Diamond as Tanzania’s biggest music star

Isihaka Nassoro, alias Dogo Aslay is one of the Yamoto members whose star has continued to shine even after the band broke up. The other of course is Mbosso who is under the wings of Diamond Platunumz.

Dogo Aslay

However, it does not really come as a surprise that Aslay is still excelling in music. Before Yamoto was formed in 2013, the 24-year-old singer already had a number one single dubbed Naenda Kusema. The song was released in 2011.

After the band broke up, Aslay was rumoured to be joining Wasafi Records but that didn’t materialize. However, that didn’t affect his career as a solo artist as it picked up almost immediately.

He has several songs to his name including; Hautegeki, Mario, Anankomoa, Kwa Raha, Tatoa, Hauna, Pusha, Baby, Likizo, Nibebe, Usitie Doa, Angekuona, Subalkheri Mpenzi and Natamba.

However, my all time favourite is Muhudumu. This song always play in my head when I am at a club. One day I’ll gather the courage to tell the waiter, “Muhudumu ongeza glass” in Aslay’s voice. I digress.

A few days ago, Aslay dropped yet another single dubbed Nyang’anyang’a and, as expected, the song is performing well on the charts.

I love the song. Everything was executed well. The beat is very catchy, the visual is also good. What else do you expect when Justin Campos is the video director? Nothing but class!

At this point, I’d dare say that Dogo Aslay could soon dethrone Diamond Platunumz as Tanzania’s best singer.

Watch Nyang’anyang’a below and tell us what you think.

Diamond and managers show up at BASATA office after being summoned over Rich Mavoko’s contract with WCB

Rich Mavoko recently quit Wasafi Records after Tanzania’s music board BASATA intervened. The ‘Ibaki Story’ hit maker sensationally claimed WCB was fleecing him through the contract he signed with them.

Rich Mavoko signed a contract with WCB in June 2016, the singer was previously signed by Kenyan record label Kaka Empire.

Mavoko finally quit WCB on 9th August after he sought the help of BASATA. The music and art regulatory body also summoned Diamond and Wasafi management to its office.

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Diamond and his managers Babu Tale, Sallam SK Mendez and Mkubwa Fella showed up at BASATA office on Tuesday August 14th.

Warring parties to meet

After the meeting with Diamond and his managers, BASATA resorted to hold a joint meeting between the two warring parties – Wasafi and Rich Mavoko at a later date.

In an interview with the press after the meeting, Sallam SK said BASATA should explain to the public what is happening and not WCB.




Tanzania government will now mediate escalating beef between Diamond Platnumz and Rich Mavoko

Tanzanian government, through Baraza la Sanaa Tanzania (BASATA), will try and settle the ugly situation between singer Diamond Platnumz and one of his former employees, Rich Mavoke who broke free from Wasafi Records.

Mavoko managed to break free from his contract with Wasafi records after winning a case against WCB he had submitted before Tanzania’s music and arts regulation body (BASATA). Before then, he had accused Diamond of favoring other artists like Harmonize and ignoring him.

Cool down

This heightened the tension between Wasafi Records artists and Mavoko to appoint where the government has now become worried. BASATA has come out to share that it will intervene the situation and try to calm the two parties.

“We have spoken to Wasafi and the label have no issue with Rich Mavoko. The organization will table a meeting between the two because there seems to be no real conflict between the two,” said the CEO Godfrey Mngereza on Tuesday, August 14. 


Rich Mavoko wins big against Diamond’s Wasafi record

A technicality in Rich Mavoko’s contract with Wasafi Records had temporarily stopped him from quitting the record label despite expressing interest to leave.

Rich Mavoko signed a contract with WCB in June 2016, the singer was previously signed by Kenyan record label Kaka Empire.

The uncertainty surrounding Mavoko’s contract with WCB has now been settled. The singer is now free to leave Diamond’s record label.

Rich Mavoko signing a contract with Wasafi Records in June 2016
Rich Mavoko signing a contract with Wasafi Records in June 2016
BASATA intervenes

Tanzanian news outlet Global Publishers reports that music board BASATA on 9th August okayed Mavoko’s request to quit Wasafi records.


It’s not clear what caused Mavoko to decided to quit WCB, Wasafi’s management has refused to divulge details about Mavoko’s exit. Babu Tale said the label would talk about Mavoko when the right time comes.

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However while speaking with Kwanza TV in July, Mavoko said Diamond was constantly on his case nagging him to release several songs without taking a break.


Lava Lava thanks Diamond with sweet message gifting him with a brand new car

Wasafi Records signee Lava Lava has thanked his boss Diamond Platnumz for gifting him a brand new Toyota Harrier.

A day ago, Diamond surprised Lava Lava and Mbosso Khan, another signee, with the cars.

Means something

Speaking to Wasafi TV, the Utatulia hit maker, said that such gifts from the boss means that he has value in the company.

“Namshukuru sana.Unajua sisi tumepitia Maisha magumu sana. Mtu anapokuchukua anakupeleka sehemu nyingine inamaanisha unachofanya sio kitu kidogo. Imaanisha anakujali anakuonyesha udhamani wako na anakupongeza kwa kufanya kazi mzuri. Ni jambo la kushukuru sana. Mimi nashukuru sana uongozi wetu kuanzia Diamond, Babu Tale Salam na watu waote wanaofanya kazi WCB nasimama kidete.”

“Nawashukuru sana. Sina maneno mengi sana lakini Mwenyezi Mungu ndio atawalipa. Tunawashukuru sana, tunawapenda sana muendelee kutusupport sio leo tu ata siku nyingine pia,” he said.

Rich Mavoko dumps Diamond Platnumz’ Wasafi Records

After a rather awkward relationship between Diamond Platnumz and his record label Wasafi Records, singer Rich Mavoko seems to have called it quits.

The singer, who was signed at the record label and hoped to increase his reach through out Africa, ended up releasing only three song under the label while other members kept on churning hits after hits.

Missing info

A quick look at Instagram accounts of all Wasafi signees such as Harmonize and Rayvanny, you’ll see their profile still has the tag identifying them as Daimond signees unlike Mavoko’s.

He has not released an official statement yet and neither has Diamond.

Harmonize: The competition is just too tough at Wasafi Records

Harmonize has confessed that it’s hard for him to maintain a competitive edge over other artists signed to WCB Wasafi Records.

The record boats of talented artists like Rayvanny and Rich Mavoko. Speaking to Planet FM, Harmonize said that he is always in competition with fellow Wasafi artists to drop the dopest songs.

L-R: Rich Mavoko, Harmonize and Rayvanny
L-R: Rich Mavoko, Harmonize and Rayvanny

“Ugumu ni pale ambapo unafanya kazi na wasanii wote ambao ni talented, so way competion katika kurekodi ngoma kila mtu anataka kutoa ngoma yake kali kumshinda mwenzake, so ugumu unaanzia hapo,” said Harmonize.

First WCB artist

Harmonize was the first musician to be signed by Wasafi when Diamond launched his own record label. He went on to drop his first song ‘Iyola’ which became an instant hit.

WCB Wasafi later signed Rayvanny, Rich Mavoko, Queen Darleen, Lava Lava and Mbosso who all boast of several hit songs.

Wasafi Family L-R: Rayvanny, Rich Mavoko, Babu Tale, Queen Darleen, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Mkubwa Fella, Sallam SK Mendez and Rommy Jones
Wasafi Family L-R: Rayvanny, Rich Mavoko, Babu Tale, Queen Darleen, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Mkubwa Fella, Sallam SK Mendez and Rommy Jones



“Huko anakoelekea Diamond Platnumz kuna shimo” Singer warned after Clouds Media house bans playing his music

There is trouble between Wasafi records team and Cloud TV. Apparently this is after Diamond Platnumz official lead dancer beat up two journalists from the media house, leaving them with serious injuries.

This saw the media house ban the Wasafi’s music from being played until they apologize to the Shilawadu crew. However it seems that Diamond Platnumz management is not ready to bow down to the pressure.

Even with this, one of the persons running clouds FM shared a post warning Diamond Platnumz to watch his career or else his managers destroy it. He wrote saying;

Sallam SK responds

Diamond Platnumz manager Sallam SK has also come out to reveal that they are not afraid. In a post directed to the director of Clouds FM, Sallam said,

But will Wasafi win?

“No one can bring Diamond Platnumz down” Sallam SK says after Wasafi’s music is denied airplay

Word has it that Wasafi records songs are no longer getting air play like before. This has left most of the guys panicking to a point where the manager earlier today shared a message claiming that they are not afraid.

Sallam SK today through his Instagram page revealed that Wasafi is not afraid and incase of anything, they have enough connections in the government. He wrote saying;

Clouds FM and Tz refuses to play Wasafi’s songs

After one of Diamond Platnumz dancers beat up Shilandu, Popular media house Clouds TV allegedly revealed they would not be playing the Chibu’s songs.

This has not only left fans shocked, but it seems like Diamond’s team might have to speed up things to start operating Wasafi’s radio and Tv.


Wasafi records lead dancer beats up two popular Tanzanian journalists, leaves them with serious injuries! (Photos)

Wasafi records lead dancer, Mose Iyobo has become the topic of discussion after beating up two Clouds TV journalists. Soudy Brown and Kwisa who host Shilawadu are now nursing their injuries after they got a dogs beating from Iyobo.

The two revealed this through their various social media pages leaving many shocked. Apparently Diamond Platnumz dancer attacked the two after they tried interviewing him about the scandal his wife was involved in with Tunda.

Being a man with a muscular body; word has it that he managed to beat the two journalists alone and destroyed their camera’s too. Through the Shilawadu the two journalists announced the news saying;

Kazi yetu ina changamoto kubwa sana..asilimia kubwa ya ma star wanatuunga mkono.
Usiku wa Leo wakati tukiwa kazini…

Clouds FM bans Wasafi records songs

So far Clouds TV and radio have not been playing any songs from the Wasafi family until their dancer apologizes to the two journalists.

However, it seems that this matter has been solved in a private meeting; this is because the two have not taken any legal actions against the dancer.

Diamond Platnumz shows off the new multi million Wasafi records office complex

Wasafi records has proven that it does not make petty moves. From the past years we have witnessed the music company grow; while the boss, Diamond Platnumz net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

With all that money, the singer has no plans of letting it sit ideal in the bank. A few weeks ago he revealed his plans of starting his own Wasafi radio and TV station and the plan is now a reality.

Earlier today he unveiled the new offices which will accommodate Wasafi records music studio and the long awaited radio and TV station.

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Judgimg from how the new building looks – there is no doubt that Diamond Platnumz spent quite an amount.


Creating job opportunities

Since Wasafi recording studio already has a dedicated team; the singer might be hiring a new team to run the radio and TV station soon.

With such goals, I bet his many children will one day have equal shares of his property.

Wasafi records Rayvanny’s video with his High school drop out girlfriend leaves many talking 

Rayvanny is not only a good artist from Wasafi record’s but a great dad to his only child Jayden with his young girlfriend, Fahyma. Word making rounds on most Tanzanian tabloids is that the lady is barely 20 years and apparently dropped off from High school.

Fahyma however welcomed their first child last year and has since not shown any signs of going back to school. The lady has become an internet sensation and Tanzanians love her.

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Anyway to promote singer Queen Darleen’s new song dubbed Touch the couple shared quite a lovey dovy video that has left many talking. The couple is seen ‘dancing’ in the short video before turning to each other for a french kiss.

Fans react to the video

Well, the video has been circulating on most social media platforms where fans have both criticized and appreciated the young couple. Indeed the two are crazy kids but seem to be drunk in love with each other!



Romy Jones reveals why Wasafi records biggest weakness is women

Diamond Platnumz brother aka Wasafi records official DJ recently opened up about the major issue slowing down his brother’s music company.

Speaking during a recent interview Romy Jones made it known that the big problem they are facing as a company is having too many women around them.

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The popular DJ went on to add the problem has also been affecting their families since their girlfriends/wives don’t seem to understand this. He said;

Wanawake wa Tanzania wanatupenda sana na social media pia hao ni shida to the office and our homes.

Diamonds Platnumz scandal with Hamisa

The problem about women was witnessed after Diamond Platnumz fathered Hamisa Mobetto’s son. This has left the singer faced with a lawsuit forcing him to give child support to the Video vixen.

Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond

Harmonize and ex girlfriend

After the Wasafi records singer broke up with his lady, he was then accused of cheating and being a womanizer!

Wolper and Harmonize

Pure madness: Fan gets permanent tattoo of Wasafi Records artist’s name on her tiny waist

There is no doubt that Diamond Platnumz has been recruiting the best artists for his record label. So far he works with Harmonize, Rayvanny, Rich Mavoko, Queen Darleen and the newest member Lava Lava.

The new singer has so far released two projects that have left most Bongo lovers craving for more. His first hit song ‘Bora Tuachane’ has already hit over 1 million views in a span of one month – something that many artists are yet to accomplish.

Away from that, Lava Lava seems to be driving many women crazy especially with his fine looks and sultry voice that leaves you playing his music over and over again. One lady has proven her loyalty to the singer after she permanently got his name stamped onto her backside of her waist.

Crazy as it seems Lava Lava shared the photo on his Instagram page creating room for the internet to make fun of this tattoo while others wondered what her future husband will say after she gets married. Anyway checkout the photo below;


After dumping her Wasafi Records boyfriend over confirmed infidelity, Wolper finds new love!

Harmonize and Wolper’s break up came at a time when fans were not expecting anything of that sort to happen. What we know is that the two had been having issues at the beginning of the year but never did we think that the singer had been having an affair with a Caucasian woman who is now expecting his child.


However, Wolper who is an actress and a businesswoman chose to stay away from the drama until just recently when she posted a message hinting that she is now at peace as she has found someone who has helped get over her pain. She wrote to say,

Mapenzi ni nini kwani pamoja na yote lkn mtu unarudi pale pale haya mambo ayajawah kumuacha m2 salama basi natamani ata kupost ata kifua. Nashindwa naogopa why why?

Wolper will however not be sharing her boyfriend’s photo anytime soon as she now wants to maintain a low profile life.


After dumping his girlfriend for a ‘Mzungu’ beau singer parades his jewelry worth millions online

By now it is evident that Wasafi Records artists are paid quite well. If they are not showing off their cars, mansions or designer outfits they are definitely parading their jewelry on social media.

Well, Harmonize who is termed as Diamond Platnumz favorite artist this past weekend went ham on his Instagram followers after sharing photos and videos showing off his expensive jewelry that is said to have cost him some hefty amount.

From the photos it is easy to see that most of chains and rings have been accessorized using Diamonds and judging from how the Wasafi family moves…these synthetic diamonds might be of high quality.

Anyway below are some of the photos he shared;

Harmonize Parades his jewelry

Away from that, word has it that his girlfriend is expecting a baby boy who will soon be here. However fans on the other hand have been calling her out for being a ‘wanna be’ Kim Kardashian from how she pouts her lips.


Is Wasafi Records First Lady getting suicidal? This is the controversial photo she shared!

Many might not know that Queen Darleen is the First Lady to Diamond Platnumz recording label but at least now you know! She is the only female signed under Wasafi Records and this is because she has been friends with the CEO for a very long time and is now considered as his sister.

Anyway having released a good hit song ‘kijuso’ featuring Rayvanny the lady has chosen to keep a low profile while the male Wasafi artists continue to drop new projects. So what is she really doing at the Wasafi family?

Away from that, the queen Darleen has left many wondering whether she is now battling with suicidal thoughts after sharing a photo holding a gun and judging from her caption that read to say “Dunia isimame nishuke!” that clearly shows she is tired of living.

Not quite sure whether the gun is real or another plastic toy gun but the lady has left her fans making noise on social media. Check out the photo below;

The new kid on the Wasafi Records block giving Harmonize and Rayvanny a run for their money, his voice is priceless!

Wasafi Records owned by Diamond Platnumz first signed Harmonize who dropped Ayiola and we all liked it. Then came Rayvanny who confirmed that the baba Tee was determined to run the music industry by using singers with amazing vocals. He also went ahead to sign Rich Mavoko who was previously signed under kaka empire and having the three boys on board it was clear that there was no stopping the Wasafi family.

Lava Lava

When we thought Diamond Platnumz was done, the fella has gone ahead to introduce a new face with an amazing voice….and yes he sounds waaaay better Rayvanny. He goes by the name of Lava Lava and boy is this man gifted. His first single which was dropped under wasafi.com has been trending since yesterday and so far even Diamond Platnumz has admitted that Lava Lava is one to look out for.

Though his song was written by Rayvanny who is known to write most songs done by the Wasafi family….there is no doubt that Lava Lava is about to take over Tanzania as the new kid on the block. He has a different twist of ‘taarabu-bongo-rob’ type of singing that makes him unique in his own way. Checkout the audio on Diamond Platnumz bio and be the judge.

Who did it better? Alikiba does his own rendition of Wasafi records popular hit ‘Kwetu’

The beef between Diamond Platnumz and Alikiba will not end anytime besides they both enjoy riding on it and from what they post on social media pages, it is clear that they would actually go to any extent to keep this ‘beef’ going.

King Kiba
King Kiba

Besides their drama, we can all agree that they are the talented artistes with bright futures ahead of them. We have seen videos of Diamond Platnumz listening to Alikiba’s songs, so when Kiba finally shared a video singing to Rayvanny’s hit song Kwetu fans couldn’t help but compare who did it best.

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Well, Rayvanny aka Vanny boy has amazing vocals and this is not something to debate on but after Kiba’s video…I am starting to believe that if it was a collabo between the these two then Kwetu would have been a big hit.

Kiba’s version sounds amazing especially when he throws in his trademark ‘thingy’ Yo!

Not sure whether you will feel the same way but checkout the video below: