Aslay Claims Rayvanny’s Arrival at Wasafi Records Contributed to Yamoto’s Disintegration

Aslay, former member of the defunct Yamoto Music Band, has revealed that the group’s disintegration can be attributed to the arrival of Rayvanny at Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi Records.

Yamoto, a popular music ensemble consisting of Mbosso, Beka Flavour, Enock Bella, and Aslay himself, had been a dominant force in the Tanzanian and East African music scene in the mid-2010s, producing hit after hit. However, the group’s unity began to unravel, and Aslay believes that Rayvanny’s affiliation with Wasafi Records was the final blow.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Aslay admitted that the band was already on shaky ground. Still, the situation took a dramatic turn when Rayvanny was unveiled as a Wasafi Records artist in 2016.

Rayvanny’s swift reception into the label included the gift of a Toyota Rav 4 for his transportation needs, a move that reportedly stirred envy among the Yamoto members.

Aslay explained that this incident sparked a desire for individual success and similar rewards among the Yamoto members, leading them to entertain the idea of pursuing solo careers.

He disclosed that he was the first to depart from the group, releasing his debut solo track “Kidawa.” Following his lead, other members of Yamoto also ventured into their solo projects.

Aslay suggested that this marked the beginning of the end for the once-thriving ensemble. He lamented, “To be honest, in the end, it seemed like the group was heading towards dissolution because everything was going downhill, not where we expected it to go.”

While Aslay’s claims may be controversial, they offer a glimpse into the dynamics of the Yamoto Music Band and the factors that ultimately contributed to its demise.

Aslay talks about buying his mother a house before she died

Tanzanian artist Aslay has revealed that he built a house for his parents when he was only 13 years old, before his mother’s death.

Aslay made the revelation in an interview with Ayo TV where he celebrated 10 years in the music industry. He said that he was able to build the house because his mother was in control of everything and she insisted that he invest in real estate.

Aslay said that his mother’s influence ensured that he made wise financial decisions and that he is grateful for her guidance. He also said that he has achieved great success because of his mother’s love and support.

Aslay’s story is an inspiration to young people everywhere. It shows that it is possible to achieve your dreams, no matter how humble your beginnings may be. It also shows the importance of having good guidance and support.

Mr. Blue has featured Aslay in his new jam titled ‘Nitabadilika’ and it’s a big tune (Audio)

Tanzanian musician Khery Sameer Rajab, popularly known as Mr Blue, has featured the equally talented Dogo Aslay in his latest release and  we love it.

The song dubbed Nitabadilika, which is a Swahili word that means ‘I’ll change’, is about a man who is promising his significant other that he will reform.


Mr Blue says that he willing drop habits such as coming to the house late and excessive drinking because he loves the lady.  He also promises her that he will listen to every word that she says.

This jam is so dope, apart from the cliche message in it, you must admit that the delivery by Mr Blue and Dogo Aslay was out of this world.

I don’t know if this jam is dope because of  their voices but the way it flows is so mice. I kept hitting the replay button and didn’t want the song to end. Now that is what defines beautiful music.

The beat on this jam is also awesome. You could say that it sounds pretty much the same like most of the Bongo jams out there but you have to agree that it really blends well with the vocals.

Listen to Nitabadilika below and tell us what you think.

Tanzanian singer Aslay is back with ‘Don’t Cry’ alongside Sat B and it’s a big tune (Video)

Tanzanian musician Aslay Isihaka Nassoro, better known as Dogo Aslay, has dropped a new song with Burundi’s Sat B and it’s totally worth your time.

The song titled Don’t Cry talks about the pain that someone goes through when they are in love with a person i.e. you can’t tell whether the other person has feelings for you or they don’t.

Sometimes, it feels like you are causing the person – who you have feelings for – pain instead of bringing joy into their lives, hence the title Don’t Cry.

I really love this song never mind the fact that I could not understand most of it since it was sang in Kirundi but then again, isn’t that the beauty of music? When a song is good even a language barrier can’t stop you from enjoying it.

Sat B
Sat B

Although this was my first time I listening to a song by Sat B, I was completely impressed. Actually, I went to look for other songs by him after listening to this jam. No lie.

I also love how the Ubutumire hitmaker infuses Kirundi and Swahili so that people who don’t understand the former can grasp the message that he is trying to put across.

Aslay’s delivery was also on point, as expected. From his Naenda Kusema days, this young lad has always impressed and by the look of things, there is no stopping for him.

Both the producer and videographer also nailed it. As I was listening to this song, one person kept crossing my mind and this wouldn’t have happened if the audio or video was whack. Props to them.

Watch Don’t Cry below and tell us what you think.

Aslay decides its time to ‘Bembea’ in new jam as he features Ali Kiba

Tanzania as always have a way to sway their vibe down our hearts . This time Rockstart Entertainments boss Ali Kiba has featured in  fellow artist Aslay’s  Song dubbed ‘Bembea”

The song  starts with an Indian-Arabic blend of sounds coupled with Kibas’s signature ‘YO!’ Aslay takes up the first part of the song with the Swahili lyrics rolling off his tongue with ease backed up by his captivating voice while Kiba picks up the last part of the song at the same pace and carries it to the end. The transition is smooth and the two voices well blended.


The lyrics delivered at a slow pace gives the listener enough time to listen.  Aslay states his contentment in the love he is receiving and how he can go lifeless in the event that he misses out on that love.

naridhika ridhika, naridhika na huba lako, Nakuahidi ntakufa nikija kulikosa hilo penzi lako’

Further on , Kiba emphasizes the need to be able to keep the love,regardless of the negativity surrounding it.

The duo are well known to reach the hearts of many ladies and this song is just about it.

Ali Kiba And Aslay

The song is an embodiment that carries all that is their about love and its secrets.The urge to always be there for each other despite the hustle in life.

“Beiby, tuifiche hiyo siri Tusionyeshe dhahiri Huwanga wanasubiri Waone utavyonimwaga”

This to ask the love of his life  to keep their love a secret especially from those that posses negative energy.


The music video directed by Hanscana features two main scenes. One in the serene coastal atmospehere(aqua blue ocean, green grass and trees, white sand, plush white beds and seats) that gives a calm relaxing effect.

The second indoor set up is open, with a good blend of cool colors. There isn’t any serious dancing which gives enough room and time to enjoy the tune which is close to a Mexican serenade staged by Alejandro outside Maria-Clara’s bedroom window. Yeah right!

Well the song was averagely doen as compared to the duo’s track record this was not their best collabo.We want more guys.

For rating I will go for a 5/10.Watch and tell us what you think.


Men who listen to Bongo music, have we lost our masculinity?

Tanzanian music is big in Kenya. This is a fact of life and from the look of things, this will be the case for a long time to come. It’s just what it is.

If you are keen enough, you’ll notice that the top trending songs on YouTube (Kenya) are usually Tanzanian songs. As we speak, Diamond’s latest single dubbed The One is occupying the number one spot.

Before that, Harmonize’s Kainama was trending at number one and before that it was probably another Wasafi song or a song the likes of Aslay, Shetta Juma Jux, Darassa or even Ali Kiba. The point is, the biggest song in Kenya on most occasions is always a Tanzanian song.

There’s no explanation for this other than the fact that musicians from that country are very consistent and then there’s the obvious fact that their music is good. From the videos, to the lyrics down to the beat, everything is always top-notch.

Naturally, if you are a music fan, whether male or female, you’ll find yourself vibing to these songs never mind the fact that they are Bongo songs. Let’s be honest, when a song is good, it’s good there are no two ways about it.

I was recently having a conversation with some friends and I thought I should ask them what their thoughts are on men who listen to Bongo music. My question was driven by the fact that Tanzanian jams are always trending in Kenya.

Some of them claimed they would never listen to such songs. If they did, they would come off as weak men. Others, however, admitted that they listen to Bongo music because the songs are infectious. Incase you were wondering, I fall in the latter category. I listen to Tanzanian songs once in a while. Yup!

Truth is, no music genre is a preserve of a certain gender. It’s just the way the society has shaped our thinking. From a young age, men are taught to be tough while ladies are seen as soft. Perhaps this explains why men are drawn to Hip Hop while ladies are drawn to Bongo music, R&B and what not.

This should not be the case. Men should not feel like they are losing their masculinity because they love Bongo music. It’s totally okay to enjoy music that you feel is good. There’s absolutely no shame in it.

Diamond Platnumz

Allow me to say this again, “No music genre is a preserve of a certain gender.” If you enjoy Bongo music, knock yourself out, it doesn’t make you any  less of a man. And no, I’m not telling you to listen to Tanzanian songs at the expense of Kenyan music.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Feel free to leave a comment below.

Nichombeze by Aslay is a jam that you wouldn’t want to miss

Nichombeze by Aslay is full of love. The Tanzanian singer has given his fans a new jam after he recently released Nyang’anyang’a. Nichombeze  is all about love for a girl and describes her beauty. Nichombeze video is barely 24 hours and his fans can’t keep calm on youtube. He is really tryig in world of bongo. The song just talks more about his love for a girl. Also the song is done is swahili making it easy for any common person to listen.


The song is well produced. Look  at the video and how it is done, I am sure you will like it. The audio is clear and the beats are on point. As I have listened and watched the video, Aslay had in mind the youths as his target audience.  There is no energy in the song but it is good when one wants to listen to a love song. The song is done is a slow manner which is calming and can only be accompanied by a slow dance. Nichombeze was directed by Joowzey.

Lyrical presentation 

In the lyrics Aslay has expressed his prowess in love songs. He has done it well. There are some stanzas which am sure you wouldn’t miss to replay; “Nasimamia ukucha, usiku natetema(aah mama) Akishikaga ukuta nashindwaga kuhema Kazini kurudi narudigi mapema(aah mama) Naogopa wenye nazo wasije ninyang’anya.” Could he be talking about sex in this stanza? Look at how he has described the prowess of the girl in bed. He goes ahead to say that he leaves work early to get home to the lady so that she is not snatched from him. This is love and obsession.

Also repetition has been been used in the chorus.  This style emphasizes more on the message being delivered. In the Chorus he says the lady is the spray to his heart; “Ya habibi, ya habibi Ya hayati, ya hayati Ya habibi, ya habibi Marashi ya moyo wangu eeh.” This verse has used symbolism to show how the lady has an effect to his heart just as the spray has effect on ones body scent.

The song is good and I like it. The only thing that missed here was energy. Aslay can deliver. I rate the song at 5/10.

Below is a link to the video.

Tanzanian singer Aslay forced to cancel show in Kenya after organisers tried conning him 

Tanzanian singer Aslay had to cancel his show in Mombasa last week after the organizers of the event failed to uphold their part of the agreement with his management.

The singer took to social media to inform fans that the show, which was scheduled for Saturday had to be canceled to protect his brand after organisers started dodging him.

Nachukua fursa hii kuwaomba radhi mashabiki zangu wa Mombasa ninaowapenda sana. Nilitamani sana kuwa pamoja nanyi katika burudani siku ya ijumamosi ila kutokana na kutofikia makubaliano na waandazi wa show hiyo hivyo imenilazimu kugoma kufanya show hiyo kwa kulinda msimamo wangu na viongozi wangu kikazi zaidi. Nawapenda sana sana na naamini tutakuwa pamoja atapotukutanisha Mungu kwa mara nyingine. TUKUTANE NEXTDOR MIDA HII MASAKI,” wrote Aslay Isihaka.

Rogue promoters

His post comes just a few weeks after another promoter left Tanzanian singer Harmonize stranded in Eldoret after failing to complete his total performance fee. Harmonize didn’t also perform in the event that later turned out chaotic as fans demanded for their refund.

‘It’s normal for celebrities to fall of stage’ Aslay message to fans after falling off stage in Kisumu

Tanzanian singer Aslay has assured fans he’s doing okay after a rather scaring moment when he fell of stage while performing in Kisumu.

Taking to social media, the singer told fans that celebrities falling of stage is not something new and happens once in a while.

“It’s normal for celebrities and performers to encounter some challenging moments while on stage and mine came through yesterday, I slipped on stage but miraculously I wasn’t hurt,” he said. 

Huge support

He went on to thank Kisumu people for the support and energy they had during the show despite the accident that almost ended his performance.

“I came back on stage and gave one of the most electrifying performance, #Kisumu you guys are AMAZING the Energy was insane. Mwenyezi Mungu Awabariki !!!” he said. 

Watch the video below

Heartbroken! Aslay reveals why he is hesitant to get in a new relationship after breaking up with baby mama Tessy Chocolate

Aslay is not in a hurry to love another woman after his relationship with baby mama Tessy Chocolate hit rock bottom. The Bongo singer seems he was heartbroken by his baby mama.

Tessy and Aslay went their separate ways a few months ago. To date the singer still refuses to reveal what made Tessy and him breakup.

Aslay and Tessy Chocolate
Aslay and Tessy Chocolate
Half-hearted love

Aslay however hinted what could have been the reason for his baby mama and him to split during a recent interview with a Tanzanian radio.

The singer claims he is not ready to jump in another relationship because women don’t love men wholeheartedly. He further says women are only after his money.

“Katika vitu ambavyo Sivipi kipaumbele kwa sasa ni Mahusiano na wanawake maana wengi wao hawana mapenzi ya kweli, hawajali maisha ya mtu au hawaamini kuwa fulani amepata leo pesa au amekosa,” said Aslay.



Aslay denies having sex with Prezzo’s ex girlfriend Amber Lulu

Prezzo’s ex girlfriend Amber Lulu confessed during an interview with Global TV online that she dated Aslay back then when he was still struggling to make it in music industry.

Amber Lulu even described Aslay’s bedroom skills during the interview, she said the young singer was a bedroom bully.

“Kwenye game yuko noma. Aslay kiboko kabisa,” said Amber Lulu.

Lulu further claimed that Wema Sepetu was the reason why Aslay broke up with her. She revealed that Aslay fooled around with Wema Sepetu while they were still dating, and even cohabited for a while at the peak of their illicit love affair.

Amber Lulu and Aslay back then when they were still ashy and broke
Amber Lulu and Aslay back then when they were still ashy and broke

Also read: Waliwahi kuishi pamoja kinyumba kama mke na mume” Wema Sepetu and Aslay’s love affair revealed 

She’s lying

Aslay has since dismissed Amber Lulu’s revelations as pure malicious lies. The singer said Prezzo’s ex girlfriend was just being controversial.

“It’s just a publicity stunt to create an unnecessary scandal. Nothing like that has ever happened. Nowadays, people just talk the way they want without much thought to the consequences. If you follow me closely, you know I’ve never dated her. I have never been together with her because I respect her and she does the same to me,” said Aslay.




“Waliwahi kuishi pamoja kinyumba kama mke na mume” Wema Sepetu and Aslay’s love affair revealed 

Prezzo’s girlfriend Amber Lulu has opened up about her past relationship with Bongo singer Aslay. Lulu says Wema Sepetu was the reason why Aslay broke up with her.

Lulu claims Aslay fooled around with Wema Sepetu while they were still dating. She further reveals that Wema and Aslay cohabited for a while at the peak of their illicit love affair.

“Kama ukiona mtu ako na mambo yake unahitaji kuchill pia, no need to force. Sababu ashakua (Aslay) na watu wengi. Naskia mara ashakua na Nimaa, ashakua na Wema Sepetu na wakakaa nyumba moja kapika na kupakua… Sasa mimi Amber Lulu najua…Alafu kipindi hicho mimi nlikua bado zile nanyapia nyapia so nkaona tu its ok,” said Amber Lulu during an interview with Global TV.

Bedroom bully

Amber Lulu also confessed to sleeping with Aslay while they were dating. She told Global TV that the young Bongo singer is a bedroom bully.

“Kwenye game yuko noma. Aslay kiboko kabisa,” said Amber Lulu.

Watch the interview below: