New photos of Naseeb Junior that have caught the attention of Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platnumz has been making amends to his broken relationships with his baby mamas, if recent events are anything to go by.

It started with a trip from South Africa to Tanzania by Zari Hassan and their two children, who got the privilege of spending more than a week with their daddy before leaving for the South.

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Naseeb Juniors new photos

Most recently is Tanasha Donnas case after photos of the once little Naseeb Junior gradually growing into a fine young man went viral.

Baby Naseeb Junior

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From his Instagram page, a 1 year old plus Naseeb Junior has turned out a complete replica of his dad and mom, exhibiting characteristics from both his parents and he is a sight to behold.

Pretty innocent and trying to familiarize himself with the things of this world, a smartly dressed Naseeb Junior sweetly stares at the camera, having already learnt how to support himself.

A handsome Naseeb Junior

A cute, little boy who might eventually grow into a handsome young man caught the attention of his dad and aunt, Esma Platnumz, melting the hearts of many.

The kid who was minding his own business had his caption reading;

“What’s poppin fam? ????”

Naseeb Junior

To which his smitten father, Diamond Platnumz sweetly commented with blue love emojis and a simba.

Esma Platnumz coming in to admit that a dear Naseeb Junior is greatly missed by Tanashas in-laws, comments that have since sparked online uproar.

Fans however noticed that Tanasha might have finally agreed to let in her baby daddy into the life of her son, after blocking Diamond and his next of kin in February 2020 but now, they are able to comment on her sons page.

“It’s just art,” Comedian Terence creative defends himself after showing off his twerking skills in new post (Video)

Comedy knows no boundary and to prove this, Terence Creative has given his fans a show they will never forget. However I am confident that most of his male fans are somehow wishing they could  unsee the guy twerk on IG; but hey, it’s all fan and games before the name calling begins.

Well, Terence this afternoon parading ‘Kamami’s’ dancing skills and just when we thought this wouldn’t be so lit; the comedian ended up surprising many with his flawless moves as seen on the video.

He not only knows how to bounce but he coordinates his waist so well one would think he actually does this on a daily basis. To prove this, there are a few male characters in the comment section who could not hold back from confirming that Terence is a good dancer. The fan wrote;

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Kuna nuguu imeona hii vida ikaanza zile za gah gah gahh gah gahhhh

To which Terence responded by saying;

Hiyo nugu ni vizuri inyongwe

Not quite sure why Terence opted to give such a response but if you know…you know!

Bongo fans ready to attack

Since it’s not everyday we get to see men share such posts on social media; this time around Terence gave his bongo fans a free platform to call him out.

One fan went on to warn Terence about the Tz fans saying;

Utaitwa msenge na watz sasa hvi kamami

And in less than an hour the insults had already began but judging from how Terence handled them; it appears that he finally grew some thick skin knowing very well fans will always talk – and his account will continue growing.

One of his haters wrote;

Ushonga uanza hivyo ww boya

To which Terence responded by saying;

Delete hii comment, uandike ingine na spelling correct.


Struggling video vixen Akinyi ‘living large’ weeks after sharing emotional video begging for rent (Video)

Socialite Eptysum Akinyi may be popular among video vixens and of course the hungry team mafisi that follows her on social media; and judging from what she shares on her page, I don’t blame the fellas for lusting.

Anyway, about two weeks ago Akinyi went on to share an emotional post where she begged her followers to come through as was drowning in debts. According to the lass, she needed to clear her rent which had left her in a desperate position hence the ‘begging’ video.

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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Miss mautamu (@eptysumakinyi)

Well, there are those who contributed before controversial artist Ringtone stepped in; but looking at the comment section, most fans asked Akinyi to sell her booty for rent – however no hard feelings, these streets are not for the weak at heart.

Living large?

Fans now feel that she may be misusing the money she asked for her rent; by getting tattoos in her private areas as seen on a video shared on her page.

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Although this sounds more of a publicizing job for the tattoo parlor, her fans feel betrayed or rather duped into thinking she was struggling.

One fan wrote;

Huyu anapewa pesa ya rent anakimbia kueka tattoo

While another went on to write;

Remebesha gate kama boma iko sawa

And another

Pesa kidogo….

But since the money is already hers; can’t a sister do what she wants?

Yummy Mummy involved in road accident (Videos)

Popular Kenyan vlogger Joan Munyi aka Yummy Mummy is glad to have been given a second chance at life after getting involved in an ugly morning accident.

So the YouTuber was out for her routine gym workouts early morning before heading home to start off on her days plans.

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The fateful incident

But as she left the gym on her way home, her brakes locked, so her car could not slow down and she had nowhere to run to.

The curvy babe rammed into the back of a stationary Citi Hoppa that left her cars front badly damaged.

Unfortunately, she had just removed her seat belt because she had taken the turn into her home area and the impact left her chest sore.

“Guys always wear your seat belts. My boobs hit the steering wheel so hard, I thought they were gonna burst. I’m scared. I don’t know if I’ll ever drive again,” she openly admitted.

Fortunately, at the time, she was driving at 30kmph and close enough to the bus.

Yummy Mummy’s car wreckage following grisly morning accident

“My life legit flashed before my eyes as the bus got closer – I was like okay so this is the end Joan,” she opens up.

Those last seconds, had crazy thoughts running through her mind about the kind of legacy she had left behind and what the world will remember of her.

Yummy Mummy looking sassy

The court case

Police officers’ arrival at the scene almost nearly the situation worse after the officers did not seem convinced enough that her brakes failed, therefore hinting on taking her to court.

Fortunately, after shedding a ton of tears and saying her prayers, the officers set her free and off court matters, news that brightened up her day.

The beauty had to put off her morning plans until the incident got sorted, despite her scheduled flight tomorrow.

Looking on the brighter side, a dear Joan thanks God for a second chance at life, because it could have been a lot worse.

Messages of comfort and hope continue to flock her comment section. We wish her well!

Bridget Achieng goes into hiding after Nigerian superstar Reekado Banks reveals why he cancelled Naifest

Bridget Achieng lied about Reekado Banks performing at the Naifest. Speaking recently during a live session socialite Bridget Achieng went revealed that the reason the Nigerian artists did not perform is because of curfew; however turns out that this was not even near the truth.

This was proven by one blogger, Sindamatiko who had an opportunity to interview Reekado Banks this pas weekend. Speaking for the first time about the Naifest; the Naija singer opened saying that payment was the main reason he did not perform.

According to Reekado his team had not received any payments from the organizers of the event; exposing Bridget Achieng for lying to the hundreds of Kenyans who bought tickets to attend the event. I mean, didn’t most pay to come see the Nigerian superstar perform after months of lockdown and no play?

Bridget Achieng goes private

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Bridget Achieng goes private

Being a socialite and a celeb Bridget Achieng has always left her social media accounts public until the Reekado Banks interview. Well, Bridget is now on private mode on Instagram and i am guessing she opted for this after fans started attacking.

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So far her accounts remain private but truth is; this makes it worse since fans already know the type of woman she is when it comes to money. Anyway let us wait and see what she says now that the truth is already out!

Hitting at Shakilla? Mulamwah’s cryptic post raises speculations

Hitting fame and not being prepared for it has its fair share of risks.

In the age of the Internet, majority of the young people have fallen victim of clout chasing and seeking to rise to fame as fast as possible.

A trend that has ended up costing many who have had to live with the regret.

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Mulamwahs piece of advice

Top Kenyan comedian, Mulamwah gave his two cents on the same and especially to youngsters chasing fame and the clicks by producing explicit content, who might instead end up in deep regret.


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Taking to his Instastories, the funny man painfully admitted that young creatives are making haste decisions on ways to make quick money without thinking through the long-term effects.

“Nowadays most young creatives are running into making sexual and erotic videos for quick likes and views,” Mulamwah cried out.

Yes, the money and likes will come through but he warns those in the business of airing such explicit content to think long-term before it is too late.

David Oyando, alias Mulamwah

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He believes that sourcing for quick ways to get to the top is not the only solution because with hard work, patience and maintaining dignity, comes long-term fulfillment.

“You will get the hype and the trends, but no one will be willing to work with you. Be neat, rise slow, reap fruits,” his post wraps up.

Fans were quick to believe that Mulamwahs outcry had been necessitated by the likes of 19-year old Shakilla who in the last couple of months has stirred in controversies.

Netizens applauded the comedian for his nugget of wisdom, especially at a time when the country is witnessing a rising trend among youngsters in clout chasing through raunchy content on social media.

What is your take?

Abortion or miscarriage? Diamond Platnumz sister hospitalized following pregnancy complications (Video)

Esma Platnumz is said to have been hospitalized following  a few complications with her 5 month old pregnancy. From the rumors making rounds on social media; Esma Platnumz is said to have aborted this pregnancy after parting ways with new husband, Msizwa.

According to reports, the lady was hospitalized due to some complications with her pregnancy; but unfortunately she ended up loosing the child. Most of the fans are convinced that Esma aborted Msizwa’s pregnancy just like she did with her exes, Petitman’s baby.

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TBT: Esma pregnant with Petitman’s child

To prove this, Msizwa who leaves in South Africa was seen mourning his late child in a post where he wrote;


Esma Platnumz hospitalized

Well with all the money her family has; Miss Esma feels no reason to put up with a broke man in the name of love hence the many abortions she has been accused of.

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However this time around it appears that the ‘miscarriage or abortion’ did not go so well for Esma as she ended up in hospital. From the video below one can see that she needed a blood transfusion and although she remained motionless; word has it that the lady is now doing better.

Mama Dangote continues to remain silent about this matter but fans are convinced that the two must have been in cahoots.


“I wasn’t in it for the love, but for the money,” Diana Marua opens up on her first encounter with Bahati (Video)

Diana Marua and Bahati are an interesting couple who first met in the DM when Diana was still dating several men.

With regrets about her affairs with married men who boldly told her, “I can’t leave my wife for you but I can cater for your needs”.

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A life that was unfulfilling, until the day she met Bahati.

How it all started

“One day, at around midnight I liked Bahati’s photos on his Instagram, then he liked mine as well. So that was like a signal that he noticed me,” she opened up on Mseto East Africa.

The Bahatis

A month later, Bahati called Diana to be a vixen in his upcoming video and they met up at Laico Regency and for the first time, he treated a girl to dinner.

“It is hard for me to even buy a lady a soda, I’d rather take my money to a children’s home but that day, I asked Diana to order anything she wants,” Bahati confessed.

Turns out that all this while, Bahati had fallen in love with Diana but was not able to tell her yet.

Diana Marua with hubby, Bahati

So the day they were shooting his music video Mapenzivixens tried to win Bahati’s heart but he had already found a woman.

“During breaks, Bahati would take my hand and pull me aside, asking questions like where I live, but it made me feel uneasy,” Diana confessed.

Revealing that not just Bahati, but a number of men on set were also eyeing her including one ‘Mr S’, pointing fingers at Mr Seed.

Mr Seed with his girlfriend and Bahati’s fiancé, Diana Marua

Unfortunately, that very morning before the shoot, Diana was from crying after catching her then-boyfriend pants down with another girl in his car, right outside his house.

Either way, her relationship ended for the better, flaunting her current lifestyle with Bahati.

“2 months after the video shoot, Bahati opened up on his feelings for me,” Diana admits.

Celebrity power couple Diana Marua and Bahati

For Bahati, regardless the brand Diana had created in her youthful years, his goal was to make Diana the woman he wants her to be.

Have a listen to their interview;

Daddy’s girl! Tiffah breaks down shortly after arriving in SA, demands to see her papa (Video)

Tiffah and brother Nillan left Tanzanian this past weekend; but little did Miss Zari’s Hassan know that her daughter would ask for her papa; barely 24 hours after moving back to their home in South Africa.

As seen on a video shared by mama Danagote, we now have every reason to believe that Tiffah is a daddy’s girl; and the bond between her and Diamond Platnumz remains unfulfilled due to the distance.

Diamond Platnumz and baby Tiffah

Apparently Tiffah woke up late at night and all she could think of is her dad. In the video shared on mama Dangote’s page, Tiffah is heard demanding for her papa; and just when many thought this was scripted the young girl broke down into tears making this serious.

Diamond Platnumz and daughter

This was however expected judging from the strong bond between Tiffah and her father not forgetting mama Dangote who ‘glues’ them together.

In the past few days we have watched Tiffah and her papa dominate Tanzania to a point of living Bongo journalists looking for words during the random paparazzi interviews. However looking at the video of Tiffah asking for her papa proves that parents sometimes contribute to ruining their kids peace by ‘co parenting.’

Anyway check out the video below courtesy of Mama Dangote;

Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

Following her arrival in Tanzania in early November, Zari Hassan has opened up on her love life, those that got messed up, those she is looking to mend and her expectations from Diamond Platnumz.

The Dangote family has proven that the Ugandan boss lady was one of their favorite in-laws from the Bongo star, with Mama Diamond publicly proving her love for the mother of 5.

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Her expectations of Diamond Platnumz

However, Zari confessed that her breakup with Naseeb was difficult on the kids who she believes that no matter how strong she might be as a woman and a mother, she still needed the extra hand from her baby daddy.

“When Nillan and Tiffah would go to school in South Africa and meet their friends, their friends would always talk about mum and dad but for my kids, they kept asking about dad,” Zari opened up on Wasafi Media.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

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According to her however, she would love to see Diamond find a woman who can make him settle in life and that might not quite be her.

Admitting that she does not look to get married instead, get a life partner.

“It’s a bit scary for me now to get married, I prefer being a single mom. Life partner, yes, getting married, no,” she affirmed.

Zari Hassan and her children

What of King Bae?

Zari and her rumored King baes relationship ended soon as it started, just after news of her new relationship with a mysterious South African businessman got to the limelight.

According to Zari, King Bae was a sweet soul but things did not go as expected. He had already formed a bond with her and her children and letting go was not easy for her.

Zari Hassan bags herself 7 million Instagram followers

However, she admitted she moved on, though King bae occasionally calls to know how the kids are doing.

“He was such a chilled guy but there are things that came up and things happened. Love makes you do crazy things,” she disclosed.

She talks of renting Diamonds house in South Africa and letting her kids stay in Tanzania with their dad.

Have a listen;

Size 8 throws a ‘low key’ birthday party to celebrate son’s 1st birthday (Videos)

;Size 8 and husband DJ Mo have been making headlines for the wrong reasons; but just when we thought things were getting out of hand the two ended up proving many wrong.

However what many know is that they are not as perfect as they always portrayed themselves on social media; and thanks to DJ Mo’s cheating scandal, at least their married fans know that each and every marriage faces some challenges here and there.

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In the midst of all the drama, they somehow managed to pull out stronger and judging from their social media pages everything now seems to be back to normal.

Size 8 and hubby, DJ Mo

Son’s 1st birthday

For those who remember well; there is a good reason as to why Size 8 refers to her son, Muraya Junior as her miracle. This is because she went through all sorts of challenges including battling with her blood pressure when she was pregnant with him.

According to Size 8 she wasn’t so sure as to whether her baby would make it; but thanks to her prayers Muraya Junior was born and has been growing up as a healthy baby boy.

Size 8 with son, Muraya Junior and daughter, Ladashabelle

On Thursday, 12 November the Muraya celebrated their son’s first birthday in a low key event: that saw family and friends attend. As seen on Size 8’s page, the couple treated the young ones to a pool party which was later moved to a more private area at the PrideInn hotel.

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Below are a few photos and videos from the low key party.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Size 8 Reborn (@size8reborn)


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Size 8 Reborn (@size8reborn)

Diamond Platnumz showing son, Naseeb Junior love despite bitter break up with Tanasha Donna (Photos)

Singer Diamond Platnumz may have parted ways with baby mama Tanasha Donna; but he remains attached to their son Naseeb Junior who we feel is Diamond Platnumz twin.

Of all the babies he has had with his 3 baby mamas; out of the 4 kids, only Tiffah Dangote and Naseeb Junior came out looking like Diamond Platnumz and his mum. With Tiffah in Dar Es Salaam together with her mum and Nillan; the singer has been spending some quality time with his kids; making him miss the other two Naseen and Dyllan) who are with their mums.

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To prove that he indeed longs for his Kenyan son, the singer just a while ago went on to like and leave a comment on the latest photos of Naseeb Junior. Having been blocked sometime back; it seems that Tanasha finally decided to unblock allowing baby daddy to gain access of son’s account.

Like father like son

Although it is no secret that Diamond Platnumz adores his kids; fans believe that he may be more in love with Tom Kaka who looks everything like him from when he was a child.

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The latest photos also show the striking resemblance between the two and if anything; he wouldn’t even deny being related to the handsome and cute Naseeb. Anyway check out the adorable photos that have left Diamond Platnumz showing son some love.

“I used to sleep on top of ‘mitumba’ clothes until I met the son of an MP,” MC Jessy tells his story (Video)

MC Jessy is a man you listen to and leaves you dumbfound. His wise words, intelligence and view of the real world stand out, but very few know his story.

The top Kenyan comedian featured on Jalango TV, kicking off the interview with an interesting revelation.

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Jalang’o dedicated the first few minutes before the interview to sincerely thank MC Jessy for the push and commitment to see that he eventually graduated.

“I don’t know how to just say Thank You again. In 2013, I registered for my Bachelors and never came back. 3 years later, your persistent calls pushed me to where I am today. Thank you so much,” Jalang’o opened up.

Jalang’o graduates

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November 12, 2020 at 12:05

From rags to stardom

Jessy was born in Meru to both his parents who passed on when he was 11, but that only made him stronger and a firm believer in God.

The MC was a lover of drama ever since his high school days that saw him grow his career in the field but soon as he was done, he could not make it to campus.

MC Jessy

He left Meru for Nairobi where he had to learn how to survive, he tried National Theatre but to no avail.

“I used to stay at the Meru bus stage in Tearoom. Where goods are stored, I used to sleep on top of the last one. We would all share the little food we had,” he disclosed.

Comedian Jessy

That was for 3 months before he met his former high school classmate, whose dad was an MP and lived in Kileleshwa. That day, Jessy went to stay with his friend and the dad and never returned to Tearoom.

“I would prepare breakfast for them just to make myself relevant. Eventually I spent more days with them and became their houseboy,” MC Jessy added.

The MC did house chores for a while until his talent in comedy was discovered by a Nigerian pastor and the rest is history. Have a listen;

No Pain, no gain! Catherine Kamau embarks on weight loss journey a year after welcoming baby girl

Actress Catherine Kamau is currently working on her unwanted baby fat that has been stuck in her body since conceiving baby K. However after one year of catering for her newborn but now that she is all grown; mummy can spend some time taking care of her body.

As seen in new posts shared by Catherine Kamau we now believe that she is currently in the gym as she aims to shed off the weight she has gained in the past 2 years. Before baby K happened, actress Catherine Kamau had been maintaining her natural figure 8; which she now has to sweat for in order to achieve her goals.

Judging from how long she has taken before hitting the gym; it’s also evident to see that the mum of two prefers putting her kids first like most celebrities who care more about their physical appearance.

No Pain no gain

This time around working out for Catherine Kamau seems to be harder than before; however the actress says she will continue putting in effort until she gets where she has been hoping.

Through her Instagram page, the lady went on to post saying;

One thing about me ,I fall , hard sometimes but I never stay down , I almost gave up this time but then I remembered nothing worth having comes easy. My health comes first.

Having seen her shrink into smaller sizes before; I bet Catherine will be parading her petite figure on Instagram in just a few weeks.

“I am currently dating a lot of men,” Shakilla publicly reveals (Video)

Shakilla is an interesting personality to study. This time, spilling unknown details about the men she is currently dating and issues around her speculated pregnancy.

The 19-year old babe featured on Chatspot with the girls, revealing she was brought up in a strict family, and looking back, she admires the young, innocent girl she was.

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Having once slept in police cells for disobeying and misbehaving around her parents.

That aside, talking of her wealth and sources of income, the babe first clarified that she lives in a 2-bedroom suite even though does not work for a living.

Shakilla’s Halloween look

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Further disclosing that she is able to finance her kind of lifestyle through her OnlyFans account, among her other enterprises.

Asking all trolling and judging her about how she chooses to live her life to stop because either way, she is comfortable with what she is doing.

Her statements come barely a week after her controversial ratchet video on Tory Lanez InstaLive went viral.

The men she is dating

When the question about her relationship status came up, a clearly confident Shakilla admitted;

“Si mtu mmoja, wako wengi. Wote huwa nawaweka hapo kwa ‘General’ in my DMs.”

Shakilla Tiffany Amin

So what about who she is looking to settle down with? Shakilla bluntly stated on Live TV that for anyone to win over her heart, they need to buy her a car first, not a cheap one, but one worth her standards.

“To get me, you need to buy me cars. I need a car by the way, before end of this year,” she clarified.

Talking of the late Ginimbi, Shakilla put it clear that she will never get pregnant for a man not her worth.

“Even if I knew him, I would not get pregnant for him. Girls usually think that when you find someone rich and flamboyant, the way to keep him is getting pregnant for him. No! there are so many ways to keep a rich man,” she attests.

Shakilla addresses claims she was pregnant for the late Ginimbi

Before admitting that she has been indirectly chatting with Wasafi Bongo artist, Rayvanny.

She further discusses her relationship with Kamene Goro, Xtian Dela, Mulamwah among other celebrities. Have a listen;

Leonard Mambo Mbotela appeals to Kenyans to help him clear KSh1.1M hospital bill

Veteran radio presenter, Leonard Mambo Mbotela who is currently admitted in hospital, has appealed to Kenyans to help him offset a pending KSh1.1M hospital bill.

A letter signed by Stephen Mutavi, Nairobi South Hospital Human Resource Manager, indicates that since Mbotelas admission on October 29, 2020, his medical bill has ballooned to a whopping KSh1,105,498.78.

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The media personality was set for discharge this Friday, but due to the pending hospital bill, remains in hospital until it is cleared.

Veteran TV and radio presenter Mambo Mbotela appeals for financial aid

“He is due for discharge on Friday, November 13 as per the doctor’s recommendation. To continue with home care treatment. Any assistance given towards offsetting this bill will be highly appreciated,” reads the letter.

The letter further indicates that Mr Leonard is responding well to treatment so far but appeals to Kenyans for financial aid towards the medical fund.

Mambo Mbotelas footprint continues even as he lives, having started off at Voice of Kenya back in 1964. And currently at the national broadcaster KBC where he still hosts his Je, huu ni ungwana? show to date.

Kambua blesses fans with 8 creative photos featuring her second baby bump

Kambua must be feel blessed to have baby Nate and another baby on the way barely 2 years after her son was born. Baby Nate was however a miracle baby who Kambua and husband spent years asking God for; and just like that the couple was blessed with a baby boy.

Nate who is barely a year old will soon be a big brother to his soon to be born sister or brother. Just recently Kambua went on to announce her pregnancy as seen on her Instagram page; where she revealed God had blessed them yet again.

This being a miracle after years of struggling with childlessness; Kambua will now be a mother of two in just a few months and judging from the size of the baby bump, this baby will be here in a few weeks.

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Just like her first born, Kambua went for a creative photoshoot ahead of the birth of this child. Judging from the Goddess theme in some of the photos shared on the page; it somehow feels that Kambua could be expecting a baby girl.

However the unborn baby’s gender remains only known to Kambua and hubby; but hopefully this time around Kambua will be welcoming a princess who will one day turns heads and inspire many like her mummy.

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Below are just a few photos from the singer’s baby shoot; and truth is, Kambua has never looked this happy before!

Kambua during photoshoot
Blessing number 2
Kambua flaunts baby bump
Singer Kambua looking all dolled up during shoot
Another blessing on board
Blessings on Blessings

“This is not a competition!” Flaqo addresses Kenyans comparing him with Crazy Kennar

Popular comedian Flaqo born Erastus Ayieko Otieno has set to record straight after Kenyans started comparing him to fellow comedian Crazy Kennar.

In every field, there are thousands of people trying to make a name for themselves in their unique way and like many can attest, the Kenyan comedy field is massive.

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But everyone, female or male, young or older is still able to create a niche for themselves and have a percentage of die-hard fans impressed by their content.

Unfortunately, one will always get compared to another.

Flaqo vs Crazy Kennar?

This time, Kenyans tried to place popular content creators, Flaqo and Crazy Kennar on a weighing balance to determine who outshines the other.

This is after Kennar recently teamed up with popular Inaniaffect actress, Cartoon, in comical stunts that have since gone viral.

Crazy KennarAlso read: EXCLUSIVE: Crazy Kennar opens up about his comedy journey and dating life

Up on twitter, some believed Flaqo should be worried and watch out for Crazy Kennar who was following behind closely.

A series of tweets the comedian has addressed clarifying that he is not here to compete, in fact Flaqo called Kennar his ‘brother’, each talented in their own way.

Too much trolling

But it is not until the trolls became too much that the radio presenter decided to address the claims once and for all.

“I wake up everyday to find this happening, mara who is better… it is not a competition!”

Flaqo addresses trolls

In fact, he clarifies that he does not care what kind of rankings he gets, because this is no game of thrones. For him, he is here to entertain people and express himself. Fullstop.

“I don’t care who is what. Art is a platform to express yourself, entertain, break ribs and teach at the same time. It’ s not a Game of Thrones. I personally don’t care about being or not being the King of Comedy and I never will care,” he tweeted back.

Crazy Kennar is a funny man known for his popular ‘Tales of the Crazy Kennar series’, having created a name way before Flaqo did.

But Flaqos ability to bring in multi-character brand in the comedy industry, shone his star brighter.

“I am tired!” Shakilla exposes fake Instagram account using her name to defraud Kenyans

Shakilla has exposed a fake Instagram account using her name to gain followers and scam people into fake dealings.

The beauty got wind of the IG page after a flurry of Instagram users came out at her, bursting her for scamming and conning them.

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Unfortunately, this is not the first time complaints have been raised about her alleged IG account. That is almost a complete replica of her original account, just that the numbers vary.

Scam alert!

“Report this account. Am tired of people complaining of being scammed and conned by this person,” she blasts.

Socialite Shakilla

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According to the babe, she is not the first celebrity to have numerous accounts in her name, be it her fan base or just individuals trying to make a name for themselves. But this particular account is a no no for her.

“I have no problem with anyone calling themselves ‘iamshakilla’ but this account hell no!”

An IG account that stands at 43.1k followers and a profile quite the same as her original page.

Shakilla exposes fake IG account in her name

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But her original page has at least 140k followers and that is probably the only difference between the two. Therefore quite possible to get duped by the IG users operating the fake one.

Be won the lookout!

Ujaluo ni gharama! Meet Kenyan man who broke the bank to wed lover inside a plane (Photos)

A Kenyan man has set the bar high enough after breaking banks to walk his beloved down the isle aboard a flying plane.

Adigodigo who is a host at Obinja TV and Berlin cosmetics, has taken the Internet by storm after their one of a kind wedding ceremony yesterday.

The media personality, of Luo descent did not believe wedding his model of a beauty on ground, was significant enough. Therefore decided to have it aboard a moving plane.

“I LOVE YOU….Ground is too much lets fly beb….” he sweetly remarks.

Just wedded lovebirds

How it all went down

Their journey starts off with his bride getting picked up by a sleek white Mercedes Benz with a customized plate reading ‘Jean+Adigodigo’ that drives her to the airstrip where their designated plane awaits.

The bride walks in to meet her man amid a seated crowd of those close to their hearts and gets warmly received by the evangelist who then takes them through their marriage vows.

Adigodigo weds model, Jean Ojiro

They exchange rings, smiling ear to ear and the groom can now kiss his bride. A beautiful moment for the few that got to witness as the lifetime occasion went down.

According to him, his woman, Jean Ojiro is one who transformed his imperfections into perfections just by the touch of her love.

Adigodigo weds model, Jean Ojiro

And it is for that reason, that he declared he wants a lifetime with her.

Keep it private until its permanent….” urges the TV host.

A colorful, white event that has shaken the inter web. Fellow celebrities left in shock but feeling proud of the milestone one of their own was able to cover.

Jalang’o taken aback by the courage of the young man, remarked;

 “Congratulations my brother CBD 1 @adigodigo. Wajaluo mtatua,harusi kwa ndege! ????????????????”

Just-wedded lovebirds, Adigodigo and Jean Ojiro

Special thanks go to Jalang’o and Hon Steve Mbogo who had been quite instrumental in making Adigodigo’s dream a reality.

Check out more photos from the event;

“Mama I made it!” Jalang’os beautiful message as he finally graduates from prestigious university

Kiss FM radio host Jalang’o will be graduating today from Daystar university where he has been schooling for the past 3 years.

A while back while celebrating his brother MC Jessy who graduated with a bachelors degree; Jalang’o went on to make it known that Jessy and are the reason he registered at the University back in 2013 – but due to ups and downs, he later joined in 2016 to pursue his degree in community development.

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Many moons have passed since my brother MC Jessy told me talent without school is nothing. Today (June 28) the truth just dawned on me when I saw this pic of my brother in a gown!!

With 140 hours to achieve his dreams, Jalang’o promised to make his late father proud; not forgetting to bring some joy to his mum who struggled throughout her whole life to give Jalang’o and siblings a comfortable life.In the post dedicated to MC Jessy, Jalang’o  wrote;

My registration at Daystar is 130607 and you would wonder why if I am 13 why am I in school 6 years later? No, the pressure from Kizito who was the PR manager at Daystar and that of Jessy sent me to register in 2013 yet I joined 3 years later. Jessy kept on pushing me to register and I kept wondering what for? I have a career, I have connections? Why do I need to go to school? Today is another reason! So I just registered so that Jessy would not disturb me.

Brother like MC Jessy

According to Jalang’o this friend did not quit on him; and for this reason he had no option but to push on hoping he would graduate the same year as MC Jessy, 2019.

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Little did I know that after I had registered Jessy would still be after me asking me if I attended class. To cut the long story short, I have already done more than 100hrs in school from a possible 140! 40hrs to go before I wear the same gown! I pushed myself so hard and knew we would graduate together but I have just a few hours to go! I promise you I am next!

Jalang’o graduates

And just like that, a year later and Jalango has achieved his dream of graduating with a bachelors degree. It has indeed been a long journey but thanks to his supportive mother, wife and friends; Jalang’o now holds the one certificate he had been yarning for since scoring a C+ back in high school.

Jalang’o graduates

Through his gram the presenter wrote;

With Pride I lift your name Jehovah! In your own time you did it! Today the 13th day of Nov. 2020 I graduate!
The sacrifices, late nights and now we Win!
This is for you Dad I know you are smiling from heaven! Mum i told you i will do it! I will always make you proud!
To Jaber herself Thank you
My brothers and sister! Thank you!
To my Dean Dr. Ongaro God bless you!
To all my lecturers Thank you!
To all my classmates Thank you!
To the whole Daystar UNIVERSITY Community Thank you!
To Team Jalas Thank you!
It is never too late! Keep the Focus and dont loose it!!
God above everything!!

“No one can ever replace you,” Ginimbi’s ex-wife pens touching tribute ahead of his burial

No one might understand just how much it hurts to loose someone, if not the person they were in love with.

As family, friends and the world at large bid the late Zimbabwean tycoon, Ginimbi goodbye, his ex-wife has poured her heart out in memory of a man she believes can never get replaced in her heart and life.

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November 8, 2020 remains a date ingrained in her mind, a day the man she loved and cherished breathed his last in a fatal night car crash.

In loving memory

As she continues to mourn the father of her children, Zozo pained a touching tribute to the late.

Ginimbi’ s ex-wife, Zodwa Mkandla

“Go well my soulmate. No one will ever understand what we shared Ginimbi. No one can ever replace you. Rest in Peace!” reads her heartfelt letter.

In a video of a woman in distress in the background crying out at the significant loss, a life ended too soon and a man whose memories a dear Zodwa Mkandla hopes to keep alive.

Sharing a series of throwback photos of the flashy businessman whose flamboyant lifestyle was unmatched.

Born October 10, 1984, and 36 years later, he is no more.

A man who enjoyed his life to the last, one who cherished moments with close friends and family, a man who did not spare his pockets when he could make good use of it.

Ever lively, crisp smart and with a unique sense of fashion. His taste of the finer things in life was at another level.

And for a dear Zodwa;

“It is a hard moment for her to swallow. Who will stress with all her problems? Ginimbi tolerated all her flaws,” she mourns the late.

The late Ginimbi

Zozo and the late Zimbabwean millionaire were blessed with two kids before their breakup in 2017.

Ginimbi is set to be laid to rest this coming Saturday according to his wishes.

Ouch! Kamene Goro opens up about her first heartbreak

Media personality Kamene Goro has seen it all when it comes to love. Just a few years ago the lady was dumped by a South African man she had been seeing for years. The fella apparently changed his mind about settling down with Kamene Goro just a few weeks to their grand wedding.

Of course this did some damage to Miss Kamene Goro who now keeps her relationships on the low. The only boyfriend we saw her introduce to her fans is the South African man who dumped her; but before this turns out that Miss Goro had actually gone through a much more worse situation.

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Speaking about this through the morning show, Kamene Goro went on to reveal that back in the day she got one of her boyfriend’s name tatted on her back. The lass went on to open up saying;

There is one of my sister’s name and my third tattoo was my first boyfriend’s name. I chapad it on my back straight down to my spine. I had to tattoo something on top to cover it.


View this post on Instagram


Ohhh Boychild ????, Agnes amekufanyia nini?

A post shared by Ghafla! (@ghaflakenya) on Nov 9, 2020 at 4:30am PST


Dumped and left for the streets

Well, one would have expected the guy to be overjoyed by the fact that a beautiful woman like Kamene Goro had decided to get a tatoo of his name, right? However turns out that the love was still young; and the only person who was serious in the relationship is Kamene and not the guy.

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Ms Kamene Goro

This is because barely 2 weeks after getting the new tatoo, the young man apparently decided to walk out on the lass. She went on to add;

It’s so weird, I got the tattoo and two weeks later, we broke up. love is stupid… even before I covered it up, the guys I dated used to kasirika. I believe and I’m convinced that love is stupid. You never think beyond your nose.

Meet Gengetone singer Mejja’s beautiful daughter 

2020 has undeniably been a good year for singer Mejja. Almost all the songs he has managed to be featured on have become hit songs; and now that we are headed to December – hopefully he has one more project for his die hard fans.

Anyway not many are aware that Mejja doubles up as an artist and a father. This is because he enjoys keeping his private life off social media; but during special events like birthdays, he has no option but to celebrate her.

As she turns a year older in 2020 the singer has gone ahead to mark this new milestone with a beautiful message; where he went on to write;

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Mejja’s adorable daughter

Happy Born Day My Heart ♥ MAY YOU GROW TO BE A GOD FEARING WOMAN With Her Own Principles NAKUPENDA

Mejja and baby mama

Although Mejja and his daughter’s mum are no longer together; the two have made sure they avoid any online scandals that would affect their family now or in future.

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He however moved on and is currently living with his new found love. Judging from their social media posts, it’s clear to see that the two remain in love and since they have no child of their own; hopefully soon he will be welcoming his second born.

Happy birthday to the little princess!

Photos of the fancy home Betty Kyallo and siblings grew up in

Betty Kyallo and her siblings were raised in Ongata Rongai where they mum had initially planned to settle in. However now that all her kids are grown and out on their own; Betty says that her mum has plans of selling the home.

The former news anchor revealed this in a detailed post where she revealed that the Ongata Rongai home is up for sale. In the caption, mama Ivanna went on to reveal that the quarter-acre land is going for Sh14.5 million; but serious buyers can reach out for negotiations.

She went on to add that their 4 bedroom bungalow sits on this land and still there is more space for gardening among other activities. The lass said;

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Sisters, Mercy and Betty Kyallo

So we have outgrown our beautiful family home in Ongata Rongai and we want to look for another new home. So my mommy Is selling this quarter-acre gem comprising of 4 bedroom bungalow, manicured garden with a nice shamba you can plant some kitchen produce. You can choose to renovate or bring it down and put up some nice apartments Water and electricity are connected and the environment is quiet and clean. Asking 14.5M slightly negotiable. You can call us through the number 0735052787 serious ladies and gents only.

Money Moves

Of course with her saloon business doing so well, chances are that the Kyallos  are now on a different level; and might just be planning to upgrade their mum’s life.

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I mean she sacrificed everything to get them to school and now that they are in a position to give her a comfortable life; then why not? Anyway check out photos of the house Betty and her 3 siblings were raised up in.

Shakilla finally makes public apology to Victor Wanyama over intimacy scandal (Video)

Shakilla has finally issued an apology to Kenyan football star, Victor Wanyama who she dragged into an alleged intimacy scandal in September this year.

October 15, 2020, Wanyama threatened to sue the socialite, weeks after claiming during an InstaLive with Xtian Dela, that he had paid her KSh 700,000 for s*x, something he totally distanced himself from.

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November, 12, the lass who had previously claimed the legal suit was a fraud has come out to issue a formal apology to the International footballer.

The apology

Reading a document from her legal team through a short video clip, Shakilla claims she was drunk and misguided during the InstaLive.

Revealing that she had never met nor had any affair with the Harambee Stars captain.

“My name is Shakilla and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Victor Wanyama. And say sorry about the horrible thing that I said about him. I’ve never met Victor, neither has he paid me or had s*x with me,” she starts off.

Victor Wanyama

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“I was drunk at the time and foolishly excited about being on Xtian Dela’s Live show. I apologize to his family and I’m sorry for any pain that I may have caused,” her statement reads.

“I would like to take this opportunity to warn young people about the dangers of social media. And the risk of being enticed into chasing fame, by those seeking to exploit us and profit from our mistakes,” Shakilla stated.


Asking all who published her false stories regards Wanyama, to pull them down with immediate effect or risk legal action taken upon them.

“I’ve been warned by my advocates on the dangers that I’ve placed myself in and appreciate this chance to make amends.”

“Once again, I’m sorry to Victor and his family. Thank you,” she wraps up.

Have a listen: