Eric Omondi to the rescue! Pays outstanding maternity bill for 5 mothers

Eric Omondi has decided to step up his charitable works and this time he did so at Pumwani Maternity Hospital where he paid overdue bills for 5 women who had been detained at the hospital as a result of this and needless to say, they were over the moon.


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Taking to his social media account to share the message, Eric Omondi said,

We have Released 5 New Mothers who had been detained at Pumwani Maternity. Mr. President before you pay 50 CAS’s Billions of Shillings, before the Government buys brand new cars for the Executive, PLEASE make an order for all Mothers detained at Pumwani and across the Country to be released. Ulisema Serikali ni ya Mama mboga na Boda Boda. Watu wa boda boda wako Jela na mama mboga amefungiwa Pumwani.

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Eric Omondi posts bail for bodaboda rider arrested over 25K fine

Eric Omondi is back on his political agenda as he has posted bail for a bodaboda rider who was recently arraigned in court and jailed for his failure to afford a 25,000 Ksh fine. And he took to his social media platform to share the information.

The lucky recipient of the assistant was beside himself as he explained to Eric the situation he finds himself in and his family’s issues.

Taking to his social media, Eric Omondi said,

Wanyonge ndio wanaumia, How do you fine a boda boda guy 25K!!! Leo tume release Fredrick from Industrial Area Prison na tukamfanyia Shopping, Thanks @spotonvacations for the shopping. VERY SOON A LOT WILL CHANGE!!! OUR TIME IS COMING!!!! Thank you soo much @gadaphylicha for coming through GOD BLESS BRO!!!



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Eric Omondi Speaks On Being Tortured By Kenya Police (Video)

Eric Omondi has been on the frontline when it comes to ‘fighting’ for Kenyans for the high cost of living. He has done a couple of peculiar stuff just to prove that he’s willing & ready to fight for netizens.

For the latter reason, Eric has had to face the police severally. He has been arrested a couple of times; and even went to court, where he was charged & released shortly after.

Eric has now taken to social media to call out the police for torturing him psychologically.

The Kenya Police has arrested me 4 times ILLEGALLY…They have tortured me psychologically everytime they do so. They have Infringed on my rights and they Enjoy it and sometimes even laugh while doing it. You can only push a man too far.”

Eric Omondi arrested outside Parliament

He continued to warn the police against arresting him again.

”I dare the Kenya police to Arrest me one more time and the thing I will do will change the Course of this COUNTRY. You are dealing with a man who is ready to lay his life on the line. ARREST ME ONE MORE TIME!!! PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME ONE MORE TIME.”
Do you think Eric Omondi deserves such treatment?

Eric Omondi Released On 5000 Cash Bail After Being Arraigned In Court

Comedian Eric Omondi was yesterday arraigned in court over his numerous protest in the city. The jester, on Monday, took to the city demonstrating for the high cost of living.

Eric was yesterday arraigned in court. Appearing before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Zainab Abdul, on Tuesday, April 4, Omondi denied the charge, which stated that on April 3 at around 11.30am along Kenyatta Avenue, he created a disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace.

Further, the comedian was accused of erecting a barrier on the said road and shouting. This was seen as causing a disturbance and inconveniencing other road users.


Eric however denied the allegations before trial Magistrate Zainabu Abdul and was released on a Ksh. 5,000 cash bail.

Eric Omondi promised to continue with his protests if the Government does not reduce the cost of living soon enough. It’s only a matter of time before we get to know if Eric Omondi will continue with his protests.

Kenyans should now contribute for Eric Omondi’s bail

Eric Omondi is still fighting to give ordinary Kenyans a voice and the resulting consequence is that he keeps getting teargassed, arrested and charged only for the state to tell him to pay bail.

Eric Omondi Arraigned In Court Over Protests (Video)

That last part is where we need to come together to bear some responsibility over the struggle as bail gets costly. And he is doing all this to create a political vehicle that can give us a voice.

Eric Omondi is doubtless doing this to create a political soapbox for himself but politics is a game of interests and while ours as ordinary Kenyans align with his, we need to go out and have our voices hear.

Kibe mocks Eric Omondi protests claims its all a con

And I am of course speaking to the quasi-middle class who always pontificate about wanting to go out on the streets to have our voices heard but we are too cowardly to do so during Azimio maandamanos because of the criminal element that’s usually in their fold.

Eric Omondi forms a great compromise for anyone harbouring the will to take to the streets to share our collective frustrations at the ever-rising cost of living.

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Eric Omondi Arraigned In Court Over Protests (Video)

Eric Omondi is feeling the heat from the Milimani Law courts, where he’s currently being held. Eric yesterday was arrested for staging a protest in Kenyatta Avenue over the high cost of living.

Staging a one-man protest in the middle of the Central Business District, Omondi dramatically threatened to kill himself if the high cost of living is not reduced before he was arrested by police.

This isn’t the first time Omondi has been arrested and it won’t be the last if he is to be believed.

In a recent interview last week, Omondi said that he was contemplating retiring from comedy after 15 years.

“Comedy is done for now. People are suffering and it’s not a laughing matter. I don’t belong to any political outfit…It is a serious time. We are in tough times. People are suffering, they are starving. They can’t afford basic needs. Fortunately, God has given me a voice and platform. I have also entertained people for a long time,” he said.

Police lobbed teargas at the crowds around Omondi before he was taken into custody. He has now been arraigned in court over his protests.

Eric had promised netizens that he wouldn’t stop at any cost protesting for Kenyans over the current high cost of living. He’s probably going to do a repertoire after he’s released. It’s only a matter of time before we know what Eric will be charged for.

Watch his video below;

Eric Omondi arrested AGAIN

Eric Omondi has been arrested once more as he carried out his own protests. And this time round the police weren’t joking around, they teargassed him for good measure before arresting him.

Kibe mocks Eric Omondi protests claims its all a con

The comedian has been carrying out demonstrations parallel to those being held by Azimio Coalition. But the reception is not the same. So far, Eric Omondi has only been arrested but today police decided to unleshe even more to send a message.

Eric has been having demonstrations that have featured a gimmick including taking unemployed Kenyans’ CVs to Riggy G’s office and it has been a great way to get attention but a lot of career politicians have been mocking his protests and asking him not to bring jokes to serious business.

Eric Omondi attacks David Ndii

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Kibe mocks Eric Omondi protests claims its all a con

Kibe seems to know something we all did not know as he has decided to call out comedian come political activist Eric Omondi.

Eric Omondi attacks David Ndii

Take me to a social media account the men’s rights activist acknowledges that Kenyans have been supporting the comedian who has started championing the plight of everyday Kenyans.

Andrew Kibe offers to do paternity tests for all Kenyan celebs

However he claims that in one of the videos that was not widely circulated eric-omondi joking and laughing with the police officers who have arrested him. To Kibe this is proof that there is more a foot than meets the eye.


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Could it be possible that this is assay of nation being carried out by the Sitting government to have Eric Omondi bamboozle and confuse Kenyans?

Why else would Eric Omondi be laughing with his arresting officers because as Kibe put it Kenyan police officers aren’t known to be the most humane while executing their duties.

Or is Kibe just being a hater? Is he simply just upset that the comedian is getting so much attention? You be the judge but time will tell.

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Eric Omondi Gets Emotional As He Vows To Continue With His Quest To Fight For Poor Kenyans

Eric Omondi was yesterday arrested for the third time in his efforts to fight for poor Kenyans. The jester took matters into his own hands and decided to go to Parliament using a hand-cart loaded with Kenyans’ CV’s

Eric’s first arrest occurred on February 21st, where he led demonstrations on the high cost of living. He was arrested for the second time on March 1 at City Stadium, where he distributed packets of unga to Kenyans.

Yesterday, he was arrested once again as he pulled a cart loaded with cartons of CVs along Uhuru Highway, heading towards State House to present them to President William Ruto, who is currently out of the country.

I could not gather the three million CVs from the jobless youths, so I requested that they send all their CVs, which I printed and was going to present to the president.

“I chose to use the handcart, which is the symbol of the mwananchi right now because of the hardships he is going through to make money,”Eric said.

An emotional Eric continued to admonish the Government to listen to his cry and Kenyans’ too. He continued;

”You will not change the conversation. People are suffering. As long as God is living and I’m alive, you will regret… No Government is more powerful than the people. Listen to my voice, take heed if you’re smart. ”

Eric vowed to continue with his quest until a solution is found. Watch his full video below;

Eric Omondi attacks David Ndii

Eric Omondi decided to hold his own protest that featured him giving unemployed Kenyans CVs to the Deputy President at his office but he was arrested and spent the afternoon in a police cell. His protest came a day after Raila Odinga’s mass protest and didn’t feature as many Kenyans as he wants to differentiate his movement from that of ODM’s.


Following his release, he gave a rather scathing interview in which he called out President Ruto’s chief economic policy advisor who has been tweeting some off-colour and insensitive tweet about Kenyans complaining about the increasing cost of living aswell as the cost of energy.


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Eric Omondi called David Ndii out by his name and it remains to be seen whether or not he will respond to the former.

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Eric Omondi takes unemployed Kenyans CVs to State House

Eric Omondi has decided to do his own protests in a rather unique and comical way and today he decided to take unemployed Kenyans’ CVs to State House to call attention to the unemployment crisis in the country.

Eric Omondi missed a golden chance to push his political agenda

A quick update to this is the fact that he was arrested. That’s right, he has been arrested as he attempts to call attention to the plight of Kenyans. But this is understandable given how on edge the country is following some rather violent and chaotic scenes from yesterday’s Maandamano.


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The fact that Eric Omondi has a political agenda is no longer a secret but who it is that is sponsoring him is what remains unknown with some guessing it is Jimmy Wanjigi but that is all still hearsay.

Time will tell what his agenda is but that piece of gossip would explain why he refuses to tie in his political lot to Raila’s band-wagon.


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Eric Omondi pays fuel for random Kenyans

Eric Omondi is upto something and while we already know it is politically focussed, what we do not know is what agenda or platform is going to be running on. I say this because right after paying bail for incarcerated Kenyans, he has now taken to doing this charity work.

Taking to his social media account, the comedian explained what he was doing by saying;

Issue kubwa sanaa hapa Kenya ni Mafuta na Unga…Watu wanaumia sanaa. Families are going without food. A bigger percentage of these people ni watu wa Nduthi. We are calling upon the Government to reduce Fuel prices whatever it takes. Sisi tutaendelea ku share the little we have with fellow Kenyans. Leo tumewekea 250 Nduthi guys Petroli. I hope itawaskuma kidogo.

We just hope that he can come up with a coherent plan and vision for the same people he is giving handouts to because we have seen this strategy before and it was being done by Mike Sonko back when he was on his come up as a political upstart. But all the best to Eric Omondi and may he continue helping out Kenyans.

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Would you vote for Eric Omondi If He Vied?

Eric Omondi seems to be doing a push into politics to join his fellow celebrities such as Jalang’o, Jaguar and DNG in bunge. He has started doing charitable acts very loudly and bashing the current establishment, which is a textbook move for someone who is feeling the temperature on the ground before announcing his intention to vie. The question that remains is: Would you vote for Eric if he vied? Has he convinced you with his activism or is his image as an over the top comedian hard to overcome? Have your say in the poll below


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Eric Omondi Hailed By Kenyans After Demonstrating For The High Cost Of Living

Eric Omondi’s repertoire in challenging the Government has earned him the title ‘hero’ in town for his demonstration in Parliament; admonishing the government to lower the high cost of living.

Omondi was leading a group of well-built, shirtless young men in demonstrations, where they demanded the Government to lower the cost of living.

The youths were carrying placards written “high cost of living” high cost of electricity” “stima juu, taxi juu” among other publications.

Eric Omondi arrested by the police for staging demonstration outside  parliament ·

The youths, who were demonstrating outside Parliament, demanded an audience with National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula.

The youths attempted to gain entry into Parliament Buildings after the National Assembly Speaker took too long to come out and address them.

The police had to lob teargas canisters to disperse the rowdy youths as they struggled to force their way into Parliament Buildings.

The police engaged the youth in running battles before they were rounded up

Protests outside Parliament paralysed transport on Parliament Road for more than 30 minutes.

Celebrities who supported Eric Omondi’s move include KRG the Don, YouTuber Mungai Eve, Ringtone Apoko, Priscilla Waimani.

Eric was bailed out shortly after his court hearing. But he vowed to continue with his quest. He shared through a video on his Instagram & claimed that he would continue until the cost of living is lowered by the President.

3 Times Eric Omondi Made Us Question His Sanity

Eric Omondi has turned out to be one of the most controversial Kenyan celebrities over the past few months. His antics in criticism have further fueled his clout chasing tactics which have been denigrated heavily by a good number of netizens.

To begin with, his beef with Sauti Sol’s Bien made us question whether he’s into comedy or he’s gone insane. After criticizing him and noticing that Bien was up for the game; he went ahead to make props that immitate the looks of Bien. He even went ahead to produce a track that attacked Bien; talking about his baldness.

Bien, Eric Omondi in war of words over stance on Kenyan artistes

Similarly, he has had a beef with Khaligraph Jones for several months; reason being he claims that the rapper is not good enough. Rather, he’s not doing enough to push Kenyan music further. He went ahead to challenge Khaligraph to a fight-literally! The results were obvious as Eric wouldn’t go against the odds. I mean, look at the size of Khaligraph. He’s just so huge compared to Eric.

Khaligraph Jones Beats Eric Omondi Like a Burukenge in Much-Awaited Boxing Match (Video) - The Drip

We cannot forget to talk about Eric Omondi ‘s cross-dressing antics. He’s reached a point where some even claim that the comedian might be a member of the LGBTQ. His recent photos imitating Beyoncé further ignited questions on his sanity.

Is it all comedy or Eric might be losing it?

Eric Omondi Should Let Musicians Be And Focus On Comedy

Eric Omondi has been on the frontline pushing Kenyan artists to perform better. The jester even took a step to forward his #play 75% Kenyan content to Parliament all by himself.
These are among the stunts he has used to try and push Kenyan music.

All this elicited to an endless tiff between himself and several musicians: including Sauti Sol’s Bien, Khaligraph Jones, Femi One among others.
He has been at loggerheads with them over his allegations that they are not performing to their full potential. He recently bashed Nadia Mukami for not promoting her brand the way she’s supposed to after performing at SolFest.

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Too Much To Ask?

The colloquy has been whether Eric’s sentiments are worth it.
He’s been trying so hard to root for them. He’s hopping from one interview to another calibrating how far he’s willing to go. But it’s high time the jester focuses more on his comedy career rather than yapping around on Musician’ s business. A lot of time he’s wasting on the latter: which he should use to create more entertaining content. As much as he’s trying to get Kenyan music to go to International Levels, he should also give more time to his skits.

Why Eric Omondi keeps us guessing about his sexuality

Eric Omondi is a smart man. I know by now maybe you dont agree with me on that statement but truth is – Eric Omondi’s PR team is working overtime and whether you like it or not – this comedian will keep you saying his name every now and then – and look youre already doing it.

Anyway – despite having a girlfriend who recently suffered a miscarriage people out here have been asking alot of questions regarding his sexuality….like is he straight or gay man.

Well we can’t really blame them for feeling this way judging from the huge number of gay married men living with their wives (yes women) out here. Yes you read it correct, gay married men living with their wives….!

Which is which?

So yea, with Eric Omondi pulling transgender stunts online – you can’t help but wonder what category he falls under the LGBTQ community or wait….any other community because – is he straight or not…..and if straight – is there anything like a straight cross dresser?

Well that being a question he alone can answer, i guess what we can now do is accept and embrace the diva he is exploring for now. But again….this is something making him good money.

Why Eric Omondi will never make a good dad

Eric Omondi has so many roles in this life of sin…from the president of comedy, comedian, friend and brother but none beats the title of dad. Out of all of them, i can say that he less appreciates his role as a dad that is judging from what Jacque Maribe about him not supporting the young boy.

Jacquee Maribe unveils never seen before photo of son as a newborn

Well a few months back, Eric Omondi got involved in an online fight with Jacque Maribe – allowing a huge audience into their private lives….and as soon as the heat went up – Eric Omondi mentioned he had requested for a DNA test – meaning he had doubts about being the boy’s father.

Okay….we can’t blame him for this since he also mentioned Jacque maribe was seeing people on the side and the fact that shes denied him a DNA test shows iko kitu. Tafadhali watu wa kupima DNA na macho, msishout.

Eric Omondi with Jacque Maribe and son (left) Sam Ogina

Eric Omondi as a dad-uncle

Okay back to my point….you see ever since Jahari was born weve never seen a daddy son relationship between the two. I guess the only time the 3 stepped out as a family was at Jahari’s school and that time Bonfire adventures took them on a family vacation – to help market the travel and tour company.

But apart from that, I guess Eric continues to live his life like a man with no kids….a lonely life and now that his girlfriend suffered a miscarriage please dont shout Karma because Eric really wanted another baby……but then again – if he cant take care of the one he had with Maribe – what makes us think he can take care of others?

Anyway his life, his choice…..but before I conclude this…..ever noticed that Eric Omondi has never had any baby mama, pregnancy scandal his entire career (well apart from Maribe) – ama nizime laptop?

Eric Omondi Denies Lying About Girlfriend’s Miscarriage (Video)

Comedian Eric Omondi is still in sombre after losing his bundle of joy. On  November 7, 2022, through social media, Eric shared that they lost their unborn child after being in the hospital for over five hours.

“Last night was one of the longest nights in my life?? We fought for over 5 hours to try and save our little Angel but God had other plans,” he wrote in part.

Mourning the demise of the unborn child, Eric shared a heartbreaking video of him and Lynne while still in the hospital.

“We never met you but we sure felt you and will Forever Love you????. Respect to all the Women, no man on earth has that kind of strength. @l.y.nn.e stay strong…It is well,” he shared.

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Who’s Fooling Who?

Kenyans and local celebrities took to the comment section to condole with the grieving couple. However, not everyone believed Eric Omondi’s news as he’s used to chasing clout with paramount issues. One of them is Andrew Kibe, who strongly denigrated the jester claiming he should not clout chase with such a serious issue.

But the comedian has come in his defense, claiming he can’t clout chase with such a paramount issue.

Watch his full interview video below;


Eric Omondi’s Girlfriend Lynn Finally Speaks After Miscarriage

Eric Omondi’s girlfriend Lynn has finally broken her silence on the miscarriage she suffered while carrying his baby. The comedian was the first one to share the heartbreaking news via his Instagram, terming it as his biggest loss and longest night of their life.

Last night was one of the Longest nights in my life???????? We fought for over 5 hours to try and save our little Angel but God had other plans. We never met you but we sure felt you and will Forever Love you????????????????. Respect to all the Women, no man on earth has that kind of strength. @l.y.nn.e stay strong…It is well.”

Eric received several comments after posting the latter; and Kenyans on twitter roasted him for the same; claiming it was inappropriate to post their grieving moments. Eventually, Eric threw in the towel and deleted the video in tandem with Lynn.

Lynn Speaks

Well, netizens had already accumulated doubts on the miscarriage news; but Lynn has come to the rescue to prove the news was indeed true. She took to her Instagram to pour her heart out to her baby whom she never met.

”To My Angel????????
I still can’t believe you’re gone. I’m thankful I got to have you for those 8weeks you were inside me. I’m sooo sorry I won’t be able to see your sweet face or massage your tiny feet. I Will Forever Love You????❤️????️”

Several celebrities joined Lynn in lamenting the huge loss. Hopefully, the two sweethearts will be blessed with another baby soon enough.



Kenyans Attack Eric Omondi Over Miscarriage Video (Screenshot)

Kenyans on twitter are always ready to scrutinize anything that looks suspicious; no matter your social status or popularity. And comedian Eric Omondi is now a victim. He recently displayed his girlfriend Lynn & himself via Instagram lamenting the loss of their child. According to Eric, it was a miscarriage that led to the loss of their unborn.

Last night was one of the Longest nights in my life???????? We fought for over 5 hours to try and save our little Angel but God had other plans. We never met you but we sure felt you and will Forever Love you????????????????. Respect to all the Women, no man on earth has that kind of strength. @l.y.nn.e stay strong…It is well.”

In the video, Lynn is seen lying on the floor crying as Eric tries to comfort her.
Lyyne breaks down following miscarriage

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Kenyans React

The big question that has netizens flabbergasted is why would Eric have someone record them while they were at their lowest. Further, why would Eric post such a video on Instagram? Not everyone even seemed convinced that it was indeed a miscarriage or just one of Eric Omondi’s kiki stunts. I mean, he has done some obnoxious acts before and later confessed that it was all for clout. As a matter of fact, Eric claimed clout chasing is part of entertainment; and he has done it over and over.

Here’s how a section of Kenyans on twitter reacted to Eric’s video;

Eric Omondi Reveals His Girlfriend Once Dumped Him For Another Woman (Video)

The queer community is immensely growing over the years; with more people conglomerating themselves into it with a minimum of fuss. From the likes of Makena Njeri, Michelle Ntalami, Notiflow, just to mention a few, they’ve come out to declare themselves as part of LGBTQ.

In relation to the latter, comedian Eric Omondi has seen one of his girlfriends join the queer world.

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Character Development

The comedian revealed in a recent interview that his University girlfriend once dumped him for another woman.

“Nilinyanganywa msichana na msichana, wueh that was painful. My friends tried warning me and I was like there’s nothing that can happen.

He continued to state how heartbroken & embarrassed he was;

Hakuna kitu inaeza fanya mwanaume aishiwe na self esteem kama hiyo, and it was known all over that my girl had been snatched by another girl,”lamented Eric.

Eric Omondi continued to claim he has been faithful in his previous relationships despite undergoing character developments. His relationship with Chantal is the only one which seemed to be an everlasting one, but the two decided to go their separate ways amicably. For now, Eric remains single, even after his popular show ‘Wife Material’ which was meant to get him a wife.

Watch Eric Omondi’s full interview below;

Crazy Kennar weighs in on Eric Omondi’s Cross dressing, leaves fans in stitches

Okay I know we all have questions about Eric Omondi sexuality, now that he can’t stop slaying on social media with body hugging outfits and full face makeup.

Maybe it’s just for marketing purposes, maybe not. I mean the guy is now in his 40’s and last we checked – he publicly denied the child he was said to have fathered with Jacque Maribe…so yea – no wife, no kids…a handsome man like Eric Omondi?

Anyway although marriage is a choice and so is having kids – I’m pretty sure Eric Omondi would want what most of his agemates have and that is his own family. However with him stepping out in women’s clothing seem to be confusing everyone on social media; and seems like Crazy Kennar is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the comedian’s Cross dressing stunts.


Funny man Crazy Kennar to Eric Omondi

Unlike others who may have bashed Omondi for his latest ‘single ladies’ video – Crazy Kennar decided to get creative with a hilarious video that has left many including the likes of Director Phil Karanja in stitches.

Judging from the clip, I can bet Crazy Kennar has heard crazy stories about prison – which he decided to put to play. From what I got from the video is that Comedian Eric Omondi would make a babe in prison…especially with how he has been carrying himself.

Kennar making fun of Eric Omondi

Again – it’s nothing personal just a skit and a creative one for that matter; and Eric Omondi also seems to agree. Alaar.


Eric Omondi steps out in bikini

By now I’m pretty sure we understand that Eric Omondi is willing to go do anything just to remain relevant in the entertainment industry.

Well, the reason I say this is because for the past few days he has given fans a reason to think he might be a cross dresser (still in the closet) but thanks to advertising – he gets to let this side we know nothing about come out to play.


Sounds like something from a movie right? Well between the makeup and women clothing I don’t know what is pissing most people off; but what I know is that Eric Omondi can walk better in heels than most women out here. He nails it.

Eric in Bikini

If you thought he has shown us everything with his divalicious persona – wait until you see Eric Omondi in a bikini. Although he wore a two piece swimsuit, Eric Omondi didn’t show much on the lower parts of his body….and I think we know why.

Eric Omondi

However – with the bikini photos – I guess it’s only fair if Eric Omondi to accept he is a cross dresser, cause hey his secrets are starting to show!

Eric Omondi cross dressing
Erico in bikini


Alaaaaa! Eric Omondi denies wanting ex Chantal Grazioli back

You see everyone was surprised to see Eric Omondi come online and defend his ex girlfriend Chantal Grazioli; after she received one harsh beating from her now boyfriend, Nicola Traldi.

Like, is that what exes are doing now? Cleaning up their exes messes after they’ve moved on? Ama kila nyani na starehe zake?

Anyway the 40 year comedian not only exposed but also shared a video showing how badly his ex girl was hurt; and being a light skinned woman – clearly she bruised up like a peach – something you wouldn’t wish on anybody’s daughter.


Well as fans called out Nicola, they also demanded for justice which explains why he is now behind bars. Apart from that, they’re are those who feel that Eric Omondi helped Chantal because he still has hopes of getting her back. Wow.

Eric Omondi on wanting a relationship with Chantal

Okay, I know we all have that one ex we all feel got away and in this case – fans feel that Eric Omondi lost his gem and that is Chantal Grazioli. This is because of how he stepped in to defend her from her violent man….call it simping…but I’ll promise you that Eric won a few hearts with that stunt.

Comedian Eric Omondi with girlfriend, Chantal

And after sampling his tugirlfriends and still not settling down; netizens claim God opened a window for Omondi to win his girl back but from his interview with Milele FM’s Ankali – Eric says that is not the case;

Mimi na Chantal tunaongea sana, unajua karibu tuoane. Tulipoachana tuliachana kwa uzuri. Mimi na Chantal tumekuwa na urafiki wa ukaribu. Sio lazima ukisaidia mtu ati murudiane. Hamna! Mimi nimemove on na maisha yangu.”

According to the comedian, he only did this because Nicola was threatening to involve the ‘who and who’ running the nation; as a defense mechanism to prove nothing will happen to him.

Huyo jamaa alikuwa anam threaten, anajua the who is who. Hiyo ndiyo reason alinipigia, maanake pia yeye lazima angetafuta mtu ambaye pia ako juu. Mimi Mungu ameniweka juu. Si unona ameshikwa?

Well….let’s wait and see how the story will go after this. Don’t be surprised if Nicola wins Chantal back – leaving Eric Omondi on the sideline.

Eric Omondi to quit on landlord, flaunts piece of land he is set to build his own house after years of living in rentals

Before anything else, yes we would like to clarify that comedian Eric Omondi lied about owning a mansion in Karen; and I’m guessing by now – fans already know he cannot be trusted mostly because of his vipindi (stunts) on social media.

Although this stunts may be his art of survival on social media, many feeel that at 40 years, Eric Omondi owes himself some honestly, and I’m guessing this is why he came out clean about building a retirement home for himself.

Eric Omondi to finally build himself a home

He made this known in two social media posts where he flaunted his huge piece of land and on the caption he wrote;

That Journey of a thousand miles began today. And we are trusting God for the entire Process????????????Today is a very Great day!!! A memorable one!!! I want to officially call upon all/Any Architect/Engineers to help me come up with a Masterpiece for this House(We will shortlist and give the job to one). We are looking for a creative Masterpiece, A monument of sorts. If you are an Architect or you know one, this is your Chance. We need to launch a Presidential Palace by the beginning of 2023.

This new and legit big win for the comedian comes after years of living in expensive rentals apartments in some of Nairobi leafy areas. However with Eric Omondi already on the 4th flow, it’s probably the right time he also called it quits with Nairobi landlords.

Project Kick off

In yet another video, the comedian shows off as his foreman at work and as far we know is that they already fenced Eric’s property ahead of the main project.

Speaking about this, Eric went on to invite talented Architects looking to work with him in a post where he wrote;

Eric Omondi with foreman

Good Morning from location. We are building the official Residence of the President and we will do it together. Calling upon Architects to DM Me!!We are looking for a Creative Monumental and Presidential DESIGN. Leo tumemaliza the Initial fencing…Pole Pole mpaka tufike!!! #ProjectStateHouse

Well another job opportunity for young talents right there, but problem is – with all the scandals he has had, will Eric bag himself a trust worthy Architect?