Saumu Mbuvi reveals what its like being Sonko’s daughter

Saumu Mbuvi, the daughter of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, recently shared her perspective on the pros and cons of being the child of a prominent political figure.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Mbuvi acknowledged that her family’s background has provided her with certain advantages, such as easier access to influential individuals and the ability to garner support for her causes. However, she also candidly discussed the downsides of her high-profile lineage, including insincere relationships and opportunistic individuals.

Despite the challenges, Mbuvi is actively championing her foundation, Pamoja We Can, which focuses on raising awareness about mental health. She is a survivor of bipolar disorder and shares her own experiences to help others who are silently suffering. Mbuvi’s mission is to support young individuals and prevent them from resorting to substance abuse as a coping mechanism for stress.


  • Easier access to influential individuals
  • Ability to garner support for causes
  • Good role model to look up to
  • Access to better things


  • Insincere relationships
  • Opportunistic individuals
  • Fake friendships
  • People who want to use you for their own agendas

Mbuvi’s Mission

“Our mission is to support and guide young individuals, preventing them from resorting to substance abuse as a coping mechanism for stress. We want to convey the message that it’s perfectly okay not to be okay.”


Saumu Mbuvi is a courageously outspoken advocate for mental health awareness. Despite the challenges she faces as the child of a prominent political figure, she is determined to make a difference in the world.

Saumu Mbuvi Speaks On Her Failed Relationships

Saumu Mbuvi, the little girl of previous Nairobi lead representative Mike Sonko, focused on her bombed connections uncovering that her most memorable beau was awesome.

Talking during a meeting with SPM Buzz, Saumu said that she had her most memorable beau when she was a fourth-year understudy at Jomo Kenyatta College of Horticulture and Innovation (JKUAT).

Saumu uncovered that her most memorable beau was nonother than her child daddy Ben Gathu.

Sonko’s little girl said Gathu was a ‘kienyeji’ sweetheart who was a non-smoker and teetotaller.

“Alikua mshamba lakini pia alikua amereisiwa vizuri. Alikua grain kienyeji lakini alikua na heshina. Ata pombe ata bangi, never took drugs. Alikua mtu wa Mungu, mtu wa kanisa,” she said.

Saumu said she succumbed to Gathu on the grounds that he was the direct inverse of her regarding character qualities and character.
Another client told her that a relationship is never serious until it is guaranteed by a man out in the open.

“It’s never significant until the man posts yet jibambe maisha no maya guarantee those that don’t guarantee you,” the client told Nyamu.

Anyway the congressperson answered;

“Hii ni Jokes tu, usichukulie serious,”.

Saumu Mbuvi opens up about her 1st boyfriend who was “kienyeji”

The first-born child of politician Mike Sonko, Saumu Mbuvi, claims that dating is challenging for her. She also revealed to SPM Buzz that she had declined numerous advances for a date.

The mother of two spoke candidly about her first boyfriend, referring to him as a “kienyeji and mshamba.” The duo was attending JKUAT while they were dating.

“He was a principled guy alikuwa na heshima sana hiyo wakati alafu alikuwa ametoka know when you look at someone…alikuwa mshamba alikuwa pia ameraisiwa vizuri, wale kienyeji, na heshima.

Alikuwa mtu wa Mungu, wa kanisa.”

She claimed that she was looking for the exact opposite of who she was.

“With my personality, I am an extrovert, just loud and happy and so I wanted someone so opposite of me. It was overwhelming because everyone was competing to gift me. So alijikaza kiume and gifted me sh300k.”

She knew he was struggling to make an impression on her and after discussing his simping, she gave a non-commital response to the question of whether he did indeed make a lasting impression on her with his gift:

“I appreciate the memories because it made me grow and learn.You do not have to overthink and over plan your life. Who is meant to stay in your life will stay. People that love you will never leave.”

After she graduated, she got pregnant before she could go abroad to further her education.

“Mambo ya roho saa zingine inakuanga ngumu you decide first to chose your path and see where it leads and I don’t regret anything in my life even what I went through I got a very beautiful and super smart child.”

Saumu Mbuvi attacks Edgar Obare

Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi is a woman on a mission and has is to tear down Edgar Obare for a post shared accusing her of using some orphans for clout; promising to take care of them then abandoning them and ceremoniously.

Saumu Mbuvi finally settled into her role as a mother

Taking to her Instagram account she stood atop her soapbox and said she had some things to clear up with Edgar before he continue to tarnish and name for no good reason.

Saumu Mbuvi give a bulletin point sermon about her charitable activities since she left her Alma Mater Buru Buru girls. She clarified she has had a feeding program for the last 6 years and her charitable spirit was imparted to her by both her parents.

Saumu Mbuvi has every right to celebrate Anwar Loitiptip’s fall

She further clarify that her Focus has since shifted from feeding the needy to mental health awareness. Saumu father accused a girl being used as a pawn in a battle in his unaware of as the lady who accused her of abandoning her project was a beneficiary and was even reunited with her mother, a lecturer, but she has since proven an injury who is simply out to kick as much as she can.

One has to wonder whether Edgar had in fact reached out to Saumu Mbuvi to give her right of reply on the matter and if he had whether she had neglected to exercise it because this back and forth seems to me to be a simple matter to clarify.

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Saumu Mbuvi celebrates new elected Lamu Senator after deadbeat baby daddy loses seat

Saumu Mbuvi must be in such a good mood now that her baby daddy Anwar Loitiptip is no longer the Lamu Senator. As already confirmed and announced – Anwar Loitiptip lost to Francis Mugo who is the new elect Senator; something that was expected.

Well having saumu Mbuvi celebrate and congratulate the new elected Senator and the women rep somehow felt like she was mocking her ex boyfriend, Anwar; who doubles up as her baby daddy and last we heard….the guy doesn’t support his daughter.

Anyway as seen on the post, Saumu Mbuvi went on to say;

Congratulations to the new Lamu Senator and women rep


Well one might say it’s Karma at play but at the same time – it’s politics, you can really never predict how things will go.

Saumu Mbuvi with dad, Mike Sonko (holding his granddaughter) and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip

However having seen how the former Senator handled himself the last few months or rather years…let’s just say he didn’t really have a reputation especially after the shooting incident that left a lady injured.

During the same time the outgoing Senator had also been branded a violent man by Saumu Mbuvi who once accused him of beating her so bad that she thought he would kill her.

“I’m done dating” Saumu Mbuvi quits trying to find love

By now I’m sure you know that Saumu Mbuvi is a mother of two beautiful daughters however remains a single mum in her late 20’s.

This is because her relationships with her baby daddies didn’t turn out as expected and being a governors daughter; trust me all the Brayos, Vokes and Jonnies have refused to try their luck for obvious reasons and of course we can’t blame them.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

With the dating pool looking not so pleasant for her, looks like Saumu Mbuvi has now given up on finding true love, simply because she can’t seem to find it anywhere. Although it’s not the first time she’s saying this, we can’t help but wonder what the problem is….I mean can you be rich and this beautiful – yet still so unlucky that your own money can’t buy you a man?

Im not dating again until God himself come sit on my bed & say “my homeboy tryna talk to you”

Beautiful but unlucky?

Okay….I’m thinking…imagine if Mike Sonko was your dad. All that money, wealth and everything money can buy, would you ever look so desperate for relationships? Why? How now? For what?

But then again, we’re all wired differently and to some relationships are basically what they were created for. To them marriage is a rite of passage…lazima apate mutu probably to keep off the nosy aunties asking ukona watoto wawili na hauna bwana? Like come on.

Anyway…we’re all hoping Saumu Mbuvi finds love soon because damn that’s all she talks about.

Saumu Mbuvi opens up about relationships, says she gave up finding true love

Saumu Mbuvi has been married twice now and still, love keeps escaping her. So far we all know that her baby daddies moved on with other people – but as for Saumu Mbuvi…soko ngumu.

The mother of two made this known recently during a QnA session where she had to choose between money and love; and of course Saumu Mbuvi settled for money saying love isn’t meant for her.

Mapenzi ilinikataa I go with money.

Well being Mike Sonko’s daughter means money for her isn’t a problem and just incase she runs into a man who can take care of her and the girls – of course this is an added plus.

Saumu Mbuvi repelling love

Having broken up with Lamu Senator boyfriend Anwar Loitiptip – Saumu has been keeping low profile on her love life; and if not her revealing she’s still single – we wouldn’t really have much information on her love life.

Again – for a woman in her position one would understand why most men fear getting involved with the former governor’s daughter.

Imagine this… you just another ordinary man, end up in an argument with the governor’s daughter then boom things escalate – and you end up in prison because you don’t enough resources to fight these people….weuh enyewe men learnt how to stay on their lanes – which explains why Saumu is single.

Anyway since we also don’t know much about her type expect rich and powerful – were hopeful that one day, Saumu will find her one true love.

Saumu Mbuvi and ex husband’s new girlfriend exchange blows at a birthday party (Photo)

Saumu Mbuvi is back to attacking her baby daddy Senator Anwar on social media; and this time around she claims ex husband had his girlfriend attack her at popular joint where she went out to celebrate her birthday.

Saumu Mbuvi and Aeedah Bambi back at it

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This was revealed by Saumu in a post shared on her Instagram page exposing both Anwar and Aeedah Bambi for allegedly attacking her. On the post, Saumu parades her bloody index finger and middle finger probably hurt from the attack. Captioning the post she wrote;

Anwar shame on you!!! Sending your woman and her friends to beat me up on my birthday, leave me in peace.

The allegations made by Saumu come a few weeks after she exposed him for neglecting his daughter; adding that he had never been a father to their girl since he doesn’t know what and how she survives especially being a minor.

Saumu Mbuvi and Aeedah Bambi beef

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We also can’t forget that Aeedah Bambi and Saumu have been beefing for the longest time now – due to Anwar. From what Saumu says is that Bambi backstabbed her by stealing Anwar from her – despite having considered her as a best of friend.

Tbt: Saumu Mbuvi and lover, Senator Anwar welcome newborn baby

Since then these two women can’t help but feel like fighting each other – all in the name of a man – that doesn’t seem to be hurry to marry either of them. But I hear the ratio of men to women is 1:7 – so yea highest bidder gets the man, no?

Saumu Mbuvi back to trashing baby daddy on social media

Saumu Mbuvi has not received a single cent from baby daddy since their break up and despite having mentioned it before (not once or twice) looks like she is back to doing it again.

Former governor Mike Sonko with daughter, Saumu

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The former Nairobi Senator’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has opened her family to her social media followers and as usual – she did not have anything nice to say about the Anwar.

So according to Saumu the Senator has been neglecting their daughter for months and neither does he know her whereabouts since there is no communication between the two parents.

Tbt: Saumu with Anwar

This 4th if not 5th exposè happened during her QnA session after a fan asked,

Is Lamu Senator supporting his kid?

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To which Ms Mbuvi responded;

Deadbeat kabisa, has never supported a thing

Jilted lover?

If I’m not wrong, then it must be around 1 year  since Senator Anwar left Saumu Mbuvi for Aeedah Bambi – since then, he has been ghosting his daughter – something I feel Saumu Mbuvi should have accepted by now.

However with the way she chooses to trash talk baby daddy on social media proves that she remains bitter – again, hell has no furry like a scorned woman, you know.

But isn’t  exposing him on social media going to bite her back in the end?

Saumu Mbuvi finds love months ex husband, Senator Anwar betrayed her with close friend (Photo)

Looks like Saumu Mbuvi has taken close to 5 months before rushing into another new relationship; something she admitted to be good at – while on an interview with Massawe Jappani a while back.

Saumu Mbuvi on Radio Jambo

At 26 years Saumu Mbuvi already has 2 baby daddies but only coparents with one; that is judging from her stories that paint out Anwar as a deadbeat dad.

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Anyway unlike her break up with Ben Gatu, parting ways with Senator Anwar changed something about Saumu Mbuvi; but I’m guessing only because she got betrayed by a close friend – Aeedah Bambi; who is the current girlfriend to Anwar.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar

Hints about new boyfriend

Having learnt her lesson the hard way, Saumu Mbuvi now prefers to keep her private life off social media; but just like most celebrities she can’t help but hint about her new found love.

Addressing her current relationship during a QnA session on her page; Saumu went on to claim that she has a new man who might just end up being her future hubby.

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This is after a fan asked;

Do you look forward to getting married?

To which Saumu responded by saying;

Of course yes, I even know whom it’ll be already


This girl likes to get married but hopefully this time around her relationship won’t end up in tears after having another baby; cause honestly this has happened twice already; and with 2 kids, Saumu Mbuvi might need to recheck her priorities!

Saumu Mbuvi still bitter with baby daddy, Senator Anwar

Daughter to former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is still very bitter with her ex husband, Senator Anwar.

Well, truth is – it’s going to take Saumu sometime before she gets over the fact that this guy; chose to be in a romantic relationship with one of her close friends – and whether they like it or not the battle is not about child support.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar

Just like most women who have gone through bitter breaks ups, separation or divorce; Saumu is clearly proving that parting ways with Anwar affected her as a person – but sadly she is yet to let go or rather forgive him.

Plays pretend

Just recently Saumu held a QnA session on her IG and just like we expected Anwar had to be mentioned somewhere in the convo; and as usual Saumu painted him as a deadbeat dad.

This was after one of her fans went on ask about his whereabouts in their daughter’s life to which Saumu said;

I have a big God that can do big miracles

Self imposed Amnesia

Although Saumu Mbuvi claims to have moved on from the Anwar/Bambi affair; it’s obvious that she hasn’t healed yet. Matters of the heart…but clearly there is more than she wants her fans to believe.

Anyway, responding to questions about her ex hubby; Saumu pulled the kipetero Kiyesu move as she responded by saying;

Sorry whose that?


Saumu’s ex husband Anwar Loitiptip allegedly beating up his new woman like a Burukenge

Word has it that we were right, Aeedah Bambi’s relationship with Senator Anwar is turning into a battle field; and unfortunately she is the one on the losing end considering her battle is with a man.

Well, after a source revealed that she has been receiving blows from Anwar, the lady has been making sure that there is no evidence to confirm the rumors; but again thanks to those who around her we have more details to the toxic relationship.

Aeedah Bambi
Aeedah Bambi

According to a source that recently reached out to Edgar, we understand that Bambi has been facing the wrath of her new man; simply because he cannot stand the fact that she has been coparenting with Steve Oduk. The father to her 4 year old daughter.

New details on broken relationship

Well, from the post shared by Edgar, we’ve been made to understand the so called couple have been having regular fights; and at some point things got so bad to a point where the senator pulled a gun on the mother of 1.

Anwar Loitiptip accused of assaulting Aeedah Bambi

The source goes on to paint Anwar as an insecure man; who had been hoping Aeedah would cut off her baby daddy since he (Senator) is handling the 4 year old as his own.


In yet another post, the source confirmed that the Zanzibar trip we all saw Aeedah flaunt on social media; was to mend their relationship’ after the beating she received during Bahati’s event in June.

When asked why Aeedah continues to put up with this life; the source responded by saying;

Maybe the public eye. I hope she gets the confidence to walk away from an abusive partner.

It’s however funny how things have turned upside down barely six months after she snatched him from Saumu Mbuvi; so could it be Karma or the God of Saumu playing his part?

Trouble in paradise already? Aeedah Bambi shares sad cryptic message months after snatching Senator Anwar from Saumu Mbuvi

Rumor has it that Aeedah Bambi May not be as happy as we earlier thought. Why? I mean, didn’t she bag the man at the end of the day and worse laugh off at Saumu Mbuvi for not being able to keep a man?

Well, just a few days ago Aeedah Bambi who is currently on a vacation in Zanzibar shared a message talking about the importance of knowing someone’s background before getting involved with them.

Aeedah, Saumu and Senator Anwar


The post shared on her Instagram stories read;

The worst prison in the world is a home without peace. Be careful of who you marry or fall in love with

Aeedah’s post

If Saumu had not revealed that ex husband was abusive; then Aeedah’s latest post would have been taken lightly but somethings are abit too obvious to see!

Well, the post must have been shared to pass across a message; and judging from how Aeedah bashed Saumu Mbuvi a few months ago following her breakup with Senator Anwar; mmmmh maybe she did not know how to announce that Karma hit her home?

Alleged fight

Thus comes weeks after rumor had it that Aeedah Bambi was physically abused by the Senator during Bahati’s album launch.

Although the tea served by the tea master did not have any receipts to back up the alleged beating; it now appears that Bambi is itching to share her story just like Saumu publicly did.

But again, we cannot confirm anything for now – but the motivational posts seem to confirm that there is fire on the mountain.

Saumu Mbuvi and ex husband’s new woman savagely attack each other on social media

The heat in both Saumu Mbuvi’s kitchen and that of Aeedah Bambi is just too hot; but problem is none of them wants to raise the white flag!

Aeedah with Senator Loitiptip

Well, these two besties no longer see eye to eye  due to a man they both like; but in Saumu’s defense – her friend stole her baby daddy and the man she was hoping to settle down with in the near future. But oh! This is Nairobi.

Anyway the two former friends have lately been attacking each other on social media; all because of Senator Loitiptip who dumped Saumu Mbuvi for Aeedah Bambi – the woman he claims to love.

Backstabbing friends

Anyway now that the story is no longer a secret to their fans; Saumu Mbuvi as usual decided to share some cryptic posts on the same weekend her baby daddy was celebrating his birthday.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

Having unveiled new photos with his new found love, Aeedah Bambi; it appears that the senator pushed his baby mama Saumu Mbuvi to throw shade.

As seen in a post shared on IG, Saumu laugher off at the couple saying;

Some are busy chasing for fame, others money living life with no purpose and direction soon as you realize your time is up; it’ll be too late for you….so choose wisely hii dunia tunapita tu.

Aeedah Bambi

Well, Aeedah on the other hand decided to hit back saying;

The fact that you don’t like someone does not mean they will suffer or not succeed!!! Alaye God is not from your village.

Saumu Mbuvi discloses heartbreaking details about the birth of youngest daughter with ex, Senator Anwar Loitiptip

Mothers experience some of the worst moments when their own children are ill. It’s heartbreaking, scary and above all it leaves a person worried about their young one; and no one knows this best than Saumu Mbuvi and gospel singer Size 8.

Size 8 before welcoming,  Muraya junior

This is because they have both watched their newborns get admitted at the NICU barely hours after giving birth. So far we all know how Size 8 fought for her son to stay alive; and thanks to a new post by Saumu Mbuvi we understand that they both went through the same experience.

Mike Sonko with granddaughter

Well, as Saumu daughter turns one – the young mum opened up revealing one of the scariest experience she had with her baby gorl. According to the lady – back when baby was born, she was forced to be admitted at the NICU since she couldn’t breath on her own.

Saumu’s daughter turns one

Through her IG page, Saumu narrated this heartbreaking experience in a detailed post where she wrote;

I remember when I have birth to this angel, she went direct to NICU since she couldn’t breathe well and I was just out of theatre…it really drained me emotionally seeing my baby survive on oxygen, she couldn’t even breastfeed.

Saumu and ex, Senator Anwar

Although most newborns tend to have complications, Saumu says her baby girl was real fighter as she was discharged from NICU after 4 days. She went on to add;

But she was a fighter four days later she was out of NICU and I was given my baby back. She is such a fighter like mummy. I thank God for you. Love you baby girl. Happy birthday love.


“Sijui kukaa single” Saumu Mbuvi opens up about baby daddy being a rebound

By now we all know that Saumu Mbuvi is hurting after nasty break up with Senator Anwar who was her fiancé. For a minute the former couple convinced us that they would be walking down the aisle soon; but it appears that we did not know what was going on behind closed doors.

Just like most couple they both had their good and bad times. However the bad times i.e physical and mental torture started to overweigh the good times; making the relationship toxic by the minute.

Saumu Mbuvi on Radio Jambo

Soeaking recently with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani, we finally got to learn and hear what was going on as revealed by Ms Saumu Mbuvi. According to Saumu, things  changed after the senator started using her ‘Bipolar condition’ against her.

Saumu pregnant for Senator Anwar expecting Anwar’s baby

What changed then?

Having dating for 1 and a half years – the senator must have known what he had gotten himself into; but with Saumu going through both relationship and family issues – her bipolar situation got worse; hence the blows and kicks she received from Senator Anwar.

When asked why how they met and how things unfolded; Saumu went on to reply saying that they met after her break up with first baby daddy, Ben Gatu.

Saumu Mbuvi with ex, Ben Gatu

Being vulnerable and desperate at the time- she happened to meet Anwar who helped her through the break up; and by the time she knew it, Saumu had already jumped into yet another relationship or rather situationship.

According to Saumu, she has never gotten used to being single and this is why she moved on real quick; or rather opted to settle for the nearest option ready to make her happy. She said;

Huyu mwanaume alinipata kwa sababu nikikuwa na heartbreak…alafu shida yangu moja, sijui kukaa single…shida kubwa sana because I have been swimming in relationship….najipata kwa hii relationship, nikiachwa najipata kwa nyingine. Lakini huyu mwanaume alinipata nikiwa broken, when I needed someone to lean on, akakuja kama rafiki lakini kumbe alikuja kama son of pharaoh.



Saumu Mbuvi accuses ex husband’s new girlfriend of filming pornographic content to attract men

Saumu Mbuvi is bitter! And at this point someone needs to take her phone away before she embarrasses herself on social media; all in the name of a heartbreak – that may last for only 6 months, then what? Start regretting?

Yea Yea, Lamu Senetor dumped her and decided to move on with Aeedah Bambi; a former close friend to Saumu Mbuvi. Talk about Nairobi friends – but this move has however left Ms Saumu acting more like desperate low self esteem issues.

Saumu has proved this a number of times through her IG page where she had a QnA allowing fans to poke fan into her broken heart; knowing very well it would leave her bitter and ready to expose dirt that shouldn’t even see the light of day.

Saumu Mbuvi vs Aeedah Bambi

But, to be fair it feels that Aeedah Bambi has also been throwing shade at Saumu Mbuvi; as she takes pride in the fact that she ‘stole’ the Lamu Senator from Sonko’s daughter.

According to reports Aeedah claims that Saumu has struggling looks; adding that this is why she uses a thousand filters on her photos. But isn’t that better than bleaching?

Anyway having come across these posts, Ms Saumu has also decided to hit back; and boy was she a savage. According to Saumu Mbuvi, she is ready to use filters anywhere or however; as long as she doesn’t advertise her privates in videos just to impress a man. Ouch.

The 26 year old mum wrote this down on her IG saying;

Tell her as long as I don’t record videos fingering myself I’m good….let me use filters in peace.

Saumu vs Bambi

Like I said, somebody needs to take Saumu Mbuvi’s phone before she serves private tea online.

Sonko’s wife comforts step daughter, Saumu Mbuvi after losing husband to another woman

Saumu Mbuvi is having another tough break up with second baby daddy, Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

Word on the streets is that Mr Anwar already moved on with a slay queen identified as Aeedah Bambi; and problem is Saumu remains bitter as she wasn’t ready to end the relationship – that is judging from her social media posts.

Sonko’s wife with her daughters

According to reports, Ms Saumu and former husband had been facing several issues for months; but like most couples, the two chose to sweep this under the rag – to portray ‘the perfect couple on social media’ when reality is – they couldn’t stand each other.

However thanks to Edgar Obare, we finally got to hear both sides of the exes; and truth is, Saumu living in denial is not a shade that goes so well with her image.

Mummy to the rescue

Of course break ups come with a lot of pain, suffering, self hate and bitterness; but Saumu’s step mum is not willing to let her daughter suffer alone.

Just like any other mum Mrs Sonko also known as Primrose shared a comforting message to comfort her daughter through this trying time. Although she is not Saumu’s biological mum – Primrose has always stood with her girls (Sonko’s daughters) and treats them like her own.

To comfort Saumu, Primrose went on to caption one of her photos with Ms Mbuvi quoting Isiah 43:2 which says;

Saumu Mbuvi with step mum

Meet the hot lady giving Saumu Mbuvi sleepless nights after snatching hubby, Senator Anwar Loitiptip

Saumu Mbuvi is having a tough time accepting that husband aka baby’s daddy Senator Lamu senator Anwar Loitiptip is now dating another woman identified as, Aeedah Bambi.

Saumu with her baby daddy

Judging from the posts shared by blogger Edgar Obare – it’s evident that Saumu Mbuvi is currently going through the bitter phase after a break up; but good thing is that this too shall pass.

However what seems to hurt her most is the fact that her baby daddy, Anwar chose to move on with one of her friends. And clearly the backstabbing has left Saumu in a compromising position – where she is washing her dirty linen on social media.

Saumu with daughter and ex boyfriend

Aeedah Bambi

Like Bensol, Sauti Sol and Mejja said – Nairobi is one big bedroom where partners are exchanged between friends; and the sad part is that it happens right under your nose.

Well, the perfect example is between Aeedah and Saumu Mbuvi who were once close; but now Aeedah has not only snatched the Senator from Ms Saumu but has asked her former friend to move on!

Anyway for those who still don’t know who Aeedah Bambi is; then meet the hot lady below!

Unveiled! Meet the siblings to your favourite celebrities

For majority of celebrities, their family life is hardly let public especially who they spent most of their childhood with.

However, a couple of them have freely flaunted close family to the public but majority would prefer to keep their privacy.

Recently, after much asking and by mere coincidence, a couple of celebrities decided to show off their siblings to the world. Meet them:

Nadia Mukami

The African pop star known for her stunning looks, has introduced her gorgeous baby sister, Liz Valentine, to fans and who apparently was born on Valentines day and sings as well. Her striking resemblance to the music star and charming beauty left fans glued to their screens.

Nadia Mukami’s younger sister Liz Valentine


The multi-talented online comedian also known as Flaqo Raz, popular for his character ‘Mama Otis’ finally agreed to introduce his look-alike brother, Henry Newton, after much persistence from fans. Henry however prefers to keep his life private.

Flaqo’s brother Henry Newton


The Gospel artiste is famous for his Bahati brothers, Kioko & Eric, who are older, taller and sturdier than him. They keep a relatively low profile with Diana recently introducing them as single men.

The Bahati brothers

Saumu Mbuvi

The Nairobi Governor’s daughter, mother of two and businesswoman flaunted the breathtaking genes that run in their family, posing with her younger sister, Sandra, in an all-white affair over the weekend. “My sisters are the best given angels on earth ….” she admitted.

Saumu with her sister Sandra

Diana Marua

Diana has more often talked about her younger sister, who became a mother to twins at barely age 19 but a woman who gives Marua strength and hope of a better tomorrow. According to Diana, her sister is always the go-to person when she is at her lowest.

Diana Marua with sister, Michelle

All grown! Saumu Mbuvi finally shows off months-old daughter (Video)

It has been 8 months since Nairobi Governor Mike Sonkos first daughter Saumu Mbuvi welcomed a bouncing baby girl, who she has finally introduced to the fans.

March 8, 2020, the politician’s daughter and her lover, Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip welcomed their first child together. An adorable baby girl who brought nothing but cheer and tears of joy in the family.

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It so happened that Saumu delivered her newborn on the same date she gave birth to her first child-a girl, with abusive ex-husband, Benson Gatu.

Saumu with her baby daddy

However, ever since welcoming their new bundle of joy, the young couple has put fans on hold, regards their newborn, her name and who she most resembles between the two.

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Saumu finally shows off her baby girl

Well, months later, fans finally get the privilege to witness the months-old baby girl, who is now all-grown and aware of the world around her.

A cute video of the 8-month old learning her way around the house in her beautiful stroller that left the mom worried her baby is growing up too fast.

In a playful video, the excited mom uses the baby language to cheer up her little one who instead minds her own business. And the room quickly bursts into laughter.

Such irreplaceable moments! Watch:

Must be an exciting journey to be a mom once again!

“You can’t downgrade me to your level!” Saumu Mbuvi blasts female hating on her

Saumu Mbuvi is not up fr fun and games with women who think she is a softy and can’t defend herself.  Looking at her old posts, I mean hasn’t she already proven to be a ruthless savage?

Anyway, turns out that there are a few characters who want to mess around with the governor’s daughter; but unfortunately Saumu is not ready to entertain this.

The yummy mummy of two proved this after sharing a post where she called out the unknown lady said to be triggering Saumu’s ugly side. Through her instagram page, the mother of two went on to throw shade in a post where she wrote;

Saumu with her baby daddy

Some women just created a private account to write nonsense and abuse me…You have a long way to go, my skin too thick; I dont give into cyber bullying. Instead of elevating yourselves and fellow women, you are here hating.

Jealousy is a disease

She went on to school the unknown lady on the importance of appreciating each other as women instead of creating hatred; and dropping petty comments on her posts.

Judging from her post, we can all agree that the yummy Mummy pulled a mature move by not clapping back with insults; like other women would. Saumu went on to add saying;

Being jealous and writing stupid comments like a school drop… you can’t downgrade me to your level whoever you are!

Saumu Mbuvi’s post

Clearly there seems to be an ongoing issue in Saumu’s camp and if anything; she could be getting the hate comments for bagging herself a fine man or just usual haters.

However, for a lady to create a pseudo account means whatever they could be beefing about is quite serious. Anyway as for now all we can do is watch as the drama unfolds on social media. But one thing for sure is, Saumu has really matured judging from her response.

Wedding bells! Saumu Mbuvi spills details about her upcoming wedding with senator boyfriend

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi will officially be off the market very soon! She confirmed this by announcing her upcoming wedding that the father of her second child, Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip.

The two love birds will be officiating their union very soon; and from the look of things, this appears to be a dream come true for Saumu Mbuvi!

After her long term relationship ended with Ben Gatu; Ms Saumu later on revealed why she walked out on the guy despite being pregnant for him. According to Saumu, her ex was an abusive man and after having enough drama; she chose to walk out for the sake of her sanity!

Saumu Mbuvi with her new born

New found love

Saumu however did not move on as fast as Ben did proving that her feelings for the guy were genuine; hence making it hard for her to let go that easily!

The mother of two took her time and in the process, she then met Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip who then swept her off her feet.

The couple so far has a daughter together but rumor has it that Mr Anwar treats Saumu‘s firstborn daughter like his own flesh and blood!

wedding bells!

Anyway thanks to a new photo shared on Saumu’s social media pages, we now understand that she will soon be exchanging wedding vows with her handsome man. She went on to caption her photo saying;

Wedding DATE confirmed

Saumu announces wedding date

This comes just a few weeks after Saumu went on a social media rant after her father in law got shot by the police during lock down rush!

Having referred to Senator Anwar’s dad as ‘father in law’ confirmed that the bride price could have been paid; probably at a low key ruracio that we never got to witness!

Anyway, congratulations to the couple as they await on their special day to draw closer!

Police reveal the reason why Saumu Mbuvi’s father-in-law was shot

A few days ago Saumu Mbuvi exposed the police for using excessive force while handling Kenyans during the curfew hours. Her statement not only bashed the police but exposed them for shooting her father in law.

According to Saumu, her father in law was shot while trying to head back home just a few minutes after the curfew hours found him outside. As seen on her post, Saumu shamed the police for urging Kenyans to protest against acts.

Through her instagram page the lady wrote

They shot my father in law today, yet it was still daytime!!! Police brutality must stop…. Everyday we get cases of them shooting innocent citizens and nothing is being done… it’s time this end. Police brutality must and should stop! We are tired. Stop taking advantage of your power to intimidate innocent citizens.

Saumu and Senator Anwar expecting first child together

Police respond

However according to the police Mr David Kiwaka, who the father of Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip, was shot in Nanyuki and not in Mombasa!

Speaking about the incident, Laikipia County Police Commander Maxwell Nyaema revealed that Mr Kiwaka was among the a crowd that obstructed officers from arresting a suspect said to have battered his wife seriously.

During the small confronting with a few officers; Mr Kiwaka is alleged to have stabbed one of the officers and when he tried to go for the next he then got shot on the leg. The police commander went on to;

Mike Sonko holding his grandchild along with Saumu Mbuvi and her lover, Senator Anwar

When he attempted to stab another officer, he was shot on the right leg

The commander went on to add that at this point the police were forced to shoot in the air and that is when two people got hurt.

The victims are however getting better as they were rushed to the hospital where they are currently receiving treatment. The senator’s father is currently at Nanyuki Cottage Hospital;and will have to face the law once he recovers.

Senator Anwar Loitiptip has however ordered for an investigation to help bring out the truth!

Saumu Mbuvi’s Father-in-law allegedly shot by the police

Saumu Mbuvi is disappointed by the fact that her father in law got shot by the police on Sunday evening. As seen on her posts, Saumu says that her father’s husband was trying to beat the curfew hours when the police shot him.

The mother of two went on to blame the police for using excessive force on innocent Citizen. According to Saumu Mbuvi this should be stopped at any cost to avoid losing more lives.

So far 3 deaths related to police brutality have been recorded in the country; and from Saumu’s post I bet it’s now time to say ‘No’ to such acts! Through her instagram page the lady went on to say;

Saumu Mbuvi’s post

They shot my father in law today, yet it was still daytime!!! Police brutality must stop…. Everyday we get cases of them shooting innocent citizens and nothing is being done… it’s time this end. Police brutality must and should stop! We are tired. Stop taking advantage of your power to intimidate innocent citizens.

Saumu’s second born

After her relationship with Ben Gatu failed, the lass moved on with her new man Anwar Loitiptip who is the father of her second born daughter. The two welcomed their first child in March and since then Saumu has been missing in action until her father in law’s gunshot incident.

Anyway, to welcome the new blessing in their lives, Saumu Mbuvi shared the message below where she wrote;

Saumu Mbuvi and lover, Senator Anwar welcome newborn baby

Today morning we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and still it happens to be my first born’s birthday as well as women’s day. am more than grateful to God for all his blessings. The day I became a mother was the most magical day of my life.

Away from that friends and family have been sending quick recovery messages to Anwar’s family hoping their dad gets better soon. Saumu on the other hand will not be letting this go before finding out which officer shot her father in law.

Saumu Mbuvi welcomes baby number 2!

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s eldest daughter Saumu Mbuvi is now a mother of two!

The lady announced the arrival of her second baby girl this past weekend exciting fans who were unaware of her pregnancy! From the comments left on her page; it’s evident to see that most felt that the young mum had made a good decision of having kids when still young.

Saumu with her baby daddy and daughter 

Through her Instagram page, the lass shared a few mommy and daughter goal photos to which she captioned;

Today morning we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, and still it happens to be my firstborns birthday as well as women’s day. am more than grateful to God for all his blessings. The day I became a mother was the most magical day of my life.

Saumu Mbuvi’s daughter

Saumu second baby daddy

From the rumors making rounds on social media, Saumu Mbuvi and senator Anwar Loitiptip welcomes their first child after months of dating!

Although the two rarely publicize their romantic life on social media; the smile on Saumu Mbuvi’s face confirms that she finally settled down with the love of her life.

Saumu Mbuvi with her daughter

Her first baby daddy Ben Gatu however remains absent in Saumu and their daughter’s life! After breaking up with him while she was still pregnant; Saumu Mbuvi later on disclosed that he was an abusive and violent man who she could not date anymore.

Since their separation, Ben Gatu’s fame seems to have faded away and even after the pain Saumu went through; she now enjoys happiness on another level all thanks to senator Anwar.