Size 8 calls hubby DJ Mo a narcissist, saying she’s “tired of pretenders.”

Gospel singer turned pastor Linet Munyali, commonly known as Size 8, has opened up about her husband DJ Mo’s behavior, revealing instances where she felt harassed.

During a candid discussion on their new reality show broadcast on TV 47, the couple engaged in an open conversation with their pastors, sharing their perspectives on recent events.

One incident highlighted by DJ Mo accused Size 8 of leaving him at a petrol station, forcing him to use a motorbike to reach their destination.

Expressing her frustration during the discussion, Size 8 referred to her husband as a narcissist and questioned his reactions to her actions, stating:

“Let me ask you one question. When you pinch someone, what do you expect? Or if I slap you, how will you react? Here, I do not understand this person. I am telling you he is a narcissist. A person who presses you, but when you react, you’re the bad one.”

Size 8 continued to address issues of communication and respect in their marriage, emphasizing that many marital problems stem from men’s egos and their failure to listen to their wives.

She recalled counseling sessions where DJ Mo was advised to return home early, only for him to revert to his previous habits shortly after.

Expressing her exhaustion with maintaining appearances, Size 8 stated, “I asked him if I was his cow to take all his rubbish and nonsense, and then when we are in front of people, he is like ‘baby cheza kama wewe’, smile. I am tired of this smiling. I am tired of this pretending. When we are taking pictures, I have to stand like this oh, couple goals. Couple goals for what, and someone is harassing me in the house.”

In a previous episode, Size 8 also talked about a challenging period when she contemplated divorce and even consulted a lawyer to initiate proceedings.

She discussed the profound challenges she faced, leading her to consider ending her marriage, saying, “I reached a place where I felt hopeless, where I saw a point of no return, and I think depression kind of kicked in. So I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t see a way out, so I decided to call a divorce lawyer and told him I want to divorce, I want to take the children, so I asked him to start considering the paperwork.”

Size 8 shares information on her legal consultation for a divorce

Gospel singer Lilian Munyali recently shared details about her marriage with DJ Mo, recounting a time when she sought a lawyer to initiate divorce proceedings. In a candid conversation with Raych and her husband on their show “Love in the Wild,” Size 8 disclosed the challenges she faced and the moment she considered divorce.

“I reached a place where I saw hopelessness, and I was experiencing a point of no return. I think depression kicked in, so I was not thinking straight. I didn’t see a way out. I decided to call a divorce lawyer and told him I want a divorce, and I want to take the children. I asked him to start thinking about the paperwork,” revealed Size 8.

DJ Mo explained that he learned about Size 8’s decision to consult a divorce lawyer through a WhatsApp text and expressed confusion about what he might have done to trigger such a reaction from his wife.

“When I found out she had called a lawyer, it was through one thing. She sent me a WhatsApp message, saying, ‘I have gone to a lawyer, and I have written this and this.’ I told her, ‘Okay, we will talk about it.’ I was wondering, ‘What had I done?'” disclosed DJ Moh.

Size 8, a mother of two, elaborated on what prevented her from following through with the divorce decision, attributing her change of heart to conversations with her mother-in-law and a church retreat.

“What made me not do it, first, I talked to his mother, and she told me, ‘You’re very angry; don’t rush.’ Then there was the church retreat. So I said, ‘I’m going to give my marriage one more chance and see if he’s willing to work on this marriage.'”

The ‘Mateke’ hitmaker added that men often don’t realize their mistakes, responding to her husband’s remark about not exactly knowing what he had done wrong. She explained that she had numerous reasons prompting her initial consideration of divorce.

“And men, you know, even now, ask a man what his mistakes are, and he won’t know, and I was supposed to leave him for many things,” she said.

DJ Mo discusses his marital difficulties following the deaths of two children

DJ Mo, the well-known gospel mix master and husband to gospel artist Size 8, has opened up about the challenges they faced in their marriage following the heartbreaking loss of two children.

In 2018, the couple’s journey took a somber turn when Size 8 experienced a complicated pregnancy, ultimately leading to the loss of their unborn baby.

Reflecting on this difficult period during their reality show on TV 47, DJ Mo shared the toll it took on their relationship, admitting that they reached the brink of separation amid misunderstandings and blame.

“We have two children, but we’ve also lost two children. These two losses hit me very hard. We disagreed with my wife, and it was bad. Blaming each other about the loss, I realised that if you’re not strong, you might end up separating,” revealed DJ Mo.

Despite the turmoil, DJ Mo explained how they navigated through their marital challenges, stressing the importance of open communication and mutual support.

“We decided to put things on the table and stopped blaming each other. She has always had high blood pressure, and even having our two children is by the Grace of God. We have mentors who help us in those scenarios. We have always known how to solve our issues, and every day is a learning session,” he added.

DJ Krowbar, joined by his wife Wanjiru, also contributed to the discussion, sharing their approach to handling marital challenges and highlighting the role of therapy in fostering healing and understanding.

“Therapies have helped us to go through the physical healing and the inside healing. Like right now, taking care of my sick wife, my life is scheduled in a way that two days are for my wife,” revealed DJ Krowbar.

Size 8 has previously talked about how severe preeclampsia has prevented her from becoming a mother for the third time. Severe preeclampsia is a pregnancy disorder characterized by high blood pressure.

DJ Mo vs DJ Sadic according to Size 8’s husband

DJ Mo, a prominent figure in the Kenyan Urban Gospel scene, has addressed rumors of a feud with fellow industry colleague DJ Sadic, setting the record straight on their relationship.

Speculations about a rift between the two influential urban gospel DJs have been circulating among their fanbase, leading to concerns about a possible disagreement that could have strained their longstanding partnership.

In an open interview with TV 47, DJ Mo provided clarity on the matter, shedding light on the depth of his friendship with DJ Sadic and their collaborative journey in the music industry.

“We have been friends since day one. I started deejaying a year before him because he was completing his form four studies before venturing into deejaying. I even mentored him in the advanced aspects of deejaying. We both joined System Unit and gradually established an academy together,” DJ Mo revealed.

He further disclosed that their collaboration extended beyond deejaying to include their involvement in System Unit, where they not only sharpened their skills but also nurtured talent through their jointly developed academy.

Despite taking divergent paths later on, with DJ Sadic founding Genius Entertainment Group, DJ Mo emphasized that their friendship remains intact.

“There is no animosity between us. In fact, we are discussing the possibility of him assisting me with training, considering his physical transformation,” clarified DJ Mo, dispelling any notions of discord.

DJ Mo and his wife, gospel singer Size 8, are gearing up to return to the screens with their new reality show, “Love in the Wild,” which will be featured as part of TV 47’s original programming lineup.

DJ Mo’s former illicit lover gets married, starts her family in America

Kenyans were astonished in October 2020 when insiders informed tea master Edgar Obare that gospel disc jockey DJ Mo, real name Sammy Muraya Junior, was having an extramarital affair with his well-known wife, Linet Munyali, real name Size 8.

It was claimed in the evidence submitted to Obare that Margaret Wanyama was DJ Mo’s side chick; among the evidence were pictures of DJ Mo wearing his birthday suit and private conversations with the musician.

Many were shocked by the affair and questioned how a well-known Christian like him could have treated his wife, who was also the mother of two children, in that way.
His tenure as one of the hosts of an NTV Sunday morning gospel program came to an end as a result of this scandal.

Top management replaced him with another DJ and quietly kicked him out of the show. Despite the substantial proof and the back-and-forth drama around the leaked evidence, Mo later denied having an affair with Margaret.

He was trying to refute the facts, but he warned the Kenyans not to believe what they saw. Margaret also withdrew her statements and remained quiet.

After the marital crisis, Size 8 forgave him and they worked on their union. Margaret seems to have had a bright future during this period as well, since she later got married and moved to the United States of America.

She is currently a mother and the wife of American army soldier Ziggy T. Cole. She is a hairstylist as well.

They are featured in pictures that she shares on social media. Nevertheless, she primarily utilizes her images of herself in alluring stances at various locations to flaunt how “life is good” in America.

In Chapter 29, all I can say is that I’m appreciative of God. Chapter 28 was really amazing to me. Father, please keep bestowing blessings upon me and keep opening new avenues for me, God. “Thank you, Lord,” Margaret exclaimed on her 29th birthday.

Never trust your spouse 100% – Size 8 reveals she has never forgiven DJ Mo

Size 8 pastor Pastor Linet Munyali has shared her thoughts on commitment and trust in marriage. During a discussion with a local radio station, the accomplished gospel musician and mother of two gave her opinions on the mechanics of trust between spouses.

Size 8 stressed that neither men nor women can be guaranteed to be faithful, acknowledging the difficulties of having complete trust in partnerships.

She provided a unique viewpoint, advising couples to put their faith in God to make any unseen facets of their marriage clear.

She laughed and said, “You can’t be DCI. Anyone who wants to do something will just go ahead and do it. My friend, if someone wants to do something, he will. He will keep one phone at his place of business.”

Size 8 also emphasized the individuality of each person in a partnership by emphasizing that spouses have their own viewpoints and ideas.

She warned that attempting to control their behavior might prove fruitless.

“One thing I learned about people is that when you marry someone, he was already in his life before you were. They each have their own opinions and perspectives on the world. If someone wants to drink water, he will do so whether you encourage him to or not. All married couples should seek heavenly direction for their marriages and their partners”.

She emphasized that it can be difficult to have complete faith in a spouse and suggested putting your complete faith in God.

“Neither your husband nor your wife are completely trustworthy. God is someone you can believe in,” she remarked.

In September, they commemorated their tenth wedding anniversary.
According to DJ Mo, their ten-year journey has been filled with both happy and turbulant moments.

DJ Mo talked openly about a particularly tough time when their union almost ended.

We once got into a heated dispute, and it got to the point where she chose to move out and rent an apartment for two months, he admitted.

DJ Mo Reveals He Paid Ksh 150K For Size 8’s Dowry

Size 8’s late mother was recognized by DJ Mo for helping to arrange her daughter’s marriage to the well-known DJ.

Muraya claims that he was just a young man at the time, attempting to establish himself in the business.

DJ Mo admitted in an interview with Oga Obinna that he had trouble raising the “dowry” at the time.

I visited her house before she made her salvation formally known.

I had worked hard to raise the 150k I had for her dowry.

‘Hata ungeniinamisha singetoka kitu, Ungenikata singetoka damu, Nlikua nimefika mwisho.

Her late mother was one of the people who aided me in getting Linet as my wife. Added DJ Mo

“She had already gotten saved by the time she published her song ‘Mateke’

She was still living in South B, while I was in Githurai 44. We decided to move to Thindigua where we started life as a married couple. People even thought we were clout chasing.” Size 8’s mum passed away in 2015. She passed away just days after the singer welcomed her firstborn daughter Ladasha. Her mum’s illness started in late 2014 when she developed kidney problems. After several visits to the doctors, it was recommended that she gets a kidney transplant in India. DJ Mo however clarified that despite paying 150 at the time as Size 8′ dowry, in Kikuyu culture dowry is not paid once hence he has over time paid more.


DJ Mo discusses how celebrities can avoid going broke

Gospel Mixmaster DJ Mo, a media celebrity, has made statements about the significance of young people investing in their potential while their stars are still bright.

At the official launch of Nyumbani Electric and Electronics on Kiambu Road in Thindugua, the well-known DJ expressed his views.

In a recent interview, DJ Mo emphasized the significance of financial care and foresight.

“Kula Pesa yako na ujanja, invest, secure the future then the rest jibambe. Future is coming either way'”

Additionally, DJ Mo took advantage of the opportunity to network with burgeoning entrepreneurs, stressing the need of conducting in-depth market research to comprehend customer preferences and employing digital platforms for a larger audience.

“Some companies fail because they sell products intended for the mass market. Ensure that you are accessible digitally as well.”

The director of Nyumbani Electric and Electronics, who was present for the business launch, described the company’s aspirational plans to grow outside of Nairobi.

Nyumbani intends to open 20 stores by the end of 2024 in order to satisfy a growing consumer base with high-quality goods and services.

DJ Mo recently showed his thoughtfulness outside of work when he surprised Size 8 on live TV for her birthday.

“I had planned something bigger – but being on Friday she has her church service, so I only surprised her with flowers in her service. Then, I organized with #Thetrends producer to come and surprise her because she had an interview that night. It worked well… she was so happy and that was all for me.”

DJ Mo discussed his objectives for the upcoming year, which include growing closer to his family, launching new businesses, and strengthening connections.

DJ Mo responded that he is a master at what he does and can adapt to the times when asked why his brand has persisted.

“God and accepting new ways of doing things are key. I also make sure to apply professionalism in everything I do.”

Size 8 talks about her desire for more children

Size 8, a former gospel singer who is now a pastor, has expressed her desire to have a third kid. The mother of two stated in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News that she plans to add to her family in the near future by having another child.

“For the time being, we shall wait obediently for the Lord’s timing. It’s not the ideal time right now, but maybe in the upcoming years,” Size 8 stated.

The performer has had four close calls with death while pregnant, unfortunately losing two of her children before they could develop to full term.

The mother of two also disclosed that she would soon be making a comeback in the music business.

“My husband, (DJ MO) is pressuring me to go back to music and so, soon I will be releasing a new soon.

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Size 8 rocks revolutionary swim wear

Normally when celebrities decide to rock swimwear, they go for something scandalous but Size 8 has decided to revolutionize Kenyan swimwear when she went swimming in a rather modest outfit that was designed to protect her dignity as a woman of God.


And DJ Mo was not happy because he wanted her to show off some skin and she was adamant that she wasn’t going to because she would have to answer to her congregants on Sunday who wouldn’t want to be ministered to by an immodest woman.

Check out the exchange below:


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A post shared by Size 8 Reborn (@size8reborn)

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Size 8 reveals she gave DJ Mo an ultimatum about his friends

In a recent interview Size 8 spoke about her marriage in rather intimate fashion. At some point she spoke about the fact that she praying for God to give her the energy to keep up with her husband libido.

But today we are going to be focusing on the fact that she and started chasing away some of his friends whom she felt were not supporters of their marriage.

Andrew Kibe is right about Size 8 and her miracles

She spoke about how she was in her feelings and took offence and the fact that she saw these guys as more of his friends than relationships friends but the Spirit of God guided her into prayer and she was able to rain in her nagging.

What is also of note is the fact that she did 90% of the talking during the discussion while she was on the interview as a husband that down like a limp ineffectual member… Of their marriage.

It seems clear to us that Size 8 is the one that wears the palms in their marriage and DJ more is now along for the Ride having lost most of his gigs and endorsement deals after he was exposed for having an affair with a random Dubai-based woman.

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DJ MO Advices Couples To Pray Before Getting Intimate

The Murayas have sent a piece of advice to couples out here who indulge in intimacy more often. According to size 8, prayer before $ex is a necessity for any couple.

The preacher went ahead to divulge that before getting intimate with her hubby DJ Mo,  she usually prays to her husband DJ Mo for the strength to satisfy her as she would like.

“When he comes, I hold him and say ‘Father in the name of Jesus’ (He doesn’t know). I always tell God to give him strength, I want to hold on,”she said.

Size 8 stated that she usually makes those prayers without her husband’s knowledge.

“I always pray in my heart and say to God, ‘God, Father, give this man strength, you are the one who created this act, Father, the way you created it, I want to enjoy it the way you saw it,'”she said.

DJ Mo playing with wife

DJ Mo Supports

Dj Mo has come to support her wife Size 8 in her sentiments on praying, and he believes couples should actually embrace the same.

He shared via social media;

“Praying is very important, especially in the heart, if you know you know,” he said. Adding, “You will be able to understand the ‘constitution’ better for at least an hour,”he said.

What do you think of The Muraya’s advice?


Size 8 speaks about her and DJ Mo’s sex life

Gospel singer cum evangelist Size 8 for some inexplicable reason has decided to open up with the world about her and her husband, DJ Mo’s sex life much to the amusement of their internet in-laws who cannot understand why this is a topic for conversation.

Size 8 launches her own church, Christ Revealed Ministries in Nairobi’s busy city

“People think pastors don’t get intimate but we do. As women, we
‘sometimes are not in the mood. When | see he is in the mood and I’m
not | pray and ask the holy spirit to get my mood to his level. | also

pray for him | ask God to give him strength as | want to enjoy.”

Size 8 pregnant?

The reason why this is a rather ironic topic to discuss is due to the couple’s history with DJ Mo having stepped out on their marriage once before and he cheated on Size 8 with a lady living and working in Dubai.

Size 8 has every right to deny services from an LGBTQ member

But on the flipside, its great to see the pastor has an understanding of just how important sex is to men and moreso men in relationships who often complain about being sexually starved by their partners.

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DJ Mo and Ringtone Get in Heated Confrontation During Size 8 Event

Word making rounds on social media is that Ringtone and DJ Mo almost exchanged blows during Size 8’s album launch. From the stories circulating on social media is that Ringtone may have sparked the ‘right’ with his running mouth.

According to reports, Ringtone was heard bad mouthing Size 8 while speaking to journalists at the album launch; and from what he said is that artistes should be given more respect compared to that given to preachers… only because the only people allowed at the event were preachers.

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Ringtone and DJ MoOf course DJ Mo couldn’t have him speaking in that manner at the event – especially since he was just a guest and a disrespectful one for that matter.

DJ Mo to the rescue

Well, being the good husband he has lately become – DJ Mo interrupted the interview but judging from his approach, this almost become a real physical fight.

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Size 8 and Ringtone

From the viral videos making rounds on social media, looks like Ringtone was also ready to exchange blows while you can hear DJ Mo asking bouncers to remove Ringtone from the premises before he (DJ Mo) does something he will regret.

Not sure why they both felt getting physical would help solve their issues faster, but at least now you know even men of God also chose vayolence at times.

DJ Mo explains exactly what happened to his crossover 101 job at NTV after cheating exposè

DJ Mo who is popularly known as Size 8’s husband has been off TV for almost a year now. This is after a certain young lady working in Bahrain decided to expose him for cheating on wife Size 8, a scandal that left many talking.

For some reason DJ Mo became an enemy to Size 8’s supporters on social media and the trolling became unbearable. However his wife Size 8 chose to stand by her man despite the humiliation – a move that left her looking like the perfect wife. But vitu kwa ground huwa different.

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Tbt: DJ Mo exposed

Anyway having maintained his silence since the scandal, DJ Mo recently had an interview with word Is where he addressed a few rumors concerning his previous job and of course marriage.

According to DJ Mo, he was never fired from NTV’s Crossover 101 as reported on social media. Infact, DJ Mo says he is the one who walked away freely as he chose not to renew his contract due to obvious reasons.

It’s just I didn’t renew my contract for my own reasons.



Actually, NTV was the least money I ever got. Also being jobless is how you define it. Being on TV doesn’t mean you have money. It’s just a platform like any other.

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Ventured into entrepreneurship

As for those claiming that he is jobless, DJ Mo says that he rebranded and is currently dealing with tenders.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

I’m I deal with tenders. Whenever I meet with politicians, I request tenders. This is because I love business.


I have always been a businessman. The music industry is my passion and whatever I get from it is very little. Eighty per cent of whatever I have is from business.

‘I’ll Do Anything To Keep Her Happy’-DJ Mo Enrolls In Catering School After Daughter Dissed His Cooking Skills (Video)

Renowned disc jockey DJ Mo (Samuel Muraya) is going back to school after his daughter, Ladasha Belle spat a meal he had prepared.

DJ Mo made the decision to go to catering school and improve his cookery skills in order to make her daughter happy.

DJ Mo slams haters for fueling rumours of his 'troubled' marriage to Size 8 – Nairobi News
Ladasha Belle-Infront- Size 8 and Dj Mo on the right-Google

In the video posted on DJ Mo’s Instagram page, Ladasha is seen tasting the meal then stating it’s yucky; and proceeds to spit it out.

The issue became paramount as DJ Mo immediately asked for help to get cooking classes;

”…I need cooking classes guys … suggest for me a school or individual who can train me to be a ????‍????.”

The DJ finally found a school to help him out; Jodan College of Technology.

Dj Mo receiving his admission letter from the Director of studies at Jodan College of Technology

When questioned about the decision, he had this to say,

”I love my daughter so much and will
do anything to keep her happy. I have thought about it and I’ve decided to pursue a catering
course to boost my kitchen skills, because, if I don’t show her how to be treated, who will? ”

He went ahead to urge his followers to invest time in their children and shared the importance
of keeping them happy in all aspects.
A number of celebrities including his wife lauded the move and went on to wish him well on
social media.

Watch their video below;

Why Size 8 cannot stop gushing over hubby, DJ Mo

Size 8 is the perfect definition of mke mwema and if you doubt this; then I’ll remind that unlike Karen Nyamu who is currently making Samidoh’s life a living hell – Singer Size 8 shielded her husband despite him cheating with a Kenyan lady from Doha.

Anyway so far we understand that DJ Mo has been acting like the perfect husband since the exposè; and yes, we thank Edgar for fixing our celebrity marriages. Unlike before DJ Mo these days appears to spend more time with his family and so far, we understand he has been focusing on a project back in the village.

Size 8 showing off in laws unfinished home

As seen on his gram, DJ Mo is now almost done with the bungalow he has been building his parents; and this being one of his biggest achievements – his wife Size 8 cannot stop praising him for this. To mark this milestone, Size 8 through her Instagram praised her hubby by writing;

DJ Mo and Size 8 mark 7th wedding anniversary

May God bless this guy @djmokenya how he selflessly gives to his parents ???????????????????? woi Jehovah bless him!!! Sons out there please remember home when God lifts you up!! Honor your parents for this is the 1st commandment with a promise that it may be well with you and you may live long on earth

DJ shows off his parents home

Replaced from Crossover

Well, although no man is perfect – it’s no secret that DJ Mo’s cheating scandal affected him in various ways. Since the exposè the former gospel DJ not only lost his job at crossover 101; but also close friends and sponsors who were looking to invest through him.

But anyway – this is a lesson well learnt but at least he did not lose his wife and family, right?

Daddy Owen Surprises Dj Mo With Birthday Gift (Video)

Dj Mo is celebrating his 34th birthday this year and he’s doing it in style. One of the few celebrities who celebrated The Dj’s party was Daddy Owen. The gospel singer had the Dj’s cake hidden and surprised him with it on a different occasion. Dj Mo’s wife size 8 was also in attendance. Daddy Owen’s birthday is just a few days before the Dj’s birthday.

The surprise, which was birthday cake, seemed to be an unexpected gift to the Murayas.

” Tuko na suprise ya Dj Mo. Leo ni birthday ya Dj Mo by the way… Hakuwa anajua niko na keki yake. Keki yake ndio hii… Tuimbie Dj Mo happy birthday,” Daddy Owen said.

The Dj celebrates his birthday by hanging out with kids at Kijabe Hospital. He thanked 40 year old Daddy Owen for the unexpected birthday surprise.

On our birthday we decided to go and hang out with the kids @curekenya-Kijabe hospital .
Thank you @daddyowen for the surprise.”

Nevertheless, Dj Mo and Size 8 are among the few celebrities who are married and have kids together. Like any other couple, the two lovebirds have had their mis-understandings in the past few years. Dj Mo was once accused of cheating on Size 8 but they later on reconciled.

Marriage is evidently not the easiest things to deal with, but they two are still thriving in their love life. They are an inspiration to all couples out here longing to get married.

Is DJ Mo making fun of Kanze Dena’s new gained weight? (Photo)

DJ Monhas been missing in the enter scene for weeks now. After his cheating scandal, the man of God took a break from sharing anything that would make him trend; but all we know is that he still managed to convince Size 8 to stay despite his cheating scandal.

Kanze Dena before the new weight

This past weekend as he turned a year older, DJ amp happened to share a photo from his broadway advertisement; but judging from his caption – we can tell that he may have taken a swipe at Kanye’s new weight as he wrote;

When was the last time you saw me??? It’s my birthday ????????????????

Well, we all know that we had not seen Kanze for months; while DJ Mo made headlines for the wrong reasons – so I bet it’s only safe to say that this post may have been directed to Kanze. No?

Lactating mum

Anyway, with critics trolling and others mocking Kanze’s new weight; word has it that the gained weight is from baby fat as she recently welcomed her second child – months after her secret wedding.

Kanze Dena’s new look leaves tongues wagging

Clearly the rumor has truth to it as there is no way she could have gained all that weight; yet she always maintained her petite figure. Anyway let’s hope she will soon bounce back and congratulations to both her and hubby for the new born.

DJ Mo and Size 8 charging Ksh 18k per head for their Christmas event, fans react

DJ Mo and wife, Size 8 have left tongues wagging on social media shortly after sharing posters showing how much they will be charging for their Christmas event set to go down at the PrideInn hotel in Mombasa.

According to the post, it’ll only cost guests Ksh 18k per head. However this amount will help cover double room, breakfast, lunch and dinner – meaning the Ksh 18k is just for a day.

CONFIRMED !!!! 25th Dec …
Mombasa will be liiiiittttt ????
@prideinnparadisebeachresort is the place to be . The performance we have planned , wacha tu . .. book for your space now because its EXCLUSIVE . (Watu kwa hotel pekee) #TheMurayas we are ready for you .. @size8reborn ..Pamoja na @mcpricekenya . MORE DETAILS ON THE POSTER ????

DJ Mo and Size 8’s event

Not quite sure why they felt convinced that fans would get onboard with this idea; especially during the pandemic season that have left some struggling to pay bills…and now a concert costing Ksh 18k?

Fans react

Although the package may seem fair to their target audience, their middle class fans could not help but react to the posters shared on the Muraya’s pages.

Of course fans did not hold back from telling the two off; but some went to the extent of asking the two to first focus on their marriage instead of chasing money which end up in side chicks pockets. Ouch.

Dine with the Muraya´s Valentine event

But hey, after their dine with Muraya Valentine’s Day event that was aimed at fixing and teaching couple about marriage; the Muraya’s ended up in a messy cheating scandal – and now another event?

DJ Mo and son excite many after stepping out in twinning outfits (Photos)

Gospel DJ Mo and his adorable son have not only given other dads a good reason to envy their latest photo; but have challenged dads who was rarely invest their time with their kids.

Anyway, DJ Mo has now joined the list of dads who like to dress their children in the same outfits as themselves. Well in his latest photo the father of two is seen dressed up in a white trendy and fashionable suit which left both him and son looking like twins.

Well now that he is home and has enough time on his hands to spend with his kids; DJ Mo of late has not only been proving to be a good dad but husband to Size 8 despite ugly cheating scandal.

The Murayas and their daughter, Ladasha Belle

DJ Mo and son

Apart from the matching suits, fans in the comment section also agree that DJ Mo and his son look like real life twins. Although one looks older – this gives us an idea of how baby Muraya will look like in the near future.

Baby Ladashabelle who is 5 also happens to look exactly like her dad; which confirms that DJ Mo had powerful genes compared to his wife, singer Size 8.

Anyway with Kabi wa Jesus schooling most of these celebrity dads on how to handle their kids; many believe that he is the most responsible and loving dad they have come to see on social media.

Baby Muraya Junior
Daddy and son looking dapper in matching outfits

8 celebrity dads enjoying cute bonding moments with their children

Despite the fame and extra responsibilities that come with being a celebrity, a number of male personalities have proven that spending quality time with their children can still be done.

Children here, I mean newborns or less than 3 year-old celebrity kids who are getting to spend some priceless moments with their daddies.

Some being first-time dads, others not new to the game but have gotten better at it with time. Be it single parenting, co-parenting or raising up children with their wives. Lets start off.

1. Polycarp Otieno

The Sauti Sol guitarist is new to the game, welcoming a bouncing baby boy with wife, Lady Mandy in August and ever since, the new dad has been spotted be it feeding, sun-basking with or even dancing with the newborn in his arms. He describes his fatherhood journey as “absolutely heavenly”.

Fancy Fingers with their newborn

2. Khaligraph Jones

It would be easy to crown the Kenyan rapper as one who embraced fatherhood to the full. Previously spotted spending some quality time with his daughter, before baby number two, a baby boy came on board on October 11 and seemingly robbed his sister of her daddy.

Khaligraph Jones with his son

3. Diamond Platnumz

Diamond is trying to rekindle the good family vibes with his ex, Zari Hassan and their two children who recently landed in Tanzania and have since been keeping the music star busy with fatherhood duties.

Diamond Platnumz with his two children

4. DJ Mo

The gospel DJ has been spending time around his family more especially after COVID-19 struck, going out in vacations, having meals together and just being a present dad. However, the father of two’s vibe with his daughter seems stronger than with that of his roughly 1-year old son.

DJ Mo with daughter

5. Tedd Josiah

A veteran Kenyan music producer who embraced the title ‘ManMom’ after the passing on of his wife just 3 months after delivering their baby girl and had to take up both mum and dad duties for the baby girl who is now 2 years of age.

Tedd Josiah with daughter

6. Nick Mutuma

The Kenyan actor has sweetly bonded with his adorable baby girl Dua, now 2 years of age, who is undeniably a replica of her mom, Bridget Shighadi.

Nick Mutuma with daughter

7. Njugush

This particular one stands out. The comedian’s genes seem to have trickled into their barely 2-year old son who is already a star in his own capacity. A baby boy whose level of maturity has lived to impress masses.

Njugush with son

8. Phil Karanja

The film director and producer, married to Kate actress, is one very proud dad who got to hold his first child, a daughter, baby K in December 2019, who he clearly adores if their daddy-daughter moments are anything to go by.

Phillip Karanja with daughter

The bonus:

9. Frankie Just Gym It

There is something about Frankies newborn that seems to have taken the curiosity out of the gym enthusiast. Never minding to be left home with their baby boy, to feed and keep the little one company.

Frankie Just Gym It with third son

Anyone we left out?

4 young Kenyan celebrity power couples that have proven matching outfits can still be funky

The tradition of couples stepping out in matching outfits has for a long time been considered an old way of doing things especially among the new generation. But not any more after young celebrity couples proved it can still be done and look fashionable.

Well, just when many thought the tradition would get washed away with the generation of our parents, it might just be here to stay for good. Embrace it!

Lets get right into it…

1. The Bahatis

Diana Marua and Bahati are out on baecation as the weekend kicks in amidst the daring chilly weather and do I say, the two stepped out looking like twins before you realize they are actually two adults, drowned in the sea of love. It was an all white-yellow affair.

The Bahatis looking like twins

2. The Murayas

Gospel power couple Size 8 and DJ Mo have decided to tie the loose ends in their troubled marriage with matchy-matchy outfits, stepping out in a bright, all-blue affair that can easily blind your eyes.

The Murayas keeping it chic

3. The Dufandas

This is a couple that has set the bar high enough for young celebrity couples, already now popular for their ever matchy yet fashionable outfits, with each embracing a unique style for the suitable occasion.

The Dufanda couple leads the crowd

4. The WaJesus

Milly and Kabi WaJesus, each has their own specific taste of fashion, but they have not been left out when it comes to matching couple outfits. Not once, not twice, have the WaJesus been spotted complementing each others dressing especially when in the mood for some Ankara.

The WaJesus beautifully embracing the African fashion

5. The Tony Kwalandas

We cannot call it a day without a bonus and this time, the newest celebrity couple in town gets to crown the show. Tony Kwalanda and Joyce Maina are the latest young couple to embrace the matching outfits challenge, which I must say, they nailed!

The Tony Kwalanda lovebirds step out in matching outfits

There you have it! Any other YOUNG couple we missed?

DJ Mo’s unfiltered reaction after Size 8 warns him against impregnating her a 4th time (Video)

DJ Mo broke the bank to celebrate his breathtaking wife on their 7th wedding anniversary, until the topic of having a third child came up and the two could not agree.

The parents to two adorable children have been divided whenever the topic of a third child comes up, having lost their baby in a miscarriage that tested their love for each other.

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During their staycation at the Kenyan coast, DJ Mo revealed to fans his intentions to get his wife pregnant again, for a third child.

Size 8 fires back

Word has since reached Size 8, who has come out to forewarn her hubby against impregnating her, because she is just not ready for the journey.

Size 8 and DJ Mo beautifully mark 7th wedding anniversary

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During their recent vlog, the gospel songbird narrated how both her deliveries traumatized her, having to deliver her babies through a CS, after developing complications.

Sadly, she lost her mother, barely hours after delivering her first child Ladashabelle Wambo, never to attend her mom’s burial because of her high blood pressure and her fresh wound, after the CS.

Then was baby number 2, who she miscarried in 2018, that nearly broke her marriage with husband, DJ Mo.

The Murayas

Finally, the pair was blessed with baby number 3, Muraya Junior in November 2019 whose delivery nearly cost the mother her life. With her newborn having to spend days in the ICU, who she calls her ‘miracle baby’.

So now, anything to do with child birth is a no-go zone for the mother of 2 who has gone through so much when it comes to pregnancies.

Size 8 with kids Ladashabelle and Muraya Junior

As the pair beautifully marked their 7th anniversary with a romantic staycation in Nanyuki, DJ Mo sweetly asked his wife for baby number 3, who warned;

“Apana! Wacha tukae pamoja lakini watoto wametosha. Usijaribu kunipea mtoto mwingine.”

Leaving a desperate-looking DJ Mo speechless. Watch and tell us what you think;

The Murayas hint on baby number 3 (Video)

Whatever is going on between DJ Mo and Size 8 reborn keeps getting juicer by the day.

The couple that was hit by a heavy storm barely weeks ago that nearly saw their marriage split, is only bonding the more, with a marriage that seems too strong to break, after recent developments.

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The romantic yacht ride

Still in their 7th wedding anniversary mood, the gospel DJ treated his light skin babe and mother to his 2 children to an exclusive yacht ride by the coast, in a romantic-filled event.

The couple, fully dressed in all-white attire, looks like young lovebirds still in their honeymoon stage, spoiling each other with love and laughter.

The Murayas

For DJ Mo, the cheating scandals had only strengthened their marriage and with such a supportive and strong-willed woman by his side, it is only fair that he gives her the best life has to offer.

And for sure, Size 8 could not get enough of it.

The inside covered up in comfy leather seats, complete with a bedroom for the two and a sitting area.

Lovebirds, Size 8 and DJ Mo

Baby number 3?

The fascinating bit of it is when the cheeky DJ leads his wife into the bedroom area before declaring to the camera, that it is high time they had baby number 3. “Lazima tutafute mtoto wa tatu,” he announced.

Meanwhile, an excited Size 8 reborn who was busy surveying the yacht, was not aware of what had just gone down.

The Murayas on baecation

It was all love confessions between the two, making promises to forever remain faithful, respect, love and cherish each other. So will Size 8 agree to have baby number 3?

Listen in and tell me what you think:

DJ Mo and Size 8 treated to a beautiful family vacation days after infidelity scandal (Videos)

The Muraya couple continues to confuse fans and critics on their marital situation after recently being spotted having a time of their life with their two children, at Kenyas coast.

It has been barely a month since the couple’s marriage was speculated to be on the verge of a break-up, surrounded with infidelity scandals and fights, a scene that turned ugly.

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Then days later, the two came out, seemingly having ironed out their differences. Making apologies and clarifying on what exactly had been going on with the fights and scandals.

The Muraya family on vacation

According to the gospel singer, her husbands infidelity is to be blamed on the devil, shielding him from external attacks.

The Muraya family vacation

Well, in recent developments, the lovebirds went on a beautiful family vacation down at Mombasa, as they marked their 7th wedding anniversary.

The young family was hosted at the luxurious PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort. Courtesy of a popular tour company, coupled with fun activities and short trips around the coastal hub.

It is hard to differentiate the children from the parents because of their playful nature. For DJ Mo, hii ni uchokozi imeomoka ????????.

The couple freely interacted with individuals present at the beach-side, and they quite had a time of their life.

Because for Size 8, “the peace of God that surpasses all understanding”.

Well, there you have it!